How to choose the main dish of the group annual banquet? Hotel chef’s statement

Jimu journalist Liu Wei

It is the New Year, and a warm and delicious group dinner is an important ceremony that many families look forward to.

The reporter learned that all hotels in Wuhan have carefully planned and launched the chef’s specialty as the main dish of the New Year banquet. How to choose the menu for the group annual banquet? A journalist interviewed two high-quality hotels in Jiangnan and Jiangbei, and asked the chef to teach you to order the most satisfactory special dishes.

Shangri-La: Chefs Join Hands to Think Ingeniously.

On the evening of January 13th, Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan, held the Spring Festival Tasting Meeting of "Seeking Fragrant Palace, Banqueting with Friends", a private chef’s banquet, which was cooked by master Xu Zhenfang, a master of Chu cuisine, and jointly created by chefs of Cantonese cuisine and Huaiyang cuisine, won unanimous praise from the guests.

The dinner started with a crisp and refreshing four-disc Spring Festival. Then, the executive chef of the hotel led the catering service team, and served a taste of the "Hongyun skinned suckling pig" on behalf of the prosperous lucky strike. The suckling pig’s skin was crisp and oily, and the outside was crisp and tender, fat but not greasy. As the main theme of "taste of the year", it is convincing.

The music of the guqin sounded, and the girl dressed in Hanfu served "seven orifices and exquisite lotus root ribs soup", which can not help but remind people of Su Shi’s "lotus root with red hands in an ice bowl, lotus root with red hands in an ice bowl, long lotus root and long filament lotus root with a smile". Especially the lotus shape made of fish balls and green beans, floating in the soup, fresh and lovely.

Wudang Hericium erinaceus, Danjiangkou Zuiguai, Liaoshen Dongpo pork, authentic Hongshan caitai, and Daimeng Tiger Head Bao … all classic dishes make guests feel the classic taste in traditional memory, and marvel at the new taste bud experience of combining creativity and ingenuity. In addition, the hotel also caters for different dishes, with different tastes of wine, Year of the Tiger brewed white wine and other customized drinks, which makes people feel the charm of wine and food.

According to reports, in addition to the special dishes carefully prepared by Star Chef, Wuhan Shangri-La Store also selected several New Year’s products, including zodiac wine, fragrant white wine, Buddha jumping wall gift box and seafood gift package. In response to the demand of Chinese New Year in Han Dynasty, the hotel also launched a convenient and safe New Year’s Eve takeaway package, semi-finished prefabricated dishes and so on.

Bright and beautiful: the main specialty of Hunan and Hubei

If you want to eat authentic hubei cuisine or special Hunan cuisine, Renaissance Wuhan Guangming Hotel in Xu Dong, Wuchang is a good choice.

It is understood that Master Peng Jian of the Wanlixuan Chinese Restaurant on the second floor of the hotel has many years of cooking experience. He has visited the source of food many times, tasted local flavors and exchanged food culture. At the same time, he kept innovating while following the essence of traditional cooking, bringing diners taste and visual enjoyment. The five Wanli Year of the Tiger family dinners created by Master Peng are most worth looking forward to, which are the surprise experience brought by the special Hubei cuisine and authentic Hunan cuisine.

Slow fire is a long transformation. For modern people, this long-awaited brewing is the best inheritance of food culture. According to reports, the mutton of the main dish "Red Stewed East Goat with Golden Bamboo Shoots" is hot, and the bamboo shoots are slightly cold. The two are both adjustable and moderate. The richness of mutton blends with the fragrance of bamboo shoots, which forms a huge contrast in taste, but it is also impeccable.

Another casserole sauce fish head king, rich in sauce, salty and sweet. The fish head with thick juice and thick taste is slowly stewed with low fire, and the sauce flavor and meat flavor are perfectly integrated. The soup tastes mellow and thick, and the fish head meat is tender, fresh but not fishy, fat but not greasy, which is worth recommending.

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