Running and swimming are not as good as it! The best sports ranking, the first place you will never guess.

It is said that exercise is good for health. Do you know what the best exercise is?

An authoritative medical magazine once published a study on sports, and the best sport is swing ball games! ! !

In this study involving 1.2 million people, 75 kinds of sports were identified. For the convenience of statistics, they divided these sports into eight categories: team sports, cycling, aerobic or gymnastics, running or jogging, recreational sports or others, winter sports or swimming pools, walking and others. This paper analyzes the influence of different sports on mental and physical health and draws this conclusion.

Not only found the best exercise, but also paid attention to the time of each exercise. The longer the exercise time, the better. The best duration is-between 45-60 minutes!

In terms of the length of time, the optimal duration of each exercise is between 45 and 60 minutes. Less than 45 minutes will weaken the effect, while more than 60 minutes will not only have no higher benefits, but also easily produce negative effects.

In terms of frequency, 3-5 days a week, once a day has the highest income. Of all sports, only the frequency of walking can be slightly higher, up to 6 times a week.

Why swing is the best exercise?

Swing can stimulate the shoulder muscles and the biceps brachii and triceps brachii, effectively enhancing the strength of the shoulder and arm muscles. In the process of fast moving, the whole body muscles need to be coordinated, especially the leg muscles will be effectively exercised.

At the same time, it promotes the brain to think quickly and nervously, and has the function of strengthening the brain; It can also make the eyes adjust their movements and promote the blood supply and metabolism of eyeball tissue.

Including badminton, tennis and other swing sports, it reduces all-cause mortality by 47% (referring to the mortality rate of all causes of death), all-cause mortality by 28% by swimming in the second place, and all-cause mortality by 27% by aerobic exercise in the third place.

Therefore, the swing ball game is the one that benefits both mentally and physically.

The golden sport of every age.

In fact, exercise is a kind of "prescription", there is the best exercise, and different age groups also have the most suitable way for them.

1-7 years old


Children of this age are in a period of rapid development. Swimming can not only regulate the cardiopulmonary function, but also exercise physical coordination and lay a good physical foundation for children.

8-25 years old

ball games

At this age, ball games can improve reaction speed, cardiopulmonary endurance and contribute to muscle and bone development.

Children around the age of 10 can practice table tennis, badminton and other small ball sports to exercise their physical flexibility; When you are a little older, you can participate in competitive sports such as basketball and volleyball.

26-45 years old

Mountain climbing and jogging

At this stage, people are in the critical period of life and career climbing, and they are under great pressure, which is easy to induce chronic diseases. Mountain climbing and jogging can not only improve cardiopulmonary endurance, accelerate metabolism, but also relieve stress.

However, obese people and people with poor joints are not recommended to climb mountains often.

46-65 years old

Walking briskly and exercising strength.

The physical strength and muscle mass of people in this age group begin to decline, and exercise should be safe, simple and stable. Walking briskly can improve blood circulation and reduce body fat rate; Strength exercises such as squatting and lifting dumbbells can enhance muscle strength.

After the age of 65

Lunge exercise

This age group is in a period of physical decline, with accelerated muscle degeneration and easy to fall when walking. It is recommended to do more stability exercises, such as supine leg lifts and lunges. This movement should start with less intensity and proceed step by step.

Exercise prescription for special people

For special people, physical condition should be taken as a reference standard for choosing exercise, and people with chronic diseases may wish to choose exercise in this way.



Patients with hypertension should choose a small amount and moderate amount of aerobic exercise, which may lead to a slight increase in blood pressure in the early stage, but after long-term persistence, the capillaries in the muscles expand and can also lower blood pressure by improving mood.

Recommended sports: Walking, jogging, Tai Ji Chuan, Qigong, swimming, cycling, fitness dancing, etc.



Diabetes combined with flexibility, aerobic exercise and strength training can better control blood sugar. When exercising, you might as well do stretching exercises first, stretching your legs and twisting your hips, which can not only increase the flexibility of your whole body, but also prepare for a greater amount of exercise later.

Recommended exercise: walking, Tai Ji Chuan, self-made gymnastics aerobic exercise, consume excess fat in the body; Finally, you can do local strength exercises, such as lifting dumbbells.


heart disease

Generally speaking, the most suitable exercise for patients with heart disease is walking. It is best to walk on a flat road instead of climbing stairs. I started to exercise five days a week, twice a day, and gradually increased to exercise every day.

Whether the exercise intensity is appropriate can be estimated by heart rate during exercise. Generally speaking, the heart rate of young people after exercise reaches 150 times for 1 minute, and that of the elderly reaches 120 times for 1 minute, which can achieve safe and effective exercise intensity.