Zhongtan Town, Maiji District, Tianshui City: Cherry blossoms are full of spring, and greenhouses are busy with farming.

  A year’s plan starts with spring. In early spring, in the greenhouse of cherry orchard, Wangli Village, Zhongtan Town, Maiji District, cherry flowers are in full bloom, and the green branches and leaves contrast with the white stamens, which paints a vibrant picture for early spring. Workers shuttle through it, busy cleaning up weeds and carrying out artificial pollination to prepare for the bumper harvest in the new year.

  Recently, the author walked into the greenhouse in cherry orchard, Wangli Village, Zhongtan Town, and saw clusters of snow-white flowers in full bloom, which was very gratifying. The elegant fragrance of cherry flowers was overwhelming and intoxicating. While ensuring that the cherry trees can fully absorb nutrients and thrive, the workers carefully guard the beauty of the flower sea.

  It is understood that cherry orchard adopts advanced technologies such as greenhouse and artificial pollination to ensure that cherry trees can grow normally in early spring. This technology can not only resist the influence of climate instability in early spring on cherry growth, but also ensure the cherry fruit to grow sturdily in the best growth environment through artificial regulation.

  "This cherry orchard has a total of more than 150 mu of land, including nearly 70 mu of greenhouse cherries. At present, the main work in the garden is to heat up the greenhouse, as well as artificially pollinate and clean up weeds. Now it is the time when cherry flowers bloom, and the flowers in the greenhouse can bear fruit through artificial pollination. " Huaiming Li, administrator of cherry orchard, said, "Now there are more than 20 employees in the park, all of whom are villagers in villages in Zhongtan Town. It is estimated that during the period from mid-April to May Day, these cherries will be listed one after another, and the output of one mu of land is about 1,000 to 1,500 Jin. "

  "This cherry base has been built for five or six years. I have been working here. I can earn three or four thousand yuan a month. More importantly, it is close to home. It is really good to take care of my family and earn money." Cherry orchard employee Mao Guicai said.

  In recent years, Zhongtan Town has realized "accurate environmental monitoring, accurate watering and fertilization, accurate production control and quality improvement" of protected cherry by relying on modern intelligent technology. By constantly summing up new technologies and experiences, it has trained fruit tree planting experts, demonstrated and guided surrounding fruit farmers to develop protected cherry industry, and established a mechanism of helping farmers through joint agriculture and interest linkage, which has effectively promoted the accumulation of village collective economy and the continuous increase of farmers’ income, and injected new vitality into the development of rural revitalization industry. (Wang Wei Wei Biyun)