What should the ideal old age life be like? I read 50 books throughout the year, which is the best condition.

Image source: Red Net Moment
No matter the wind and rain, or the heat and cold, it will not affect my driving to the library in Zhuzhou Cultural Park to borrow books. As the year is approaching, I have insisted on borrowing 5 books every month, and I have read more than 50 books throughout the year, which is very gratifying!
It can be said that reading has changed my belief for the rest of my life, enriched my brain and enriched my spiritual life. I am glad that I have a book as my companion and I have chosen a different poetic vision for the elderly. That is, I can read a book when I have nothing to do, read a few poems when I am anxious, and extract a few good articles when necessary to broaden and release my mind!
Therefore, I won’t participate too much in some organizations and associations. What seems to be a happy time will actually affect my normal work and rest. There are always some designated tasks that must be completed, which is not up to you. Everyone has their own self-motivated and so-called unyielding.
Go your own way and be happy for the rest of your life! This may be my orientation of wanting to live a quiet life in my later years. In the remaining years, there is a contented little study room with green mountains and green waters, writing poems, traveling and taking care of grandchildren, and you will be satisfied with food and clothing!