Ministry of Commerce: The total retail sales of social consumer goods will be 39.2 trillion yuan in 2020.

  Cctv newsOn January 29th, the Ministry of Commerce held a press conference on business work and operation in 2020. Qian Keming, Vice Minister of Commerce, introduced the overall situation of business work and operation in 2020.

  First, domestic consumption recovered steadily. The total retail sales of social consumer goods in the whole year was 39.2 trillion yuan, down by 3.9%, and the decline was 7.5 percentage points narrower than that in the first half of the year. The final consumption accounts for 54.3% of GDP, and consumption is still the "ballast stone" for stable economic operation. The main features include the following aspects: First, commodity consumption continues to pick up. Among the 15 categories of retail sales of above-designated units, more than half of the growth rate turned from negative to positive, and upgraded products such as communication equipment and cosmetics performed well, increasing by 12.9% and 9.5% respectively. Car sales ranked first in the world for 12 consecutive years. Second, the orderly recovery of service consumption. In the fourth quarter, catering revenue increased by 0.2%, basically returning to the same level of the previous year. The annual per capita spending on education, culture and entertainment, transportation and communication, and medical care decreased by 16.6, 7.2 and 6.8 percentage points respectively compared with the first half of the year. Third, the rapid development of new consumption. New modes such as online shopping and live broadcast have developed rapidly. The online retail of physical goods has increased by 14.8%, and the live broadcast of e-commerce has exceeded 24 million, making it the largest online retail market in the world for eight consecutive years. The fourth is the simultaneous recovery of urban and rural markets. Urban and rural cooperatives decreased by 4.0% and 3.2% respectively, narrowing by 7.5 and 7.7 percentage points respectively compared with the first half of the year. Rural e-commerce developed rapidly, and the retail sales of rural networks reached 1.8 trillion yuan, an increase of 8.9%. Fifth, the overall price operation is stable. We will expand meat imports in an orderly manner, and put in central reserve meat in batches to ensure market supply and price stability.Consumer prices rose by 2.5% throughout the year.

  Second, foreign trade reached a new high. The import and export of goods in the whole year was 32.2 trillion yuan, up by 1.9%, of which exports increased by 4.0% and imports decreased by 0.7%. The total volume and international market share both reached record highs. The main features include the following aspects: First, the vitality of the main body continues to increase. The number of enterprises with import and export achievements was 531,000, an increase of 6.2%. The import and export of private enterprises reached 15.0 trillion yuan, up by 11.1%, accounting for 46.6% of the total foreign trade. Second, trading partners are becoming more diversified. Imports and exports to countries along the Belt and Road, ASEAN and APEC members increased by 1.0%, 7.0% and 4.1% respectively. Imports and exports to the European Union, the United States, Britain and Japan increased by 5.3%, 8.8%, 7.3% and 1.2% respectively. Third, the commodity structure is more optimized. The export proportion of mechanical and electrical products increased to 59.4%, and the export of high value-added products such as integrated circuits, computers and medical devices increased by 15.0%, 12.0% and 41.5% respectively. In particular, we have given full play to the advantages of being the largest supplier of anti-epidemic materials, and provided more than 220 billion masks, 2.3 billion protective suits and 1 billion test kits to more than 200 countries and regions, making important contributions to the global anti-epidemic struggle. Fourth, the upgrading of service trade has accelerated. From January to November, the import and export of services was 4.1 trillion yuan, down by 16.3%, but this was mainly due to the decline of tourism, which increased by 2.2% after excluding tourism. The import and export of six categories of knowledge-intensive services such as finance increased by 8.0%.The proportion rose to 44.2%.

  Third, use foreign capital to grow against the trend. In 2001, the actual utilization of foreign capital was 999.98 billion yuan, up 6.2%, and 39,000 foreign-funded enterprises were newly established, making it the largest foreign capital inflow country in the world, achieving a "three-fold increase" in the total amount, growth rate and global proportion of foreign investment. The main features include the following aspects: First, the investment structure is constantly optimized. The utilization of foreign capital in high-tech industries was 296.3 billion yuan, an increase of 11.4%. Among them, R&D design, e-commerce and information services increased by 78.8%, 15.1% and 11.6% respectively, and the manufacturing of medicine, aerospace equipment, computers and office equipment increased by 14.1%, 44.5% and 60.6% respectively. Second, large projects have been accelerated. There were 938 large-scale projects with foreign investment of more than US$ 100 million, with the number increasing by 12.5%. A number of leading enterprises such as BMW, Daimler, Siemens, Toyota, LG, ExxonMobil and BASF increased their capital and expanded their production in China. Third, the regional driving effect is obvious. The actual utilization of foreign capital in the eastern region increased by 8.9%, accounting for 88.4%. The actual utilization of foreign capital in the top six provinces increased by 8.9%, accounting for 78.2%. Fourth, the effect of open highland appears. In the whole year, the actual utilization of foreign capital in the Pilot Free Trade Zone was 179 billion yuan, and 6,472 foreign-funded enterprises were newly established, accounting for 16.8% and 17.9% of the national total.

  Fourth, foreign investment cooperation has developed in an orderly manner. In the whole year, non-financial direct investment in 172 countries and regions was 759.77 billion yuan, down by 0.4%. The turnover of foreign contracted projects was 1.1 trillion yuan, and the amount of newly signed contracts was 1.8 trillion yuan, achieving overall stable scale and more optimized structure. The main features include: First, the investment in key areas and industries increased rapidly. Investment in countries along the Belt and Road increased by 18.3%. Investment in equipment manufacturing, information technology, scientific research and technical services increased by 21.9%, 9.6% and 18.1% respectively. Second, the investment methods are more diversified. 397 mergers and acquisitions were completed, with a transaction volume of 162.4 billion yuan. Equity exchange, joint investment and other investment methods have shown a good development trend. Third, the industrial agglomeration effect appears. By the end of 2020, the overseas economic and trade cooperation zone had invested a total of 309.4 billion yuan, creating 373,000 jobs for the local area. Fourth, the contracted projects developed steadily. There are 514 newly signed projects with a contract value of more than 100 million US dollars, the number of which is 8 more than that of the previous year. The contract value of projects contracted by EPC general contracting mode accounts for 63.3%, and cooperation modes such as integration of investment, construction and operation are developing continuously.

  5. Breakthroughs have been made in multilateral and bilateral economic and trade relations. Successfully signed the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) and reached the largest free trade zone in the world. The completion of the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment negotiations on schedule has become an important milestone in China-EU relations. At the same time, we also actively participate in global economic governance, safeguard the multilateral trading system, participate in the reform of the WTO, promote the selection of the Director-General and establish multi-party interim appeal and arbitration arrangements. Put forward China’s plan to jointly fight the epidemic and stabilize trade and investment on the platforms of the United Nations, G20, BRICS and APEC, and promote it to become an international consensus. Build a high-standard free trade zone network, sign a China-Cambodia free trade agreement, promote free trade negotiations with China, Japan and South Korea, Norway, Israel, GCC and other countries, and actively consider joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP). Deepen bilateral economic and trade cooperation, sign an agreement on geographical indications between China and Europe, promote cooperation between China and the United States, strengthen Sino-Russian economic and trade cooperation, and implement the "eight major actions" of China-Africa cooperation.

The road to recovery is hindered by many obstacles. When will the rain and sunshine return to the south on a large scale next week?

Today, the scope of freezing weather in the south has been reduced, and the intensity has weakened. The Central Meteorological Observatory has lifted the yellow warning of freezing this morning and issued the freezing warning for five days in a row, which has finally come to an end. However, the low-temperature warning continues to take effect. Today, the temperature in the north and south is still "upside down" during the day. North China and northwest China are warmer than Jiangnan. With high humidity, many local partners in the south have experienced a 360-degree wet and cold attack without dead ends.

Next week, for the southern region, the range of rain and snow is still not small, and the precipitation in the north will also increase, mainly snowfall. According to the medium-term forecast of the Central Meteorological Observatory, it will be rainy in the south in the next 10 days, and the cumulative precipitation days can reach 5 to 7 days. The central and western parts of the south of the Yangtze River, the western part of South China and Guizhou have the most frequent precipitation, such as the rainy weather in Guilin, Guangxi. Among them, the warm and humid air flow strengthened on the 28th, while the cold air went south, the precipitation range expanded northward, and the precipitation intensity in the south strengthened briefly. On March 1, the precipitation contracted sharply to the south, and most of the south may wait for the long-lost sunshine next weekend.

In terms of temperature, it has experienced a trough. Although the temperature in all parts of the country is rising in the next few days, the pace of warming is relatively slow, and most areas will remain in a colder state than normal. Due to the influence of rain and snow in the south, the road to recovery is more difficult, and the state of low temperature is more obvious. In the next three days, the daily average temperature in southeastern Hubei, western and south-central Jiangxi, eastern and south-central Hunan, most of Guizhou, most of Guangxi, and northwestern Guangdong will be 5℃ to 7℃ lower than normal, and the temperature in southern Hunan, southeastern Guizhou, and northeastern Guangxi will be more than 7℃ lower, with a large and long-lasting low temperature and a heavy wet and cold feeling.

In addition, it should be noted that the temperature in South China will usher in a wave of obvious shocks next week. The warm and humid airflow will be strengthened from 28th to 29th, and the temperature in South China will rise sharply for a short time, with the highest temperature rising above 20℃ or even exceeding 25℃, but then it will drop sharply and return to more than 10 degrees, with great fluctuation. For example, in Fuzhou, the highest temperature will be less than 15℃ in the next three days, rising to 27℃ on the 29th and dropping to 13℃ on March 2nd. It is suggested that friends in South China should pay more attention to the weather forecast next week, adjust their clothes in time according to the temperature changes, and don’t accept thick clothes.

It is expected that after March 2, the temperature in the north and south will start to rise obviously, and gradually rise to the normal level in the same period of the year. At that time, everyone will feel the approach of spring.


Interview with the creator of "Looking in the Mirror": Young models wear cheongsam and eat popsicles in winter.

Three leading roles

Actor and Li

Xu Wenxuan

Interview with the film’s creator: boasting that the most scary Chinese film guarantees no jokes.   [Click to watch the Interview Atlas]

    Movie network news(Photo/Yang Nan/Theway) The film "Don’t Look in the Mirror in the Midnight", which is exclusively copyrighted by Movie Network, was released on June 14th. When the leading actor, Li, Zhang Junhan and Vicki Xu were interviewed by Movie Network, they all started to accuse the director of recalling the crimes they suffered during the filming. In the environment of minus 10 degrees, actresses need to wear cheongsam for filming, and they also need to eat popsicles to prevent them from being angry when speaking.

    The story of "Don’t Look in the Mirror in the Midnight" originated from folklore. Sitting in front of the mirror and peeling an apple at midnight, you can see the supernatural phenomenon in the mirror as long as the apple skin keeps on. The five protagonists in the film came to Witch Town because they wanted to solve the mystery in the mirror, and they met bizarre events and died tragically. In the end, only the heroine was left to solve the mystery. heroineMaggie LeeShe is a young model, first hero.Kenny Kwan W. Jr.He is also a Hong Kong actor. Both of them play husband and wife in the film, and they also suffer a lot.

"Don’t look in the mirror in the middle of the night" sexy girl poster

Director Chaoyang Niu.

"Looking in the mirror" is scary with tricks.

    Chaoyang Niu has made many MVs before. His last film was a thriller, and his reputation was quite bad. This time, he still challenged similar films. He said that he definitely learned from his experience.

    Movie Network: The director’s last work "Someone under the Bed" is a thriller. Do you have a special liking for this theme?

    Chaoyang Niu: It’s because the last film was a thriller that I want to continue filming this time to make up for some regrets. The audience made a lot of criticisms in the last film "There is someone under the bed", and I made some improvements to these criticisms, all of which were improved in this film "Don’t look in the mirror in the middle of the night".

    Movie Network: What did you mainly do?improve?

    Chaoyang Niu: Mainly in three aspects. First, the audience thinks that "There is someone under the bed" is not scary enough. This time, we are just thinking about the horror of the law. I think at least in domestic films, this play is the most scary; Second, the audience felt that there were more laughter, and there should be no laughter this time. We invited the audience to watch the film and no one would laugh. The third is that the last suspense was announced too early, and we felt bored when we saw the middle. This time, we kept the suspense until the last second, and we didn’t know the ins and outs of the story until we finished reading it.

    Movie Network: Many people think that thrillers are actually mysterious. Is this drama scary enough?

    Chaoyang Niu: At the beginning, we designed 50 scary spots, including more than 20 carefully carved ones. Moreover, within the framework of the story, there are scary places in the plot. The audience has seen many scary movies and there are all kinds of scary scenes. It is not easy to make the audience tremble.

    Movie Network: NowThe basic reputation of thrillers is not good.How did you avoid it?

    Chaoyang Niu: Yes, this is what all thriller directors should strive for. So far, mainland thrillers have not won a good reputation. I hope this play can become the first one.

    Movie Network: Let the director estimate the box office.

    Chaoyang Niu: I won’t make an estimate. Let’s leave it to the market, because there must be some high films and some low films at the box office. I believe our play will have a good box office.

Next page: filming is cold and suffering.

Why is football the first sport in the world? Tell you four reasons.

Diego maradona

Early this morning, the Argentine football player known as the "hand of God"Diego Diego Maradona.He died of cardiac arrest, and the media all over the world reported that countless fans posted articles on social media to mourn the "King of the Ball".Diego Maradona.

In today’s single sports events in the world, football is the most popular sport and the craziest one. Why is football called the first sport in the world?

Take the World Cup as an example:

The participating countries of the World Cup are all over the world, and football teams from more than 200 countries compete for the qualification to enter the finals (only 32 teams and 736 players were selected in the final). Every game is full of audiences, and its ratings, broadcasting fees, sponsors, advertising revenue and peripheral products have exceeded the scale of the Olympic Games.

There are at least four reasons why football is called the first sport in the world:

(A) the entry threshold is very low

Image source: Xinhua News Agency

Football has very low requirements for venues, equipment and equipment. For example, many world-class stars come from poor areas in South America and Africa, so they can easily participate in this sport in economically backward countries or poor families. In professional football fields, dirt floors and streets, you can have fun as long as there is an open space! I still remember when I was a child, after school, several classmates found an open space and used schoolbags as goals. Several people agreed on the rules and didn’t need referees, so they could have a great time.

(2) The requirements for body shape are not high.

Generally speaking, if a sport wants to be a top athlete, congenital conditions are very important. Although the acquired efforts can make up for some congenital deficiencies, in the fierce sports competition, the actual effect is very limited, so many sports keep many people out for this reason. However, football doesn’t require high body shape. There is a saying in the industry that "if you can’t play football with a sense of accomplishment, never blame yourself for being inferior to others."

In football, tall players have long legs and great strength, and are not easy to be pushed down due to collision. Short players react quickly, which is beneficial to dribbling and shuttling and has the advantage of possession of the ball.

Therefore, in football, becoming a top star requires personal physical fitness, personal skills, personal psychological quality, teamwork, tactical strategy, organizational system and other conditions; Take one’s physical fitness as an example. It requires both speed and endurance, and it requires both footwork and footwork.

(3) Actively participate in all countries, big or small.

Basketball and volleyball, among the three major balls in the world, are usually played by a few fixed countries in international competitions. Football, on the other hand, is different. No matter big or small, strong or weak, rich or poor countries actively participate in international competitions.

For example, the Asian island country Maldives, with a population of less than 300,000, even lost to Iran 0-17 in a World Cup, setting a record for the biggest score gap in an event, but it did not affect the country’s love for this sport at all.

(4) A game that keeps people hopeful forever.

For example, in the World Cup, when team A wins team B and team B wins team C, the logical final result should be that team A wins team C, but the result of football match is not like this, and the reversal of team C winning team A often occurs. In the 2018 World Cup group match, Group F: Mexico wins Germany, Germany wins Sweden, and Sweden wins Mexico; Group H: Japan wins Colombia, Colombia wins Poland, and Poland wins Japan in turn. Therefore, the football match is a game that people will always have hope.

Do you think football is the first sport in the world?

This article is a selected work for the first children’s popular science essay contest in Zhengzhou.

Author: Wu Ailian

Views only represent the author himself, not his position.

At the last moment, the Czech amateur player reversed, and the young China baseball was blocked and long.

The Chinese baseball team lost to the Czech team 5-8.

Young and fearless, the China men’s baseball team "sent" a home run to the world’s number one Japanese team on its first show back on the world stage; But also because of their youth, China men’s baseball players tasted the bitterness of being "reversed" after 12 hours.

On March 10th, in Tokyo Dome Gymnasium, the second round of the 5th world baseball classic (hereinafter referred to as WBC) Group B continued. After nearly four hours of fighting, the Chinese baseball team finally lost to the Czech team 5-8, and suffered two consecutive defeats.

"It was a difficult game and it was hard to accept the result of losing." As Dean, the 75-year-old coach of China team, said, China fell to the last moment in the twists and turns, and lost to a team that was all unprofessional players. "Today was a memorable victory, but we lost the victory."

However, in Dean’s view, these young China players must "pay tuition fees" when they grow up. "You can regret it today, but after waking up, you must go all out for the next game."

The Chinese baseball team is one step away from victory.

The outcome was in an instant, and the China flag was seen on the field.

"Today, I saw the flag of China in the stadium. I don’t know if they are really China fans, but they gave us encouragement." After the game, China coach Dean felt this way.

For China, the WBC schedule is not easy.

After five years, he returned to the stage of the world’s top baseball game, and fought with the Japanese team for four hours in the first game amid the clamor of more than 46,000 Japanese fans. Then, after only 12 hours of adjustment, they stood in front of the Czech team in the first round.

Although coach Dean and his team made special arrangements for personnel rotation, and saved several main players for the second game, judging from the opening situation of the second game, the China team did not completely get out of the fatigue of the first stop.

The Czech team, which took the lead in attacking, hit hits continuously in the first half of the first inning, and scored 2 points first, while Zhao Fuyang, the starting pitcher that coach Dean specially reserved for this game, failed to enter the state. The 23-year-old young pitcher was replaced by Dean after only throwing 1 2/3 innings.

In the third game, the Czech team hit another home run, expanding the difference to 3 points.

On the one hand, the Czech Republic made great strides in line-playing, and on the other hand, China’s line-playing was slow to find its state. Until the second half of the fifth inning, China’s hits were still zero.

However, the Czech pitchers also made mistakes, throwing four balls to give China a point.

With a 1-4 deficit, China entered the offensive game in the second half of the seventh game. At this critical moment, Zhang Baoshu, a 39-year-old veteran who participated in WBC four times, became the key player to turn the situation around.

His double hit brought vitality to China’s bench, and then he stole the base and went to third base. Then, China’s Kou Yongkang and Luo Jinjun hit hits one after another. Under the pressure of China, the Czech pitcher and first baseman also made frequent mistakes. China pulled back four points with four hits, reversing the score from 1 to 4 to 5 to 4.

At that moment, the players on the bench of China team walked on the sidelines together to celebrate with the players who scored.

The Chinese baseball team once reversed the score.

However, the charm and cruelty of competitive sports lies in its unpredictability.

After both sides drew a blank in the eighth inning, after China pitcher Gong Haicheng put the Czechs on base in the first half of the ninth inning, coach Dean sent Zhu Quan, the "end pitcher"-but it was this substitution that made the Czechs hit a 3-point home run.

That is, this hit completely changed the atmosphere on the court-then, the Czech team scored another point with two hits in succession, realizing the reversal.

"Zhu Quan did very well in the bullpen, and he held the ball well. He said he was in good shape. My misjudgment was that the first game didn’t go as we expected. This led to the final result. "

Dean also put the blame on his own tactical arrangement when he resumed the defeat. "Maybe it would be better to use Zhu Quan at the beginning of the ninth inning, but Gong Haicheng showed his fighting spirit, but he felt a little tired later, so he gave his opponent four balls, which had to be said, which had an impact on the result."

"Our pitching lineup is too weak." After resuming the turning point of the whole game, coach Dean said something he said after the first game.

But Dean also said: "China social networks and media have given us positive comments, and Japanese media have also given us a lot of enthusiastic encouragement. The final result is regrettable, but we also showed what China can do. "

Many people in the Czech baseball team are not professional players.

Respectable opponents, they are amateurs.

It is worth mentioning that Zhang Baoshu, a 39-year-old "four-dynasty veteran" who sounded the counterattack horn for China in this game, and Zhu Quan, the "end pitcher" who was finally robbed by his opponent, are both newcomers of China in this WBC.

According to the rules of the WBC Classic, as long as the player goes back three generations and one member of his family is of China nationality, he can represent China.

Because of this, including Zhang Baoshu, Korean professional baseball pitcher Zhu Quan, Angel Little League pitcher Alan Carter and the professional outfielder Shinsha Yongsuke of the day before yesterday all put on the shirts of the China team.

However, compared with the professional players recruited by China for this WBC, the Czech team, which defeated China in the last minute, is composed of a group of "non-professional" players.

According to the reporter from The Paper, except for a few players who play in NCAA or local schools in Czech Republic, other players have their own formal jobs, some are teachers, some are firefighters, some are stock traders, and some are company bosses.

"They all have their own jobs, just because they love them and then take out their spare time to actively train." The relevant person in charge of the Czech baseball association revealed.

"In fact, not many people in the Czech Republic know that we still have such a baseball team, but we have stood on the best baseball stage in the world and we have been sponsored."

Czech baseball team.

Compared with the young China team and the young players who are all professional players, Czech players are not only "unprofessional" but most of them are over 30 years old. But it was such a group of players who persisted to the end and made a 4-0 wave in the first half of the ninth inning, completing the reversal.

"I learned about the history of Czech baseball before the game. Their story is very touching. We once overtook, but we didn’t expect to lose four points in the ninth inning. "

As coach Dean said, young players in China should learn from these "non-professional" players in the Czech Republic-although they often make mistakes, their calm mentality and stable play at critical moments are the key factors to turn the situation around.

"There are still two games left. Although I lost today, I am proud of the efforts of our players." As coach Dean said, these players have the opportunity to become the future of China baseball, but only if they can learn and grow in failure. "

"I hope they can be full of strength in the future to face the future."

Guarding Shanghai

On April 19, a courier rider was delivered to Jiujiang Road, Bund Street. Two buss had just pulled away a close contact with a group of new crown pneumonians from here and sent them to Hangzhou, Zhejiang. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 14, a "head" of the community group purchase of community group purchases was inspecting the group purchase list, which was in front of her soybean products. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

Photography report | | Li Qiang

This spring, because of the new crown pneumonia, "Magic Capital" Shanghai encountered some problems. For a modern metropolis, in the face of stores and pharmacies, it is difficult to solve the problem of 25 million people to eat and see a doctor in the face of the closing of stores and pharmacies. Conservation has become a big thing.
A citizen living in Yangpu District, Shanghai said that she set up three different platforms to grab the food alarm clock every day: at 12 o’clock in the night, grabbing Sam or US cuisine, at 6 am, and 8 o’clock in the Hema. Nevertheless, she was always "not snatched." The daily greetings of people’s daily greetings are, "Today, have you grabbed the dishes?" The young people who were accustomed to shopping online were tossed online and tossed, and those who had not learned to use smartphones could only be Waiting for assistance.
At the press conference on April 16, Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commercial Committee, said that for some time, the problem of difficulty in shopping on online shopping in Shanghai was mainly because many takeaway riders were sealed in the community. Temporarily closed due to the requirements of epidemic prevention, which allows e -commerce to protect the supply ability. In addition, due to the upgrading of the epidemic situation in some places, the land transportation and logistics in some areas are not good, and some living and production materials are blocked on the road, which also affects Shanghai’s confession.
In order to send materials to the people, a company guaranteed enterprises to transfer 160 experienced and professional employees to support warehouse operations from Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Kunming and other places. In this warehouse for enterprises, the reporter saw a truck sending vegetables. The packant was packed into a box after disinfection of vegetables and transferred to the delivery staff. There are many people who have been temporarily changed to join the delivery team. Some of them were online car drivers, some were driving a photography studio, and some people just came to Shanghai from Inner Mongolia to find a job, but happened to encounter the epidemic.
The rider who was trapped in the community also came out to solve the problem of "last mile". Although they were informed that they could not go back after being out of the community, they still chose to go to the streets to deliver life and medical supplies for citizens. The rider who could not solve the problem of accommodation had to sleep on the street at night. Now on the empty streets of Shanghai, they are the busiest people. They buy fruits, vegetables, meat, and medicines, take pets for pets, and then distribute them in time. On the street electric vehicles, various living materials bags are often hung.

On the evening of April 9th, there were many riders who were waiting to buy goods in Huangpu District, Huangpu District, Shanghai. When a citizen passed by, he looked down curiously. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On the evening of April 9, a fruit shop opened the door for a half -door business. Many riders were waiting to pick up the order to buy fruit, drinks, and eggs for customers. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, two takeaway riders were resting on the street. They came from Baotou (left) in Inner Mongolia (left) and Kashgar (right) in Xinjiang. In the early days of the epidemic, they were sealed at home. On April 7, they went out of the rented community to deliver takeaway to deliver life and medical supplies for citizens. Since the community no longer allows to enter, they have to temporarily live on the street. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 19, a rider walked out of the street’s residence. After going out, because the community was not allowed to enter again, many riders who had nowhere to stay had to choose to temporarily live on the street. The rider used a cloth to separate a piece of space in front of a snack bar. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, Huangpu District, Shanghai, was divided into Yuyuan Street, which was divided into a preventive area. A business shop counter was filled with medicine waiting for delivery. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, Huangpu District, Shanghai, was divided into Yuyuan Street, which was divided into a preventive area. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 14th, in front of Huangpu District, Shanghai, a rider received a pet medication for customers on behalf of the customer. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 11, a large number of orders waiting for delivery were placed in Songjiang District, Shanghai, Shanghai, Songjiang District, Shanghai. The staff told reporters that after returning to business, the online orders quickly "exploded". Due to limited manpower, each time they dared to turn on the system for a few seconds. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 17, in Qingpu District, Shanghai, a courier company’s warehouse was full of epidemic prevention supplies that were about to be sent to various communities in Shanghai. This is a group of enterprises donated 10 million yuan of epidemic prevention materials. It will be sent to nearly 200 residential (village) committees and 200,000 families in Shanghai. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 10, Pudong New District, Shanghai, a warehouse in Shanghai’s supply enterprise was stored in government group purchases, and was ready to send it. The guarantee enterprises have dispatched 160 experienced logistics professional employees to support Shanghai from Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming and other places to support Shanghai, so that the warehouse matching system can continue to operate. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 10th, a truck was provided in the warehouse of the enterprise in Pudong New District, Shanghai, and a truck was sent to vegetables, including radishes and cabbage. When unloading, each bag of vegetables need to be disinfected. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 10, in the Pudong New District of Shanghai, a provider was inside the enterprise warehouse, and a distributor dragged the packed living materials outside the door to prepare to load the car. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 10, the Pudong New District of Shanghai, a certain guarantee in the enterprise warehouse, the delivery staff were resting. Many of these distributors are temporarily changed. They originally came from all walks of life. Some people were previously online car drivers. Some people drove a photography studio. Some people just came to Shanghai from Inner Mongolia to find a job. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 19, a rider was driving near the street near the Bund. Not far away is the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, which has been suspended.

On April 19, a rider in Huangpu District, Shanghai was driving on the South Suzhou Road. The Daba chrysanthemum beside the Suzhou River was flourishing, but there were few pedestrians on the road. Occasionally someone walked the dogs, and some people who couldn’t get out of the door leaned against the window. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

Residents are actively helping themselves in places where the outside world guarantees cannot be reached.
Community group purchases have become an important way for self -rescue of civilians. In many communities in Shanghai, "egg group", "vegetable group", "fruit group" and "milk group" appeared. In a hotel in Minhang District, Chinese and foreign lives are "head" to help everyone buy different materials. The "head of the group" sought their own supply channels and delivery riders. When people grabbing food on the Internet failed, they could always try to get the goods.
In the mutual aid group of Caojiaxiang District, Putuo District, the "Easy Protective" that disappeared from modern daily life became a normal state. Someone took out coffee and wine and replaced vegetables and eggs. In the corridor of the community, people can often see the goods packed with various bags in front of a house. After a hungry resident for many days in the group for help, other residents and volunteers of Lou Dong sent food spontaneously.
At night, some small shops on the street will quietly open the rolling door. The citizens nearby take the time to do nucleic acid testing and go to the temporary grocery store to supplement their living materials. After the riders learned that there was a good news of a fruit shop, they rushed to the shop waiting for the list to buy fruit for customers. Other shops choose to close the door. After the citizen is paid online and down, the rider will be available to the store to pick up the goods.
Some people even start buying vegetables seeds online, planting vegetables on the balcony, or digging wild vegetables on the community. An Anhui person who is a driver in Shanghai all year round becomes a community volunteer. Every day, in addition to the medical staff who sent the medical staff of the Anhui medical team to and from the nuclear acid sampling point, he will also give the extra box lunch to the rental house, and then Fellows who can’t buy life materials. Wanderers on the street can occasionally eat their extra box lunch.

On the evening of April 9th, a grocery store opened the store to provide living materials to guarantee living materials for nearby citizens. A citizen was buying drinks and wine in the store. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, in Xuhui District, Shanghai, in a community belonging to the seal -and -control area, residents took the car to the living materials storage point to pick up materials. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, a elderly person went to Yifeng Da Pharmacy in Yuyuan Street to buy medicines. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 12, a citizen in Huangpu District, Shanghai, walked out of the house to buy fruits. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 11, the takeaway transfer point in front of a supermarket door in Songjiang District, Shanghai. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 14, a community volunteer in the fourth grade of elementary school in Shanghai was instructed by an unmanned delivery vehicle to park medicine. In this community, 4 unmanned delivery vehicles solve the problem of the last 100 meters of residents’ living materials. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

On April 14th, a bicycle in Shanghai Pudong New Area, a bicycle was carrying the purchased hoe and other living materials in a closed management community. China Youth Daily · reporter Li Qiang/Photo

At the same time, Shanghai is also trying to restore capacity to promote commercial node outlets such as Datang and front warehouses in e -commerce platforms. On April 16, the press conference of the Shanghai New Crown Pneumonia’s Epidemium Prevention and Control revealed that the Shanghai e -commerce platform has been restored to 42 business. 779 are restored before the immune -related warehouse, and the number of takeaway rides is more than 18,000. The daily delivery single volume is about 1.8 million orders.
On April 20, some media learned from the Shanghai Municipal Commercial Commission that "Shanghai Vegetable Insurance Supply of the Wholesale Business Transfer Station" was established in the Jiangqiao wholesale market, encouraging and supporting vegetable wholesale operation enterprises and operating households across the country to actively organize the supply of supply, through Jiangqiao The transit station is transferred to the Jiangqiao wholesale market transaction and continues to supply the Shanghai market. The long -lasting war of this confession is gradually getting out of the predicament under the investment of officials and folk forces.