The uncommon name group behind the popularity of "Duck" surname: there are not a few names that cannot be entered by computer.

  Names will accompany people through life. Before the arrival of a newborn, every parent will rack their brains to give their child a name with special meaning.

  However, when we step into the network age, some groups of uncommon names are facing special difficulties. Because some surnames or first names are rare, they can’t be entered into the computer system, which causes inconvenience to their work and life, and finally they can only choose to change their names and surnames. There are also some surnames who choose to change their surnames because of the problem of modern pronunciation and fear of being laughed at.

  Some ethnic culture researchers said that many uncommon names have their unique historical and cultural background, and should not be treated from a modern perspective, and they should be over-entertained. I hope that with the continuous progress of technology, uncommon words can be passed down and people with these special surnames and names have a sense of belonging and identity.


  The original surname of the duck surname nià (Source: Network)

  The bird clan changed their surname to duck because they could not enter "nià" on the computer.

  Recently, a news that "the whole village collectively changed its surname to duck because the surname was too rare" blocked the hot search on the Internet, and many netizens tried to understand the story behind this special surname.

  It is understood that these villagers are all Lisu people, who come from a village deep in the mountains of Yongsheng County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. Originally, the villagers’ surnames were "nià". This transliterated Chinese character consists of two parts, the upper part is missing a horizontal "bird" and the lower part is "A". For hundreds of years, people have been using the surname "nià" and passed it down by writing. But later, with the advent of the network information age, due to the inability to input and display the text in the computer system, villagers faced many inconveniences in applying for permits and traveling, so they had no choice but to change their surnames to "Duck".


  Household registration information of villagers surnamed Ya (Source: Grain Rain Laboratory)

  Under the influence of family culture, Li Zhufan, a Lisu nationality, has developed a strong interest in her own national culture since she was a child. Today, he is not only a national musician, but also a researcher of Lisu culture. He told Jimu journalists that Lisu people pay attention to clan culture and worship everything in nature, which is different from the hundred surnames of Han people. Among them, there are tiger clans and bear clans who believe in animals, and there are valley clans who believe in plants, and people with the surname "nià" are descendants of the bird clan, who worship flying birds. Because there is no word "nià" in the computer font, the villagers use "duck" instead of "nià" to meet the needs of modern life. According to Zhu Lifan’s understanding, the descendants of the bird clan, some of whom changed their surnames into finches or eagles, all continued their respect for birds.

  "After the name nià was changed to a duck, it was really convenient in life, but it was a helpless move." Zhu Lifan said that many duck surnames still hope to change back to nià surnames, on the one hand, it can avoid the embarrassment of duck surnames pronunciation, on the other hand, it is also the inheritance of bird clan culture.

  It is reported that in recent years, there are still many cases of being forced to change their surnames due to computer system reasons. According to public reports, there are hundreds of people in Gaozhuang Village, Heze, Shandong Province, whose surnames are "San (Shang) and (Xia)" (with the same pronunciation as "Shaanxi"). Because of the uncommon surnames, computer input methods can’t be typed, and some villagers have no choice but to take near-phonetic characters and change their surnames to "Xian" or "Xian".

  Those who have "Gou" surnames are worried that their children will be laughed at and change their surnames.

  It’s not just people with "nià" surnames who are troubled by uncommon surnames.

  Jing Fang, a 33-year-old from Chongqing, was originally named Jing (pronounced gòu), but later, with the passage of time, she became a "Mi". When she was young, because the household registration system at that time could not recognize "Guo", she used "Gou" instead of "Guo", which was called "Gou Fang".


  Genealogy of Jingfang Family (Source: Respondents)

  However, this "Gou" also has a historical origin. Jingfang’s family tree clearly mentioned that due to historical reasons, the family name was "Jing". The anti-text beside "Gou" should be added, and only the sound of Gou should be removed. If you don’t add anti-text, you can only read the sound of Gou, don’t read gǒu, and don’t read J ǒ ng. Although it is pointed out in the genealogy that "Gou" should be the fourth sound when it is used as a surname, most people around Jingfang still pronounce it as G ǒ u. Because of the pronunciation of surnames, jìngfang naturally encountered a lot of embarrassment in her study and life. Later, slowly, when she introduced herself to the outside world, her name was no longer "Gou Fang" but "Jing Fang".

  The trouble caused by the pronunciation of Gou surname is mainly reflected in the work. Jingfang now runs a cultural media company. In the company, the surname "Gou" also brings inconvenience to internal communication. Jingfang found that when employees have something to communicate with her, they are always afraid to call her "Gou boss". What worries Jing Fang even more is that she is afraid that when her young son introduces her surname to her classmates, she will be ridiculed and discriminated by her classmates, which will affect her physical and mental health. "I originally thought about giving my child my surname, but then I thought about it."


  ID card before and after Jingfang changed her surname (Source: Respondent)

  In June 2022, Jing Fang made up her mind to go to the local household registration department and apply for changing the surname of Gou to that of Jing. "The process of changing the surname is very smooth. The genealogy and the certificate issued by the hometown village will be done in a day or two." Jing Fang said that after she really changed her surname to Jing, she no longer explained too much that this surname should have been pronounced as gòu, but was called Ji ? ng.

  There is also a surname of "chicken" because of pronunciation. According to China’s Complete Collection of Surnames and other documents, the surname of chicken is one of the four indigenous surnames in Foshan (namely, chicken, Tian, Bu and Lao), and it is also distributed in Shanghai and Yunnan. But the most concentrated place should be dongxing city, with more than 1,000 people surnamed Ji. As for the origin of the surname of chicken, most of the opinions agree that it evolved from the surname of Xi.

  In 2017, the South China Morning Post reported that there are fewer and fewer people surnamed chicken. Dongxing city changed his surname from Ji to Xi, accounting for about one third of the whole family. The main reason is that he felt his surname was indecent after going out to study and working. As early as more than 10 years ago, this sense of crisis appeared in Guangdong — — Known as one of the "four indigenous surnames in Foshan", the chicken surname is rare in the local area.

  The uncommon name group hopes that everyone will not misinterpret the original intention.

  Some people change their surnames, and some people can’t enter them in the computer system because their names contain uncommon words, so they finally have no choice but to change their names.

  An Cheng (a pseudonym) has a word chén in his original name, which consists of two parts, the left is "Cen" and the right is "Bird". This is the name his father chose after carefully reading the dictionary for a few days. Although full of his father’s ardent expectations, this uncommon word has caused him a lot of trouble.


  Remote word chén (Source: Network)

  "When I was a child, my ability to accept was slower than that of other children. The word" chén "was so complicated that I couldn’t write it for a long time. Students can’t read either. They only know the word bird, so they often make jokes. " In an cheng’s view, classmates and teachers can’t read it, so just correct it. However, when I print and post my name in the school score ranking, I am embarrassed. "Because the computer can’t type the word chén, it can only be divided into ‘ Cen ’ And ‘ Bird ’ Sometimes you don’t call your full name at all, just leave your last name. "

  After entering high school in 2010, my father took An Cheng to the police station to change his name because he was worried that uncommon words would bring unnecessary trouble to the college entrance examination or future work. Since then, An Cheng has breathed a deep sigh of relief, and he no longer has to explain the pronunciation and origin of this uncommon word to strangers.

  "Although more than ten years have passed, it is not easy to type this word in the computer. Many input methods still cannot be input, and only the public security household registration system can type it." An Cheng said that many rare words have their special meanings and cultures. I hope that strangers can understand them more after seeing them, and don’t misinterpret their original intention. "Of course, I also hope that the font library in the future will continue to expand, so as to avoid causing troubles and troubles to the people with rare words in their study and life."

  As for Jing Fang, who has become a mother, she can’t get over the fact that adults call her original surname "gǒu". She said that her father in the countryside has never changed his surname, because the villagers don’t care and always call his father’s nickname. But now that I am going to the city, my name has a strong social attribute. If it is still pronounced as "gǒu", it will have a great influence. "Gou’s surname is no different from Zhao’s and wang xing’s. The reason why the former has become a joke for others is that the society has given this surname other meaning, which is a discrimination in people’s hearts."

  Zhu Lifan, the above-mentioned researcher of Lisu culture, also believes that many uncommon names have their unique historical and cultural background, and should not be treated from a modern perspective and be over-entertained, but should learn more about the origin of their surnames. The cultures of ethnic minorities are all part of the Chinese culture. "I hope that the font in the future can accommodate more uncommon surnames, so that this culture can be passed down and people with these surnames can have a sense of belonging and identity."

What should the ideal old age life be like? I read 50 books throughout the year, which is the best condition.

Image source: Red Net Moment
No matter the wind and rain, or the heat and cold, it will not affect my driving to the library in Zhuzhou Cultural Park to borrow books. As the year is approaching, I have insisted on borrowing 5 books every month, and I have read more than 50 books throughout the year, which is very gratifying!
It can be said that reading has changed my belief for the rest of my life, enriched my brain and enriched my spiritual life. I am glad that I have a book as my companion and I have chosen a different poetic vision for the elderly. That is, I can read a book when I have nothing to do, read a few poems when I am anxious, and extract a few good articles when necessary to broaden and release my mind!
Therefore, I won’t participate too much in some organizations and associations. What seems to be a happy time will actually affect my normal work and rest. There are always some designated tasks that must be completed, which is not up to you. Everyone has their own self-motivated and so-called unyielding.
Go your own way and be happy for the rest of your life! This may be my orientation of wanting to live a quiet life in my later years. In the remaining years, there is a contented little study room with green mountains and green waters, writing poems, traveling and taking care of grandchildren, and you will be satisfied with food and clothing!

Five Simple and Practical Football Skills

Hello, everyone, today we share five simple and effective primary skills, I hope you like them!

The five practical skills brought today are very simple and effective. Let’s take a look at some of them. Let’s start now:

Knock someone across

The first action is used when we want to create enough space to shoot or cross. We can use this technique to explode directly from the static state, and the speed is very fast. Sudden breakout can make this technique more effective.

Figure 1- Crossing People

All the previous "dances" are preparations. It doesn’t matter what we do. The key is to let the opponent not know what we are going to do. If we slow down, this action is not complicated at all. First, push the ball across the body with one foot, and at the same time, kick the ball in the opposite direction with the other foot, and then break through.

Figure 2- Kicking in the opposite direction

Note that we can also make the ball bounce a little and increase the lethality of this action. At first, we should practice this action slowly, and finally, even if the defender meets you, we can still finish this action.

Figure 3- Knock the ball up

Pull the ball through the crotch

The sideline is the best helper for us to finish this crotch crossing. Even if there are no defenders, we should learn to practice by imagining ourselves, so that we can feel more comfortable when we train and learn these movements.

Fig. 4- Demonstration of Crossing the crotch

This crotch-piercing action can be divided into three simple steps. First, we pull the ball aside to create some space, then stop to attract the opponent to take the bait, and then wait for the opportunity to stir the ball to wear the crotch.

Figure 5- Pull the ball to create space

This action is just a pattern, and there are many ways. Of course, it can also be used in the middle. If we are trapped on the side, it can make us break through easily.

Figure 6- Middle Road Use

V-fake action

V-shaped push-pull is a very important and reliable skill. Now we derive a practical skill based on it. We combine V-shaped push-pull with body postures and riding a bicycle. Therefore, this requires us to have good coordination and be prepared from the beginning.

When we finish the V-push-pull, we can make a body fake or step sideways in the opposite direction, then stop and step on the bike, and finally get rid of it.

Figure 7-V-shaped push-pull fake action

We must observe the game and read about the defensive players and the game. The only way to succeed is to cultivate our self-confidence and skills through practice and improvisation. When we feel more confident, we can create our own rules and be comfortable in the game.

Figure 8- Create your own rules

Reverse feint

Although this action can’t guarantee that you can get rid of your opponent 100%, it can give us enough space. In the game, as long as we have the opportunity to raise our heads, we may complete high-quality actions.

We pull the ball back a few steps, and the defender either stops or pounces, then we turn our ankles, make a fake move, and finally break through in the direction of the target.

Figure 9- Demonstration of Reverse Fake Action

This action is very useful in the cross or in front of the penalty area, especially when we don’t have much time to do it. It is very simple. We must master it. Let’s go to the stadium and practice now.

Figure 10- Simple and Practical

Ronaldinho stopped behind him.

Ronaldinho can do this action at will anywhere on the court, so there is no limit to this skill. The first step is very simple. We pull the ball back behind us, then stop on our toes and pull it back.

Figure 11- Stop the ball on the toe behind you

If an opponent inserts an assist, as shown in the picture below, it will make this action more confusing, and it seems as if it is going to pass the ball, and then suddenly stop and throw off the defender.

Figure 12- Get rid of the defender

When we are doing movements, we should not stand up straight. We should believe that the more we practice, the more skillful we are, the better our performance will be. We can step on a bicycle, wear crotch, or turn around to protect the ball and do whatever we want, as long as the movements are smooth.

Figure 13- Changes in body center of gravity

That’s all for today. Please continue to pay attention to the road of football for more exciting football teaching!

It is said that walking in the city is the best way to travel.





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    "Commando-style" tourism is still hot, and another way of tourism has quietly emerged, that is, "City Walk", a city walk.

    The city walk originated in London, England. Tourists visit the city on foot under the guidance of professional tour leaders. After walking, everyone will exchange ideas, so this is not only a way of traveling, but also a kind of knowledge sharing and socialization. There is only one keyword: slow, walk slowly, look slowly, and feel slowly. Recently, this kind of relaxed travel style has been on the rise, and many people say that this is the real deep tour.

    Of course, I don’t have any problem with the "special forces" travel mode, but I thought it was impossible to keep it hot for a long time. The overdraft of super physical strength and the exhaustion of punching cards are destined to make this kind of travel only a short-lived game for lively young people.

    Therefore, the rise of city walking coincides with its meeting, and it is also a re-examination and return of the significance of travel. The so-called travel must not be a cursory tour, it must not be a rush to punch in, it must not be getting on the bus to sleep and getting off the bus to take pictures, but observing and understanding with curiosity and discovering the multifaceted nature of the city. On this road, we can see the mountains and water, see all beings, measure the earth with our steps, and look for unique human geography in the city. This, perhaps, is the deepest meaning of travel.

    Remember the sound of the 70 -year -old Shanghai aunt’s square cabin? Look at her latest voice

    "Hello everyone, I am Wu Yinping, and I am also familiar with the second aunt who are familiar with through WeChat voice." Recently, at the scene of the spiritual civilization construction work conference in Pudong New District in 2022, Xiao Bu met with Aunt Wu for the first time. She still spoke Shanghai dialect, and her tone was still kind.

    During this epidemic, Aunt Wu told his relatives and friends about his experience from infection with new crown pneumonia to recovery. It is this voice that shows the spiritual character of an old party member, community grass -roots workers and Shanghai citizens, and has gained the public’s praise. Listening to the experience of her memories can still be infected by her positive energy.

    Aunt Wu is a resident of the north community in the streets of Xincun Village, Hudong, and a 28 -year -old party member. Since 1998, she has been a civil affairs cadre in the community for 10 years. After retiring in 2007, she returned to the North Community where she lived.

    "Our community is very large, with 95 gate buildings, and more than 5,000 residents. In March, the Shanghai epidemic broke out. I think I was a party member and should stand up and guard everyone’s safety." In this round of epidemic The earliest became one of the areas of the central risk area. Aunt Wu felt that she was responsible and rushed to the front line of resistance. At the beginning, she cooperated with the residential committee to do the population statistics of the community, and the number of people came to the family. Reporting to the neighborhood committee at 6 am, sometimes cooperating with doctors for nucleic acid sampling, and always busy until 11 pm.

    In early April, Aunt Wu began to feel uncomfortable and a little fever, and he stopped volunteer service. "Later, two bars were measured by the antigen. In fact, I was a little scared at that time. It’s uncomfortable, headache, muscle soreness, especially the dry throat, and the feeling of the pills can’t swallow. "Aunt Wu recalled that at about 12 noon on April 16, she received a call from the illness and control department and was notified to be diagnosed with positive. "Since the policy is regulated, I am a party member, so I will take the lead in obeying the policy and pack the wash products and prepare for transfer."

    In the voice of Aunt Wu, who was circulating on the Internet, she revealed what she had seen and heard in the square cabin, especially the living conditions, medical volunteer services, etc. "In the square cabin," big white ‘, volunteers, volunteers, volunteers, volunteers, volunteers, volunteers. They are all very good. They often encourage me to eat good meals and take a walk. These words sound very warm. Although people are in the square cabin, medical supplies are guaranteed, and they have egg milk every day. . "Aunt Wu felt that he had the responsibility to tell the real situation, and hoped that everyone would not panic.

    At the stage where the epidemic prevention and control are the most vigorous, Aunt Wu’s remarks convey an optimistic and positive attitude, giving everyone the courage and strength to face difficulties. In the square cabin, she was not idle. "Although I can’t do heavy work, I can do some relaxed work and serve everyone." During that time, Aunt Wu got up to clean the floor where he lived. When they met some older patients, they helped them burn water. When you take the meal, you also take the handle and send the box lunch to the eighty -year -old man.

    On April 22, Aunt Wu went home and was warmly welcomed by community cadres and residents. "After I came back, I found that everyone lived in an orderly manner, and my heart was much easier." After home health monitoring, Aunt Wu returned to the community volunteer post on May 1st. " Help and care, I want to pass them out and let more people feel it. "

    In the next day, Aunt Wu will help the corridor spray disinfection water every day, and shares the positive energy to the WeChat group of the corridor. As the situation of epidemic prevention continues to improve, the demand for epidemic prevention in the community is turned on to conduct regular antigen detection. Aunt Wu is busy helping residents who have been old and without mobile phones upload test results … After more than two months of hard work, life returns to the right track. Everyone laughed.

    On June 1st, Aunt Wu went out early in the morning. She first turned around in her community, and then went to the place where she often went to the surrounding herself. "It’s the same, there is nothing special." Aunt Wu regained his familiar feeling, and he returned as usual.

    Aunt Wu said that under her square cabin, many people left a message saying that she was greatly moved by her optimism. She believes that, in fact, the hard work of ordinary people’s hard work and watching is the background and bright color of the civilization of the city in Shanghai. "This epidemic, Shanghai has been survived. I believe that our Shanghai will get better and better!"

    Text: Huang Jing

    Photography: Huang Riyue

    Edit: Zhu Shengxia