Xiaomi Auto will start the second round of additional sales.

On March 31st, Lei Jun, Chairman of Xiaomi Group, released Weibo, saying that during the initial edition ordering process, we identified and intercepted some abnormal orders and scalper orders, so we will start the second round of additional sales. Special instructions are as follows:

1. The deposit is 20,000 yuan, and the order will be locked as soon as it is settled; Users who have made a non-founding version can also participate in this round of sales. After making a successful decision, the original order can be converted into a founding version.

2. This round of ordering also enjoys the same luxury car purchase rights of up to 31,000 yuan on the night of March 28th.

On the evening of March 28th, SU7, the first product of Xiaomi Automobile, was officially launched. 24 hours after listing, it reached 88,898 sets. By the afternoon of March 30th, the number of orders locked had reached 20,000. 

Li Xiaoshuang, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile, responded to the recent storm.

On the same day, Li Xiaoshuang, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile, released a Weibo saying that behind many phenomena of stirring public opinion in the name of rice flour, some malicious people have been picking on right and wrong. Someone is openly distributing a commercial list to KOL to discredit Xiaomi SU7. These behaviors are really disgusting. The company has initially grasped some evidence and will resolutely pursue its legal responsibility.

At the same time, Xiaomi Auto was complained by netizens that the deposit of 5,000 yuan could not be refunded, which also caused widespread concern.

In response, Xiaomi responded that there is no reason to refund the deposit within 7 days. After more than 7 days, the vehicle configuration will be automatically locked, and consumers can also actively lock the configuration in advance. Once the order is locked, the vehicle will enter the production stage, the configuration can no longer be modified, and the deposit will not be refunded..In addition, the original version of the existing car configuration has been locked, and consumers will lock the order after paying a deposit of 20,000 yuan.

China People’s Bank Institute of Finance held an expert seminar on related issues in the financial field.

According to official website, the central bank, recently, the Financial Research Institute of the People’s Bank of China held an expert seminar on related issues in the financial field, attended by Lu Lei, member of the Party Committee and vice president of the People’s Bank of China.
Lu Lei pointed out that the Central Financial Work Conference clearly put forward the goal of "accelerating the construction of a financial power", emphasized the promotion of high-quality financial development in China, and provided strong support for comprehensively promoting the construction of a powerful country and the great cause of national rejuvenation with Chinese modernization. The People’s Bank of China has always attached great importance to theoretical research, giving full play to the wisdom of experts and scholars, and sincerely hopes that the experts attending the meeting will speak freely and put forward their insights on establishing a modern central banking system, building a scientific and stable financial regulation system, deepening the structural reform of the financial supply side, coordinating financial opening and security, and steadily expanding institutional opening in the financial field.
At the seminar, Zhu Baoliang, Li Daokui, Liu Qiao, Zhang Chengsi, Zhu Ning, Wu Weixing, Wu Ge and Ding Zhijie put forward constructive opinions and suggestions on issues such as unblocking the transmission mechanism of monetary policy, strengthening the coordination between monetary policy and other policies, improving the quality and efficiency of financial services to the real economy, better guiding market expectations, and preventing and resolving financial risks.
Responsible comrades from relevant departments of the People’s Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange attended the seminar.

Merry Christmas greetings short 2021 latest Tik Tok hottest Christmas greetings sentence phrases.

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Christmas is here ~ Merry Christmas, friends ~ What are you going to do today? I believe that no matter how you spend it, it will be a unique and happy day!
Sogou screenshot December 23, 2011730 _ 8
First, no matter how gorgeous other people’s Christmas wishes are, they can’t compare with your simple Merry Christmas.
Second, there is no Santa Claus in the world. All the gifts and surprises come from people who love you.
Third, in my opinion, you are the twinkling star on the Christmas tree.
Fourth, I hope the Christmas tree, gifts and surprises will come with you.
Five, it would be great if Santa Claus could send you here.
Six, waiting for snowflakes, Christmas trees, New Year fireworks, and a better you.
The best Christmas present I received was you who came for me through the storm.
Eight, turn the socks upside down, inside out, hang them up, and the whole world is your gift.
Nine, I didn’t wait for snow this Christmas, but I waited for you.
Ten, you are so cute, will you be my Christmas present?
Eleven, I want to receive a Christmas greeting from you, which may be my greatest wish.
Twelve, if I ask Santa for you, will he give it to me?
Thirteen, I told Santa Claus that the gift is you and the child is me.
Fourteen, no matter how many Christmas gift lists there are, one of you is enough.
Fifteen, if Santa Claus didn’t prepare a gift for you, I decided to pack me for you.
Sixteen, every snowflake at Christmas is my miss for you.
Seventeen, can you turn on the front camera? See? That’s what I want for Christmas.
I hope Santa Claus will put you into my socks that I haven’t washed for a week.
Nineteen, hang the stars on the Christmas tree and hang you on my heart.
Twenty, someone is called Christmas, and single dog like me is called commemorating Jesus at most.
Is the man who said he would spend Christmas with you every year still there?
Xiaobian here wishes everyone a merry Christmas, and happiness is more than Christmas.

Green zero-carbon development forum of film production industrialization: exploring the road of "green film"

Original title: Green zero-carbon development forum for film production industrialization: exploring the road of "green film"

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New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net December 19 news (Reporter Fu Caiyun) The film industry and green and low carbon, two concepts that seem to be far apart, will have a huge spark when they collide. On the 19th, the 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival-Green Zero-carbon Development Forum of Film Production Industrialization was held, and film creators, film and television base managers and new energy technology companies were invited to gather together to discuss the inefficiency, waste and serious pollution of traditional film production, and try to provide new solutions to the problems.

Green zero-carbon development forum for film production industrialization was held. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

The film industry is a "spotlight industry" that attracts public attention. In fact, the carbon emission in the film production process can not be ignored. According to a report of the British Film Association in 2020, each blockbuster in the world can produce 2840 tons of carbon dioxide during filming, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 3709 acres of forest in a year.

"It is of great significance for the film industry to participate in green and zero-carbon development." Zhang Chi, director of the Creative Guidance Department of the China Film Association and secretary-general of the Literature and Creative Committee of the China Film Association, said that while developing the scale of the film industry and improving the level of film industrialization, we should always be conscious and pursue low-carbon environmental protection. It is gratifying to see that domestic film and television bases and film production teams have made vivid practices of green and low carbon, such as Hengdian building a green studio and using photovoltaic technology to realize "shooting in the shed and generating electricity on the roof". Hainan Island International Film Festival builds a cooperation platform for environmental protection development, which plays a great role in promoting the green and low-carbon development of the film and television industry and improving the green technology level of employees.

Keynote speech session. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

Hainan has a unique advantage in practicing the concept of green development. It is understood that since March this year, the proportion of new energy vehicles in Hainan has exceeded 50%. Song Zhaohuan, Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group, shared the theme of "New Energy Commercial Vehicle Helps Green and Low Carbon Development of Film and Television Industry" and introduced the application of new energy commercial vehicle in film and television industry. Promoting green and low-carbon development with green technological innovation, he said that methanol, a green, clean and sustainable renewable energy source, is being promoted, and the green new energy path with’ alcohol hydrogen+electricity’ as the core is being developed to develop rich power forms to meet the full-scene application of the film and television industry.

In October this year, Hainan’s first new energy special vehicle base landed, helping Hainan to build a low-carbon "new IP for film and television+tourism". "In the future, all special vehicles will be customized in Hainan and sent to all parts of the world." Song zhaohuan said.

Roundtable forum. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

This forum is based on green environmental protection and forward-looking vision, giving filmmakers a lot of inspiration, creating with the concept of green "zero carbon" and taking the road of sustainable and high-quality development. During the round-table forum, the guests shared their first-line knowledge, and how to "reduce costs and increase efficiency" through scientific and technological innovation was their concern.

Oriental Film Capital is not only a witness of China’s film industrialization, but also an industrialized "production workshop". Sun Hengqin, president of Oriental Film Capital Industry Holding Group, said, "We don’t simply expand the scale or produce large films, but we need to be able to complete good ideas more effectively at a lower cost. This is a particularly big demand." He believes that "the development of science and technology will play an important role in realizing the green and zero-carbon development goal of film production industrialization."

The proposal for green and zero-carbon development of film production industrialization was released. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

Ma Ping, deputy general manager of China Film Digital Production Base and vice president of China Film Photographers Association (CNSC), said that with the development of the times, China’s scientific and technological innovations have benefited all walks of life. In the film and television industry, new energy vehicles can better serve the crew and fulfill the requirements and expectations of filmmakers for creation at a lower cost, and the future can be expected.

Strategic cooperation signing link. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

At the scene, Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group and Hainan Jidi Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation contract on the development of film and television new energy vehicles and other related fields. At the same time, the forum launched an initiative to the national film industry, calling on everyone to take action, practice low-carbon and environmentally-friendly film creation, widely apply clean energy, cooperate with manufacturing industry and scientific research and development institutions for win-win results, constantly promote green and zero-carbon development, and lead China films to a new era of world-class industrial system. (Fu Caiyun)

In 2023, Beijing municipal social football fans watched the game: Feel the diverse charm of football.

BEIJING, Beijing, October 31 (Xinhua) In 2023, the fans’ watching activities of Beijing municipal social football activities were successfully held in Beijing Manchester United Dream Theater recently. Through a variety of football activities, fans and friends felt the fun brought by football.

The event was hosted by Beijing Social Sports Management Center and undertaken by Beijing Football Association. The fans’ watching activities are led by the government, with the community as the main body, aiming at integrating the participation of resources in football characteristic venues, integrating football matches, mass entertainment, parent-child interaction and other forms, so that citizens and friends can feel the charm of high-standard football matches.

At the event site, fans and friends experienced a variety of watching content. A series of simulation training facilities seem to bring fans and friends to the green field: "AR Football Experience Equipment" helps football lovers improve their practical skills such as dribbling, passing and shooting through technology; "Table football" has exercised the fans’ overall overall view of the football experience; "Under-table football" improves the ball control ability under the feet in a limited space by playing against two people.

Many fans also invited friends to play indoor 3v3 football matches to simulate team struggle on the pitch. A fan who participated in the event said that through a variety of football series activities, he enjoyed the top football matches with everyone and felt the fun brought by football together.

In 2023, Beijing municipal social football fans watched the game. Photo: Provided by the event organizer

In addition, fans and friends can also watch many European giants’ games on the spot. It is reported that there have been many watching games such as "Manchester United vs Crystal Palace", "Manchester United vs brentford", "Barcelona vs Real Madrid", "Chicago Flame vs Miami International" and "Manchester United vs Manchester City".

According to the organizer, at present, there have been seven football fans’ watching activities at the municipal level in Beijing. The purpose of the football fans’ watching activities is to provide professional services, and through the combination of various experience facilities and watching games, a good watching environment is created for the fans, so that citizens and friends can feel the charm of high-standard football matches, thus promoting the healthy development of football. (End)

What is the thing that women are most afraid of in their sexual life?

# Headline article development plan #


Is the most common and popular at present.

A contraceptive method with high contraceptive rate.

But any kind of contraception

Are difficult to achieve.100% contraceptive rate

Condoms are no exception.

Today we are going to talk about

It’s just a girl’s sex life

What I am most afraid of-

Condom breakage


Don’t think

this is aMinimal probability event

In 2015

Researchers in related fields

A survey was conducted.

On the cause of unintended pregnancy

"The condom is damaged or falls off"

Accounted for 28%

And "no contraceptive measures"

Accounted for only 15%

Although this survey is one-sided.

But this data

It can explain to some extent.

"condom breakage" is not a small probability event.

Try to avoid it in daily use.

In order to better ensure safety.

Condom breakage

What are the causes?

The condom was accidentally damaged.

There are two main possible factors

First kind

The quality of the condom itself is not good

Condoms produced by regular manufacturers

It will pass before leaving the factory.

Electrode test, air explosion test

Pinhole water leakage test, dermatological testetc

The purpose is to ensure the quality up to standard.

Avoid breakage during use.

And some inferior condoms

The production process is not up to standard.

Pre-factory inspection

It is even more likely to be omitted directly.

This leads to the fact that during use

It is very likely that "breakage" will occur.

Want to avoid this situation

The way is actually very simple.

Through formal channels

Buy regular brand condoms.

Condoms are such things.

After all, the use site is special.

Those "three no condoms"

Presumably, everyone dare not use it easily.

So this point will not be discussed.

the second type

The wrong way to use it

Why did you use a regular brand condom?

It’s broken, too

That must be in the way of use.

There was an error.

Specific mistakes

Can be divided into three categories.

I bought it wrong.


Condoms are also dividedLarge, medium and small.of

Judging from the general data of men in the whole country

Usually, medium and large sizes will be more "fit"

But …

When many gentlemen buy condoms,

Don’t care about size at all

What number to buy is completely random.

There are also some gentlemen.

In order to "experience better"

Deliberately buy a condom that doesn’t fit.

The condom is too big, too small, too loose and too tight.

May lead to the use of.

Accidental breakage occurs.

Wear it wrong.

Some gentlemen wear it.

In order to achieve a safer contraceptive effect

Will choose "Wear two layers"

Two-layer condom not only can not improve safety

Instead, due to mutual friction.

Increased in the process of intense exercise

Damage probability


There are also some wrong ways to wear them

Like putting it firstThe condom is fully deployed.

Then wear it.

Another exampleWear it too hard.

There is no space left at the top.

All these may cause

The condom is damaged during use.

Wrong use.

It’s not over yet

When it comes to formal use

There are still many pits you may step on.

For example, some gentlemen are more excited.

The action may be involuntary

Become rude

Although the surface of the condom

There is a protective lubricant.

butToo violent a movement.

It is still possible to cause damage.

There are people who are pursuing

Different stimuli

Select someHave sex in a special place

Like the bathroom.

High temperature, hot water, bath products

It is possible to destroy the structural stability of the sleeve.

Plus the environment like the bathroom.

Will make private parts dry.

This will greatly increase the risk of condom breakage.

in short

In order to "avoid winning the prize"

The mistakes mentioned above

Gentlemen must pay attention.

Don’t step on the pit.

Doctor, for a minute, the posture keeps rising.

-End of this period-

3 high temperature day strikes! Why is Meiyu so "weird" this year?

Hangzhou next door is out of plums today. Is Shanghai this year?

Today is another day of "full heat". At 12 o’clock in the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory, a high -temperature yellow warning signal: Affected by the high pressure of the Western Pacific subtropical high pressure, it is expected that the highest temperature in the central urban area, Jiading, Minhang, Qingpu, Songjiang, Pudong, and Baoshan will exceed 35 ° C.

In the case of one, since June 22nd to today, there have been 3 high temperature days in Shanghai. According to the data released by the Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory, the next week, Shencheng will also be on the edge of a subtropical high pressure. The highest temperature frequently impacts the high temperature line of 35 ° C, which is a week when the heat wave rolled.

Not only that, the good rainfall is going to "let the pigeons"! Dr. Rui Rui, the chief service officer of the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, said that at present, the rain belt of Jiangnan will be lifted north next week, and the distance between the north is still very high. I am afraid that the rainfall next week will drift away again.

Why is Meiyu so "weird" this year? High temperature+rainy rain, is it the legendary "dry yellow plum"? In fact, in meteorology, there is no saying of "dry Huangmei". Similarly, the nouns such as "plum" and "empty plum". Wu Rui explained that this year’s Meiyu is "atypical Meiyu". Because the Jiangnan rain belt this year is relatively south, Shanghai is on the edge of the rain belt during this time. Over the city, Shencheng came to the control of the subtropical high pressure, and it was sunny and hot.

In the sense of meteorology, there is no "dry Huangmei", only "withered plum" and "empty plum". Wu Rui introduced that "withered plum" refers to the rainy date and the amount of precipitation on the rainy day, and when the rainfall is more than half lower than in previous years, it is called "withered plum"; Few, only a few times.

Hangzhou next door has announced that Mei has been announced today, so when will the "atypical Meiyu" in Shanghai go this year? Is it "dry plum" or "Kongmei" this year? It is also necessary to wait for the subsequent rain belt to judge again.

But it is certain that high temperature will last for a while. According to predictions, the lowest temperature next Monday and two cities will start from 28 ° C, and the maximum temperature will reach 35 ° C.