Future Educational Evolution in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

  In April 2018, the national education department officially released the Action Plan of Education Informatization 2.0, which provided the implementation path for China’s education informatization in a new era. At present, technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and deep learning are undergoing fission iterative upgrading. How to make these technologies better empower education is becoming a new application exploration topic.

  For example, although the information technology introduced in different regions has different forms, many school administrators and front-line teachers feel that it has little effect. On the one hand, these methods can’t completely reduce the burden and increase the efficiency of the front-line teachers’ "teaching", and the work of preparing lessons, teaching, correcting homework and communicating between home and school is still heavy. On the other hand, the principal, as a "manager", lacks effective data support and dynamic monitoring mechanism for teaching situation. In addition, parents also lack effective tools to grasp their children’s academic situation in real time, which leads to the fault of home-school communication. The current information tools can’t effectively realize the coordination of teacher teaching, campus management and parents’ supervision.

  Homework box is a leading intelligent education technology company in China, and has been committed to solving the pain points and difficulties of education by technical means. Since its establishment four years ago, the homework box has cut into the teaching scene from the initial homework tools, accumulated a huge amount of data resources and rich AI teaching content, and finally grew a "cloud-like school-level service" covering the whole scene of campus teaching in this soil. At the same time, it has also embarked on a "box road" to practice the "Education Informatization 2.0 Action Plan".

  In March 2018, Dagang No.2 Primary School in Tianjin Binhai New Area. A "special" operation competition is in progress: there is no paper and pen in the audience, each child is holding a mobile device to click quickly, the students seem to be playing games as easily, and the teachers have no complicated marking process. After the competition, the scores of the participating students in the whole school are displayed immediately.

  In order to improve students’ computing ability, cultivate their sense of numbers, mathematical thinking and good mathematical study habits, Dagang No.2 Primary School holds several interesting learning activities every semester. In the past, competitions were all answered by paper and pencil, which required teachers to spend nearly a month preparing, composing papers, marking papers and marking them. But now, through the cloud-like school-level service platform of the homework box, the system can intelligently compose questions, automatically correct them, analyze them in real time, and generate an analysis report of learning situation, and complete the whole competition in one day.

  In this competition, students practice while playing, complete the competition in a relaxed state and get motivated; Teachers’ Day saves basic working time, analyzes the learning situation of each student through accurate big data, and carries out personalized teaching with the help of mobile Internet tools; The headmaster learned the teaching situation of each grade and class through the analysis report of learning situation. The leaders of the teaching and research section of the education department in Dagang District of Tianjin and the heads of more than a dozen other schools observed the activities of Dagang No.2 Primary School on the spot. The application of Internet technology and the construction of interesting learning scenes gave visitors a new understanding of education in the new era.


  Derive the teaching ecological platform from the homework scene.

  Cloud image school-level service is an intelligent campus solution based on the school, which covers four functional modules: intelligent teaching, academic data, teaching resources and communication between home and school, providing schools with more accurate teaching data, more comprehensive teaching resources and more efficient teaching and educational services. A complete campus teaching scene ecology from homework, lesson preparation, teaching to teaching management is built, aiming at solving the teaching pain points faced by schools in K12 field from the practical application level with the help of Internet platform and artificial intelligence technology.

  The "intelligent teaching" module in cloud image school-level service covers three core teaching scenarios: homework, evaluation and competition. Through the homework box APP, teachers can intelligently arrange homework with one click according to the type of questions, difficulty, quantity of questions, knowledge points, differences in students’ abilities, etc., and the system will automatically correct it and generate an analysis report on learning situation. In addition, the homework box can accurately push the error-prone questions, review questions and test questions that are more suitable for students in this class according to the class history, so that the teaching can be truly digitized and personalized.

  With the help of the cloud image school-level service platform, the school can initiate phased teaching quality evaluation, and after the evaluation, the "Analysis Report of Learning Situation Data" from class to individual can be automatically generated through "Learning Situation Data". Solve the difficult problem of "cooperation between teaching and management" with "learning situation data" and "intelligent teaching" Jia Xiaoming, founder and CPO of Homework Box, said: "Cloud-like school-level service is completely grown from the soil applied by front-line teachers and students. We started from the earlier homework scenes, and relying on massive data and self-developed intelligent teaching content, we gradually opened up various scenes in school teaching, and connected teachers, students, schools and parents through technical means, thus effectively solving practical problems in teaching management. This is the unique growth mode of Internet products. "


  Let the machine make a better teacher

  Cloud image school-level service is like a teacher’s "AI teaching assistant". In the past, many teachers were trapped in a huge amount of complicated daily work, "assigning homework for 10 minutes and correcting homework for one night". Coupled with all kinds of communication with parents and students, there is no time to deeply understand the learning situation of each student, and it is even more difficult to think about how to help children grow up outside of "teaching".

  Wen Chuanmei, a teacher from Liwang Experimental Primary School affiliated to Jilin University in Changchun, has been using homework boxes to arrange homework for students for many years. In the "internet plus" education, Mr. Wen has a lot of experience: "With the help of Internet teaching tools, students’ mastery can be understood according to the accuracy of each unit. By comparing the class data with the whole province, teachers can analyze and understand the completion degree and level of each unit and each child’s learning objectives, so as to provide timely hierarchical counseling and greatly improve the efficiency of classroom teaching."

  Yunxiang school-level service is also equipped with rich "teaching resources", including micro-lessons based on the granularity of small knowledge points, live lessons by famous teachers, and AI courses independently developed by homework boxes, which has created a professional advanced online school and resource library for teachers. "It’s like your own ‘ Robot ’ Like teaching assistants, it really reduces the burden and increases efficiency for the work of front-line teachers, "said teacher Wen Chuanmei metaphorically.


  Let children learn better, let children learn better.

  In the cloud image school-level service, the homework box stimulates students’ interest in learning through the construction of interesting learning scenes, and makes children fall in love with learning from their nature. Jing Shigen, a teacher from Meishan No.1 Primary School in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, said: "Children like this learning form of doing homework and testing on the Internet platform, and their grades will naturally get better and better, and they will develop in the direction we expect."

  Changchun Jidawang Experimental Primary School has achieved remarkable results in exploring "internet plus" education. Recently, in the national WMO Olympic Mathematics Competition, five students from Mr. Wen Chuanmei’s class participated in the competition, and achieved gratifying results of one gold medal, two bronze medals and two excellent prizes.

  The homework box also takes the lead in introducing the functional modules of "anti-addiction" and "guided access" in the industry. The former prevents children from using mobile phones for a long time through the setting of "physical strength value" and usage time. The latter can restrict access to other functions except the homework box through parental lock, and ensure a green, healthy and efficient online learning environment for children.


  Let parents participate in growth.

  In the traditional teaching scene, many parents are not clear about their children’s learning progress and have difficulties in counseling. For schools, it is difficult to ensure the communication effect by using WeChat group to contact parents. The cloud image school-level service platform of homework box provides targeted solutions to the problems of home-school communication and home supervision: the information in the home-school communication function is automatically and permanently retained and can be reviewed at any time; In addition, home and school can interact in many ways, and teachers can initiate notices, votes, discussions and questionnaires with one click to enhance the closeness and diversity of home-school communication.

  The communication between teachers and parents is designed with the prompt function of "read" and "unread" messages, which improves the efficiency of one-to-one and one-to-many communication. Parents can also check their children’s homework, exam scores, academic data and other information through the parent side of the homework box to clearly know their children’s learning situation.

  The future has come: let AI empower education

  Since its establishment four years ago, the homework box has cut into the daily teaching scene from the digitalization and data of homework, providing mobile homework tools for teachers and students to reduce burdens and increase efficiency. Up to now, homework boxes have entered 70,000 schools in more than 400 cities in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and more than 30 million primary and secondary school teachers and students are using homework boxes to arrange and submit homework. Every day, there are 3.7 million users active on the platform, and more than 100 million pieces of learning behavior data are generated. Massive data accumulation, coupled with the advantages of tool attributes and content research and development, has extended the homework box from the initial homework scene to a complete teaching scene ecology, and has been able to "grow" a cloud-like school-level service platform.

  In the Action Plan of Education Informatization 2.0 released this year, the state clearly proposed to build a smart learning support environment and promote technology development and practical application. Vigorously promote intelligent education, promote the whole process application of artificial intelligence in teaching and management, accelerate the reform of teaching methods by using intelligent technology, and explore a wide, flexible and intelligent new environment for education and teaching.

  The homework box will continue to adhere to the concept of "making education better because of science and technology", promote the application of technologies such as big data, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and deep learning in the field of education, and constantly iteratively upgrade cloud-like school-level services, so that AI can empower the campus, science and technology can empower education, and education can make everyone’s future.