Today’s Film Review | Do you also want an artificial intelligence robot?

Special feature of 1905 film network She is like a human being but reveals something strange. She can bring warmth and fear to children. She is Megan, an artificial intelligence robot. Once the sci-fi thriller movie was released, it immediately caused a heated discussion. In addition to discussing the source of fear of artificial intelligence, it also questioned whether robots can really replace human companionship. Can artificial intelligence really replace human functions?

Recently, ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chat robot program, has become one of the hottest topics on the Internet. Netizens found that many questions can be answered by ChatGPT, and even at some moments, this chat robot seems to have passed the Turing test, giving people the illusion that they are talking to people. But this "truth" has made many people feel horrible.

The artificial intelligence dolls in Megan are just like the materialized ChatGPT. The film tells the story that Katie, an 8-year-old girl, lost her parents unexpectedly, and menstruation Gemma took office as her new guardian. However, Gemma was not sure that she could be competent as a parent, so she paired Megan with Katie, trying to get Megan to take care of her life and meet her emotional needs, but unexpectedly things got out of control with Megan’s "awakening".

Megan’s appearance in the film did make up for Katie’s missing affection to some extent. Xu Liying, an assistant professor in Tsinghua University, analyzed: "Megan actually provided Katie with an alternative intimacy. In the movie, Megan reminded Katie to pay attention to flushing after she went to the toilet, washed her hands after flushing, and reminded Katie to cover the quilt before going to bed, all of which reflected that Megan played Katie’s parents to some extent. Such a role. "

The movie Megan not only describes the intimate relationship, but also adds the thriller element, which makes people think of movies with the same artificial intelligence theme. Adding the thriller element or background to the intimate relationship is actually more conducive to the audience’s sense of substitution, thus making the thriller atmosphere and plot created by the movie more realistic. At the same time, from the perspective of the horror valley theory, the closer a creature is to human appearance, the more it can arouse human fear of it. In this respect, Megan can be said to have both of these points.

Coincidentally, in the movie released in 2013, the protagonist T-Bag was still shrouded in the haze of the broken marriage. By chance, he came into contact with the advanced artificial intelligence operating system OS1, and fell in love with the voice of "her" in the system. The system became a "woman" named Samantha to communicate with T-Bag, and the two chatted happily and quickly became good friends who talked about everything. With the deepening of the communication, they became friends.

Megan in the movie is the same as Samantha, and their appearance makes up for the intimate relationship that the protagonist lacks in real life. Katie lost her parents in a car accident, and she is in a fragile stage that needs companionship and comfort. Megan can listen, observe and learn human behavior, simulate human emotions and become a friend and caregiver of human beings. Her appearance naturally replaces the functions of her lost parents. Samantha can constantly enrich her consciousness and feelings through dialogue with human beings and become a spiritual friend of human beings, and her arrival just makes up for the absence of T-Bag’s wife. However, the development of things is not as beautiful as a pantomime. In the process of taking care of Katie, Megan developed self-awareness and made some extreme behaviors. Samantha also decided to leave after a high degree of evolution, leaving a sad Theodore alone.

Even though artificial intelligence can give human care and warmth to a certain extent, in the final analysis, those companionship and emotional feedback are based on the underlying data codes and predetermined procedures, not real human emotions, and the companionship of artificial intelligence cannot really replace human beings.

Robots as advanced as Megan in the movie can’t completely replace human roles, and artificial intelligence in reality can only serve as an auxiliary function. Between people and artificial intelligence, we should pay more attention to human relations and be people-centered. Just as Katie finally chose menstruation between Megan and menstruation, she also chose human companionship. T-Bag wrote to her ex-wife to inform her that she had accepted the reality of divorce and decided to return to reality.