Global Fashion Collective II-New York Fashion Week (NYFW)


This season’s global fashion collection successfully displayed five talented designers, who aroused the essence of tradition. We are honored to announce the success of the following international designers: [unusual], Saint Jesus, Carlton Jones, Saral Zens and Blue Tamburin.

[unusual] shows "wasted youth", which means wasted spring. Describe a restless state of mind through the process of spring formation. The 19-year-old designer is aware of the difficulties in communication and misunderstanding, so [unusual] speaks for creative people and children who are not good at expressing themselves. Every time I watch it, I feel that it has a story worth knowing.

Saint Jesus’ new series "BRVNO" swept the tide. The designer was inspired by her hometown of Chile, which inspired the essence of the series’ case matching and overall concept display. Carlton Jones’s series is based on the theme of praising life. Bright colors and neutrality are the perfect transition from pleasant beaches to noisy streets.

Carlton Jones perfectly balances the contrast between Qingming and today’s digital age, and combines technology and printing to create a fascinating aesthetic feeling. Accessories are provided by Laruicci Jessica Rich, Linus and Joy Kim.

Saral Zens flamboyantly displayed their sculptural clothing collection. Saral Liu and Denny Zens focus on the simple art of deconstruction, weaving the details of China in irregular tailoring, which deeply embodies the shield feeling that children want to escape from Sex and the City but enjoy a comfortable life.

The design of Blue Tamburin brings a new feeling to the classic style, because the matching of this series is to turn the runway into dark blue. Designers have integrated uniqueness, self-expression and reason into their designs. As shown in the figure, Blue Tamburin introduced a new case to verify and prove the ownership of modulated fashion products by applying ?NFT technology (alternative token) in its jacket.

Inheritance of the future

The platform of global fashion collection brings creative designers from all over the world. The group produces fashion shows in different fashion capitals, aiming at accelerating the global development of designers, increasing their international media visibility and opening up new markets.

This season’s global fashion collection successfully displayed four talented designers, who aroused the essence of tradition. We are honored to announce the success of the following international designers: Ay Lelum, C’est D, CEDIM and Irene De LaVega.

First on the runway is the pioneer of global fashion collection (the inheritance of the future)-designer Ay Lelum. Sister designers came out of the flame of suffering in generate to show their latest collection: "Steqeeye". Create history through textiles, art and music. Ay Lelum’s wonderful performance surprised all the audience present.

C’EST D broke the stereotype of children’s figure through a strong exhibition about the positive energy and inclusiveness of figure. Doyeon, the designer of C’EST D, reminds us that fashion is expression, and we are full of faith in our skin. This series emphasizes making interesting palettes and bringing bright soft colors. This lively and innovative clothing series is often made, showing the "choice" that this industry lacks.

The series "Thoughts of Our Generation" displayed by CEDIM School of Design perfectly controlled the runway. The carefully selected students Alexa, Alexa, Anapaula, Carolina, Lorena, Daniela and Valeria jointly created an unforgettable stage. From bright colors to attractive outlines, CEDIM’s design has broken through the boundaries of reality.

Irene De La Vega’s latest evening dress collection "Renacer" (meaning "heavy") shines brightly on the stage. Inspired by nature and the surrounding environment, Irene??’s bold personality brings a sexualized feeling to the runway. This series aims to create unique and high-class works, which are based on vivid colors, ruffles, lace, corsets and transparent materials to revive fashion. Irene’s goal is to fill the outline of sexual pairs with letters.