How does the brand get away from the hot search?

Recently, there are three news items in the hot search, involving Dong Yuhui and Pang Donglai respectively.

The first article is # Dong Yuhui’s Hubei trip was accused of being ostentatious #, and in the video, Dong Yuhui was surrounded by many security guards, with high protection specifications. Netizens questioned the luxury of ostentation and extravagance, which triggered public discussion on the specifications of celebrity activities. Earlier, Dong Yuhui emptied Weibo.

The second one is # Fat Donglai adds 10 unhappy days off #. Yu Donglai, the founder of Fat Donglai, said at the China Supermarket Week Forum in 2024 that this year, Fat Donglai added another 10 unhappy days off, so the management must approve the leave and hope everyone will be free. Pear video made a vote, 63,000 strongly supported it, 2,235 was not very supportive, and 2,140 didn’t matter.

The third article is # Fat Donglai’s response that 985 girls failed to enter the interview #, with a reading volume of 320 million, ranking first in the hot search list and staying on the list for 15.4 hours. The cause of the incident was that a girl who graduated in 1985 said that she was a professional counterpart, graduated in 1985 and had three years of industry experience, but she didn’t enter the interview. The comment area is one-sided with Fat East.

Through these three hot searches, combined with the last article "Nongfu Spring and Ideal, the Choice of Silence or Voice", I talk about the brand path selection of the hot search cycle.

Fat Donglai is at the zenith of public opinion.Even women, the most powerful topic in the whole network, did not shake the public positive tendency from Fat East. This is also the starting point of the upcoming traffic bite. This is the position where Dong Yuhui stayed two years ago.

Dong Yuhui is slowly descending to the ground.From one-sided support to mixed praise, whether consciously or passively. Brands and entrepreneurs who are pushed to the moral high platform by traffic love should learn to find their own steps and come down. Destroy your expectations and image step by step in order to get back to the ground and do things in a down-to-earth manner.

After the MEGA model went on the market, Li Xiang, CEO of LI, issued an internal letter, saying that he should seek truth from facts and correct his mistakes when he knew them. Subsequently, individual Weibo rarely stopped for 26 days. Ideal is climbing from the bottom.

I use the figure below to show this process. Any brand with hot search constitution will go through this cycle.

The heights are too cold, and the cycle is irreversible.

Shen Congwen said that a person’s shortcomings are just like a monkey’s tail. When a monkey squats on the ground, the tail is invisible. Until he climbs up the tree, he puts the back for the public to pay tribute. However, this long tail with red buttocks is already there, which is not a new sign of climbing up. The same is true for brands.

Any brand and entrepreneur, the longer they stand on the stage, the longer they will be examined and looked at by 360 without dead ends. If there is a seam in the sky clothes, flies will come after them. The moment when the shell is broken is the moment when the society dies.

This stage is a flow ecological field and an Colosseum in ancient Rome.

I will write about the concept of traffic ecological field in the forthcoming Practical Handbook of Crisis Public Relations: troublemakers, instigators, boosters, regulators and rabble, which together constitute the traffic ecological field.

Brand boarding hot search depends on:

Online celebrity Traffic Hotspots Realizes Desire A

+emotional intensity expressed by netizens b

+Multiplication and amplification degree of media and MCN mechanism matrix number c

+Algorithm Weighting Degree D of Platform Traffic Pool

+Degree of involvement of regulators e

In this conspiracy, the demands of the five roles are different. Public netizens yearn for fairness and justice, online celebrity pursues the realization of traffic, the media and MCN institutions expect the explosion of content, the media platform is happy to see the controversy, the regulatory agencies pay attention to the rule of law and order, and the brand is self-seeking.

Many hot searches are initiated by self-media and behind-the-scenes MCN organizations that are bloodthirsty, concocting traffic headlines and provoking netizens’ emotions. What they need is the platform advertising share and revenue brought by high traffic, not you. Don’t jump off the field, or you will be the bullfight that is watched by the whole audience, and your blood is blown out by a red cloak, exhausted.

What should I do if I am pushed, surrounded, and carried on the field?

Learn to find your own steps down.Destroy your expectations, image and role step by step in order to return to the ground and do things in a down-to-earth manner.

The model in this respect is Huawei and founder Ren Zhengfei. I added the above picture to Huawei’s performance and got the following picture.

Vertical tide, far ahead.

Summarize three inspirations:

1. Don’t accept the role given by public opinion and flow, but build your own framework.

For example, Dong Yuhui’s "mother-in-law" is the framework and label of traffic ecology. You only have to act according to the label, otherwise it will be betrayal, which will inspire complaints, anger and attacks that "you have changed".

The traffic ecological field will give the brand a story frame that the public likes. For example, this is a "conscience" brand and this is a "conscience" entrepreneur. This "conscience" is the standard for the public to evaluate all your actions.

This conscience is not the conscience of "beginning of life is inherently good", but the conscience of the greatest common denominator of public cognition and emotion. It refers to: layoffs are ugly, profits are ugly, capitalists are black-hearted, and scholars are content with poverty. If they make money, they should donate to the society.

Conscience narration is the framework.

How to build a brand’s own framework can be found in the 7 principles of framework communication in Crisis Public Relations Manual:

Don’t jump into each other’s topics and frameworks, and don’t use each other’s language;

Know each other’s framework, predict each other’s language patterns and follow-up actions;

It is not enough to only have facts and truth, but to establish a framework for the truth from your own perspective;

The facts and stories in the framework must be true and cannot be false and arbitrarily manipulated;

Think about the framework in terms of public order, good customs, values and culture, not the crisis itself;

Active attack, not passive defense;

Respond to events, not frames.

A good framework is to break through the lack of Helan Mountain with thousands of troops. This requires planning and thinking in strategic communication.

2. Don’t covet the favor of traffic, pay attention to products and user experience.

That’s poison with a price tag. It is better to eat the real dividend of productism and customer experience than to eat the flow of patriotism and nationalism.

On May 21, 2019, Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with the media: "Our family is still using Apple mobile phones. Apple’s ecology is very good. I also sent them Apple computers when my family went abroad. We can’t narrowly think that Aihua is just a mobile phone." This reflects his open attitude towards technology and market competition and his rational understanding of patriotism.

You said I was patriotic, and I immediately took over this banner. Began to smuggle goods and sell products. You think you can go downstream, but you can also overturn the boat. Lessons from the past are too numerous to mention.

This is not an impromptu expression of Ren Zhengfei in the interview, but a thoughtful strategic thinking of public relations.

On September 29, 2018, at the report meeting of Huawei’s public relations strategy outline, he specifically mentioned:

The basic principles and boundaries of public relations should be made clear, such as "We can’t get involved in nationalism, class conflicts, religious issues, geopolitics, and taking sides"-Ren Zhengfei | "From the crystallization of human civilization, find the key to solving world problems"

This involves the next point:

3. Don’t deviate from the main line of organizational strategy communication, but make a hole.

The image that the brand wants to create and the road it wants to take is A, and the image and road that the public likes is B. A and b sometimes converge. However, the brand should have firm and clear judgment, and don’t be caught in the torrent of public will.

Brand, even if it is only a clear stream, should firmly scour its own riverbed and estuary. If you find yourself included in the torrent of public will, you must find a new way and fight your way out.

Crisis narrative is a branch story of organizational strategy narrative.

The main story of the organization is the strategic communication of the organization and brand, and the double-track story is the product story, founder story, employer story, financial story and ESG story.

The side story is an affair that has escaped from the wall, an unintentional work that has to be done, and an incident that has been covered up in every way. If the sideline story and offside become the main story of the organization, it is a deviation from the strategic main line, and the consequences are: consuming organizational resources and affecting public cognition.

Crisis stories, which are inseparable from the strategic main line, are strategic planning of crisis communication.

If the sidelights and irrelevant facts are not on the main line of organizational strategic communication, they will be cut off or not responded. This is also what Huawei advocates, that is, "making a hole", concentrating superior resources on the main channel and not consuming resources on non-critical paths.

Of course, some people will ask, can you still do business when the traffic fades? What do you think?

This article comes from WeChat WeChat official account:Xueyou solves the crisis (ID: xueyouchu), author: Chu Xueyou

What is the "intentional guardianship" for the octogenarian to leave 3 million properties to the fruit stall owner? What are the benefits?

An octogenarian in Shanghai, his wife died, and his only son suffering from mental illness died suddenly. The son’s funeral was accompanied by the stall owner who was doing fruit business downstairs, and no relatives were present. Three years ago, the old man took the stall owner to find a notary Li Chenyang to do guardianship notarization, and also gave 3 million properties to this unrelated stall owner. This incident was recently reported by the media and sparked heated discussions.
What is "intentional guardianship"?
Li Chenyang is a notary in Shanghai Putuo Notary Office. In an interview, he said that the old man and the stall owner knew each other several years ago. The old man ran to the fruit stall when he was fine, waiting for the children to go to school and chat with the stall owner. He also said that it is a comfort to an old man who lives alone at home and has no one to talk to him. It is a comfort to him to have such a place to accept him and to get what he calls family happiness.
Li Chenyang: For example, he said that my wife was gone and my son was gone. When I was helpless in my later years, there was no one to raise me. What should I do? I found someone first. I am not related to him. I am in a hurry.
The old man was anxious to find Li Chenyang, just to let the stall owner be his guardian while his consciousness was still clear. This is legally called "intentional guardianship", which is formally established in the General Principles of Civil Law and clearly stipulated in the Civil Code. It is still a new thing.
Li Chenyang said that like this old man, the scene of seeking legal help from the notary office happens every day because of an accident in his family. The old man seeks a sense of stability, and he needs a judicial department to help him solve the problem of his lack of identity.
Just like the old man, he took a fancy to a person, and this person is also willing. He needs to establish and form an identity connection between them through the way of "intentional guardianship", which is legally called the formation of judicial order.
What are the benefits of "intentional guardianship"?
As one of the earliest notaries of "intentional guardianship", Li Chenyang once handled the first effective case of intentional guardianship in China. In the notary office where he works, 80% of the cases are elderly groups like this old man who live alone, or who are widowed or widowed, and most of them are unrelated cases.
Once, the old man fell into a coma at home, which was discovered by the guardian stall owner and sent to the hospital. Without the care of relatives, the stall owner will go to the hospital after buying the goods in the morning and go home at night, day after day. Since then, the old man invited the stall owner and his wife who lived in the simple shed and their three children to live in their own house and form a special family.
Li Chenyang said that "intentional guardianship" will play an important role in some cases to avoid such a scene, and someone can help them solve it.
See a doctor: Doctors often ask the elderly, "Is the family here?" "Do you have a guardian?"
Apply for social welfare: The elderly have various social benefits, but when he goes to various departments to apply, others will also question his identity. Such an old man is not afraid of death, and he is most afraid of the painful death process. He must finish this life with dignity. "Intentional guardianship" is superior to legal guardianship, which is the glory and core point of the legal system. The purpose is the principle of autonomy, and the law guarantees the priority realization of your right to self-determination.
Daily care, serious illness treatment, hospice care, etc., "intentional guardianship" provides the bottom guarantee for widowed and lonely people seeking guardianship caused by force majeure, and it also goes beyond the possible emotional kidnapping of blood relatives, and respects the wishes of the elderly to the maximum extent.
"Intentional guardianship" needs the supervision of the third party.
However, when the old man sought custody, he gave up the property together, which surprised Li Chenyang and his colleagues. Because the distribution of inheritance is generally not linked with intentional guardianship, it is to avoid the bad intentions of guardians and accelerate the death of the elderly, which is also one of the controversial points in this case.
The work of the notary department is actually to rule out whether the elderly are deceived or coerced in the "intentional guardianship".
Li Chenyang: Non-close relatives like this may let them run many times, and consciously go may "torture" them, and (worry about the elderly) be confused, brainwashed and cheated. We professionals first understand his social circle and close relatives circle from clues or from his narrative communication, and then determine why the old man does not appoint his close relatives but a non-close relatives.
This "strange affection" between the old man and the stall owner is legalized, and it is investigated and verified beforehand, and the guardian’s behavior should be further supervised afterwards. This also means that "intentional guardianship" needs the supervision of an unrelated third party. However, the elderly feel that it is very valuable to find a guardian like the stall owner. Based on trust, he does not seek supervision measures like most elderly people, and cases like this account for about 90%.
Li Chenyang did not dare to treat this lightly. "The supervisor is similar to the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee. Sometimes, we will’ visit strangers’ and quietly enter his community without informing the elderly, and go with his neighbors, neighborhood committees or suddenly to his home to see this old man. I also often go to nursing homes, intensive care units, crematoriums, etc., because these places and scenes are what guardians need to appear, and they are also his due duties. "
Li Chenyang also said that when he visited the old man, he was radiant, and the smiling face when he saw the child was heartfelt and enjoyable.
This week, because the stall owner was selected as the guardian to deliver 3 million properties at the same time, the elderly frequently received interviews from various media, which was unbearable for relatives and friends; The guardian stall owner is also under pressure from public opinion because of the combination of real estate and guardianship.
Li Chenyang: Sometimes, I go to the ground and say that his family members are not good. I think this is unfair because they didn’t appear in the media and didn’t give them a chance to speak. As a young couple, the old man gave him such a big burden, and they were also surprised. The old man found me. Do we think this can be entrusted? Can you do it? What should I do if his family comes to me? In fact, the guardian’s worries are more complicated, including economic, physical, spiritual, and especially social censure. I think the comments on this case should be objective.
In February, the "Report" issued by the Office for Ageing showed that this year, China’s aging level will reach 17.17%. Among them, the elderly who can’t take care of themselves, such as disability and dementia, loneliness and disability, account for a certain proportion. How to make the elderly feel secure, independent and not lonely, the society needs more exploration and deep cultivation of the rule of law like intentional guardianship. Li Chenyang said, "We hope that they can live with dignity, live according to his wishes, and have trusted people to help him when he is powerless. Not only the elderly, but also myself, an ideal state for everyone. "
Bai Yansong:
The story I just finished reading is not just a problem related to the elderly. In 2019, the population aged 60 and over in China has accounted for 18.1% of the total population, and in a few years, the population aged 60 and over in China will exceed 300 million. Therefore, dealing with aging is a problem in all aspects, and one of the key points is to legislate first and complete the law, otherwise there will be many troubles in the future.
(Source: CCTV News Client)

Hunting, Blood Suspicion, East Love, Gao Cangjian, Yamaguchi Momoe, Honami Suzuki … Which Japanese film and television drama do you remember?

Hirokazu Koreeda’s film "The Thieves’ Family" set off a modest Japanese film and television craze after meeting domestic audiences this year. In fact, as the main carrier of Japanese culture, Japanese film and television works have always enjoyed a good audience relationship in China, and many of them have left a deep impression on China audiences, which can still trigger collective memories and arouse great resonance today.

It can be said that these Japanese film and television works participated in our youth memories. Nowadays, in the era of high-definition images flying all over the sky, I will recall those pictures with some color distortion and blurred images, but what remains in my mind is extremely clear and sincere emotions! This beautiful memory is like washed gold in the years. It will not really pass away because of the long time, but let everyone who has loved and been young hide and shine in their hearts.

Chasing: The Male Aesthetic Changes Brought by "Looking for Gao Cangjian"

Back to 40 years ago, the conclusion of the Sino-Japanese Treaty of Peace and Friendship opened a honeymoon period of bilateral relations. In order to further strengthen cultural exchanges between the two countries, two Japanese films, Chasing and Witness, were introduced in succession for the first time that year. As soon as these two films were released, they immediately caused a sensation.

Objectively looking at the quality of the two films, both of which are directed by Junya Sato’s works, "Witness" expresses much higher awareness of social problems and profound excavation of human nature than "Chasing". However, in the eyes of Chinese mainland audience at that time, Hunting, a suspense action film starring Gao Cangjian two years ago (1976), undoubtedly had a charm that was more suitable for the audience. Du Qiu, the tough guy prosecutor portrayed by Gao Cangjian in the film, is unsmiling but affectionate; Mayumi, played by Ryoko Nakano, is passionate, dare to love and hate; Yoshio Harada’s character, Yacun Sheriff, is smart, handsome and upright. In addition, the background of the whole story shuttles back and forth among the colorful city scenes and beautiful mountains and forests in the Japanese metropolis. The plot is in the sky, the protagonist is on the run, and the process of solving the case is full of crises and layers of progress. Finally, the grievances are washed away and the beauty is finally returned. It can be described as hearty!

In essence, this film follows the routine of all classic heroic legendary adventure stories, and the characters also have distinctive comic characteristics. It can be said that it is a Japanese version that imitates American action movies in large numbers and belongs to the most acceptable model in popular culture. Although this film style was not new in other countries in the world at that time, many China audiences were shocked when they first saw such an impact film, which caused the streets and lanes to discuss and even imitate the classic scenes in the film. For example, "Keiji Yokomichi" was originally the name of a character in the film, but because of its impressive image, it was extended into a popular term at that time in China and became a synonym; For example, at that time, young people who were fashionable in the streets and lanes liked to have long sideburns, so-called "Yacuntou", mainly because the police chief Yacuntou in the film was so handsome.

The tough guy image of Du Qiu played by Gao Cangjian is sought after by countless boys and girls in the society; At that time, there was a popular quip: "Jump, you jump, you will melt in the blue sky …", which comes from a plot paragraph at the end of the film; Even the famous comic dialogue Chess has a large parody of the film lines and theme songs. Its various phenomena are enough to prove how much social sensation this film caused at that time.

The horses galloped in the streets of Tokyo, and the leading horse, the bordeaux horse, was like a fire carrying a couple of lovers to break through the encirclement of the police … This heroic and extreme romance subconsciously released the audience’s long-cherished desire. Mayumi’s heroic temperament image also seems to be a symbol of a new generation of women’s self-liberation. No wonder when asked about the audience of that year, they all expressed their deep impression on this passage in the film.

Special mention should be made to the prosecutor Du Qiu played by Gao Cangjian, whose tough appearance and personality have deeply influenced the aesthetics of many audiences. The so-called men bleed without tears, iron shoulders bear morality, and righteousness stays in the world. This kind of screen image was brought into the hearts of mainland audiences through Gao Cangjian’s interpretation, which corrected the once popular image of "butter kid" on the screen at that time and became the idol of the times. Asked about the older generation’s views on Hunting, they paid tribute to Gao Cangjian. Zhang Yimou, the film director, has repeatedly mentioned that his idol is Gao Cangjian in various interviews and reports. At the same time, Gao Cangjian was also the original motivation for his decision to shoot "Riding Alone for a Thousand Miles".

Now that Mr. Gao Cangjian has passed away, compared with the changes of male images in Asian popular culture, it is really a sigh that time has passed and people and things have changed.

Love Story in Tokyo: The Enlightenment of Love and Li Xiang

When the time came to 1995, the accumulation and achievements of reform and opening up in the past 20 years not only enriched people’s material life, but also greatly enriched people’s spiritual and cultural life with the influx of new dramas and movies one after another. Therefore, this year, when "Tokyo Love Story" was broadcast on Shanghai TV, there was no grand occasion of the national "Hunting" and "Blood Suspicion".

However, the good drama will not be buried after all. Although the drama is no longer popular among the older generation of Japanese drama audiences, Love Story in Tokyo has gained excellent reputation and good ratings among the new youth groups after 70 s and 80 s, once again detonating the topic about Japanese drama.

Compared with the series seen by Chinese audiences in the past, the overall style of Tokyo Love Story is more modern. Although the drama was broadcast in Japan in 1991 and received a good response, it was introduced several years later in China, but its portrayal and depiction of the love stories of white-collar young people in modern metropolis still has a very fashionable impression for Chinese audiences. Different from the past, this drama no longer takes bitterness and loyalty as the selling point to earn the audience’s tears. Both the male and female protagonists in the drama have different personalities and emotional demands from traditional behaviors and values in their thoughts and behaviors. The whole plot almost no longer involves the role of the parents of the characters in the play, and the love between young men and women is completely independent. The love triangle, swinging from side to side, and even cheating are all manifested, but because the characters are so authentic, especially the heroine is extremely cute, everyone who has seen this classic Japanese drama will be deeply attracted by it. Although Wanzhi left Chiminglixiang in the play, Chiminglixiang became the ideal girlfriend in the eyes of countless men outside the play.

The author has communicated with many post-80s generations who have seen this Japanese TV series, and found that in their memory, this TV series can almost become a textbook for men and women’s emotional enlightenment, and even often analyzes and judges the characters in their own lives in order to make rational and correct decisions in their emotional life. The topic that people relish is: Is it a correct choice for Li Xiang to give up the final treatment? Does the swing in Wanji’s personality prove that he is really a childish "love rat" inside? Is Rimei, who ended up with Wanji, a "scheming woman"? All kinds of arguments have been going on for many years, and with the spread of the influence of the drama, it is widespread among Asian audiences, which is enough to express the audience’s love for this 12-episode TV series.

It is said that the colonnade of the primary school engraved with the names of Li Xiang and Wan Zhi has not been demolished so far, and the park where they met for the first time and broke up for the last time in the play is still there. At last, the station where Li Xiang broke up with Wan Zhi has now become the most popular couple’s shrine in Japan, and many people, like Li Xiang, have written their wishes on a white scarf and tied them to the railing. Readers who have the opportunity to travel to Japan may still find all kinds of places where the two left memories in the film. I won’t tell you much if I sell it here. Let’s look for clues in the play.

Yamaguchi Momoe: Natural Beauty and Myth Created by Retirement.

After The Hunt and The Witness, Chinese mainland’s classic masterpieces such as Sandware, The Call of the Distant Mountain, Happy Huang Shoupa and so on came on the screen one after another. At the same time, during this historical period, with the gradual acceleration of China’s reform and opening-up, Chinese people have also become rich rapidly, and televisions that were previously unthinkable have actually entered thousands of households. In 1984, a Japanese TV series called "Blood Suspicion" was broadcast on CCTV. The broadcast of this film immediately caused a sensation at that time. It is definitely not an exaggeration for thousands of families to watch "Blood Suspicion".

The heroine of the play is played by Yamaguchi Momoe, a popular Japanese actress. The TV series was originally filmed in 1975, and it took nearly 10 years for China audiences to see it. Yamaguchi Momoe was only 16 years old when he filmed this TV series. The ups and downs of the characters’ emotional experiences, together with leukemia, the mystery of life, the love between brother and sister and so on, attracted the audience firmly in front of the TV set like magic. This TV series, which only broadcasts one episode every Sunday, has become the focus of discussion among the whole people. Some people even feel miserable because the heroine Xing Zi was finally killed by illness. Yamaguchi Momoe’s hairstyle in the play and several styles of sweaters she wore led the fashion of young people in China at that time.

The two actors in and out of the play also have a sincere and passionate love under the long-term coexistence. In 1980, just as Yamaguchi Momoe’s acting career was at its peak, he suddenly announced his retirement and married his long-term partner, Tomokazu Miura. This incident also became the topic of the whole Japanese entertainment circle at that time. This couple has been married for nearly 40 years now, which is a real version of golden couple.

Yamaguchi Momoe’s popularity in China has attracted many fans to explore and recognize her whole acting career. Born in Shibuya, Tokyo in 1959, this poor girl was forced to live with her mother and grandparents separately because the landlord refused to take in her mother and daughter who were born out of wedlock. Although her grandparents loved her very much, she had to return to her parents’ family when she was four years old. In the Japanese society at that time, the mother toiled alone to support the family, but the father was unwilling to pay a penny for the maintenance. Being from a poor family, she had to take care of her sister in childhood and help her family share a job as soon as possible. Yamaguchi Momoe worked as a newspaper deliveryman in primary school, and soon after he went to middle school, he thought of graduating early and becoming a beautician, so that he could earn more money to subsidize his family.

Perhaps the fond memory of her mother singing while sitting in front of a sewing machine in her childhood made Yamaguchi Momoe interested in performing arts. In 1972, 13-year-old Yamaguchi Momoe heard that she had the opportunity to participate in the singing contest of "The Birth of a New Star", so she signed up with the mentality of giving it a try. Unexpectedly, this seemingly rash decision unexpectedly changed Yamaguchi Momoe’s life. Yamaguchi Momoe won a full house with her simple and beautiful image, positive and optimistic attitude towards life and unique singing style, and began her brilliant acting career.

In 1974, Yamaguchi Momoe met Tomokazu Miura, then 22 years old, in an advertisement for shooting chocolate. They were presented in the advertisement with extremely youthful and energetic attitude, which is a model of the image endorsement of Showa Children. In the same year, the two co-produced the film The Dancer of Izu. This film is adapted from Nobel Prize in Literature winner Yasunari Kawabata’s early work of the same name. Yamaguchi Momoe’s first film performance rewarded the audience who expected her with excellent results. She plays the role of smoked inferiority with tenacity in her bones and a trace of melancholy in her innocence, which can be said to be a perfect interpretation of this classic literature.

With the success of her career, Yamaguchi Momoe began to make film appointments constantly, and her singing career was booming. In 1975, she held her first solo concert, which was a great success. Later, she cooperated with Tomokazu Miura for many times, making films such as Chao Sao, The Age of First Love and Farewell, as well as the TV series "Blood Suspicion" mentioned earlier. They were praised as golden couple on the screen by the audience at that time. Her lovely image, as well as the positive and tenacious character experienced in her early years in a difficult life, make the characters she created have a strong sense of hierarchy and complex internal personality, all of which mark the birth of a talented actress.

The charm of Yamaguchi Momoe lies in its natural beauty. She is tough in weakness, full of enthusiasm in elegance, and her poor background naturally makes her an audience. She looks special, not a standard beauty face, but she is very attractive. When Gong Li made her debut, some people described her as having two "Yamaguchi Momoe-style tiger teeth".

Just as her career was approaching its peak, in 1979, Tomokazu Miura, who was seven years older than her, finally proposed to her formally. Yamaguchi Momoe didn’t hesitate to agree, because in her opinion, two people seem to have been together for a long time, and are destined to accompany each other for life in the future. In 1980, before Yamaguchi Momoe and Tomokazu Miura were officially married, they suddenly announced their decision to quit the show business and prepare to concentrate on family life at home in the future. The real reasons for Yamaguchi Momoe’s withdrawal are still controversial. There is a saying that the author feels closer to the truth-it is said that Yamaguchi Momoe was so popular at that time that she wanted to fly solo. The agent who had agreed to help her become independent went back on her word and betrayed Yamaguchi Momoe. She realized that the glamorous life in the entertainment industry was full of institutional calculations, and she was really tired and disgusted. After many thoughts, she decided to quit the entertainment industry. It is said that when the decision was made, most people were against it. Only Tomokazu Miura stood by her side and fully supported her decision to live a strong life. Her feelings for Tomokazu Miura far exceeded the friendship between ordinary couples. After full withdrawal, she can not only concentrate on living a quiet life with Tomokazu Miura, but also take this opportunity to severely retaliate against the once treacherous company.

After Yamaguchi Momoe quit, as she promised, she would never come back and concentrate on housework. Nearly 40 years later, the marriage between Yamaguchi Momoe and Tomokazu Miura is still stable and is regarded as a rare model.

Author: asphalt film critic

Editor: Guo Chaohao

Editor in Charge: Chloe Wang

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Swimming World Championships | Exclusive Visit: High Platform Diving, a Game for the Brave

What will it feel like to dive from a height of 27 meters, about 10 stories? The high diving venue of Doha Swimming World Championships is like this …
From February 2 nd to 18 th, Doha, located in the tropical desert climate, hosted the World Swimming Championships for the first time to welcome the "carnival" of water sports.
Reporter: Zhou Xin, Sun Zhe, Liu Yang
Editing: Lu Yuchen, Betrox

French armour

At 20 o’clock on the evening of October 29th, Beijing time, in the 10th round of Ligue 1 in the 2023-24 season, Paris Saint-Germain challenged brest away. In the first half, 17-year-old Zaire emeri broke the deadlock with a long-range shot, and then Li Gangren assisted Mbappé to expand the score and Mounie pulled back a goal; In the second half, brest equalized the score with a corner kick, and Mbappé finished the winner with a penalty in the 89th minute. In the end, Paris Saint-Germain beat brest 3-2 and rose to the second place in the standings.

In the 3rd minute, Paris broke into the opponent’s restricted area. Li Gangren’s shot was blocked by goalkeeper Bizot, and then his teammate’s supplementary shot was confiscated by Bizot. In the 6th minute, emeri received a return volley from his right foot at the top of the arc, and Bizot saved the ball with his fists. In the 13th minute, Donaruma passed the ball from the backcourt directly to the opponent, but the cross from the brest player directly crossed the bottom line.

In the 16th minute, emeri received a cross from his teammates in front of the penalty area. He passed a defender and came to the penalty area and slammed the door with his right foot. The ball was like a shell, and Bizot could do nothing. Paris was 1-0 brest.

In the 22nd minute, Li Gangren volleyed vigorously from the right side of the restricted area, and Bizot held the ball out of the crossbar.In the 28th minute, taking advantage of brest’s massive pressure, Paris fought back. Li Gangren picked up the ball in the backcourt and passed it to Mbappé. The latter caught the ball and formed a single-handed trend. He entered the left side of the penalty area and missed the defender. His right foot shot low and scored near the corner. Paris scored 2-0 in brest.

In the 41st minute, Mbappé received a cross shot from his right foot at the top of the arc, and Bizot saved the ball again.In the 44th minute, brest pulled back a goal, and the high ball on the right side of the frontcourt passed to the middle. Mounie in the restricted area pressed the Parisian defender to head the ball, and the ball bounced to the net, but Donaruma couldn’t save it. Brest 1-2 Paris.At the end of the first half, Paris temporarily took the lead.

In the second half, change sides and fight again.In the 52nd minute, brest’s right corner kicked into the restricted area, and Ledoualon, who was in front of him, headed the ball back, and the ball flew into the far corner. Donaruma’s whip was not as long as brest’s 2-2 Paris.

In the 57th minute, Mba took the ball to the left side of the restricted area, and shot wide from the far corner with his right foot. In the 62nd minute, Fabian Ruiz stopped the ball in front of the restricted area and buckled the defender, and the long corner was slightly missed. In the 64th minute, Paris stepped up its attack, and Enrique changed into Dembele and Muani.

In the 68th minute, brest got the chance, and the right side of the frontcourt shot the ball into the restricted area, but Ledoualon, who was in the back, outflanked the shot and kicked it. In the 70th minute, brest’s two shots in the restricted area were quite threatening, both of which were resolved by Donaruma. In the 74th minute, the Parisian frontcourt got a chance, but Dembele didn’t stop the ball in the restricted area and was cleared by the opponent’s defender.

In the 75th minute, Vitinia got the ball on the left side of the penalty area, which was quite threatening. Bizot got the ball sideways. In the 83rd minute, Muani in the restricted area tripped after passing the ball on the left side of the Paris frontcourt. The referee watched VAR on the sidelines and awarded a penalty. Because of the conflict caused by this penalty, many players from two teams got yellow cards.

Mbappé took the penalty. His first shot was saved by the goalkeeper, but Mbappé immediately made up the shot and scored the ball. Paris led brest 3-2, which was the 89th minute of the game.

In the end, the whole game ended and Paris Saint-Germain beat brest 3-2.

Brand of "domestic substitution" in beauty industry chain: R&D upgrading, cultural self-confidence, high-end diversion

From 2012 to 2021, the share of local skin care increased first and then decreased, and the share of local makeup increased by nearly 14pcts; in ten years; At present, the channel and media dividends have faded, local high-quality leading brands have increased investment in research and development, product strength has increased, and high-end has quietly advanced; At the same time, local brands have a deeper understanding of domestic channels and marketing, and local brands have diverted to international high-end brands, and their overall share has entered the bottom area, and their future promotion is expected.

▍ China skin care market: the share of local brands rises first and then falls; At present, the local leading brands are diverging from international high-end brands, and their share is at the bottom.

2012-2021: The share of local skin care increased from 24.8% in 2012 to 34.3% in 2018, and then fell back to 27.7% in 2021; The share of French brands has increased from stable (14% ~ 15% in 2012-2018) to 22.1% in 2021, which is closely related to the strong product strength of French brands and their advantages in sensitive repair and anti-aging. Korean brand share rose first and then stabilized, from 1.2% to 4.5% in 2012-2016, then the mass line weakened but the high-end line increased, and the overall share was stable. Since 2022, many factors such as marketing, channels and local epidemic have caused many changes in the trend. Among them, the local leading companies are becoming increasingly high-end, and the diversion of overseas high-end brands is expected to drive the local share to the bottom.

▍ China makeup market: the share of local brands has been promoted to the leading position, and the high-end has been quietly promoted.

2012-2021: The share of local cosmetics increased from 15.0% to 28.8%, and increased by nearly 14pcts; in 10 years; The share of American makeup decreased from 33.8% to 16.2%, a decrease of 17.6pcts;; After 2016, the share of French make-up increased to 30%+,which is closely related to its advantages in brand heritage, fashion leading and product strength. The share of Korean makeup increased from 7.0% in 2012 to 11.7% in 2016, and then decreased to 8.3% in 2021. Local make-up brands have changed significantly since 2021H2: 1) From fashionable color products (lipstick, eye shadow, etc.) to technical foundation (liquid foundation, etc.), from flow play to brand building; 2) Increase R&D investment, rely on cultural confidence, and strive to catch up with international brands in some sub-categories and product series.

▍ The channel and media dividends faded, and local brands increased investment in R&D, returned to product strength and accumulated brand strength.

Channel change: from 2001 to 2010, CS stores, supermarkets and other brands gave birth to beauty channels; In 2011-2015, the offline was good, the online rose, and the brand enjoyed a double-line bonus; In 2016-2021H, international brands increased rapidly, and new brands emerged; Since 2021H, channel and media dividends have subsided.

Marketing change: from celebrity endorsement to multidimensional grass planting, from big-screen advertising to content marketing and value recognition.

Advanced R&D: In recent years, the brand of skin care of pharmaceutical origin has performed outstandingly, from "medicine" to "makeup", with better quality control and efficacy; Local brands such as Polaiya/Betani/Huaxi /PMPM gather head R&D talents at home and abroad; Synthetic biotechnology promotes the innovation iteration of beauty raw materials, local raw material enterprises flourish, and the curtain of domestic substitution of raw materials opens.

▍ Risk factors:

Discount promotion of international brands suppresses local brands; The relationship between beauty brands and e-commerce platforms is unbalanced; It takes time to accumulate significant results in R&D investment; Scattered epidemic situation repeatedly affects the demand and sales of beauty; Policy supervision strictly affects the growth rate of the industry; The speed and range of domestic substitution of raw materials may not meet expectations.

▍ Investment suggestion:

As a typical optional consumer product, beauty cosmetics have both efficacy and spiritual attributes, with efficacy depending on technology and spirit relying on culture. Local brands increase investment in R&D, and product strength is quietly improved; At the same time, we have a deeper understanding of local channels and marketing. It is expected that the share of high-end and ultra-high-end will increase in the future, which will drive the overall share to rebound. At the present stage of fading dividends and full competition, strong marketing, channels, operational capabilities and sustained high R&D investment are indispensable.

This article comes from financial circles.

List of Shanghai Chongming New House in 2022

[Selected Real Estate 1] Chongming Sanxiang Forest Sea Shang

Real estate review

After smoking this cigarette

Let me briefly outline the advantages of the Sanxiang Forest Haishang: dual -track, Dong Community’s commercial facilities, the entire East community environment, and the quality of Sanxiang. And Sanxiang’s construction site is the most satisfied with what I currently see.

There are buses around for easy travel.

Old driver driving school

I have been to Chongming many times, not many corners, it is still a bit far from the future subway, but it can still be accepted

[Selected Real Estate 2] Blue Lake Bay

Real estate review


There are comprehensive shopping malls nearby. Lenovo Computer Stores, Lianhua Supermarket, Jinye Supermarket, Wenfeng Supermarket, Xiufang Supermarket, eating and buying vegetables are very convenient. There are 8 units, with 66.0-118.0 square meters in different areas of different areas of different areas. Choose, take what you need.


The greening rate of the community is good, the environment is beautiful, the eyes are full of green, and the living comfort is high.

Chongming is now more and more houses. To be honest, there are a few who work in Shanghai to buy that goes.

[Selected Real Estate II

Real estate review


1. The kitchen is L -shaped and has a large space area, which is convenient for cooking food and kitchen supplies. 2. The kitchen and toilet have windows, which are convenient for oil fume and odor, and the ventilation is better. 3. The master bedroom is the suite design. In addition to the independent bathroom, there is also a test room, which is convenient for the owner’s life. The privacy is better and the living comfort is high. ; 1. The depth is unreasonable, which will cause the part to be dim and need to turn on the light during the day.

The property fee is 2.5 yuan/square meter and month, and the price is acceptable. It depends on the quality of the service. The average price is about 26647 yuan/㎡.

Little Snail Nica

It is already the existing house. It is close to the Changxing Town Government, and the surrounding foundation is OK.