Tianjin: Deploy the target in stages and promote the construction of financial innovation operation demonstration zone.

  According to 21st century business herald, the reporter noted that the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government issued the "Proposal on Further Promoting the Construction of Financial Innovation Operation Demonstration Zone" on January 8. The plan points out the overall goal of the future in three time periods: in the next three years, it will continue to maintain the leading position in the financial leasing and commercial factoring industries in China, and at the same time create a number of financial agglomeration symbol areas with themes and characteristics. In the next five years, the added value of the financial industry will account for about 15% of the regional GDP, and the overall asset scale of leasing will reach 2.7 trillion yuan. The scale of leasing and disposal of aircraft, international shipping vessels and offshore platforms will remain above 80% in the whole country, and the total assets and factoring financing balance of the commercial factoring industry will remain the first in the country. In 2035, a world-class national leasing innovation demonstration zone and a national commercial factoring capital will be built in an all-round way, which will provide a practical sample for China’s characteristic financial development.