Secret: In what way did the first domestic aircraft carrier surpass the Liaoning ship?

  On April 26, 2017, the launching ceremony of China’s second aircraft carrier was held at Dalian Shipyard of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. The picture shows that the aircraft carrier is slowly moved out of the dock and docked at the dock berth under towing.

  Since the first domestic aircraft carrier was launched on April 26, 2017, it has attracted the attention of the whole world. This is another major milestone in the construction of the People’s Navy’s comprehensive three-dimensional combat force system in the open sea, which has laid an important material and technical foundation for accelerating the strategic transformation and development of "offshore defense and offshore protection" and taken another solid step towards building a world-class "blue-water navy".

  As the first aircraft carrier designed and built by China itself, the domestic aircraft carrier is closely related to the Liaoning ship that was delivered to the navy for service on September 25th, 2012, but there are many major technical improvements, which just corresponds to the old saying — — The pupil outdoes the master.

  The first domestic aircraft carrier was designed and built on the basis of the comprehensive restoration of the Liaoning ship. There are many similarities in appearance and structure between the two. They also adopt the layout of ship-based fighter planes with sliding takeoff and upturned flight deck. We should know that the aircraft carrier is a major symbol of the modern navy, and it is a large surface warship with the largest volume, the most complex system, the most comprehensive technology and the most powerful ability. China didn’t have any experience in designing and building an aircraft carrier in the past, but only repaired, refitted and continued to build a Liaoning ship. Did it fully master all the key technologies in designing and building an aircraft carrier? By building the first domestic aircraft carrier, comprehensive inspection can be carried out, which is also conducive to consolidating and strengthening the comprehensive support capability of the Liaoning ship. This also reflects the active, steady and steady development of weapons and equipment that China people have always followed.

  On the road to the construction of China Navy’s aircraft carrier, Liaoning took the first step. The first domestic aircraft carrier consolidated and accelerated this step, connecting the past with the future in the technical research and capability improvement of aircraft carrier design and construction, and accumulating experience for building a larger aircraft carrier. In a few years, a large aircraft carrier formation flying the five-star red flag will surely sail in the coastal areas of Wan Li and the open ocean.

  Aiming at sea and air three-dimensional operations

  Many netizens called the first domestic aircraft carrier a "replica" of the Liaoning ship. In fact, the first domestic aircraft carrier achieved a comprehensive technical upgrade on the basis of the Liaoning ship, which is called "seemingly strong". The biggest difference between the two is that the functional positioning and mission use are very different.

  The function orientation of Liaoning ship is firstly the research and test platform and training platform of aircraft carrier, and its main task is to complete a large number of research and test tasks of aircraft carrier and carrier-based fighters, and to carry out batch selection and training of carrier-based fighter pilots. After more than five years of exploration and training, the Liaoning ship has expanded to form a maritime formation combat capability. From the very beginning, the first domestic aircraft carrier was positioned as a large-scale aircraft carrier combat platform, which was a new starting point for the construction of the comprehensive combat force of China Navy aircraft carrier.

  A large-scale combat platform at sea with carrier-based aircraft as its main weapon is also vividly called "floating airport at sea". On November 14th, 1910 and January 18th, 1911, respectively, the US Navy successfully carried out the technical test of taking off and landing an aircraft on a ship for the first time. The British navy is the first, successfully refitting the world’s first aircraft carrier in 1918, and has gone through more than 100 years of development. Looking back at history, the aircraft carrier completely replaced the battleship’s maritime hegemony in just over 20 years, and promoted the maritime combat from the "era of giant ship artillery" dominated by battleships and cruisers to the "era of sea-air three-dimensional missile warfare" dominated by aircraft carrier battle groups, carrier-based fighters and anti-ship missiles.

  In modern maritime mobile operations, the position and role of aircraft carrier battle group are irreplaceable, and its comprehensive combat capability is mainly reflected in two major indicators: first, the number and quality of carrier-based fighters and airborne weapons; The second is the quantity and quality of warships and shipborne weapons allocated in the carrier battle group and the strength of formation combat capability.

  Optimize the ship-aircraft adaptation performance.

  More than 100 years ago, when the aircraft carrier came out, there were only propeller planes with piston engines. The aircraft structure was simple and the flight speed was slow, and the requirements for the carrier platform, that is, the aircraft carrier, were relatively low. After the end of World War II, the advent of carrier-based fighters with jet engines greatly promoted the upgrading of aircraft carriers, especially the rapid development of technologies such as catapult takeoff device, auxiliary landing system and arresting device. The types of carrier-based aircraft are also increasing, including fixed-wing fighters, rotary-wing helicopters, vertical/short-range take-off and landing aircraft, rotary-wing aircraft, drones and so on.

  Carrier-based fixed-wing fighters play a crucial and decisive role in the combat effectiveness of aircraft carriers, and their quality and quantity are important indicators to measure the combat capability of aircraft carriers. Carrier-based fighters can be divided into three types in take-off and landing modes: one is catapult take-off and blocking landing; The second is to take off and stop the ship; The third is vertical or short takeoff and landing. The first domestic aircraft carrier adopts the second method, which has certain restrictions on its operational application.

  Technically speaking, catapult takeoff is the best choice, which can maximize the operational effectiveness of carrier-based fighters. This requires overcoming the catapult technology. In the past, aircraft carriers in various countries have been using steam catapults. Ten Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in the US Navy and the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in the French Navy all used steam catapults made in the United States. But the development direction of catapults is electromagnetic catapult. The first ship of the Ford-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier of the US Navy has taken the lead in loading and using, and the research team led by Academician Ma Weiming of China Naval Engineering University is also studying this topic.

  The full-load displacement of the first domestic aircraft carrier is several thousand tons larger than that of the Liaoning ship, and the sliding flight deck design is still used, but the design of the upturned angle of the flight deck has been upgraded and improved. The tilt angle of the flight deck of Liaoning ship is about 14 degrees, and the tilt angle of the flight deck of the first domestic aircraft carrier is reduced to 12 degrees. The main basis for this major technical improvement comes from a large number of flight test data accumulated by Liaoning ships and J -15 carrier-based fighters. The ship-to-aircraft compatibility between domestic aircraft carriers and J -15 fighters is more optimized than that of Liaoning ships, which is conducive to giving full play to the maximum operational effectiveness of J -15 fighters with skid-jump take-off.

  Structural design is boldly abandoned.

  In terms of structural design, the first domestic aircraft carrier was completely designed according to the standard aircraft carrier, which was different from the design concept and operational application idea of developing aircraft carrier (carrier cruiser) in the Soviet Union.

  The predecessor of the Liaoning ship was the unfinished Varyag, which was the sister ship of the only carrier Kuznetsov in service in the Russian Navy, that is, the second ship of the third-generation carrier cruiser of the Soviet Union. The carrier cruiser of the Soviet Union is very different from the fleet aircraft carrier of the United States. The Soviet aircraft carrier has a small displacement, and there is no catapult take-off device for carrier-based aircraft. Usually, it is only equipped with about 24 carrier-based fighters, and its comprehensive capability is relatively limited. Only carrier-based fighters can not complete all air and sea combat tasks. Therefore, a certain number of long-range anti-ship missiles are equipped to form an integrated anti-ship combat capability of missiles and carrier-based aircraft. At the same time, it is also equipped with relatively complete long-range ship-to-air missiles and medium-and short-range air defense weapon systems.

  In combat missions, the Soviet naval carrier mainly focuses on underwater operations, that is, protecting its own nuclear submarines and attacking enemy nuclear submarines, usually with about 15 anti-submarine helicopters. The US aircraft carrier mainly relies on carrier-based aircraft to "win the world". Carrier-based fighters complete air combat, sea (land) assault, electronic attack and other combat tasks. Early warning aircraft provide long-range warning and command guidance, and anti-submarine helicopters and submarines undertake joint anti-submarine missions. The aircraft carrier is not equipped with long-range offensive weapons such as anti-ship missiles, but only equipped with necessary short-range air defense weapon systems.

  Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier is equipped with a large number of ship-borne missile weapon systems, such as 12-unit SS-N-19 large-scale long-range anti-ship missile vertical launching system hidden under the flight deck, and 4 sets of 6×8-unit SA-N-9 long-range ship-to-air missile launching devices. The Liaoning ship dismantled the relevant devices of these missile weapon systems during the repair and continued construction.

  The reason why Russian aircraft carriers are equipped with a large number of missile weapons is mainly due to their limited comprehensive combat capability. Su -33 of the Russian Navy and F/A-18E/F of the US Navy are both heavy carrier-based fighters. Although Su -33 is slightly superior to F/A-18 in some tactical and technical performance, Su -33 takes off in a sliding mode and F/A-18 takes off in a catapult mode, and its comprehensive combat capability is better than Su -33. In addition, the Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier can only carry about 40 carrier-based aircraft, including 24 Su -33 and Su -25 carrier-based fighters, and its combat capability is far less than that of the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier of the US Navy. Therefore, the Russian army had to make the aircraft carrier have both the long-range anti-ship missile attack capability of heavy cruisers and the air defense interception capability of medium and long-range ship-to-air missiles.

  Setting a large missile launcher under the flight deck will have a great impact on the use of carrier aircraft. If a missile is launched, the flight deck needs to be emptied before the missile launcher can be opened, and then the carrier-based aircraft cannot take off. Russian long-range anti-ship missile is huge and vertically installed under the flight deck, which needs to occupy a lot of internal space and will also have a negative impact on the hull structure design. The main weapon of the standard aircraft carrier is the carrier-based fighter. Below the flight deck is a large transparent hangar for the storage, maintenance and repair of the carrier aircraft. The first domestic aircraft carrier is no longer equipped with anti-ship missile launchers, and the hangar is larger and can carry more carrier-based fighters.

  Information ability is advancing by leaps and bounds

  As a large-scale maritime mobile airport, an aircraft carrier needs to have both navigation and aviation functions in order to effectively complete the operation and use of various types of carrier-based aircraft, and it is inseparable from various uses and advanced electronic information equipment, including navigation electronic information systems to ensure maritime navigation, aviation flight control electronic information systems to ensure the take-off and landing of carrier-based aircraft, electronic information systems to command and guide carrier-based aircraft to perform air combat tasks, and electronic information systems such as ship-based air defense, sea defense and electronic alert, as well as air-sea combat mission formation. Although the body and volume of the aircraft carrier are larger, it is also a huge technical problem to install these electronic information equipment in a limited space because of the huge number and types of electronic information systems.

  The carrier’s shipborne electronic equipment includes formation combat command information system, navigation and avionics information system, etc. On the basis of the trial installation and use of Liaoning ship, the first domestic aircraft carrier was further improved. For example, the improved large-scale active phased array radar installed above the starboard ship island has been widely used in a new generation of guided missile destroyers, with advanced performance and increasingly mature technology, and accumulated more and more experience. Its comprehensive performance is far ahead of that of Russia, with longer air detection distance and stronger ability to detect air targets. It can detect and distinguish hundreds of air targets at the same time, and its ability to command and guide air defense interception is stronger. This will help to improve the air defense capability of the aircraft carrier formation and the ship.

  At present, the first domestic aircraft carrier is nervously carrying out the outfitting project after launching. With the decrease of "scaffolding" on the ship surface, the date of trial flight of domestic aircraft carrier is approaching gradually. I believe that in a few years, the first domestic aircraft carrier will be transformed into the second aircraft carrier in the service of the People’s Navy, and the goal of China Navy’s "blue-water navy" construction into a distant ocean is gradually becoming a reality.

The United States completely banned Samsung note7 mobile phones from getting on the plane.


CCTV News:On Friday, local time, the U.S. Department of Transportation announced a total ban on passengers carrying Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones on the plane. The Federal Aviation Administration had urged passengers not to check this model, nor to charge or turn it on during the flight. This total ban will officially take effect this Saturday.

Anthony fox, the US Secretary of Transportation, said that this may bring inconvenience to some passengers, but aviation safety must be given top priority, and even a fire accident on the plane will pose a great threat to the lives of many people.

Samsung, which has completely recalled and stopped the production of this mobile phone, issued a statement in response to the latest ban, saying that they have encouraged airlines to explain the ban to passengers and said that the safety of passengers is the first priority.

On Monday, Samsung announced that it had completely suspended the production of this model, because even if some improvements were made, it could not solve the problem of overheating of mobile phones. Up to now, the amount involved in this recall has reached $5.3 billion.

Iliad Kaye, chairman of the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, who is in charge of investigating the Samsung mobile phone explosion, urged consumers to take the time to return the goods. So far, Samsung has suffered 96 safety accidents caused by equipment overheating in the United States, 23 of which occurred after the recall was initiated on September 15th. According to the report of the Committee, 13 accidents were caused by battery burning, and 47 accidents caused other property losses.

According to the latest flight ban, Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone is already a contraband in air flight. If passengers violate the ban, the mobile phone will be confiscated and fined. Similarly, if the airline personnel find someone carrying the mobile phone, they will be able to refuse the passenger to board the plane. If flight attendants find someone holding the mobile phone during the flight, they must force it to turn off, prohibit charging and use any function that may trigger automatic power-on, such as alarm. On the 5th of this month, a Samsung mobile phone suddenly smoked and then exploded in Southwest Airlines. At that time, passengers were evacuated urgently, but no one was injured. Before the promulgation of the comprehensive flight ban, many airlines began to step up training flight attendants to deal with the fire accident of electronic equipment during flight. (CCTV reporter Gao Qi)

Year after year, is the Lantern Festival as you remember it?

  Reference message networkReported on February 19 Today is the rain in the solar terms in China, and it is also the last important festival in the Spring Festival customs — — Lantern Festival.

Illustration 1

  In June 2008, the Lantern Festival was selected as a national intangible cultural heritage. This traditional festival celebrated by China people has attracted worldwide attention.

  So, what is the China Lantern Festival in the eyes of foreign media? With this question, Xiao Bian put down the dumplings in his hand and opened the old newspaper of Reference News. While looking for foreign media reports on the Lantern Festival, he felt all kinds of changes and invariants in the development of the times … …

  In 2006, the online edition of The Times published an article entitled "Every household adheres to the ancient custom of eating Yuanxiao", which recorded the Lantern Festival time of a family in Beijing:

  "Wang wrapped in thick cotton-padded clothes and his mother stood in line for half an hour in the cold just to buy a bag of old brand Yuanxiao. The mother said: ‘ Such hard work is worth it. You have to eat Yuanxiao today, because it is a symbol of family reunion. ’”

  The word "stick to it" in the title of this article impressed Xiaobian. Why should we "stick to it" when eating Yuanxiao?

  Combined with the social background at that time, this problem is not difficult to understand. At that time, foreign festivals, commonly known as "foreign festivals", began to occupy a place in the lives of ordinary people in China, and even triggered a query that "traditional festivals are no match for foreign festivals".

  The most typical ones are Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival. A "foreign festival", a traditional festival, is very close to each other every year: for example, the Lantern Festival is the second day of Valentine’s Day in 2003, and there is only one day between Lantern Festival and Valentine’s Day in 2006. The closeness of the two festivals made the topic of sticking to traditional festivals more prominent.

  For example, in an AFP article entitled "China people celebrate Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival successively" in 2003, it was mentioned that China people celebrated Valentine’s Day with double joy this year, because people could celebrate the traditional Lantern Festival after Valentine’s Day at the same time.

  The media said that "since opening to the outside world, China has been more and more keen on Valentine’s Day". Although February 15th (Saturday) was the Lantern Festival that year, many people hung lanterns on the evening of 14th (Friday) to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival at the same time.

  After a lapse of three years, the Financial Times in 2006 also celebrated the "Foreign Festival" with "China in vogue"? It is reported that although China today is more confident and tolerant, not all China people are happy or optimistic about the fashion change of "foreign festivals" for young people. The newspaper mentioned a China person who rightly said: "Even if Valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival in the West are close this year, it can’t make ‘ Lover’s mood ’ Squeeze ‘ Celebrate the whole world and have fun with the people ’ The cultural connotation. "

  Today, 15 years later, when we look at the reports at that time, we may not feel so strongly about this topic. In Xiaobian’s view, even though China people have become accustomed to some "foreign festivals", their enthusiasm for traditional festivals such as the Lantern Festival has not diminished at all.

  Moreover, it has been proved that the traditional Lantern Festival custom has not faded with the progress of the times.

  In 2013, united press international reported that in Pingyao, Shanxi Province, every household hung red lanterns and set off fireworks to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

  Sarah brown, an Australian tourist, said, "We came to Pingyao from Beijing and felt the different atmosphere of the Lantern Festival. The atmosphere in Pingyao is more cheerful. It’s easy to get separated from friends in such a bustling street … … We feel the charm of the China Lunar New Year. "

  At that time, AFP reporters came to Nuanquan Town, Hebei Province, and recorded the local people’s way of ending the Lunar New Year with a unique "Da Shu Hua Show" performance.

  According to the report, this way of celebrating Lantern Festival, invented more than 300 years ago, is one of many ancient folk activities in China that have been restored in recent decades.

Caption 4

On the evening of February 5, 2019, folk artists performed "Da Shu Hua Show" at the Asia-Pacific Temple Fair in zunhua city, Hebei Province. (Xinhua News Agency)

  AFP reporter recorded the process of the performance: the master who performed "Da Shu Hua Show" only "equipped" the straw hat and protective glasses. They scooped molten iron out of the bucket and splashed it on a brick wall. The iron flowers splashed on the brick wall, which was very spectacular.

  According to the report, this spectacular scene caused deafening cheers from the audience in Wenquan Town. Wenquan Town is only a few hours’ drive from Beijing. In order to promote the development of tourism, Wenquan Town resumed this folk activity with a history of hundreds of years.

  Of course, with the restoration of traditional folk customs, the way to celebrate the Lantern Festival is also changing in another way.

  In a report in 2017, the online reporter of Hong Kong Asia Times mentioned that when the Lantern Festival was held in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province in 2016, there was a beautiful electronic light show at the local Chinese Dinosaur Park, but it was not a traditional lantern, and of course there were no riddles.

  Spain’s Effie also noticed a new way to celebrate the Lantern Festival. The agency reported in 2016 that in order to celebrate the Lantern Festival, many people visited the Longqingxia Ice Lantern Art Festival in Yanqing District, Beijing. As one of the competition areas of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, many ice sculptures at the festival are sports-oriented.

Illustration 5

  Mr. Jiang, a tourist, came here with his family for the holiday. He said that although these ice sculptures are a little far from the traditional Lantern Festival celebration elements, he feels: "We should keep pace with the times, and these are very special." Mr. Jiang said: "Of course, this is not a traditional way to celebrate, but we like it very much, and the children are also very interested in ice sculptures", especially the ice sculptures with the theme of the 2020 Olympic Games.

  "With the development of economy and society, China people’s Chinese New Year activities are gradually changing to a more modern form." Effie commented.

  Of course, the Effie reporter also noticed that in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, not far from Beijing, the celebration activities are much more traditional. Besides singing and dancing in traditional costumes, there are also traditional folk activities such as walking on stilts.

  In short, Xiao Bian believes that both adhering to the traditional customs and exploring the modern ways of celebrating the Lantern Festival express China people’s persistence and love for the traditional festivals.

Figure 6

As the Lantern Festival approaches in 2019, many activities such as Dragon Lantern Festival and Dragon Lantern Show are held in Guizhou Province to celebrate the Lantern Festival and the Spring Festival. (Xinhua News Agency)

The closing ceremony of the Olympic Games will be the first "Xiangyun" fireworks to ignite a passionate night.

  At the closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games, 18 districts and counties in Beijing will set off fireworks together to record this historic moment, so that gorgeous Beijing and happy Beijing will go down in history forever. The fireworks feast at the closing ceremony and the Bird’s Nest will surely become the focus of world attention. To this end, Xinhuanet specially invited Zhao Weiping, the general commander of the Bird’s Nest fireworks display, to introduce the related situation of the Bird’s Nest fireworks display at the closing ceremony.

Zhao Weiping, the general commander of the 2008 Olympic Games Bird’s Nest fireworks display, was interviewed by this reporter.

  Zhao Weiping: Everything is ready for the fireworks display at the closing ceremony.

  Moderator: The expected closing ceremony is about to be staged. Apart from the rich programs prepared by ourselves and the 8-minute performance in London, the fireworks will bring the atmosphere of the audience to a climax. What is the preparation for the fireworks in the closing ceremony? 

  Zhao Weiping: We have basically finished the preparations for the closing ceremony. There are 420 launching sites and 8,138 fireworks in the closing ceremony. It is necessary to rearrange the layout and rearrange the launcher. At present, the preparations include the installation of fireworks, the structural installation and wiring of the shelves. The rest of the time we will do some tests on them and check them a few more times to be foolproof. 

  Moderator: Will some equipment at the opening ceremony continue to be used at the closing ceremony?

  Zhao Weiping: The equipment that is exactly the same as the opening ceremony is gone. They have all been readjusted. Because each launcher actually involves different specifications and quantities, basically nothing used in the opening ceremony can be used in the closing ceremony. We hung many launchers again and rearranged them, because after all, the products are still very different. This is the difference between the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony.

  Moderator: The Bird’s Nest has been in the competition all the time, and the performance place of the closing ceremony is also in the Bird’s Nest, which is bound to bring some difficulties to the preparation of fireworks. What difficulties have you encountered? How do we overcome it?

  Zhao Weiping: The biggest problem encountered in the construction of the closing ceremony is that the construction is not allowed during the day, and the other is that it rained heavily two nights ago, which brought us some difficulties and increased the intensity of our work. Our team basically worked all night every day. In addition, there is no light on the bird’s nest at night, and we mainly rely on the peripheral auxiliary lights to illuminate the work, which also increases the difficulty of our work. But even under such circumstances, everyone made unremitting efforts, especially the encouragement brought by the success of the Olympic opening ceremony. It should be said that the whole team is United as one and has high morale, hoping to complete the closing ceremony successfully.

  Moderator: Our staff is still in a very good state, without any slack?

  Zhao Weiping: No. We also held a mobilization meeting yesterday, which was the last mobilization before the closing ceremony. I hope everyone can make a great effort to make the closing ceremony beautiful. After these mobilizations, everyone is still very active. Everyone performed very well, and I was very touched. I think it must be the fighting spirit of the Olympic Games that encouraged everyone. I am very satisfied with the performance of the team, as a person, as the leader of the enterprise or as the commander-in-chief of the fireworks display team.

  Moderator: This time, the preparation is quite adequate, but the closing ceremony has not been rehearsed. Will you feel a little insecure?

  Zhao Weiping: No, because as the closing ceremony itself, there is no substantive rehearsal, but every discharge in front of the Bird’s Nest can be said to be a rehearsal for the closing ceremony. Because each discharge and installation will bring more experience, more protection and more confidence to the next one.

The staff installed the Bird’s Nest fireworks in the daytime and at night (picture provided by Panda Fireworks Company).

  The fireworks of "Xiangyun", the first appearance of the closing ceremony, will ignite the night of passion.

  Moderator: Then can you tell us specifically what kind of fireworks will be displayed at the closing ceremony?

  Zhao Weiping: There are still some differences between the closing ceremony and the opening ceremony. Everyone has seen the opening ceremony. There are five rings, footprints, some beautiful wings on the top of the bird’s nest, doves of peace, countdown in the stadium, waterfalls, lightning, thunder, including the peony flowers we talked about, and dynamic five-color rings, all of which have their own characteristics. We also used the chip bomb (which is the most advanced in the world at present) and used air launch for the first time. These are the results of our technological innovation.

  Our main product innovation at the closing ceremony is an auspicious cloud. As we all know, Xiangyun has spread all over the world, and we also hope that the creativity of fireworks can be expressed by Xiangyun, which may be different from our Xiangyun torch. There will be spiral and dynamic fireworks at dozens of points on the top of the bird’s nest, which has never been seen before. Xiangyun has two colors, including a gold one. This is a relatively good product, and it took us about half a year to develop it after receiving the task book from the Olympic Organizing Committee.

  Another highlight of the closing ceremony is that we have a colorful circle on the top of the Bird’s Nest. After typing, you will see a fireworks circle, which is quite beautiful, and it has been launched twice. We didn’t have such a variety in the last opening ceremony. It exploded in the sky after you hit it from below and saw the effect. The products we used at the opening ceremony last time did not explode in the sky, but this time there will be an explosion in the air, which will present a very beautiful scene and bright colors. At last, a round pattern made by a big fireworks will be formed on the periphery of the bowl at the top of the Bird’s Nest. I think this round pattern also indicates the complete success of the whole Olympic Games, which can also be said to be "round and full". Everyone is happy and safe. The Olympic Games shows her moral through these fireworks, so I think these will also bring you some aesthetic feeling and some new visual impact. The other difference between the closing ceremony and the opening ceremony is that we have more dynamic things running fast on the top of the bird’s nest in the closing ceremony.

  Moderator: So what is the scale of the fireworks display at the closing ceremony?

  Zhao Weiping: From the top of the Bird’s Nest, the whole scale of fireworks in the closing ceremony is smaller than that in the opening ceremony. This time, we don’t have bowl products, which means that there is nothing inside the Bird’s Nest, and the part outside the Bird’s Nest is basically the same as that in the opening ceremony.

  Closing Ceremony The Beijing Municipal Government and the Olympic Organizing Committee hope that the whole city will have an opportunity to celebrate together and hold fireworks celebrations in 18 districts and counties in Beijing, because after all, it was almost seven years since we won the right to host the Olympic Games in 2001, and many people all over the country worked hard for it. On the whole, this scale is unprecedented in Beijing’s history, and it can be said that there is no such scale in the world. At that time, after the closing ceremony, fireworks will be lit in 18 districts and counties at the same time. I think this can be applied for Guinness Book of Records, which has never been seen in any city or at any time in the past.

  The fireworks display at the closing ceremony is not affected by rain.

  Moderator: If it rains on the closing day, will it affect the fireworks display?

  Zhao Weiping: This is no problem. Because we have already installed the fireworks, it can be said that the problem of rain has been solved at this stage, and it will not be affected whether it rains or other circumstances. If it rains heavily, of course we will listen to the organizing Committee, but as far as I know, it won’t rain before the 24th.

Green zero-carbon development forum of film production industrialization: exploring the road of "green film"

Original title: Green zero-carbon development forum for film production industrialization: exploring the road of "green film"

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New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net December 19 news (Reporter Fu Caiyun) The film industry and green and low carbon, two concepts that seem to be far apart, will have a huge spark when they collide. On the 19th, the 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival-Green Zero-carbon Development Forum of Film Production Industrialization was held, and film creators, film and television base managers and new energy technology companies were invited to gather together to discuss the inefficiency, waste and serious pollution of traditional film production, and try to provide new solutions to the problems.

Green zero-carbon development forum for film production industrialization was held. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

The film industry is a "spotlight industry" that attracts public attention. In fact, the carbon emission in the film production process can not be ignored. According to a report of the British Film Association in 2020, each blockbuster in the world can produce 2840 tons of carbon dioxide during filming, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 3709 acres of forest in a year.

"It is of great significance for the film industry to participate in green and zero-carbon development." Zhang Chi, director of the Creative Guidance Department of the China Film Association and secretary-general of the Literature and Creative Committee of the China Film Association, said that while developing the scale of the film industry and improving the level of film industrialization, we should always be conscious and pursue low-carbon environmental protection. It is gratifying to see that domestic film and television bases and film production teams have made vivid practices of green and low carbon, such as Hengdian building a green studio and using photovoltaic technology to realize "shooting in the shed and generating electricity on the roof". Hainan Island International Film Festival builds a cooperation platform for environmental protection development, which plays a great role in promoting the green and low-carbon development of the film and television industry and improving the green technology level of employees.

Keynote speech session. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

Hainan has a unique advantage in practicing the concept of green development. It is understood that since March this year, the proportion of new energy vehicles in Hainan has exceeded 50%. Song Zhaohuan, Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group, shared the theme of "New Energy Commercial Vehicle Helps Green and Low Carbon Development of Film and Television Industry" and introduced the application of new energy commercial vehicle in film and television industry. Promoting green and low-carbon development with green technological innovation, he said that methanol, a green, clean and sustainable renewable energy source, is being promoted, and the green new energy path with’ alcohol hydrogen+electricity’ as the core is being developed to develop rich power forms to meet the full-scene application of the film and television industry.

In October this year, Hainan’s first new energy special vehicle base landed, helping Hainan to build a low-carbon "new IP for film and television+tourism". "In the future, all special vehicles will be customized in Hainan and sent to all parts of the world." Song zhaohuan said.

Roundtable forum. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

This forum is based on green environmental protection and forward-looking vision, giving filmmakers a lot of inspiration, creating with the concept of green "zero carbon" and taking the road of sustainable and high-quality development. During the round-table forum, the guests shared their first-line knowledge, and how to "reduce costs and increase efficiency" through scientific and technological innovation was their concern.

Oriental Film Capital is not only a witness of China’s film industrialization, but also an industrialized "production workshop". Sun Hengqin, president of Oriental Film Capital Industry Holding Group, said, "We don’t simply expand the scale or produce large films, but we need to be able to complete good ideas more effectively at a lower cost. This is a particularly big demand." He believes that "the development of science and technology will play an important role in realizing the green and zero-carbon development goal of film production industrialization."

The proposal for green and zero-carbon development of film production industrialization was released. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

Ma Ping, deputy general manager of China Film Digital Production Base and vice president of China Film Photographers Association (CNSC), said that with the development of the times, China’s scientific and technological innovations have benefited all walks of life. In the film and television industry, new energy vehicles can better serve the crew and fulfill the requirements and expectations of filmmakers for creation at a lower cost, and the future can be expected.

Strategic cooperation signing link. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

At the scene, Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group and Hainan Jidi Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation contract on the development of film and television new energy vehicles and other related fields. At the same time, the forum launched an initiative to the national film industry, calling on everyone to take action, practice low-carbon and environmentally-friendly film creation, widely apply clean energy, cooperate with manufacturing industry and scientific research and development institutions for win-win results, constantly promote green and zero-carbon development, and lead China films to a new era of world-class industrial system. (Fu Caiyun)

There are frequent incidents of fraudulent insurance. Where is the boundary of "over-diagnosis and treatment" in medical institutions?

A few days ago, a patient reported that the Second People’s Hospital of Wuhu City, Anhui Province (hereinafter referred to as "Wuhu Second Hospital") overcharged medical expenses, which aroused strong concern in the industry about "excessive diagnosis and treatment".

On December 2nd, Anhui Medical Insurance Bureau informed the Second Hospital of Wuhu about the illegal use of medical insurance funds, and on the 4th, official website of Hunan Medical Insurance Bureau issued the "Administrative Punishment of Xiangya Hospital of Central South University", which fined the hospital about 980,000 yuan for illegal use of medical insurance funds.

CBN found that in recent years, the Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of the Use of Medical Insurance Funds (hereinafter referred to as the Administrative Regulations) and the Interim Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Use of Medical Insurance Funds (hereinafter referred to as the Interim Measures) and other laws and regulations have been promulgated one after another, providing policy and legal basis for the supervision of medical insurance funds; As a complement to the Interim Measures, the Measures for Reporting Incentives for Illegal Use of Medical Insurance Funds (hereinafter referred to as the "Incentive Measures") was also released in November 2022. This document is to mobilize social forces to participate in fund supervision and safeguard the safety of medical insurance funds.

The National Medical Insurance Bureau has repeatedly stressed that the medical insurance fund will never become "Tang monk meat". According to official data, since 2019, the National Medical Insurance Bureau has sent a total of 184 flight inspection teams to inspect 384 designated medical institutions, and found that 4.35 billion yuan of related funds were used illegally. Since the implementation of the "Incentive Measures" in January this year, medical insurance departments at all levels across the country have verified and recovered the amount of medical insurance violations of 158 million yuan according to the clues reported by the masses.

An expert on medical insurance policy told CBN that with the increasing efforts to crack down on fraudulent medical insurance in China, blatant fraudulent medical insurance behaviors such as "fake patients", "fake services", "fake medical products" and "fake medical insurance expenses" have been effectively curbed, but some fraudulent medical insurance behaviors have also shifted from the front to the back, and gradually changed to behaviors such as excessive medical treatment and excessive fees. How to determine the boundary of excessive medical treatment and how to adopt scientific and accurate comprehensive management methods are the key points in the next stage.

The boundary of "excessive diagnosis and treatment"

According to the notification of Anhui Medical Insurance Bureau, Wuhu Medical Insurance Bureau has fully recovered the medical insurance fund illegally used by Wuhu Second Hospital according to the medical insurance service agreement signed by the hospital, and deducted the liquidated damages at 30%, interviewed the relevant person in charge of the hospital, and handed it over to the public security and health care departments for further verification. At the same time, the bureau has started the administrative punishment procedure in accordance with the Management Regulations.

"Medical insurance service agreements are handled in different ways, but most medical institutions deduct liquidated damages at a rate of 30%." A person in charge of the medical reform department of a health and wellness commission in the southern region told the reporter that in addition to the treatment method according to the medical insurance service agreement, in the administrative punishment procedure, the above-mentioned "Management Regulations" stipulates that illegal acts that cause losses to the medical insurance fund shall be ordered to return, and a fine of more than 1 time and less than 2 times shall be imposed.

Zhao Dahai, a professor at the School of International and Public Affairs of Shanghai Jiaotong University, told the First Financial Reporter that whether it is for medical institutions or medical staff, the end of over-diagnosis and treatment must bring economic returns to themselves and institutions (institutions also involve scale expansion), but in the final analysis, the supervision of medical insurance funds needs a set of strict, scientific and legally effective standards to judge and identify.

"For public hospitals, we can constantly correct their use of medical insurance funds by strengthening supervision, but private hospitals and pharmacies have certain commercial attributes, so we still need to rely on effective supervision methods when avoiding the risk of fraudulent insurance." Zhao Dahai said that in the next stage, health care and medical insurance departments can jointly promote the standardization and implementation of clinical diagnosis and treatment paths.

To this end, the person in charge of the medical insurance service department of a top-three hospital in Beijing said that at any time, medical institutions should never make profits by prescribing drugs and consumables without collecting the information of the insured. This is malicious fraud and insurance fraud, and it is also the bottom line problem. However, at this stage, it is not uncommon for medical institutions to occupy too much medical insurance funds by improving the accessibility of drugs and consumables.

"But whether this belongs to’ excessive diagnosis and treatment’ needs to be viewed objectively." The person in charge said that on the one hand, some innovative drugs are expensive but have great benefits to diseases, and doctors prescribe them for patients out of kindness. However, due to the annual update of the medical insurance catalogue, whether the innovative drugs are still within the scope of the medical insurance catalogue, whether the medical insurance limited payment ratio has been adjusted, and whether the patient’s area is applicable need further careful confirmation. On the other hand, the scope of medical insurance fund’s limited payment needs to refer to a number of matters, including the indications in the drug instructions and the reimbursement ratio of the insured’s location. "It is almost impossible for doctors to record all the contents and ensure that there are no mistakes. Therefore, it is imperative to introduce an information-assisted platform and do a good job in training."

Is there a solution to the problem that medical institutions illegally use medical insurance funds caused by "excessive diagnosis and treatment"?

Cai Haiqing, former director of the Treatment Protection Department of Jiangxi Provincial Medical Insurance Bureau, said that, first of all, it is necessary to solve the problem of how to identify "excessive diagnosis and treatment"; Secondly, with the comprehensive implementation of the reform of DRGs (Payment by Disease Diagnosis Group) and DIG (Payment by Disease Score), the problem of medical insurance payment currently facing the clinic is to solve the problem of "over-diagnosis and treatment" and to prevent possible insufficient diagnosis and treatment. "Insufficient diagnosis and treatment includes low-standard discharge, reducing necessary medical services and inspection items, and reducing the use of drugs and consumables. This situation is to reduce the cost of medical services and improve the yield."

As a matter of fact, the First Financial Reporter learned in the industry that it is difficult to identify, identify and dispose of over-medical treatment. In June this year, "Research on the Identification of Over-medical Treatment Behavior and the Regulation Rules of Medical Insurance" released the first "over-medical treatment index system". The theoretical basis of this system includes sampling data, written materials and written materials of fund supervision discussions of 121 designated medical insurance institutions in Shanghai. It involves 5 first-level indicators, 30 second-level indicators and 67 third-level indicators.

"Although the system is developed in the form of research, it is still some time before it is fully implemented, but at least it has broken the definition of the boundary of overtreatment." Cai Haiqing said.

Regulatory challenges

Since the beginning of this year, official website, the National Medical Insurance Bureau, has published 40 typical cases of fraudulent insurance in four phases. The illegal use of medical insurance funds includes: changing medical treatment items, falsely recording infusion drugs, treatment and inspection fees, forging materials, uploading false medication data, etc. Most of these cases were discovered by local medical insurance departments through active forms such as medical data verification in different places, big data screening and analysis, and on-site supervision and inspection.

On the basis of the previous vigorous rectification work, what are the challenges in the supervision of medical insurance funds and how to establish a long-term supervision mechanism?

To this end, Yu Changyong, an associate professor at the School of Public Administration of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told reporters that under the new situation, the new challenges of China’s medical insurance fund supervision can be interpreted from four aspects. First of all, after years of flight inspection and special work to combat fraud and insurance fraud, some "blatant" fraud and insurance fraud in the past have been effectively curbed, and the means of fraud and insurance fraud will be more subtle and the way of fraud will be more complicated.

Secondly, the overall level of medical insurance in various regions has been gradually improved, and the area where patients seek medical treatment has become larger, which will also significantly expand the scope of supervision of medical insurance funds and increase the difficulty of supervision. Thirdly, the reform of outpatient co-ordination makes the medical insurance department not only supervise the hospitalization behavior, but also supervise the outpatient behavior and the drug purchase behavior of pharmacies, and the objects and contents of supervision will show explosive growth.

In addition, the state attaches great importance to the development of Chinese medicine, and Chinese medicine services will be further included in the scope of medical insurance fund payment. However, Chinese medicine services are often treated by people and diseases, and its legal compliance or more difficult to judge, making it more difficult to supervise medical insurance funds.

To this end, Yu Changyong suggested that for some hidden and complicated illegal use of medical insurance funds, the medical insurance administrative department needs to be accurate and qualitative, and administer according to law; On the other hand, it is necessary to increase administrative punishment and even criminal punishment. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of intelligent monitoring and big data screening mechanisms, and establish a credit supervision system as soon as possible.

For the establishment of a long-term mechanism, a medical insurance fund supervisor said that in fact, in the past, the punishment for illegal use of medical insurance funds was mostly in medical institutions, and the punishment for individuals was not enough; At the same time, due to the low cost of violating laws and regulations, in most cases, it is ultimately handled in accordance with the medical insurance service agreement, and administrative punishment, transfer to justice or discipline inspection are rare.

"On the one hand, it is recommended that the medical insurance department unify the standards for law enforcement and incorporate illegal acts of medical institutions into credit management; On the other hand, medical institutions should establish the accountability system, reward and punishment system for the main leaders of the party and government and department heads, and improve the business training in the field of medical insurance payment. In addition, it is necessary to improve the comprehensive supervision mechanism that pays equal attention to incentives and constraints. Medical institutions that self-examine and self-correct and voluntarily return funds can reduce or not be punished. However, for those medical institutions and individuals who repeatedly check recidivism and do not change, they must be dealt with severely. " The source said.

List of Shanghai Chongming New House in 2022

[Selected Real Estate 1] Chongming Sanxiang Forest Sea Shang

Real estate review

After smoking this cigarette

Let me briefly outline the advantages of the Sanxiang Forest Haishang: dual -track, Dong Community’s commercial facilities, the entire East community environment, and the quality of Sanxiang. And Sanxiang’s construction site is the most satisfied with what I currently see.

There are buses around for easy travel.

Old driver driving school

I have been to Chongming many times, not many corners, it is still a bit far from the future subway, but it can still be accepted

[Selected Real Estate 2] Blue Lake Bay

Real estate review


There are comprehensive shopping malls nearby. Lenovo Computer Stores, Lianhua Supermarket, Jinye Supermarket, Wenfeng Supermarket, Xiufang Supermarket, eating and buying vegetables are very convenient. There are 8 units, with 66.0-118.0 square meters in different areas of different areas of different areas. Choose, take what you need.


The greening rate of the community is good, the environment is beautiful, the eyes are full of green, and the living comfort is high.

Chongming is now more and more houses. To be honest, there are a few who work in Shanghai to buy that goes.

[Selected Real Estate II

Real estate review


1. The kitchen is L -shaped and has a large space area, which is convenient for cooking food and kitchen supplies. 2. The kitchen and toilet have windows, which are convenient for oil fume and odor, and the ventilation is better. 3. The master bedroom is the suite design. In addition to the independent bathroom, there is also a test room, which is convenient for the owner’s life. The privacy is better and the living comfort is high. ; 1. The depth is unreasonable, which will cause the part to be dim and need to turn on the light during the day.

The property fee is 2.5 yuan/square meter and month, and the price is acceptable. It depends on the quality of the service. The average price is about 26647 yuan/㎡.

Little Snail Nica

It is already the existing house. It is close to the Changxing Town Government, and the surrounding foundation is OK.