What is the thing that women are most afraid of in their sexual life?

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Is the most common and popular at present.

A contraceptive method with high contraceptive rate.

But any kind of contraception

Are difficult to achieve.100% contraceptive rate

Condoms are no exception.

Today we are going to talk about

It’s just a girl’s sex life

What I am most afraid of-

Condom breakage


Don’t think

this is aMinimal probability event

In 2015

Researchers in related fields

A survey was conducted.

On the cause of unintended pregnancy

"The condom is damaged or falls off"

Accounted for 28%

And "no contraceptive measures"

Accounted for only 15%

Although this survey is one-sided.

But this data

It can explain to some extent.

"condom breakage" is not a small probability event.

Try to avoid it in daily use.

In order to better ensure safety.

Condom breakage

What are the causes?

The condom was accidentally damaged.

There are two main possible factors

First kind

The quality of the condom itself is not good

Condoms produced by regular manufacturers

It will pass before leaving the factory.

Electrode test, air explosion test

Pinhole water leakage test, dermatological testetc

The purpose is to ensure the quality up to standard.

Avoid breakage during use.

And some inferior condoms

The production process is not up to standard.

Pre-factory inspection

It is even more likely to be omitted directly.

This leads to the fact that during use

It is very likely that "breakage" will occur.

Want to avoid this situation

The way is actually very simple.

Through formal channels

Buy regular brand condoms.

Condoms are such things.

After all, the use site is special.

Those "three no condoms"

Presumably, everyone dare not use it easily.

So this point will not be discussed.

the second type

The wrong way to use it

Why did you use a regular brand condom?

It’s broken, too

That must be in the way of use.

There was an error.

Specific mistakes

Can be divided into three categories.

I bought it wrong.


Condoms are also dividedLarge, medium and small.of

Judging from the general data of men in the whole country

Usually, medium and large sizes will be more "fit"

But …

When many gentlemen buy condoms,

Don’t care about size at all

What number to buy is completely random.

There are also some gentlemen.

In order to "experience better"

Deliberately buy a condom that doesn’t fit.

The condom is too big, too small, too loose and too tight.

May lead to the use of.

Accidental breakage occurs.

Wear it wrong.

Some gentlemen wear it.

In order to achieve a safer contraceptive effect

Will choose "Wear two layers"

Two-layer condom not only can not improve safety

Instead, due to mutual friction.

Increased in the process of intense exercise

Damage probability


There are also some wrong ways to wear them

Like putting it firstThe condom is fully deployed.

Then wear it.

Another exampleWear it too hard.

There is no space left at the top.

All these may cause

The condom is damaged during use.

Wrong use.

It’s not over yet

When it comes to formal use

There are still many pits you may step on.

For example, some gentlemen are more excited.

The action may be involuntary

Become rude

Although the surface of the condom

There is a protective lubricant.

butToo violent a movement.

It is still possible to cause damage.

There are people who are pursuing

Different stimuli

Select someHave sex in a special place

Like the bathroom.

High temperature, hot water, bath products

It is possible to destroy the structural stability of the sleeve.

Plus the environment like the bathroom.

Will make private parts dry.

This will greatly increase the risk of condom breakage.

in short

In order to "avoid winning the prize"

The mistakes mentioned above

Gentlemen must pay attention.

Don’t step on the pit.

Doctor, for a minute, the posture keeps rising.

-End of this period-