Beginning of winter today! When the cold wave strikes, tell these things about winter to your children | Pay special attention.

The north wind sneaked into silence.

It’s beginning of winter before autumn.

According to the Astronomical Calendar of China in 2021,
At 12: 59 on November 7, Beijing time,
Will usher in"beginning of winter"Solar terms
"Standing" is the beginning and "Winter" is the end.
This is the first solar term in winter.
When the ground begins to freeze, water begins to freeze.
The leaves are half green and yellow, and everything is collected.
Nature will usher in a new round of glory.
Beginning of winter Sanhou
The ancients set three times for beginning of winter.
Ice begins when water waits.
The water surface condenses in early winter.
But ice has not yet formed.
Thin ice reflects the golden light of the sun.
Spread out in the water
Freeze in two waiting places
Wait until it gets colder.
Even the land is covered with frost.

When the pheasant enters the flood, it becomes a stork.

The ancients believed that

After beginning of winter, the pheasant became a giant clam.

This is due to the fact that the coat color of a child is similar to the shell color of a clam.

The rich imagination of the Chinese nation.


Beginning of winter’s poems
Since ancient times
People are interested in the arrival of beginning of winter solar terms.
There are different thoughts

A frozen pen is lazy to write new poems, and a cold stove is warm when drinking wine.

Drunk to see the ink flowers and the moon white, suddenly suspected that the snow was full of the former village.

-(Tang) beginning of winter by Li Bai


many people
Fear the bitter cold of winter.
But the four seasons and the bright moon
But they are all good friends of the poet
A romantic person
Winter in the eyes
It’s not just a blockbuster with white snow.
There is also a family.Cold furnace temperature wine

The garden swept away the west wind, but the yellow flowers did not bear the autumn.

-(Song) Qian Shi’s "beginning of winter’s Frost on Chrysanthemum the Day Before"


The moon has foul weather and fair, waxing and waning

Man has grief and joy, parting and reunion

But when the flowery years fade away
I will still be by your side.

The room is small and rich, and the wall is only shoulder-low.

It’s only after the month of giving clothes, and it’s the first day.

An inch of charcoal accumulates in the furnace, and baht is called cloth quilt cotton.

I have been a teacher all my life, and I am happy everywhere.

-(Song) Lu You’s Winter Work


I am a humble room, but I am virtuous.

A person’s living space can be small.
But heart and ambition
But it can be infinite
Face winter with joy
Is to love life
Beginning of winter diet
After beginning of winter.
Ushered in a good time for tonic.
And people work hard for a year until after the autumn harvest.
It’s time to reward yourself with delicious food.
Beginning of winter and beginning of spring, long summer and beginning of autumn.
Collectively known as "four stands"
It was an important festival in ancient times.
There is a custom of "welcoming winter" and "supplementing winter"
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it entered the October of the lunar calendar.
Every household in the capital will "add fire"
Similar to the heating in the north now
In recent years, many places in the south have also begun to try central heating.
"Keeping warm by shaking" is becoming a thing of the past.
If you are warm, you have to solve the problem of satiety.
As the saying goes, "beginning of winter fills the mouth."
People have leisure at the end of the year after hard work.
It’s time to reward yourself with delicious food.
Beginning of winter is the turn of autumn and winter.
Homophonic "jiaozi"Chinese dumplingCan’t help eating
Southerners preferHot repair
Resist the cold wave with full heat
Beginning of winter’s dining table is full of chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep.
Make another pot of hot tea.
Gather around, weddings.
Have a lively meal"Welcome to Winter Banquet"
It’s freezing outside.
The whole body is warm as spring.
Beginning of winter health
Beginning of Winter
In ancient times, it was an important health-preserving solar term among the 24 solar terms.
Because after officially entering the winter,
Plants and trees wither and insects lurk.
Everything is saving its strength for the coming spring attack.
Beginning of winter season
Pay attention to keep your feet warm.
You can soak your feet in hot water before going to bed.
In daily life, I lie down early and get up late.
Ensure adequate sleep and be healthier.

Proper exercise has many benefits.

Suggest jogging, climbing stairs,

Tai Ji Chuan and other sports.

Do not sweat too much.

Timely hydration

In mental recuperation
To control emotional activities
Avoid worry
Try to keep a cheerful mood.
Beginning of WinterObserve phenology
When talking about the twenty-four solar terms

You can always hear the word seventy-two waiting.

Many people will ask:

What’s the seventy-two syndrome?

What does it have to do with solar terms?

Seventy-two phases were used in ancient China.

Calendar supplement to guide agricultural activities

According to the geography and climate of the Yellow River basin

And animals and plants in nature

Some scenes were compiled.

Take five days as the waiting time, and three days as the gas.

Six qi is the time, and four is the age.

There are 72 solar terms in a year.

The picture is selected from the picture book "This is the Twenty-four Solar Terms"

Each climate corresponds to a phenological phenomenon.

Call it "waiting"

Among them, plants "wait" for plants.

Sprouting, flowering, fruiting, etc.

Animals "wait" for animals.

First vibration, first song, mating, migration, etc.

Abiotic "waiting"

There are initial freezing, thawing and thunder.

The sequential change of "waiting" in seventy-two periods

Reflects the fact that during the year,

General situation of phenology and climate change

We call these phenomena "phenology"

The picture is selected from My Natural Phenology Calendar 2022.

In ancient times without meteorology

Ancestors used this easy to observe and record

And widely spread.

Will be true and beautiful, concise and easy to remember

The phenological signs are combed and summarized.

Guide people’s production and life more scientifically.

Since it came into being

Has been playing an active role.


China has a vast territory and diverse climate.

Seventy-two syndrome laws summarized by the ancients

It can’t be put all over the country.

It is necessary to carry out the research based on solar terms phenology

Research on "Care in Place"

Through the study of local phenology

Observe, record, sort out and summarize

Highly concise and localized phenological description

Complete the compilation of "local natural calendar"

In this way, local climate change can be predicted more accurately.

And guide local daily production and life.

The picture is selected from My Natural Phenology Calendar 2022.


Phenological description of the 24 solar terms

It is "to be continued"

People who need to be in different places

Observe and record separately.

Natural phenology in the locality

In this way, we can really do it.

"Live with the local solar terms"

How to better observe and record?

China Education News and Dolphin Publishing House

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My natural phenological calendar 2022

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Characteristic calendar of phenological phenomena throughout the year

The book is based on the 24 solar terms.

Each solar term extracts a phenological keyword,

Covering the sun, moon, stars, flowers, birds and insects.

Such as natural themes,

From meteorology, hydrology, animals and plants, astronomy

Explore natural phenomena from multiple angles,

Answer questions in your daily life.

Call on readers at the same time

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Associated with using mobile phone applications,

Provide phenological data to scientific researchers.

The book also set up "appreciation of famous sentences"

Interesting sections such as "four seasons",

Introduce in an interesting form with pictures and texts.

Important figures and historical events in related fields,

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If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

In this season of collecting everything.

Accumulate energy and take root firmly.

Just for the next bloom

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Editor | Zhao Li