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Production qualification, can’t sleepy Xiaomi. However, the sudden public opinion has brought more trouble to Xiaomi Automobile.

Author Zhang Zhidong

Editor-in-Chief Cui Liwen

Editor Jin Penghui

The year of 2023 is undoubtedly a very noisy year for China’s new energy automobile industry. And the noise of this market will never stop.

Looking back at the beginning of this year, just as all new energy automobile brands tried to cope with the decline of state subsidies by raising prices, Tesla and BYD did the opposite and set off a vigorous price war and price reduction tide.

At the moment, the market public opinion is changing, "If you don’t cut the price, you will cut the leek", "If you sell it so expensive, you will die" and "The party will win forever", and so on. Even today, the fierce power of public opinion is always confirmed.

The market environment often affects the trend of 80% of the industry, and now, at least this year, "selling cars at a reduced price" is the mainstream of the market. The good news is that Xiaomi, the "latecomer", perfectly avoided the price war of killing and killing.

In fact, as the last venture in which Lei Jun gambled on all his reputations, the importance of Xiaomi Automobile will inevitably be no less than that of Xiaomi’s mobile phone business. It is also this well-known key that brings more constraints to Xiaomi Automobile.

Xiaomi, who knows the way of marketing, certainly understands the horror of public opinion. Therefore, last year, Lei Jun publicly stated that "no more rumors" would only be officially announced at the necessary nodes.

However, the tree wants to be quiet, but the wind does not stop. Since the beginning of this year, Xiaomi Automobile has been caught by public opinion, which is really powerful. Forced, Xiaomi Auto can only "set things right" a little bit.

It is not difficult to predict that the new energy vehicle market will be "involuted" in by going up one flight of stairs by the time Xiaomi goes on the market next year. At that time, the cards of powerful new brands such as Wei Xiaoli will emerge in an endless stream, even not only limited to ideal pure electricity, Weilai price reduction, and Tucki’s life-and-death battle …

For Xiaomi Automobile, the more difficult problem is that consumers’ brand awareness of Xiaomi Automobile has generated an inherent impression that Xiaomi Automobile can only take the road of cost performance. On this basis, coupled with the biased propaganda of the public opinion field, the "first battle" of Xiaomi Automobile has entered the level of difficulty in hell.

Production qualification, trapped millet.

Although a lot of information shows that the uncertainty of Xiaomi automobile at this time is more around the four characters of "production qualification". But what is certain is that there will be no problem with the production qualification of Xiaomi Automobile.

Even if the recent application for cancellation of Baowo Automobile’s production qualification has caused a great uproar, it is likely to promote Xiaomi Automobile to go further from the production qualification, rather than "bad".

Tracing back to the source, the reason why the cancellation of Beijing Baowo’s production qualification is related to Xiaomi Automobile is related to some previous rumors. It is rumored that Xiaomi Automobile will undertake the production qualification of Beijing Baowo through acquisition. And behind it is the Beijing government’s help, in order to clean up non-performing assets.

However, who would have thought that the expected big acquisition did not appear, so that after the cancellation of Beijing Baowo’s production qualification application, whether Xiaomi Automobile can be mass-produced on time has once again become one of the hot events in people’s spare time.

Don’t worry, in fact, this is not a bad thing.

For Xiaomi Auto, not buying Beijing Baowo means that it doesn’t have to bear the debt problem that it keeps cutting and returning chaos, which can avoid many "hidden thunder". Moreover, the production qualification of Beijing Baowo was cancelled, which can also be regarded as "making room" for Xiaomi Automobile.

According to Order No.22 of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Regulations on Investment Management of Automobile Industry, the new qualification of new energy vehicles needs to consider whether the newly-built provinces meet a series of requirements such as whether the utilization rate of automobile production capacity in the province exceeds the national average level, whether the new projects have reached the outline, what types of new projects are, and project shareholders, project products, project research and development capabilities, etc.

From this point of view, the cancellation of Beiqi Baowo’s production qualification is really helpful to indirectly improve the utilization rate of Beijing’s automobile production capacity, thus paving the way for Xiaomi’s production qualification. As for other relevant access conditions, Xiaomi Automobile has the backing of the whole Xiaomi Group and is fully capable of coping with it.

However, what needs to be mentioned here is that the original Decree No.22 has delegated power to the provinces, and the provincial development and reform commissions can approve new projects. However, the market has changed, and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has taken back its power. Therefore, it finally evolved into that it is still necessary to obtain the approval of the NDRC before it is possible to build a new energy vehicle qualification.

Of course, it is worth noting that the automobile production qualification of the National Development and Reform Commission is only the first step. Later, it needs to go through the factory access of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the new product access, in order to truly obtain the automobile announcement qualification and realize the sale of cars. As for the lessons from the past, the self-guided traveler who fell before dawn probably lost this step in the audit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

So, will Xiaomi be an exception?

You know, Xiaomi’s car factory in Beijing is nearing completion, and the cost is not generally large. The huge capital investment implies that this huge gamble belonging to Lei Jun must have more hidden weights. As for the production qualification problem that everyone has been talking about, Xiaomi can’t be trapped. Because, the words of netizens have explained everything-

"Beijing Special Approval".

Public opinion kidnapped Lei Jun.

Since production qualification is not a problem, what is? The actual situation shows that the value concept kidnapped by public opinion is the most difficult place to trap Xiaomi’s hands and feet. After all, Lei Jun, who has come all the way, is most particular about "following the trend".

Not long ago, a "busybody" netizen asked Xiao Ai, "How much is the price of Xiaomi car?" , so I got this reply:

1. The price of the standard version of Xiaomi Automobile is 149,900 yuan, and the rear drive single motor configuration, WLTC battery life is 800 kilometers;

2. pro version of Xiaomi car is priced at 179,900 yuan, equipped with four-wheel drive dual motors, and WLTC has a battery life of about 700 kilometers.

As soon as the news came out, netizens rushed in. Based on Xiaomi’s consistent "cost-effective" style of play, coupled with the poor power configuration, endurance, price, etc., relevant public opinion quickly fermented, even to the point where Xiaomi officials had to personally dismiss rumors.

Then the question is coming. Why did Xiaomi official suddenly become so sensitive to this public opinion? The reason is very simple. To some extent, the price of a car is equivalent to the positioning of the brand.

When everyone was shouting 99,900 yuan for Xiaomi car, people’s expectations for Xiaomi car were pulled into this price range. When the expectations given to consumers are higher and the prices are lower, then when it comes to mass production and listing, it is likely that the disappointment will be greater.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that Xiaomi automobile was "killed" at this time.

Looking back, when Xiaomi Automobile was exposed for sale for 260,000 yuan, it also triggered a wide discussion in the market. At that time, the cost of power batteries was high, and all kinds of uncertainties came to the fore. Therefore, it is not surprising that the price of 260,000 was linked with Xiaomi Automobile’s idea of taking a high-end route.

But the problem is that the voting data collected by Lei Jun personally before, the Xiaomi car "within 100,000", is what everyone expects.

When consumers think that Xiaomi cars should only be sold within 100,000 yuan; Because it is millet, it should be able to do a good job in the supply chain, reduce costs and increase efficiency; Xiaomi car, certainly can’t do high-end … Such prejudice is the real mountain.

To take a step back, "user-centered" is not empty talk, but is Xiaomi really going to be led by public opinion? In fact, there are not many roads left for Xiaomi in the huge new energy vehicle market, which are nothing more than three:

First, a road to black, adhere to their own high-end route, regardless of market public opinion; Second, bow to market public opinion, product configuration is reduced and then reduced, and a car of 99,900 yuan is made as much as possible; Third, give consideration to both, adopt the strategy of "having more children and fighting", lay out two routes of high cost performance and high end, and launch two products with large separation at the same time.

In January of this year, Lei Jun wrote in a letter to all employees of the Group: 2023 is a year for Xiaomi to start a new development cycle, and when a series of profound changes enter the deep water area, the Group is on the threshold of a brand-new hall and the starting line of a brand-new stage.

At this moment, it is already halfway through 2023, but Xiaomi Automobile is being "kidnapped" by public opinion.

It is also necessary to discuss whether Xiaomi car is late to enter the market. Or consider what involution market Xiaomi car depends on? The question that must be considered here is: In such a biased public opinion field, does Xiaomi Automobile still have a chance to break through? Do Xiaomi cars that have been kidnapped still need to follow the trend? How can Xiaomi Automobile change its inherent image and reshape its value?

Maybe the market will give the answer eventually, but time is running out.

Zhang Zhidong

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Saudi air strikes in Yemen have killed many people. The United Nations: Reopen the "lifeline of rescue" as soon as possible.

  Cctv newsOn the evening of the 7th local time, the multinational coalition forces headed by Saudi Arabia attacked a place in Hajj province, about 150km northwest of Sana ‘a, the capital of Yemen, and fired 16 missiles at the same place.

  Saba news agency, controlled by Houthi armed forces, reported that at least 60 people were killed in the air strikes, and all the casualties were civilians — — However, according to unconfirmed news from local media, a number of senior Houthi armed officials, including Saleh Ali Samad, chairman of the Yemeni Supreme Political Committee, were holding secret meetings at the attack site, and the air strikes were probably aimed at them.

  However, the Houthi armed forces said that Samad was "not affected by air strikes".

  In addition to Hajj province, Saudi Arabia-led Coalition forces also attacked the airport in the northern part of Sana ‘a city and several surrounding targets on the evening of the 7 th.

  The United Nations calls for reopening the "lifeline" as soon as possible.

  On the 4th, the Houthi armed forces in Yemen fired a ballistic missile in the direction of the international airport in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which was intercepted and destroyed by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia believes that this ballistic missile is made in Iran. In order to prevent Iran from transporting missiles and other arms to Houthi armed forces, Saudi Arabia closed Yemen’s land, sea and air passages to the outside.

  On the 7th, the United Nations called on the multinational coalition led by Saudi Arabia to reopen the lifeline of humanitarian relief to transport food and medicine to Yemen. At present, more than 7 million people in Yemen are suffering from famine and are in urgent need of food aid. Yemen’s population in urgent need of relief ranks first in the world. The United Nations believes that the closure of the passage will aggravate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

  On the evening of the 5th, the multinational coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia announced that in order to prevent Iran from transporting missiles and other arms to the Houthi armed forces in Yemen, the land, sea and air passages leading to the outside of Yemen will be closed from now on, while the entry and exit of international rescuers and humanitarian aid materials will be unrestricted. However, on the 6th, two United Nations humanitarian rescue planes scheduled to fly in and out of Yemen on the same day were not released by the multinational coalition forces.

  On the same day, the World Health Organization also called for allowing medical assistance to enter Yemen to fight the local cholera epidemic. According to WHO officials, since the outbreak of cholera in Yemen in April this year, the epidemic has not been effectively controlled. At present, 2,194 people have died, and there are more than 900,000 cholera patients in Yemen.

  Affected by the blockade, the oil price in Yemen jumped. On the 7 th, there were long queues at various gas stations in Sana’ a, the capital of Yemen. Not only that, the prices of cooking oil and liquefied natural gas have also risen sharply, which many local people think is "unfair" and that the Coalition forces have committed crimes against humanity in Yemen.

Make jokes! Adding a zero to Lyft’s earnings outlook led to a sharp rise in the stock price and then retreated after clarification.

The share price of Lyft, an American online car company, soared 67% after hours. The company had previously predicted that the adjusted profit was 11% higher than the analyst’s forecast, and predicted that the profit margin would increase by 500 basis points in the initial press release. But the company later called the profit margin forecast a clerical error.

In a conference call with analysts, Erin Brewer, chief financial officer of Lyft, said that the company expected the profit margin to increase by 50 basis points instead of 500, and admitted that the figures in the press release were wrong. A company spokesman later called this a "clerical error" and said that the company had corrected this error in the documents submitted later.

After-hours share prices immediately retreated most of the gains. "This is an epic disaster," Wedbush Securities analyst Dan Ives said in an email. "I have never seen a mistake like this in my nearly 25 years of Wall Street career."

In fact, both Lyft and Uber released strong performance reports this quarter, indicating that the overall passenger demand continued to grow after a sharp decline nationwide during the epidemic. The two companies have invested huge sums of money to recruit and retain enough drivers to meet the surge in order demand. David Risher, CEO of Lyft, who took office less than a year ago, focused his operations on customer satisfaction and emphasized returning to the basics to narrow the gap with Uber. Lyft has spent millions of dollars to attract drivers, but it faces difficulties in increasing passengers.

Lyft said in a statement on Tuesday that the adjusted profit for the first three months of this year is expected to be as high as $55 million, exceeding analysts’ expectations of $49.5 million. The transaction volume of rides excluding tips will be between 3.5 billion and 3.6 billion US dollars, which is higher than the estimated 3.48 billion US dollars.

Lyft’s total orders in the fourth quarter increased by 17% year-on-year to $3.72 billion, higher than the forecast of $3.67 billion. Revenue increased by 4% year-on-year to $1.22 billion, in line with expectations.

Lyft said that the number of active users on its platform increased by 10% year-on-year to 22.4 million in the fourth quarter. Lyft had more than 40 million passengers last year, setting an annual record.

But Lyft still lags behind Uber. According to the data of market research company YipitData, since the second quarter of 2022, the company’s share in the American online car market is about 30%, while Uber’s is 70%. Uber announced its first annual profit since its IPO last week, and said that the number of trips in the quarter increased by 24% to 2.6 billion.

This article comes from: financial circles


Speeding up the relief of real estate and ensuring the delivery of buildings, these cities held a special meeting

  The actions of actively bailing out real estate in various places are still going on. In addition to the deepening of urban policies, the actions of local governments to co-ordinate the deployment of Baojiao Building are gradually increasing.

  On August 15th, Ma Yujun, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, investigated and inspected real estate projects and presided over a symposium on the stable and healthy development of the city’s real estate market. At least five real estate enterprises and two banks attended the meeting. Prior to this, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Hefei, Anhui, and Xianyang, Shaanxi also held similar forums for housing enterprises. One of the core contents of the meeting was "Baojiaolou".

  Since July, some owners of "uncompleted residential flats" have cut off their supply and the data of the property market have continued to decline, and the market’s expectations for the real estate relief policy are getting stronger and stronger. After Politburo meeting of the Chinese Communist Party explicitly proposed to guarantee the delivery of the flats at the end of July and stressed the responsibility of compacting local governments, the pace of active relief in various places has also accelerated.

  What did the housing enterprise symposium "talk about"?

  At 9 o’clock on the evening of the 15th, WeChat official account’s WeChat "Shijiazhuang Release" under the Propaganda Department of Shijiazhuang Municipal Committee pushed an important message, which may be of particular concern to local citizens who bought faster houses.

  The article shows that Ma Yujun investigated and inspected a number of real estate projects on the same day, including Yunshufu, Gaoying International, Heshifu, Changyue House, Spruce Valley, Zhongmei Covered Bridge, etc. Some of these projects are under construction, some are being sold to the outside world, and some are at a standstill.

  After understanding the basic situation and construction progress of the project, Ma Yujun had an exchange discussion with relevant district governments, municipal departments and real estate enterprises, covering the existing problems, solutions and future development.

  On the same day, Ma Yujun also hosted a symposium for real estate enterprises. The real estate enterprises that attended the meeting and made speeches included China Shipping Real Estate, MCC Mingguan, Hebei Poly Development, Shijiazhuang Vanke, and Rong Sheng, Hebei Province. The speeches mainly focused on the actual situation of each family and constructive suggestions for the healthy and orderly development of the real estate industry. In addition, the two participating banks also made speeches on real estate financial policies and related measures to support the stable and healthy development of the real estate market in the next step.

  This is not the first city to hold a symposium on housing enterprises. Since July, several cities including Ningbo, Zhejiang, Hefei, Anhui and Xianyang, Shaanxi have held similar meetings. A big background of this phenomenon is that since the end of June and the beginning of July, the owners of "uncompleted residential flats" in many places across the country have jointly launched the action of stopping supply, hoping that those properties that have been suspended for a long time or temporarily can resume work and hand over the house as soon as possible.

  On July 28th, Politburo meeting of the Chinese Communist Party also explicitly mentioned "ensuring the delivery of buildings and stabilizing people’s livelihood". On the basis of insisting on housing and not speculating, it emphasized the responsibility of compacting local governments and encouraged local governments to make full use of the policy toolbox because of the city’s policy.

  Specifically, the host of local symposiums is mainly the Housing and Construction Bureau, and the main line of content is Baojiaolou.

  For example, on July 19th, Xianyang Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau organized a collective interview meeting for some housing enterprises to urge them to strengthen their management, shoulder their social responsibilities, try to resolve conflicts, do a good job in prevention and early warning, plan ahead, and speed up the construction progress and strive to deliver the house on schedule while ensuring the quality and quantity of the projects under construction. At the same time, the meeting stressed that housing enterprises should take the initiative, not wait and rely, and try their best to solve the urgent needs of the masses.

  On July 18th, the previous day, the Ningbo Housing and Construction Bureau also announced that recently, the Real Estate Market Supervision Department of the Bureau and the Housing Management Center convened six new Ningbo housing enterprises, including Weixing and Changzhu, to hold a symposium on real estate policy exchange and publicize the real estate industry policy.

  At the meeting, Ningbo Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, while interpreting and publicizing the relief policies such as pre-sale, full renovation, fund supervision and real estate regulation in the city, kept abreast of the investment plans and development progress of seven projects developed by six housing enterprises, and listened to the business conditions of various enterprises and suggestions for industry development.

  Just recently, Hefei, Anhui received high attention because 17 real estate developers jointly wrote to the government, and then the government also held a special meeting, but the content was slightly "special".

  In a Report on Solving Difficulties by Requesting to Maintain the Business Environment and Enhance the Investment Confidence of Housing Enterprises stamped with the official seals of 17 housing enterprises, 17 housing enterprises, including Longhu, Xuhui and Sunac, as well as Poly, Gezhouba and Greentown, collectively complained to the Hefei Municipal Government, saying that they were faced with some unreasonable group customer complaints and house troubles, and there may be professional house troubles behind them, so please ask the competent government departments to give them a hand.

  On the morning of August 13th, Yu Aihua, member of the Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial Party Committee and secretary of Hefei Municipal Party Committee, presided over a special meeting on the governance of real estate problems in the whole city, stressing that we should not only attach great importance to the problems reflected by the masses, but also try our best to solve the problems encountered by enterprises and do everything possible to "ensure the delivery of buildings and stabilize people’s livelihood". For the unreasonable demands of a very small number of property buyers, it is necessary to strengthen communication, explanation, education and guidance. If there are violations of laws and regulations, they should also be dealt with according to the law. At the same time, it is said that developers, construction enterprises and supervision units should strengthen credit management and set up special classes to curb the occurrence of incremental problems.

  Scheme: One-on-one guarantee of building delivery, strengthening supervision of pre-sale funds.

  In the eyes of the industry, the discussion is only the first step to solve the problem, and a series of policies for Baojiaolou will be introduced in subsequent places. Especially when the macro-economy is under pressure and land revenue accounts for a large proportion of local finance, the pace of local government’s bail-out of housing enterprises will accelerate.

  In fact, in addition to housing enterprises’ symposiums and real estate symposiums, a series of real estate-related documents have been published intensively in various places recently. From the content point of view, in addition to the 10 billion yuan special fund for real estate relief initiated by Zhengzhou, most policies focus on one-on-one supervision by government leaders and strengthening supervision of pre-sale funds.

  "Stabilizing the economic market is the primary and urgent task of economic work at present and in the next stage. Among them, promoting the healthy, stable and orderly development of real estate is an important aspect. " Ma Yujun proposed at the latest symposium held in Shijiazhuang that the real estate policy should be further rationalized and improved according to the actual situation of the city, and housing enterprises should be promoted to speed up construction. In terms of specific requirements, relevant departments at all levels should continue to increase the promotion of uncompleted residential flats, compact the responsibility chain, increase coordination, and keep an eye on the time node; Properly handle the remaining problems and speed up the solution of problems such as "difficulty in obtaining a permit" and "difficulty in moving in"; Strengthen supervision and monitoring of development projects and strengthen source and process management. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the supervision of pre-sale funds of commercial housing, ensure the closed-loop management and use of funds, and keep the bottom line of systemic risks.

  For the supervision work of relevant departments, there have been "one-on-one" requirements in many places. For example, at the symposium organized by Xianyang Housing and Construction Bureau, a one-on-one assistance policy was established, that is, a department helped an enterprise to promote the early solution of the problem; The Housing and Construction Bureau of Suining, Sichuan Province also instructed all jurisdictions to carry out the linkage work between housing enterprises and real estate projects. By combing and arranging, 83 real estate development projects under construction and to be built were included in the linkage scope, and each project was linked "one-on-one" by a county (city, district) and a county-level leader of a municipal park, and at the same time, a contact person in the jurisdiction was identified; Mianning County, Liangshan, Sichuan Province, in the Notice on Measures to Promote the Stable and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market, mentioned the mechanism of "one plate, one policy and one leadership" for the problems left over by real estate development projects (for problem buildings).

  According to the news released by Huzhou, the Office of the Joint Conference on the Stable and Healthy Development of the Real Estate Market in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province issued the Notice on Continuously Promoting the Stable and Healthy Development of the Real Estate in our City on August 15th, which mentioned that state-owned enterprises are encouraged to purchase the unsalable houses of difficult real estate enterprises as housing for resettlement.

  In view of the storm of supply interruption since July and the phenomenon of "early repayment of mortgage" hotly discussed by buyers, many places have further strengthened the supervision system of pre-sale funds, and even held special bank symposiums on supervision of pre-sale funds, involving Cangzhou, Hebei, Jiujiang, Jiangxi, Changsha, Hunan, Dongguan, Guangdong, Jiangmen, Jiangsu, etc.

  Judging from the latest real estate data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the current situation is still not optimistic. From January to July this year, the national real estate development investment was 7,946.2 billion yuan, down 6.4% year-on-year; The sales area of commercial housing was 781.78 million square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 23.1%; The sales of commercial housing was 7,576.3 billion yuan, down 28.8% year-on-year; The land purchase area was 45.46 million square meters, a year-on-year decrease of 48.1%. Among them, the sales and investment scale of new houses in July decreased by 16% and 14% respectively compared with May, and the year-on-year decline also expanded.

  Fu Linghui, spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics, said that since the beginning of this year, the real estate market as a whole has shown a downward trend, and because of the large scale, long chain and wide coverage of the industry, it has a great impact on economic growth and social livelihood. However, since the beginning of this year, all localities have insisted on housing and housing, supported rigid and improved reasonable housing demand, and introduced a number of policies to stabilize the real estate market. The overall downward trend of the real estate market has slowed down.

  Huang Hongwei, a macro analyst of Caixin Securities, believes that with the Zhengzhou municipal government promoting the landing of the bail-out fund and China Huarong and other financial institutions participating in the bail-out, relevant departments, financial institutions and local governments will follow up quickly, and Baojiaolou will also become an important policy direction for stabilizing the economy in the second half of the year.

  Judging from recent market news, the supervision of liquidity support measures for high-quality private housing enterprises is also expected to be further deepened. At present, in addition to Longhu’s expected syndicated loan of HK$ 3.5 billion, the market also has higher expectations for the bond issuance method of "China Credit Increase+State-owned Enterprises".

China People’s Bank Institute of Finance held an expert seminar on related issues in the financial field.

According to official website, the central bank, recently, the Financial Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China held an expert seminar on related issues in the financial field, attended by Lu Lei, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the People’s Bank of China.
Lu Lei pointed out that the Central Financial Work Conference clearly put forward the goal of "accelerating the construction of a financial power", emphasized the promotion of high-quality financial development in China, and provided strong support for comprehensively promoting the construction of a powerful country and the great cause of national rejuvenation with Chinese modernization. The People’s Bank of China has always attached great importance to theoretical research, giving full play to the wisdom of experts and scholars, and sincerely hopes that the experts attending the meeting will speak freely and put forward their insights on establishing a modern central banking system, building a scientific and stable financial regulation system, deepening the structural reform of the financial supply side, coordinating financial opening and security, and steadily expanding institutional opening in the financial field.
At the seminar, Zhu Baoliang, Li Daokui, Liu Qiao, Zhang Chengsi, Zhu Ning, Wu Weixing, Wu Ge and Ding Zhijie put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on issues such as unblocking the transmission mechanism of monetary policy, strengthening the coordination between monetary policy and other policies, improving the quality and efficiency of financial services to the real economy, better guiding market expectations, and preventing and resolving financial risks.
Responsible comrades from relevant departments of the People’s Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange attended the seminar.

Why is football the first sport in the world? Tell you four reasons.

Diego maradona

Early this morning, the Argentine football player known as the "hand of God"Diego Diego Maradona.He died of cardiac arrest, and the media all over the world reported that countless fans posted articles on social media to mourn the "King of the Ball".Diego Maradona.

In today’s single sports events in the world, football is the most popular sport and the craziest one. Why is football called the first sport in the world?

Take the World Cup as an example:

The participating countries of the World Cup are all over the world, and football teams from more than 200 countries compete for the qualification to enter the finals (only 32 teams and 736 players were selected in the final). Every game is full of audiences, and its ratings, broadcasting fees, sponsors, advertising revenue and peripheral products have exceeded the scale of the Olympic Games.

There are at least four reasons why football is called the first sport in the world:

(A) the entry threshold is very low

Image source: Xinhua News Agency

Football has very low requirements for venues, equipment and equipment. For example, many world-class stars come from poor areas in South America and Africa, so they can easily participate in this sport in economically backward countries or poor families. In professional football fields, dirt floors and streets, you can have fun as long as there is an open space! I still remember when I was a child, after school, several classmates found an open space and used schoolbags as goals. Several people agreed on the rules and didn’t need referees, so they could have a great time.

(2) The requirements for body shape are not high.

Generally speaking, if a sport wants to be a top athlete, congenital conditions are very important. Although the acquired efforts can make up for some congenital deficiencies, in the fierce sports competition, the actual effect is very limited, so many sports keep many people out for this reason. However, football doesn’t require high body shape. There is a saying in the industry that "if you can’t play football with a sense of accomplishment, never blame yourself for being inferior to others."

In football, tall players have long legs and great strength, and are not easy to be pushed down due to collision. Short players react quickly, which is beneficial to dribbling and shuttling and has the advantage of possession of the ball.

Therefore, in football, becoming a top star requires personal physical fitness, personal skills, personal psychological quality, teamwork, tactical strategy, organizational system and other conditions; Take one’s physical fitness as an example. It requires both speed and endurance, and it requires both footwork and footwork.

(3) Actively participate in all countries, big or small.

Basketball and volleyball, among the three major balls in the world, are usually played by a few fixed countries in international competitions. Football, on the other hand, is different. No matter big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor countries actively participate in international competitions.

For example, the Asian island country Maldives, with a population of less than 300,000, even lost to Iran 0-17 in a World Cup, setting a record for the biggest score gap in an event, but it did not affect the country’s love for this sport at all.

(4) A game that keeps people hopeful forever.

For example, in the World Cup, when team A wins team B and team B wins team C, the logical final result should be that team A wins team C, but the result of football match is not like this, and the reversal of team C winning team A often occurs. In the 2018 World Cup group match, Group F: Mexico wins Germany, Germany wins Sweden, and Sweden wins Mexico; Group H: Japan wins Colombia, Colombia wins Poland, and Poland wins Japan in turn. Therefore, the football match is a game that people will always have hope.

Do you think football is the first sport in the world?

This article is a selected work for the first children’s popular science essay contest in Zhengzhou.

Author: Wu Ailian

Views only represent the author himself, not his position.

1-3 was reversed! Tottenham won 1 in 7 rounds and basically missed the top six. This superstar may be able to compete for the championship when he goes to Manchester United.

On May 20th, Beijing time, on this special day, Tottenham fans were not happy, because the team they supported suffered a 3-1 reversal in brentford at the home of this Premier League, which was their third defeat in the last four rounds of the Premier League. In the past seven rounds of the Premier League, they only won one game, which was enough to make fans despair.

Prior to this, in the past month, Tottenham only defeated Crystal Palace. Against rivals such as Bournemouth, Newcastle, Manchester United, Liverpool and Villa, Tottenham was 4 losses and 1 draw. This round of home game against brentford, Tottenham suffered another defeat, and the team was basically desperate for the sixth place.

In this game, Tottenham had made a fantastic start. In just 8 minutes, Tottenham got a free kick in the frontcourt, and his teammate stepped on the ball in front of Kane. He took advantage of the situation and blew out a world wave. The ball went straight to the corner of the door and Tottenham led the opponent 1-0.

In the first half, Tottenham basically controlled the situation on the court and gave brentford no chance. However, after the start of the second half, the situation on the field changed suddenly. Brentford stepped up their counter-attack, and they soon equalized the score. In the 50 th minute, Mbemo caught the ball in the frontcourt, then cut the foot and finally volleyed the goal, and the score became 1-1.

After the equaliser, the visiting team’s morale was greatly boosted, while Tottenham was completely stunned. In the 62nd minute, Kane was intercepted in the midfield, and then brentford counterattacked. Mbemo inserted the ball in front of the expressway, then pushed it from a small angle and scored the ball in the far corner. The score on the field became 1-2, and the away game miraculously overtook the score. After that, Tottenham’s attack was disorganized. Not only did they fail to equalize the score, but they were robbed by mistakes before the end, and finally suffered a 3-1 defeat and had to lose the last home game of the season.

After 1-3, Tottenham was 1 point behind Brighton, the sixth place, in the case of two more games. This result is basically certain that Tottenham failed to compete for six games this season and missed the Europa League next season. In fact, Tottenham may not even be able to keep the seventh place, and this season is doomed to failure.

For Kane, this result is really hurtful. Together with the goal of this game, he has scored 28 goals in the Premier League this season. If it weren’t for Harland’s fate, Kane would get the Golden Boot in the Premier League again this season. However, even if Kane is so brave, let alone win the league championship. Tottenham can’t even win the top six in the Premier League, and the League Cup and the FA Cup are also missed. The English superstar continues to win the championship.

Since there is only one year left in his contract with Tottenham Hotspur, Kane will reconsider his future this summer. If he chooses to stay, it will undoubtedly be a story in football, but even if Kane decides to leave in order to win the championship, I believe some Tottenham fans will understand.

In the Premier League, Manchester United have always wanted Kane. They lack a center with stable goals, and Kane is the perfect candidate in Tenghage’s mind. With the help of Fernandez, Rachford and casemiro, Kane will have the opportunity to compete for various championships when he joins Manchester United. He and Manchester United are definitely mutual achievements, and then it depends on his own decision. In order to get Kane, Manchester United is absolutely willing to meet Levi’s asking price (worth up to 100 million pounds). As long as the superstar nods, Manchester United is expected to take him away, which is likely to be a transfer that changes the pattern of the Premier League.

After losing Kane, Tottenham will be completely rebuilt, and it will be difficult for them to compete for the fourth place in a short time, while Manchester United will greatly increase its strength and is expected to compete with Manchester City for the championship next season!

AGV handling robot-a new star of unmanned warehousing logistics in the future-wood ant robot

In recent years, with the promotion of market demand, AGV handling robot has gradually matured. The continuous maturity of Beidou navigation and the continuous development and application of artificial intelligence in China have greatly improved the efficiency of AGV handling robots, provided great conditions for saving manpower, and made AGV handling robots gradually become the choice for automation upgrading of major factories in various industries.

In today’s era, with the continuous development of world trade, transnational logistics and logistics in various industries can’t do without handling. With the wide application of the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, intelligent automated unmanned AGV handling robots are constantly developing and innovating, which promotes the continuous upgrading of China’s logistics industry and reforms the current industrial form.

With the growing manufacturing industry in China, China has introduced new measures to promote the development of intelligent industrial robots through the cooperation of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and enterprises, in order to enhance the strength of the manufacturing industry and cultivate competitive advantages. Unmanned AGV handling robot is one of them.

These living habits are not changed, and more Tai Chi is not enough to make up for your self -harm

What we do every day has made us, and then you will find that excellence is not a behavior, but a habit. —— Aristotle

Everyone found that although there are many longevity old people who practice Tai Chi, some people do not live long. Why?

First of all, the real Taijiquan should be both internal and external, and many people do not practice outside the outside. We only see a stinky skin. We often see that many people are very skilled and can be insisted every day. Seriously, seemingly seriousness is nervous; some people grit their teeth and swipe their teeth, swing their feet, and do not relax at all; some people have practiced for many years and still have a lot of temper to get angry. Bone bones.

Everyone knows that the biggest feature of longevity elderly people is that the personality is optimistic and cheerful, and the influence of emotions from the internal body is far greater than the external environment. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the cold, cold, heat and irritability. The harm of these six prostitutes to human health, that is, external evil injury, is usually from the surface and inside. When it was passed to my heart, I pulled the diarrhea, and then passed the cold to the five internal organs.

However, human emotions are directly harmful to people. The so -called "seven emotions hurt people, direct internal organs", and they can vomit blood immediately. Chinese medicine says that anger hurts the liver, joy and sadness, hurt the spleen, terrify the kidneys, sadness, sadness, sadness, and sadness Sad lung. Lin Daiyu was sad and coughing. She was a typical symptom of "sad lung".

Your fist for a month is not enough for you to be angry. While we practice Tai Chi, while relaxing the body, our mentality must also be relaxed. The relaxing and peaceful mentality in turn is more favorable to the relaxation of the body. Only when the heart is quiet can Tai Chi reach the high realm.

Secondly, Tai Chi is based on Taoism’s "inaction and disappointment". Lao Tzu said, "The husband is not fighting, and the world can not fight with it." Many people who practice Tai Chi have forgotten this. Throughout the day, they think about how to be refined, anxious, and never satisfied. Or can’t stand the provocation of others saying that Tai Chi can’t fight, and gets up and fights angrily.

It is said that "killing 10,000 self -damage for three thousand". In the legendary history, there are indeed some masters of people who have suffered internal injuries because of some tongues. The high -level strength of Tai Chi Boxing Law has cleverly fascinated and excited, and often unconsciously mistakenly entered the courage.

Because of this, in the "Tai Chi Boxing theory", which was regarded as a must -read classic by Tai Chi, Wang Zongyue specifically emphasized the words of the ancestor of Sanfeng after explaining the essence of Tai Chi. Do not do the final dispute. "

With the end of the cold weapon era, today we should not practice boxing for the victory. It is impossible to bear a small bullet in the practice of Diamond. In most cases, things will only make things worse.

We should treat boxing as a kind of fun, because there is something to study, so that the process of fitness exercise has become more fun, culture and charm, pushing the strength to test the strength, winning the win -win smile, and we will never care about it.

In fact, the real Taijiquan high -level kung fu, sometimes the more Hou deliberately pursued, the less you get it. One teacher said good: "When you want to fight with others, the heart is dead, and the heart is already froze. How can I relax? How can I reach a higher level of loose air? "

In the end, I have to say that most of the non -long -lived boxers have bad habits. Some people rely on childhood training from a young age, drinking and smoking, indulgence, and the harm of the nightlife of modern people far exceeding the body. People imagine that in the past, there was no TV in the agricultural society. The oil lamps were sleeping for a while, and there were very few diseases that came out of staying up late.

And modern people are facing a lot of temptations, and there are many people who sleep at a time or two, which is very harmful to the body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Ziye Yiyang is born, and this time for people to hand over yin and yang should be sleeping in the state of sleep. The so -called natural law nature, the nature of our earth changes once every 24 hours of yin and yang. Human beings are the creation of nature. It can be found that those who go to work all the night shifts have almost no longer longevity.

Dr. Yu Juan, a younger return from Fudan University, told people not to stay up late with a 32 -year -old life. She has never slept before 12 o’clock in the past 10 years. What to stay up late? Yu Juan wrote: "Chat, Internet chat, 885 irrigation, jumping, meals, X songs, bowling, personal daze (known as thinking), fill every night without reason."

Staying up late is chronic suicide! Getting up early every day to practice Tai Chi is not only to allow our body to exercise, but also changes to our lifestyle. In order to get up early, you must go to bed early. You have more time to practice boxing. If you do not change the poor lifestyle, it is limited to the body by doing some simple physical exercise, which is not enough to make up for your self -harm.

After the help of the Shanghai people went to Guizhou, Chen Zhi, Secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee wrote a letter!

In May of this year, a Shanghai elderly tourism group consisted of 30 people to Guizhou travel. In five days, they visited the Scenic Area of ??Xijiang Miao Village, LIBO size, Huangguoshu Waterfall.

Photo of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group: Hu Guangdan

Photo of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group: Hu Guangdan

Hu Guangdan, a member of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group

In the Guizhou tour guide, the driver’s enthusiastic service, the employees of the scenic area are responsible for them to travel and satisfied. After returning to Shanghai, Huang Fan wrote a letter to the party secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee in the Tourism Group, Sun Zhigang:

The beautiful scenery of the mountains and the hearts of Guizhou people

-The public letter from the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee

Comrade Sun Zhigang, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee:

Since May 22, 26, Shanghai tourists participated in the Chunqiu Tourism Company to visit Guizhou. Our 30 tourist teams swimming in Xijiang has thousands of houses. LIBO’s natural bridge, big seven holes, small seven holes, and yellow fruit trees. Due to time, we only swim in Guizhou’s beautiful scenery. It can be a spectacular scenery, a beautiful environment and good air not only injected the health of our middle -aged and elderly people. It also makes us unforgettable memories.

More memorable services to the people of Guizhou Scenic Area. They want tourists to think, help tourists need, and let most tourists come to the hall for satisfaction. For example, the service of the patio travels, Master Li, who has set up a coach is a representative. Master Li served us for a few days. Not only is the car stable, but the service attitude is also very enthusiastic, reducing your luggage for us. Carry all the way to train seat training. be careful. Miss Wu Tong always laughed and introduced the mountain scenes, historical events, and clear people in Guizhou. It is also an introduction to the source, the formation and development of multi -ethnic culture in Guizhou. Guizhou special products, Guizhou’s special products, political history, economy, culture, and Guizhou’s social development is now in the future. Her emotional interpretation is like a vivid and interesting Guizhou multicultural course.

According to the travel itinerary, she also took us to the museum and related shopping malls. Guests can buy more, completely voluntarily, no slightest, forced meaning, still as always, full of enthusiasm for everyone. 30 tourists have a common feeling: Tian Gui’s service is different from the so -called service exposed black guidelines.

When our itinerary entered the golden scenic area, let us come to the sightseeing car of the next attraction. It is not long. It is attracted to the beauty along the way. Many people excitedly took out their mobile phones to take pictures. Tourists also want to take a mobile phone, but the mobile phone is gone. If you lose your phone, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that the memory is gone. The tourist is very frustrated and has no interest in watching views. A partner accompanied by the lost mobile phone. I didn’t think anyone answered. This is an unexpected surprise. Tell the tour guide. Tian Weiyu contacted the phone and confirmed that Wang Zhirong received a mobile phone in the car from the car to the tourist car company. Treatment of all confirmation, tourism and tourism returned to the previous excitement and happiness. When the tour of the day was over, when Tian Gui took away his mobile phone, he could defend the owner of the phone. Cao Yuanyuan, a dispatcher, was very serious. He requested calling the mobile phone number. When the dispatcher confirmed, he was rude to the owner and reminded it with goodwill: "Pay attention to keep your own items. There is no similar situation."

Comrade Zhizhi: The author travels at home and abroad. But to Guizhou or the first time. But this is the first time. Let us feel that Guizhou is not only beautiful and beautiful, but at the same time, let us experience the beauty of Guizhou people. Guizhou tourism service.

In this regard, let’s take a look at the actual impact of the provincial government and the provincial government in the 19th national spirit and socialist thought with Chinese characteristics. You are also developing tourist attractions and also create a good tourism atmosphere. This is the past, and the vast and vast landscape of this country will reach the arrival of national or even global tourists. We will also actively promote some scope, and the public letter of the Provincial Party Committee will be widely released among our friends’ friends. Try to mobilize friends, family, classmates, comrades, colleagues and familiar urban and rural residents to Guizhou. Let them share the happiness of traveling to Guizhou.

Guizhou’s vast tourist attraction, its beautiful mountains and mountains, beautiful, beautiful scenery, the hearts of the people of Guizhou, and beautiful tourism services. Comprehensive, we can call this Feng Shuibao’s rich country, which is rich and expensive.

From May 22nd to 26th, the representative of Shanghai to Guizhou Tourism Group

Hu Guangdan

Photo of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group: Hu Guangdan

Photo of Shanghai Elderly Tourism Group: Hu Guangdan

Today (July 26), a reporter from Guizhou interviewed Hu Guangdan. He said that the reason for Shen Zhigang, the secretary of the Guizhou Secretary’s Provincial Party Committee, was indeed because of a deep impression on Guizhou this time. The journey is short and wonderful. He wants to promote the external world and let tourists from all over the country go to Guizhou to feel the mountains of Guizhou, beautiful, beautiful scenery, and the soul of Guizhou people!

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