Gangs involved in black gangs monopolized the song and dance entertainment industry and arrested 62 people for overseas development.

  Stolen goods seized by the police. Photo in this article Photo courtesy of Shenzhen police

  Shenzhen public, Guangdong held a press conference on August 21st, reporting the detection of a triad-related case. The Paper learned from the press conference that in August 2018, Shenzhen police discovered a triad gang headed by Li Moulong according to the tip. After preliminary investigation, the gang opened a number of song and dance entertainment venues in Henggang, Shenzhen, with a large number of gangs, and carried out illegal and criminal activities such as extortion, intentional injury, and trouble-making through violent means, thus suppressing the monopoly of the local song and dance entertainment industry by the same industry, and organizing prostitution in the places it operated, grabbing huge economic benefits, supporting the black with the yellow and protecting the yellow with the black, seriously disrupting the local social security order, living order and economic order.

  According to the Shenzhen police, through further investigation, it was found that Li Moulong, the leader of the organization, even began to develop his industry to Cambodia outside the country. At the same time, in order to escape the blow, he and some major backbones of the gang stayed in Cambodia for a long time. In order to avoid scaring the snake, Shenzhen police immediately set up an overseas working group, rushed to Cambodia in advance to dock with the local police, closely controlled Li Moulong’s whereabouts, and waited for unified arrest instructions.

  After months of careful investigation, the time is ripe for arrest. At 23 o’clock on May 22, 2019, under the unified deployment of the public security organs at higher levels, the Shenzhen police and the Cambodian police launched a unified network-receiving operation at home and abroad against the underworld organization.

  Stolen goods seized by the police.

  More than 1,500 police officers from the Shenzhen Arresting Group attacked four places related to pornography, such as Royal Zunjue Nightclub, Tongxin Hotel Nightclub, Oriental Charm Nightclub and Party Base Bar, which were operated by the organization. More than 200 inspectors were brought back through screening, 17 main members of the organization were arrested, 42 people suspected of organizing, introducing and sheltering prostitutes were criminally detained, and 45 people were administratively punished. On-site seizure of cash involving RMB 2.38 million, HK$ 4.92 million and US$ 15,000; Freeze the bank funds involved in the case of 21.34 million yuan; 8 valuable vehicles involved in the case were seized; 357 small-caliber bullets and 344 loose bullets were seized; Seize a batch of computers, documents and jewelry involved.

  Stolen goods seized by the police.

  At the same time, the Cambodian arrest team successfully captured the leader of the organization, Li Moulong, and a key member of the organization. Later, with the strong support of the Ministry of Public Security and the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, on August 1, 2019, the Shenzhen police successfully repatriated and escorted them back to China.

  According to the police, the underworld organization has a large number of people, relatively stable membership, mostly fellow villagers, classmates and even relatives, an obvious hierarchical structure, a clear division of labor, fixed means of seizing illegal economic benefits, and clear channels. It uses violence threats, soft violence or other means to do evil, oppress and persecute local people, and organize illegal and criminal activities many times. At present, there are more than ten kinds of individual crimes involved in the organization, including the crime of suspected organizing leaders to participate in underworld organizations, the crime of intentional injury, the crime of picking fights, the crime of extortion, the crime of organizing prostitution, and the crime of illegal possession of guns and ammunition.

  Stolen goods seized by the police.

  At present, 62 people have been criminally detained, 53 people have been arrested and 67 people have been administratively punished in this case. The Shenzhen police have publicly offered a reward for se ven fugitives, and the case is being further processed.

  Stolen goods seized by the police. The Paper noted that on July 11th this year, the Shenzhen police publicly offered a reward for seven fugitives, whose names were Li Xinjian, Song Zhongwen, Li Weihua (female), Su Xiankun, Su Yinlong, Wang Zhihui and Wang Yu. The public security organ will reward 20,000 yuan for providing valuable clues to arrest the criminal suspect or directly arresting the criminal suspect. Shenzhen public staff confirmed that t he above-mentioned seven people on the reward list were seven fugitives from the underworld gang headed by Li Moulong. (Reporter Chen Xuhou correspondent Kevin Cheng Tao Danni)