The official statement of the death of a captain of Tibet Airlines after landing on a mission did not disclose the specific cause.

CCTV News:The reporter learned from Tibet Airlines that on December 21st, Tibet Airlines TV9820 (Nanjing — Chengdu) A captain of the flight felt unwell during the flight mission, and the flight carried out a follow-up flight mission with another captain of the crew. This flight landed safely at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 00:25 on December 22nd. Subsequently, the captain was taken to the hospital for treatment, and died unfortunately after being rescued, at the age of 39. Tibet Airlines did not disclose the specific cause of the captain or the detailed process of more incidents.

From the statement of Tibet Airlines, we noticed that the flight was operated by two pilots. At present, the flights running at the high plateau airport in China will be equipped with "double captains". High Plateau Airport refers to an airport with an altitude of 2,438 meters or above. A flight crew operating the high plateau airport should be equipped with at least three pilots, including a senior co-pilot with at least corresponding qualifications and a cruise captain who works instead of the captain during the cruise phase.

Make every effort to eliminate potential safety hazards. Linqu police investigated and dealt with many cases involving fireworks and firecrackers according to law.

Qilu. com Lightning News On January 31, the Spring Festival is approaching. In order to eliminate potential safety hazards and ensure the people in the jurisdiction to spend a peaceful and peaceful festival, Linqu Public Security has given full play to its functions, collected clues through multiple channels, strengthened patrol prevention and control, intensified on-site investigation and control, severely cracked down on illegal production, storage, transportation, sales and discharge of fireworks and firecrackers, and made every effort to create a good production and living environment. In recent days, it has investigated and dealt with many illegal acts involving fireworks and firecrackers.
On January 30th, the police of Shanwang Police Station of Linqu County Public Security Bureau found in their work that a foreign man illegally bought and sold fireworks and firecrackers in a village under the jurisdiction of the police station. The police verbally summoned the man to the Shanwang police station to further investigate and understand the situation. It is understood that the foreign man Hao Moumou did not hold the relevant license. In order to seek benefits, he illegally carried more than 60 packets of various fireworks and firecrackers to a village in Shanwang Town, Linqu County for sale. At present, the case is being further processed.
On January 30, the police of Jiangyu Police Station of Linqu County Public Security Bureau found in their work that a grocery store under the jurisdiction of the police station illegally traded and stored fireworks and firecrackers. After investigation, the store illegally bought and sold fireworks and firecrackers for profit without obtaining business qualification. At present, the case is being further processed.
On January 30th, the police of Sitou Police Station of Linqu County Public Security Bureau found that some people illegally bought, sold, stored and transported fireworks and firecrackers in a village under their jurisdiction. It is understood that the man Li Moumou, after wholesaling a large number of fireworks and firecrackers from other places, hoarded them at home and sold them to nearby villages and markets for profit on the premise of knowing that they were illegal. There are other sundries piled up in Li’s room where fireworks and firecrackers are stored. There are no safety precautions and there are great safety hazards. At present, the case is being further processed.
On January 24th, the police of Liushan Police Station of Linqu County Public Security Bureau found that some people illegally bought, sold and transported fireworks and firecrackers in a village under their jurisdiction. After investigation, Zhang drove a car to load a case of fireworks and firecrackers and transported it from Mianqiao Town, Changle County to a village in Linqu County for sale without obtaining the Fireworks and Firecrackers Retail Business License and the Fireworks and Firecrackers Road Transportation License. At present, the case is being further processed.
Lightning journalist Yu Gang correspondent Gong Dejun Gao Xiaotong reports from Weifang

Beginning of winter today! When the cold wave strikes, tell these things about winter to your children | Pay special attention.

The north wind sneaked into silence.

It’s beginning of winter before autumn.

According to the Astronomical Calendar of China in 2021,
At 12: 59 on November 7, Beijing time,
Will usher in"beginning of winter"Solar terms
"Standing" is the beginning and "Winter" is the end.
This is the first solar term in winter.
When the ground begins to freeze, water begins to freeze.
The leaves are half green and yellow, and everything is collected.
Nature will usher in a new round of glory.
Beginning of winter Sanhou
The ancients set three times for beginning of winter.
Ice begins when water waits.
The water surface condenses in early winter.
But ice has not yet formed.
Thin ice reflects the golden light of the sun.
Spread out in the water
Freeze in two waiting places
Wait until it gets colder.
Even the land is covered with frost.

When the pheasant enters the flood, it becomes a stork.

The ancients believed that

After beginning of winter, the pheasant became a giant clam.

This is due to the fact that the coat color of a child is similar to the shell color of a clam.

The rich imagination of the Chinese nation.


Beginning of winter’s poems
Since ancient times
People are interested in the arrival of beginning of winter solar terms.
There are different thoughts

A frozen pen is lazy to write new poems, and a cold stove is warm when drinking wine.

Drunk to see the ink flowers and the moon white, suddenly suspected that the snow was full of the former village.

-(Tang) beginning of winter by Li Bai


many people
Fear the bitter cold of winter.
But the four seasons and the bright moon
But they are all good friends of the poet
A romantic person
Winter in the eyes
It’s not just a blockbuster with white snow.
There is also a family.Cold furnace temperature wine

The garden swept away the west wind, but the yellow flowers did not bear the autumn.

-(Song) Qian Shi’s "beginning of winter’s Frost on Chrysanthemum the Day Before"


The moon has foul weather and fair, waxing and waning

Man has grief and joy, parting and reunion

But when the flowery years fade away
I will still be by your side.

The room is small and rich, and the wall is only shoulder-low.

It’s only after the month of giving clothes, and it’s the first day.

An inch of charcoal accumulates in the furnace, and baht is called cloth quilt cotton.

I have been a teacher all my life, and I am happy everywhere.

-(Song) Lu You’s Winter Work


I am a humble room, but I am virtuous.

A person’s living space can be small.
But heart and ambition
But it can be infinite
Face winter with joy
Is to love life
Beginning of winter diet
After beginning of winter.
Ushered in a good time for tonic.
And people work hard for a year until after the autumn harvest.
It’s time to reward yourself with delicious food.
Beginning of winter and beginning of spring, long summer and beginning of autumn.
Collectively known as "four stands"
It was an important festival in ancient times.
There is a custom of "welcoming winter" and "supplementing winter"
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it entered the October of the lunar calendar.
Every household in the capital will "add fire"
Similar to the heating in the north now
In recent years, many places in the south have also begun to try central heating.
"Keeping warm by shaking" is becoming a thing of the past.
If you are warm, you have to solve the problem of satiety.
As the saying goes, "beginning of winter fills the mouth."
People have leisure at the end of the year after hard work.
It’s time to reward yourself with delicious food.
Beginning of winter is the turn of autumn and winter.
Homophonic "jiaozi"Chinese dumplingCan’t help eating
Southerners preferHot repair
Resist the cold wave with full heat
Beginning of winter’s dining table is full of chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep.
Make another pot of hot tea.
Gather around, weddings.
Have a lively meal"Welcome to Winter Banquet"
It’s freezing outside.
The whole body is warm as spring.
Beginning of winter health
Beginning of Winter
In ancient times, it was an important health-preserving solar term among the 24 solar terms.
Because after officially entering the winter,
Plants and trees wither and insects lurk.
Everything is saving its strength for the coming spring attack.
Beginning of winter season
Pay attention to keep your feet warm.
You can soak your feet in hot water before going to bed.
In daily life, I lie down early and get up late.
Ensure adequate sleep and be healthier.

Proper exercise has many benefits.

Suggest jogging, climbing stairs,

Tai Ji Chuan and other sports.

Do not sweat too much.

Timely hydration

In mental recuperation
To control emotional activities
Avoid worry
Try to keep a cheerful mood.
Beginning of WinterObserve phenology
When talking about the twenty-four solar terms

You can always hear the word seventy-two waiting.

Many people will ask:

What’s the seventy-two syndrome?

What does it have to do with solar terms?

Seventy-two phases were used in ancient China.

Calendar supplement to guide agricultural activities

According to the geography and climate of the Yellow River basin

And animals and plants in nature

Some scenes were compiled.

Take five days as the waiting time, and three days as the gas.

Six qi is the time, and four is the age.

There are 72 solar terms in a year.

The picture is selected from the picture book "This is the Twenty-four Solar Terms"

Each climate corresponds to a phenological phenomenon.

Call it "waiting"

Among them, plants "wait" for plants.

Sprouting, flowering, fruiting, etc.

Animals "wait" for animals.

First vibration, first song, mating, migration, etc.

Abiotic "waiting"

There are initial freezing, thawing and thunder.

The sequential change of "waiting" in seventy-two periods

Reflects the fact that during the year,

General situation of phenology and climate change

We call these phenomena "phenology"

The picture is selected from My Natural Phenology Calendar 2022.

In ancient times without meteorology

Ancestors used this easy to observe and record

And widely spread.

Will be true and beautiful, concise and easy to remember

The phenological signs are combed and summarized.

Guide people’s production and life more scientifically.

Since it came into being

Has been playing an active role.


China has a vast territory and diverse climate.

Seventy-two syndrome laws summarized by the ancients

It can’t be put all over the country.

It is necessary to carry out the research based on solar terms phenology

Research on "Care in Place"

Through the study of local phenology

Observe, record, sort out and summarize

Highly concise and localized phenological description

Complete the compilation of "local natural calendar"

In this way, local climate change can be predicted more accurately.

And guide local daily production and life.

The picture is selected from My Natural Phenology Calendar 2022.


Phenological description of the 24 solar terms

It is "to be continued"

People who need to be in different places

Observe and record separately.

Natural phenology in the locality

In this way, we can really do it.

"Live with the local solar terms"

How to better observe and record?

China Education News and Dolphin Publishing House

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Here are 100 copies.

My natural phenological calendar 2022,

Give it to you and the children for free!

My natural phenological calendar 2022

It is the first one in China.

Popularize phenology for the public

At the same time, guide readers to observe the records themselves.

Characteristic calendar of phenological phenomena throughout the year

The book is based on the 24 solar terms.

Each solar term extracts a phenological keyword,

Covering the sun, moon, stars, flowers, birds and insects.

Such as natural themes,

From meteorology, hydrology, animals and plants, astronomy

Explore natural phenomena from multiple angles,

Answer questions in your daily life.

Call on readers at the same time

Contribute to the compilation of hometown natural calendar,

Associated with using mobile phone applications,

Provide phenological data to scientific researchers.

The book also set up "appreciation of famous sentences"

Interesting sections such as "four seasons",

Introduce in an interesting form with pictures and texts.

Important figures and historical events in related fields,

So that readers can fully understand the changing history of nature..

Book grabbing method

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If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

In this season of collecting everything.

Accumulate energy and take root firmly.

Just for the next bloom

Article source | Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily
Editor | Zhao Li

The General Administration of Financial Supervision voiced its support for real estate! The plate rose more than 3%, and Pudong Jinqiao 4 was connected to the board.

On January 26th, the real estate sector opened higher, with Pudong Jinqiao (600639)(600639.SH), China Enterprise (600675)(600675.SH) as four boards, Everbright Jiabao (600622)(600622.SH) and Waigaoqiao (600648).

In the news, since 2024, relevant policies on financial support for the reasonable financing needs of the real estate market have been intensively introduced. On January 12, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the General Administration of Financial Supervision jointly issued the Notice on Establishing a Coordination Mechanism for Urban Real Estate Financing; On January 24th, the Central Bank and the General Administration of Financial Supervision jointly issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Management of Operating Property Loans.

Ensure the smooth operation of the real estate market

According to the General Administration of Financial Supervision, up to now, the balance of real estate development loans and personal housing loans in China is 12.3 trillion yuan and 38.3 trillion yuan respectively.

In 2023, Chinese banks issued 3 trillion yuan of development loans and 6.4 trillion yuan of housing mortgage loans respectively, which add up to nearly 10 trillion yuan.

In addition, last year, banks also provided real estate enterprises with M&A loans and stock extension loans, which added up to more than 1 trillion yuan.

As for Baojiaolou, by the end of 2023, most of the 350 billion yuan special loan for Baojiaolou has been put into the project, and commercial banks have also provided corresponding commercial supporting financing to ensure the smooth completion of the task of Baojiaolou.

Continue to provide financial support.

Next, the state will continue to provide financial support for the real estate market.

The General Administration of Financial Supervision said that in the future, the coordination mechanism of urban real estate financing will be accelerated and effective. Under the lead coordination of the government, push the list of real estate projects that can be given financing support to financial institutions in the region.

At the same time, guide financial institutions to further implement the management requirements of operating property loans. For real estate development enterprises with standardized operation and good development prospects, banks are allowed to issue operating property loans to them, which can be used to repay the stock loans of housing enterprises and the open market bonds they issue before the end of 2024.

In addition, we should continue to do a good job in personal housing loan financial services, support local governments to make policies according to the city, further optimize personal housing loan policies such as down payment ratio and loan interest rate, and urge banks to better serve the financing needs of people’s rigid and improved housing.

Guide banks and other financial institutions to continue to vigorously support the construction of "three major projects" such as "emergency and emergency" major infrastructure and urban village reconstruction, and form a physical workload as soon as possible.

Multi-share daily limit of real estate sector

Thanks to favorable policies, the real estate sector has also shown signs of stabilizing, and brokers are generally optimistic about the allocation opportunities of the real estate sector.

Open source securities said that the fundamentals, valuation level, allocation ratio and market expectation of the current real estate sector are at a low level, and the policy window period is worthy of attention. Follow-up can pay more attention to strong credit housing enterprises with excellent layout, high investment intensity and marketization mechanism.

Founder Securities believes that the valuation of the real estate sector is in a historically low range, the industry has a good policy environment for stabilization, and the resilience of the sector rebound is sufficient. In addition, the fundamentals of the whole sector have structural support, and the real estate sector is expected to continue to rebound under the catalysis of favorable policies. You can focus on the theme of Pudong reform, second-hand housing track, high dividends and so on.

From the perspective of disk performance, the performance of individual stocks superimposed with the concept of Shanghai Free Trade Zone is more eye-catching. Among them, Pudong Jinqiao, Chinese enterprises, etc. have gone out of the fourth board, and Everbright Jiabao, Waigaoqiao and other stocks have also won the third board.

As of noon on January 26th, the real estate service sector rose by 3.79%, and the real estate development sector rose by 3.32%.


Shanghai property market: Xujiahui is the same position of "God"? But these advantages and disadvantages are learned!

Question: Uncle Zeng, Xu Jiahui is the same position in my heart, but if you buy a house, you must be rational and cautious, and you cannot be led by feelings. So I want to ask, is it worth starting in the Xuhui Binjiang Plate?

Answer: Hello,

Can. From different perspectives, this sector is analyzed: in terms of business industries, planning to build financial cities, various large -scale business centers gather, and various office buildings are magnificent. It will also drive the housing price of the sector.

In terms of medical care, the three hospitals are Longhua Hospital, next to the inner ring line, walking can be reached. Within 3 kilometers, there are two comprehensive top three hospitals in TOP5 nationwide, namely Zhongshan Hospital 2 kilometers and Ruijin Hospital 3 kilometers away.

There are also Sixth People’s Hospital and the Ninth People’s Hospital of 3.5 kilometers. In terms of education, public education is a shortcoming of Xu Bin. Privately run Shanda Garden Primary School. The Fudan Affiliated School, which has consistently systems in the next nine years, will land.

Of course, the houses in the sector are also high -priced and high -quality top rich houses. If your funds are quite enough, it is recommended to pay attention to this sector.

Question: Hello, Uncle Zeng, I want to buy a house budget of about 800. I want to buy a Sanlin section to live in my own place.

However, in the past few months in this community, I have skyrocketed by 1 million. I have not been married. Is it worth getting on the car? I am afraid that the school district policy changes, or shake a new disk?

Answer: Hello,

The Sanlin section is good, it is very suitable for just getting on the car, and the living atmosphere is good, the school district is OK. Goldland Bay Basin is close to Sanlin Park, near the subway Sanlin East Station, which can be considered as a whole.

If you live yourself, don’t care about it for a while, and the radiation of the front beach is good, I think there is potential.

Question: Hello, Uncle Zeng! How do I choose a good house apartment?

Answer: Hello, there are the following principles for the specific selection of units:

1. To select the overall formal units to avoid choosing some irregular halls;

2. Avoid choosing some dark guard north halls;

3. Do not choose the apartment of the bedroom next to the elevator well;

4. It is not advisable to choose an unique and irregular units of the beams and columns of the hall;

5. Choose units with less practicality in the living room door. It is not advisable to choose a living room door with too many units;

6. Avoid choosing some units with too much north -directional bay window in the cold area of ??the north;

7. You can choose some units that can improve the area of ??use through later decoration transformation, such as: layer height, gallery platform, etc.;

8. It is not advisable to choose the north -line bedroom apartment;

The above points are simple inductive, specific units selection, and according to your own actual needs to determineEssence

Question: Uncle Zeng, I want to ask how to do interest -free loans? What are the conditions?

Answer: Hello, see the internal sharing for details.

Question: Uncle Zeng, hello, I work in Shanghai, I just need to buy a house to get married next year, the budget is relatively limited, but I still want to buy a house in the urban area. Where can I buy a house in Shanghai? Recently, it is relatively hot in Baoshan. How about here? Is there any recommended real estate to choose?

Answer: Hello,

Baoshan is the outskirts closer to the urban area outside Shanghai Minhang. The price is also very close to the people, and the property market in the region is also steadily rising. The cost performance is very high.

Moreover, the southern area of ??Baoshan is included in the main urban area of ??Shanghai in the 2035 plan. It is concentrated in resources, rich in supporting, and transportation and industries are developing very well. Now Baoshan is the price of the price of Shanghai. It is recommended to start.

Question: Hello, Uncle Zeng, how can I choose to buy a subway house in Shanghai?

Answer: Hello,

From a long -term perspective, the vision of buyers will become more and more. It is the first choice for buyers to reach the subway station for 15 minutes.

For stocks, the most cost -effective real estate in Shanghai, see internal information sharing for details.