Wolf Warriors 2 limited my imagination. Celina Jade can wear it so well!

The end of the year has passed, and all kinds of year-end festivals are dazzling. A few days ago, at a 2017 People of the Year Awards Ceremony, although the star were not afraid of the cold and wore strapless dresses, they were beautiful "frozen" people, but a woman wearing a shirt and trousers and walking with the wind was very eye-catching.

She is Celina Jade, the lady "Beauty Doctor". Describe her with a popular word recently, that is "Buddhism". On weekdays, I am enthusiastic but not publicity. I am low-key but I will do it quietly.

Celina Jade plays "Doctor Beauty" in Wolf Warriors 2.

I only paid attention to her movies and acting skills before. I didn’t expect her to be so amazing on the red carpet. Sure enough, it is willful to look good! Then, take stock of a wave of Celina Jade’s fashion styles this year.

First, look at this set of a 2017 People’s Festival. The sequins have another flavor, and the neckline is opened with a few buttons, which is a little sexy in mystery.

Celina JadeThere is a little sexy in mystery.

Then we turned our attention to the 2017 Shanghai International Film Festival. Celina Jade appeared in a black dress with a unique design, and her bold split and buttons were skillfully combined. Her legs were 2.8 meters long in an instant, and she felt that this dress was worn out of the feel of cheongsam.

Celina Jade split black dress bold and sexy.

InStyle Annual Idol Festival, Celina Jade’s dignified and elegant dress, and the cut of lace inlay bring a gentle and intellectual charm in simplicity.

Celina Jade’s dignified and elegant dress

At the 31st Chinese Golden Rooster Awards Ceremony, she appeared in a full-fledged dress of a goddess. The black perspective gauze skirt is full of mystery, and the shoulders are looming, fashionable and sexy.

Celina JadeGoddess is full of style.

At the 2017 Macau International Film Festival, Celina Jade chose an off-the-shoulder dress with a clever combination of silver gray and purple, which was dreamy.

Celina Jade strapless dress

At the Venice Film Festival in 2017, she turned into a walking mermaid princess, and the S-shaped waistline grabbed her sight, as if she had put all the cosmic stars on her body.

Celina JadeThe mermaid princess turned into a walking mermaid.

In addition to walking the red carpet, of course, you should dress beautifully for the show. The following set of clothes is just like a fairy in her body. The first time she got the floral trousers, she could be so exotic. If Celina Jade in a skirt is gentle and generous, then she is full of aura in trousers, and she exudes the word advanced all over!

Celina Jade floral trousers

Next, this pure white tube top dress is full of fairy tales. Celina Jade seems to like this simple and generous solid color dress, which is simple and not simple! The necklace around the neck is just right, and the star handbag has also sprouted the hearts of many netizens.

Celina Jade white tube top skirt

I was not idle when I went to Paris to watch the LANVIN show, and I also took a group of cool street shots. Celina Jade also won the 2017 International Zhenshang Award — Best star fashion award in the world.

Celina Jade also won the 2017 International Zhenshang Award.

Miraculously, she always has the magic power to skillfully combine Chinese and western elements perfectly, and this time she made fashion clothes and traditional culture into a mashup style.

Celina Jade mashup style

Speaking of street shooting, Celina Jade, who participated in New York Fashion Week, also has a group of fashion LOOK strolling on the streets of new york. Domineering, gentle, sweet and casual, each style can be easily hold.

Street in new york, Celina Jade

These sets of autumn and winter series perfectly interpret their own style.

Celina Jade white shirt

When attending brand activities, Celina Jade put on a long skirt. The simple design of pure black, if you look closely, there are hidden hollowed-out thoughts. It is really all legs from the chest down, and you don’t lose the model at all.

Celina Jade Long Legs

In normal life, she will also choose simple and generous clothes to facilitate long-distance flights. Like this pure black jumpsuit, most people dare not try it easily, but she wisely chose purple lipstick as the finishing touch. It not only ensures the comfort, but also boldly plays the color until it flies.

Celina Jade black jumpsuit is simple and fashionable.

Having said that, I finally want to introduce you to one of the most distinctive shapes. Celina Jade came to Mumbai to attend the film festival and put on a beautiful Indian sari.

Celina Jade incarnates the beautiful Indian sari.

White and blue are fresh and clean, as if the blue sky and soft clouds are covered in the body, and pearls and crystals are dotted in the tassels of feathers.

Celina Jade

Taking a photo with Aamir Khan and Zaira Wasim, starring in Wrestling Dad, was cured by a smile.

Celina Jade and the creator of Wrestling Dad took a group photo.

However, Celina Jade said that the most impressive thing was not the film festival, but the last day in India. On the way to Ganeshpuri at two o’clock in the morning, he saw the slums, bought all the snacks and biscuits in a shop and gave them some small fireworks to have a little entertainment on the Lantern Festival.

Celina Jade gives gifts to slum villagers.

It is said that the Buddha’s love beans, like Celina Jade, are worthy of praise. I look forward to new works and amazing shapes this year.