Xiaomi Auto will start the second round of additional sales.

On March 31st, Lei Jun, Chairman of Xiaomi Group, released Weibo, saying that during the initial edition ordering process, we identified and intercepted some abnormal orders and scalper orders, so we will start the second round of additional sales. Special instructions are as follows:

1. The deposit is 20,000 yuan, and the order will be locked as soon as it is settled; Users who have made a non-founding version can also participate in this round of sales. After making a successful decision, the original order can be converted into a founding version.

2. This round of ordering also enjoys the same luxury car purchase rights of up to 31,000 yuan on the night of March 28th.

On the evening of March 28th, SU7, the first product of Xiaomi Automobile, was officially launched. 24 hours after listing, it reached 88,898 sets. By the afternoon of March 30th, the number of orders locked had reached 20,000. 

Li Xiaoshuang, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile, responded to the recent storm.

On the same day, Li Xiaoshuang, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile, released a Weibo saying that behind many phenomena of stirring public opinion in the name of rice flour, some malicious people have been picking on right and wrong. Someone is openly distributing a commercial list to KOL to discredit Xiaomi SU7. These behaviors are really disgusting. The company has initially grasped some evidence and will resolutely pursue its legal responsibility.

At the same time, Xiaomi Auto was complained by netizens that the deposit of 5,000 yuan could not be refunded, which also caused widespread concern.

In response, Xiaomi responded that there is no reason to refund the deposit within 7 days. After more than 7 days, the vehicle configuration will be automatically locked, and consumers can also actively lock the configuration in advance. Once the order is locked, the vehicle will enter the production stage, the configuration can no longer be modified, and the deposit will not be refunded..In addition, the original version of the existing car configuration has been locked, and consumers will lock the order after paying a deposit of 20,000 yuan.

Saudi air strikes in Yemen have killed many people. The United Nations: Reopen the "lifeline of rescue" as soon as possible.

  Cctv newsOn the evening of the 7th local time, the multinational coalition forces headed by Saudi Arabia attacked a place in Hajj province, about 150km northwest of Sana ‘a, the capital of Yemen, and fired 16 missiles at the same place.

  Saba news agency, controlled by Houthi armed forces, reported that at least 60 people were killed in the air strikes, and all the casualties were civilians — — However, according to unconfirmed news from local media, a number of senior Houthi armed officials, including Saleh Ali Samad, chairman of the Yemeni Supreme Political Committee, were holding secret meetings at the attack site, and the air strikes were probably aimed at them.

  However, the Houthi armed forces said that Samad was "not affected by air strikes".

  In addition to Hajj province, Saudi Arabia-led Coalition forces also attacked the airport in the northern part of Sana ‘a city and several surrounding targets on the evening of the 7 th.

  The United Nations calls for reopening the "lifeline" as soon as possible.

  On the 4th, the Houthi armed forces in Yemen fired a ballistic missile in the direction of the international airport in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which was intercepted and destroyed by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia believes that this ballistic missile is made in Iran. In order to prevent Iran from transporting missiles and other arms to Houthi armed forces, Saudi Arabia closed Yemen’s land, sea and air passages to the outside.

  On the 7th, the United Nations called on the multinational coalition led by Saudi Arabia to reopen the lifeline of humanitarian relief to transport food and medicine to Yemen. At present, more than 7 million people in Yemen are suffering from famine and are in urgent need of food aid. Yemen’s population in urgent need of relief ranks first in the world. The United Nations believes that the closure of the passage will aggravate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

  On the evening of the 5th, the multinational coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia announced that in order to prevent Iran from transporting missiles and other arms to the Houthi armed forces in Yemen, the land, sea and air passages leading to the outside of Yemen will be closed from now on, while the entry and exit of international rescuers and humanitarian aid materials will be unrestricted. However, on the 6th, two United Nations humanitarian rescue planes scheduled to fly in and out of Yemen on the same day were not released by the multinational coalition forces.

  On the same day, the World Health Organization also called for allowing medical assistance to enter Yemen to fight the local cholera epidemic. According to WHO officials, since the outbreak of cholera in Yemen in April this year, the epidemic has not been effectively controlled. At present, 2,194 people have died, and there are more than 900,000 cholera patients in Yemen.

  Affected by the blockade, the oil price in Yemen jumped. On the 7 th, there were long queues at various gas stations in Sana’ a, the capital of Yemen. Not only that, the prices of cooking oil and liquefied natural gas have also risen sharply, which many local people think is "unfair" and that the Coalition forces have committed crimes against humanity in Yemen.

How can the night economic nightlife be "more exciting"?

"2020 Wenlv Market Hangzhou Wonderful Night". Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau
Zhongxin. com, Hangzhou, June 11 th Question: How can the night economy nightlife be "more exciting"?
Author Wang’s topic
A few days ago, the Wulin Night Market in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province reopened after more than two months’ absence, and the 24-hour museum also opened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. "2022 Wenlv Market Song Yun Hangzhou Wonderful Night" will also be held in the near future. Hangzhou is promoting the development of night economy through night markets, night tours and other night modes.
As an important part of urban economy, the prosperity of night economy is regarded as a barometer of the openness, convenience and activity of urban economy.
In the "14th Five-Year Plan" published in various parts of China, night economy is regarded as an important indicator to measure the quality of life, consumption level and soft investment environment of the city, and it has become an important content to stimulate economic development.
"2020 Wenlv Market Hangzhou Wonderful Night" event site. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau
How is the development of night economy in various places? This can be seen from the list of the top ten cities with night economic influence in China in 2021.
According to the list, Chongqing, Changsha, Qingdao, Chengdu, Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Tianjin are on the list.
Take Chongqing as an example, which ranks first in the city with night economic influence for three consecutive years. In recent years, Chongqing has been building a "city that never sleeps with Chongqing flavor and international norms", supporting and upgrading the development of night economy in terms of functional support, policy support and optimization of business environment. Up to now, the city’s night culture and tourism consumption take the gathering area as the position, and has formed a rich product system of "seven nights" such as "night tour, night scene, night show, night reading, night market, night entertainment and night maintenance".
As a famous tourist city, Hangzhou did not appear in the list of the top ten cities with night economic influence in China. Jia Yunfeng, an expert of the United Nations World Tourism Organization, analyzed that Hangzhou lacks the "online celebrity temperament" of the night economy of Chongqing and Changsha, and the differences are not enough.
However, Hangzhou has also made frequent efforts in recent years.
In August 2020, Hangzhou held the first "2020 Cultural Travel Market Hangzhou Wonderful Night" activity, which attracted 118,000 tourists and boosted consumption by 30.08 million RMB, and became one of the innovative measures to promote the economic development in Hangzhou during the cultural travel war.
The home event of "2022 Wenlv Market Song Yun Hangzhou Wonderful Night" will be held along the West Lake in the near future, with the deep expression and innovative interpretation of Song Yun culture as the core.
Lee Hung, an expert in Zhejiang culture and tourism think tank and former director of Hangzhou Tourism Committee, believes that the development of night economy should first do a good job of "fireworks" return. For example, when a city builds a complex and a commercial block, it should leave enough public space and moderately tolerate people’s spontaneous creation of an atmosphere of leisure and entertainment, such as setting up stalls.
Citizen tourists participate in the "2020 Cultural Travel Market Hangzhou Wonderful Night" activity. Photo courtesy of Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau
"The people have created an atmosphere of self-entertainment, and businesses will naturally follow. After a certain heat is formed, foreign tourists will follow. " Lee Hung said.
Jia Yunfeng believes that at night, people’s physiological state and psychological state will change greatly, which is completely different from the expectations and expectations during the day.
Therefore, he suggested that we should create a feeling of walking in a dream for citizens and tourists in building the consumption of cultural tourism at night. For example, the super block plan of Barcelona, a famous tourist city in Spain, is that every street in the old city is designed with completely different contents, and tourists’ behavior is added. Many tourists participate in the interaction and design, which drives the rapid development of the place and forms a tourist behavior that tourists participate in, like dreaming, and truly realizes "the more wonderful the night is." (End)

At the last moment, the Czech amateur player reversed, and the young China baseball was blocked and long.

The Chinese baseball team lost to the Czech team 5-8.

Young and fearless, the China men’s baseball team "sent" a home run to the world’s number one Japanese team on its first show back on the world stage; But also because of their youth, China men’s baseball players tasted the bitterness of being "reversed" after 12 hours.

On March 10th, in Tokyo Dome Gymnasium, the second round of the 5th world baseball classic (hereinafter referred to as WBC) Group B continued. After nearly four hours of fighting, the Chinese baseball team finally lost to the Czech team 5-8, and suffered two consecutive defeats.

"It was a difficult game and it was hard to accept the result of losing." As Dean, the 75-year-old coach of China team, said, China fell to the last moment in the twists and turns, and lost to a team that was all unprofessional players. "Today was a memorable victory, but we lost the victory."

However, in Dean’s view, these young China players must "pay tuition fees" when they grow up. "You can regret it today, but after waking up, you must go all out for the next game."

The Chinese baseball team is one step away from victory.

The outcome was in an instant, and the China flag was seen on the field.

"Today, I saw the flag of China in the stadium. I don’t know if they are really China fans, but they gave us encouragement." After the game, China coach Dean felt this way.

For China, the WBC schedule is not easy.

After five years, he returned to the stage of the world’s top baseball game, and fought with the Japanese team for four hours in the first game amid the clamor of more than 46,000 Japanese fans. Then, after only 12 hours of adjustment, they stood in front of the Czech team in the first round.

Although coach Dean and his team made special arrangements for personnel rotation, and saved several main players for the second game, judging from the opening situation of the second game, the China team did not completely get out of the fatigue of the first stop.

The Czech team, which took the lead in attacking, hit hits continuously in the first half of the first inning, and scored 2 points first, while Zhao Fuyang, the starting pitcher that coach Dean specially reserved for this game, failed to enter the state. The 23-year-old young pitcher was replaced by Dean after only throwing 1 2/3 innings.

In the third game, the Czech team hit another home run, expanding the difference to 3 points.

On the one hand, the Czech Republic made great strides in line-playing, and on the other hand, China’s line-playing was slow to find its state. Until the second half of the fifth inning, China’s hits were still zero.

However, the Czech pitchers also made mistakes, throwing four balls to give China a point.

With a 1-4 deficit, China entered the offensive game in the second half of the seventh game. At this critical moment, Zhang Baoshu, a 39-year-old veteran who participated in WBC four times, became the key player to turn the situation around.

His double hit brought vitality to China’s bench, and then he stole the base and went to third base. Then, China’s Kou Yongkang and Luo Jinjun hit hits one after another. Under the pressure of China, the Czech pitcher and first baseman also made frequent mistakes. China pulled back four points with four hits, reversing the score from 1 to 4 to 5 to 4.

At that moment, the players on the bench of China team walked on the sidelines together to celebrate with the players who scored.

The Chinese baseball team once reversed the score.

However, the charm and cruelty of competitive sports lies in its unpredictability.

After both sides drew a blank in the eighth inning, after China pitcher Gong Haicheng put the Czechs on base in the first half of the ninth inning, coach Dean sent Zhu Quan, the "end pitcher"-but it was this substitution that made the Czechs hit a 3-point home run.

That is, this hit completely changed the atmosphere on the court-then, the Czech team scored another point with two hits in succession, realizing the reversal.

"Zhu Quan did very well in the bullpen, and he held the ball well. He said he was in good shape. My misjudgment was that the first game didn’t go as we expected. This led to the final result. "

Dean also put the blame on his own tactical arrangement when he resumed the defeat. "Maybe it would be better to use Zhu Quan at the beginning of the ninth inning, but Gong Haicheng showed his fighting spirit, but he felt a little tired later, so he gave his opponent four balls, which had to be said, which had an impact on the result."

"Our pitching lineup is too weak." After resuming the turning point of the whole game, coach Dean said something he said after the first game.

But Dean also said: "China social networks and media have given us positive comments, and Japanese media have also given us a lot of enthusiastic encouragement. The final result is regrettable, but we also showed what China can do. "

Many people in the Czech baseball team are not professional players.

Respectable opponents, they are amateurs.

It is worth mentioning that Zhang Baoshu, a 39-year-old "four-dynasty veteran" who sounded the counterattack horn for China in this game, and Zhu Quan, the "end pitcher" who was finally robbed by his opponent, are both newcomers of China in this WBC.

According to the rules of the WBC Classic, as long as the player goes back three generations and one member of his family is of China nationality, he can represent China.

Because of this, including Zhang Baoshu, Korean professional baseball pitcher Zhu Quan, Angel Little League pitcher Alan Carter and the professional outfielder Shinsha Yongsuke of the day before yesterday all put on the shirts of the China team.

However, compared with the professional players recruited by China for this WBC, the Czech team, which defeated China in the last minute, is composed of a group of "non-professional" players.

According to the reporter from The Paper, except for a few players who play in NCAA or local schools in Czech Republic, other players have their own formal jobs, some are teachers, some are firefighters, some are stock traders, and some are company bosses.

"They all have their own jobs, just because they love them and then take out their spare time to actively train." The relevant person in charge of the Czech baseball association revealed.

"In fact, not many people in the Czech Republic know that we still have such a baseball team, but we have stood on the best baseball stage in the world and we have been sponsored."

Czech baseball team.

Compared with the young China team and the young players who are all professional players, Czech players are not only "unprofessional" but most of them are over 30 years old. But it was such a group of players who persisted to the end and made a 4-0 wave in the first half of the ninth inning, completing the reversal.

"I learned about the history of Czech baseball before the game. Their story is very touching. We once overtook, but we didn’t expect to lose four points in the ninth inning. "

As coach Dean said, young players in China should learn from these "non-professional" players in the Czech Republic-although they often make mistakes, their calm mentality and stable play at critical moments are the key factors to turn the situation around.

"There are still two games left. Although I lost today, I am proud of the efforts of our players." As coach Dean said, these players have the opportunity to become the future of China baseball, but only if they can learn and grow in failure. "

"I hope they can be full of strength in the future to face the future."

Sun Zhunhao’s career is over! Cyber violence by Korean netizens: If you go to China to play football, don’t be selected for the national team.

The eighth round of the Chinese Super League has started, but the news that Sun Zhuohao was detained by the police is still hotly debated. After all, he is also the first foreign player suspected of illegal activities in China football. Midfielder of Shandong Taishan Team, an active super league giant. First of all, it is certain that Sun Zhuohao’s career as a football player in China is completely over. Even if his last problem was minor and he was sentenced to several months’ detention, he would be rejected by domestic clubs and let a person play for at least five years.

Before Sun Zhuohao’s lawsuit is finally pronounced, Taishan Club will cancel the contract with him in advance and stand on the player’s side. Sun Junhao has just celebrated his 31st birthday. Although his career is usually short, it may be difficult for him to hold a steady position in Korean football, so he is basically the midfielder of Taishan team, and the outfielder might as well declare the end. My career.

You can also see Sun Junhao’s social media trends before his arrest. His social media is still public, because he has to make it public or private. Not only can many people view it, but you can also send him a message on holiday dynamics. After Sun Junhao’s accident, the latest news about his son and daughter was filled with angry messages from Korean fans. They expressed their disappointment with Sun Junhao, and angered that anyone who went to China to play football in the future would not be selected for the national team. While being bullied on the Internet, some fans are worried about his current situation and wish him an early and safe return.

Cyberbullying by Korean fans, such as "If you go to China to play football, don’t be selected for the national team", is obviously discriminatory, attacking not only Sun Junhao but also China football. It can be seen that Korean fans think that playing football in China is not only a career decline, but also influenced by the match-fixing environment in China League, but this view is obviously wrong. "Come to the domestic league, it doesn’t matter. There are still many China players who focus on football itself. Don’t blame your problems on the league."

It is worth mentioning that K-League match-fixing is rampant, more than Super League. "Korean fans can defend Sun Junhao, but they can’t blame others for their problems. Many Korean foreign AIDS have come to play in the Super League, and now Kim Min-jae, the first central defender in Asia, is also playing. " Super League, why can’t you check if there is no problem? Moreover, according to Korean fans, does this mean that Min-jae Kim will no longer need to join the national team? The essence of players is the same. No matter which country the players are in, there will always be players who seek profit first.

Science fiction come true? In the future, mankind will sleep in the meta-universe.

People don’t seem to care much about the future world described in the sci-fi movie The Matrix, but a recent news released on the Meta platform has made people curious about the future world. According to Forbes, a virtual community named Game Free is building a virtual world-"Metauniverse". It has been established for more than ten years, but it is relatively simple compared with the world in the Matrix. What is the magic of meta-universe? Has it become a reality now?

I. Future Society
The idea of "Metauniverse", first put forward by Meta Company, is an expression way to turn people’s vision of the future society into reality. In the setting of X-Men, Professor X has special devices and abilities in real life, and can breathe and move freely, but he can’t turn his control into a real society. The reality is not infinitely close, but gradually close to the ideal society. That is to say, the "infinite approach" pursued by the X-Men is not realistic in real life: it is impossible to turn one person into another; Unable to control human behavior; Unable to control the direction of people’s actions in reality … eventually led to the X-Men being abandoned by the world. If the X-Men movies are sorted out, it is found that the movies have a clear vision for the future society, then the meta-universe will be closer to the real state in reality: on the one hand, the meta-universe, as a virtual space, can be infinitely connected to the real world; On the other hand, Metauniverse will become the key "cornerstone" for building the infrastructure of human society … So what will human society become in the future?

Second, intelligent hardware
The universe is not only a game world, but also a technology. In MetaUniverse, through various virtual carriers such as games and videos, MetaUniverse players can be immersed in it, which is not only a space for games and entertainment, but also an interactive space for knowledge, skills and contacts. There is a kind of meta-universe in a special sense, which is a "virtual life" mode in which the virtual world and the real world merge, influence, blend, promote and expand with each other. It is a place where people can exchange and interact with each other, acquire knowledge and skills and cultivate friendship in this virtual world. For users, Metauniverse makes itself a "human" character-this is the experience they need in games and the real world. For hardware equipment manufacturers, it is the performance of the product itself besides ensuring entertainment, interaction and other functions.

Third, artificial intelligence
As the core of scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence will gradually get more applications in the meta-universe. With the help of human beings, artificial intelligence has developed from relying on single software and single function in the past to the present artificial intelligence. In the future, artificial intelligence will be more dependent on computing power. For example, driverless cars are an attempt to realize barrier-free travel in the meta-universe. Starting from the progress in the field of driverless cars, this paper explores the possible forms that driverless cars may appear in the meta-universe, hoping to provide more exploration space for the meta-universe. It is foreseeable that artificial intelligence will play an important role in the meta-universe in the future.

IV. Conclusion.
With the rise of meta-universe, virtual world has been given more and deeper meanings, and the application of science and technology by human beings has changed from passive acceptance to active creation. At the same time, the lifestyle and experience provided by the virtual world in the meta-universe have greatly enriched human thinking and feelings, and made people interested in a new thing. However, with the development and innovation of technology, this trend will gradually become stable. But we believe that technology is always a double-edged sword. It can bring convenience and benefits to human beings, but it may also bring harm to human beings. Like the future world described in science fiction movies, human beings are sleeping in a dormant warehouse made of machines, and their brains are linked to the meta-universe world, so they live falsely.

The People’s Daily praised the national table tennis, but Sun Yingsha, who named the crown, did not mention Wang Manyu, see who is MVP

On November 30th, Beijing time, the World Table Tennis Championships had officially concluded. The final record of the National Table Tennis was to gain 4 gold medals and lost the men’s doubles championship.

Although there were no 5 gold medals, the results of Guoping are still very good, and it has also received praise from the official social media of the People’s Daily. However, Wang Manyu and Fan Zhendong, who played the best winner this time, did not be named. The only one who was named was Sun Yingsha who had lost the women’s singles championship. It turned out that she was the MVP of this year’s national table tennis, although she Did not win the most gold -content award.

《人民日报》亲自开口谈到了国乒这次的情况,并且晒出了九宫格图片,九宫格当中也是有国乒本次出征的大部分主力选手,包括孙颖莎,王曼昱,樊振东,梁靖崑,以及王楚钦和Lin Gaoyuan, Chen Meng and Wang Yidi and others.

They also accompanied: "The Houston World Table Tennis Championships ended in 2021, and the Chinese team ended with four gold results." Then he specifically designed Sun Yingsha: "Sun Yingsha World Table Tennis Championship harvested 2 gold and 1 silver. Each point is every point. Not easy, every player is good, hard, Chinese table tennis, pride for you! "

They recognized Sun Yingsha’s series of contributions, so they mentioned that Sun Yingsha’s two gold and one silver alone, which shows that Sun Yingsha is the real MVP. Wang Manyu did win, and completed the double championship and won the championship of the women’s singles and women’s doubles, but her performance was not as good as Sun Yingsha. Although Sun Yingsha said that the women’s singles won the runner -up, she was in the mixed doubles and her All the women’s double -line operations won the gold medal, and even Sun Yingsha was a third -line operation.

One day before the start of the final, Sun Yingsha even played 4 games in one day, a mixed doubles semi -final and a mixed doubles final, and there were two semi -finals of women’s singles and women’s doubles. Playing 4 games a day and remained full of victory. More importantly, Sun Yingsha defeated the Japanese team’s five giants Zhang Benzhi, Ito Makoto, Hayawa Miyu, Ishikawa Jiachun.

She defeated Hirano Miyu and Ishikawa Jiachun in the 1/4 finals of the Women’s Doubles, and defeated Ito Makoto and Haya Hina in the women’s doubles finals. Facing the Japanese five giants, people played 9 wins and 2 losses. The third -tier operations were better than Wang Manyu. She was the real MVP. Sun Yingsha.

What’s more?

Wang Manyu has only two gold medals, and the mixed doubles competition will go out early, but Sun Yingsha is 2 gold and 1 silver, so the "People’s Daily" will specifically recognize her. She is the real MVP. Only she has received such treatment. Liu Guoliang recognizes her. Normally, this is the treatment of the next Grand Slam and the National Table Tennis Demon King.

This may also be why Liu Guoliang and Li Yan will personally serve as Sun Yingsha’s coaches during this World Table Tennis Championships, find a problem for her, and give her a guest to feed her the ball. On the one hand, it is indeed because Sun Yingsha has no supervisor in charge, and on the other hand, it may be because Sun Yingsha has always been Liu Guoliang’s favorite first love general.