China Exploration of AI Empowerment Education

  The second international conference on artificial intelligence and education was held in Beijing recently. The conference was jointly organized by UNESCO, the Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the National Committee of UNESCO of China, to explore the core literacy that human beings need in the intelligent age, and to study the future education development strategy and education methods.

  Faced with the great impact of COVID-19 epidemic on global education, large-scale online education has accelerated the process of technological revolution and educational reform, and a series of new technologies have shown great potential, and the demand in the era of artificial intelligence has undoubtedly changed significantly. China has been carrying out "artificial intelligence+"education innovation, and the integration of intelligent technology and education is becoming a catalyst to reshape the relationship among classroom, students and teachers.

  Individualized development of intelligent teaching

  In recent years, China has deepened its understanding of the integrated development of artificial intelligence and education, and issued a series of policy documents to encourage and support the development of intelligent education.

  In 2017, the "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan" was officially released, which proposed to speed up the training of high-end talents in artificial intelligence, build artificial intelligence disciplines, and develop intelligent education. In 2018, the Ministry of Education issued the Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence Innovation in Colleges and Universities to promote the development of artificial intelligence from the field of higher education. In February last year, "China Education Modernization 2035" was officially released, proposing to accelerate the educational reform in the information age, build an intelligent campus, make overall plans to build an integrated intelligent teaching, management and service platform, and use modern technology to accelerate the reform of personnel training mode.

  Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education of China, said that new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, have shown people the great potential of transformative education. It is the mission of education to help everyone acquire the ability to master new technology and create a better life. We should speed up the development of higher quality education, more fair and inclusive education, more suitable for everyone, more open and flexible education, provide everyone with lifelong learning opportunities, and realize the integrated development of education and economy and society.

  Under the epidemic situation, the online education service platform is also exerting its strength, and classes are suspended, and the application of new technologies promotes the reform of education and teaching mode. Bai Yunfeng, chairman and president of Good Future Group, said that the integration of artificial intelligence and education is moving towards the deep field of educational ecology, which has promoted the innovation and change from educational concept to teaching technology. Through the development of artificial intelligence and big data, with online education as the carrier, the combination of "online and offline" is opening the "black box" of the learning process, making it possible to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, and a future picture of intelligent education is emerging.

  Emergence of technological innovation and reconstruction of traditional classroom

  Some regions and schools have begun a deep attempt to integrate artificial intelligence with education and teaching. In Beijing, Shanghai and other places, intelligent teaching assistants and intelligent learning offices can accurately respond to students’ learning needs, and design multiple versions according to the differences of students of different ages.

  In Guangzhou, Wuhan, Xi ‘an, Qingdao and other places, artificial intelligence courses are being gradually rolled out in primary and secondary schools to promote the integration of artificial intelligence and subject teaching.

  In colleges and universities, artificial intelligence has become an important aid in teaching. Relying on the teaching tools of wisdom education, Tsinghua University can communicate with teachers and students in real time, which provides an effective solution for classroom teaching interaction. In the international cooperative research project of Beijing Normal University, the functional roles of artificial intelligence teachers in the future are predicted, including 12 important roles such as automatic marking, blood diagnosis, psychological counseling, physical health monitoring and personalized teaching guidance … …

  Lei Chaozi, director of the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Education, said that in the face of the important task of promoting the fundamental transformation of learning methods and teaching methods with intelligent technology and cultivating innovative talents to adapt to the future society, China has made explorations in four aspects: the transformation of students’ learning methods, the transformation of teachers’ roles, the transformation of classroom forms and the transformation of evaluation system. In this process, online and offline experiential learning, project-based learning, group cooperative learning, flexible learning and autonomous learning, which have achieved remarkable results during the epidemic, are gradually becoming mainstream learning methods. At the same time, teachers’ knowledge-based teaching role will be partially replaced by artificial intelligence, so they can get rid of heavy repetitive work and devote more energy to personalized guidance and cultivation of students.

  Strengthen international cooperation and narrow the digital divide.

  A set of figures can more clearly reflect China’s efforts in education informatization. At present, the Internet access rate of primary and secondary schools (including teaching points) in China is 99.7%, the network bandwidth of 98.7% schools is all over 100 megabytes, 95.2% schools have multimedia classrooms, the network teaching environment has been greatly improved, and the national public service system for quality education resources has basically been established. The number of online learning spaces for teachers and students in China exceeded 100 million, and the number of students in massive open online course reached 31.31 billion. Educational informatization is playing an important role in building a more open and flexible high-quality education system for everyone equally.

  At the same time, it is inseparable from international cooperation and exchanges to create an intelligent education system of "technology for goodness", further balance the coverage of distance education, narrow the digital divide, and provide fair, open and personalized education methods for students from all countries.

  Gianini, Assistant Director-General of Education of UNESCO, pointed out that the large-scale epidemic of COVID-19 has accelerated the global demand for cooperation in the development of emerging technologies. Only through cooperation can technology benefit everyone, instead of further widening inequality.

  At the same time, technological progress has aggravated the digital divide, making it an urgent problem to be solved. A set of data quoted by Mokuy, Chairman of the UNESCO Executive Board, is worrying: according to a recent report released by UNICEF and ITU, 87% of children and young people in high-income countries have access to the Internet; But in low-income countries, the figure is only 6%. There are 2.2 billion children and young people under the age of 25 in the world who have no access to the Internet at home — — One billion of them live in Asia and Africa.

  "This epidemic once again shows that the destiny of mankind is closely linked and the interests of all countries are closely linked and interdependent. Cooperation to meet challenges is the only choice for the international community." Tian Xuejun, Vice Minister of Education of China and Director of the National Committee of UNESCO in China, said so.

  If we want to narrow the digital divide and achieve inclusive development, all countries must go hand in hand. As Tian Xuejun said: "We must base ourselves on common interests, replace differences with unity, eliminate prejudice with reason, respect each other, help each other in the same boat, give full play to the leading and coordinating role of UNESCO in the field of intelligent education, discuss cooperation mechanisms, build a communication platform, share high-quality resources, help the educational development of developing countries, especially African countries, jointly promote the implementation of the 2030 education agenda, and build an educational community in the intelligent age."

Media criticism of China football has caused fans to laugh at it. It is a hot topic that you can’t miss at 7 am.

Recently, there has been a "AFC Champions League" in China football circle, and the Super League team won all the matches in this round, which made China football fans shine at the moment. However, at this exciting moment, some people began to worry about the goal of domestic players, which made people feel a little surprised. Among them, Ran Xiongfei’s comments caused great controversy. He said that the team’s victory in three games was a shot in the arm, and it was completely nonsense to worry that domestic players scored less goals. What he seems to want to express is that in a team, everyone should contribute to the victory, not worry about who scores the goal. Of course, some fans don’t agree with this view. They think that if foreign aid always occupies the forefront of the scorer list, the room for improvement of local players will be limited.

However, is this idea too narrow? As a team, victory is the most important thing, and everyone should strive for it. In addition, we must not forget that local players also need time to grow up, and they need to improve their strength through youth training. Nowadays, the adult players have been finalized, but we can improve the overall level of football in China by cultivating young players. If we only pay attention to the immediate results and ignore the future development, then China football may never catch up with other countries. Therefore, let’s put aside our worries about the number of goals scored and take practical actions for the development of football in China.

Let us believe that as long as everyone tries their best, China football will surely usher in a more brilliant future.

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What is the thing that women are most afraid of in their sexual life?

# Headline article development plan #


Is the most common and popular at present.

A contraceptive method with high contraceptive rate.

But any kind of contraception

Are difficult to achieve.100% contraceptive rate

Condoms are no exception.

Today we are going to talk about

It’s just a girl’s sex life

What I am most afraid of-

Condom breakage


Don’t think

this is aMinimal probability event

In 2015

Researchers in related fields

A survey was conducted.

On the cause of unintended pregnancy

"The condom is damaged or falls off"

Accounted for 28%

And "no contraceptive measures"

Accounted for only 15%

Although this survey is one-sided.

But this data

It can explain to some extent.

"condom breakage" is not a small probability event.

Try to avoid it in daily use.

In order to better ensure safety.

Condom breakage

What are the causes?

The condom was accidentally damaged.

There are two main possible factors

First kind

The quality of the condom itself is not good

Condoms produced by regular manufacturers

It will pass before leaving the factory.

Electrode test, air explosion test

Pinhole water leakage test, dermatological testetc

The purpose is to ensure the quality up to standard.

Avoid breakage during use.

And some inferior condoms

The production process is not up to standard.

Pre-factory inspection

It is even more likely to be omitted directly.

This leads to the fact that during use

It is very likely that "breakage" will occur.

Want to avoid this situation

The way is actually very simple.

Through formal channels

Buy regular brand condoms.

Condoms are such things.

After all, the use site is special.

Those "three no condoms"

Presumably, everyone dare not use it easily.

So this point will not be discussed.

the second type

The wrong way to use it

Why did you use a regular brand condom?

It’s broken, too

That must be in the way of use.

There was an error.

Specific mistakes

Can be divided into three categories.

I bought it wrong.


Condoms are also dividedLarge, medium and small.of

Judging from the general data of men in the whole country

Usually, medium and large sizes will be more "fit"

But …

When many gentlemen buy condoms,

Don’t care about size at all

What number to buy is completely random.

There are also some gentlemen.

In order to "experience better"

Deliberately buy a condom that doesn’t fit.

The condom is too big, too small, too loose and too tight.

May lead to the use of.

Accidental breakage occurs.

Wear it wrong.

Some gentlemen wear it.

In order to achieve a safer contraceptive effect

Will choose "Wear two layers"

Two-layer condom not only can not improve safety

Instead, due to mutual friction.

Increased in the process of intense exercise

Damage probability


There are also some wrong ways to wear them

Like putting it firstThe condom is fully deployed.

Then wear it.

Another exampleWear it too hard.

There is no space left at the top.

All these may cause

The condom is damaged during use.

Wrong use.

It’s not over yet

When it comes to formal use

There are still many pits you may step on.

For example, some gentlemen are more excited.

The action may be involuntary

Become rude

Although the surface of the condom

There is a protective lubricant.

butToo violent a movement.

It is still possible to cause damage.

There are people who are pursuing

Different stimuli

Select someHave sex in a special place

Like the bathroom.

High temperature, hot water, bath products

It is possible to destroy the structural stability of the sleeve.

Plus the environment like the bathroom.

Will make private parts dry.

This will greatly increase the risk of condom breakage.

in short

In order to "avoid winning the prize"

The mistakes mentioned above

Gentlemen must pay attention.

Don’t step on the pit.

Doctor, for a minute, the posture keeps rising.

-End of this period-

After 800 days, Aauto Quicker’s heaviest game finally appeared.

On December 1st, the first work "Sleepwalking" developed by Aauto Quicker’s game brand "Finger flick Universe" finally started its first test.

In the eyes of many people, this work represents the highest level of self-research in Aauto Quicker after the game business upgrade. Moreover, Sleepwalking also has a feeling of "the sword is biased" in terms of game types, and chose to build a high DAU product with Roguelite+ARPG as the core.

These factors make Sleepwalking very valuable for research: using GaaS(service game)Is it feasible to make a pure Roguelite?

Let’s look at it bit by bit.

I have to say that Sleepwalking chose an almost perfect theme. In the plot, as a "dream catcher", players have the ability to move freely in dreams, so they will continue to go deep into various dreams to find and solve the secrets and problems of the dream owner-the game therefore adopts the classic narrative method of unit drama+dark line.

In addition, the two concepts of dream and reality, which reflect each other and contradict each other, frequently appear in the plot of the game, which is naturally suitable for discussing various philosophical issues.

For example, in the first chapter of the game, the story discusses the unknown topics about fear and challenge with the help of "deep sea dream";

The second chapter also talks about the concept of money in the dream of getting rich.

With the contrast between exaggerated dreams and reality as the background, players are not so easy to feel "lectured", but more naturally think about life with the game-the plot that allows players to think actively is no worse than those works that rely on adrenaline.

The combat system of Sleepwalking requires players to play three "dream spirits"(role)Each character has three skills: general attack, survival and characteristics. At the same time, each character belongs to one of the six schools, which correspond to different offensive styles, such as melee, barrage, ray, call, encirclement and circle.

At the same time, the "echo" that players get in a single game.(BUFF)Most of them belong to one of these six schools-this setting is easily reminiscent of Hades, and Sleepwalking also draws more lessons from the mechanism of this classic work, such as the design of some rooms and statues that can trigger time-limited challenges and get rewards.

For example, a famous scene like "Xiuluo Field"

Roguelike, a game category, has experienced decades of iteration, and imitation and reference have long been commonplace. The classic Roguelite "Hades" derived from it is also the object of study for many developers. The new knowledge of the game has also been summarized. The imitation of many works only stays at the level of "randomly appearing BUFF by genre", but it can’t "reflect the design sense of the game with random mechanism".

Sleepwalking has made some targeted designs to avoid players being forced to choose the optimal solution, specifically to minimize the importance of "genre theme".

Many similar games are designed with the collocation depth of "1+1>2" in mind, while Sleepwalking emphasizes "2+2=2*2" on the basis of a small amount of "1+1>2": most buffs are designed to add tricks to the player’s character performance, and even some buffs with combined effects will not be so powerful that the player can’t help it after numerical design.

This mechanism also liberates the freedom of players in team matching. There is absolutely no need for the characters in the player’s squad to belong to the same genre, because doing so does not mean higher intensity, not to mention that any two characters in Sleepwalking have a linking effect, which will be triggered after a sufficient number of BUFF are collected in the game.

Under the comprehensive influence of various mechanisms, "Sleepwalking" rarely exerts a sense of anxiety on the player’s role intensity in the process of single game. Players can either plan the specific gameplay in advance and choose the desired construction method tendentiously, or give up thinking after playing the same routine, close their eyes and concentrate on mowing the grass.

This is another design idea. Sleepwalking hopes to directly create a fresh sense of He Shuang with randomness, thus bypassing the hard-core and difficult-to-give-up feature of "players need to learn through constant failure" in fundamentalism Roguelike.

At this time, we should be able to understand more clearly the phrase "sweeping 1.4 billion dreams" when Sleepwalking was published. It doesn’t need many complicated and obscure rules and mechanisms, but it only needs to design different themes and then put them together and collide with each other. The "unrestricted" theme also allows Sleepwalking to give full play to this aspect.

Following this line of thinking, the next problem that Sleepwalking needs to solve is how to effectively show its strengths and let players try more diverse content.

There are still many details that can be polished in a test of Sleepwalking. For example, one of the two sides of the aforementioned "2+2=2*2" is that players will encounter "difficulty in choosing". Let me give an extreme example:

Which one should I choose?

At this time, I thought of Hades, and only a small mechanism was needed to solve the problem.

I don’t believe that we can still choose difficulties in this way.

A big problem in the combination of GaaS and Rougelite is the design of nurturing system: it can increase the depth of the game, but the overweight nurturing system will also make the game deteriorate.

"Sleepwalking" has not become a substantial development game like many Roguelite mobile games. Its cultivation system is very familiar, including role level, skill level, overlapping cards and equipment.

Players who are familiar with the two-dimensional card-drawing mobile game may have begun to feel bad, but in fact, except for the upgrade, the improvement of other cultivation elements is not too great: the full-level skill is only about 50% higher than the initial level, and the player’s most feared card stacking is mainly used to improve the rarity of the role’s corresponding BUFF, and the numerical value is not particularly obvious.

The test of Sleepwalking only lasted less than 4 days. Theoretically, the long-term gameplay does not belong to the focus of this test, but the new knowledge of the game still feels some ideas: grading the gameplay and making the gameplay with lower level become the cultivation process of the gameplay with higher level.

This "lower level" gameplay is the Roguelite main gameplay that we are all familiar with: destroying enemies in fixed-length checkpoints, managing BUFF and resources, and challenging the final BOSS. On the settlement page of the main game after customs clearance, players can choose to save the lineup status at customs clearance to form a "seal".

Imprinting can play a role in other gameplay. For example, there is only one BOSS in the actual process of a short material level. At this time, players only need to choose the pre-saved imprints to directly challenge with the customs clearance team.

This idea can be said to be multi-faceted: special levels create demand for engraving for players, so players get the motivation to play the main mode and explore new construction methods; After a difficult challenge, you can get a new upper limit of material unlocking, forming a spiral play curve.

In addition, Roguelike will force the player to know the progress in the game after a game, which sometimes makes the player feel unfinished-the mechanism of printing can solve this problem to some extent.

Sleepwalking doesn’t look like a game pieced together by randomly selecting several labels. Aauto Quicker’s "highest level" does have something.

I hope Sleepwalking will bring us more surprises in the future.

Third and fourth -tier personnel return, "rich people areas" housing prices rose against the trend, and three changes in the property market appeared

Because of the impact of epidemic and economic transformation, the population of third- and fourth -tier cities is flowing. Many of these migrant workers who returned from Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places are highly educated groups. In the golden area of ??third- and fourth -tier cities, they purchased houses in the "rich area", not only high -quality school district houses, but also supporting and greening are comparable to high -end houses in large cities. The houses in these high -end communities have risen first. Compared with other communities, the "hot island" effect appears, which is a lot higher than the surrounding house prices.

First, return home to snap up high -end houses

Many people who return home sell houses in big cities and buy a high -end house in their hometown. They can take their parents to live together. If you go back to the outside, you will have a place to settle in your hometown. Someone was affected by the mortgage of large cities. A loan of millions of dollars in a house made their lives and work suffer a lot of pressure. Buy a house in his hometown, and there are still funds in your hand to start a business or use it for daily life.

Second, the family replacement school house of the provident fund loan

Most families with provident fund loans are groups with stable income. Now many cities have increased the amount of provident fund loans and reduced down payment. They can buy a high -end house with a small amount of down payment. People who lived in the old town or high -rise houses were currently replacing high -quality school district houses. Therefore, high -end communities in third- and fourth -tier cities have recovered and rose against the trend, forming a sharp contrast with the surrounding second -hand housing.

Third, the scarcity of resources and the superiority of the location

Most of the "rich people areas" in third- and fourth -tier cities are mature communities built by large -scale housing companies that have been stationed before. From design style to supporting facilities are first -class. Now, many large real estate companies are far from the third and fourth -tier property market. It is difficult for local small development companies to have such a large handwriting, so it is particularly popular. The "rich area" is not only high in house prices, but also the local group is also rich or expensive in the local area. Therefore, house prices do not worry about selling the road.

From the trend of the property market this year, it can be seen that the rise and fall of the same city is blurred. So many favorable introduction, most of the property market is still not shocked. There are three changes:

01, the population continues to flow, but the house price is very strong

The phenomenon of the population of third- and fourth -tier cities is very common, and most of them are going out to make a living. If you say that Anjia Real Estate, you will choose to return to his hometown to buy a building. After all, house prices in large cities are high, living costs and housing costs are also high, and they can’t afford it. Therefore, many people will come to buy a neighborhood with good money outside. After all, Ye Luo will be rooted in the future, and now he will be filial to pick up his parents to life in the city.

02, interest rates have been reduced sharply, but most people do not buy a house anymore

Recently, with the introduction of the measures and interest rates, although the property market has stabilized and selling the building without panic, the transaction is still unconventional. Many third- and fourth -tier cities have no imagination scenes, and buyers are silent. Many families already have plans to buy a house, and the down payment can be available, but they are still watching and waiting. High -end communities are relatively hot, many people can’t afford it, housing prices in other areas are also falling, and few people buy it.

03, the vacancy rate increases, but the speculators do not throw the house

At present, the vacancy rate of third- and fourth -tier cities has increased by up to 30%. Many families have unstable income because of the high cost of housing. Therefore, when they return to the countryside, the house cannot be sold. There are also couples who work in the field. The speculators and groups of real estate have good housing in their hands, do not rent nor sold, and have no throwing house. Perhaps there are fantasies about the future property market.

Urban governance rule of law: take the "Shanghai Domestic Waste Management Regulations" as an example

Since the reform and opening up, the urban management of Shanghai can be divided into three stages: the initial stage of reform and opening up to 2000, the construction management is cracked by solving the "three difficulties" (difficulty in transportation, housing difficulties, and environmental difficulties). With people -oriented, management as the first, safety as the first, to welcome the "Expo" event and consolidate "comprehensive management" as the main task; since 2017, it has entered refined management to make good use of the "three hearts and one needle" (embroidery -like " Carefulness, patience, excellence, and embroidery needle), build four beams and eight pillars.

After more than forty years of practice and exploration, Shanghai has accumulated rich experience in the process of dealing with various complex problems operating in large cities, and conducted a comprehensive exploration in the refinement of urban management.

In 2021, the Shanghai Housing and Urban -Rural Development Management Committee organized the writing "Exploration and Practice Series of the Construction of" People’s City "in the New Era". Strengthen the refined work of urban management and promote the exploration and practice of people’s urban construction. The book uses the four main "needle methods": rule of law, standardization, intelligence, and socialization (fourizations), combined with cases to detailed how Shanghai performs refined management.

In the chapter of the "rule of the rule of law" the "warning line" of urban management, the writing group cuts in from the legislative, revision, law enforcement and law popularization of the city management field in Shanghai, analyzes the application of the rule of law thinking in the management process, and confirms the construction of the rule of law. Fundamental role in urban management. We have edited some of the contents of this chapter, explained the necessity of rule of law in urban management, and selected one of the most representative cases in order to readers.

For a long time, Shanghai has always regarded the rule of law as an important cornerstone of the construction of governance systems and governance capabilities, based on the management needs of oversized cities, and continuously refining and optimizing the guarantee of legal systems.

In early 2021, driving into the Fenhu Daokou of the G50 Shanghai -Chongqing High Speed ??Speed ??and entering the boundary of Shanghai, Mr. Lin, who was sitting in the co -driver, received a text message- "The Regulations on the Administration of Shanghai Public Health Emergency" will be implemented on November 1, 2020. Everyone is responsible for preventing and controlling and controlling it according to law. Strengthen self -health management, strengthen self -protection awareness, wash hands, divide hands, use public chopstick spoons. Enter the airport, railway station, bus, subway and other public places to wear masks as required to maintain social distance ""

"It is illegal to wear a mask in Shanghai in public places." Mr. Lin turned his head and told his friends and took out the mask from his pocket.

The "Regulations on the Administration of Public Health Emergency" clearly stipulates that during the popularity of respiratory infectious diseases, entering public places should be worn in accordance with the requirements and maintain a social distance. Today, wearing a mask in public places is not only a civilized habit, but also a legal obligation that Shanghai citizens should adhere to.

How to use the rule of law thinking and the rule of law to regulate the public order of the city, so that the law can be dependent on, and the law is based on the law. It is an inevitable requirement and important content of the construction and management of modern cities. From the perspective of the refined goals of urban management, the accuracy and effectiveness of management methods should meet the basic requirements of standardized implementation, and the standardization of the means requires the establishment, sound, and perfect legal and regulatory system to enhance the particle size and refinement of legal resources With high rigorous rules and the spirit of the rule of law, it provides a solid institutional foundation and exquisite behavioral guidance for the efficient operation of urban management. On the one hand, we can rule the people and the people in accordance with the law, and use laws and regulations to restrict the behavior of citizens; on the other hand, in accordance with the right to rule, govern officials, regulate the behavior of government agencies and their public officials, and use laws and regulations to control the exercise of public power. It can be said that the process of continuous improvement of the rule of law in urban management itself is an important practice of the concept of "the people of the people’s city and the people’s city for the people".

The standardization of management methods is also conducive to overcoming the disadvantages of sports and empirical governance, and improving the long -term and stability of urban governance. The content of the standardized management methods also includes the clear division of the rights and obligations of various types of public affairs and the supply of public services, and the determination of organizational management and operating rules provides behavioral specifications for various governance subjects, and provides public rights of the public. Standards and basis, guide urban management laws and regulations to become social consensus and behavioral rules.

For the government, the rule of law of management methods lies in clarifying its responsibilities and their behavioral standards, accelerating the transformation of government functions, and promoting the original inherent leadership decision -making government to the legal decision -making government through the construction of the rule of law. For citizens, as the main body of the city, citizens have the right to also obliges to improve the literacy and legal awareness of the rule of law, can establish reasonable expectations for administrative processes and management effects, and achieve effective supervision of public administration. It can be seen that the rule of law is the core symbol of urban competitiveness and the dazzling business card for urban governance.

The ideal state of rule of law is "the law can be prohibited, and the law is prohibited without authorization." To achieve this goal, the lack of legislation, law enforcement, and law general law is indispensable. Especially for Shanghai with the inheritance of sea -faction culture, its regional culture itself has a basis for contract civilization.

Shanghai is the first city in the country to implement garbage classification. From July 1, 2019 to the present, it has formed a situation of Shanghai demonstration and onlookers in the country. For Shanghai, legislation is both the task required by superiors, but also the endogenous demand generated by garbage classification to a certain stage. Up to now, the "Regulations on the Management of Shanghai Municipal Lomitic waste" have been implemented for more than two years, and the garbage classification has entered the daily life of each Shanghai person. It shows the civilization of the city.

Case: Fine Management -Taking the "Regulations on the Management of Shanghai Municipal Links" as an example

From 2005 to 2010, the average annual growth rate of Shanghai’s domestic waste was about 3%, the average annual growth rate from 2011-2017 was 4%, and the annual growth rate after 2014 reached 5%. And the traditional garbage treatment method, whether it is incineration or landfill, will bring obvious problems: occupying tens of thousands of acres of land, mosquito flies fly chaotic, sewage overflows, smells of the sky, seriously pollute the soil and groundwater environment … The number of garbage is still threatening the lives of various wild animals, and the garbage in rivers and oceans invades the habitat of aquatic creatures, causing them to die by mistake and even species extinction. At the same time, the two evils brought by the waste incineration are one of the most deadly toxic substances on the earth. After the incineration is discharged and discharged, it can diffuse from a long distance. Once the pollutants enter the human body, they will stay for a long time and eventually cause cancer. "Garbage siege" has been "under the city."

Promoting garbage classification can effectively improve the efficiency of garbage treatment, reduce treatment costs, reduce land consumption and environmental pollution, drive circular economy, save resources, and turn waste into treasures, and have the benefits of social, economic and ecological aspects. However, in order to do a good job of domestic waste, we must change people’s behavior habits and require a long -term process. Refined governance of domestic garbage in other countries often go through decades or even longer efforts. Therefore, the legislative work of the garbage classification is not only the need to mobilize the entire force, but also the most powerful education and guidance of this work and the most powerful education and control.

On the basis of a large -scale questionnaire survey and full review, Shanghai people have reviewed and approved the "Shanghai Municipal Home Wurns Management Regulations" greater than January 2019. It is announced that it will be officially implemented on July 1, 2019. Enter the "hard constraint" era.

The legislation clarified several priorities in Shanghai’s garbage classification work. One is how to divide it? Shanghai has been exploring garbage classification since the 1990s. After several changes, in 2011, it was determined to be recyclable, harmful garbage, wet garbage, and dry garbage. During the review of the regulations, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress designed a set of questionnaires for the general public, and the results showed that most citizens expressed their recognition of the "four -point method".

Shanghai domestic waste classification and launch guide

Who will control it? At the three levels of the city, district, and streets, the regulations stipulate the management model of "combination and block", and clarify the work content of the street office and the township people’s governments. One by one. For example, units and individuals who generate domestic waste are the responsible subjects of classification and distribution. They should put domestic waste to the corresponding collecting containers; each launching point shall establish a classification and distribution management responsible person to clarify their rights and obligations; For garbage, the receiving unit can refuse to receive it. If it does not make corrections within the time limit, it can be fined.

The third is how to do the source reduction? The regulations include specific matters including promoting product packaging materials and reduction of express packaging. For example, hotels must not take the initiative to provide disposable daily necessities, catering service providers and catering distribution service providers must not proactively provide free disposable chopsticks, puffing and other tableware. In Shanghai, when using APP such as "Hungry" or "Meituan", each merchant must provide special tableware options and give reminders to "provide on -demand".

Fourth, how to achieve "closed loop" management? The regulations strictly standardize and transport and transport, and clarify that the receiving units must use special vehicles and ships to implement closed transportation. Realization of the whole process.

After the "Shanghai Municipal Domestic Waste Management Regulations" was officially implemented, a public account article entitled "A picture to understand Shanghai’s domestic garbage classification" was crazy "swipe the screen" in the circle of friends. Someone teased that the "magic people" was "mad" by the garbage classification. Every morning, when they went out, they had to accept the soul torture of "what garbage was".

Mobilization and ridicule, but if you go to the community and ask "whether the garbage classification is good", even the seventh or eighty -year -old grandma will answer you: "Okay! Now the environment is so serious, Allah is obliged to contribute to environmental protection." Since the implementation of more than two years, garbage classification has entered the daily life of every Shanghai people. Everyone is proud of "division", ashamed of "indiscriminate".

Observing all corners of Shanghai, you can find many places that are changing because of garbage classification: Located on the coast of the East China Sea and 70 kilometers from the southeast of the city center -this "digestion" of about 50%of the domestic garbage terminal treatment in Shanghai The landfills have become the ecological protection display window of green surroundings; Xinyixiu Village, which has achieved "wet garbage cannot be out of the community", Aunt Hou voted to the wet garbage in the community’s trash tank, and the intensive processing of intelligent equipment was treated with concentrated treatment 4 hours later, it became organic fertilizer, and was taken home by Aunt Hou to raise flowers. At the Century Lianhua Luban shop after the "Plastics Limit Order", the counter was carefully prepared on the counter. Packing for customers to use …

Shanghai Old Port Ecological Environmental Protection Base is the world’s largest waste incineration plant and medical waste disposal facility

Xinyu Liu Village "Wet garbage does not get out of the community"

The changes that occurred in factories, communities, supermarkets, and landfills are the true portrayal of the participation and control of the whole people. As of the end of 2020, Shanghai has initially established a full -process classification system to achieve 100%harmless treatment of domestic garbage. Both residential and unit domestic waste classification standards have doubled more than 95%, and the recycling rate of domestic waste resources has reached 38%. Garbage classification makes Shanghai more livable and more temperature.Please clickhereOr scan the code to buy to understand the exploration of refined city management in Shanghai: