"The Ninth Widow" Zhejiang TV Conference Michelle Ye shows love for Ethan from a distance.

  The father and son soldiers, the wind shadow, which will be broadcast on June 13th, and the ninth widow, which will be broadcast alone in China on June 24th, constitute the golden matrix of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s war+emotion TV series that spans the whole June, which we call the "bonfire month".

  The war drama "Wind Shadow" starring Li Zhuolin, a young idol actor who appeared in Snow Leopard, reproduces the heroes of the war in the past with the life legend of "Whampoa Brothers" and pays tribute to their parents.

  The Ninth Widow, a famous writer Yan Geling’s transformation work, is also her most optimistic work on the screen. The story tells the story of Wang Putao, a legendary widow in the Central Plains, and the men around her, who showed unyielding national vitality in the face of war, natural disasters and man-made disasters. Wang Putao’s love with Sun Huaiqing’s fathers and daughters, his childhood sweetheart Sun Shaoyong, and his sisterhood with Li Xiumei and Taomier’s widow constitute the life of this legendary widow.

  Yesterday (June 7th) afternoon, Michelle Ye (producer), Liu Peiqi and Ren Quan, the leading actors of The Ninth Widow, came to Hangzhou to be a guest at the press conference of Zhejiang Satellite TV, taking the lead in revealing the highlights and behind-the-scenes highlights of the drama.

  At the scene, Michelle Ye was also forced by the media entertainers to confess to Ethan, who pretended to be true in the play and was secretly in love. This girl in Hangzhou generously admitted that she could not extricate herself from falling in love with Ethan.

  The play will land in China Blue Theater of Zhejiang Satellite TV on June 24, and the first round will be broadcast on the star alone. Letv will synchronize with Zhejiang Satellite TV for exclusive network premiere.

Highlight 1: Yan Geling’s masterpiece The Ninth Widow is revolutionary.

  "This is a revolutionary TV series, born out of teacher Yan Geling’s masterpiece, which revolutionizes traditional consciousness, and we are the first to eat crabs."

  As soon as Liu Peiqi opened his mouth, such words surprised the audience. This old play bone has created countless vivid images on the screen of film and television dramas, and his evaluation of The Ninth Widow is so high. In this regard, he made an analogy: "Mei Lanfang’s singing is not necessarily the best, but he smashed the old ideas with his own performance."

  "The Ninth Widow" tells a lot of words about Wang Putao’s indomitable, resourceful and wise spirit in the face of war, natural disasters and man-made disasters. This work skillfully combines grand historical narrative with personal legendary experience, and its profound feelings of saving the world and rich life breath complement each other, writing a female legend in troubled times. As a woman, the status and influence in the 1940s can be imagined, and Wang Putao, who was vigorous and generous in personality and propped up the whole "home" by virtue of her strong independence, completely reshaped the examination of women, and Wang Putao, who was "a woman without a man", became an epic representative in the legendary history.

  From The Little Girl Fishing, The Iron Pear Flower to The Ninth Widow, Yan Geling focuses on women’s perspective, and shows women’s tenacity and tenacity through various social background elements. Wang Putao is a combination of the advantages and disadvantages of all the women in Yan Geling’s works, and accomplished an "impossible task" in a special era.

  The play also implanted film elements into TV series. According to Michelle Ye, "Although the story took place in the rural areas with the anti-Japanese background, we all joined the film academy award-winning creative team in photography, costume modeling, makeup and art, and made the rich local flavor magnificent in respecting the original creation."

Highlight 2: Michelle Ye turned from an actor to a producer.

  The Ninth Widow was produced by Bohai Film, Qiangshi Media, Bona Film, Ren Quan Studio, Century Friends, and several other companies. As the actress of the Academy Award, Michelle Ye turned into the producer of the play for the first time. For this most optimistic work of Yan Geling, Michelle Ye also painstakingly created it, from the script to the director, from the actors to the costumes, every detail is improving. Michelle Ye, who is a producer for the first time, shows great concern for his "first child". He not only invited Liu Peiqi, an old opera player, to play, but also invited the team of the Academy Award-winning Iron Triangle to join him.

  For Michelle Ye, Wang Putao in The Ninth Widow is a mystery that can’t be solved. As a legendary woman in Yan Geling’s original work, Wang Putao was born as an independent woman who dared to fight against the secular, didn’t play by common sense, and had a beautiful atmosphere, which made readers love and pity, and also made Michelle Ye fondle admiringly. From actor to producer, it is only a change of identity for Michelle Ye. Michelle Ye, who has a similar personality to Wang Putao written by Yan Geling, is both an actor and a producer to support the whole drama independently.

  In this regard, Michelle Ye said that he envied Ren Quan for making so many film and television works as a boss. Ren Quan praised Michelle Ye, and in just two years, he launched two TV dramas as a producer.

Highlight 3: Michelle Ye Ethan’s "Life and Death Love" fake drama really makes a generous admission of love on the spot.

  Wang Putao’s emotional line is the most disturbing and abusive thing in The Ninth Widow. A fleeing bad karma girl was freed by two bags of white flour. On her wedding night, her husband was killed, and her loving father-in-law was mistaken for a traitor "dead" under the gun. Wang Putao saved her dying father-in-law regardless of life and death and hid in the cellar for half a century. However, for her childhood sweetheart, Wang Putao was hard to be together …

  Ethan, who once played the role of "spoony man" in Empresses in the Palace, joined The Ninth Widow and staged a sad and sad "life-and-death love" with Michelle Ye. Although they clearly loved each other, they could never grow old together. This deadly "sadomasochism" made Wang Putao and Sun Shaoyong miserable. In the choice between emotion and kindness, Wang Putao chose the latter, protecting his father-in-law at all costs, turning against the man he loved deeply, and even reluctantly giving his parents and children to bandits to raise.

  Previously, it was reported on the Internet that Michelle Ye and Ethan were pretending to be true when filming The Ninth Widow, and they were secretly in love, and even two people were photographed holding hands intimately. Therefore, at the press conference, the entertainment reporters of major media changed their ways to ask the emotional problems of Michelle Ye and Ethan, and even repeatedly forced them to confess to Ethan in the play.

  And Michelle Ye is also very generous. On hearing such gossip, he is not only black-faced and unhappy, but also very happy. He has been laughing all the time when talking about this topic, and his mouth is full of joy.

  "I like him very much, from all aspects; He, I don’t know, I think he should like me, too, and he loves me in all aspects! " Michelle Ye mouth JiaoChen way. Obviously, she is enjoying the sweetness of love at the age of 33.

Highlight 4-How does the live performance of Liu Peiqi, an old opera bone, turn a blind eye?

  In the second half of The Ninth Widow, Liu Peiqi plays Gongsun Huaiqing, who lives in the cellar under the protection of Wang Putao. At last, when he is vindicated, his eyes are blind because of long-term darkness, and he becomes blind.

  For ordinary people, playing blind is an impossible task. Unexpectedly, Liu Peiqi, an old opera player, blurted out-"Very good performance".

  Then, he gave everyone a demonstration, opened his eyes wide, made his eyes blank, and said, "You see, Ni Ping is like this, and people always look at him like this …" He damaged Ni Ping and caused a burst of laughter from the audience. "In fact, don’t look directly at the camera, slightly to the side, giving the impression that you are listening with your ears. This is a blink of an eye, which is very labor-saving. "

  Blind people are much more difficult to play than blind people. Liu Peiqi rolled up his eyes and captured a blind man, because "the eyeball is always working hard".

  "Have you seen Scent of a Woman? Al pacino’s role as a blind colonel in it is a must, but there is a performance that is not in place. " Liu Peiqi became more and more energetic and began to incarnate as a professor in the performance department, giving everyone a performance class. "It was in his own home, he fumbled for the rope, opened the drawer, took out the bottle, and then poured wine for himself." Liu Peiqi said, "In fact, a blind man stays in his home all the year round, so where is something, just like bright eyes. The correct treatment is to find the bottle smoothly, and then look for the glass when pouring wine, and pour the wine very accurately. "

  The appearance of the old drama bone attracted a round of applause from the audience.

Today’s Film Review | Do you also want an artificial intelligence robot?

Special feature of 1905 film network She is like a human being but reveals something strange. She can bring warmth and fear to children. She is Megan, an artificial intelligence robot. Once the sci-fi thriller movie was released, it immediately caused a heated discussion. In addition to discussing the source of fear of artificial intelligence, it also questioned whether robots can really replace human companionship. Can artificial intelligence really replace human functions?

Recently, ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chat robot program, has become one of the hottest topics on the Internet. Netizens found that many questions can be answered by ChatGPT, and even at some moments, this chat robot seems to have passed the Turing test, giving people the illusion that they are talking to people. But this "truth" has made many people feel horrible.

The artificial intelligence dolls in Megan are just like the materialized ChatGPT. The film tells the story that Katie, an 8-year-old girl, lost her parents unexpectedly, and menstruation Gemma took office as her new guardian. However, Gemma was not sure that she could be competent as a parent, so she paired Megan with Katie, trying to get Megan to take care of her life and meet her emotional needs, but unexpectedly things got out of control with Megan’s "awakening".

Megan’s appearance in the film did make up for Katie’s missing affection to some extent. Xu Liying, an assistant professor in Tsinghua University, analyzed: "Megan actually provided Katie with an alternative intimacy. In the movie, Megan reminded Katie to pay attention to flushing after she went to the toilet, washed her hands after flushing, and reminded Katie to cover the quilt before going to bed, all of which reflected that Megan played Katie’s parents to some extent. Such a role. "

The movie Megan not only describes the intimate relationship, but also adds the thriller element, which makes people think of movies with the same artificial intelligence theme. Adding the thriller element or background to the intimate relationship is actually more conducive to the audience’s sense of substitution, thus making the thriller atmosphere and plot created by the movie more realistic. At the same time, from the perspective of the horror valley theory, the closer a creature is to human appearance, the more it can arouse human fear of it. In this respect, Megan can be said to have both of these points.

Coincidentally, in the movie released in 2013, the protagonist T-Bag was still shrouded in the haze of the broken marriage. By chance, he came into contact with the advanced artificial intelligence operating system OS1, and fell in love with the voice of "her" in the system. The system became a "woman" named Samantha to communicate with T-Bag, and the two chatted happily and quickly became good friends who talked about everything. With the deepening of the communication, they became friends.

Megan in the movie is the same as Samantha, and their appearance makes up for the intimate relationship that the protagonist lacks in real life. Katie lost her parents in a car accident, and she is in a fragile stage that needs companionship and comfort. Megan can listen, observe and learn human behavior, simulate human emotions and become a friend and caregiver of human beings. Her appearance naturally replaces the functions of her lost parents. Samantha can constantly enrich her consciousness and feelings through dialogue with human beings and become a spiritual friend of human beings, and her arrival just makes up for the absence of T-Bag’s wife. However, the development of things is not as beautiful as a pantomime. In the process of taking care of Katie, Megan developed self-awareness and made some extreme behaviors. Samantha also decided to leave after a high degree of evolution, leaving a sad Theodore alone.

Even though artificial intelligence can give human care and warmth to a certain extent, in the final analysis, those companionship and emotional feedback are based on the underlying data codes and predetermined procedures, not real human emotions, and the companionship of artificial intelligence cannot really replace human beings.

Robots as advanced as Megan in the movie can’t completely replace human roles, and artificial intelligence in reality can only serve as an auxiliary function. Between people and artificial intelligence, we should pay more attention to human relations and be people-centered. Just as Katie finally chose menstruation between Megan and menstruation, she also chose human companionship. T-Bag wrote to her ex-wife to inform her that she had accepted the reality of divorce and decided to return to reality.

The Beijing Football Association announced that Messi will set off a new work style, but the protagonist is not the national football team and Beijing Guoan.

At 8 pm on June 15th, 2023, the world cup champion Argentina men’s soccer team will come to Beijing Workers Stadium to play an international match with the Australian men’s soccer team.

Messi, the king of football, really came to Gundy! Never mind the ticket price, the new workers are going to blow up!

It is a satisfaction for fans to see the skills of the world cup champion with their own eyes. Disappointingly, the China Football Association also announced that the China men’s soccer team will participate in the Dalian International Football Invitational Tournament, while the national team’s opponents will be Myanmar and Palestine.

Messi is very depressed. I went to the national team with the most fans in the world, but they didn’t play football with me.

Why doesn’t the national football team play against Argentina? When the media organizer asked the Football Association, Du Zhaocai said, "There is no need for the national football team to compete with the Argentine national team. This is the confidence of the Football Association." National football team. "This may be to prevent being hit," he said.

On the day of the international football match in June, the second round of the Super League will be cancelled, and Beijing Guoan players will be able to watch Messi in the courtyard.

To put it bluntly, the football match between the national football team and the Argentine national team was disdained by the fans because of the low level of football in China. Or improve your league.

In this week’s Super League, there was a match between Beijing and Shanghai, and Beijing Guoan challenged Shanghai Shenhua away. Ma Ning served as the referee, and football coach jankovic inspected the players on the spot.

Shanghai Pudong’s "Investment Promotion · Bright City" — Don’t read it wrong -don’t look at it -come in and see

Line 9 Gu Tang Road Metro Station is pure new. Pudong Caolu Merchants Bright City Exhibition Hall has been opened. It is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Jinzhao Road, Gu Tang Road. It is expected to enter the market in the second quarter.

The project first launched 348 suite land

The main push construction surface is about 105-135 square meters 3-4 room

Hardcover, rough delivery

The linked price of the house is 45,000/㎡!

In the capital verification, the first set of 2 million, two 4 million.

The average residential price is expected to be 57,000/㎡

According to the plan, a total of 6 high-rise houses are built with a product of 105-135 square meters. Among them, 7#is self -sustaining for developers, 1#, 2#, 3#, 5#are all 105㎡ units (1#3#hardcover 2#5#blank), and 6#are all 135㎡ units.

A total of 416 suites, 204 units of 105㎡ units, 144 rough blank, and 68 units of 135㎡ apartment.

Open 1#, 2#, 3#, 5#105㎡ units.

Sales Hotline?: 400-8123-224

Empower the city upgrade, China Merchants Shekou’s bright new voice

As China’s leading cities and park operation service providers, China Merchants Shekou has deeply cultivated Shanghai, constantly helping urban development with high -quality works, and is committed to becoming a bearer of a better life.

In 2022, China Merchants Shekou Shanghai’s company was ingenious, and its strength layout was diversified, creating more good possibilities for cities. The new "6D" TOD work created by China Merchants Shekou United Midea at Gu Tang Road Station, Pudong Line 9-China Merchants · Bright CityEssence

Bright City as China Merchants Shekou new exploration TOD complex worksReterable to the relationship between people and cities, people and life, stand on the development of Pudong, and create a new model of TOD life for cities more convenient and comfortable.


The planning and renderings of the land are currently exposed!

The renderings are as follows: (for reference only, eventually the developer announced)

Sales Hotline?: 400-8123-224

According to the housing price linked hint, the Housing link price of the PDP0-0307 unit D1B-6 plot and the D1E-11 plot in Caolu Central Town, Pudong New District is 45,000/㎡, which is far lower than the average price of the surrounding second-hand housing.


PDP0-0307 unit D1B-6 plot in Caolu Central Town, Pudong New Area, D1E-11 plot is located in Caolu Town, Pudong New District, east to Huagu Road, south to Qinjiagang Road, west to Gu Tang Road, north to north to north to north. Jin Zhaolu.

"Bright City" is a comprehensive plot of commercial and residential office

The lower limit of the residential set is 476 sets

Line 9 Gu Tang Road Station

Residential & Complexing price is 45,000 yuan/㎡

People and cities

New demonstration zone in Pudong, meet the future

Pudong has never lack of miracles. Pudong itself is a miracle. From Lujiazui in the 1990s, to the front beach planned by the 12th Five -Year Plan, and then to the Golden Bridge City Sub -center and Zhangjiang City Sub -center, Pudong’s speed represents Shanghai speed.

In 2019, Pudong New Area was given municipal economic management authority. In 2021, the "Decision on the Formation of the Pudong New District Regulations of the Shanghai People’s Congress and its Standing Committee" was adopted in 2021. By 2035, the socialist modern international University with world influence will be basically established. Urban cities.

Bright cities, Luzi World Pudong, Tangzhen-Cao Lu-Heqing City Town Cross Town Cao Lu, in the south of Zhangjiang Gao Technology Park, Biyun International Community in the west, and Gaqiao Free Trade Zone in the north. Only one outer ring line is separated from the Pudong 2035 plan. The time of the two songs can reach 2.18 million square meters of Jinqiao’s "9 palace", which has superior geographical and traffic advantages.

Project area map

Bright cities, compound development of commercial, office buildings, residential and other formats, and integrate public travel, office, entertainment, shopping and other functions one stop. At the same time, the value of surrounding land is greatly increased, and the development of the entire sector will be driven, and the future will become the core business center of the "Cao Hetang" region.


People and life

"6D" tod, a new era of life mode

As the new generation of TOD products of China Merchants Shekou, the bright city comes with about 90,000 square meters of business -China Merchants Garden City, only 416 houses, 6 office buildings, etc., to create a three -dimensional lifestyle with the new "6D" TOD model.

At this point, home, shopping malls, office buildings, and subways have no underground pass within about 400 meters, and enjoy all supporting facilities. Easily realize the efficient and high -quality experience of work, life, social, and travel. With more comfortable travel standards, richer business scenarios, greener urban environments, more vibrant living forms, and more free living space, create a new urban model of "man -made".


The construction surface of the "China Merchants · Bright City" residential product is about 105-135㎡, with a total of 416 units. It is expected that the first phase of the residential house will be pushed 105㎡Essence The apartment diagram is as follows:

Peripheral facilities:

【Business Resources】

There are commercial facilities such as Shanghai Jinqin Square, Baolong City Plaza, Yue Tian Di and other commercial facilities around the plot.

Baolong City Plaza

【Ecological Resources】

There are also Jinhai Wetland Park in the ecology.

Jinhai Wetland Park

The "Bright City" is about 1 kilometer of Perma Hills (real estate transformed by the dormitory). The apartment is about 41-108 square meters of 1-4 rooms, with a total price of about 2.88 million.

Peima hill sand table

The west side of the plot is the riverside urban garden project. It was completed in 2006. The current average listing price of second -hand housing is 61,000/㎡.

Riverside city garden

Everyone who loves life has a better idea for the city! As a rare subway disk in Pudong, the project has attracted much attention from the start of the land. On the day of the release of the case, many customers have been looking forward to it.

Officially released by the project,China Merchants Shekou "6D" TOD -The bright city exhibition hall is grandly opened on January 27,,The exhibition hall is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Jinzhao Road, Gu Tang Road, about 200 meters south of McDonald’sEssence Please enter the registration channel for consultation and appointment!