China Film: The net purchase of financing is 2,178,200 yuan, and the balance of financing is 478 million yuan (12.

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China film margin information shows that on December 18, 2023, the net purchase of financing was 2,178,200 yuan; The financing balance was 478 million yuan, an increase of 0.46% over the previous day.

In terms of financing, on the same day, financing bought 13.818 million yuan, financing repaid 11.6398 million yuan, and financing net bought 2.1782 million yuan. In terms of securities lending, 44,300 shares were sold, 51,000 shares were repaid, the margin of securities lending was 267,300 shares, and the balance of securities lending was 3,402,700 yuan. The balance of margin financing and securities lending totaled 481 million yuan.

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