2021 Shanghai Auto Show: Pre-sale of Zhiji’s first pure electric car L7

  [car home New Car Launches] At the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Zhiji Automobile’s first intelligent pure electric car, (|), officially opened for pre-sale and accepted the reservations of consumers.Its pre-sale price is 408,800 yuan.Zhiji Automobile is jointly built by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba Group, and is positioned as a high-end intelligent pure electric vehicle brand.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  As the first mass-produced product of Zhiji Automobile, the overall design of Zhiji L7 is more fashionable. The front face shape adopts the closed shape that is more mainstream on electric vehicles today, and the headlight style is very distinctive. The shape of daytime running lights is similar to "∑", and the official name is icon-M. Let the front face of the whole car look refreshing. And it also has "intelligent lighting system DLP+ISC". This intelligent lighting system, which consists of 2.6 million pixels DLP and 5,000 LED ISC, gives the headlights more "life" besides lighting. It can remind pedestrians, guide with intelligent lights, guide with width-indicating carpet, follow the eyes with intelligent light and so on.

Home of the car

Home of the car

  The side shape of the new car is very stretched and full, and the feeling of the whole car is very slender, which is very luxurious. At the same time, the biggest highlight of the car side is the shape of the rear fender, which adopts a very outward-looking design to make the whole car look sporty. In addition, the interior shape is simple but not simple. It is also the blessing of "smart lighting system DLP+ISC", which makes its taillights have more interaction. In terms of size data, its length is 5098mm, its width is 1960mm, its wheelbase is 3100mm, and its wind resistance is 0.21Cd. Official data show that the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 3.9 seconds.

Home of the car

  The camera located on the roof, the official name is "Carlog". It can automatically rise when needed. The image sensor has 150 million pixels as a whole, and supports 180 distortion-free ultra-wide angle, 4K high-definition video shooting, super night scene, high dynamic range, time-lapse photography, slow-motion photography and other modes. You can shoot with one button in the car and record the scenery along the way with the preset template.

Zhiji automobile Zhiji L7 2021 basic model

  In terms of interior, the new car adopts a new generation of domain-converged central computing digital architecture, which integrates four domain controllers –IPD intelligent driving center, ICC intelligent computing center, ICM intelligent cockpit center and IMATE intelligent partner. With the help of TTTech multi-chip real-time data interaction and 1Gbps Ethernet light-speed communication, the manufacturer introduced that the vehicle can become a "mobile supercomputer".

  And the biggest highlight of the center console is that it adopts a 39-inch multi-screen integrated floating large screen design, and both screens can be lifted up and down. This technology is very different from the penetrating LCD screen and the overall lifting screen that are common in the market at present. In terms of multimedia system, it is equipped with the "Unbounded Interactive IMOS Operating System" pioneered by Zhiji Automobile in the world, which can realize unbounded multi-screen interactive experience and scene immersive experience, and has no function related to vehicle safety, so users can customize it freely. At the same time, the bottom layer adopts multi-core heterogeneous central intelligent deployment, which can be fully compatible with the car operating system. The size of the central control screen is 12.8 inches, and a 2K AMOLED curved screen is used. In terms of entertainment, the new car will be equipped with an audio system consisting of 22 speakers, 4 high-precision voice microphones and 1120W power amplifier.

Home of the car

  In terms of assisted driving, the new car can achieve high-level assisted driving. In hardware, the new car is equipped with NVIDIA Xavier (30-60 TOPS), 15 high-definition visual cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, which can realize full-scene, over-the-horizon and full-road perception; At the same time, it supports the upgrade capability of NVIDIA Orin X(500-1000+TOPS) and three lidar. It can realize the functions of "intelligent parking+urban intelligent navigation+high-speed intelligent navigation", and can automatically record, upload, label, train and update the model based on the characteristic road conditions and driving habits of China through the core algorithm architecture of Data-Driven. In addition, according to the manufacturer, with the permission of national regulations and the opening of high-precision maps, it will have the ability to take over "automatic" driving from point to point by the end of 2021.

Home of the car

  In terms of three-electricity technology, the new car will be equipped with 93kWh battery as standard, with 115kWh battery. The world’s first silicon-doped lithium supplement technology can achieve a single energy density of 300Wh/kg and can support a battery life of nearly 1000km at the highest. In terms of drive system, it will have intelligent dynamic four-wheel drive technology, with rear axle as the main drive, power of 400kW and torque of 700 N m. The car is equipped with a front double wishbone and a rear five-bar independent suspension, and is equipped with a two-way 12-degree rear wheel steering system to provide a more flexible driving experience for the vehicle. For a small example, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class also equipped with rear wheel steering system, with a rear wheel angle of 10 degrees, can make the S-Class long wheelbase version have a minimum turning diameter of 10.8m, which is even better than the 10.9m of the eighth generation golf. The two-way 12-degree rear wheel steering system used by Zhiji Automobile has a larger steering angle of the rear wheel, which will also improve the flexibility of the vehicle more significantly.

  At the same time, the car will also be equipped with the world’s first mass production equipment, 11 kW high-power wireless charging. According to official information, it can charge 10.5 kWh in one hour. According to NEDC working conditions, it is equivalent to 70-80 kilometers of battery life, which can guarantee a day’s daily commute. (Text/car home Sheng Yuanjun)

Global Fashion Collective II-New York Fashion Week (NYFW)


This season’s global fashion collection successfully displayed five talented designers, who aroused the essence of tradition. We are honored to announce the success of the following international designers: [unusual], Saint Jesus, Carlton Jones, Saral Zens and Blue Tamburin.

[unusual] shows "wasted youth", which means wasted spring. Describe a restless state of mind through the process of spring formation. The 19-year-old designer is aware of the difficulties in communication and misunderstanding, so [unusual] speaks for creative people and children who are not good at expressing themselves. Every time I watch it, I feel that it has a story worth knowing.

Saint Jesus’ new series "BRVNO" swept the tide. The designer was inspired by her hometown of Chile, which inspired the essence of the series’ case matching and overall concept display. Carlton Jones’s series is based on the theme of praising life. Bright colors and neutrality are the perfect transition from pleasant beaches to noisy streets.

Carlton Jones perfectly balances the contrast between Qingming and today’s digital age, and combines technology and printing to create a fascinating aesthetic feeling. Accessories are provided by Laruicci Jessica Rich, Linus and Joy Kim.

Saral Zens flamboyantly displayed their sculptural clothing collection. Saral Liu and Denny Zens focus on the simple art of deconstruction, weaving the details of China in irregular tailoring, which deeply embodies the shield feeling that children want to escape from Sex and the City but enjoy a comfortable life.

The design of Blue Tamburin brings a new feeling to the classic style, because the matching of this series is to turn the runway into dark blue. Designers have integrated uniqueness, self-expression and reason into their designs. As shown in the figure, Blue Tamburin introduced a new case to verify and prove the ownership of modulated fashion products by applying ?NFT technology (alternative token) in its jacket.

Inheritance of the future

The platform of global fashion collection brings creative designers from all over the world. The group produces fashion shows in different fashion capitals, aiming at accelerating the global development of designers, increasing their international media visibility and opening up new markets.

This season’s global fashion collection successfully displayed four talented designers, who aroused the essence of tradition. We are honored to announce the success of the following international designers: Ay Lelum, C’est D, CEDIM and Irene De LaVega.

First on the runway is the pioneer of global fashion collection (the inheritance of the future)-designer Ay Lelum. Sister designers came out of the flame of suffering in generate to show their latest collection: "Steqeeye". Create history through textiles, art and music. Ay Lelum’s wonderful performance surprised all the audience present.

C’EST D broke the stereotype of children’s figure through a strong exhibition about the positive energy and inclusiveness of figure. Doyeon, the designer of C’EST D, reminds us that fashion is expression, and we are full of faith in our skin. This series emphasizes making interesting palettes and bringing bright soft colors. This lively and innovative clothing series is often made, showing the "choice" that this industry lacks.

The series "Thoughts of Our Generation" displayed by CEDIM School of Design perfectly controlled the runway. The carefully selected students Alexa, Alexa, Anapaula, Carolina, Lorena, Daniela and Valeria jointly created an unforgettable stage. From bright colors to attractive outlines, CEDIM’s design has broken through the boundaries of reality.

Irene De La Vega’s latest evening dress collection "Renacer" (meaning "heavy") shines brightly on the stage. Inspired by nature and the surrounding environment, Irene??’s bold personality brings a sexualized feeling to the runway. This series aims to create unique and high-class works, which are based on vivid colors, ruffles, lace, corsets and transparent materials to revive fashion. Irene’s goal is to fill the outline of sexual pairs with letters.

How does technology reshape the new format of financial services? KPMG China summarized these nine trends.

At present, the rapid penetration of a new generation of information technology in various industries is the general trend, and the financial industry is the most important. Financial services have gradually evolved in the innovation and development of financial technology, which has opened a new situation of digital transformation and gradually become a new engine to promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry and the whole industrial chain.
The newly released KPMG China Double 50 list of financial technology enterprises in 2023 and the annual trend report integrate the industry empowerment resources, sort out the strategic advantages of special fields, and emphasize the development trend of inclusive finance from "integration of numbers and reality" to "symbiosis of numbers and reality", which provides multi-faceted reference and support for the prosperity of China’s financial technology industry and promotes the construction of China’s financial technology ecosystem.
Huang Aizhou, managing partner of KPMG China Financial Technology, said that in the process of digital transformation of the financial industry, there are unique advantages compared with other industries in the three pillars: algorithm, computing power and data, which are needed for the vertical model of the industry to land. Among them, the data determines the intelligent scope of the big model, and the financial industry has mastered a large number of historical data and written materials, which provides natural convenience for the development of the big model of the industry; Financial technology enterprises have also formed their own unique solutions in the process of financial digitalization and intelligence in terms of algorithms and computing power. It is expected that as the bottom big model changes from increment to stock stage, fighting for quality and landing will become the focus of competition, and the competitive advantage of enterprises on the reasoning side of the force model will be further revealed.
The report analyzes and summarizes the listed enterprises in five dimensions: professional field, city and region, main technical elements, proportion of technical personnel and establishment time.
In addition, the report also introduces in detail the development trend and future development layout of financial technology in 2023.
Trend 1: The development of financial macro-model will have a far-reaching impact on the paradigm of financial technology industry (annual trend). In the era of mobile Internet, China’s financial technology has made numerous innovations in mobile payment, digital credit and other fields, leading the world. Domestic manufacturers are actively developing the layout of large financial models, and relevant enterprises need to build competitive advantages by "having data" and "understanding scenarios". The wide application of the future financial big model will have a subversive impact on the current industry paradigm in the following aspects: the change of AI cognition and concept, reshaping customer service process and experience, improving risk management, improving financial service efficiency and innovating financial business forms.
Trend 2: Science and technology investment pays more attention to output energy efficiency, and peer-to-peer science and technology output changes to ecological empowerment mode (integrated financial technology). Comprehensive financial technology enterprises actively embrace the new round of scientific and technological development opportunities brought by the big model by virtue of their scientific and technological advantages and innate financial industry genes. On the one hand, we continue to increase investment in science and technology, but pay more attention to business orientation and precise focus in objectives and methods; On the other hand, it continues to export scientific and technological capabilities to its peers, and the service direction has changed from traditional technical empowerment to all-round ecological empowerment.
Trend 3: AI helps to innovate wealth management, and the core system of the organization is autonomous and accelerated (wealth technology). Since the end of 2022, the explosive development of AIGC has brought great imagination to the financial industry. Wealth technology companies apply their accumulated data and experience in the field of AI application to the training of financial big models, providing support for wealth management business scenarios such as investment, research and marketing. It is expected that with the maturity of AIGC technology, wealth management institutions will explore more application scenarios of the big model to improve efficiency and service upgrade; At the same time, AIGC still needs to be cautious in providing investment advice to customers directly, due to unclear relevant supervision and data security and data privacy issues. On the other hand, wealth technology enterprises actively provide the latest technical solutions for large and medium-sized wealth management institutions, and gradually improve the efficiency, stability and autonomy of the core system through the modularization and decentralization of distributed technology.
Trend 4: Insurance technology has evolved into risk reduction management, and the service boundary (insurance technology) has been continuously expanded in combination with industrial upgrading. At present, the principle of risk management in insurance industry has gradually evolved from equal risk management to risk reduction management. On the one hand, relying on the wide application of new technologies, insurance technology companies will transform the original uninsurable risks into insurable risks, and relax the original restrictive underwriting conditions to comprehensive underwriting, which will create a broader insurance market space. On the other hand, technology no longer depends on insurance, but penetrates into the development process of all walks of life, and in the process of development, new risk management demands are derived, and the service boundary of insurance technology is continuously expanded by combining with industrial upgrading.
Trend 5: Digital symbiosis and digital platform services accelerate the development of inclusive finance (Pratt & Whitney Technology). The symbiosis of number and reality will accelerate the development of inclusive finance, thus achieving the high-quality development goals of inclusive finance, such as more popular basic financial services and more convenient financing for business entities. In addition, through the digital service platform, small and medium-sized enterprises can widely access digital resources, build digital intelligent business processes, meet the ever-changing market demand, and accelerate the digital intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises.
Trend 6: Multi-parties join hands to expand the new blue ocean of supply chain finance, and scene product innovation is emerging (supply chain technology). With the vigorous development of digital economy, the digital penetration rate of supply chain finance has gradually increased. The supply chain science and technology platform has accelerated its efforts in the scene business. It is expected that there will be more scene-based innovative products based on data credit in the future, and the traditional confirmation mode will begin to weaken. In addition, many large enterprise groups have responded to the policy call and accelerated the pace of building a supply chain platform; Financial institutions also pay more attention to cooperation with core enterprises and high-quality supply chain technology third-party platforms.
Trend 7: Mobile payment innovation scenario application, cross-border payment opens up a new chapter in the sea (payment technology). From the C side, the third-party payment platform expands its business by exploring new scenes and product innovation; From the B side, the mobile payment platform is empowered based on the payment function and provides integrated services. In addition, the cross-border payment platform not only provides payment services for customers, but also provides services such as foreign exchange and foreign exchange risk management for enterprises, as well as services such as platform opening, global acquiring, overseas marketing and supply chain financing, so as to provide customers with comprehensive services to enhance customer stickiness.
Trend 8: Regulatory technology is expected to improve regulatory efficiency with the help of large models (regulatory technology). The rapid development of emerging technologies such as AIGC provides imagination for the development of financial supervision technology, and the development of supervision technology will increasingly rely on scientific and technological means to achieve more efficient and accurate supervision. At the same time, the development of regulatory technology will also promote financial technology innovation and empower the financial industry to deepen digital transformation.
Trend 9: A new round of development opportunities will be opened, and a big article on digital finance (platform technology empowerment) will be done with the tide. At the present stage, the trends of innovation and going out to sea are highly certain, and actions such as "data elements ×" and "high-quality development of computing infrastructure" have been steadily promoted, which coincides with the opportunity of technological change brought by the big financial model and generative AI, and is expected to drive the sustained release of China’s financial technology value, further affect the global market and help the high-quality development of digital finance.
Author: Tang Weijie
Text: Tang Weijie Photo: Information Photo Editor: Shang Hui Editor: Rong Bing
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More than 150 industry guests gathered in Qingdao, Shandong Province to exchange experience in the integration of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry.

  Zhongxin. com, Qingdao, December 19 (Hu Yaojie, Zhang Xiaopeng) The on-site meeting on the integration and development of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry was held in jiaozhou city, Shandong Province on the 19th. This conference attracted more than 150 industry guests, including representatives from the headquarters of express delivery brands in China, to discuss the integrated development of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry in China, and to exchange and share their working experience.

The on-site meeting of the integration of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Zhang Xiaopeng

  At the meeting, He Hailin, deputy director of the Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, said that the logistics industry is the blood of the smooth operation of the manufacturing industry, and the express delivery industry, as an important component of the logistics industry, is the foundation for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Focusing on the integrated development and sustainable development of the two industries, the State Post Bureau and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have carried out many explorations and practices in recent years, resulting in the first batch of pilot pioneer areas and typical projects, which provide an important impetus for deepening reform and promoting a higher level of integration. He Hailin said that in the future, they will rely on relevant think tanks to dig deep into typical cases and sort out more experience models that can be used for reference and sharing.

  According to Guo Xiaozhong, member of the Standing Committee of Jiaozhou Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, the integration of the two industries is an important way to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry, cultivate modern industrial system and achieve high-quality development. When sharing his experience, Guo Xiaozhong said that jiaozhou city continued to promote the deep integration of the two industries by deepening business association, chain extension and technology penetration, releasing new space for industrial transformation and building new advantages in industrial competition. In the future, jiaozhou city will speed up the construction of a number of national-level typical projects for the integration of the two industries, cultivate a number of new formats and models, form a number of replicable and scalable experiences, and provide a "Jiaozhou Plan" for the development of the integration of the two industries nationwide.

The conference attracted more than 150 industry guests, including representatives from the headquarters of various express brands in China. Zhang Xiaopeng

  Jiang Yulong, head of the cold chain medicine business of Jiangsu Jingxundi Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., said that they have been integrated into the manufacturing fields such as medicine and automobile, and optimized the express logistics services such as inbound logistics, warehouse distribution integration and order distribution, helping manufacturing enterprises to reconstruct the circulation system, optimize business processes, improve logistics efficiency and reduce operating costs, and achieved positive results. He believes that there is great potential for the integration and development of the two industries. In the future, they will continue to promote express logistics solutions to more industries.

  At the meeting, the State Post Bureau and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of "Pilot Zone for the Integration Development of Express Industry and Manufacturing Industry" and "Typical Project for the Deep Integration of Express Industry and Manufacturing Industry", among which jiaozhou city was selected as "Pilot Zone for the Integration Development of Express Industry and Manufacturing Industry".

  It is reported that this on-the-spot meeting is jointly sponsored by the State Post Bureau and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, aiming at building a platform to exchange the experience of typical projects and pilot pioneering areas for the integration of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry, pushing the integration of the two industries into a new stage and making new breakthroughs, and making industry contributions to better serving the economic and social development of China and helping the new development pattern. (End)

Lenovo-Shanghai Jiaotong University Joint Laboratory officially signed a contract to unveil, focusing on intelligent devices and artificial intelligence.

In addition to the two joint laboratories, at the signing ceremony, Dr. Wang Qianying, Vice President of Lenovo Group and General Manager of Technology Strategy and Innovation Platform of Lenovo Research Institute, said that at present, 15 sub-topics have been identified in the research cooperation between Lenovo and Jiaotong University. Other laboratories of Lenovo Research Institute, such as enterprise cloud computing and car computing laboratories, and other R&D departments of Lenovo, including intelligent equipment group and solution service business group, are also important participants in these research topics. The cooperation covers the schools of electronic information, mechanical power, artificial intelligence and chemical engineering of Jiaotong University. The subject is also very extensive, involving battery, chip and other component technologies, new materials such as aluminum and magnesium alloys, speech and large scene video processing, complex robot systems and DNA storage.