The gym is closed without warning, and the new card will be wasted?

  Before the festival, there was still a crazy promotion, and suddenly after the festival, the door closed.

  The gym closed without warning.

  The new card will be wasted?

  It is said that every festival is three pounds fat, and after the National Day, various gyms are busy. Recently, Xiao T from Yuhang, Hangzhou, was going to burn fat in a gym near his home, but it was empty — — Before the festival, the door of the gym that was still selling cards was locked, which was suspected of "running the road".

  "During the National Day, the store posted a notice saying that it was going to take a few days off. When they were open, they were always closed." Xiao T immediately contacted the clerk who had helped her with the card. The other party said that she left her job before the "Eleventh", and the specific situation in the store was unclear.

  "The card I just opened in mid-September hit Shui Piao, and the store closed without warning."

  Little T has joined a rights protection group. At present, there are more than 30 people in this group. Some people have just got an annual card, and some people have bought private education classes. The balance in the card is as low as 20,000 yuan and as much as 40,000 yuan.

  Why did the store that was still selling discount cards before it closed suddenly fall down? Is there any hope of reopening the gym?

  After receiving help, on October 31, the reporter visited this Landi Fitness Center on Haoyun Street.

  Not only consumers but also shopping malls defend their rights.

  At 10 o’clock in the morning, the reporter followed Xiao T to Landy Fitness, located on the 3rd floor of Millennium Boat Home Plaza in Haoyun Street.

  Looking through the glass door, all kinds of fitness equipment are still there.

  There are two locks on the main entrance, and there is a holiday notice posted on September 28: it will be closed from September 29 to October 6, and will resume business on October 7.

  "Everyone thought it was a normal holiday, and they didn’t open it until the second time, only to find that it was wrong."

  What makes Xiao T angry is that the store staff are still actively promoting the sale of cards in September. "I am a fitness white, and I will try to get a card in mid-September. At that time, the clerk said that the discount was very strong, and the annual card could save a lot of money than usual. You see, there are still publicity banners hanging in the store. " Following the direction of her finger, the reporter saw the anniversary poster hanging above the front desk of the store, "Buy for half a year and send for half a year". Fortunately for Xiao T, he resisted the temptation at that time and insisted on spending only 300 yuan on a monthly card, "otherwise the loss will be even greater."

  Another member told reporters that he is an old customer of this store. "After practicing for three or four years, I never thought this would happen." According to the description of this member, there are hundreds of members in this store, and many members have renewed their cards in this promotion.

  "I still have twenty or thirty private lessons to finish, and the balance of my card is more than 10 thousand yuan." Another female member said that she had been in contact with Manager Yang, and the other party did not communicate in advance before the business was suspended. "My personal belongings are still in the gym. Now Manager Yang only said that he left his job and returned to his hometown. He asked him how to solve it later. He will never reply to the message again."

  There is also a "notice of termination of contract" at the door.

  In the notice, Hangzhou Juyi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., the leaser of Home Plaza, said that the lease contract was terminated on October 24, 2023 because Hangzhou Laimeng Sports Development Co., Ltd. (the registered party of Landi Fitness Haoyun Street Store) defaulted on rent, property fee and water fee for more than 20 days.

  The staff revealed that two days ago, the store also sent people to try to move things in the store, which was stopped after being discovered by security guards. "So now they have a lock on the door, and we have added a lock."

  The phone number of the store has become empty, and the legal person was changed a few days before the closure.

  The reporter tried to call the store phone of Lundy Fitness, and it was displayed as an empty number. Later, I called the legal person phone number of Hangzhou Laimeng Sports Development Co., Ltd., one of which directly denied and hung up after being connected, and the other was never answered.

  According to the company registration information, the legal person changed on September 25, just a few days before the closure.

  It is understood that the issue of prepaid card consumption in gymnasiums is the responsibility of the competent department of industry, that is, the sports department, that is, Yuhang District Cultural Tourism and Sports Bureau.

  Prior to this, members of the rights protection group also carried out independent rights protection. "After the situation was fed back, after a few days, the Cultural Tourism Sports Bureau called back and said that it had been seen on the spot, but it was impossible to contact the legal person. It is recommended to take legal channels."

  Xiao T told reporters that there is also a Landy Fitness on the 4th floor of Shenlan Mansion, Boyuan Road, Yuhang District, and some members in the rights protection group have changed stores.

  The staff at the front desk of Landy Fitness said that at present, members of Haoyun Street Store can accept it, but the prepaid fee cannot be refunded. "We are not the same boss. Our boss’s surname is Feng. We used to cooperate with Haoyun Street Store, but their stores are independent."

  The staff revealed that Lundy Fitness in Haoyun Street had just changed its boss in September. I heard that the major shareholder of the original store quit, and Manager Yang was a minor shareholder and resigned and returned to his hometown. "At that time, I said that I would continue to renovate, but it is hard to say whether it will be opened again."

  In response to this matter, the reporter also contacted lawyer Shao Bin, an expert of Chao News and Law Popularization Think Tank and honorary director of Shanghai Bohe Hanshang (Hangzhou) Law Firm.

  Shao Bin told reporters that the sudden closure of the gym caused the contract to be unable to continue, which constituted a breach of contract. If there are many members involved or the amount is huge, you can also go to the industrial and commercial department to make a collective complaint.

  "In view of the refusal to refund the fee, the registered company of this gym can be prosecuted." However, Shao Bin also said that an independent company like this will have no executable property in the end, and it will be difficult to implement it.

  In view of the current situation, Shao Bin suggested that consumers should be more cautious and rational when spending in advance. (qianjiang evening news reporter Teng Yizhen)