It is difficult for residents in Daxing, Beijing to go to work: four modes of travel are inconvenient, and residents call for this kind of car.

In 2016, Mr. Zhang lived in Mantingchun Community, Caiyu Town, Daxing. Since then, he has to take the government commuter bus to work in the city every day, with a one-way distance of about 45 kilometers. In recent years, with the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, the permanent population of Caiyu Town has soared, and the travel needs of residents have seriously exceeded the carrying capacity of commuter cars.
There is a long queue at the starting station of picking and breeding in the city.
None of the four modes of travel is convenient.
The commuter car in Mr. Zhang’s mouth was opened by the Caiyu Town Government around 2014. Commuters use regular long-distance buses, and each bus is limited to 55 passengers. Every morning from 6: 00 to 8: 30, there are 10 buses from Caiyu Central Primary School to the city, passing through the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, and directly reaching the vicinity of Shilihe subway station. According to Mr. Zhang, if there are no unexpected situations such as traffic jams, this journey only takes 40 minutes.
But in fact, the capacity of commuter bus in the morning is far from meeting the needs of residents in Caiyu Town. According to Mr. Zhang’s statistics, at present, the number of people who commute to work in Caiyu Town every day is about 2,000, but ten shuttle buses can only transport 550 people. Getting on the government shuttle bus on time every day has become the greatest wish of the breeder every day.
At the Caiyu Central Primary School at the bus departure station, Mr. Zhang told the reporter: "In order to get on the bus at 7: 00 in the morning, I started waiting for the bus half an hour in advance, but the queue number has exceeded 100." Mr. Zhang said while showing photos to reporters.
When the reporter visited the site, he found that although the commuter bus has several stations in Caiyu Town, each station radiates to crowded areas such as schools and communities, most people will choose to queue up at the departure station. If the commuter bus is full at the starting station, it is even more difficult to get on the bus from the next few stations. "Now, not only Caiyu Town, but also people in other areas are convenient. Driving to the starting station in the morning to grab a car with us will make our pressure even greater."
Many people queue up hopelessly, give up commuting cars and look for carpooling opportunities.
Mr. Ma, who works in the West Fourth Ring Road, has the same feeling. In order to catch the government bus on time every day, he usually arrives at the bus departure station before 7 o’clock. Even so, it takes an hour to get on the bus. Mr. Ma used to drive himself to work, but the fuel consumption cost of going back and forth for more than 70 kilometers a day was too high. "If you can’t sit at the starting station of the shuttle bus after 7: 30, you can only choose to carpool or take a black car to the city." The reporter learned that carpooling is very common in picking and breeding. There are five carpooling groups in Mr. Ma’s WeChat, each with 500 people. "Even carpooling is very difficult, and people are full as soon as the car stops at the roadside."
If you can’t catch up with the bus and carpooling, and the cost of driving to work is too high, then there is only one last way to go to work from Caiyu: customized buses such as "catching the bus". Mr. Zhang remembers that he took the "catching the bus" to work, and the bus was stopped by the traffic police twice on the way.
Always ask when you see the bus coming.
In addition to the morning rush hour, the evening rush hour is not easy. At the rush hour last weekend, the reporter went to the starting station of Jinsong to check the situation. Compared with a few years ago, there was still no sign on the commuter car for picking and breeding on the path in front of the Fulton apartment. Passengers routinely lined up here, and the team was very messy. And some unidentified buses are also attracting customers.
At about 6 pm, the number of people waiting in line exceeded 60. Many people can tell from the length of the queue whether they can get on the next bus. The passengers showed the reporter a departure schedule. The departure interval ranged from 15 minutes to half an hour, but it happened that the departure interval was widened during the rush hour. For example, after 6: 50 pm, the next departure time was 7: 30 pm, with an interval of 40 minutes.
Worried about the long interval between commuter trains, there are alternatives, but they are not formal. In the queue of carpooling, some people are handing out leaflets and enthusiastically introducing other modes of riding. The reporter saw at the scene that some irregular buses would appear in people’s sight from time to time. In the passenger’s words, as long as it is a bus to collect and cultivate, everyone wants to take it, and the fare of some cars is lower than that of the government commuter bus.
According to the driver of the government commuter bus, the commuter bus has been in a state of "losing money". They also know that passengers have a desire to add a car, but it is difficult at present, because there is no commuter car parking lot near Jinsong, and it is impossible to start in the opposite direction. As for whether the departure time can be adjusted, "it needs to be decided by Caiyu Town".
Residents look forward to commuting by bus.
The starting station returning from the urban area to collect and cultivate is overcrowded.
The reporter learned that there are three bus lines passing through Caiyu Town, but the set route is not convenient for office workers. The first is Xing 32, which passes through Yizhuang subway station, which is convenient for Caiyu residents to transfer to the subway process. However, it takes about 2 hours to get from Caiyu to Yizhuang, followed by 940, which starts from Caiyu all the way west, passes through Daxing Huangcun subway station, and finally passes through Jiugong subway station. Although both trains pass through the subway, they do not take the high speed. For passengers, it takes time to take the bus.
Many residents told reporters that the permanent population of Caiyu Town has surged in the past two years, but the number of commuter buses has never increased, and other modes of travel are inconvenient, so the problem of difficult travel needs to be solved urgently.
The reporter was informed that as early as 2016, it was reported that the government’s commuter bus was going to be reformed, which means that the commuter bus can not only run all day, but also the departure interval is greatly shortened, which is undoubtedly good news. However, in response to a reporter recently, the Caiyu Town Government said that the related issues of commuting bus are still in the discussion stage. Although residents often ask about this matter, the specific time is still uncertain.
Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Zhang Qunzhen Jing Yiming Intern Li Xinyu and photo

Make every effort to eliminate potential safety hazards. Linqu police investigated and dealt with many cases involving fireworks and firecrackers according to law.

Qilu. com Lightning News On January 31, the Spring Festival is approaching. In order to eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure the people in the jurisdiction to spend a peaceful and peaceful festival, Linqu Public Security has given full play to its functions, collected clues through multiple channels, strengthened patrol prevention and control, intensified on-site investigation and control, severely cracked down on illegal production, storage, transportation, sales and discharge of fireworks and firecrackers, and made every effort to create a good production and living environment. In recent days, it has investigated and dealt with many illegal acts involving fireworks and firecrackers.
On January 30th, the police of Shanwang Police Station of Linqu County Public Security Bureau found in their work that a foreign man illegally bought and sold fireworks and firecrackers in a village under the jurisdiction of the police station. The police verbally summoned the man to the Shanwang police station to further investigate and understand the situation. It is understood that the foreign man Hao Moumou did not hold the relevant license. In order to seek benefits, he illegally carried more than 60 packets of various fireworks and firecrackers to a village in Shanwang Town, Linqu County for sale. At present, the case is being further processed.
On January 30, the police of Jiangyu Police Station of Linqu County Public Security Bureau found in their work that a grocery store under the jurisdiction of the police station illegally traded and stored fireworks and firecrackers. After investigation, the store illegally bought and sold fireworks and firecrackers for profit without obtaining business qualification. At present, the case is being further processed.
On January 30th, the police of Sitou Police Station of Linqu County Public Security Bureau found that some people illegally bought, sold, stored and transported fireworks and firecrackers in a village under their jurisdiction. It is understood that the man Li Moumou, after wholesaling a large number of fireworks and firecrackers from other places, hoarded them at home and sold them to nearby villages and markets for profit on the premise of knowing that they were illegal. There are other sundries piled up in Li’s room where fireworks and firecrackers are stored. There are no safety precautions and there are great safety hazards. At present, the case is being further processed.
On January 24th, the police of Liushan Police Station of Linqu County Public Security Bureau found that some people illegally bought, sold and transported fireworks and firecrackers in a village under their jurisdiction. After investigation, Zhang drove a car to load a case of fireworks and firecrackers and transported it from Mianqiao Town, Changle County to a village in Linqu County for sale without obtaining the Fireworks and Firecrackers Retail Business License and the Fireworks and Firecrackers Road Transportation License. At present, the case is being further processed.
Lightning journalist Yu Gang correspondent Gong Dejun Gao Xiaotong reports from Weifang

Football preview: leicester city is in a hot state, Atletico Madrid is in good shape, and Paris VS Montpellier.

Leicester city VS Leeds United

Leicester City defeated the Rangers away from home, and the league won 9 consecutive victories. The team’s recent performance is still hot, and it currently ranks first in the league with 39 points. Leicester city’s offensive end is active, and the stability of defense line is extremely strong. Leeds United beat Hadders at home in the last league. Although the team has experienced some ups and downs recently, it still wins more and loses less overall. At present, it ranks third in the league with 25 points. Leeds United’s offensive output is equally strong, but the defense strength is really insufficient in the near future.

Leicester city’s recent performance is still strong, and the team is currently at the top of the league. At the same time, the team’s home performance is also very strong. Leeds United is still winning more and losing less in the near future, but its overall stability is still insufficient compared with its opponents, especially the team’s recent defensive line is unstable. This time, leicester city is sitting at a strong home, and I believe there is still a chance to win the opponent’s winning streak.

Las palmas VS Atletico Madrid

Las palmas defeated Alme, the underdog in the last league, and the team has won many victories in the underdog recently. At present, it is chasing the 10th place in the league with 14 points. Las palmas’s offensive output has been strengthened, but the stability of the defense line is still insufficient. Atletico Madrid defeated Alaves at home in the last league, and the league won six consecutive victories. The overall state and stability continued to rise, and it is currently ranked third in the league with 25 points. Atletico Madrid’s offensive output has been continuously improved, and its defensive performance is acceptable, but the situation of zero sealing has been reduced.

Las palmas’s recent achievements have indeed warmed up, but the opponents are mostly weak teams in the league, and the gold content is really not high. The team’s performance at both ends of attack and defense is still obviously insufficient in the face of strong teams. Atletico Madrid’s recent performance is still strong, and the front line output is still very stable, but the defensive strength needs to be improved. This time, Atletico Madrid is a guest to challenge the opponent. I believe it is still a cinch to take away three points.

Paris saint-germain VS Montpellier

Paris Saint-Germain beat brest away from home in the last league, and the league won three consecutive victories and five unbeaten rounds. The team’s recent performance has been getting stronger and stronger, and the difference between the team and Nice at the top has narrowed to one point. The offensive output of Paris Saint-Germain has been strengthened again, but the defensive strength needs to be strengthened. Montpellier beat Toulouse at home in the last league. Although the team lost away from home before, its overall performance is still strong in the near future. At present, the team ranks sixth in the league with 15 points. Montpellier’s offensive output is still significantly strengthened, but the defensive end is also not stable enough.

The overall strength of Paris Saint-Germain is very secure, and the team’s recent achievements and performance are also worthy of recognition. In addition, the team has also found the home court advantage. The overall performance of Montpellier has also improved recently, winning several victories, but it is still difficult to compete with Paris in terms of strength. Montpellier’s visit to challenge Paris this time, I believe it is still a situation of losing less and winning.

Porto VS Lille, esto

Porto defeated Visala away from home in the last league, and won two consecutive victories in the league. Although the team suffered defeat in the face of traditional powerful teams, it still had no pressure in the face of other opponents. At present, the team ranks third in the league with 22 points. Porto’s offensive output is very secure, and the stability of the defense line has also improved. Lille, esto, lost to Polti in the last league, and the league suffered another three-game losing streak and seven rounds. At present, it only ranks at the bottom with four points. Esto Lille’s offensive performance is also relatively active, but the defense loopholes are also huge.

Porto’s overall strength is very secure, and the team is still able to face other opponents in the league, and the performance at home is also very safe. Rival esto Lille’s recent performance is still sluggish, although the offensive output is still guaranteed, but the defense loopholes are too large. This time, Porto sat at home to meet the challenge of the vice squad leader. I believe the team still has the ability to beat the opponent and win three points.

Bologna VS lazio

Bologna drew with Sassuolo in the last league. Although the team’s winning ability is not strong, it can still guarantee the unbeaten game in nine rounds, and the overall stability is acceptable. At present, the team ranks eighth in the league with 15 points. Bologna’s offensive output has strengthened, but the stability of the defense line has declined. Lazio beat Florence at home in the last league, and the league won three consecutive victories. The team has been in a strong state in the near future, and it can also win battles in a row. At present, it ranks seventh in the league with 16 points. Lazio’s offensive efficiency has improved, and the stability of the defense line has improved.

Bologna’s overall performance is quite stable. It has previously drawn against strong teams such as Juventus, Inter Milan and Naples, and it has a strong ability to score points in the main battle. Lazio, the opponent, has been strengthening in recent days, and it is also in a winning streak. Although the team’s performance in the away game is not good, most of its opponents are league teams, and they also have the ability to score points away from home. This time, the two teams collided, and Bologna, who performed very steadily, still had a chance to defend the unbeaten home, and the possibility of a draw between the two sides was not small.

1-0! The Premier League fought for four big endings, Manchester United beat Cherry Corps, basically locked in the Champions League, and Liverpool was out.

In the 37th round of the Premier League, Manchester United went to the away game to challenge Bournemouth, the cherry legion. Before the game started, Manchester United got a rare full week’s rest. Tenghage, on the other hand, didn’t play the whole game, and he discharged the best lineup on the card. Sancho, Marchal and Anthony form a trident, B Fei, Eriksson and casemiro partner in the third midfield, Luke Shaw, Lindelov, Vallanet and Wan Pisaka form a defense line, and Rachford continues to be injured.
Since the Liverpool game also started at the same time, the opponent is the powerful Villa, so if Manchester United wins this game, it is possible to lock in the Champions League qualification in advance. After the start of the game, Bournemouth, who had been relegated successfully, obviously lacked fighting spirit, and Manchester United, who was away from home, was not in the best condition. Facing Bournemouth’s defense, the two long-range shots that Manchester United players tried were outrageous.
In the eighth minute, Manchester United "unexpectedly" took the lead. Eriksson’s cross from outside the penalty area was hoisted into the penalty area, Bournemouth defender failed to kick the ball right, casemiro followed up and turned around to score the goal, and Manchester United led Bournemouth 1-0. Since then, Manchester United has taken possession of the ball, but it has created few opportunities. In the 20 th minute, Eriksson’s long-range left foot outside the penalty area was higher than the goal;
In the 27th minute, Solanke turned and shot low in Manchester United’s restricted area, and Degea fell to the ground and saved the ball. Three minutes later, Bournemouth played in the frontcourt, and Christie answered his teammate’s inverted triangle return shot in the restricted area and was blocked from the bottom line. This series of attacks sounded the alarm for Manchester United, and the team’s defense was a little lax; In the 37th minute, Marchal’s rubbing shot outside the restricted area missed the goal; In the 40th minute, casemiro’s long-range shot outside the restricted area was tackled sideways by Neto; In the 45th minute, Solanke tossed his head in the penalty area and the ball was slightly higher than the crossbar.
Easy-side battles, Tenghage followed the lineup of the first half. In the 47th minute, Bournemouth got a good chance, and Brooks’ volley in the restricted area was saved by Degea. In the 57th minute, Marchal, who had just created a dangerous situation in the restricted area of Bournemouth and got a corner kick, was replaced, and Wieghorst appeared, leaving Marchal looking puzzled. In the 63rd minute, Manchester United organized an attack in the frontcourt, and Wieghorst shot in the restricted area, but the angle was saved by Neto.
In the 71st minute, Tenghage made another substitution adjustment, replacing Sancho with Garnacho, and the two players who were most questioned in this game came off one after another. In the 75th minute, B Fei shot the ball outside the penalty area and was saved by Neto. In the 84th minute, Bournemouth got the best chance of the whole game. Moore broke into the restricted area and was blocked from shooting Degea, and Manchester United narrowly escaped.
At the end of the game, Manchester United narrowly missed 3 points away from home. The points tied Newcastle, and the difference with Liverpool was once again opened to 4 points. As Liverpool drew 1-1 with Villa at home, it is difficult to qualify for the Champions League with one round left. Because Manchester United’s remaining two rounds are home games, as long as they get 1 point, they can lock in the Champions League qualification. And Manchester United is a veritable home dragon this season, losing only one game at home throughout the season, so it is already possible to announce the finale in advance for the Premier League’s 4 th World War.
But looking back at the content of this game, Manchester United’s victory is actually unconvincing. Apart from casemiro’s goal, Bournemouth’s attack is more threatening. If it weren’t for the Cherry Legion’s relegation success in advance, it would be very hanging for Manchester United to take away these 3 points away from home.
In addition, Marchal and Sancho can really consider sending them away. Marchal recently got rid of the injury, but he gave people a very tired feeling, his legs were heavy, and he forced to rob him for show. I don’t know if I know I’m leaving this summer, for fear of injury. Tenghage replaced him in the 57th minute, preferring to replace him with "Wowoge" who couldn’t score, which was a signal that he was very dissatisfied with Marchal’s attitude towards the game.
As a winger, Sancho has no speed, no breakthrough, no shot, no threat to pass the ball, and even the most basic defense. After Garnacho came up, the threat from the left was immediately promoted. Sancho didn’t have the momentum and breakthrough ability of this teenager. Garnacho will definitely get more time next season, and it’s time for Tenghage to consider Sancho’s future this summer.

Tell you quietly, one more lead can become so powerful, wild fishing is invincible

During the usual fishing, lead pendants are on the sub -line and eight -character ring, that is, the position of the leading leather seat of the pendant fishing. However, the water love is different, and the method of fishing for fishing must be changed. The reason why the master caught more than you is actually not much secret. The key is a "change" word. What fishing method never uses, nor is it obsessed with single lead or double lead, or some magical bait. For example, in order to increase the fishing nature of fish, we will move the lead, increase the length of the sub -line in disguise, and make the sub -line swinging the amplitude larger. Have time to eat bait.

Good people will have a heart of Barna Haichuan, can tolerate, tolerate, allow it, and help. Good people will have good thoughts. When they see others in trouble, they will reach out to help; when they see the weak are bullied, they will come forward. Good people always think too much for others. If you encounter something, you will think about it. I would rather lose myself, be aggrieved, and do not go to win or lose with others. Kind people, because they are not afraid of suffering, they will not suffer. There will be cause and effect in the world. Good and evil God will judge that you will pay back you will double you in the future. Good people, we, we must learn to understand the change of red dust, to understand calmness all the way; we, we must learn to forgive the imperfections of life, cherish, treat them well

In addition, in order to prevent the small fish from making a nest or a large flow of water, lead pendants are usually increased, and the space beans with fixed lead pendants are opened, which is what we often call fishing and running. Let the bait to the end quickly and use the stability of the large lead to reduce the effect of water flow on float. Through the above two examples, we will find a very interesting thing: it seems that there can be fishing anywhere in the online group, the position of the lead pendant is different, and the effect is different.

This is only the usage of single -lead pendants. In fact, in actual fishing, double -lead or even more lead fishing methods will be used many times. For example, when we fishing and running lead, although the weight of the lead pendant is greater than the buoyant of the float, the lead pendant itself has the entire buoyancy of the float. state. At this time, we must not only bear the buoyancy of the float, but also overcome the rubbing of the lead and the friction of the line group and the lead. The fishing is too blunt.

But at this time, if a double lead pendant, that is, two lead pendants are installed on the main line. First, use the lead pendant above to drift normally, such as adjusting 3 meters. Then use the lead pendant to run for lead. At this time, the lead pendant can only be exposed with a burden, which can be ignored, so the lead pendant will lie flat at the bottom of the water, but it is similar to the anchor -like fixation. effect. The line group can also slide easily in the lead leather seat, and the fish can swallow the bait into the mouth with only smaller strength, which will be much more sensitive than a single large lead pendant fishing and running lead.

In addition, if there is a sauce layer at the bottom of the water, we usually raise the fishing low. In order to prevent the bait from getting into the mud, we will also adjust the proportion of the bait very lightly. However, there will be a problem at this time, and there is no way to push the floats into the water when the double -hook bait hangs. For example, if we adjust the 6 meters, we will be exposed to the water surface after hanging the double bait. But at this time, what should I do if I want to get a bait suspended and the bottom of the bait? It is very simple. You can install a bite on the lower hook. This lead pendant does not need to consider the weight at all. The purpose is to let the lower hook bottom. However, at this time, the hook is still suspended. In this case, there is no need to consider the problem of drift. Fishing 1 or 2 mesh, the state of the bait in the bottom of the water must be a hook suspended and the bottom.

Even if you fish normally in the static waters, you can use double lead. For example, put a small lead pendant under the floating feet, so that the float can be quickly turned over. Make floating drift easier to find signals and positioning fishing points. However, when using a multi -lead pendant, you must consider the leading weight when bleaching, and you cannot interfere with the role of other lead pendants. The general principle is that whether it is a single lead or a double -lead pendant, it is adjusted according to the water and fish feelings. Don’t think that the double lead is tall, and the single lead will be out of date, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

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