Xiaomi Auto will start the second round of additional sales.

On March 31st, Lei Jun, Chairman of Xiaomi Group, released Weibo, saying that during the initial edition ordering process, we identified and intercepted some abnormal orders and scalper orders, so we will start the second round of additional sales. Special instructions are as follows:

1. The deposit is 20,000 yuan, and the order will be locked as soon as it is settled; Users who have made a non-founding version can also participate in this round of sales. After making a successful decision, the original order can be converted into a founding version.

2. This round of ordering also enjoys the same luxury car purchase rights of up to 31,000 yuan on the night of March 28th.

On the evening of March 28th, SU7, the first product of Xiaomi Automobile, was officially launched. 24 hours after listing, it reached 88,898 sets. By the afternoon of March 30th, the number of orders locked had reached 20,000. 

Li Xiaoshuang, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile, responded to the recent storm.

On the same day, Li Xiaoshuang, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile, released a Weibo saying that behind many phenomena of stirring public opinion in the name of rice flour, some malicious people have been picking on right and wrong. Someone is openly distributing a commercial list to KOL to discredit Xiaomi SU7. These behaviors are really disgusting. The company has initially grasped some evidence and will resolutely pursue its legal responsibility.

At the same time, Xiaomi Auto was complained by netizens that the deposit of 5,000 yuan could not be refunded, which also caused widespread concern.

In response, Xiaomi responded that there is no reason to refund the deposit within 7 days. After more than 7 days, the vehicle configuration will be automatically locked, and consumers can also actively lock the configuration in advance. Once the order is locked, the vehicle will enter the production stage, the configuration can no longer be modified, and the deposit will not be refunded..In addition, the original version of the existing car configuration has been locked, and consumers will lock the order after paying a deposit of 20,000 yuan.

Secret: In what way did the first domestic aircraft carrier surpass the Liaoning ship?

  On April 26, 2017, the launching ceremony of China’s second aircraft carrier was held at Dalian Shipyard of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. The picture shows that the aircraft carrier is slowly moved out of the dock and docked at the dock berth under towing.

  Since the first domestic aircraft carrier was launched on April 26, 2017, it has attracted the attention of the whole world. This is another major milestone in the construction of the People’s Navy’s comprehensive three-dimensional combat force system in the open sea, which has laid an important material and technical foundation for accelerating the strategic transformation and development of "offshore defense and offshore protection" and taken another solid step towards building a world-class "blue-water navy".

  As the first aircraft carrier designed and built by China itself, the domestic aircraft carrier is closely related to the Liaoning ship that was delivered to the navy for service on September 25th, 2012, but there are many major technical improvements, which just corresponds to the old saying — — The pupil outdoes the master.

  The first domestic aircraft carrier was designed and built on the basis of the comprehensive restoration of the Liaoning ship. There are many similarities in appearance and structure between the two. They also adopt the layout of ship-based fighter planes with sliding takeoff and upturned flight deck. We should know that the aircraft carrier is a major symbol of the modern navy, and it is a large surface warship with the largest volume, the most complex system, the most comprehensive technology and the most powerful ability. China didn’t have any experience in designing and building an aircraft carrier in the past, but only repaired, refitted and continued to build a Liaoning ship. Did it fully master all the key technologies in designing and building an aircraft carrier? By building the first domestic aircraft carrier, comprehensive inspection can be carried out, which is also conducive to consolidating and strengthening the comprehensive support capability of the Liaoning ship. This also reflects the active, steady and steady development of weapons and equipment that China people have always followed.

  On the road to the construction of China Navy’s aircraft carrier, Liaoning took the first step. The first domestic aircraft carrier consolidated and accelerated this step, connecting the past with the future in the technical research and capability improvement of aircraft carrier design and construction, and accumulating experience for building a larger aircraft carrier. In a few years, a large aircraft carrier formation flying the five-star red flag will surely sail in the coastal areas of Wan Li and the open ocean.

  Aiming at sea and air three-dimensional operations

  Many netizens called the first domestic aircraft carrier a "replica" of the Liaoning ship. In fact, the first domestic aircraft carrier achieved a comprehensive technical upgrade on the basis of the Liaoning ship, which is called "seemingly strong". The biggest difference between the two is that the functional positioning and mission use are very different.

  The function orientation of Liaoning ship is firstly the research and test platform and training platform of aircraft carrier, and its main task is to complete a large number of research and test tasks of aircraft carrier and carrier-based fighters, and to carry out batch selection and training of carrier-based fighter pilots. After more than five years of exploration and training, the Liaoning ship has expanded to form a maritime formation combat capability. From the very beginning, the first domestic aircraft carrier was positioned as a large-scale aircraft carrier combat platform, which was a new starting point for the construction of the comprehensive combat force of China Navy aircraft carrier.

  A large-scale combat platform at sea with carrier-based aircraft as its main weapon is also vividly called "floating airport at sea". On November 14th, 1910 and January 18th, 1911, respectively, the US Navy successfully carried out the technical test of taking off and landing an aircraft on a ship for the first time. The British navy is the first, successfully refitting the world’s first aircraft carrier in 1918, and has gone through more than 100 years of development. Looking back at history, the aircraft carrier completely replaced the battleship’s maritime hegemony in just over 20 years, and promoted the maritime combat from the "era of giant ship artillery" dominated by battleships and cruisers to the "era of sea-air three-dimensional missile warfare" dominated by aircraft carrier battle groups, carrier-based fighters and anti-ship missiles.

  In modern maritime mobile operations, the position and role of aircraft carrier battle group are irreplaceable, and its comprehensive combat capability is mainly reflected in two major indicators: first, the number and quality of carrier-based fighters and airborne weapons; The second is the quantity and quality of warships and shipborne weapons allocated in the carrier battle group and the strength of formation combat capability.

  Optimize the ship-aircraft adaptation performance.

  More than 100 years ago, when the aircraft carrier came out, there were only propeller planes with piston engines. The aircraft structure was simple and the flight speed was slow, and the requirements for the carrier platform, that is, the aircraft carrier, were relatively low. After the end of World War II, the advent of carrier-based fighters with jet engines greatly promoted the upgrading of aircraft carriers, especially the rapid development of technologies such as catapult takeoff device, auxiliary landing system and arresting device. The types of carrier-based aircraft are also increasing, including fixed-wing fighters, rotary-wing helicopters, vertical/short-range take-off and landing aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft, drones and so on.

  Carrier-based fixed-wing fighters play a crucial and decisive role in the combat effectiveness of aircraft carriers, and their quality and quantity are important indicators to measure the combat capability of aircraft carriers. Carrier-based fighters can be divided into three types in take-off and landing modes: one is catapult take-off and blocking landing; The second is to take off and stop the ship; The third is vertical or short takeoff and landing. The first domestic aircraft carrier adopts the second method, which has certain restrictions on its operational application.

  Technically speaking, catapult takeoff is the best choice, which can maximize the operational effectiveness of carrier-based fighters. This requires overcoming the catapult technology. In the past, aircraft carriers in various countries have been using steam catapults. Ten Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in the US Navy and the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in the French Navy all used steam catapults made in the United States. But the development direction of catapults is electromagnetic catapult. The first ship of the Ford-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the US Navy has taken the lead in loading and using, and the research team led by Academician Ma Weiming of China Naval Engineering University is also studying this topic.

  The full-load displacement of the first domestic aircraft carrier is several thousand tons larger than that of the Liaoning ship, and the sliding flight deck design is still used, but the design of the upturned angle of the flight deck has been upgraded and improved. The tilt angle of the flight deck of Liaoning ship is about 14 degrees, and the tilt angle of the flight deck of the first domestic aircraft carrier is reduced to 12 degrees. The main basis for this major technical improvement comes from a large number of flight test data accumulated by Liaoning ships and J -15 carrier-based fighters. The ship-to-aircraft compatibility between domestic aircraft carriers and J -15 fighters is more optimized than that of Liaoning ships, which is conducive to giving full play to the maximum operational effectiveness of J -15 fighters with skid-jump take-off.

  Structural design is boldly abandoned.

  In terms of structural design, the first domestic aircraft carrier was completely designed according to the standard aircraft carrier, which was different from the design concept and operational application idea of developing aircraft carrier (carrier cruiser) in the Soviet Union.

  The predecessor of the Liaoning ship was the unfinished Varyag, which was the sister ship of the only carrier Kuznetsov in service in the Russian Navy, that is, the second ship of the third-generation carrier cruiser of the Soviet Union. The carrier cruiser of the Soviet Union is very different from the fleet aircraft carrier of the United States. The Soviet aircraft carrier has a small displacement, and there is no catapult take-off device for carrier-based aircraft. Usually, it is only equipped with about 24 carrier-based fighters, and its comprehensive capability is relatively limited. Only carrier-based fighters can not complete all air and sea combat tasks. Therefore, a certain number of long-range anti-ship missiles are equipped to form an integrated anti-ship combat capability of missiles and carrier-based aircraft. At the same time, it is also equipped with relatively complete long-range ship-to-air missiles and medium-and short-range air defense weapon systems.

  In combat missions, the Soviet naval carrier mainly focuses on underwater operations, that is, protecting its own nuclear submarines and attacking enemy nuclear submarines, usually with about 15 anti-submarine helicopters. The US aircraft carrier mainly relies on carrier-based aircraft to "win the world". Carrier-based fighters complete air combat, sea (land) assault, electronic attack and other combat tasks. Early warning aircraft provide long-range warning and command guidance, and anti-submarine helicopters and submarines undertake joint anti-submarine missions. The aircraft carrier is not equipped with long-range offensive weapons such as anti-ship missiles, but only equipped with necessary short-range air defense weapon systems.

  Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier is equipped with a large number of ship-borne missile weapon systems, such as 12-unit SS-N-19 large-scale long-range anti-ship missile vertical launching system hidden under the flight deck, and 4 sets of 6×8-unit SA-N-9 long-range ship-to-air missile launching devices. The Liaoning ship dismantled the relevant devices of these missile weapon systems during the repair and continued construction.

  The reason why Russian aircraft carriers are equipped with a large number of missile weapons is mainly due to their limited comprehensive combat capability. Su -33 of the Russian Navy and F/A-18E/F of the US Navy are both heavy carrier-based fighters. Although Su -33 is slightly superior to F/A-18 in some tactical and technical performance, Su -33 takes off in a sliding mode and F/A-18 takes off in a catapult mode, and its comprehensive combat capability is better than Su -33. In addition, the Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier can only carry about 40 carrier-based aircraft, including 24 Su -33 and Su -25 carrier-based fighters, and its combat capability is far less than that of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier of the US Navy. Therefore, the Russian army had to make the aircraft carrier have both the long-range anti-ship missile attack capability of heavy cruisers and the air defense interception capability of medium and long-range ship-to-air missiles.

  Setting a large missile launcher under the flight deck will have a great impact on the use of carrier aircraft. If a missile is launched, the flight deck needs to be emptied before the missile launcher can be opened, and then the carrier-based aircraft cannot take off. Russian long-range anti-ship missile is huge and vertically installed under the flight deck, which needs to occupy a lot of internal space and will also have a negative impact on the hull structure design. The main weapon of the standard aircraft carrier is the carrier-based fighter. Below the flight deck is a large transparent hangar for the storage, maintenance and repair of the carrier aircraft. The first domestic aircraft carrier is no longer equipped with anti-ship missile launchers, and the hangar is larger and can carry more carrier-based fighters.

  Information ability is advancing by leaps and bounds

  As a large-scale maritime mobile airport, an aircraft carrier needs to have both navigation and aviation functions in order to effectively complete the operation and use of various types of carrier-based aircraft, and it is inseparable from various uses and advanced electronic information equipment, including navigation electronic information systems to ensure maritime navigation, aviation flight control electronic information systems to ensure the take-off and landing of carrier-based aircraft, electronic information systems to command and guide carrier-based aircraft to perform air combat tasks, and electronic information systems such as ship-based air defense, sea defense and electronic alert, as well as air-sea combat mission formation. Although the body and volume of the aircraft carrier are larger, it is also a huge technical problem to install these electronic information equipment in a limited space because of the huge number and types of electronic information systems.

  The carrier’s shipborne electronic equipment includes formation combat command information system, navigation and avionics information system, etc. On the basis of the trial installation and use of Liaoning ship, the first domestic aircraft carrier was further improved. For example, the improved large-scale active phased array radar installed above the starboard ship island has been widely used in a new generation of guided missile destroyers, with advanced performance and increasingly mature technology, and accumulated more and more experience. Its comprehensive performance is far ahead of that of Russia, with longer air detection distance and stronger ability to detect air targets. It can detect and distinguish hundreds of air targets at the same time, and its ability to command and guide air defense interception is stronger. This will help to improve the air defense capability of the aircraft carrier formation and the ship.

  At present, the first domestic aircraft carrier is nervously carrying out the outfitting project after launching. With the decrease of "scaffolding" on the ship surface, the date of trial flight of domestic aircraft carrier is approaching gradually. I believe that in a few years, the first domestic aircraft carrier will be transformed into the second aircraft carrier in the service of the People’s Navy, and the goal of China Navy’s "blue-water navy" construction into a distant ocean is gradually becoming a reality.

The United States completely banned Samsung note7 mobile phones from getting on the plane.


CCTV News:On Friday, local time, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced a total ban on passengers carrying Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones on the plane. The Federal Aviation Administration had urged passengers not to check this model, nor to charge or turn it on during the flight. This total ban will officially take effect this Saturday.

Anthony fox, the US Secretary of Transportation, said that this may bring inconvenience to some passengers, but aviation safety must be given top priority, and even a fire accident on the plane will pose a great threat to the lives of many people.

Samsung, which has completely recalled and stopped the production of this mobile phone, issued a statement in response to the latest ban, saying that they have encouraged airlines to explain the ban to passengers and said that the safety of passengers is the first priority.

On Monday, Samsung announced that it had completely suspended the production of this model, because even if some improvements were made, it could not solve the problem of overheating of mobile phones. Up to now, the amount involved in this recall has reached $5.3 billion.

Iliad Kaye, chairman of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, who is in charge of investigating the Samsung mobile phone explosion, urged consumers to take the time to return the goods. So far, Samsung has suffered 96 safety accidents caused by equipment overheating in the United States, 23 of which occurred after the recall was initiated on September 15th. According to the report of the Committee, 13 accidents were caused by battery burning, and 47 accidents caused other property losses.

According to the latest flight ban, Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone is already a contraband in air flight. If passengers violate the ban, the mobile phone will be confiscated and fined. Similarly, if the airline personnel find someone carrying the mobile phone, they will be able to refuse the passenger to board the plane. If flight attendants find someone holding the mobile phone during the flight, they must force it to turn off, prohibit charging and use any function that may trigger automatic power-on, such as alarm. On the 5th of this month, a Samsung mobile phone suddenly smoked and then exploded in Southwest Airlines. At that time, passengers were evacuated urgently, but no one was injured. Before the promulgation of the comprehensive flight ban, many airlines began to step up training flight attendants to deal with the fire accident of electronic equipment during flight. (CCTV reporter Gao Qi)

The latest central bank! Real estate stocks are soaring

A-shares rose in the afternoon, and northbound funds poured in at the end of the day; Hong Kong stocks surged in late trading, and the Hang Seng Technology Index rose more than 2%.

Specifically, the three major stock indexes bottomed out in early trading and rose in the afternoon. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.6% to 3,061.86 points, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.78% to 9,933.02 points, the Growth Enterprise Market Index rose 0.58% to 1,961.35 points, and the Beizheng 50 Index fell 2.78%. The total turnover of the two cities was 824.2 billion yuan, a decrease of more than 50 billion yuan compared with yesterday; Northbound funds ran into the market in the afternoon, and the net purchase for the whole day exceeded 5 billion yuan.

Nearly 4200 shares in the two cities are floating red, and the automobile industry stocks are active. China Automobile, Huayang Group and Dolly Technology have daily limit; The concept of driverless driving is bright, and Wanji Technology and Yitong Technology have daily limit; The pharmaceutical sector is strong,AoiA pharmaceutical industry, Guangdong Wannianqing, guilin sanjin, Tonghua Jinma and other daily limit; The real estate sector has risen, and Dalong Real Estate has four boards; The concept of consumer electronics is active, Weishi Electronics has gained 3 consecutive boards, and hivi Technology and Shiyida have daily limit for two consecutive days; The concept of short play games plunged sharply, with shares in Haikan and Baina dropping by over 10%, but Gravity Media still went against the daily limit and won 6 consecutive boards. In addition, Kunbo Seiko, a new share of the North Exchange listed today, rose 244.5% to 67.1 yuan, with the highest intraday rise of more than 350%.

Hong Kong stocks rose rapidly in late trading, with the Hang Seng Index rising by more than 1% and the Hang Seng Technology Index rising by more than 2%. At the close, the Hang Seng Index rose 0.99% to 17,910.84 points, and the Hang Seng Science and Technology Index rose 2.17% to 4,117.12 points. In terms of individual stocks, Country Garden rose by 23.5%, Longhu Group rose by over 13%, Country Garden services rose by over 12%, Baidu Group and Xpeng Motors rose by over 6%, and Ctrip Group rose by nearly 5%.


The real estate sector is higher

The real estate sector rose in intraday trading. At the close, Jinke shares and Dalong Real Estate had daily limit, Wantong development approached daily limit, Rong Sheng development rose over 6%, and gemdale rose nearly 5%. It is worth noting that Dalong Real Estate has been trading daily for four consecutive trading days.


In the news, yesterday, Shenzhen Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued a notice to adjust the standard of ordinary housing that enjoys preferential policies, and adjusted the standard of ordinary housing that enjoys preferential policies to: the floor area ratio of residential buildings is 1.0 and above, and the construction area of a single housing set is less than or equal to 120 square meters or the construction area of a single housing set is less than or equal to 144 square meters. In addition, from November 23, Shenzhen adjusted the minimum down payment ratio for second homes. The minimum down payment ratio of individual housing loans for two sets of housing is uniformly adjusted from 70% for ordinary housing and 80% for non-ordinary housing to 40%.

Analysts said that this adjustment has lowered the threshold for residents to purchase two houses, which is conducive to better meeting the demand for rigid and improved housing.

Guojin Securities pointed out that Shenzhen, on the demand side, relaxed the standard for identifying ordinary houses and lowered the down payment ratio of two sets, releasing a positive signal. At present, there is still room for relaxation in first-tier cities, and it is expected that supportive policies such as relaxing the purchase restriction in outer suburbs will be introduced in the future. The central financial work conference on the supply side has laid the tone, and financial support for real estate is ready to go, which can prevent and resolve the credit risk of the industry and repair market confidence in the short term. Supply and demand policies are working together and the industry is expected to stabilize.

In addition, on November 23, the Shanghai headquarters of the People’s Bank of China announced that the Shanghai headquarters of the People’s Bank of China, the Shanghai Supervision Bureau of the General Administration of Financial Supervision, the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau, the Shanghai Local Financial Supervision Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointly held a forum on financial institutions on November 21.The meeting demanded that financial institutions should implement the "16 Financial Articles" of real estate, adhere to the "two unwavering" and meet the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises with different ownership equally. For the normal operation of real estate enterprises, they will not hesitate to lend, draw loans or cut off loans. Continue to make good use of the "second arrow" to support private real estate enterprises to issue bonds for financing. Support real estate enterprises to raise funds through reasonable equity in the capital market. Cooperate with local governments to do a good job in real estate regulation and control, better support rigid and improved housing demand, increase efforts to support the construction of "three major projects" such as affordable housing, and promote the construction of a new model of real estate development. Financial institutions should follow the principles of marketization and rule of law, and cooperate with local governments to steadily resolve local debt risks.


Auto industry chain stocks are active.

Automobile industry chain stocks rose sharply. At the close, the daily limit of "20cm" of China Automobile Co., Ltd., Huayang Variable Speed rose by nearly 16%, Hengshuai shares rose by nearly 14%, and far east drive, Huayang Group, dongan power and Dolly Technology rose by daily limit.


The concept of driverless driving is eye-catching. Wanji Technology, Yutong Technology, Yongxin Optics and other daily limit, both Shengdian and Tianmai Technology rose more than 6%.

In the news, recently, the Equipment Industry Division I of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Urban Construction Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Transport organized the publicity of the pilot policy of intelligent networked vehicle access and road access by video, deeply analyzed the industrial development situation, interpreted the requirements of the pilot content in detail, and deployed the pilot declaration, organization and implementation. Xuan Guan stressed that all parties concerned should accurately grasp the pilot positioning and do a solid job in capacity building and preparation. Automobile production enterprises should strictly implement the main responsibility of product safety, industry organizations and institutions should guide the industry to form a consensus, speed up the improvement of inspection and testing capacity building, and government departments of vehicle operation cities should do a good job in pilot safety management and support.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four departments jointly issued a notice to deploy and carry out the pilot work of intelligent networked vehicles’ access and road traffic. Generally, L3 and L4 intelligent networked vehicles with mass production conditions are required to carry out the pilot work in a limited area.

Guohai Securities said that the pilot car is an intelligent networked car with mass production conditions and high-level self-driving. The notification subject has been drafted from two departments to four departments, and the state has paid more attention to the commercialization of high-level intelligent driving. It is expected that the follow-up policies will continue to be favorable; At present, there are higher requirements for vehicle manufacturers and pilot cities, but cities with corresponding infrastructure in the early stage are more likely to be approved. Compared with the previous L3 pilot, most of them are local areas, this pilot implementation is more universal. It is optimistic that the restrictions will be gradually relaxed with the accumulation of construction experience, and the popularization process of high-level intelligent driving will be accelerated.


The pharmaceutical sector broke out.

The pharmaceutical sector has a strong trend today. At the close, the trading limit of "30cm" for Aoyi Pharmaceutical, "20cm" for Yuewanqing Pharmaceutical, and over 17% for Datang Pharmaceutical, as well as the trading limits of guilin sanjin, Tonghua Jinma, Lianhuan Pharmaceutical and Sihuan Bio. It is worth noting that Sihuan Bio has been trading daily for two consecutive days.


In the news, Mi Feng, spokesperson of National Health Commission and deputy director of the Propaganda Department, said at the press conference a few days ago that with the continuous winter in various places, respiratory diseases have entered the high-incidence season, and various respiratory diseases are intertwined.

Wang Dayan, director of the National Influenza Center of the Institute of Virology, China CDC, said that the influenza epidemic season in winter and spring in all parts of China is usually from the middle and late October of each year to the middle and early March of the following year, and generally reaches its peak around January.

The recent national influenza surveillance data show that the influenza activity in southern and northern provinces of China continues to rise, with the southern provinces higher than the northern provinces, and all regions are gradually entering the influenza epidemic season in winter and spring. The most popular influenza virus is subtype A H3N2, followed by type B Victoria influenza virus.

Everbright Securities recently pointed out that the recent rising trend of respiratory infectious diseases is obvious, which may lead to the increase of public and market attention, thus driving the growth of demand around influenza, including influenza vaccine, virus detection and cold medicine, and bringing new catalysis to the performance growth of related enterprises.?


The concept of short play game has fallen back.

The concept of short play game dropped sharply today. At the close, Haikan shares and Baina shares fell by more than 11%, Longyun shares approached the limit, and Tang De Film and Television and Palm Reading Technology fell by more than 8%, but Gravitation Media won six consecutive boards against the daily limit.


Haikan shares rose nearly 40% in the previous two days. The company issued a risk warning last night, saying that recently, the company was concerned that some media listed the company as a short-play game concept stock. I would like to solemnly remind you that the company has not launched the interactive game business yet. At present, the company’s mini-drama project is still in the initial stage of trial operation, and has not yet formed large-scale income, which is not expected to have a significant impact on the company’s recent production and operation.

Baina Seong-Il Cheon suggested that the company and Big Fish Kuaiyou jointly produced a full-length live-action interactive video game "Hidden Detective", which was exclusively released by bilibili Games, and is currently in the internal testing and approval stage. At present, the version number has not been obtained, and the specific online time has not yet been determined. "Hidden Detective" is a live-action full-video video game with a suspense theme. The overall investment cost is low, and the company holds 30% of the investment share of the game. It is expected that the launch of the game will not have a significant impact on the company’s production and operation.

Gravitation Media reminded us again last night that the company was concerned that some media listed the company as a paid concept stock of vibrato short video. At present, the company’s main business has not yet involved the short video payment service of vibrato. At the same time, the company is concerned that the market regards the company as a short drama concept stock, but this year the company has not launched short drama business, and there is no income related to short drama business. In addition, the company has not found any media reports, market rumors or hot concept issues that may or have had an impact on the stock trading price of listed companies.

How to choose the main dish of the group annual banquet? Hotel chef’s statement

Jimu journalist Liu Wei

It is the New Year, and a warm and delicious group dinner is an important ceremony that many families look forward to.

The reporter learned that all hotels in Wuhan have carefully planned and launched the chef’s specialty as the main dish of the New Year banquet. How to choose the menu for the group annual banquet? A journalist interviewed two high-quality hotels in Jiangnan and Jiangbei, and asked the chef to teach you to order the most satisfactory special dishes.

Shangri-La: Chefs Join Hands to Think Ingeniously.

On the evening of January 13th, Shangri-La Hotel, Wuhan, held the Spring Festival Tasting Meeting of "Seeking Fragrant Palace, Banqueting with Friends", a private chef’s banquet, which was cooked by master Xu Zhenfang, a master of Chu cuisine, and jointly created by chefs of Cantonese cuisine and Huaiyang cuisine, won unanimous praise from the guests.

The dinner started with a crisp and refreshing four-disc Spring Festival. Then, the executive chef of the hotel led the catering service team, and served a taste of the "Hongyun skinned suckling pig" on behalf of the prosperous lucky strike. The suckling pig’s skin was crisp and oily, and the outside was crisp and tender, fat but not greasy. As the main theme of "taste of the year", it is convincing.

The music of the guqin sounded, and the girl dressed in Hanfu served "seven orifices and exquisite lotus root ribs soup", which can not help but remind people of Su Shi’s "lotus root with red hands in an ice bowl, lotus root with red hands in an ice bowl, long lotus root and long filament lotus root with a smile". Especially the lotus shape made of fish balls and green beans, floating in the soup, fresh and lovely.

Wudang Hericium erinaceus, Danjiangkou Zuiguai, Liaoshen Dongpo pork, authentic Hongshan caitai, and Daimeng Tiger Head Bao … all classic dishes make guests feel the classic taste in traditional memory, and marvel at the new taste bud experience of combining creativity and ingenuity. In addition, the hotel also caters for different dishes, with different tastes of wine, Year of the Tiger brewed white wine and other customized drinks, which makes people feel the charm of wine and food.

According to reports, in addition to the special dishes carefully prepared by Star Chef, Wuhan Shangri-La Store also selected several New Year’s products, including zodiac wine, fragrant white wine, Buddha jumping wall gift box and seafood gift package. In response to the demand of Chinese New Year in Han Dynasty, the hotel also launched a convenient and safe New Year’s Eve takeaway package, semi-finished prefabricated dishes and so on.

Bright and beautiful: the main specialty of Hunan and Hubei

If you want to eat authentic hubei cuisine or special Hunan cuisine, Renaissance Wuhan Guangming Hotel in Xu Dong, Wuchang is a good choice.

It is understood that Master Peng Jian of the Wanlixuan Chinese Restaurant on the second floor of the hotel has many years of cooking experience. He has visited the source of food many times, tasted local flavors and exchanged food culture. At the same time, he kept innovating while following the essence of traditional cooking, bringing diners taste and visual enjoyment. The five Wanli Year of the Tiger family dinners created by Master Peng are most worth looking forward to, which are the surprise experience brought by the special Hubei cuisine and authentic Hunan cuisine.

Slow fire is a long transformation. For modern people, this long-awaited brewing is the best inheritance of food culture. According to reports, the mutton of the main dish "Red Stewed East Goat with Golden Bamboo Shoots" is hot, and the bamboo shoots are slightly cold. The two are both adjustable and moderate. The richness of mutton blends with the fragrance of bamboo shoots, which forms a huge contrast in taste, but it is also impeccable.

Another casserole sauce fish head king, rich in sauce, salty and sweet. The fish head with thick juice and thick taste is slowly stewed with low fire, and the sauce flavor and meat flavor are perfectly integrated. The soup tastes mellow and thick, and the fish head meat is tender, fresh but not fishy, fat but not greasy, which is worth recommending.

For more exciting information, please download the "Jimu News" client in the application market. Please don’t reprint it without authorization. Welcome to provide news clues and pay them as soon as they are adopted.


More than 150 industry guests gathered in Qingdao, Shandong Province to exchange experience in the integration of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry.

  Zhongxin. com, Qingdao, December 19 (Hu Yaojie, Zhang Xiaopeng) The on-site meeting on the integration and development of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry was held in jiaozhou city, Shandong Province on the 19th. This conference attracted more than 150 industry guests, including representatives from the headquarters of express delivery brands in China, to discuss the integrated development of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry in China, and to exchange and share their working experience.

The on-site meeting of the integration of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry was held in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Zhang Xiaopeng

  At the meeting, He Hailin, deputy director of the Operation Monitoring and Coordination Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, said that the logistics industry is the blood of the smooth operation of the manufacturing industry, and the express delivery industry, as an important component of the logistics industry, is the foundation for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Focusing on the integrated development and sustainable development of the two industries, the State Post Bureau and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have carried out many explorations and practices in recent years, resulting in the first batch of pilot pioneer areas and typical projects, which provide an important impetus for deepening reform and promoting a higher level of integration. He Hailin said that in the future, they will rely on relevant think tanks to dig deep into typical cases and sort out more experience models that can be used for reference and sharing.

  According to Guo Xiaozhong, member of the Standing Committee of Jiaozhou Municipal Committee and deputy mayor, the integration of the two industries is an important way to enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry, cultivate modern industrial system and achieve high-quality development. When sharing his experience, Guo Xiaozhong said that jiaozhou city continued to promote the deep integration of the two industries by deepening business association, chain extension and technology penetration, releasing new space for industrial transformation and building new advantages in industrial competition. In the future, jiaozhou city will speed up the construction of a number of national-level typical projects for the integration of the two industries, cultivate a number of new formats and models, form a number of replicable and scalable experiences, and provide a "Jiaozhou Plan" for the development of the integration of the two industries nationwide.

The conference attracted more than 150 industry guests, including representatives from the headquarters of various express brands in China. Zhang Xiaopeng

  Jiang Yulong, head of the cold chain medicine business of Jiangsu Jingxundi Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., said that they have been integrated into the manufacturing fields such as medicine and automobile, and optimized the express logistics services such as inbound logistics, warehouse distribution integration and order distribution, helping manufacturing enterprises to reconstruct the circulation system, optimize business processes, improve logistics efficiency and reduce operating costs, and achieved positive results. He believes that there is great potential for the integration and development of the two industries. In the future, they will continue to promote express logistics solutions to more industries.

  At the meeting, the State Post Bureau and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of "Pilot Zone for the Integration Development of Express Industry and Manufacturing Industry" and "Typical Project for the Deep Integration of Express Industry and Manufacturing Industry", among which jiaozhou city was selected as "Pilot Zone for the Integration Development of Express Industry and Manufacturing Industry".

  It is reported that this on-the-spot meeting is jointly sponsored by the State Post Bureau and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, aiming at building a platform to exchange the experience of typical projects and pilot pioneering areas for the integration of express delivery industry and manufacturing industry, pushing the integration of the two industries into a new stage and making new breakthroughs, and making industry contributions to better serving the economic and social development of China and helping the new development pattern. (End)

"2022 Beauty Hot Search List" was released: Cost-effective becomes a key word for consumption. Pain and opportunities coexist in the beauty industry.

Every reporter: Wang Ziwei

In 2022, it became a watershed for new brands. Brands that survived the cold winter of capital and the pain of transformation survived, while those that could not survive gradually disappeared in the wave of the market. It is no exception for beauty brands.

Recently, Vipshop released "Hot Search List of Beauty Cosmetics in 2022" (hereinafter referred to as "Hot Search List"). The list shows that in 2022, consumers are price-sensitive, and "cost-effective" and "flat replacement" have become the consumption keywords of young consumers this year.

This year can be described as two days of ice and fire for beauty brands.

From the perspective of the consumer market, beauty is still a big category favored by consumers. According to public data, during Tmall double 11 in 2022, the sales of beauty products and personal care products reached 42 billion yuan, with sales exceeding 200 million pieces. Among them, the GMV of Top5 brand exceeded 1.3 billion, and the sales of TOP20 brand exceeded 19.1 billion yuan.

Vipshop platform, the overall sales volume of beauty products increased by 58.8% year-on-year in 2022; In the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, double 11, domestic brands such as Polaiya, Youshiyan, Kuadi and one by one are sold out.

At the same time, it should also be noted that in the field of beauty cosmetics, players in collection stores are also experiencing a "cold wave", and related brands have shrunk their fronts to varying degrees; In addition, the listed new brands have also encountered a roller coaster of market value: after the listing of Perfect Diary, the market value has evaporated by hundreds of billions.

Beauty collection shop, a store in Mei. Image source: Every reporter Liu Xuemei photo

In this case of "ice and fire", there are many people in the industry who look at the domestic beauty market. The industry believes that the gradual development of domestic consumers’ aesthetics has actually brought new opportunities to new brands of domestic products. In this context, European and American giants began to set up investment companies, deeply rooted in the China market, and had firm confidence in the market. Domestic enterprises also "bought luxury goods" abroad.

Beauty consumers in 2022 are more sensitive to price. According to the statistics of Hot Search List, in the current challenging economic environment, many consumers’ ideas have changed and become more rational and pragmatic, and the popularity of search terms such as "cost performance" and "flat replacement" remains high.

In this context, the trend of domestic products and cutting-edge brands with obvious cost-effective advantages ushered in the "market year". On the platform of Vipshop, the sales of brands such as Ximuyuan, Zhuben, Grain Rain and Yeast Color doubled.

"Hot Search List" shows that functional skin care is also a highlight of the beauty market in 2022. According to the annual search data of Vipshop, hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid and nicotinamide became the three hottest beauty ingredients in 2022, followed by Centella asiatica, 377, VC, astaxanthin and alcohol A.

In the White Paper on New Consumption in China in 2022, Yang Boya, the founder of Half-One, said in an exclusive interview that users in China have their own unique aesthetics on good skin condition, which means that users in China have a clear localization trend on their ideal good skin condition.

This trend is also reflected in the field of makeup. "Hot Search List" shows that "pseudo-plain face" and "atmosphere" are the mainstream trends of makeup in Vipshop’s 2022 station.

In addition, thanks to the vigorous rise of outdoor activities, the concept of year-round sun protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Vipshop data also shows that in 2022, compared with buying hair and body care products, young people of generation Z after 90 and 95 are more willing to spend money on sun protection.

The "roller coaster" experience of Perfect Diary’s parent company, Yixian E-commerce (YSG.US, USD 1.47/share, with a total market value of USD 822 million) in the US stock market has not scared off domestic brands, and listing is still the choice of domestic beauty brands. According to incomplete statistics of the media, since 2020, 19 domestic beauty-related enterprises have gone public.

On December 22nd, Shanghai Shangmei Cosmetics Co., Ltd., the parent company of domestic beauty brand Kanshu, was officially listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, becoming the "first domestic beauty stock of Hong Kong stocks".

In addition, some brands have begun to acquire international brands to supplement their product lines. In July 2022, Shuiyang announced that it planned to acquire 90.05% equity and some creditor’s rights of the parent company of EviDenS de Beauté, a French high-end cosmetics brand, for about 337 million yuan.

This is not a case. According to the incomplete statistics of the beauty media "Qingyan", since 2018, seven companies including Yixian E-commerce, Gaolang and Polaiya have established capital ties with foreign beauty brands and companies through investment and acquisition, and established corresponding industrial funds.

Although it is a world of ice and fire, the impact of new brands on foreign brands has made international brands feel pain. It has become the choice of many international brands to tap new domestic brands and share a piece of China makeup market.

The obvious signal is that in May this year, two American giants, L ‘Oreal and Shiseido, successively set up investment funds in China.

According to the enterprise survey data, on May 5th, L ‘Oré al held 100% shares in Shanghai Meifang Business Consulting Co., Ltd. and 100% shares in Shanghai Meifang Investment Co., Ltd., which was the first company established by L ‘Oré al in China market with a registered capital of 100 million RMB, and was committed to investing in innovative beauty technology.

In the same month, Shiseido also established the first entity of China investment fund "Ziyue Fund", and Xiamen Ziyue Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) was incorporated, with a capital contribution of RMB 501 million, of which Shiseido (China) Investment Co., Ltd. contributed 98.0%.

According to public information, the above-mentioned beauty companies have laid out a big health track in a deep or shallow way, focusing on technologies related to dermatology. Among them, Ziyue has made frequent efforts in oral beauty and medical beauty tracks, and Meifang has also made efforts in the local perfume market in China, investing in new domestic brands such as Wenxian.

With the maturity and optimization of China’s beauty market in terms of channels, brands and supply chains, foreign-funded enterprises are no longer blindly buying local brands or independently developing new brands, but making commercial investments in a more flexible way.

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Italian media: Asian team offers Pedro, Lazio is trying to renew his contract.

Two years ago in the summer, Pedro moved from Rome to Lazio, rewriting the history that two bitter rivals in the same city had no direct player transactions for 40 years. Pedro’s transfer to Lazio coincided with the arrival of madman Mourinho in Rome. At that time, Pedro had a three-year contract with Rome, and he was able to cancel the contract successfully, largely because Mourinho did not intend to include Pedro in his lineup.

After joining Lazio, Pedro played 40 times in two consecutive seasons and helped the team win the Europa League. After the end of this season, his contract with Lazio officially expired. At that time, he will be 36 years old. It is difficult for players of this age to stay in the five major leagues. Of course, Pedro doesn’t worry about leaving home. After all, others have played in Barcelona and won three Champions League titles and five La Liga titles.

According to the Italian Evening Post, in March this year, Pedro received an offer from the Japanese J-League team, and Kobe Victory Ship and Yokohama Sailors were competing for the former Barcelona main midfielder. In addition, at the beginning of May, a Saudi League team also came to Italy to meet Pedro’s agent team. If the player himself can’t find a suitable job in Europe, the Saudi League always welcomes him to join.

At present, the outside world only knows that Pedro’s contract with Lazio is about to expire, but the season is not over yet, and Pedro may stay in Europe until the end of the summer window. According to Lazio’s team reporter, on the one hand, Pedro himself has not made up his mind to play in Asia, on the other hand, Lazio also wants to renew his contract, and the club’s top management is discussing with Pedro’s agent the appropriate salary plan.

Lazio is currently ranked fourth in Serie A and is likely to return to the Champions League after two years. Pedro has played for Barcelona and Chelsea for many years and has rich experience in the Champions League, which is why Lazio wants to renew his contract. In the past two years, Pedro has been an indispensable member of Lazio’s midfield. Instead of spending money on new players, it is better to use experienced acquaintances. Therefore, Lazio must negotiate a contract renewal with Pedro before the summer window.

10 o’clock in the middle of the night! Foreign media broke the controversy. Neymar was carnivated all night after serious injuries, and fans criticized it!

In the 15th round of the French Lixion, Paris, who fought away, pulled three goals in a row first, and finally defeated Saint Etien with 3-1, scored 3 points. But after the game, many fans of Paris are not happy, because the superstar Neymar in their team is seriously injured, and he will be absent from 6-8 weeks. Neymar’s curtain performance in 2021. When everyone was still regretting Neymar, the Spanish "World Sports News" recently broke out a controversial news, and the wind direction of the fans has gradually changed from blessings to criticism!

At 10 o’clock in the middle of the night on November 29th, Beijing time, Spain’s well -known media "Daily Sports News" broke the news that Neymar was immediately treated with a brief treatment after being injured and leaving the scene. Participants listened to music, smoking smoke, and playing poker together. They kept carnival until 6 o’clock in the morning. And singer JOTTAPE also posted a photo of the two on social media early in the morning, which has also become the best evidence of the matter!

After seeing this news, many of the fans who were still worried about Neymar turned their faces directly and began to severely criticize the Brazilian foot on the Internet. Some fans left a message: "I was very distressed by Neymar. Now seeing this news, I can only say that it deserves it. Perhaps he wants to participate in the party more than the stadium." And the fans said: "After all, the fans said:" After all, the fans said: "After all It is a Brazilian, you can understand. The examples of Xiaoluo and Ade are all in front. "However, some fans made suggestions for Neymar:" I hope he will learn more from the elder brother Alveis and extend as much as possible as possible. In his career, if he retire early, it is a huge loss for Brazil and fans! "

In fact, there has been no interruption on the lace news of Neymar’s field. He loves to visit the nightclub and likes to open the party. It is almost well known in the Paris team. His swaying behavior has also recruited a lot of doubts, but Neymar disagreed with this. He had publicly recovered the reporter at the press conference: "Why can’t I go to the nightclub? You will definitely live like me like this. I will go to the nightclub in the future. I think this is not a problem! "

In the season, Neymar played 14 games for the Paris team, contributed 3 goals and 3 assists, creating a new low since landing in Ligue 1. This "third person in the world" that was once inferior to Mero, if he could not focus all of his attention on football, then his career would be missed with the Golden Globe.