Visit the auto show during the small holiday, enjoy subsidies and win big prizes! Shenzhen International Auto Show is about to open.

Shenzhen News Network September 27, 2023(Reporter Zhang Junda) The 2023 (15th) Shenzhen International Automobile Exhibition (Automobile Carnival) and Intelligent Networking and Future Travel Automobile Expo (referred to as "Shenzhen International Automobile Exhibition") will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) from September 29th to October 3rd.

Coinciding with the two holidays and the golden autumn full moon, the organizing committee of Shenzhen International Auto Show made every effort to create an interesting carnival with "automobile" for five days, with the theme of "UP LIFE" and through a variety of automobile cultural and entertainment activities, it presented a car feast with "tide, play and art" to lead the fashion of automobile consumption.

With a subsidy of 100 million yuan, the auto show adds "vitality" to automobile consumption.

Recently, Shenzhen issued "Several Measures for Promoting Consumption in Shenzhen", and there are many measures to encourage automobile consumption. Among them, it is mentioned that ordinary cars that are scrapped or moved out of the "National IV" and below emission standards in advance and purchase qualified new energy vehicles before the end of the year will be given a subsidy of up to 10,000 yuan, which can be enjoyed in combination with other subsidy policies of provinces, cities and districts.

In addition, various districts in Shenzhen are also making efforts to subsidize consumption, such as Baoan District, Longhua District and Longgang District, each with 50 million yuan; Pingshan district can get a car subsidy of up to 15,000 yuan if it meets the requirements. It is reported that subsidies from other districts will be announced soon, bringing real benefits to Shenzhen citizens and fans.

The introduction of a series of subsidies shows that automobile consumption is still a powerful trump card in the "war" to promote consumption. Under the background of the intensive introduction of subsidy policies by governments at all levels to boost the automobile market and the strong recovery of market consumption demand, Shenzhen International Auto Show, as a powerful assistant of automobile consumption and an efficient platform for consumption transformation, will also closely follow the policies and join hands with Shenzhen shopping season, major media and automobile manufacturers to further launch more car purchase preferential activities, providing consumers with a broad and comprehensive choice space, allowing Shenzhen citizens to visit the auto show and enjoy low prices, further releasing automobile consumption demand and stimulating economic transformation and growth.

Visit the exhibition to win the car prize, and gather the "car" fun carnival to "watch enough"

The Shenzhen International Auto Show opened the pavilions 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center and the outdoor exhibition area, with an exhibition scale of 80,000 square meters. Many vehicle manufacturers brought all their brand models to the exhibition, and nearly 80 brands and more than 800 models appeared on the same stage. Among them, Hall 4 is the BYD brand pavilion, and Hall 5 is the pavilion for the "Automobile" fun carnival activities.

The heavyweight activity of this year’s auto show-"Haoqi Up Scissors and Stones Win Cars", sent three sets in a row, subverting the traditional welfare model and playing the simplest game to get the biggest prize. As long as citizens go to the scene to participate in game activities, scissors, stone and cloth will have a chance to win a real car.

In addition, the organizing Committee invited the props production team of CCTV Spring Festival Evening and the first giant puppet production team in China to create the "Taoqi UP Giant Steampunk Puppet Theater". Combining Chen, Parade and Stage Play, it subverts the previous sensory experience with immersive performing arts and close-range scene interaction, and opens the door for your fantasy journey.

This year’s auto show also specially planned "Yuanqi Up Caffeine Town × Strange Market", with food, play, buy and send, and 5,000 cups of free coffee to get; "Shenqi UP Dopamine Paradise" provides a free colored braid experience, turns into a "Dopamine Girl" in seconds, and can also get a blind box of interesting building blocks. You can also get a rich/salary-increasing water cup, a popular avocado doll, and a lion rabbit MengMeng pillow. "Baqi UP Buy a car and draw cash-filled red envelopes", there are not only subsidies but also special rights for buying a car at the auto show. When buying a car, you can draw cash-filled red envelopes, and the red envelope wall is full of 100% prizes, and there are gifts such as red envelopes worth thousands of dollars.

(The picture in this article is provided by the Auto Show Organizing Committee)

"People’s Daily" column issued a document: adding more sea-friendly space for citizens and tourists.

Today’s People’s Daily published an article "Adding More Seaside Space for Citizens and Tourists" in the column "Practice of Ludao Butterfly in Xiamen", paying attention to the continuous beach protection and restoration in Xiamen, Fujian.

The article said that in the 1980s, due to natural and human factors, the beaches in Xiamen were damaged to varying degrees. The common method of early coastal protection is to build hard revetment with riprap and reinforced concrete. Xiamen, on the other hand, follows the principle of "beach is suitable" to restore beaches, enhance coastal protection capacity and carry out systematic protection and restoration of beaches.

Since 2007, Xiamen has successively completed the protection and restoration of many beaches such as Guanyin Mountain, Convention and Exhibition Center and Gulangyu Island, with a cumulative restoration area of 1.65 million square meters. In the process of protection and restoration, Xiamen insists on leaving the most beautiful coastline to the people. The total beach area of the city is 2.4 million square meters, which adds more sea-friendly space for citizens and tourists. Xiamen organically combines sports, culture, tourism and leisure facilities, and organizes beach football matches, beach culture festivals and other activities. The once dirty beach has become a scenic beach and an activity area for cultural and sports events.

In recent years, Xiamen has continuously strengthened cooperation with scientific research institutes in beach protection and restoration, increased investment in scientific research and development, and carried out basic and applied scientific research on beach conservation. Together with the Third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of Natural Resources and other units, a number of industry standards have been compiled and approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources, which has become an important support for scientific and standardized beach maintenance and restoration projects. Related technologies have been gradually extended to Guangdong, Hainan and other provinces, and have also been applied to coastal protection projects in countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka where the Belt and Road Initiative is jointly built.