Manchester derby, the Red Devils can’t touch the blue moon at all.

Reporter Han Bing reports It’s 0 to 3 again, and it’s a huge gap with little strength to fight back. For the third time, Manchester United was defeated by Manchester City, the city’s sworn enemy, by more than 3 goals at home in the Premier League. If it weren’t for Onana’s Banksy pounce and many rescues, and Harland’s repeated missed opportunities, Evans would have suffered another embarrassing 1-6-even Manchester United couldn’t find anyone who scored that goal. The figures are cold and cruel: Manchester United under Ferguson lost only 34 times at home in 26 years, with an average of less than 1.3 games per season; But ten years after Sir Alex retired, Manchester United has lost 34 home games, averaging 3.4 games per season, almost increasing by 2.6 times!

This season, Manchester United have lost five games in the first 10 rounds of the Premier League, the most since nearly 37 years (1986/87 season, 10 games and 6 losses). Manchester United, once arrogant, now has a strength gap with Manchester City, the sworn enemy of the same city. Although Guardiola gave Tenghahe some face after the game, saying that it was not easy to beat Manchester United, other Premier League celebrities were not so polite. Shearer bluntly said that this was a "game between men and boys" and thought it was a completely unequal contest: "The result of the game only depends on how many goals Manchester City wants to score. Manchester United found themselves far behind, which is their most frustrating place."

Manchester City in Guardiola’s era has defeated Manchester United 9 times away from home, surpassing Arsenal (8 times); Among them, the Premier League beat Manchester United five times away from home, also surpassing Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur. Manchester City is worth 390 million euros more than Manchester United, close to Juventus (420 million) and more than Rome (360 million). The strength of players is in different orders of magnitude, so is the level of coaches.

After the game, Neville and Carragher argued about Manchester United’s tactical mistakes, while Neville emphasized that the sale of Manchester United affected morale. Neville also mentioned Maguire and Mount, saying that their original intentions were Manchester City and Liverpool, but they all joined Manchester United in the end: "Should the students be blamed or the teachers?" Carragher stressed that Manchester United are playing "weak football", and they have taken the initiative to show weakness since the beginning of Tenghahe’s coaching, which gives players a psychological hint that they are self-indulgent. Tactically, it is an indisputable fact that Manchester United can’t compete with Manchester City in midfield and can only rely more on long pass.

Tenghahe scored only 2.8 points after the game, which is the lowest score since the Dutch coach coached Manchester United. The reporter asked about the gap between the two teams. Tenghahe’s answer was similar to last year. At the end of September last year, Manchester City swept Manchester United 6-3 at home, but at the beginning of this year, Manchester United also retaliated 2-1 at Old Trafford, which shows that Manchester City is not invincible. Manchester United lost only 1-2 in the FA Cup final in June. Why is the gap so big now? Tenghahe even thinks that this is not his most disappointing game, because the tactical plan is well executed-but the reality is that the Red Devils have almost no plan, and the attack depends on long pass, the defense depends on Onana, and Harland’s "gift"?

Compared with the classic multi-player cooperation in Manchester City’s offensive end, especially the second goal from the backcourt attack to the goal, it took only seven passes to complete. In the whole process, Manchester United can’t even touch the ball, which is the most intuitive embodiment of the strength gap between the two teams in details. The media agreed that the "perfection" of the second goal completely crushed Manchester United’s already insufficient fighting spirit. Although Manchester United is at home, its shooting (7-20) and shooting (3-10) are only one third of Manchester City’s, its possession rate is less than 40%, and its clearance (24-9) is almost 2.7 times that of Manchester City, which shows the team’s embarrassment.

Morgan, Arsenal’s diehard friend and C Ronaldo’s friend, will certainly not miss this best opportunity to ridicule Manchester United and Tenghahe: he stressed that C Ronaldo has scored 43 goals this year when Manchester United’s front line is misfiring collectively. Compared with the active offensive end of Manchester City, Manchester United’s front line is collectively lost. Anthony, Garnacho, Hojlund and Marchal have scored and assisted in the Premier League all season so far, and Rachford, who has played the most time, has only one goal and one assist. Marchal, who was replaced, handed over almost zero data in 10 minutes, with 0 goals, 0 assists, 0 shots, 0 passes, 0 clearance, 0 interception, 0 foul and even 0 touch! What’s the point of such substitution?

Keane denounced the downturn of B-fee in the game, and stressed that it was long overdue to deprive such a bad player of the captain’s armband and deliver players with more leadership and willpower. B Fei is almost invisible in this field, winning only 1/3 in 12 confrontations and being beaten four times, which totally does not match his high social status and the status of Portugal’s central midfielder. Manchester Evening News rated Manchester United players as almost humiliating: Onana lost three goals but made seven key saves, including two dives, with the team’s highest score (7 points), and six of the 11 main players scored less than 4 points. Except for the goalkeeper, coach Teng Hah only scored 2 points.

Little Redknapp’s evaluation of the strength of the Manchester City Derby is more straightforward: "The home of the two teams is only 5 miles apart, but Manchester City has left Manchester City for more than 100 miles." The number of goals scored by Harland in the Premier League (11) equaled the number of goals scored by Manchester United (10). How embarrassing. Keane insisted that Tenghahe should take the blame and resign, because the Dutch coach didn’t know how to line up the strongest team. Tenghahe stressed that Manchester United had performed very well in the last three derbies and was severely criticized by Neville. If Tenghahe still wins with his mouth and doesn’t know how to reflect on himself, I’m afraid the days before he leaves Old Trafford will be numbered. After all, neither the Gr family nor the possible new shareholder Ratcliffe will tolerate Manchester United’s complete failure in the European War.

For many years, this virus has come again!The number of popular rolling consultations in many provinces has increased!What is the situation in Shanghai?

The Shanghai Health and Health Commission released news:

June 25 (yesterday) at 0-24 o’clock

No new local new coronary pneumonia

No new local infected infection

After the day before yesterday

Yesterday, Shanghai was another new day of zero

Although Shanghai has not been added for two days

But in addition to the new crown virus

We cannot ignore other infectious diseases

No, no,

The anti -seasonal influenza is quiet again

June 17th

The latest weekly report released by the National Influenza Center shows

When the southern provincePositive rate of influenza virus detection

continuously rising

Some provinces enter the high incidence of summer

Mainly A (H3N2) subtype influenza virus

Look at the specific data

Outpatient cases reported by the Southern Provincial Honor Hospital:

Influenza sample case5.8% of the proportion (ILI)It

Higher than the level of the previous week(5.1%);

The level of the same period from 2019 to 2021(4.4%, 3.0%, and 4.3%).


Influenza is more high in winter and spring

Why is there an anti -seasonal peak in the south this year?

What is the situation in Shanghai?

Know together!

Early warnings in many provinces!

recently,Fujian, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Hainan, Jiangxi and other places have issued emergency warningsSome medical institutions for the past monthThe number of admission to the hot clinic has doubled,It is prompted that it has entered the period of summer influenza epidemicEssence

Guangdong Province reports that of the average 100 outpatient cases, there are 100 outpatient cases7 fever exceeds 38 ℃Essence

Shenzhen data shows 48%of the influenza -like case isPeople aged 0 to 14, the clustering epidemic occurs mainly in primary and secondary schoolsOne of the 5 -year -old children lived in the ICU due to severe influenza, and it has not been awake for 13 days.

Influenza 冒 normal colds will cause death seriously

Popular cold referred to as "influenza" is an acute respiratory infectious disease caused by influenza virus with a highly contagious and fast transmission speed. Because of the symptoms and colds, many people in daily life look at it at first glance

I thought the flu was a cold.Actually, the two haveThere is a big difference!


FundamentalNot the same levelof

There are about 3 million to 5 million severe influenza in the world, and the mortality rate of severe influenza cases is about 10%.

About 20%to 30%of children per year will infect seasonal influenza. In other words, almost every 4 children have a flu. Among them, the infection rate of children aged 5 to 9 is the highest.

About 30%of influenza children will occur in complications.

Children under the age of 5 and patients with chronic basic diseases are one of the main people in influenza -related hospitalization and death.

The flu itself is not terrible, the terrible thing is its complication.Once patients with influenza have complications, such as pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome, acute permeable vascular coagulation, myocarditis, heart failure, encephalitis, etc. In severe cases, it may cause disability and even death.

Why is it suddenly high in summer?

Since the new crown epidemic in 2020, the continuous normalization of the new crowns and the awareness of prevention and control of residents have increased. The level of influenza in many places in the country has declined. Intersection

It is understood that the H3N2 subtype influenza that appeared this time is a common influenza subtype, which is not uncommon in summer.According to Guangdong’s illness and control, the sub -influenza has been popular in Guangdong Province in the past, such as 2015 and summer 2017.

Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Kang Min, the director of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Institute, said

Currently, Guangdong has entered the peak of summer influenza

There are many main reasons

First, Guangdong does exist in the peak of previous summer influenza.

The second is that in the past two years, based on the prevention and control of the new crown, most citizens’ hygiene habits have been improved, and they will wear masks when they go out. Feeling the crowd.

Third, the popular strain H3N2, which is popular, has the characteristics of high popularity, high infection rate, and fast variation frequency.

"In the north, influenza is common in winter and spring, and in the south, influenza will appear throughout the year.But this summer has become higher in the southern region, which may have a certain relationship with climate changeEssence Wei Min, chief physician of the Department of Respiratory Medicine, the Sixth Hospital of Zhongshan University, said.

influenced by

Olympic, known as the influenza "magic medicine"

There are also out -of -the -place out stock

After the reporter set the address to Fuzhou on a takeaway platform, he searched Olympic Weir, all showed that they needed to ship delivery at 2 to 4 days. After setting the address to Guangzhou, it also shows that only individual pharmacies include Oasis Veye’s original research "Dafi", and domestic drugs "Kewei" also need to ship delivery.

What is the situation in Shanghai?

Some reporters called Dai Guoxing, Director of the Emergency Department of Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji University, and Director Dai said,At present, there are no influenza cases in the hospital’s laboratory and popular kidneys, and the incidence of influenza in Shanghai has not increased significantly.

Speaking of the incidence of Shanghai influenza, Director Dai said that the high incidence season in Shanghai in previous years has been from October to December, not spring and summer. Affected by the new crown epidemic in recent years, everyone’s awareness of protection has increased significantly, so the influenza incidence has decreased. But for the susceptible population, you still cannot relax your vigilance.

The most effective prevention method is to vaccine

Vaccination vaccine is the most effective prevention method.Usually after vaccinating flu vaccines, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks to produce antibodies with a protective level. However, the antibody level brought by the flu vaccine gradually decreases after 6 months to 8 months, and the influenza virus is mutated every year. so,Once the flu vaccine is vaccinated once a year.

(Data map, picture source: visual China)

It is worth noting

Under the background of the new crowns

We need to pay attention to influenza

And the risk of the new crown is popular

Old people and children cannot relax your vigilance!

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