The official statement of the death of a captain of Tibet Airlines after landing on a mission did not disclose the specific cause.

CCTV News:The reporter learned from Tibet Airlines that on December 21st, Tibet Airlines TV9820 (Nanjing — Chengdu) A captain of the flight felt unwell during the flight mission, and the flight carried out a follow-up flight mission with another captain of the crew. This flight landed safely at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 00:25 on December 22nd. Subsequently, the captain was taken to the hospital for treatment, and died unfortunately after being rescued, at the age of 39. Tibet Airlines did not disclose the specific cause of the captain or the detailed process of more incidents.

From the statement of Tibet Airlines, we noticed that the flight was operated by two pilots. At present, the flights running at the high plateau airport in China will be equipped with "double captains". High Plateau Airport refers to an airport with an altitude of 2,438 meters or above. A flight crew operating the high plateau airport should be equipped with at least three pilots, including a senior co-pilot with at least corresponding qualifications and a cruise captain who works instead of the captain during the cruise phase.