Community competition stimulates "her energy"

Women have always been important participants in community sports meetings. Recently, many community sports meetings have been organized all over the country to celebrate the March 8th International Women’s Day, showing women’s healthy and energetic mental outlook.

Happy sports show "her vitality"

In order to better enrich the spare-time life of female workers in the community and enhance the emotional communication among female workers, Xiao jiepai Community of Jinhe Office, Zhumadian Development Zone, Henan Province carefully organized the "March 8" International Women’s Day Fun Games, which attracted the active participation of community workers, representatives of retired female workers in enterprises and institutions under its jurisdiction and residents. Female compatriots released their vitality in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, enjoyed the fun of games and the charm of sports, and played "vigor" and "youthfulness" in the activities.

Female compatriots who participated in the activities expressed their hope that more meaningful and interesting activities of this kind can be held in the future, so that everyone can gain health and happiness in sports. The relevant person in charge of the organizer said that this fun sports meeting not only provided a stage for community women to show themselves, so that they could experience happiness and enhance their self-confidence, but also enhanced their communication and cooperation ability through team cooperation projects, which fully demonstrated the enterprising and vigorous spirit of the majority of women in the jurisdiction, showed a healthy and progressive new lifestyle, and also strengthened the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in community activities, rallying women’s strength for the high-quality development of the community.

Zhujiashan Community, Shamao Street, Economic Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, launched a fun sports meeting of "Striving for a New Journey with the Party and Building a New Era". There are seven group events in this activity, such as walking, tug-of-war, "Long Xing Thousand Miles", "Upward with One Heart" and "Hammer to the End". The atmosphere at the event was warm, and the cheers and shouts continued one after another. It was not only a contest of strength, but also a contest of wisdom. It was not only a demonstration of sports level, but also a test of teamwork. Every team member actively participated in it, and the cooperation was full of tacit understanding.

The person in charge of Zhujiashan Community said that in the next step, the community will continue to base itself on social concerns, women’s needs and the functions of the Women’s Federation, grasp the pulse of the times with more full enthusiasm and persistent pursuit, unite and lead the majority of women to strive for progress, strive to be a model of women’s cause, work style construction and family virtues, and contribute to the development of the community.

Enjoy life and compete for "her strength"

With the change of music, the female members of the square dance team show the strength and courage of women with graceful dancing. On the day of "March 8" International Women’s Day, Longquan Li Community in Jinchuan District, Jinchang City, Gansu Province and Longgang Li Community jointly organized a fun sports meeting to celebrate "March 8". Events such as "grab a stool", "jump a rope" and "dance together" were set up at the event site. Each event highlights the word "music", and the interesting competition makes the contestants enjoy it. In the competition, everyone cheered each other and shared the joy of victory. Everyone adhered to the principle of friendship first and competition second, and cooperated with each other to fully show the elegance of contemporary women.

In Shijing Community, Yangmiao Town, Changfeng County, Hefei City, Anhui Province, the fun sports meeting of "Hot and Pleasant" is also in full swing. As the drums sounded, the contestants stood up one after another. A "flower" was like an uninsured bomb passing quickly between hands. The "drums" slowed down for a while, and the contestants were in a hurry, which made people laugh. In order to show the elegant demeanour of women, the female compatriots in the community gathered together to form a happy team, a dream blue team, a certain winning team and a United team in the form of team competitions, and carefully designed the slogan for the competition. In the four competitions of pass the parcel, Ping-pong Relay, Multi-player Ping-pong and Fixed-point Shooting, all teams worked together and went all out to show their spirit and momentum.

The relevant person in charge of the community said that by hosting this fun sports meeting, it not only expressed respect and support for female compatriots, but also injected positive energy into the community residents and laid a solid foundation for a better life in the community. (From March 11th, China Sports Daily, 05 edition)

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