Xiaomi Auto will start the second round of additional sales.

On March 31st, Lei Jun, Chairman of Xiaomi Group, released Weibo, saying that during the initial edition ordering process, we identified and intercepted some abnormal orders and scalper orders, so we will start the second round of additional sales. Special instructions are as follows:

1. The deposit is 20,000 yuan, and the order will be locked as soon as it is settled; Users who have made a non-founding version can also participate in this round of sales. After making a successful decision, the original order can be converted into a founding version.

2. This round of ordering also enjoys the same luxury car purchase rights of up to 31,000 yuan on the night of March 28th.

On the evening of March 28th, SU7, the first product of Xiaomi Automobile, was officially launched. 24 hours after listing, it reached 88,898 sets. By the afternoon of March 30th, the number of orders locked had reached 20,000. 

Li Xiaoshuang, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile, responded to the recent storm.

On the same day, Li Xiaoshuang, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile, released a Weibo saying that behind many phenomena of stirring public opinion in the name of rice flour, some malicious people have been picking on right and wrong. Someone is openly distributing a commercial list to KOL to discredit Xiaomi SU7. These behaviors are really disgusting. The company has initially grasped some evidence and will resolutely pursue its legal responsibility.

At the same time, Xiaomi Auto was complained by netizens that the deposit of 5,000 yuan could not be refunded, which also caused widespread concern.

In response, Xiaomi responded that there is no reason to refund the deposit within 7 days. After more than 7 days, the vehicle configuration will be automatically locked, and consumers can also actively lock the configuration in advance. Once the order is locked, the vehicle will enter the production stage, the configuration can no longer be modified, and the deposit will not be refunded..In addition, the original version of the existing car configuration has been locked, and consumers will lock the order after paying a deposit of 20,000 yuan.

The 35th Hundred Flowers Award Hot Search Constantly? So this is the way it is.

Special feature of 1905 film network From Foshan, Guangdong to Zhengzhou, Henan, Hundred Flowers Award came back.On August 29th, 2020 China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival and the 35th Hundred Flowers Award held a press conference to officially announce young actors.Turbo LiuFor this year’s ambassador of Hundred Flowers Award, he published the nomination list of the 35th Hundred Flowers Award, which aroused widespread concern.

In just one day, the total reading volume of related Weibo topics exceeded 800 million, the discussion volume exceeded 300,000, and the main hot search topics exceeded 6.In addition to the Hundred Flowers Award nomination list, the main visual poster and other topics related to the award itself, the three young filmmakers are the most eye-catching — —Haoran Liu, who is the ambassador of Hundred Flowers Award, relies on movies.Fire heroNominated for Best Female Match in Hundred Flowers AwardAndyHeping filmBetter DaysNominated for the best newcomer in Hundred Flowers AwardJackson Yee.

They represent the new strength of a new generation of filmmakers, and they have also attracted more attention and enthusiasm for Hundred Flowers Award.

Then, how can Hundred Flowers Award, which has lasted for 58 years, continue to catch the attention of young audiences and make this classic "hundred flowers" reappear?

"Today’s Film Review" specially invited Yan Shaofei, Deputy Secretary and Secretary-General of the China Film Association, and Deputy Director of the Organizing Committee of China Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in 2020, to talk with you about this blooming "hundred flowers".

1. Selection | "It will be a great honor to participate in the voting statistics."

Looking back on the 58 years that Hundred Flowers Award has gone through, Yan Shaofei was deeply moved. He talked about the voting scene at that time. "Votes were sent from all over the country, filled with sacks, and then fell in a room, and the staff counted them one by one." Therefore, "it would be glorious for everyone to participate in the voting statistics in Hundred Flowers Award at that time, because the final results were counted one by one."

By the 35th session, the voting method has changed. "As the organizer of Hundred Flowers Award, we are constantly thinking," Yan Shaofei said frankly.

Nowadays, the Internet has reached such a developed level that no channel is more convenient than the Internet. Most of the people who enter the cinema are young people, and most of the voters are young people. However, "how to avoid the problems caused by online voting" has become a major challenge for the organizing committee.

At the same time, after the opening of voting channels in various media platforms, fans organized voting. In response to this phenomenon, Yan Shaofei said, "Hundred Flowers Award was voted by the audience. Can filmmakers mobilize their relatives and friends to canvass votes? I think it is ok, and this kind of canvassing behavior has not shaken fairness. "

At the same time, he also stressed that it is harmful to this award to spend money to invite the water army and other malicious brush tickets. In order to put an end to this phenomenon, the Organizing Committee has specially set up relevant protection mechanisms on the voting platform. "Simply put, if the number of votes for an award jumps sharply in a short period of time, I’m sorry, I may have to take this part of the votes away," Yan Shaofei said.

Talking about this, Yan Shaofei explained to the national film audience through Today’s Film Review that "we have taken some technical measures to ensure that the final data of Hundred Flowers Award is authentic". 

2. Personality | Be brave in innovation and pay attention to inheritance

When it comes to Hundred Flowers Award’s unique personality, the first thing that attracts everyone’s attention must be the very special nomination list for the best newcomer this year — — Muye Wen, as a director, nominated the best newcomer and competed with Jackson Yee and other newcomers for this honor.

In this regard, Yan Shaofei said that Hundred Flowers Award, as a serious and professional award, has strict rules and regulations, and the definition of new people is not limited to actors. "Since the rules and regulations stipulate this, the film also reported it this way, then we will put him in the new people."

Yan Shaofei also admitted that this incident raised a new problem for the organizing Committee — — Is it appropriate for directors and actors to award awards together?"We need to further study this, is it necessary to improve? How to improve it? This is all to be considered. "

In addition to being willing to innovate, Hundred Flowers Award also pays special attention to inheritance. In this regard, Yan Shaofei has a deep understanding."One thing touched me deeply at the 34th Hundred Flowers Award Awards Ceremony," Yan Shaofei recalled. "I thought young people only paid attention to their idols, but the most enthusiastic part of the audience that day was not the so-called small fresh meat and traffic.starOn the body, it appears when the lifetime achievement award is awarded to the old artist. "

"I remember giving Zhang Yongshou a lifetime achievement award, just in time for his birthday that day. The host took a birthday cake and held it in front of the old man. Zhang Yongshou was very excited. At that time, he stood there and leaned back a little. We were all worried about him. Don’t have any accidents. The host also held him all the time, so he leaned back and made a ceremony. "Yan Shaofei talked about the situation at that time and was still very moved.

The enthusiastic response and resolute support of young audiences also inspired filmmakers to step by step towards better artistic creation.If we have good movies constantly emerging, filmmakers and platforms will continue to do this work. "I believe that through a platform like Hundred Flowers Award, the bridge between movies and movie audiences, especially young audiences, will become stronger and stronger," Yan Shaofei said.

Analysis on the problem of "avoiding the misunderstanding of modern industrial system construction" ⑤: Never build a car behind closed doors.

  For China, which is committed to building a powerful socialist modernization country, accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system is no longer a "multiple choice" but a "compulsory course". If we want to pass this "required course" with high marks, we must proceed from the basic national conditions of China, adhere to open cooperation and guard against "behind closed doors".

  Openness is an important feature of modern industrial system.

  To speed up the construction of a modern industrial system supported by the real economy, why should we emphasize "adhering to open cooperation and not building cars behind closed doors"?

  — — This is a realistic choice to look forward to the future road on the basis of historical experience.

  Reform and opening up is a strong driving force for China’s development and progress for more than 40 years, and it is also a source of vitality for its future development and progress. Building a modern industrial system is also inseparable from this important magic weapon.

  "Open cooperation is an important driving force for sustainable economic development. To build a modern industrial system supported by the real economy, it is necessary to realize the interactive integration of industrial chain, supply chain and innovation chain in open cooperation. " Liu Qunyan, director of the Intellectual Property Operation Service Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said.

  "The modern industrial system of a powerful country must be international and global. Constantly shaping the new competitive advantages of China’s manufacturing industry in the complex and ever-changing global economic system is the cornerstone for achieving the goal of building a strong country. " Ma Tao, dean of the Business School of Harbin Institute of Technology, said that from "poor and white" to "running with", "running together" and even "leading", China’s manufacturing industry has always been the key content. China’s super-large-scale labor force has entered the global factor market and formed a "world factory". The global resource allocation capacity of China’s manufacturing enterprises has been greatly developed, which also provides an efficient market matrix for the growth of global advantageous enterprises such as new energy vehicles and ICT products.

  — — This is a realistic choice to seize future opportunities on the basis of historical achievements.

  China has the most complete industrial system and the largest potential domestic demand market in the world. These two advantages are the results of years of active participation in international division of labor and global competition, which provide strong support for building a new development pattern and become a solid foundation for further promoting the open development of modern industrial system.

  Modernization and internationalization are closely related, and openness and competitiveness complement each other. Whether we can build an open and cooperative modern industrial system is related to whether we can win the strategic initiative in international competition and future development. Only by connecting with the international industrial system can we participate in the global industrial division and cooperation more deeply, allocate resources on a global scale, and maintain the innovative vitality of continuous progress in fully participating in international competition.

  — — This is a realistic choice for planning future development on the basis of historical laws.

  To develop a country and revitalize a nation, we must follow the logic of historical progress and conform to the development trend of the times. Today, China is approaching the center of the world stage as never before and interacting closely with the world; Looking around the world, the world is experiencing a new round of great development, great changes and great adjustments. We should follow the trend and take advantage of the situation to promote the high-quality economic development of China under more open conditions.

  "The modern industrial system faces the world and the international market. Openness is its proper meaning. It is necessary to obtain high-end demand information and release the energy of system development in the deep interaction with the global factor market, product and service market. Facing the future, the modern industrial system needs extensive exchanges on a global scale, deepening cooperation among innovation chain, industrial chain and supply chain, creating incremental markets and benefiting the community of human destiny. " Professor school of economics and management of Tongji University and Chen Qiang, executive director of Shanghai Industrial Innovation Ecosystem Research Center, said.

  The construction of modern industrial system is related to the overall national security and high-quality development. Only by creating an open and innovative ecology with international competitiveness can we enhance the adsorption of high-grade innovation factors and production factors, enhance our control over innovation chain and key links in the industrial chain, and realize the leap from "Made in China" to "Created in China".

  "Building a car behind closed doors" can’t build a modern industrial system

  No country or nation in the world can achieve its own development and revitalization by following the footsteps of others, and no country can achieve modernization in the process of closing its doors and building cars behind closed doors. In the construction of China’s modern industrial system, why do some places appear behind closed doors?

  Chen Qiang believes that this has something to do with the objective environment and subjective mentality. First, it is caused by objective environment. At present, a few countries are "building a wall and setting up a base" and "decoupling and breaking the chain" in the cooperation of science and technology and industry, trying to make China’s high-tech industry fall into a situation of "sitting alone in a corner". Second, it is related to subjective mentality. Or it is manifested as "only burying one’s head in pulling a cart, regardless of looking up at the road", lacking the initiative to know and understand the development frontier of science and technology industry and the changes in international market demand; Or blind self-confidence, thinking that the bottleneck problem that restricts the development of modern industrial system can achieve a rapid breakthrough in a relatively short time; Or it is manifested as one-sided pursuit of safety and emphasis on "localization", which leads to self-isolation and isolation in power organization, resource allocation and factor flow.

  "To tackle key core technologies, we should not only devote ourselves to deep cultivation and work hard for a long time, but also look at the world and gather global talents to work together to achieve a larger and higher level breakthrough." Chen Qiang said that "localization" is not the purpose of building a modern industrial system. What is important is to ensure the resilience and safety of the industrial chain and supply chain under the complicated international situation. Although globalization is constantly encountering new challenges, the construction of modern industrial system should adhere to the "international song" and consolidate the material and technological foundation of the Chinese modernization road.

  Some people understand independent innovation as going it alone and opposing it with open cooperation, which is obviously wrong. Independent innovation is not to build a car behind closed doors and fight alone, but to gather the spirit of the four seas and borrow the power of all parties. Many high-tech industries in China have developed and grown in the sound of "Internationale". Many industries developed earlier abroad, and there are many places worth learning from in technology, equipment and regulations.

  Take the biopharmaceutical industry as an example. China’s biopharmaceutical industry started 20 to 30 years later than the developed countries in Europe and America. Because the development and iteration of products take time, some R&D and production equipment and reagents still need to be imported. However, China biopharmaceutical enterprises insist on open cooperation, constantly explore the international market, and set sail in various forms such as investment and merger, patent authorization and product transfer, so as to gradually shorten the gap with overseas mature markets.

  According to the data of the General Administration of Customs, the total import and export volume of biological products in China increased from 58.77 billion yuan to 293.35 billion yuan from 2017 to 2021. Among them, the first four years showed a steady growth trend, and the export value was significantly lower than the import value. In 2020, it was only 35.73 billion yuan. In 2021, the export value of biological products increased significantly to 187.2 billion yuan, an increase of more than 400%, and achieved the first trade surplus in the past five years.

  "Building a car behind closed doors means being backward and eliminated. We should learn from foreign advanced experience. While absorbing foreign advanced technology, we must strengthen the innovation system and the capacity building of independent innovation to keep up with or even surpass the world advanced level." Dr. Chen Bingliang, the chief scientist of Cinda Biopharmaceutical Group, said that since its establishment in 2011, the company has been persisting in opening up and innovation, taking the road of globalization, and has reached a number of international cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises. Its R&D and production standards have passed the examination of international quality standards, and it has also formed independent intellectual property rights, which has become a typical case for foreigners to buy intellectual property rights in China in the field of people’s livelihood.

  For some time, economic globalization has encountered "headwind and countercurrent". Some countries try to "decouple and break the chain" and build a "small courtyard and high wall", hoping to exclude China from the global value chain division system. The most effective strategy to break the "high wall of small courtyard" is not to return to closure, but to promote a higher level of scientific and technological self-reliance and expand a higher level of opening up. It is necessary to show the world China’s confidence and determination to participate in the global economy and promote more inclusive, inclusive and resilient global development.

  The door to China’s opening will only grow wider and wider.

  This year marks the 45th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, which has developed China and influenced the world. China’s economy is a sea, and all the oceans in the world are connected. China will only open wider and wider, and we will always stand on the right side of history and will never be hindered by headwinds and turning waves.

  — — Adhere to open cooperation and build an institutional mechanism that is more in line with the law of innovation.

  "The modern industrial system is a system of technological innovation, and we must respect the laws of technological innovation." Mi Lei, the founding partner of Zhongke Chuangxing Technology Investment Co., Ltd., said that he has been doing the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, but it is difficult for real frontier projects of science and technology to get financing at an early stage. On the one hand, many private enterprises that started from traditional industries are unfamiliar with and do not understand high technology, and dare not invest their money in the future; On the other hand, many powerful state-owned enterprises and central enterprises make relatively conservative investment decisions.

  Take controlled nuclear fusion technology as an example, it is a revolutionary new energy technology that can change the world, and China’s scientific research work in this field is also in the international leading phalanx. In recent years, global commercial capital is pouring into controlled nuclear fusion. According to incomplete statistics, by 2020, there are 23 private companies in controlled nuclear fusion, while there are few private companies in controlled nuclear fusion, China.

  "We have a big gap with the United States in the field of future-oriented venture capital. Innovation means uncertainty, trial and error, and letting a hundred flowers blossom. It needs tolerance to encourage innovation. " Mi Lei believes that we should further improve the mechanism of encouraging innovation and increase investment in hard science and technology fields such as quantum, photonic chips and controlled nuclear fusion, which require long-term investment. Building a modern industrial system means that from talent selection to capital investment, from evaluation mechanism to reward and punishment mechanism, it must be built around the law of innovation.

  — — Encourage participation in competition and attract higher quality global resources.

  In 2022, the actual use of foreign capital in China was 1,232.68 billion yuan, up 6.3% year-on-year according to comparable caliber, equivalent to 189.13 billion US dollars, up 8% year-on-year. This data shows that the vast majority of foreign-funded enterprises are still optimistic about the development prospects in China, and China is still a global investment highland.

  Under the current global situation, we should make more efforts in "bringing in" at a high level and "going out" at a high quality. Ma Tao said that in 2021, foreign applicants obtained more than 110,000 invention patents in China. By the end of 2022, among the more than 1,300 technical committees in China, the participation rate of foreign-funded enterprises exceeded 60%. At the same time, however, foreign R&D institutions in China focus on local market development, emphasizing domestic demand in medical and pharmaceutical industries, advanced manufacturing and other industries, with few core R&D tasks for global external demand and few forward-looking basic research.

  To achieve high-level "introduction", we should encourage multinational companies to set up R&D centers in China, or cooperate with local institutions to form international R&D alliances and joint R&D institutions, encourage foreign-funded enterprises to participate in the pre-research and drafting of Chinese standards, and support the innovative development of foreign-funded R&D institutions in China; It is necessary to give play to the traction role of national key and major foreign-funded projects, and guide global resources to actively participate in the construction of national new industrialized industrial demonstration bases and advanced manufacturing clusters; It is necessary to support Chinese enterprises to lay out overseas open innovation systems, encourage all kinds of innovative subjects in China to establish overseas R&D institutions, overseas scientific and technological innovation centers and overseas entrepreneurial bases, support Chinese enterprises to actively carry out shared innovation cooperation with domestic and foreign partners and users, and build an innovation consortium by creating new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models; Encourage and support Chinese enterprises to promote the transnational transfer and transformation of appropriate technologies and achievements and promote two-way technical cooperation.

  — — Strengthen synergy and break down local protection and regional barriers.

  Adhere to open cooperation, not only externally, but also internally. Compared with opening to the outside world, opening to the outside world faces many problems and challenges. To build a modern industrial system in which the real economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance and human resources cooperate with each other, it is necessary to speed up the establishment of national unified market system rules, break local protection and market segmentation, open up key blocking points that restrict the economic cycle, and promote the smooth flow of commodity factor resources in a wider range.

  Liu Qunyan suggested deepening the reform of the system and mechanism of factor resource allocation. Strengthen the market-oriented allocation reform of land, labor, talents, technology, capital, data and other essential resources to reduce excessive dependence on land and labor resources; Cultivate and introduce innovative talents and high technology, and use the financing capacity of the capital market to promote the development and progress of the real economy.

  Globalization is the general trend of world economic development, and openness is an important feature of modern industrial system. In the process of building a modern industrial system, China will firmly pursue an open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, deeply integrate into the global industrial chain supply chain, participate in international circulation at a high level, and constantly provide new opportunities for the world with the new development of China.

  (Member of Economic Daily Research Group: Economic Daily reporter Qi Dong Gu Yang Niu Jin She Huimin Huang Xin Ouyang You wrote: She Huimin)

Ministry of Finance: In July, the national lottery sales reached 36.149 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.4%.

  Beijing, Sept. 8 (Xinhua)-The website of the Ministry of Finance announced the national lottery sales in July 2020 on the 8th. In July, the national lottery sales totaled 36.149 billion yuan, an increase of 3.415 billion yuan or 10.4% over the same period of last year. Among them, the sales of welfare lottery institutions was 15.436 billion yuan, an increase of 390 million yuan, an increase of 2.6%; The sales of sports lottery institutions reached 20.713 billion yuan, up 3.025 billion yuan or 17.1% year-on-year.

  From January to July, the national lottery sales totaled 160.049 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 85.281 billion yuan or 34.8%. Among them, the sales of welfare lottery institutions was 74.724 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 38.078 billion yuan or 33.8%; The sales of sports lottery institutions reached 85.325 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 47.202 billion yuan or 35.6%.

  In July, the sales of lottery digital lottery tickets reached 22.422 billion yuan, up 3.306 billion yuan or 17.3% year-on-year. The sales of quiz lottery tickets was 9.31 billion yuan, up 1.122 billion yuan or 13.7% year-on-year; The sales of instant lottery tickets was 2.674 billion yuan, an increase of 468 million yuan, an increase of 21.2%; The sales of video lottery tickets was 1.729 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1.479 billion yuan or 46.1%; The sales of Keno lottery tickets was RMB 13 million, a year-on-year decrease of RMB 02 million or 14.5%. In July, the lottery sales of digital lottery, quiz lottery, instant lottery, video lottery and Keno lottery accounted for 61.9%, 25.8%, 7.4%, 4.8% and 0.1% of the total lottery sales respectively.

  From January to July, the sales of lottery digital lottery tickets reached 112.644 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 17.696 billion yuan or 13.6%. The sales of quiz lottery tickets was 26.392 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 44.088 billion yuan or 62.6%. The sales of instant lottery tickets reached 14.167 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 1.851 billion yuan or 11.6%. The sales of video lottery tickets was 6.794 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 21.604 billion yuan or 76.1%. The sales of Keno lottery tickets was 51 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 42 million yuan or 44.9%. From January to July, the lottery sales of digital lottery, quiz, instant lottery, video lottery and Keno lottery accounted for 70.3%, 16.5%, 8.9%, 4.2% and 0.1% of the total lottery sales respectively.

  In July, compared with the same period of last year, lottery sales in 28 provinces increased, among which Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shaanxi increased more, increasing by 481 million yuan, 465 million yuan and 226 million yuan respectively. From January to July, compared with the same period of last year, lottery sales in 30 provinces in China declined.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: EU countervailing investigation will seriously disrupt the global automobile industry chain

  China news agency, Beijing, November 14 (Reporter Liu Yuying) The European Union launched a countervailing investigation on electric vehicles in China in October. The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China expressed strong dissatisfaction with this, and said that "this will seriously disrupt and distort the global automobile industry chain supply chain, including the European Union, and harm the interests of European consumers".

  In the first three quarters of this year, China exported 825,000 new energy vehicles, up 1.1 times year-on-year, which greatly enriched the global consumers’ choice of car purchase, and boosted urban transportation to accelerate the green and low-carbon transformation.

  According to the person in charge, as of the first half of the year, China automobile enterprises have invested and set up factories in more than 10 countries and regions around the world, and power battery enterprises and key materials enterprises are also accelerating the overseas cooperation layout, which has injected strong impetus into the development of global new energy automobile industry. China is deeply involved in international standards cooperation. Up to now, 35 new energy vehicle standards in China have been adopted by many countries and regions.

  Automobile industry is a typical global industry, which can not be separated from the division of labor and efficient cooperation of enterprises in various countries. The person in charge said recently that the rapid development of China’s new energy automobile industry benefited from the global cooperation of technological innovation and the international cooperation of industrial chain and supply chain, and also injected a strong impetus into the green and low-carbon transformation of the global automobile industry.

  "China-EU automobile industry cooperation has a long history, and they have formed extensive common interests with each other. All major European car companies have factories in China, and China has become the largest overseas market for many European car companies. The implementation of countervailing investigations by the European Union is neither in line with the international trade rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) nor supported by sufficient evidence. Fair trade ’ The fact that a famous bank protects its own industry will seriously disrupt and distort the supply chain of the global automobile industry chain, including the European Union, and harm the interests of European consumers. " The person in charge said.

  China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology suggested that the EU should listen to the voices of the industry extensively, support the industries of both sides to jointly maintain the stability of the supply chain of the automobile industry chain and better work together to meet the challenges of global climate change. China will support the breakthrough of technological innovation, promote the coordination of standards and regulations, strengthen the guarantee of factor resources, promote the interconnection of infrastructure, and promote the stronger, greener and healthier global development of the automobile industry. (End)

What are the top ten real estate companies in China?

What are the top ten real estate companies in China? When people buy a house, they will ask which real estate company developed the property, so that they can be centered on the quality of the property. Then, how many people know what are the excellent real estate enterprises in China? Let’s take a look at the top ten real estate companies in China with the small series of Ningbo Real Estate!
Top Ten Real Estate Companies in China
1. Evergrande Group
The top ten real estate developers mainly develop people’s livelihood housing, cultural tourism, health and sports construction, and enjoy the reputation of "people’s livelihood real estate" in the industry. Construction engineering companies with special qualifications in China, real estate development companies and property management companies with first-class qualifications.
2. Vanke Co., Ltd.
Vanke Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, and now its main business includes real estate development and property services. The company has also entered five overseas cities, including Hongkong, Singapore, San Francisco, new york and London, and participated in dozens of real estate development projects. To provide high-quality residential services for more customers, the company’s property services cover 64 large and medium-sized cities in mainland China.
Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1988, Wanda Group has a corporate property of 534.1 billion yuan, opened 123 wanda plaza, 78 hotels (including 68 five-star hotels), 6,600 movie screens, corporate property of 1 trillion yuan, and revenue of 600 billion yuan. It is a world-class multinational enterprise.
4. Oasis Holding Group Co., Ltd.
A super-large mixed-ownership enterprise supervised by Shanghai State-owned Property Supervision and Administration Commission is headquartered in Shanghai, China. Ranked 258th among Fortune 500 international enterprises in 2015.
5. Poly Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd.
The national first-class real estate development qualified enterprise has expanded its business to real estate development, building design, engineering construction, property management, sales agency, business meetings, hotel operation and other related industries. By the end of 2014, the company’s total assets had exceeded 360 billion yuan.
6. China Overseas Development Co., Ltd
National real estate brand, founded in Hong Kong in 1979, is a listed company focusing on real estate development and sale, and is a holding subsidiary of China Construction Engineering Corporation, the largest joint venture in China.
7. Country Garden Holdings Limited
Founded in 1992, it is a well-known inductive real estate development enterprise with real estate as its main business, including construction, decoration, property development, property management, hotel development and so on.
8. China Resources Land Limited
One of the most powerful inductive real estate developers in mainland China, mainly engaged in real estate development, commercial real estate development and operation, and property services.
9. Longhu Real Estate Co., Ltd
The top ten brands of real estate are the earliest shopping center developers in China. Up to now, the Group has more than 14,000 employees, and the sales volume in 2014 exceeded 49.05 billion yuan. Its operation scale and inductive strength occupy a leading position in China’s real estate industry.
10. Guangzhou R&F Property Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1994, it is a real estate enterprise with strong induction strength in China, and has the first-class development qualification, first-class design qualification, first-class project supervision qualification, first-class property management qualification and first-class real estate intermediary qualification issued by the Ministry of Construction.
Revision summary: The above are the top ten excellent real estate companies in China compiled by Xiaobian. When buying real estate, they advocate choosing real estate companies with big brands. Their construction quality and after-sales property service are relatively high, and they really achieve the purpose of buying and living.
Source: Real Estate Network
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I bought the Bund of Evergrande, which ranked first, and it was a mess. The bean curd dregs project was built by Evergrande. ……




Yunyingshao 5y

People who don’t buy a house have time to read reviews.





Taiwan Province must belong to China.

People who buy houses on the Bund have time to read reviews.




Wanglei 30

Why does green land become an oasis, and why does China Sea become my sea?




Seven Hulu baby daddy

That’s green energy.




Tamengtao 7u

In any case, the rise in house prices is inevitable.




Cheng Liyan z

People didn’t discuss whether the house price would go up or not, saying that developers, it seems that there is something wrong with you running here to say whether it will go up or not. Buy it as soon as the price rises! Buy buy won’t arrive again.




Feixiang life mf

Although Evergrande is the first, it is also the first to default on the project payment.




Qidi 62

If I don’t know anything else, my hometown will drag on the project, and the dump truck will block the gate of the sales department.




Passers-by on Qingshiban

Life lovers

Under the 106th floor of Beijing Vanke Qingqing Home, idle items are placed at will, and the back door of the shop is directly connected to the interior of the community. Anyone can enter and leave through these small doors, and there is no official video surveillance of the property and no personnel to guard and ask. This is Vanke’s so-called: "Building unlimited life! ?




I’m my dududu

Vanke and Cinda jointly developed a finely decorated house in Ningbo, with a middle floor and a middle suite. After living for 15 months, the wall of the study has become like this, and the other side is a bathroom. The house that cost millions of dollars has become moldy. I ask the developer to deal with the water leakage and compensate 10,000 yuan. Am I too much?




Hydrangeas from the capital of Ming Dynasty, holding their heads high.

Forget it. Country Garden can be shortlisted … Vanke will always be the boss of residential real estate … A good developer must have his own property … China Shipping, Greenland and Xincheng are not as powerful as Country Garden.




Drag to the sky

By sales amount or by development area? Not scientific.




Blame is also silk 8s

Guangdong accounts for half of the top ten properties in China.




Muxi ms

They are all from Guangdong.




Meditation of pastoral life

I doubt Xiaobian’s education. Is Evergrande that powerful? The real estate comes first in Li Ka-shing, and the pool of houses is brought out by Li Ka-shing. Don’t talk nonsense if you don’t understand. The richest man in China is Li Ka-shing. Li Ka-shing is more cautious.




Xia cha lai Hua xian

Evergrande is really the first.




Zuo Xie Qiao Liu Liu

Xiaobian primary school education, low cultural level, forgive it.




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What year of the monkey is this? Evergrande Vanke Poly Country Garden is the top four.




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What I hate most is Evergrande.




Fun oranges from Biyun Lake

Pee, the manuscript is too rough, lack of professionalism.




Beijing Chaoyang prince

Is R&F currently one of the top ten real estate companies?




Lou Lili 69

Paulie can’t even pay her living expenses in Wuhu.




Hong yi Jia LAN kM

Not satisfied with the "green space" real estate for building tall buildings!




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Where’s Sunac, big brother? ? ?




Xia cha lai Hua xian

The sixth and ninth have never been there, and the rest have been to work.




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Wanda has long since stopped playing with real estate.




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In 2023, Beijing municipal social football fans watched the game: Feel the diverse charm of football.

BEIJING, Beijing, October 31 (Xinhua) In 2023, the fans’ watching activities of Beijing municipal social football activities were successfully held in Beijing Manchester United Dream Theater recently. Through a variety of football activities, fans and friends felt the fun brought by football.

The event was hosted by Beijing Social Sports Management Center and undertaken by Beijing Football Association. The fans’ watching activities are led by the government, with the community as the main body, aiming at integrating the participation of resources in football characteristic venues, integrating football matches, mass entertainment, parent-child interaction and other forms, so that citizens and friends can feel the charm of high-standard football matches.

At the event site, fans and friends experienced a variety of watching content. A series of simulation training facilities seem to bring fans and friends to the green field: "AR Football Experience Equipment" helps football lovers improve their practical skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting through technology; "Table football" has exercised the fans’ overall overall view of the football experience; "Under-table football" improves the ball control ability under the feet in a limited space by playing against two people.

Many fans also invited friends to play indoor 3v3 football matches to simulate team struggle on the pitch. A fan who participated in the event said that through a variety of football series activities, he enjoyed the top football matches with everyone and felt the fun brought by football together.

In 2023, Beijing municipal social football fans watched the game. Photo: Provided by the event organizer

In addition, fans and friends can also watch many European giants’ games on the spot. It is reported that there have been many watching games such as "Manchester United vs Crystal Palace", "Manchester United vs brentford", "Barcelona vs Real Madrid", "Chicago Flame vs Miami International" and "Manchester United vs Manchester City".

According to the organizer, at present, there have been seven football fans’ watching activities at the municipal level in Beijing. The purpose of the football fans’ watching activities is to provide professional services, and through the combination of various experience facilities and watching games, a good watching environment is created for the fans, so that citizens and friends can feel the charm of high-standard football matches, thus promoting the healthy development of football. (End)

Five Simple and Practical Football Skills

Hello, everyone, today we share five simple and effective primary skills, I hope you like them!

The five practical skills brought today are very simple and effective. Let’s take a look at some of them. Let’s start now:

Knock someone across

The first action is used when we want to create enough space to shoot or cross. We can use this technique to explode directly from the static state, and the speed is very fast. Sudden breakout can make this technique more effective.

Figure 1- Crossing People

All the previous "dances" are preparations. It doesn’t matter what we do. The key is to let the opponent not know what we are going to do. If we slow down, this action is not complicated at all. First, push the ball across the body with one foot, and at the same time, kick the ball in the opposite direction with the other foot, and then break through.

Figure 2- Kicking in the opposite direction

Note that we can also make the ball bounce a little and increase the lethality of this action. At first, we should practice this action slowly, and finally, even if the defender meets you, we can still finish this action.

Figure 3- Knock the ball up

Pull the ball through the crotch

The sideline is the best helper for us to finish this crotch crossing. Even if there are no defenders, we should learn to practice by imagining ourselves, so that we can feel more comfortable when we train and learn these movements.

Fig. 4- Demonstration of Crossing the crotch

This crotch-piercing action can be divided into three simple steps. First, we pull the ball aside to create some space, then stop to attract the opponent to take the bait, and then wait for the opportunity to stir the ball to wear the crotch.

Figure 5- Pull the ball to create space

This action is just a pattern, and there are many ways. Of course, it can also be used in the middle. If we are trapped on the side, it can make us break through easily.

Figure 6- Middle Road Use

V-fake action

V-shaped push-pull is a very important and reliable skill. Now we derive a practical skill based on it. We combine V-shaped push-pull with body postures and riding a bicycle. Therefore, this requires us to have good coordination and be prepared from the beginning.

When we finish the V-push-pull, we can make a body fake or step sideways in the opposite direction, then stop and step on the bike, and finally get rid of it.

Figure 7-V-shaped push-pull fake action

We must observe the game and read about the defensive players and the game. The only way to succeed is to cultivate our self-confidence and skills through practice and improvisation. When we feel more confident, we can create our own rules and be comfortable in the game.

Figure 8- Create your own rules

Reverse feint

Although this action can’t guarantee that you can get rid of your opponent 100%, it can give us enough space. In the game, as long as we have the opportunity to raise our heads, we may complete high-quality actions.

We pull the ball back a few steps, and the defender either stops or pounces, then we turn our ankles, make a fake move, and finally break through in the direction of the target.

Figure 9- Demonstration of Reverse Fake Action

This action is very useful in the cross or in front of the penalty area, especially when we don’t have much time to do it. It is very simple. We must master it. Let’s go to the stadium and practice now.

Figure 10- Simple and Practical

Ronaldinho stopped behind him.

Ronaldinho can do this action at will anywhere on the court, so there is no limit to this skill. The first step is very simple. We pull the ball back behind us, then stop on our toes and pull it back.

Figure 11- Stop the ball on the toe behind you

If an opponent inserts an assist, as shown in the picture below, it will make this action more confusing, and it seems as if it is going to pass the ball, and then suddenly stop and throw off the defender.

Figure 12- Get rid of the defender

When we are doing movements, we should not stand up straight. We should believe that the more we practice, the more skillful we are, the better our performance will be. We can step on a bicycle, wear crotch, or turn around to protect the ball and do whatever we want, as long as the movements are smooth.

Figure 13- Changes in body center of gravity

That’s all for today. Please continue to pay attention to the road of football for more exciting football teaching!

At the last moment, the Czech amateur player reversed, and the young China baseball was blocked and long.

The Chinese baseball team lost to the Czech team 5-8.

Young and fearless, the China men’s baseball team "sent" a home run to the world’s number one Japanese team on its first show back on the world stage; But also because of their youth, China men’s baseball players tasted the bitterness of being "reversed" after 12 hours.

On March 10th, in Tokyo Dome Gymnasium, the second round of the 5th world baseball classic (hereinafter referred to as WBC) Group B continued. After nearly four hours of fighting, the Chinese baseball team finally lost to the Czech team 5-8, and suffered two consecutive defeats.

"It was a difficult game and it was hard to accept the result of losing." As Dean, the 75-year-old coach of China team, said, China fell to the last moment in the twists and turns, and lost to a team that was all unprofessional players. "Today was a memorable victory, but we lost the victory."

However, in Dean’s view, these young China players must "pay tuition fees" when they grow up. "You can regret it today, but after waking up, you must go all out for the next game."

The Chinese baseball team is one step away from victory.

The outcome was in an instant, and the China flag was seen on the field.

"Today, I saw the flag of China in the stadium. I don’t know if they are really China fans, but they gave us encouragement." After the game, China coach Dean felt this way.

For China, the WBC schedule is not easy.

After five years, he returned to the stage of the world’s top baseball game, and fought with the Japanese team for four hours in the first game amid the clamor of more than 46,000 Japanese fans. Then, after only 12 hours of adjustment, they stood in front of the Czech team in the first round.

Although coach Dean and his team made special arrangements for personnel rotation, and saved several main players for the second game, judging from the opening situation of the second game, the China team did not completely get out of the fatigue of the first stop.

The Czech team, which took the lead in attacking, hit hits continuously in the first half of the first inning, and scored 2 points first, while Zhao Fuyang, the starting pitcher that coach Dean specially reserved for this game, failed to enter the state. The 23-year-old young pitcher was replaced by Dean after only throwing 1 2/3 innings.

In the third game, the Czech team hit another home run, expanding the difference to 3 points.

On the one hand, the Czech Republic made great strides in line-playing, and on the other hand, China’s line-playing was slow to find its state. Until the second half of the fifth inning, China’s hits were still zero.

However, the Czech pitchers also made mistakes, throwing four balls to give China a point.

With a 1-4 deficit, China entered the offensive game in the second half of the seventh game. At this critical moment, Zhang Baoshu, a 39-year-old veteran who participated in WBC four times, became the key player to turn the situation around.

His double hit brought vitality to China’s bench, and then he stole the base and went to third base. Then, China’s Kou Yongkang and Luo Jinjun hit hits one after another. Under the pressure of China, the Czech pitcher and first baseman also made frequent mistakes. China pulled back four points with four hits, reversing the score from 1 to 4 to 5 to 4.

At that moment, the players on the bench of China team walked on the sidelines together to celebrate with the players who scored.

The Chinese baseball team once reversed the score.

However, the charm and cruelty of competitive sports lies in its unpredictability.

After both sides drew a blank in the eighth inning, after China pitcher Gong Haicheng put the Czechs on base in the first half of the ninth inning, coach Dean sent Zhu Quan, the "end pitcher"-but it was this substitution that made the Czechs hit a 3-point home run.

That is, this hit completely changed the atmosphere on the court-then, the Czech team scored another point with two hits in succession, realizing the reversal.

"Zhu Quan did very well in the bullpen, and he held the ball well. He said he was in good shape. My misjudgment was that the first game didn’t go as we expected. This led to the final result. "

Dean also put the blame on his own tactical arrangement when he resumed the defeat. "Maybe it would be better to use Zhu Quan at the beginning of the ninth inning, but Gong Haicheng showed his fighting spirit, but he felt a little tired later, so he gave his opponent four balls, which had to be said, which had an impact on the result."

"Our pitching lineup is too weak." After resuming the turning point of the whole game, coach Dean said something he said after the first game.

But Dean also said: "China social networks and media have given us positive comments, and Japanese media have also given us a lot of enthusiastic encouragement. The final result is regrettable, but we also showed what China can do. "

Many people in the Czech baseball team are not professional players.

Respectable opponents, they are amateurs.

It is worth mentioning that Zhang Baoshu, a 39-year-old "four-dynasty veteran" who sounded the counterattack horn for China in this game, and Zhu Quan, the "end pitcher" who was finally robbed by his opponent, are both newcomers of China in this WBC.

According to the rules of the WBC Classic, as long as the player goes back three generations and one member of his family is of China nationality, he can represent China.

Because of this, including Zhang Baoshu, Korean professional baseball pitcher Zhu Quan, Angel Little League pitcher Alan Carter and the professional outfielder Shinsha Yongsuke of the day before yesterday all put on the shirts of the China team.

However, compared with the professional players recruited by China for this WBC, the Czech team, which defeated China in the last minute, is composed of a group of "non-professional" players.

According to the reporter from The Paper, except for a few players who play in NCAA or local schools in Czech Republic, other players have their own formal jobs, some are teachers, some are firefighters, some are stock traders, and some are company bosses.

"They all have their own jobs, just because they love them and then take out their spare time to actively train." The relevant person in charge of the Czech baseball association revealed.

"In fact, not many people in the Czech Republic know that we still have such a baseball team, but we have stood on the best baseball stage in the world and we have been sponsored."

Czech baseball team.

Compared with the young China team and the young players who are all professional players, Czech players are not only "unprofessional" but most of them are over 30 years old. But it was such a group of players who persisted to the end and made a 4-0 wave in the first half of the ninth inning, completing the reversal.

"I learned about the history of Czech baseball before the game. Their story is very touching. We once overtook, but we didn’t expect to lose four points in the ninth inning. "

As coach Dean said, young players in China should learn from these "non-professional" players in the Czech Republic-although they often make mistakes, their calm mentality and stable play at critical moments are the key factors to turn the situation around.

"There are still two games left. Although I lost today, I am proud of the efforts of our players." As coach Dean said, these players have the opportunity to become the future of China baseball, but only if they can learn and grow in failure. "

"I hope they can be full of strength in the future to face the future."

"New Time and Space", "New Model", "New Experience" 2020 Shanghai Tourism Festival to produce beautiful responses

Shanghai, September 27th (Gong Li SHA) On September 27, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government held a press conference. An introduction of effectiveness, deputy director of the Cultural and Tourism Cheng Meihong City Bureau, Deputy Director of Liu Min City Commercial Committee, Minister Lu Xiaohui, Propaganda Department of Xuhui District Committee, Changlong Wanlong, Jing’an District, deputy district, and deputy head of the Chujie Yan District of Songjiang District attended the meeting.

Create a "new space" everywhere for the tourist scene

Shanghai is a well -known tourist city. This is an excellent tourist city "king is everywhere and should be accessed from time to time." The journey of this Tourism Festival has adhered to Jiangsu, the city of festivals, excavating tourism landmarks, new carriers, and new methods to fully stimulate the vitality and release of the city, in order to better serve the development of the Yangtze River Delta.

First, the tourist destination that focuses on promoting shows the Yangtze River Delta. In the context of promoting the development of high -quality cultural tourism integration in the Yangtze River Delta, strive to take the lead in traveling in the "same city effect" in tourism. In some cities in the Yangtze River Delta, the original "good neighbors" to the current "family." This year’s tourist festival, our first time, our first tourism festival. Four items of implementation. The first group of the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Festival was at the Nantong venue, Wenzhou, Huangshan, and three cities launched nearly 100 theme activities. It attracted the participation and attention of more than 8 million people. Through the first time to go to the night market culture, business activities, gourmet punch, self -driving tour, people who have been driving, such as the Yangtze River Delta city, showed some new boutique space for cultural tourism.

At the same time, at the main venue of the opening ceremony of the tourist festival, there is no cultural tourism Yangtze River Delta with rich TV network broadcast resources. The first batch of Shanghai -Huzhou City, Zhejiang’s boutique tourism line "living room from Huangpu River to the world", and the first batch of Shanghai citizens and tourists embarked on a wonderful journey of Shanghai Lake. For the first time, we launched 17 joint Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta cities. The products launched only 12 days, and it sold more than 20,000 copies.

The second feature of the new space is the dotted line of Shanghai urban cultural tourism strings. Shanghai Red Culture, Shanghai Culture, and Southern Cultural Resources are very rich. In the tourist festival, we carefully sort out and integrate, the integration of the focus will not work, provide the public to the public, and lead tourists to participate in a high -quality experience life. Essence At the Tourism Festival, the 16 district government’s cultural tourism enterprises, including our business business, and so on. Then it launched 156 events and nearly 500 fine lines of fine lines, covering three cultures, one river and one river, and buildings can be read. All aspects of online celebrities photography, shopping, food, and so on. The network involves thousands of red punching points.

"The road of sailing, listening to Shanghai Wei," The sound of cultural activities in Shanghai, Shanghai launched 100 red tourism routes; the "Charm Binjiang" event across the river area, released the theme and product line of the five major theme 104 seaside linkage; The introduction of "Building can read", a good place in Shanghai on 16 nights, 103 micro -structures; the golden autumn tourism shopping season to create eight shopping integration, tourism, CultureConsumer’s wonderful destination, to provide consumers with various green business for consumers Travel joint document; "Good Shanghai? Garden Life" launched the theme park line of the five nations for the theme of the five nations; "Magic City Model Young 2020 Youth Travel Experience Award", launch the 15 -week youth journey Deep official website of recruitment experience.

Third, the wave of C -disc in Shanghai is the latest demonstration of punching. During the tourist festival, adapting to the new needs of urban life, the trend of young people, Shanghai launched many recent waves of red networks, punching and best movie photography points, and continue to cultivate "platform+merchants", "boxing line grass grass grass grass grass grass +Offline, "text travel consumption model. The top ten "best movie points" and 12 "best stamping red dots" were launched by Yangpu River in Yangpu District; Hongzhuang District launched four best photography in the eight o’clock and the most beautiful landmarks; Minhang District , Launched "Treasure Hunting Minxing? Minhang Hongfa Ten Nets," He "traveling Minhang called" Book Competition Minhang Road; Xuhui District Celebrating the Vitality of the Holidays, Public Speaking of Music and Wonderful Charm Construction Cross -border Integration; Putuo District Organization; The three lines were packaged on the ground camps to play the two parties in Suzhou to expand the new space of hydrological tourism on the Suzhou River.

Establish a "new model" for integration and interaction in all places

Tourism is a comprehensive industry, and has the effect of "100 % of the industry". In the normal context, prevent control, the tourism festival adheres to leading innovation, initiative to change, respond to new new needs, create new demand for new supply, online and offline interaction, and the complementary platform content. In order to better serve the new development model Essence

Provide and demand and promote each other. The epidemic prevention and control in the background of the standardization, the travel method and destination to the public have changed a lot. Forcing the text tour, we need to improve the quality For the service series, leading public tourists choose new local tourism depth. During the Tourism Festival, the integration of iterative upgrades of the "micro -Shanghai" project of the text tour, Daren Punch and the best movie photography point of photography in Shanghai, listening to the story of urban cultural researchers tell the story of the old house, listening to a wonderful opera chanting, has become Shanghai’s’s in Shanghai City walking line.

So far, the spring travel company has organized more than 50, and 10,000 people participated in Micro Shanghai tourism products. In the next step, it will also strongly support the wishes of local farming Shanghai Cultural Tourism Company, increase the supply of product content, improve service quality, and meet the new needs of public tourist tourists. September 27th is World Tourism Day. This morning, a good place was found in the suburbs of Shanghai-2020 World Tourism Day to see Shanghai activities. Shanghai travel consumer market recovers.

Hug each other online and offline. In the Internet economy, she gave birth to "New Online Text Brigal" as a new concept, "Online Tour", and "the next holes" has become a new cultural tourism experience model. Through the online platform, a new urban cultural tourism business card is realized, the competitiveness of the global market of Shanghai cultural tourism industry has been enhanced, and the new allocation of regional tourism resources is highly created.

The first "Cloud Tourism" platform of the Tourism Festival this year brought together hundreds of high -quality tourist festivals on the live line. Hundreds of articles covering Shanghai’s key business districts, tourist attractions, and cultural sites theme lines.新华社, 伦敦, 美国特派团评论, 携程, 驴母亲旅行, 巡回赛上海应用程序, 颤音, 百度, 丁东买食物, 获取物理应用程序, 达达集团和其他公司,旅游节发射特殊窗口, 特征, List online to show the theme of the tourist festival, and the tourism festival provides exclusive rewards and trends.

According to statistics, the "Cloud Tourism" platform clicks a total capacity of 1.017 million people. In the comments from participating in the statistics of Midea Group, from September 12th to 25th, the amount of food and beverages increased by 56.6 % year -on -year, leisure and entertainment expenditure increased by 39.8 %, bed expenditure increased by 33.9 %, 90 % of 90 % , Sales of Travel Ticket Sales at the same time.

Mutual assistance interactive platform and content. The services of the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country are set up to the masses. Passengers in Shanghai are mission. Through the connected platforms and contents, they will continue to strengthen exchanging cultural tourism and tourism to combine the country’s resources to improve quality and promote literary promotion effects.

On the day of the visit, the city jointly established the Yangtze River Delta Tourism Promotion Alliance in Sanxue and Zhejiang Province. The Yangtze River Delta will work together to host various tourism promotion activities. The team builds a tourism marketing network to cover the entire media. Jointly developed a tourist boutique line shared by the Yangtze River Delta, information sharing, product push, and transmitting each other, creating a new image of the Yangtze River Delta integrated tourism destination. This year’s tourism festival has also become the best time to focus on Shanghai and Shanghai. According to statistics, there are remote markets, such as nearly 40 tourism promotion activities in Inner Mongolia, Tianjin, Shandong and Yangtze River before and after tourism.

All local Wenxiao departments through literary performances, food activities, shopping mall road shows, and so on. Babies, beautiful scenery, cultural folk customs, food specialty, and so on. Let the citizens enjoy the great riverside of the beautiful motherland at the door. The 2020 Shanghai (China) Conference and Business Tourism and Domestic Tourism Direct Transactions have established a series of conference industry exchanges and interactive activities, sharing conferences awards and the current situation and development trend of the business tourism industry, and strengthened industry exchanges and improvements.

Share "new experience", so that a beautiful life is everywhere

Tourism is a good time to live in a beautiful life of the people. The tourist festival adheres to the concept of people’s urban development, and vigorously promotes the integration of tourism, urban life, and city experience, so that citizens and tourists will be tourism, fully experience "cities, make life better", and let the book "people city" read. , I can see it, you can see it.

"Cross -border integration" "Travel+ N". The epidemic suffered unprecedented impact. How to seek opportunities from the needs of CRISISFROM in adversity, it is necessary to seek new cross -border integration of the upstream industrial chain. The cooperation between the various departments this year is a highlight. This launched a series of "travel+" products and activities. The opening ceremony of the Tourism Festival merged with Nanjing Road East Tower. It only takes 20 minutes to sell the "self -sufficient flow" of the tourist festival and the two IP addresses of Nanjing Road. The overall effect of the opening of the Championships has formed a geometric factor growth.

According to statistics, on September 12, at 8:00 pm, the instantaneous traffic of Nanjing Road was 3.60,000 people, and the tourist festival almost turned over last year. The Municipal Commerce Commission has led the autumn tourist peak season shopping. It has created eight business travel lounges. The integration of 644 is famous. The famous, famous restaurant, the name of this street. Autumn is the harvest season. The Municipal Agricultural Committee and the Municipal Transportation Commission launched 18 rural boutique tourism routes to propose comprehensive suburbs of Shanghai’s most beautiful villages. Shanghai Film Group has held nearly 50 well -known brand business travel of the "Worry -Free Calcium Marathon Party" text brings exquisite cultural and creative and interactive activities, attracting tourists to participate in the public to participate in the public.

The 3rd China (Shanghai) International Health Tourism Expo has become an important platform for the pharmaceutical industry to gather tourist attractions, cross -border integration of sports and health, promoting a win -win cooperation between the health tourism industry, prosperity and development. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has launched the theme of the debit card theme happy Yangtze River Delta. You can buy the Yangtze River Delta text brigade voting, and 18 has been released. 40000.

The cultural connotation of "show depth". "Shanghai urban tourism resources cannot be separated from red culture, Shanghai culture and southern culture empower power, and show the depth of cultural connotation for the" cultural soul "of tourism in the tourism industry. The text brigade provides a better experience for public visitors. Reading the content of the "Tourism Festival, the second meeting of the cultural and creative market, Shanghai will become the resource characteristics of the" building possible "cultural creative product, so that public visitors will be stronger and more intuitive to understand the city’s city’s History, the taste of urban culture.

According to statistics, a total of 62 cultural and creative enterprises in the city’s 16 districts have 929 cultural and creative product exhibitions. Shanghai People’s Broadcasting Station, "The road of sail, listening to the Shanghai" plan ". Without the voice of Shanghai Red Culture, Red Tourism provides a new experience for the people. On September 14th, "early 990 news" listened to 3.13 %, an increase of 37.89 %, and the number of 55 years per day. 70,000.

The world holds the theme activity of the "traditional city center" and gives full play to the advantages of the comprehensive effect of art world performance art. The Yangtze River Delta has created the theme of IP IP in the non -heritage music festival. 16 days of tourist festival, Shanghai’s colorful culture and performance art market, the world’s main performance art performances 51 and 152 on -site projects, with an average of nearly 10 games per day, the number of major performance projects increased by 59 %, and the on -site growth rate was 55 %.

Consumption upgrade "Enable power." Continuous innovation supporting markets, high -quality products of consumers, and launching many high -quality products in the tourist festival of organizational activities, promoting consumption, and leading public tourists pursuing the quality of life. According to statistics, the sales of the businessmen along the Nanjing Road along the Tourism Festival have increased significantly, and the new world of Deman Department Store in Dim Province. Sales of Family Fashion Store. 080,000 yuan, Rose 54 % subway: September 12-13 days, 1388 entire network traffic. 60,000 people, the ring on weekends -more than 5 % (September 6) increased.

On September 12, the passenger flow of Nanjing East Road Station was 11.560,000 passengers, which usually increased by 16 % on weekends. According to statistics, during the tourist festival, the sales of the four districts of the city increased by 5.2 %, and the sales of Huangpu District increased 26 times. 6 %. Fireworks Shanghai Food Season Activities attracted nearly 13 million people to participate; the "Southern Food" section "on -site" on -site participation was more than 50 years old, 10,000, and sales of nearly 200 million.

(Edit: Tang Xiaoli, Han Qing)