[Commemorating the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth] Revisit Marx and Engels’ United Front Thought!

  The United front is a basic strategic and tactical issue of Marxism.On the basis of summing up the experience of proletarian revolutionary struggle scientifically, Marx and Engels solved the problem of proletarian self-unity and fighting for allies, and created the proletarian United front thought.On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth, let’s review Marx and Engels’ thoughts on the United front.

  The proletariat must strengthen its unity.

  The unity of the proletariat itself is one of the basic problems of the proletarian United front. In order to accomplish the historical mission entrusted by history, the proletariat must first unite its own strength.Marx and Engels have always placed this issue in a very important position throughout their revolutionary careers. In 1864, International Working Men’s Association (later called "First International"), founded by Marx and Engels, was a joint organization of workers from all countries and an organization of workers’ united front. Participants in the First International include communists, Proudhon, trade unionists, co-operatives, bakunin, and so on. In the "Common Articles of Association" drafted for International Working Men’s Association, Marx fully considered the acceptance level of workers of all factions. On the one hand, he adhered to the principle of scientific socialism in content, and on the other hand, he was flexible and gentle in wording, making it a common program for workers of all countries and factions to embody the internal United front of the working class. He pointed out that one of the reasons for the founding of International Working Men’s Association was that "the liberation of the working class should be won by the working class itself", and the reason why the previous proletarian revolutionary movement "failed to receive results was because the workers in different labor departments in each country were not United enough, and because the working classes in various countries lacked close alliance with each other". "The success of the workers’ movement in every country can only be guaranteed by the strength of unity and union." Engels said: "Since the situation of workers in all countries is the same, since their interests are the same and they have the same enemies,Then they should fight together, and they should fight against the bourgeois brotherhood of all ethnic groups with the workers’ brotherhood of all ethnic groups. "The above discussion and practical activities not only illustrate the necessity and importance of unity and unity within the proletariat, but also prove the possibility of realizing this unity.

  The unity and unity of the proletariat includes two aspects: on the one hand, the unity and unity of the proletariat itself within a country, and on the other hand, the international unity among the proletariat of all countries in the world.Marx and Engels carefully investigated and analyzed the characteristics of capitalism in Europe and America in the middle and lower 19th century, which was due to the development of large-scale capitalist industry, which broke the regional division and closed-door state of natural economy in the Middle Ages and formed a unified world market. Capitalist production is no longer a national production, and capitalists exploit not only domestic workers. Proletarians all over the world have the same social status. They are all wage laborers, do not possess any means of production, and are exploited and oppressed by capitalists. In the struggle for their own liberation, they face a common class enemy — — International bourgeoisie. Based on common interests, the bourgeoisie of all countries are consistent and mutually supportive in opposing the proletariat. If a proletarian revolution occurs in a country, they will take joint action to suppress it. Therefore, the proletariat of all countries must also unite. For this reason, Marx and Engels put forward in the communist party Declaration that "proletarians all over the world, unite!" Slogan, and devoted his life to promoting the practice of international proletarian unity. For example, they reorganized the League of the Rightists into the League of Communists in 1847, guided the proletariat of all countries to take correct actions in the European Revolution in 1848, acted in the first international, and Engels acted as a consultant to the second international after Marx’s death, all of which were their practice of devoting themselves to international proletarian unity.

  On the issue of the unity and unity of the proletariat itself, Marx and Engels also expounded the relationship between ordinary proletarians and the people of communist party, as well as the unity among the workers’ political parties. They pointed out: communist party people are not special political parties opposed to other workers’ political parties, and they have no interests different from those of the proletariat as a whole. "The differences between communist party people and other proletarian political parties are as follows: on the one hand, in the struggle of proletarians in various countries, communist party people emphasize and adhere to the common interests of the entire proletariat regardless of nationality; On the other hand, communist party people have always represented the interests of the whole movement at all stages of development experienced by the struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. " In September 1871, at the First International London Delegate Conference, Marx and Engels also pointed out that the Paris Commune was "an alliance of all organizations and factions in the working class against the bourgeoisie" based on the experience of the Paris Commune. It shows that the working class can only act as a class if it is organized as an independent party opposed to all the old political parties established by the bourgeoisie in its struggle against the joint power of the bourgeoisie. That is to say, if communist party does not unite with other workers’ parties, it will affect the extensiveness of the internal unity of the proletariat, so if there is no independent proletarian party, it is impossible to truly realize the unity and unity of the proletariat itself.

  In the process of revolution, the proletariat should strive to form alliances with other classes, political parties and social forces that can participate in the revolution.

  In order to realize its historical mission, eliminate class and class differences and finally realize communism, the proletariat should not only realize its own unity and unity, but also unite the vast number of allies.

  The proletariat must unite with the peasants.Marx and Engels pointed out that in the struggle against capitalism and all exploitation systems, the proletariat must first unite with the peasants. "The exploitation of farmers and the exploitation of the industrial proletariat are just different in form. The exploiters are the same: capital. " Similar economic status and common political requirements are the solid foundation of the workers-peasants alliance; It is the common interest of the workers and peasants to get rid of the exploitation and oppression of capital. Whether the proletariat can form an alliance with the broad masses of peasants is always the key to the success or failure of the revolution. The important reason for the failure of the European Revolution in 1848 and the Paris Commune in 1871 was the failure to solve the problem of the workers-peasants alliance. When summing up the experience of the revolution in 1848, Marx pointed out: Before the revolution made the peasants and petty bourgeoisie "recognize the proletariat as their vanguard and move closer to it, the French workers could not move forward and touch the bourgeois system at all." On the contrary, if the peasants support it, "the proletarian revolution will get a chorus. Without this chorus, its solo in all peasant countries will inevitably become a lonely and mournful." Only by winning over the broad masses of peasants, "can we win a lasting victory", and they also pointed out that when the proletariat rises to the ruling class, it should also adhere to the alliance with peasants.

  The proletariat must unite with the urban petty bourgeoisie.In the works of Marx and Engels, the urban petty bourgeoisie is usually regarded as "petty bourgeois democrat" or "democratic petty bourgeoisie". In the second half of 19th century after the establishment of scientific socialism, petty-bourgeois democrats have always been an important political force active in the political arena of some major capitalist countries in Europe and America. It not only has a deep foundation among urban residents, but also many farmers, including the rural proletariat, which has not been supported by the urban proletariat, have followed it for a long time. Therefore, if the proletariat wants to effectively fight against capitalism and all exploitation systems, it must pay attention to uniting these forces. Marx and Engels believed that the revolutionary workers’ party should adopt the following attitude towards the petty-bourgeois democrats: "Go together with the petty-bourgeois democrats to oppose the factions that the workers’ party wants to overthrow;" When the petty-bourgeois Democrats want to consolidate their position for personal gain, they must oppose it. "

  The proletariat must unite with the bourgeoisie in the struggle against feudalism.In the modern history of the world, when the European proletariat took the lead as an independent political force on the historical stage, the bourgeois democratic revolution against feudalism in most European countries has not yet been completed. In this way, in a feudal monarchy country, the enemy faced by the proletariat is, first of all, the reactionary feudal class, which is behind the bourgeoisie. According to the social class situation at that time, Marx and Engels believed that the bourgeois revolution was the direct prelude to the proletarian revolution, and it would be impossible to realize the proletarian revolution without first completing the bourgeois democratic revolution and overthrowing the feudal system. Therefore, they declared to the proletariat all over the world: "communist party people everywhere support all revolutionary movements against the existing social and political systems." It is argued that the proletariat will not hesitate to support the bourgeois struggle against feudalism. As they pointed out when talking about the situation in their hometown of Germany: "As long as the bourgeoisie takes revolutionary action, communist party will join it in opposing absolute monarchy, feudal land ownership and the reactiveness of ordinary citizens."

  In the era of Marx and Engels, the proletarian revolution was intertwined with the bourgeois national democratic revolution. The above-mentioned views of Marx and Engels on the proletariat uniting with the petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie have actually included the idea of the proletariat uniting with the petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeois democratic parties. The communist party Declaration pointed out: "communist party people are striving for unity and agreement among democratic political parties all over the world." According to this principle and the situation in Europe at that time, Marx and Engels also elaborated the policy that communist party people should adopt towards democratic political parties in different countries and under different conditions. For example, in France at that time, communist party people should unite with the socialist democratic party of the petty bourgeoisie to oppose the bourgeoisie; In Switzerland, communist party people should support radical bourgeois parties to oppose monks and nobles and carry out democratic reforms; In Poland, the people of communist party should support the revolutionary democratic party that launched the Krakow Uprising in 1846 and its struggle for national independence and agrarian revolution.

  Marx and Engels put forward the strategic and tactical principles of the United front, which not only provided powerful ideological weapons for the proletariat, but also they themselves were outstanding practitioners of these principles.During the German Revolution in 1848, they participated in the editing of New Vegetable Newspaper as Democrats, and successfully cooperated with bourgeois and petty-bourgeois Democrats during the running of the newspaper. Later, when Engels talked about the importance of this alliance, he pointed out that if we didn’t do it at that time, "then we would have to publicize communism in a tabloid in a remote place and have to create a small Sect instead of a huge action party."

  Proletarian political parties must maintain their independence when uniting with other classes and political parties.

  Proletarian political parties maintain their independence when forming alliances with other classes and political parties, including ideological and political independence and organizational independence, which is the embodiment of the advanced nature of the proletariat and the inevitable requirement of its advanced nature.When talking about this advanced nature, Marx and Engels pointed out: "In practice, communist party people are the most determined part of the workers’ political parties in various countries and always push the movement forward; Theoretically, their superiority over the rest of the proletariat lies in their understanding of the conditions, process and general results of the proletarian movement. " This advanced nature of the proletarian political party determines that it always represents the future of the movement even when it unites with other classes and political parties to fight for the recent goals and interests of the working class. Therefore, when communist party people unite with the revolutionary petty bourgeoisie to oppose the bourgeoisie, "it does not give up the right to take a critical attitude towards those empty talks and fantasies that have emerged from the revolutionary tradition"; When communist party people unite with the bourgeoisie to oppose the feudal system, "they don’t neglect to educate workers as clearly as possible to realize the hostile opposition between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat"; Proletarian political parties, when acting jointly with political parties of other classes, "must be based on the premise that the proletarian nature of the party will not cause problems."

  Marx and Engels’ thought of maintaining the independence of proletarian political parties also contains the leadership of the United front.When the proletariat and its political parties form alliances with other classes and political parties for certain political purposes, they are faced with the question of whether you lead the allies or the allies lead you. This is related to the fundamental direction and road of the United front, that is, to the leadership of the United front. Proletarian political parties must maintain their independence, that is, independent thoughts, theories, policies and programs, independent organizations and actions, and maintain the right to criticize their allies. If we lose this independence, we will lose the leadership of the United front. This is self-evident to Marx and Engels. Moreover, they believe that there are conditions for the proletariat and its political parties to unite with other classes, political parties, groups and forces, and once these conditions are destroyed, the alliance will be dissolved immediately. Marx and Engels resolutely opposed the kind of alliance that might damage the independence of the proletariat and lose its principles.

  Marx and Engels were the founders of the proletarian United front, and they laid the theoretical and strategic foundation for the proletarian United front, thus providing theoretical guidance for the international communist movement that flourished in the second half of the 19th century.As a valuable spiritual heritage of the world proletariat, its basic ideas and principles were inherited and developed by Lenin in the late 19th century and 20th century, and further developed in China’s revolution and construction.

The police helped save the day, and the elderly and children returned home safely.

■ Our reporter Lu Zengan correspondent Le Xue 

The little boy almost got lost when riding in the community garden. Fortunately, after being discovered by enthusiastic citizens, he asked the patrolman for help in time to find his family. One of the two old people fell and was injured, and the other was lost for three days. With the help of the police, they were safely reunited with their families … On February 23, several accidents occurred in Liangqing area, which were saved by the timely and proper disposal of Liangqing police.
  The little boy rode away while his family was not looking.
"Thank you! Help me find my grandson, and we will take good care of the children in the future … "On February 23rd, the auxiliary police of Jinxiang Police Station, the special patrol brigade of Liangqing Public Security Bureau, helped a lost child to go home safely, and the family members thanked him again and again. It turned out that at about 11 o’clock that day, Lin Linfu and Chris Huang, the auxiliary police officers of the Golden Elephant Police Station, carried out patrol prevention and control work in the area under their jurisdiction. When they patrolled to the vicinity of Wuxiang Automobile Life Square on Dongfeng Road in the area under their jurisdiction, they received help from the masses, saying that a little boy was playing alone, without an adult around him, and he was suspected of being lost.
After receiving the report, Lin Linfu and Huang Qiang Hua immediately came forward to understand the situation and found the little boy. It was cold and drizzling, and the little boy sat nervously in the security booth near the square. Seeing this situation, Lin Linfu squatted down and took the little boy’s hand to calm his emotions, patiently communicated with him, and asked his parents for contact information. Because of his young age, the little boy can only answer the names of himself and his grandfather, and other information can’t be provided. In order to help the little boy find his parents quickly, Lin Linfu decided to take the little boy back to the police station first.
Soon, the police successfully contacted the little boy’s grandfather, Yu Mousun, and informed the child about the situation. Twenty minutes later, Yu Mousun hurried to the police station to pick up the little boy. It was learned that the little boy was originally riding in the garden of the community, leaving the community by bike while adults were not paying attention. Fortunately, with the help of enthusiastic people and the police, there was no danger.
  An 80-year-old man fell to the side of the road and suffered a head injury.
Coincidentally, at 10 o’clock in the morning, Tan Jiangang, a policeman from Wuxiang Police Station of the Special Patrol Brigade of Liangqing Public Security Bureau, led the team members to conduct normal patrols in the jurisdiction and found an 80-year-old man falling on the side of the road. Tan Jiangang went forward to check the situation and found that the old man had a head injury and blood oozing out because his head was facing down when he fell. The situation was urgent. Tan Jiangang quickly sent the old man to a nearby hospital for treatment with a police car.
In the hospital, Tan Jiangang accompanied the old man for examination and patiently communicated with the medical staff until his family arrived. After preliminary examination, the old man’s body is not serious. Before leaving, Tan Jiangang patiently handed over the precautions to the elderly family members, and reminded them to accompany their families as much as possible to prevent accidents.
   The old man went out shopping alone for 3 days and didn’t return.
"Please rest assured that we will send the elderly home safely." Recently, Nanxiao Police Station of Nanning Public Security Bureau received an alarm saying that a lost old man was found in Taima Village of Nanxiao Town, and he was unwilling to talk to the villagers. After receiving the police, Chen Xi immediately drove to Taima Village to find the old man.
When the old man saw the police, he gradually relaxed his vigilance and accepted the bread and water handed by the police. It is understood that the old man went out from home to go shopping in the town alone, and somehow he went to Taima Village in Nanxiao Town. When the police asked him about his home address and children’s names, the old man’s language was vague and could not tell the specific situation. After many efforts, I finally got in touch with the family of the old man.
It is understood that the old man has been away from home for three days, and his family is very anxious and looking around. When the police brought the old man back safely, the family’s hanging heart finally relaxed, and a happy smile appeared on their faces, and they thanked the police for their help.

The vision of mine to restore green hills becomes beautiful.

  In March this year, employees of Shizuishan City who participated in voluntary tree planting in spring were carrying saplings. Photo courtesy of Propaganda Department of Shizuishan Municipal Committee

  In March of this year, the newly planted saplings of the coal gangue residue platform stood upright in the Dagugou treatment area. Our reporter He Yuche photo

  Ma Lian beach area in Shizuishan section of Helan Mountain after treatment (photo taken in August 2022). Photo courtesy of Propaganda Department of Shizuishan Municipal Committee

  Editor’s Note: The integrated protection and restoration project of landscape forest, field, lake, grass and sand ("landscape project") is a landmark project to practice the concept of life community of landscape forest, field, lake and grass. Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", 44 "landscape projects" have been deployed and implemented in the important ecological barrier areas of "three districts and four belts". In December, 2022, "China Landscape Project" was selected as one of the first ten flagship projects of world ecological restoration by the United Nations. From now on, this edition will publish a series of reports on "Beautiful China Landscape Project" to show the exploration and achievements of integrated protection and restoration in various places.

  "Look, there is a rock sheep on the right!" When the vehicle drove into Helan Mountain, Ge Yihong suddenly shouted. Looking up, three gray rock sheep are drinking leisurely by the stream, and in the distance, Helan Mountain is covered with a layer of green.

  This is Shitanjing Street, Dawukou District, Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, located in the hinterland of Helan Mountain. Ge Yihong, the 60-year-old stationmaster of street sanitation station, lives here all the year round.

  Helan Mountain is an important natural geographical dividing line and an important ecological barrier in northwest China, which is rich in coal and other resources. Since 1950s, large-scale disorderly mining has seriously damaged the mountain landform. In 2018, the pilot project of ecological protection and restoration of lake grass in the landscape forest field at the eastern foot of Helan Mountain in Ningxia was officially launched; In 2021, the comprehensive improvement of the ecological environment of Helan Mountain was jointly recommended by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the World Conservation Union as one of the 10 typical cases of ecological protection and restoration with China characteristics. Today, Ningxia has completed the comprehensive renovation of 214 points inside and outside Helanshan National Nature Reserve, with an area of over 405,000 mu.

  Mine management, shut down and quit coal and gravel enterprises.

  "In the past two years, the effectiveness of governance has gradually emerged. There have been new changes in the former Shikanjing mining area, and many animals that have lived in the mountains for a long time have gone down the mountain." Ge Yigong said, looking out from time to time. "You see, this ‘ Quack chicken ’ How beautiful! " Along the direction of the finger, I saw the stone pheasants with bright fur and round posture strolling in the grass in droves, and in the distance, the golden eagle with wide wingspan was hovering in the sky … …

  Ge Yihong was born, grew up and worked in the mining area. Different from the days when the mountains were quiet and natural and animals swarmed, the Helan Mountain used to be full of people and the sound of mining rumbled.

  Since 1950s, Helan Mountain has entered the stage of large-scale industrial mining. Mining enterprises blossom everywhere, and there are countless informal small coal mines. "At that time, it was also called Shikanjing District. At the most brilliant time, it was inhabited by more than 100,000 people. There were hospitals, shopping malls, schools and restaurants, including Helan Mountain ‘ Baili mining area ’ Known as. " Ge Yihong said.

  However, the large-scale exploitation of mineral resources has seriously damaged the mountain landscape, and some wild animals are on the verge of extinction due to the sharp compression of their habitats. There are about 50 coal enterprises scattered in the Dagugou area of the carboniferous well, including 5 large pits formed by open-pit mining and more than 10 continuous slag hills. Dust all over the sky and sewage cross-flow, which greatly destroyed the natural ecosystem of Helan Mountain.

  "In the past, there were coal washing plants everywhere. Black wastewater flowed in the ditch and the land was dyed black. Private mines cut off the whole mountain, and dug a large pit for quarrying, forming a gully with a depth of 100 meters. " Ge Yihong still remembers the scene of that year. "Red deer and rock sheep have never been seen. Wearing a shirt, it will be dyed black for a while, and residents are afraid to dry clothes outside. "

  With the progress of the central environmental protection inspector, in 2017, Ningxia began to vigorously rectify the ecological environment of Helan Mountain. Rujigou, Shitanjing and other mining areas closed all open-pit coal mines, 83 mining rights were all withdrawn, and 561 "scattered pollution" enterprises in the centralized coal processing zone at the foot of the mountain were also shut down and banned.

  After clearing the mine, cutting the slope and lowering the platform, a vigorous mine management began. "Following the Helan Mountain Clean-up and Renovation Command, everyone rushed to the slag platform piled up by abandoned coal gangue and transported it day and night." As the stationmaster of Shitanjing Street Sanitation Station, Ge Yihong participated in the whole process.

  Coal gangue was piled up into a waste platform with a height of nearly 100 meters by a mine car, and then cut into a "terraced field" in order to reduce the slope and prevent soil erosion. Subsequently, the mountain-high unclaimed slag pile was covered with loess nearly 50 cm thick, which gave the black slag mountain with a layer of "skin" that could retain green vitality. At the same time, "follow the mountain, follow the mountain, follow the mountain", restore the topography according to the shape, and reduce the safety hazards such as landslides and mudslides.

  During the treatment period, the resident population of Shitanjing decreased sharply, and Ge Yihong moved from the hinterland of Helan Mountain to Dawukou District at the foot of the mountain with the coal miners. Nowadays, standing at the top of the Dagugou governance area, new "mountains" have sprung up. "This is smoothing what was left behind ‘ Scar ’ Only by curing the mine can there be room for further greening. " Ge Yihong said.

  Planting trees, building greening projects and implementing ecological restoration.

  On both sides of the 302 provincial highway crossing Helan Mountain, drip irrigation pipes tightly wrap the towering slag platform like fishing nets. "This is to ensure the survival rate of seedlings. From spring to winter, water should be poured at least 10 times." Ge Yihong said. It was spring, and I saw that many bare land had been covered by all kinds of newly planted saplings.

  After the retreat and restoration of Helan Mountain mine, how to effectively plant trees and increase green has become the number one problem in Helan Mountain management.

  To plant trees, we should start with selecting suitable tree species. Since 2018, Shizuishan Ecological Protection Forest Farm has conducted a series of experiments in Helan Mountain through cooperation with Ningxia University and other scientific research institutes, and finally determined Caragana korshinskii, Salix psammophila, Elm, Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica and Robinia pseudoacacia as the main tree species. "Helan Mountain is a stone mountain with thin soil layer and difficult vegetation growth. Moreover, the annual rainfall here is only two or three hundred millimeters, but the evaporation is more than 10 times. Native plants that are cold-resistant, drought-resistant and salt-tolerant are the best choice. " Zhang Tingxie, director of Shizuishan Ecological Protection Forest Farm, said: "‘ Seabuckthorn, Caragana korshinskii and Prunus armeniaca on the top of the mountain wear hats, and two apricots are wrapped around the waist on the hillside ’ This is what we have summed up. "

  Although he has moved out of the mining area, he heard that there is a green restoration project. Ge Yihong returned to Shihanjing, joined the army of tree planting, and got busy in the Dagugou area with the heaviest restoration task.

  Waving steel drill and shovel, struggling to dig hard sand and gravel ground, digging out 80 cm square tree pits, and then righting, ridging, tamping and watering the seedlings. "Dig up the thin soil layer, and here is the coal gangue that can’t store water. If you want trees to survive, you have to cover them with moisture-retaining soil, nutrient soil and sealing soil, step on them layer by layer, and finally mention them slightly to make the roots of seedlings grow in the same direction. " This is known as the "three steps and one mention" trick, and Ge Yihong and the tree planters are well known. "Now, the survival rate of trees can reach 85%." Ge Yihong said.

  Planting trees in spring and autumn, watering in summer, controlling pests and diseases, and conducting fire inspections in winter, Ge Yihong "soaks" in Helan Mountain all year round. Nowadays, driving around the mountain along the ecological restoration area of Helan Mountain, you can see "green-planting people" digging holes to change soil, placing saplings and lifting water to irrigate … … "The apricot at the foot of the mountain was planted by us a few years ago. When the apricot blossoms are in full bloom, they are layered. This year, we intend to put this cinder mountain in green. " Zhang Tingxie said.

  Systematic improvement of governance results, integrated development of ecological culture and tourism.

  "Now there are less than 100 people left in Shitanjing Street. After the restoration of Helan Mountain is completed, my life will be idle." Ge Yihong, who returned to the Shitanjing, did not go down the mountain and stayed in the old mining area. However, it was not long before the days of "long years in the mountains", the Shitanjing became lively again.

  Since autumn and winter of 2021, Shizuishan City has mobilized 105 units, including party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, and units stationed in stone areas, to carry out greening activities in eight mine ecological environment management areas in Dalanggou District, Shitanjing Street, Helan Mountain along the 302 provincial highway. At present, it is the planting period, and many staff members are busy setting out, waving picks and shovels, and leveling the ground.

  "Through ‘ Green Planting in Pieces in Helan Mountain ’ Activities can plant 12,000 mu of trees a year. " Jia Zengjun, director of the Natural Resources Bureau of Shizuishan City, said: "More importantly, the task of slicing and planting has stimulated everyone’s enthusiasm and made everyone feel that the results of Helan Mountain governance are hard-won. Now the afforestation task is about to be completed. From the closure and rectification of the mining area to the ecological restoration of internal and external integration, and then to the improvement of the governance results system, Helan Mountain is being dressed in green. "

  Ecological improvement has made Helan Mountain, which once sold coal, have the possibility of diversified development.

  At 7: 35 every morning, the 7524 train leaves Yinchuan for Rujigou. This small train is called "Shitanjing Tourist", which connects in series with the former coal mining areas such as Dagugou, Baijigou and Rujigou. A 3-hour and 52-minute drive takes passengers deep into the hinterland of Helan Mountain to visit the passionate industrial years.

  "Eco-tourism+industrial film and television shooting base" is a new way explored in Shitanjing mining area. Since 2017, some old houses in Shitanjing have been repaired and old streets and alleys have been protected. After the establishment of the Shitanjing Industrial Tourism Town Exhibition Hall, Ge Yihong was hired as a commentator to receive visitors: "I didn’t expect the industrial relics left in the old mining area to become a unique advantage in developing tourism. In the past few days, I have received thousands of tourists, and many movies have come here to take pictures!"

  After several years of management, the ecological function of Helan Mountain has been steadily improved, and the goals of ecological corridor restoration and biodiversity improvement are gradually being implemented. This towering mountain range is witnessing the ecological vision of "green water and green mountains" becoming a beautiful life within reach.

In the first three quarters, there were more than 340,000 commercial performances in China, and the tourism revenue reached 3.7 trillion yuan.

China news agency, Beijing, December 14 (Reporter Ying Ni) Lu Yingchuan, Vice Minister of Culture and Tourism of China, revealed on the 14th that in the first three quarters of this year, there were 342,000 commercial performances in China, with a box office income of 31.54 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) and 111 million people attending performances, which was a significant increase over the same period in 2019.

The Press Office of the State Council, China held a press conference on "Accelerating the Construction of a Cultural Power and Promoting the High-quality Development of Culture and Tourism" in Beijing on the 14th.

Lu Yingchuan introduced that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has strengthened the guidance and support of stage art and art creation, implemented a series of art creation projects in the new era, and organized the exhibition of outstanding plays of stage art, fine art exhibitions and other activities. In the first 11 months of this year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism hosted 27 exhibitions, with 900,000 offline audiences and over 1.8 billion online viewers. A number of stage art works that show Chinese aesthetic style and are full of distinctive flavor of the times, such as dance drama Wing Chun, Cavalry, Yue Opera Xinlongmen Inn, and national opera Daughter of the Party, have been generally welcomed and praised.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism promotes the improvement and efficiency of the urban and rural public cultural service system, builds a new public cultural space, develops digital public cultural services, innovatively implements cultural projects that benefit the people, and holds mass cultural activities such as "Village Evening" and square dance performances. By improving cultural and economic policies, implementing the strategy of driving major cultural industry projects, actively cultivating new formats and models, launching a series of consumption promotion activities, and carrying out special rectification such as performance ticketing and script entertainment, the cultural industry has achieved rapid growth. In the first three quarters of this year, there were 342,000 commercial performances nationwide, with a box office income of 31.54 billion yuan and 111 million audience, up by 121.0%, 84.2% and 188.5% respectively over the same period in 2019.

At the same time, the tourism industry has accelerated its recovery this year. Du Jiang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, bluntly said at the press conference that "the tourism market this year can indeed be described as hot". He revealed that in the first three quarters of this year, domestic tourism in China reached 3.67 billion person-times, and tourism revenue reached 3.7 trillion yuan, up 75% and 114% respectively. The substantial increase in residents’ travel has not only promoted the expansion of related consumption, but also promoted economic recovery.

He said that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will further promote the deep integration of culture and tourism, cultivate new consumption formats and new models, and innovate and upgrade music festivals, concerts and other products. Promote the healthy development of new formats such as script entertainment and tourism performing arts, and promote the integration of food, performance, sports, health care, Chinese medicine and other fields with tourism. (End)

Manchester City’s 23-24 season home jersey debut … inspired by Etihad Stadium.

Manchester City announced their home jerseys for the upcoming 2023-24 season.
Manchester City said on the club’s website on the 19th (Korea time), "Manchester City players are wearing home uniforms produced by Puma for the 2023-24 season. Manuel Akanji, Kevin De Bruyne, Jack Goreli, Erin Holland and Edersen are wearing them, "he said formally.
This set of jerseys is designed to commemorate the transfer to Etihad Stadium. Since 1923, Manchester City has used Main Road as its home for 80 years. But with the passage of time, problems such as aging appeared. In 2003, they moved to Etihad Stadium as their new home.
Manchester City said: "This move marks the beginning of a new era for the club, which is defined by new records, new legends and great moments." I was inspired by the giant turret. Even the details are hidden. On the back of the neckline of the jersey is written the postal code of Etihad Stadium, M11 3FF, with pictures of Etihad Stadium painted on it. It also has a white V-neck, inspired by the 2003-04 home jersey.
An atmosphere completely different from this season’s uniforms. The home jersey of Manchester City in 2022-23 season is set in sky blue, and the Manchester City team emblem is embedded in the center of the chest. The logo of the uniform manufacturer Puma is located below it, and you can see the letter of the sponsor Etihad below it.
However, in this home jersey, the club badge is located on the left chest and the Puma logo is located on the right chest. In addition, you can also see the horizontal stripes in the middle on the sky blue background.
Meanwhile, Manchester City are challenging the club’s first treble this season. If you win the upcoming Chelsea game alone in the Premier League (EPL), you will be able to confirm your third consecutive league title. In addition, in UEFA Champions League (UCL), we beat Real Madrid to enter the final and compete with Inter Milan for the New Year. In the FA Cup in England, they faced their arch-rival Manchester United.

[Looking for coaches] How is the proportion of the correct motivation? That’s it! -The table tennis national ball exchange

Find a coach+ask the Ma Kaixuan coach to guide it to see if there is any problem with the front and back action? thanks

Coach Ma Kaixuan Answers

Boys, right -handed horizontal board, single -line exercises on the front and backhand.

1. Positive hand. The plate shape is stable, the hitting time is reasonable, and the proportion of impact and friction is quite good. The first thing that needs to be adjusted is the shape, the big arm is started, and now it is too close to the body’s torso, causing the big arm tension, and the continuous shoulders are raised.

It is best to swing with bare hands to solve it. At the same time, the front arm is opened horizontally a little more. In this way, the focus of the exchange is adjusted together. My legs, but I estimate that the distance between my feet is close. That is to say, we comprehensively govern during waving,Open your feet properly, the knee is slightly bent, and the structure will be much more reasonable.It is best to use multi -ball to adjust the action with more effort. It is not impossible to use a single ball. The requirements for the sparrows are relatively high. Of course, you can do a single ball.

2. Affairs. This video is shot well, and there are angle changes, and it will be much more comprehensive.

The child is stable and the action structure is quite stable. The proportion of playing and rubbing in the ball is quite good. This coach is a bit level, at least, it is quite satisfactory. You can stand some properly at your feet, and the sense of stability will be much better.

In addition, there is a detail that he must stand in front of him with his left foot. Sometimes he comes out of his right foot. At the same time, the left foot heel is twisted on the ground. This is not possible. Can you remind him that when hitting the backhand, the left forearm of the left arm is placed near the left waist, and the height on the table is very helpful to the body balance.

At this age, the practice of training, and the number of training hours, the ball skills will rise very fast.

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Ma Kaixuan, former Beijing team member. In 1990, he went to work in the United States and many students were selected as the U.S. National Team. Its table tennis resumes are colorful and unique and have rich teaching experience. He is currently a technical consultant of Ping Pong World Magazine and National Ball Exchange.

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