A week’s event | The central government has decided to launch a special campaign to eliminate evils throughout the country.

  Heavy! A nationwide special struggle against evil is about to begin.

  A new round of tax reduction and fee reduction is "on the way".

  China first published a white paper on Arctic policy,

  China’s first Qualcomm mass communication satellite was delivered in orbit on 13th,

  Chongqing-Guizhou Railway was put into operation, and Chengdu-Chongqing-Guizhou "three-hour traffic circle" became a reality.

  Visa facilitation! Parents of local registered residents from other provinces can apply nearby … …

  What happened in the past week? What is worthy of attention? What is closely related to you? Let’s take a look at the week’s event review.

  [Current affairs focus]The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China State AffairsHospital: the whole country launched a special struggle to eliminate evils.

  Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the "Notice on Launching a Special Struggle to Eliminate Evil". The "Notice" pointed out that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council have decided to launch a special campaign to eliminate evils throughout the country. Focus on key areas, key industries and key areas where the problems involving black and evil are prominent, and always aim at all kinds of illegal crimes committed by black and evil forces that the masses have the strongest reaction and hate the most. Adhere to severe punishment according to law, fight early and fight small, eliminate all evils, and always maintain the trend of cracking down on crimes committed by various evil forces.

  [Financial Hotspots] the State Council issued a document urging to solve problems such as data sharing contradictions and over-packaging.

  The General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Promoting the Coordinated Development of E-commerce and Express Logistics, aiming at some problems and contradictions existing in the coordinated development of e-commerce and express logistics, and put forward targeted measures, which are expected to solve the problems and contradictions such as data sharing and over-packaging. The opinions adhere to the problem orientation, focus on coordinated development, and clarify six aspects of policy measures.

  [White Paper] The State Council issued a white paper on China’s Arctic Policy.

  The State Council Press Office published a white paper on China’s Arctic policy on 26th, which is the first time that China has published a white paper on Arctic policy. The white paper says that China advocates building a community of human destiny, is an active participant, builder and contributor in Arctic affairs, and strives to contribute China wisdom and China’s strength to the development of the Arctic.

  [Convenience New Deal] Entry and exit are more convenient! The Ministry of Public Security has launched eight entry-exit facilitation measures.

  The Ministry of Public Security decided to implement eight entry and exit facilitation measures from February 1, 2018. These measures involve many aspects, such as applying for permits nearby, self-service, free photography, foreign Chinese applying for permits, self-service customs clearance at border inspection, etc., which will further release the dividend of public security entry-exit reform and enhance the people’s sense of gain.

  [Food and Drug Safety] Two departments: food and drug violations are punished until people strictly enforce the ban on business.

  The General Administration of Food and Drug Administration and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "Regulations on Strengthening the Law Enforcement of Food and Drug Safety and Strictly Implementing the Punishment of People for Food and Drug Violations". The "Regulations" propose that individuals who engage in illegal acts shall be investigated for their legal responsibilities according to law; Units engaged in illegal acts, in addition to the punishment of the unit, but also to investigate the responsibility of the directly responsible person in charge and other directly responsible personnel according to law. The persons in charge and other persons who are directly responsible for the illegal unit shall be prohibited from doing business for a certain period of time.

  [Tax reduction and fee reduction] A new round of tax reduction and fee reduction is "on the road"

  Recently, the Ministry of Finance, the National Development and Reform Commission and other four departments jointly issued a notice on stopping the collection of administrative fees such as sewage charges, which started the "first shot" of tax reduction and fee reduction this year. At the same time, Shaanxi and other places have also begun to brew a new round of measures to reduce the burden of corporate taxes and fees.

  On January 25th, the D8592 starting train of Chongqing-Guizhou Railway from Guiyang North to Chongqing West left Guiyang North Station. On the same day, the Chongqing-Guizhou railway with a design speed of 200 kilometers per hour was opened for operation. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ou Dongyu photo

  [Traffic Development] On the 25th, the Chongqing-Guizhou Railway opened for operation in Chongqing for 2 hours to Guiyang.

  On January 25th, the Chongqing-Guizhou Railway was put into operation, and the railway travel time from Guiyang to Chongqing will be shortened from 10 hours to about 2 hours. At the beginning of the opening of the Chongqing-Guiyang Railway, 46 pairs of multiple units were operated, including 36 pairs of through trains to Guangzhou, Kunming and Xi ‘an, and 10 pairs of in-pipe trains (6 pairs from Guiyang North to Chengdu East and 4 pairs from Chongqing West). The railway travel time from Guiyang to Chengdu will be reduced to about 3.5 hours, and the railway travel time from Guiyang to Xi ‘an will also be reduced to about 7 hours.

  [Civil Aviation Hotspots] 13 airlines announced the "air boot" time.

  Following the announcement of China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, China Southern Airlines and other airlines to "lift the ban" on the use of mobile phones in the air, Air China will also allow the use of some portable electronic devices on Air China’s actual flights from 0: 00 on January 21st. So far, 13 domestic airlines have announced the "air boot" time.

  [Eyes] Overseas martyrs memorial facilities will be covered with laws and regulations "armor"

  The measures for the protection and management of overseas martyrs memorial facilities drafted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission have been publicly solicited for comments recently, and it is intended to clarify the scope of protection, specific protection work and accountability mechanism of overseas martyrs memorial facilities in China.

  [Local politics] In 2018, the provincial two conferences kicked off.

  On January 21, Anhui and Xinjiang provinces will enter the "two sessions", and the provincial two sessions in 2018 will also kick off. In the first year of implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, how all localities will plan their development blueprints has attracted much attention. The provincial people’s congress, the government and the CPPCC will also complete the centralized change of the provincial people’s congress, and most provinces will also elect the first director of the provincial supervisory Committee.

  [New Entrepreneurial Policy] More than 20 policies "red envelopes" support disabled people’s self-employment and entrepreneurship

  A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission and other 15 departments issued the Opinions on Supporting Self-employment and Entrepreneurship of Disabled People, which clarified more than 20 support policies to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship of disabled people and help them get rid of poverty.

  These policies include providing reasonable convenience and priority care for disabled people’s self-employment and entrepreneurship, implementing tax incentives and fee reductions, providing financial support and financial subsidies, supporting key targets and "internet plus" entrepreneurship, and providing support and employment services. 

  [Hi-tech] China’s first Qualcomm mass communication satellite Shijian No.13 was put into use.

  On the 23rd, China’s first Qualcomm mass communication satellite was delivered in orbit on the 13th and put into use. After the implementation of the 13th satellite, it will be included in the "Zhongxing" satellite series and named as "Zhongxing 16" satellite. This satellite has created a number of "firsts" of communication satellites in China and the world, which can realize the access of mobile communication base stations in remote areas and other industrial applications, and can meet the access needs of aviation, shipping and railway Internet users.

  The cloned monkeys "Zhongzhong" and "Huahua" were carefully cared for in the incubator of the nursery of the non-human primate platform of the Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences (photo taken on January 22). Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liwang photo

  [Technological Breakthrough] A major breakthrough! Two cloned monkeys were born in China.

  With a handful of hairs, thousands of identical monkeys are transformed — — The myth in The Journey to the West is becoming a reality. The cloned monkey "Zhongzhong" and her sister "Huahua" were born in China for nearly two months! On January 25th, Beijing time, their "story" appeared on the cover of the international authoritative academic journal Cell, which means that scientists in China have successfully broken through the world problem that the existing technology cannot clone primates. The success of monkey cloning will bring unprecedented bright prospects for the mechanism research, intervention, diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases, immune deficiency, tumors and metabolism diseases.

  [Combating pornography and illegal publications] Those who make and disseminate videos about children’s "evil codes" will be severely punished.

  The relevant person in charge of the national office of "eliminating pornography and illegal publications" said that the national office of "eliminating pornography and illegal publications" has deployed interviews with relevant Internet companies to carry out in-depth monitoring and inventory in view of the situation of using classic cartoon images to produce and spread harmful videos involving violence, terror, cruelty and pornography that hinder the healthy growth of minors. The "anti-pornography and illegal publications" department will continue to pay attention to enterprises that fail to fulfill their main responsibilities and cause harmful video and information dissemination. Once verified, they will be severely punished. 

  [Criminal case focus] The final judgment of the case of smoking being persuaded to die suddenly was changed: the dissuader was not responsible.

  An old man was smoking in the elevator, and someone came forward to dissuade him. The two had a dispute. The old man died of a heart attack and his family took the dissuader to court and demanded compensation of more than 400,000 yuan.

  Zhengzhou Intermediate People’s Court made a final judgment on this case, arguing that it was not dissuasion that led to the death of the old man, dismissed the family’s claim, and revoked the judgment of the first instance that the dissuasion should bear the compensation responsibility of 15,000 yuan. The dissuasion said that he was willing to donate 10,000 yuan to the family of the deceased for humanitarian reasons.

  (According to Xinhua News Agency, Zhongxin.com and other media reports, text/Li Zhiqiang)

FISU Football World Cup: Beijing Normal University Women’s Team Won the Championship

Xinhua News Agency, Fuzhou, November 1st (Reporter Li Haoze, Xiao Shiyao) The 2023 FISU Football World Cup ended in Jinjiang, Fujian on October 31st. The men’s team of paulista University in Brazil and the women’s team of Beijing Normal University won the men’s team and the women’s team respectively.

The men’s and women’s finals were held on October 31st. In the first women’s final, the women’s team of Beijing Normal University played against the women’s team of paulista University in Brazil. After the two sides scored twice in the regular time, they made no achievements, and the game entered a penalty shootout. In the end, the women’s team of Beijing Normal University scored five penalty kicks, defeating their opponents with a total score of 7:6 and winning the championship.

In the men’s final, a penalty shootout was staged again, and the men’s team of paulista University in Brazil and the Ukrainian National University of Economics and Business competed fiercely. The two sides drew 1:1 at regular time, and drew a blank in overtime. Finally, the men’s team of paulista University of Brazil won the men’s team championship with a total score of 7:6 after a penalty shootout.

In the third-place battle held on the same day, the men’s team of the University of Uruguay and the women’s team of Bordeaux University of France beat their respective opponents and won the third place in the men’s team and the women’s team respectively.

Another China team, Hohai University Men’s Team, finished eighth in the men’s team, up five places from the last competition.

The FISU Football World Cup is held every two years, and this year is the second. The first four events were held in Jinjiang.

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xuwen pineapple, why? I found the answer in Xuwen.

Wen titan
Xu Wen’s beauty is like Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile, which is now slowly being unveiled …
With the pineapple "live in hot search" and fire all over the market, Xuwen, a small county town in Guangdong, which was originally unknown, is gradually becoming famous.
According to the statistics of China Industrial Information Network in 2020, the national pineapple planting area is about 1 million mu, with an annual output of about 1.73 million tons, of which the planting area of Xuwen alone reaches 350,000 mu, with an annual output of over 700,000 tons.
The pineapple field of Xuwen Hongxing Farm. This is a state farm. /Titan photo
If the annual imports of more than 200,000 tons are counted, there are about 2 million tons of pineapples circulating in the market every year in China. The hot search of "one out of every three China pineapples comes from Xuwen" not only does not contain exaggerated elements, but even underestimates Xuwen’s level.
In contrast, the annual output of 430,000 tons of pineapples in Taiwan Province Province is less than two thirds of that in xuwen county. However, these 430,000 tons of pineapples are now banned from the mainland because of pests and diseases.
"The mainland can’t live without Taiwan Province pineapple!"
"It is not difficult for Taiwan Province to eat 18 kilograms of pineapples per person every day."
"You also have pineapples … so don’t buy Taiwan Province’s, it doesn’t matter."
The high-profile remarks of Taiwan Province’s famous mouths finally flashed step by step; Xu Wen, located at the southernmost tip of Chinese mainland, kept a low profile for too long.
Recently, the reporter of New Weekly came to Xuwen pineapple field to visit this slowly famous small county.
Once branded "Hainan Pineapple King"
Now it’s clear
If it weren’t for Taiwan Province’s "teammate’s" God’s assist ",Xu Wen’s lap might be even later.
In the early years, Xuwen pineapple was sometimes labeled as "Hainan Pineapple King" in order to sell better. This year the situation is very different.
After a day of hot search on the topic of "one out of every three China pineapples comes from Xuwen", Pinduoduo’s data shows that the search volume of "Xuwen Pineapple" has increased by 11 times year-on-year; Its daily sales also set a record, increasing by 235% compared with the same period in 2020.
Some supermarkets in Guangzhou have already labeled "Xuwen Pineapple". /Titan photo
At the same time, the recognition of the convenience of offline fruit stalls and supermarkets is also increasing, and many stores have branded "Xuwen Pineapple" to attract consumers to buy.
The fierceness of Xuwen pineapple has made many buyers find business opportunities.
Wancheng (pseudonym) from Jiangxi originally did navel orange procurement business, and this year he specially rushed to Xuwen to purchase pineapples. Beard (pseudonym) in Northeast China made a special trip to organize a motorcade, and set up a sorting station not far from the sea of pineapples, which is convenient for transferring pineapples from mining trucks to large trucks and sending them to the Northeast market.
Beard told the reporter of New Weekly that consumers in Northeast China like "big fruit", so the primary criterion for this purchase is "big head". However, 10,000% of the goods are mainly sent to the southern market, and southern consumers have high requirements for sweetness. Wancheng found that the fruit in mid-March was not sweet enough, so he turned to cross the sea and went to Hainan for a holiday. He planned to go back to Tomb-Sweeping Day to buy from Xuwen, and Xuwen’s pineapple was the sweetest before and after Qingming Festival.
A pickup truck full of pineapples is being weighed. /Titan photo
How sweet is it? Farmer Chen Bo said: "If you cut the pineapple well, the juice will keep dripping when you pick it up;" Bite it down, close your eyes and feel sweet to your heart; Open your eyes and lower your head, and find that ants are sucking the juice dripping on the ground; Through the sunshine, the flesh is still crystal clear, and the hands are sticky after eating. This is really sweet! "
In order to ensure the quality of Xuwen pineapple, many local measures have been taken in quality control.
Strict quality control can ensure the quality of production. /vision china
The government has introduced the "pineapple identity card" system, which requires farmers to register and report the pineapple planting situation in each acre of land, and conduct random checks from time to time. In this way, every acre of pineapple planting can be monitored in all directions, which can not only find diseases in time and deal with them decisively, but also stop speculation that disturbs the market order.
Some pineapple enterprises also use new technology to do quality control. The direct supply base of China pineapple e-commerce origin has customized the first automatic sorting machine for pineapple quality control in China, which is equivalent to an "X-ray" fluoroscope, and can sort pineapples according to their internal blackness, sugar content, size and weight.
Quality is brand, brand is market, Xuwen pineapple is working hard.
This year, Xuwen pineapple market demand has remained at a high level. During the Spring Festival, the field purchase price of pineapple has increased from 1 yuan per catty to 2.8 yuan to 3 yuan per catty. Some pineapple growers said that this is the highest price in 30 years.
Xuwen pineapple is doing a good job in quality control, and its product line is also constantly enriched. In addition to pineapple cake, canned pineapple and dried pineapple, there are even pineapple clothes and pineapple socks …
Pineapple is not convenient to eat?
You are OUT.
Among all kinds of products, the most worth mentioning is "peeled fruit".
What is "peeled fruit"? To understand this, we must first understand the difference between pineapple and pineapple.
Pineapple is a tropical plant. Although there is enough heat in the tropical area and rice can be cooked three times a year, the growth period of pineapple takes 18 months, that is, one and a half years, which is longer than that of sugarcane.
Pineapples need to be peeled before use. /tuchong creativity
During the long growth and evolution of pineapple, due to the differences and changes of natural geographical environment in different places, many varieties have been gradually derived, such as Bali and Golden Pineapple. Pineapple is also one of the subspecies, which is divided into many sub-varieties, such as watermelon pineapple and mango pineapple.
Compared with other pineapple varieties, the biggest advantage of pineapple is that it has shallow eyes and can be eaten after peeling.
Therefore, in the minds of consumers, it seems that pineapple represents high-end, while other pineapple varieties are too rough and inconvenient to eat. Unless you have a professional knife and master the skill of cutting pineapple into threads, eating pineapple once is simply too much trouble and pricks your hand.
Xuwen’s dominant variety is not pineapple, but Bali. If such market recognition persists, it will inevitably have an impact on sales. After many market surveys, Xuwen’s pineapple enterprises decided to learn from Thailand-pushing for "peeling fruit".
Workers are peeling pineapples. /Titan photo
"Peeled fruit" is simply a peeled pineapple. Although it is just such a simple step, it can produce a "butterfly effect".
First of all, peeled pineapples are easier to keep fresh in cold storage than peeled pineapples, which is not only convenient for storage, but also conducive to adjusting the sales rhythm, and also has the opportunity to sell to more distant areas.
In the past, when there was a cold wave in the north, road accessibility would be affected by snow and ice, and consumers would also reduce their spending outside, so pineapples might be unsalable. With peeled fruits, when there is a cold wave in the north, pineapples can be temporarily stored without spoilage, and then sold after the cold wave, thus maximizing benefits.
Secondly, peeled pineapples can enter supermarkets and restaurants with higher added value.
Many high-end Thai restaurants have a classic dish: pineapple fried rice. /vision china
Most importantly, peeling solves the big problem of "pineapple is not convenient to eat" and makes consumers accept it more.
Chen Bei, vice chairman of xuwen county CPPCC, told the reporter of New Weekly that in the next stage, Xu Wen will push for peeling fruit, and in addition, he will vigorously package the product "Small Pineapple", because the small pineapple with handle has higher ornamental value, and it will be sold to high-end restaurants for setting dishes with high style.
Small pineapples are not stunted pineapples, but pineapples left over from the last round of picking due to leaf coverage. These pineapples didn’t receive enough light in the early stage, so they were small. However, after the "big fruit" was picked, the small pineapples could enjoy the rain and dew, light and fertilizer alone, so they grew well in the later stage, and the sweetness was even higher than that of the "big fruit".
A small pineapple thrives. /Titan photo
While improving the category of pineapple products, Xu Wen is constantly incubating the industry IP, among which the most mature operation is "Pineapple Sister".
"Pineapple Sister" Wu Jianlian is the president of xuwen county Pineapple Association. As early as 2008, she invested and built a pineapple food processing factory. During these ten years, she carried forward Xu Wenren’s prudent and enterprising spirit, decided the investment scale according to the profit level, and gradually expanded the product line.
Wu Jianlian told the reporter of New Weekly: "Look at my factory, it is not as uniform as some big factories, because it is expanded bit by bit. Every factory is like a footprint. "
Nowadays, Wu Jianlian not only owns many production lines such as canned pineapple, dried pineapple and pineapple cake, but also develops new products such as pineapple clothes. The name of "Pineapple Sister" is getting louder and louder, becoming an industry IP.
Canned pineapple not only retains the sweetness of pineapple, but also prolongs the preservation time. /tuchong creativity
Timing and location
Xuwen can form a complete pineapple product line, which is inseparable from the local weather and location.
The southernmost tip of China is Zengmu shoal, which is a necessary knowledge in junior high school geography.
The southernmost tip of Chinese mainland-xuwen county, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, is less famous by comparison.
Xuwen is the nearest county between the mainland and Hainan Island. If you are in Xuwen, it seems that you can reach Haikou by reaching out. /Baidu map screenshot
More than 2 million years ago, the large-scale volcanic eruption here, accompanied by lightning and heavy rain, reshaped the local topography.
At that time, Xu Wenshang was still connected with Hainan. Until 120,000 years ago, a major earthquake caused the earth’s crust to break, and today’s "natural moat"-Qiongzhou Strait was formed. At this time, the underground energy was released, and the earth was finally calm.
The volcanic activity that lasted for millions of years not only brought fertile latosol here, but also formed a vast platform with gentle ups and downs.
Xuwen’s red land has gentle topography. /tuchong creativity
In terms of climate, Xuwen is located in the south of the Tropic of Cancer and in the tropics. Even in the case of a cold wave heading south, the minimum temperature is above 10℃. Every summer and autumn, the humid southwest monsoon brings abundant water vapor from the South China Sea, so that Xuwen can fully enjoy the moisture of rain and dew.
Due to the gentle undulating platform topography, high in the middle and low in the periphery, and convenient drainage, Xuwen is rich in precipitation-the annual precipitation is more than 1000 mm, but it is rarely disturbed by floods.
Pineapple is native to the Amazon River basin of Brazil and Paraguay in South America, which is located in the tropics with abundant rain and heat. Xuwen has abundant precipitation, fertile soil, sufficient light and heat and convenient drainage, and its geographical environment is very similar to that of South America.
On August 25th, 2005, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine approved the protection of geographical indication products for "Yugonglou Pineapple". /tuchong creativity
In 1926, returned overseas Chinese Ni Guoliang introduced pineapple to Yugonglou Village, Qujiae Town, xuwen county, becoming the "first person to plant pineapple in Guangdong". At that time, people planted a variety called "high hemp", mainly to extract leaf fiber for textile. High hemp fruit is small, with deep eyes, hard meat and much dregs, which is inconvenient to eat, so the planting range has been very limited.
In 1930, "Bali" was introduced to Xuwen from Singapore. Because Bali fruit is big, tender and juicy, it is very suitable for Xuwen’s climate and soon becomes a local dominant variety. By 1985, the planting area in Bali had reached more than 80% of the pineapple planting area in Xuwen County. Until today, Bali is still the main variety of Xuwen pineapple.
During the Republic of China, the planting area of Xuwen pineapple never exceeded 10,000 mu until 1952. In the 1960s, the whole country called for "taking grain as the key link", and the planting area of Xuwen pineapple was once reduced to more than 4,000 mu. After the reform and opening up, the rise of canned pineapple processing industry has made the northern market see the delicious pineapple, and the planting scale has expanded year by year.
Search for "canned pineapple" on Taobao, and the second keyword is "Xuwen". /Taobao screenshot
While the planting area has made great strides, Xuwen farmers have also continuously improved their planting techniques, and extensive management has gradually become intensive. By 1988, the total area of pineapple planting in Xuwen had reached more than 100,000 mu, and the total output had exceeded 100,000 tons.
In 1997, Li Yining, a famous economist, came to Xuwen and saw this boundless pineapple field. The word "pineapple sea" blurted out from his mouth, which formed a homonym with the European "Baltic Sea", which was very interesting.
Xu Wen, who overlooks the field of vision, is indeed well-deserved as "the sea of pineapples". /vision china
Since then, the sea of pineapples has become a business card of Xu Wen.
The most important thing is "harmony between people"
This "sea" has attracted many people to join in and write new stories.
Zhan Zhao (pseudonym) is one of them. Before planting pineapple, he was engaged in biopharmaceutical industry.
Zhan Zhao recalled to the reporter of New Weekly that six years ago, under the introduction of Taiwanese businessmen, he rented land in Hainan and invested in planting hundreds of acres of pineapples. At first, the pineapples planted were attacked by diseases. In the case of fruitless help from Taiwanese businessmen, Zhan Zhao gave full play to the research spirit of the old biopharmaceutical industry and personally marked the problems of pineapples one by one, thus solving the disease.
Overlooking the pineapple sea from high altitude, it is colorful and magnificent. /tuchong creativity
After solving the disease, Zhan Zhao has become a rare "pineapple king" who achieved profit after putting into production for more than one year.
After gaining a firm foothold in Hainan, Zhan Zhao once visited Xuwen, and found that "this sea of pineapples is really amazing, as big as five Macau", and the pineapple-related industrial chain is also very perfect, such as seedling raising, fertilizer, pest control, laundry list, picking team, logistics and other peripheral links are quite sound, so Zhan Zhao immediately decided to move to Xuwen.
Zhan Zhao introduced two varieties, watermelon pineapple and mango pineapple, to Xuwen, and tried to plant new varieties, such as peach pineapple, and bought sheep manure and cake fertilizer for fine fertilization. The average pineapple produced can reach 5 kg each, twice the size of Bali.
In order to enter the high-end market, Zhan Zhao also designed a new pineapple package.
New packaging designed by Zhan Zhao. /Respondents for the picture
Xuwen is a hot land, which attracts many people and makes this sea colorful and attractive. Some of them pay, such as Zhan Zhao; Some contribute, such as the "labor team."
Labor teams are teams responsible for picking fruits. These teams are generally led by local farmers, and most of them are from other provinces, from Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other places.
Why do you need a professional team to pick pineapples? This is because pineapple leaves and fruits have thorns. If you pick them carelessly, you will cut your hands, and your pants and shoes will be scratched. Professional fruit pickers in labor teams will wear gloves and straw hats, and leg protectors will be tied on their legs. Shoes are all special rubber shoes.
Among them, there are men and women. They can pick a pineapple in the fastest two seconds, and then they will carry baskets of pineapples on the truck.
A woman in the labor team is picking pineapples. /Titan photo
After the labor team fills a car, it is transferred to the big truck.
They start picking at 6 o’clock every morning. Generally, by 2 o’clock in the afternoon, a team of more than 10 people can fill a car with 50,000 kilograms of pineapples. According to the freight rate of 10 cents per catty, a team can earn 5,000 yuan per car, and each person can earn more than 300 yuan a day on average. In the peak season of pineapple production, it is not a problem to earn more than 10 thousand yuan a month.
Whether it is a labor force or a laundry list, whether it is the purchase price or the market terminal price, Xu Wen has established a comprehensive big data system.
From 2019 to 2020, the direct supply base of China pineapple e-commerce origin developed and improved Xuwen pineapple big data system, covering 15,713 farmers’ data, 10,576 national fruit market stalls’ data and 4,486 fruit e-commerce data of the whole network.
Pineapple big data is very detailed. /Titan photo
With these solid industrial foundations, this wave of Xuwen pineapple will never be a flash in the pan, but will have a lasting and far-reaching impact on our taste buds and dining tables.
Xuwen pineapple is based on these, and it is far more than these.

International Football League Cup Comprehensive: Arsenal and Manchester United missed the quarter-finals.

Xinhua News Agency, London, November 1st (Reporter Zhang Wei) Arsenal and Manchester United both lost to opponents from the same Premier League on the 1st, and missed the quarterfinals of the English League Cup.

Arsenal played against West Ham United in London on the same day, and fell behind in the first half because of White’s careless own goal. "Arsenal" coach arteta bluntly said after the game that the ball directly influenced the development direction of the game. Since then, Arsenal, which has an absolute advantage in possession of the ball, has never been able to make a breakthrough. On the contrary, Kaddos added another point five minutes after the West Ham United Easy Side, extending the lead to 2-0. In the 60th minute, Bowen hit a long-range shot outside the penalty area. It wasn’t until the final stoppage time that Arsenal were pulled back by substitute Odegard, and the score was fixed at 1-3.

On November 1st, Arsenal coach Arteta looked depressed after the game. Xinhua News Agency/Reuters

Manchester United, who just suffered a home defeat in the Manchester derby last weekend, continued to sink at Old Trafford. Against Newcastle United, they conceded two goals in a row in the first half. In the 60th minute, Willock got rid of the defense with the ball in the frontcourt and hit the door to help the Magpie achieve a 3-0 victory.

Newcastle, who lost to the "Red Devils" in the Carling Cup final last season, took revenge, and their quarter-final opponent will be Chelsea who beat Blackburn 2-0 on the same day.

In addition, Liverpool beat Bournemouth 2-1 with goals from Gakpo and Nunez, and the quarterfinals will face West Ham United.

Analysis of the shipment volume, market size and market competition pattern of China smart speaker industry in 2022 [Figure]

Analysis of industrial chain, market demand potential and enterprise layout of domestic smart speaker industry in 2022 [Figure]

Smart speaker, the product of a speaker upgrade, is a tool for home consumers to surf the Internet by voice, such as ordering songs, shopping online, or knowing the weather forecast. It can also control smart home devices, such as opening curtains, setting the refrigerator temperature, warming up the water heater in advance, etc.

Basic functions of intelligent speakers

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

Intelligent speaker industry chain includes traditional acoustic-related OEM/ODM suppliers, chip suppliers, voice technology service providers, content providers and channels.

Intelligent speaker industry chain

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

In 2019, China’s smart speaker market experienced explosive development, with the shipment of smart speakers reaching 45.89 million units, up by 109.7% year-on-year. In 2020, affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the sales volume of smart speakers reached 36.76 million units, with a cumulative decrease of 8.6%. In 2021, the market shipment of smart speakers contracted by 2.50% year-on-year, dropping slightly to 35.841 million units.

2018-2021 China Smart Speaker Market Shipment Trend

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

In 2021, China’s smart speaker market was 7.885 billion yuan, up by 14.99% year-on-year. With the continuous integration and improvement of intelligent speaker artificial intelligence technology, the potential of smart speaker consumption market in China will be released in the future, and the industry is expected to usher in rapid growth.

2018-2021 China Smart Speaker Market Scale Trend

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

At present, the main functions of smart speakers in China are voice interaction, content service and home control. Voice interaction is a voice interaction technology based on voice recognition and semantic understanding, which provides a more natural man-machine interaction mode. Content service and life service are streaming media resources such as high-quality music and audiobooks, and third-party service resources such as take-out and taxi service. Home control is connected to the cloud through networking, becoming a home control center and interconnected with other smart home products. With the development of voice interaction technology, smart speaker products can not only provide content entertainment services and life services, but also connect to smart homes, realize scene intelligent control, and become the control center of smart homes. In the future, the Internet of Things will take voice as its population, resulting in a new business model.

Domestic layout smart speaker manufacturers can be divided into five categories.

Source: Collation of Common Research Network.

What is the market prospect of smart speaker industry? The 2023-2029 China Smart Speaker Market Survey and Investment Strategy Report published by Gongwang has analyzed in detail the relevant definitions of smart speaker industry, the global smart speaker industry market development status, the development environment of smart speaker industry in China, the operation of smart speaker industry in China, the monitoring of the operation data of smart speaker industry in China, the market structure of smart speaker in China, the demand characteristics and trends of smart speaker industry in China, China smart speaker industry regional market situation, China smart speaker industry competition, China smart speaker industry development prospect analysis and forecast, China smart speaker industry development strategy and investment suggestions, etc., to help enterprises and investors understand the smart speaker industry market investment value. If you want to have a systematic understanding of the smart speaker industry or invest in the smart speaker industry, this report is your indispensable and important tool.

[Poetic and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast

The column of "Poetry and Painting" originated from the sudden outbreak in March 2022. It aims to use the power of art to inspire people’s hearts. I look forward to the success of early resistance and the beautiful scenery of the chest. The aesthetic mood of music to express people’s longing for a better life and pay tribute to classics.

[Poetry and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast by the column of this episode by the American artist Cao Jun and the chairman of the Shanghai Recitation Association Lu Chenglie, so stay tuned. Essence Essence

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[Poetic and painting] column: "Su Xin Yan" was officially broadcast

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Cao Jun painting · Poetry / Lu Cheng recitation

The heart is eight, not climbing;

Watching Liuhe, endless.

Zi Jiu Youyun,

Poetry should be lonely, painting should be quiet.

I send a bird in the soil and soil,

Look up to see the sentient beings,

Low eyebrows.

The so -called Zen,

It is the realm of quietness and net.

How many mixed life,

A few hustle and bustle,

Find a quiet and elegant situation,

Being alone,

A book, a piece of song, a line of small characters, poetry rhyme.

In the cozy, a pond of water, a lotus, Zen also.


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Cao Jun, a well -known artist in the United States, is currently co -chairman of the Academic Committee of the Museum of Art Museum in New York. He is also a visiting professor at the School of Arts of Nanjing, Renmin University of China, and Communication University of China. He has held a exhibition at the McMallen Museum of McMalon, the Chinese Art Museum, and Boston Academy in New Zealand’s Bruce Mason Art Center. His works have been invited to participate in the Louvre of the Louvre, France, the New York Armal Studius 94 Pier New York and other international art exhibitions, and was collected by dozens of art museums and museums such as the Rockefeller family. More than ten monographs on publishing arts are built with the "Cao Jun Art Museum". His artistic achievements have been reported by CCTV and "People’s Daily".

Cao Jun’s "New Song -style Chinese Painting" was included in the textbooks of higher arts academic research by many countries such as China, the United States, Austria and other countries, and was used as an academic research object.


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Lu Cheng, host of Shanghai Radio and Television Program, Editorial of National First -level Literature, Winners of the National Broadcasting Host Gold Merroscopy, President of the Shanghai Recitation Association, Vice President of the Shanghai Language Workers Association, and a member of the Shanghai Workers Association.

Cao Jun’s works appreciation

Light -luminous wings


Kamiya Baji



Small to suck the charm


New poem in the sleeve


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Autumn water


In the river




Producer, total producer

Shi Yanqi

General consultant

Feng Yuan

General planning

Mao Shi’an

Art consultant in this episode

Cao Jun Lu Cheng

Title of "Poetic Love"

Wu Qianyu

Legal adviser

Zhao Jingguo




Yuan Bing Yang Qi

Color adjustment


Piece Ending

Tao Hong


Xiao Yi


Chen Xuan




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China Television Cultural Tourism Art Research Institute

Joint camera

Shanghai Shahu Media Co., Ltd.


China Television Cultural Tourism Research Institute

China Television Travel Poetry Research Institute

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China Television Travel Literature and Art Research Institute

Zhongyang Cultural Communication (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Shanghai, China

China Television Travel

Relying on the Central Digital TV Channel, China Television Cultural Tourism brand is based on the inheritance and dissemination of Chinese classic culture. It will integrate the central -level media platforms to combine the advantages of new media to create a cultural communication platform of media, culture, art, and tourism. It involves media operations, art research institutes, publishing, cultural exchanges, art exhibitions, art auctions, cultural tourism, literary evening party building, art and technology, art and finance, and art cross -border brand building.

At present, it has successfully implemented the Shanghai Center of China Digital TV Chinese Studies Channel and Shanghai Center. With the joint creation of "National Cultivation", "The Moon of the Sea", "Fall in the North Bund" with the Propaganda Department of the Hongkou District Committee of the Communist Party of China, integrate it, the exhibition, the exhibition, and the cultural and creative. New style of cultural fusion.

On December 24, 2018, the first "National Academic Rhymes" Haipai Painting and Painting Master’s Academic Invitational Exhibition was held

On December 31, 2019, the first "Ocean Birth Moon" National Oil Painting Master’s Academic Invitational Exhibition was held

Life aesthetics and aesthetic application forums on January 18, 2020

On April 20, 2020, the "Covenant of the Hong Confucianism" was held in the north and south flowers and bird paintings of the north and south of the country

In November 2020, he participated in the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Cultural Fair and held the exhibition "flowing art". The integration of art and technology

From December 2020 to July 2021, "Fall in Love with the North Bund" master sketching and creative exhibition activities

On June 17, 2021, the second "National Cultivation Art Rhyme" TOP special exhibition was held

On July 1, 2021, the "traceability is true, value consensus" encrypted digital art round table forum

In November 2021, the second "Falling in Fall in Beibu" national oil painting master sketching and creative activities

Features in the form of exhibitions and columns, explore the new forms of offline physical exhibitions and online television and network synchronous exhibitions, and strive to exhibit works from all -round three -dimensional presentation from visual impact, emotional driving, and in -depth analysis.

In 2018, China Television Cultural Tourism Art Research Institute has been established. The Academy and Food and Culture Research Institute takes artistic research, art education, and artistic creation as the development pattern, integrating expert resources and academic research.