Interview with the creator of "Looking in the Mirror": Young models wear cheongsam and eat popsicles in winter.

Three leading roles

Actor and Li

Xu Wenxuan

Interview with the film’s creator: boasting that the most scary Chinese film guarantees no jokes.   [Click to watch the Interview Atlas]

    Movie network news(Photo/Yang Nan/Theway) The film "Don’t Look in the Mirror in the Midnight", which is exclusively copyrighted by Movie Network, was released on June 14th. When the leading actor, Li, Zhang Junhan and Vicki Xu were interviewed by Movie Network, they all started to accuse the director of recalling the crimes they suffered during the filming. In the environment of minus 10 degrees, actresses need to wear cheongsam for filming, and they also need to eat popsicles to prevent them from being angry when speaking.

    The story of "Don’t Look in the Mirror in the Midnight" originated from folklore. Sitting in front of the mirror and peeling an apple at midnight, you can see the supernatural phenomenon in the mirror as long as the apple skin keeps on. The five protagonists in the film came to Witch Town because they wanted to solve the mystery in the mirror, and they met bizarre events and died tragically. In the end, only the heroine was left to solve the mystery. heroineMaggie LeeShe is a young model, first hero.Kenny Kwan W. Jr.He is also a Hong Kong actor. Both of them play husband and wife in the film, and they also suffer a lot.

"Don’t look in the mirror in the middle of the night" sexy girl poster

Director Chaoyang Niu.

"Looking in the mirror" is scary with tricks.

    Chaoyang Niu has made many MVs before. His last film was a thriller, and his reputation was quite bad. This time, he still challenged similar films. He said that he definitely learned from his experience.

    Movie Network: The director’s last work "Someone under the Bed" is a thriller. Do you have a special liking for this theme?

    Chaoyang Niu: It’s because the last film was a thriller that I want to continue filming this time to make up for some regrets. The audience made a lot of criticisms in the last film "There is someone under the bed", and I made some improvements to these criticisms, all of which were improved in this film "Don’t look in the mirror in the middle of the night".

    Movie Network: What did you mainly do?improve?

    Chaoyang Niu: Mainly in three aspects. First, the audience thinks that "There is someone under the bed" is not scary enough. This time, we are just thinking about the horror of the law. I think at least in domestic films, this play is the most scary; Second, the audience felt that there were more laughter, and there should be no laughter this time. We invited the audience to watch the film and no one would laugh. The third is that the last suspense was announced too early, and we felt bored when we saw the middle. This time, we kept the suspense until the last second, and we didn’t know the ins and outs of the story until we finished reading it.

    Movie Network: Many people think that thrillers are actually mysterious. Is this drama scary enough?

    Chaoyang Niu: At the beginning, we designed 50 scary spots, including more than 20 carefully carved ones. Moreover, within the framework of the story, there are scary places in the plot. The audience has seen many scary movies and there are all kinds of scary scenes. It is not easy to make the audience tremble.

    Movie Network: NowThe basic reputation of thrillers is not good.How did you avoid it?

    Chaoyang Niu: Yes, this is what all thriller directors should strive for. So far, mainland thrillers have not won a good reputation. I hope this play can become the first one.

    Movie Network: Let the director estimate the box office.

    Chaoyang Niu: I won’t make an estimate. Let’s leave it to the market, because there must be some high films and some low films at the box office. I believe our play will have a good box office.

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It is De Technology’s AI-driven automated test to optimize the user experience of 5G smart phones.


A new application test automation method, which can quickly evaluate the experience quality provided by the world’s popular mobile applications.

German technology company recently announced the introduction of enhanced functions for its Nemo device application test suite. The software solution adopts automation technology and artificial intelligence (AI), which gives a powerful boost to wireless service providers and application developers, and can help them quickly evaluate the real interaction between smartphone users and local mobile applications. It is German Technology that provides advanced design and verification solutions, aiming at accelerating innovation and creating a safe and interconnected world.

In the past few years, the number of users who use mobile applications to access digital content and participate in social media platforms and online games has increased significantly worldwide. Compared with the mobile web browser, the local mobile app can provide a tailor-made excellent experience; Therefore, the use of mobile applications has significantly promoted this growth.

Matti Passoja, the head of Nemo wireless solution of De Technology, said: "Service providers and mobile application developers want to know the real experience of end users when they access OTT applications with smartphones connected to cellular networks, and they need a reliable way to verify it. It is DeTech that has created an automated application testing method based on its unique software and hardware technology platform. This method uses real applications, and can accurately understand network performance even in extremely complex and changeable situations. "

It is DeTech that makes full use of artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML) and automation technology, and uses the data captured by local mobile applications (instead of the simulated data flow) to create a brand-new device testing application method. This method can evaluate the interaction between end users and their mobile applications more accurately. The new application test automation method can help wireless service providers quickly optimize the performance of 5G network, and at the same time provide better quality of experience (QoE) for smartphone users. Users can enjoy the world’s most widely used OTT services and social media applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Snapchat, TikTok and Zoom.

The new automatic test application method is one of the three supplementary test methods provided in Nemo device application test suite of German Science and Technology. According to the type of mobile application and key performance indicators (KPIs), the test method can be used with a Nemo field test solution. Nemo test suite users can obtain comprehensive, real and flexible 5G network performance verification and end-user QoE evaluation.

It is a Nemo testing tool of German Science and Technology, which can capture real measurement data in the field and use it for real-time analysis or post-processing analysis. These test tools include Nemo Outdoor 5G NR drive test solution, Nemo Backpack Pro 5G indoor benchmark test solution and Nemo network benchmark test solution.

AGV handling robot-a new star of unmanned warehousing logistics in the future-wood ant robot

In recent years, with the promotion of market demand, AGV handling robot has gradually matured. The continuous maturity of Beidou navigation and the continuous development and application of artificial intelligence in China have greatly improved the efficiency of AGV handling robots, provided great conditions for saving manpower, and made AGV handling robots gradually become the choice for automation upgrading of major factories in various industries.

In today’s era, with the continuous development of world trade, transnational logistics and logistics in various industries can’t do without handling. With the wide application of the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, intelligent automated unmanned AGV handling robots are constantly developing and innovating, which promotes the continuous upgrading of China’s logistics industry and reforms the current industrial form.

With the growing manufacturing industry in China, China has introduced new measures to promote the development of intelligent industrial robots through the cooperation of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and enterprises, in order to enhance the strength of the manufacturing industry and cultivate competitive advantages. Unmanned AGV handling robot is one of them.

Seventh Avenue (00797) Affiliated to Shanghai Ling Su Establish Financial Leasing Agreement

Zhitong Finance APP News, Seventh Avenue (00797) issued an announcement that on March 15, 2022, the company indirectly wholly wholly -owned subsidiary Shanghai Ling Su and the lessor Shanghai Yuncheng Financial Leasing shall establish a financial leasing agreement. RMB 150 million sells rental assets to the lessor, and the lessor must rent the lease asset from Shanghai Ling Su at 48 months.

It is reported that rental assets include 2790 hosts, 9,800 graphics cards and 150 servers.

According to the announcement, since the cloud computing business began in April 2021, the Group has purchased various models of graphics cards, computer hosts, servers and other cloud computing accessories, so that the group can provide cloud computing services and create value for its shareholders.

The company believes that the financial leasing arrangement is the group’s additional liquidity, and the financing cost is fair and reasonable. The group can continue to use leased assets for existing cloud business, which is beneficial to the company and complies with the overall interests of its shareholders. Due to the international financial reporting standards, the transfer of financial leasing arrangements that have not actual asset value will not generate any income or losses in its comprehensive financial statements. The expected transfer agreement will be used to supplement liquidity for the group’s operations, including but not limited to the development and operation of the game business and the expansion of cloud computing business.