Interview with Song Haolin, the director, revealing the behind-the-scenes creation of "Five Boys Saving the Water"

Special feature of 1905 film network The director "spelled" for the film.

He broadcast live on the short video platform until late at night, and was rejected nine times with netizens. In the process, he said countless thanks and was even ridiculed. In short, Song Haolin actively "opened" for the film.


The first time I met the director was at a meeting after the film was released. Without the support of the industry, without the lens of the media, only the feedback from the amateur audience. At that time, a girl stood up very excitedly and told the director that this was her way of signing up for various viewing groups, and she brushed the movie. She was still crazy about Amway among her girlfriends. After that, he raised his mobile phone, as if he wanted to convey his Amway effect to the founders.


The director said that he had been listening to everyone’s reaction at the gate of the cinema during the screening. After hearing everyone’s laughter, he slowly calmed down and felt that he had found the audience. But he did not forget to ask the audience to go to various ticketing platforms to order a "want to see".


When we met for the second time, it was the interview announcement day, and we jokingly asked him if he was mentally prepared in case he really parachuted like a rumor. He is dull, "I hope that efforts can be seen, and I hope that everyone’s efforts will be waiting in the distance."


It was the end of July, half a month before the original film schedule. But in the end, because of the epidemic prevention and control, like other films in the same file, it chose to meet the audience at the best time.


The movie was rescheduled, and finally we met The Battle at Lake Changjin. We asked the director again, will the mentality change now? He told us that this time, he was much more calm. After this period of precipitation, looking back at the fighting propaganda before, he cherished the process of everyone’s efforts.


Everything caters to the content he conveyed on various occasions. The theme of "Five Boys Saving the Water" is "Ordinary". Besides this "ordinary", there are still flashes.


When the project "Five Boys Drowning in the Water" was handed to Song Haolin, he didn’t have an answer in his heart, just thinking about whether it was suitable or not.


In any case, he put all his requirements before the production, and if possible, everyone will continue to push forward. Unexpectedly, after the producer saw these requirements, there was a "noisy" inside. But it is precisely this that makes the team think that this project belongs to Song Haolin, "because he has a stubborn spirit, which is exactly what this project needs."


The two sides soon promoted cooperation, and Song Haolin’s adaptation space was "as long as five high school students who practiced synchronized swimming were satisfied". This also means that he can break the original, re-establish the theme of this project, and re-construct the character design of the role.


To this end, Song Haolin went to a strange city alone and made a simple retreat.

At that time, Song Haolin was at a special stage. "I am rethinking what kind of director I want to be, and even wondering if I am suitable to be a director." Many cruel problems need him to face directly. He has his own embarrassment. He is in his forties. His previous cinema film was wildly recommended by Amway. Under the heat, a lot of capital came to the door, but his enthusiasm faded, and many of them became more vain.


"I began to face up to myself that some places are quite ordinary."The creation of "Five Boys Drowning in the Water" became a process of dialogue between Song Haolin and himself. In this state of reflection, Song Haolin slowly explored the theme of the film, and then what happened during the Spring Festival made him more determined.


At noon that day, Song Haolin ordered a takeaway at home and didn’t arrive until the afternoon. After opening the door, the delivery clerk bowed to him madly and apologized. There was no other delivery clerk to deliver that day, and it was really impossible to deliver it. "After closing the door, I couldn’t calm my mood for a long time. She is an ordinary person, but she may be a very good mother or wife. "


Song Haolin suddenly realized that both himself and most people around him are actually ordinary, but everyone’s life is still very wonderful. As a result, this has become the theme of the movie "Five Boys Who Save the Water". Even the hero’s name is the most common one, and it will not be remembered in the crowd — — "Zhang Wei".



When I didn’t really see the film, everyone threw a question to the director, "How to adapt it locally?" After all, the original version of "Five Boys Who Save the Water" has scored 8.4 points so far, and at the same time, it has won the popularity of actors.

But for Song Haolin, his story is brand-new, that is, the story of five high school students, and everyone has a high school experience, not an adaptation, but a translation of life.


Five teenagers, one schoolmaster and four "school scum".


When Song Haolin was studying, he was not a good boy in the traditional sense. From time to time, he was called to the office by the teacher, but he was very outstanding in literature and art, and the teacher could do nothing about him. These stories belonging to his past have all become the inspiration for Song Haolin’s creation of Five Boys Who Drove the Water.


During the period of seclusion, he found the key to enrich the characters, and also remembered those old friends. "I just concentrated their special ones and put them all on these characters." Finally, except Chen Minghan, the other four characters all carry the shadow of Song Haolin and his classmates around them.


After the characters are established, slowly build the whole script. The whole process is very long. Until the beginning of 2020, the script as a whole was relatively mature, and the crew officially released a picture of actor recruitment. What followed was all kinds of questions.


At that time, the epidemic had just come, so all the casting work of actors had to be moved online. Because movies are mainly synchronized swimming, Song Haolin has an absolute requirement for actors — — Excellent swimming skills.


In the casting scheme, Song Haolin considered looking for a group of professional athletes to shoot like that, but after communication, many factors could not really contribute and had to give up.

At the same time, he also understands that this story is not like Leap’s, but tells the story of professional athletes. Five Boys Who Save the Water is a story of ordinary high school students learning synchronized swimming.


In the end, the team decided to choose a teenager with performance skills.


At this time, Song Haolin still has two choices, one is to choose a more famous actor, and the other is a group of new people. Everyone knows that if the actor can find someone with a topic, then the follow-up publicity of the film can save a lot of worry, but Song Haolin gave up this option.


"I am more concerned about whether the actor can devote enough time to real training and whether he can devote himself wholeheartedly. Most importantly, I especially hope that these five children will not only show a good relationship on the big screen, but will really become good friends in life. Because the true feelings between people can actually be presented in front of the big screen. "


Song Haolin, who has worked with well-known actors, knows that these requirements for actors are not absolutely unsatisfied, but in the follow-up coordination, the difficulty will be very great. "So we simply started to use new actors. Of course, we are also bearing the difficulties in publicity now." In order to choose the right actors, Song Haolin has seen more than 1000 actors.



, Feng Xiangkun, Li Xiaoqian, Wu Junting and Wang Chuan, five people made up Five Boys Who Save the Water.Of these five people, except Xin Yunlai, she participated in the performance.Sadness flows against the river, and other supporting roles in film and television works, others are completely blank.


Wu Junting was an accident of Song Haolin. In the original script, the role of the prince was a little fat man. But when Song Haolin met Wu Junting, the story changed. At first, everyone thought that Wu Junting seemed to be very suitable for the role of Gao Fei. "He is 1.88 meters tall and very idol." Later, everyone found that Wu Junting had a particularly cute temperament. "I think Xiao Wu will play the prince, and there will be something very different."


Therefore, Song Haolin set the "prince" as close as possible to Wu Junting. At the same time, the choice of the role of "Goofy" has been adjusted almost simultaneously.


Li Xiaoqian looks very quiet, even literary and artistic. This appearance temperament is bound to be inconsistent with Goofy’s arrogant state. But Song Haolin will always think of this child.


"Later, when training, he was really the kind of child who didn’t talk much, but he was very hardworking. Everyone is resting and he is still practicing. " This kind of stubbornness in his bones makes Song Haolin very sure that he is flying high.


In the end, these five boys, who are full of teenagers themselves, became the protagonists of the film. In fact, when casting, "being good at swimming" is a prerequisite. What Song Haolin didn’t expect was that when training really started, these five people were gone, and only Wang Chuan could really swim. In addition, Wu Junting even "cheated" him that he was the little prince of the reservoir.


Regardless of whether they can swim or not, the crew invited the former coach of the national synchronized swimming team to be as strict with these five teenagers as training professional athletes. The time left for them is not much, but less, three months.


In Song Haolin’s view, these five teenagers can be replaced at any time if they can’t train well. Now that you have taken some risks, you must present the best results. However, the teenagers did not give the director a chance to change, "they will not have the idea that they are not suitable."


This kind of momentum is very much like the way five boys work hard for the final flower swim competition in the movie. During the training period, five teenagers eat and live together, which is almost the routine of athletes. They train for at least six hours during the day, and then have performance classes at night, with only one day off every week.



From June to September, five teenagers handed in beautiful report cards.


But this does not mean that the shooting is very smooth. There was a scene in the Aquarium. At that time, it was winter, and the water temperature was only over 10 degrees. The actors had to go into the water, but only when they arrived at the scene did they find that the pool was particularly dirty. Usually dolphins lived in it, with a water depth of almost 5 meters, and it was full of dolphin excrement. In order to make progress, the actors had to go into the water.


In addition, during the filming process, a typhoon was encountered, and many equipments were damaged, resulting in the subsequent filming plan being completely disrupted. Difficulties abound during the filming, not to mention the injuries of actors. "They also love me dearly, and sometimes they don’t tell me."

This detail made Song Haolin warm-hearted and scared, and reached an agreement with the actors. "You must tell me if you are injured, and you must trust our judgment. If you don’t say it, you will hold on now, but it may affect the follow-up work, and the price will be big."


The transition of film shooting also brings great difficulty. Five cities, including Yangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and Jinjiang, were designed for the filming of "Five Boys Drowning in the Water". However, unlike Xiamen, many cities have rich experience in actor shooting. "We had a play filmed in Quanzhou at that time, and we needed a lot of group performances. At that time, we transferred group performances from Xiamen. As a result, once, our actors were stuck on the expressway and had to find local people to participate. " However, the inexperienced people’s "slow shooting" in performance also made the shooting progress particularly difficult.


The difficulty doesn’t seem to stop at the shooting period. During the later period of the film, Song Haolin was also "uncomfortable".


Although the hero is Zhang Wei, on the whole, the film is more like a group drama, and the stories of five boys are extraordinarily three-dimensional. Group images are not easy to shoot, and they need a lot of content to support them in order to convince the audience.


The initial cut of the film is as long as three hours. Obviously, this time is not suitable for a youth movie shown in the cinema. How to cut and highlight what is a big problem before Song Haolin.


In this short video era, it is sometimes difficult for Song Haolin to calm down and appreciate some deep-seated content, and think about it. Finally, it is simply difficult to get rid of the inner scenes of the characters. "There will be a little loss, and those contents will make the spiritual things deeper."



After all kinds of events, the film finally saw the world. Douban score is currently 7 points, which is 0.1 points higher than when it was split. It is already a high score in recent remakes of youth movies.


We asked Song Haolin’s expected score, but he didn’t care. "When I care, does this movie ignite the audience?" This is the third feature film directed by Song Haolin independently, and it is the first work to really face the market.

Although the past "Summer in Itaro" has been recognized by the Golden Rooster Award, Shanghai International Film Festival and other film festivals, for him, the past creations are all more self-expression.


Did Song Haolin find the answer to "What kind of director do you want to be" after Five Boys Who Drove in the Water?


"I found it in the process, or I am still looking for it."

He gave an ambiguous answer, but he may not be in a hurry now, because he recently had a new question, "What do I care about when the work is done, or how to get into the audience’s heart?"


Perhaps the answer this time is to find that answer on his way to find an audience for Five Boys Who Save the Water.

Beautiful scenery! Take you to a glance at the ancient city of Pingyao wrapped in white (Figure)

(Beautiful China) (9) Snow falls flat.

   Yingxunmen Gate Tower and Wall in Pingyao Ancient City, taken on January 5th. On that day, Pingyao County, Shanxi Province ushered in snowfall, and the ancient city of Pingyao in the snow was wrapped in silver and picturesque. Pingyao Ancient City is one of the most well-preserved ancient county-level cities in China, and was listed in the World Cultural Heritage List in 1997. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yanshe

(Beautiful China) (2) Snow falls flat.

   On January 5, a pedestrian rode on the street of Pingyao ancient city. On that day, Pingyao County, Shanxi Province ushered in snowfall, and the ancient city of Pingyao in the snow was wrapped in silver and picturesque. Pingyao Ancient City is one of the most well-preserved ancient county-level cities in China, and was listed in the World Cultural Heritage List in 1997. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yanshe

(Beautiful China) (3) Snow falls flat.

   Yingxunmen Tower in Pingyao Ancient City (photo of drone) taken on January 5th. On that day, Pingyao County, Shanxi Province ushered in snowfall, and the ancient city of Pingyao in the snow was wrapped in silver and picturesque. Pingyao Ancient City is one of the most well-preserved ancient county-level cities in China, and was listed in the World Cultural Heritage List in 1997. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yanshe

(Beautiful China) (6) Snow falls flat.

   On January 5, tourists visited Pingyao ancient city. On that day, Pingyao County, Shanxi Province ushered in snowfall, and the ancient city of Pingyao in the snow was wrapped in silver and picturesque. Pingyao Ancient City is one of the most well-preserved ancient county-level cities in China, and was listed in the World Cultural Heritage List in 1997. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yanshe

(Beautiful China) (10) Snow falls flat.

   On January 5, the outer eaves of Yingxunmen Gate Tower in Pingyao Ancient City were photographed. On that day, Pingyao County, Shanxi Province ushered in snowfall, and the ancient city of Pingyao in the snow was wrapped in silver and picturesque. Pingyao Ancient City is one of the most well-preserved ancient county-level cities in China, and was listed in the World Cultural Heritage List in 1997. Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhan Yanshe

The Secret of "Bird’s Nest" Fireworks (I): Let’s see how peony blooms.

  On August 8, the 29th Summer Olympic Games opened at the Beijing National Stadium, and gorgeous fireworks reflected the night sky in Beijing. China News Agency issued Wang Dongming photo

  China News Service, August 8 th: The Secret of the "Bird’s Nest" Fireworks (I): Look at how the peony blooms.

  China News Service reporter Wu Qingcai

  At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games tonight, red peonies are in full bloom over the "Bird’s Nest", and there are many strange shapes such as the Olympic rings and the dove of peace. So, how on earth are the peonies blooming over the Bird’s Nest?

  Zhao Weiping, the commander-in-chief of the "Bird’s Nest" and the Great Wall fireworks display team at the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games, revealed to our reporter the secrets of the seven classic shapes of fireworks that night.

  The First Classic Modeling-How Peony Blooms

  The first climax of the "Bird’s Nest" is to interpret the whole process of peony, the national flower, from budding to blooming, and suddenly the Bird’s Nest turns into a red ocean of peony. From the blossoming of flowers and bones to the "relay" opening of petals, and then to the blooming of peony, the blooming process of "peony blossom" took only eleven seconds, but the number of fireworks was 4,845.

  Zhao Weiping, chairman of the national brand Panda Fireworks Company, said that in order to make the whole red peony cover the whole bird’s nest, the "Peony Blossom" was set off all the steel frames at the top of the bird’s nest and the upper edge of the bowl of the bird’s nest. In order to choose the right color and fully show the elegance and wealth of peony, the designers of Panda Fireworks screened dozens of schemes and finally chose a peach red.

  Using the three-dimensional special effects of the computer, the designer drew a huge peony covering the roof of the "Bird’s Nest", and then selected 85 points on the roof of the "Bird’s Nest", each of which was responsible for emitting three petals, each of which was composed of 29 fireworks, symbolizing the 29th Olympic Games.

  "Eighty-five points have different inclination angles, so as to draw a peony flower that is natural." Zhao Weiping said that when setting off, the "flower heart" was emitted from the inside to the outside, and then the innermost "petal" was emitted, which in turn went over to the outermost petal. When the last petal was opened, 85 points were started at the same time, and fireworks were fired in unison, forming a big peony with bright red and unrestrained enthusiasm.

  The Second Classic Modeling ―― Turning out the "Olympic Five Rings"

  That night, five circles of five colors, red, yellow, green, black and basket, appeared in the sky, and the five circles were connected with each other, showing the Olympic rings pattern.

  "Playing the Olympic rings pattern, some Olympic host cities also had this idea, but it didn’t work out." Zhao Weiping told reporters: The biggest difficulty in displaying the Olympic rings and other patterns with fireworks is that the initiation point and time interval of fireworks are difficult to control. The interval error of each fireworks is less than 0.03 seconds, and the audience can see the circle and the five rings only when they are fired in series at a constant speed. Finally, under the guarantee of new scientific research technologies such as air launch and chip fireworks, the global problem of depicting the Olympic rings with fireworks was completely solved by China fireworks people.

  The Third Classic Modeling ―― "Silver Waterfall" Flows into the Stand

  During the opening ceremony, there was a "silver waterfall" nearly 40 meters long, like the Milky Way, which slowly hung down along the bowl of the "Bird’s Nest" and flowed into the stadium. The "Bird’s Nest" stand immediately turned into a silver hall. Fireworks exploded around, but the audience couldn’t smell a trace of sulfur, and there was no worry about sparks.

  Zhao Weiping said that the diameter of the bowl of the "Bird’s Nest" is about 500 meters, which is more than 40 meters above the ground. This shape requires that the diameter of the "Silver Waterfall" should not be less than 500 meters and the length should not be less than 30 meters, otherwise, the audience will not be able to be there. In order to realize this idea, Panda Fireworks Man has broken through four major problems: environmental protection, safety, tasteless, discharge, quick installation and quick disassembly.

  The Fourth Classic Modeling ―― "Dove of Peace" Bird’s Nest "Spreading Wings"

  Careful viewers will find that a pair of snow-white wings were born on both sides of the "Bird’s Nest", flapping up and down, just like a dove spreading its wings and flying.

  Zhao Weiping told reporters that it is not difficult for the "Bird’s Nest" to give birth to "wings". What is difficult is that the wings should be flapped up and down, showing a dove of peace spreading its wings and flying dynamically. In order to make this dove of peace "smart", the researchers first improved the discharge effect of the traditional fireworks element "white tail", which has only white light and no track left by the tail passing through the air, just like the wings of the dove of peace. In order to make the wings move, the researchers calculated the flapping frequency of the flying dove of peace, so that the "Bird’s Nest dove of peace" fluttered its wings once a second on average.

  The Fifth Classic Modeling ―― Dynamic World of "Red Flash Bird’s Nest"

  Its modeling features are as follows: a red silk thread runs through the "Bird’s Nest" as red neon lights keep flashing, and under its embellishment, the whole "Bird’s Nest"

  "In the flashing, running, jumping.

  Zhao Weiping said that the first difficulty of the "Red Flash Bird’s Nest" lies in the layout. In order to cover the entire "Bird’s Nest", a launching point should be set up every five meters on each main beam; At the junction of the two main beams, a launching point is also set up every five meters, and all launching points are evenly distributed, so that the whole "Bird’s Nest" can jump in the red ocean; The second difficulty lies in the time difference control, and the fireworks at each point must be lit and extinguished at the same time.

  The Sixth Classic Modeling ―― "Opening the Tianmen"

  Its modeling features are: a resplendent arched gate, which appears over the "Bird’s Nest". From closing the door and opening a crack to opening half and three quarters until the Golden Gate finally opens.

  Zhao Weiping said, "Opening the Tianmen Gate" is difficult to measure in the distance and angle between the ground and air. The distance between the first group of emission points and the angle with the horizontal plane must ensure that the emitted fireworks meet in the air and hand over an arch shape; The distance and horizontal angle between the second group of fireworks must ensure that when the fireworks meet in the air, there is just a gap, just like the door has just opened a gap, and so on, until the Golden Gate opens, the angle is a little off, so the process of opening the door cannot be vividly reproduced.  

  The Seventh Classic Modeling-"Countdown" Entering "Olympic Time and Space"

  9, 8, 7 … At the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, the first thing that appeared in the air was flashing numbers, which sent a strong signal in fireworks language: the Olympic Games is near! Zhao Weiping introduced that the number nine drawn with fireworks stays in the air for no less than one second. As soon as the number nine goes out, it lights up at eight and flashes again for one second. "If any number stays even in the blink of an eye, the fireworks will not draw a countdown stopwatch, which is synchronized with the stopwatch and does not allow any error.".

Editor: Lu Wei

The latest central bank! Real estate stocks are soaring

A-shares rose in the afternoon, and northbound funds poured in at the end of the day; Hong Kong stocks surged in late trading, and the Hang Seng Technology Index rose more than 2%.

Specifically, the three major stock indexes bottomed out in early trading and rose in the afternoon. At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.6% to 3,061.86 points, the Shenzhen Component Index rose 0.78% to 9,933.02 points, the Growth Enterprise Market Index rose 0.58% to 1,961.35 points, and the Beizheng 50 Index fell 2.78%. The total turnover of the two cities was 824.2 billion yuan, a decrease of more than 50 billion yuan compared with yesterday; Northbound funds ran into the market in the afternoon, and the net purchase for the whole day exceeded 5 billion yuan.

Nearly 4200 shares in the two cities are floating red, and the automobile industry stocks are active. China Automobile, Huayang Group and Dolly Technology have daily limit; The concept of driverless driving is bright, and Wanji Technology and Yitong Technology have daily limit; The pharmaceutical sector is strong,AoiA pharmaceutical industry, Guangdong Wannianqing, guilin sanjin, Tonghua Jinma and other daily limit; The real estate sector has risen, and Dalong Real Estate has four boards; The concept of consumer electronics is active, Weishi Electronics has gained 3 consecutive boards, and hivi Technology and Shiyida have daily limit for two consecutive days; The concept of short play games plunged sharply, with shares in Haikan and Baina dropping by over 10%, but Gravity Media still went against the daily limit and won 6 consecutive boards. In addition, Kunbo Seiko, a new share of the North Exchange listed today, rose 244.5% to 67.1 yuan, with the highest intraday rise of more than 350%.

Hong Kong stocks rose rapidly in late trading, with the Hang Seng Index rising by more than 1% and the Hang Seng Technology Index rising by more than 2%. At the close, the Hang Seng Index rose 0.99% to 17,910.84 points, and the Hang Seng Science and Technology Index rose 2.17% to 4,117.12 points. In terms of individual stocks, Country Garden rose by 23.5%, Longhu Group rose by over 13%, Country Garden services rose by over 12%, Baidu Group and Xpeng Motors rose by over 6%, and Ctrip Group rose by nearly 5%.


The real estate sector is higher

The real estate sector rose in intraday trading. At the close, Jinke shares and Dalong Real Estate had daily limit, Wantong development approached daily limit, Rong Sheng development rose over 6%, and gemdale rose nearly 5%. It is worth noting that Dalong Real Estate has been trading daily for four consecutive trading days.


In the news, yesterday, Shenzhen Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau issued a notice to adjust the standard of ordinary housing that enjoys preferential policies, and adjusted the standard of ordinary housing that enjoys preferential policies to: the floor area ratio of residential buildings is 1.0 and above, and the construction area of a single housing set is less than or equal to 120 square meters or the construction area of a single housing set is less than or equal to 144 square meters. In addition, from November 23, Shenzhen adjusted the minimum down payment ratio for second homes. The minimum down payment ratio of individual housing loans for two sets of housing is uniformly adjusted from 70% for ordinary housing and 80% for non-ordinary housing to 40%.

Analysts said that this adjustment has lowered the threshold for residents to purchase two houses, which is conducive to better meeting the demand for rigid and improved housing.

Guojin Securities pointed out that Shenzhen, on the demand side, relaxed the standard for identifying ordinary houses and lowered the down payment ratio of two sets, releasing a positive signal. At present, there is still room for relaxation in first-tier cities, and it is expected that supportive policies such as relaxing the purchase restriction in outer suburbs will be introduced in the future. The central financial work conference on the supply side has laid the tone, and financial support for real estate is ready to go, which can prevent and resolve the credit risk of the industry and repair market confidence in the short term. Supply and demand policies are working together and the industry is expected to stabilize.

In addition, on November 23, the Shanghai headquarters of the People’s Bank of China announced that the Shanghai headquarters of the People’s Bank of China, the Shanghai Supervision Bureau of the General Administration of Financial Supervision, the Shanghai Securities Regulatory Bureau, the Shanghai Local Financial Supervision Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission jointly held a forum on financial institutions on November 21.The meeting demanded that financial institutions should implement the "16 Financial Articles" of real estate, adhere to the "two unwavering" and meet the reasonable financing needs of real estate enterprises with different ownership equally. For the normal operation of real estate enterprises, they will not hesitate to lend, draw loans or cut off loans. Continue to make good use of the "second arrow" to support private real estate enterprises to issue bonds for financing. Support real estate enterprises to raise funds through reasonable equity in the capital market. Cooperate with local governments to do a good job in real estate regulation and control, better support rigid and improved housing demand, increase efforts to support the construction of "three major projects" such as affordable housing, and promote the construction of a new model of real estate development. Financial institutions should follow the principles of marketization and rule of law, and cooperate with local governments to steadily resolve local debt risks.


Auto industry chain stocks are active.

Automobile industry chain stocks rose sharply. At the close, the daily limit of "20cm" of China Automobile Co., Ltd., Huayang Variable Speed rose by nearly 16%, Hengshuai shares rose by nearly 14%, and far east drive, Huayang Group, dongan power and Dolly Technology rose by daily limit.


The concept of driverless driving is eye-catching. Wanji Technology, Yutong Technology, Yongxin Optics and other daily limit, both Shengdian and Tianmai Technology rose more than 6%.

In the news, recently, the Equipment Industry Division I of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Traffic Management Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, the Urban Construction Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Science and Technology Department of the Ministry of Transport organized the publicity of the pilot policy of intelligent networked vehicle access and road access by video, deeply analyzed the industrial development situation, interpreted the requirements of the pilot content in detail, and deployed the pilot declaration, organization and implementation. Xuan Guan stressed that all parties concerned should accurately grasp the pilot positioning and do a solid job in capacity building and preparation. Automobile production enterprises should strictly implement the main responsibility of product safety, industry organizations and institutions should guide the industry to form a consensus, speed up the improvement of inspection and testing capacity building, and government departments of vehicle operation cities should do a good job in pilot safety management and support.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other four departments jointly issued a notice to deploy and carry out the pilot work of intelligent networked vehicles’ access and road traffic. Generally, L3 and L4 intelligent networked vehicles with mass production conditions are required to carry out the pilot work in a limited area.

Guohai Securities said that the pilot car is an intelligent networked car with mass production conditions and high-level self-driving. The notification subject has been drafted from two departments to four departments, and the state has paid more attention to the commercialization of high-level intelligent driving. It is expected that the follow-up policies will continue to be favorable; At present, there are higher requirements for vehicle manufacturers and pilot cities, but cities with corresponding infrastructure in the early stage are more likely to be approved. Compared with the previous L3 pilot, most of them are local areas, this pilot implementation is more universal. It is optimistic that the restrictions will be gradually relaxed with the accumulation of construction experience, and the popularization process of high-level intelligent driving will be accelerated.


The pharmaceutical sector broke out.

The pharmaceutical sector has a strong trend today. At the close, the trading limit of "30cm" for Aoyi Pharmaceutical, "20cm" for Yuewanqing Pharmaceutical, and over 17% for Datang Pharmaceutical, as well as the trading limits of guilin sanjin, Tonghua Jinma, Lianhuan Pharmaceutical and Sihuan Bio. It is worth noting that Sihuan Bio has been trading daily for two consecutive days.


In the news, Mi Feng, spokesperson of National Health Commission and deputy director of the Propaganda Department, said at the press conference a few days ago that with the continuous winter in various places, respiratory diseases have entered the high-incidence season, and various respiratory diseases are intertwined.

Wang Dayan, director of the National Influenza Center of the Institute of Virology, China CDC, said that the influenza epidemic season in winter and spring in all parts of China is usually from the middle and late October of each year to the middle and early March of the following year, and generally reaches its peak around January.

The recent national influenza surveillance data show that the influenza activity in southern and northern provinces of China continues to rise, with the southern provinces higher than the northern provinces, and all regions are gradually entering the influenza epidemic season in winter and spring. The most popular influenza virus is subtype A H3N2, followed by type B Victoria influenza virus.

Everbright Securities recently pointed out that the recent rising trend of respiratory infectious diseases is obvious, which may lead to the increase of public and market attention, thus driving the growth of demand around influenza, including influenza vaccine, virus detection and cold medicine, and bringing new catalysis to the performance growth of related enterprises.?


The concept of short play game has fallen back.

The concept of short play game dropped sharply today. At the close, Haikan shares and Baina shares fell by more than 11%, Longyun shares approached the limit, and Tang De Film and Television and Palm Reading Technology fell by more than 8%, but Gravitation Media won six consecutive boards against the daily limit.


Haikan shares rose nearly 40% in the previous two days. The company issued a risk warning last night, saying that recently, the company was concerned that some media listed the company as a short-play game concept stock. I would like to solemnly remind you that the company has not launched the interactive game business yet. At present, the company’s mini-drama project is still in the initial stage of trial operation, and has not yet formed large-scale income, which is not expected to have a significant impact on the company’s recent production and operation.

Baina Seong-Il Cheon suggested that the company and Big Fish Kuaiyou jointly produced a full-length live-action interactive video game "Hidden Detective", which was exclusively released by bilibili Games, and is currently in the internal testing and approval stage. At present, the version number has not been obtained, and the specific online time has not yet been determined. "Hidden Detective" is a live-action full-video video game with a suspense theme. The overall investment cost is low, and the company holds 30% of the investment share of the game. It is expected that the launch of the game will not have a significant impact on the company’s production and operation.

Gravitation Media reminded us again last night that the company was concerned that some media listed the company as a paid concept stock of vibrato short video. At present, the company’s main business has not yet involved the short video payment service of vibrato. At the same time, the company is concerned that the market regards the company as a short drama concept stock, but this year the company has not launched short drama business, and there is no income related to short drama business. In addition, the company has not found any media reports, market rumors or hot concept issues that may or have had an impact on the stock trading price of listed companies.

Wild fishing, you can’t catch big fish, do you make the same mistake?

Wild fishing, you can’t catch big fish, do you make the same mistake?

Everyone basically knows what wild fishing is. The simple understanding is that in addition to artificial cultivation ponds, we can fish in the water in the natural environment. We collectively referred to as wild fishing.

Although wild fishing is better in environmental and quality than artificial breeding. Perhaps it tastes much better in taste.

However, because of the wide area, the density of the fish is relatively poor, and the hook rate is far less than that of the pond.

Therefore, wild fishing wants to catch big fish in the rare environment of its own fish, so we must pay attention to the following points:

Share with everyone here, I hope to help fishermen.

The fish in the wild is more vigilant than the home -raising fish. After all, the alert fish with low vigilance has been fishing.

With a little movement around, the fish will be scared away, and the courage is particularly small.

So, if we want to catch big fish, we must stay away from the crowd, traffic, and find a place with less noise or no noise.

Set your phone to mute, and speak softly to speak, maintain a certain silence, and use tools when making nests, such as the nesting device.

Some fishermen are in the mood of being eager to catch fish in order to miss any wind and grass, and adjust their sensitivity high.

But knowing that you ca n’t eat hot tofu, in fact, this is a do not lose money. It is because it is too sensitive. If you just move, you will mistake you to think that there is a fish hook, which will cause frequent rods. This will definitely affect fishing. It will definitely affect fishing. Caused fish to be counterproductive, so sometimes it cannot be tuned too sensitive.

In order to make the effect of the fish attracting the fish, most fishermen will add some atomized materials to the bait.

Make the atomization more three -dimensional and highlight. In fact, there is no problem with fishing fish in this way. If it is used to catch big fish, it will have some effects.

Because the effect of atomization has increased, there are more small miscellaneous fish, and the bait is eaten by the small fish, and the big fish will not come over.

When the fish speaks, it is difficult to know. Some people with acute children will constantly change bait and want the fish to eat.

There is a problem. If you keep changing the bait, it will cause the fish to be vigilant. The fish is not stupid. If you change it, it will cause the fish to not speak, and the big fish will not be available. Try to avoid using this type. The bait.

In order to avoid this situation, we can spray a few times when we bait.

Because Qi Muyu is very rich in lure fish.

Especially in freshwater fish, many hormones, fish steroids, and multiple vitamins are added with freshwater fish. After the fish smells the taste, it will appetite and increase appetite.

Even when the fish itself is not hungry, the fish will have the desire to eat.

There is also a very good role in leaving fish. This taste will be kept in the water for a long time, and it will not disperse.

It can effectively attract big fish and improve the hit rate.

No matter what bait you use, it is more taboo to change frequently, raising the pole.

However, in terms of cost -effectiveness or quality, Qi Mu high -carbon pole fishing. Will reduce a certain loss for you.

Qi Mu’s high carbon pole is really friendly to fishing friends. Material is made of high -tonnage carbon cloth. It holds lighter in hand, has a good waist strength, and is not easy to break.

I don’t lose the brand in my hand, even if it is fishing for a day, it won’t be tired. Whether the big fish or the small fish can catch it in seconds.

Qi Mu’s high carbon pole belongs to a comprehensive rod of 28, which can adapt to a variety of venues, light texture, easy to carry, fashionable appearance, and basically cannot run after the fish hooks. It is a good fishing rod.

The above -mentioned precautions must be clearly understood. These issues will have more chances of making mistakes in novices. As for some fishermen who live in fishing ground for a long time, they can be used as a reference. After all, everyone’s habits are different. Make copy, randomly strain according to the actual situation.

Also, as a fellow fishing fellow, we should remember mistakes and change flexibly. We should do fishing for fishing.

After we get a big harvest, we can release some, instead of taking away all the brains. This will not only destroy the ecological environment, but also affect the harvest of fishing in the future.

Everyone can be able to release appropriately, so I think every harvest can be rich.

The most important point is that we must take away the garbage when we fish, because everyone is responsible for the environment.

During fishing, garbage everywhere will also affect our mood and the harvest of fishing.

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