Gangs involved in black gangs monopolized the song and dance entertainment industry and arrested 62 people for overseas development.

  Stolen goods seized by the police. Photo in this article Photo courtesy of Shenzhen police

  Shenzhen public, Guangdong held a press conference on August 21st, reporting the detection of a triad-related case. The Paper learned from the press conference that in August 2018, Shenzhen police discovered a triad gang headed by Li Moulong according to the tip. After preliminary investigation, the gang opened a number of song and dance entertainment venues in Henggang, Shenzhen, with a large number of gangs, and carried out illegal and criminal activities such as extortion, intentional injury, and trouble-making through violent means, thus suppressing the monopoly of the local song and dance entertainment industry by the same industry, and organizing prostitution in the places it operated, grabbing huge economic benefits, supporting the black with the yellow and protecting the yellow with the black, seriously disrupting the local social security order, living order and economic order.

  According to the Shenzhen police, through further investigation, it was found that Li Moulong, the leader of the organization, even began to develop his industry to Cambodia outside the country. At the same time, in order to escape the blow, he and some major backbones of the gang stayed in Cambodia for a long time. In order to avoid scaring the snake, Shenzhen police immediately set up an overseas working group, rushed to Cambodia in advance to dock with the local police, closely controlled Li Moulong’s whereabouts, and waited for unified arrest instructions.

  After months of careful investigation, the time is ripe for arrest. At 23 o’clock on May 22, 2019, under the unified deployment of the public security organs at higher levels, the Shenzhen police and the Cambodian police launched a unified network-receiving operation at home and abroad against the underworld organization.

  Stolen goods seized by the police.

  More than 1,500 police officers from the Shenzhen Arresting Group attacked four places related to pornography, such as Royal Zunjue Nightclub, Tongxin Hotel Nightclub, Oriental Charm Nightclub and Party Base Bar, which were operated by the organization. More than 200 inspectors were brought back through screening, 17 main members of the organization were arrested, 42 people suspected of organizing, introducing and sheltering prostitutes were criminally detained, and 45 people were administratively punished. On-site seizure of cash involving RMB 2.38 million, HK$ 4.92 million and US$ 15,000; Freeze the bank funds involved in the case of 21.34 million yuan; 8 valuable vehicles involved in the case were seized; 357 small-caliber bullets and 344 loose bullets were seized; Seize a batch of computers, documents and jewelry involved.

  Stolen goods seized by the police.

  At the same time, the Cambodian arrest team successfully captured the leader of the organization, Li Moulong, and a key member of the organization. Later, with the strong support of the Ministry of Public Security and the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, on August 1, 2019, the Shenzhen police successfully repatriated and escorted them back to China.

  According to the police, the underworld organization has a large number of people, relatively stable membership, mostly fellow villagers, classmates and even relatives, an obvious hierarchical structure, a clear division of labor, fixed means of seizing illegal economic benefits, and clear channels. It uses violence threats, soft violence or other means to do evil, oppress and persecute local people, and organize illegal and criminal activities many times. At present, there are more than ten kinds of individual crimes involved in the organization, including the crime of suspected organizing leaders to participate in underworld organizations, the crime of intentional injury, the crime of picking fights, the crime of extortion, the crime of organizing prostitution, and the crime of illegal possession of guns and ammunition.

  Stolen goods seized by the police.

  At present, 62 people have been criminally detained, 53 people have been arrested and 67 people have been administratively punished in this case. The Shenzhen police have publicly offered a reward for se ven fugitives, and the case is being further processed.

  Stolen goods seized by the police. The Paper noted that on July 11th this year, the Shenzhen police publicly offered a reward for seven fugitives, whose names were Li Xinjian, Song Zhongwen, Li Weihua (female), Su Xiankun, Su Yinlong, Wang Zhihui and Wang Yu. The public security organ will reward 20,000 yuan for providing valuable clues to arrest the criminal suspect or directly arresting the criminal suspect. Shenzhen public staff confirmed that t he above-mentioned seven people on the reward list were seven fugitives from the underworld gang headed by Li Moulong. (Reporter Chen Xuhou correspondent Kevin Cheng Tao Danni)

The United States completely banned Samsung note7 mobile phones from getting on the plane.


CCTV News:On Friday, local time, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced a total ban on passengers carrying Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones on the plane. The Federal Aviation Administration had urged passengers not to check this model, nor to charge or turn it on during the flight. This total ban will officially take effect this Saturday.

Anthony fox, the US Secretary of Transportation, said that this may bring inconvenience to some passengers, but aviation safety must be given top priority, and even a fire accident on the plane will pose a great threat to the lives of many people.

Samsung, which has completely recalled and stopped the production of this mobile phone, issued a statement in response to the latest ban, saying that they have encouraged airlines to explain the ban to passengers and said that the safety of passengers is the first priority.

On Monday, Samsung announced that it had completely suspended the production of this model, because even if some improvements were made, it could not solve the problem of overheating of mobile phones. Up to now, the amount involved in this recall has reached $5.3 billion.

Iliad Kaye, chairman of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, who is in charge of investigating the Samsung mobile phone explosion, urged consumers to take the time to return the goods. So far, Samsung has suffered 96 safety accidents caused by equipment overheating in the United States, 23 of which occurred after the recall was initiated on September 15th. According to the report of the Committee, 13 accidents were caused by battery burning, and 47 accidents caused other property losses.

According to the latest flight ban, Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone is already a contraband in air flight. If passengers violate the ban, the mobile phone will be confiscated and fined. Similarly, if the airline personnel find someone carrying the mobile phone, they will be able to refuse the passenger to board the plane. If flight attendants find someone holding the mobile phone during the flight, they must force it to turn off, prohibit charging and use any function that may trigger automatic power-on, such as alarm. On the 5th of this month, a Samsung mobile phone suddenly smoked and then exploded in Southwest Airlines. At that time, passengers were evacuated urgently, but no one was injured. Before the promulgation of the comprehensive flight ban, many airlines began to step up training flight attendants to deal with the fire accident of electronic equipment during flight. (CCTV reporter Gao Qi)

Merry Christmas greetings short 2021 latest Tik Tok hottest Christmas greetings sentence phrases.

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Christmas is here ~ Merry Christmas, friends ~ What are you going to do today? I believe that no matter how you spend it, it will be a unique and happy day!
Sogou screenshot December 23, 2011730 _ 8
First, no matter how gorgeous other people’s Christmas wishes are, they can’t compare with your simple Merry Christmas.
Second, there is no Santa Claus in the world. All the gifts and surprises come from people who love you.
Third, in my opinion, you are the twinkling star on the Christmas tree.
Fourth, I hope the Christmas tree, gifts and surprises will come with you.
Five, it would be great if Santa Claus could send you here.
Six, waiting for snowflakes, Christmas trees, New Year fireworks, and a better you.
The best Christmas present I received was you who came for me through the storm.
Eight, turn the socks upside down, inside out, hang them up, and the whole world is your gift.
Nine, I didn’t wait for snow this Christmas, but I waited for you.
Ten, you are so cute, will you be my Christmas present?
Eleven, I want to receive a Christmas greeting from you, which may be my greatest wish.
Twelve, if I ask Santa for you, will he give it to me?
Thirteen, I told Santa Claus that the gift is you and the child is me.
Fourteen, no matter how many Christmas gift lists there are, one of you is enough.
Fifteen, if Santa Claus didn’t prepare a gift for you, I decided to pack me for you.
Sixteen, every snowflake at Christmas is my miss for you.
Seventeen, can you turn on the front camera? See? That’s what I want for Christmas.
I hope Santa Claus will put you into my socks that I haven’t washed for a week.
Nineteen, hang the stars on the Christmas tree and hang you on my heart.
Twenty, someone is called Christmas, and single dog like me is called commemorating Jesus at most.
Is the man who said he would spend Christmas with you every year still there?
Xiaobian here wishes everyone a merry Christmas, and happiness is more than Christmas.

Look at the returning player? Brazilian fans dislike Gaunt: Don’t come back if you join the Chinese nationality

As a naturalized player in Chinese football, Garatt has dismissed the contract with the Guangzhou team and returned to his hometown of Brazil to find a new playing opportunity. There is no exact news about whether Gaunt will retain Chinese nationality in the future. However, for the return of the former Brazilian international, many Brazilian fans have unexpectedly "interest".

Earlier, it was reported that Gaunt attracted the attention of the Brazilian Furniture, including Barona, Flaglo, and Palmeras. But in the Corinthian forum, most fans oppose the team’s introduction of Gaunt.

Some fans said: "Gaurat used to be a good player before, but now his knee cartilage has been removed. It is difficult for this player to play high -level football in the future. When I left, Parmeras was like a pig who hit the Universiade because they got rid of this high salary burden. "

There are also fans believe that since Gaunt has joined Chinese, it seems a bit awkward to play in Barn: "He used to be absent for more than five months due to injuries. And he has joined the Chinese nationality. He is equivalent to wasting a place for foreign aid. "" I don’t know what he is now. I mean, don’t he already have a Chinese state? In Brazil, he is a foreign aid, so what does it mean to come back? "

In addition to doubts about the problem of Gaurart’s nationality, more fans are not optimistic about Gaunt’s competitive status today. "Even from an optimistic perspective, Gaunt is mostly similar to the current Dordinho, and it will even be even worse. When he returned from China, his performance had begun to decline. And say. "" God bless you not sign Gaunt, he can no longer play in Brazil. Now he is no longer three years ago. "