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Production qualification, can’t sleepy Xiaomi. However, the sudden public opinion has brought more trouble to Xiaomi Automobile.

Author Zhang Zhidong

Editor-in-Chief Cui Liwen

Editor Jin Penghui

The year of 2023 is undoubtedly a very noisy year for China’s new energy automobile industry. And the noise of this market will never stop.

Looking back at the beginning of this year, just as all new energy automobile brands tried to cope with the decline of state subsidies by raising prices, Tesla and BYD did the opposite and set off a vigorous price war and price reduction tide.

At the moment, the market public opinion is changing, "If you don’t cut the price, you will cut the leek", "If you sell it so expensive, you will die" and "The party will win forever", and so on. Even today, the fierce power of public opinion is always confirmed.

The market environment often affects the trend of 80% of the industry, and now, at least this year, "selling cars at a reduced price" is the mainstream of the market. The good news is that Xiaomi, the "latecomer", perfectly avoided the price war of killing and killing.

In fact, as the last venture in which Lei Jun gambled on all his reputations, the importance of Xiaomi Automobile will inevitably be no less than that of Xiaomi’s mobile phone business. It is also this well-known key that brings more constraints to Xiaomi Automobile.

Xiaomi, who knows the way of marketing, certainly understands the horror of public opinion. Therefore, last year, Lei Jun publicly stated that "no more rumors" would only be officially announced at the necessary nodes.

However, the tree wants to be quiet, but the wind does not stop. Since the beginning of this year, Xiaomi Automobile has been caught by public opinion, which is really powerful. Forced, Xiaomi Auto can only "set things right" a little bit.

It is not difficult to predict that the new energy vehicle market will be "involuted" in by going up one flight of stairs by the time Xiaomi goes on the market next year. At that time, the cards of powerful new brands such as Wei Xiaoli will emerge in an endless stream, even not only limited to ideal pure electricity, Weilai price reduction, and Tucki’s life-and-death battle …

For Xiaomi Automobile, the more difficult problem is that consumers’ brand awareness of Xiaomi Automobile has generated an inherent impression that Xiaomi Automobile can only take the road of cost performance. On this basis, coupled with the biased propaganda of the public opinion field, the "first battle" of Xiaomi Automobile has entered the level of difficulty in hell.

Production qualification, trapped millet.

Although a lot of information shows that the uncertainty of Xiaomi automobile at this time is more around the four characters of "production qualification". But what is certain is that there will be no problem with the production qualification of Xiaomi Automobile.

Even if the recent application for cancellation of Baowo Automobile’s production qualification has caused a great uproar, it is likely to promote Xiaomi Automobile to go further from the production qualification, rather than "bad".

Tracing back to the source, the reason why the cancellation of Beijing Baowo’s production qualification is related to Xiaomi Automobile is related to some previous rumors. It is rumored that Xiaomi Automobile will undertake the production qualification of Beijing Baowo through acquisition. And behind it is the Beijing government’s help, in order to clean up non-performing assets.

However, who would have thought that the expected big acquisition did not appear, so that after the cancellation of Beijing Baowo’s production qualification application, whether Xiaomi Automobile can be mass-produced on time has once again become one of the hot events in people’s spare time.

Don’t worry, in fact, this is not a bad thing.

For Xiaomi Auto, not buying Beijing Baowo means that it doesn’t have to bear the debt problem that it keeps cutting and returning chaos, which can avoid many "hidden thunder". Moreover, the production qualification of Beijing Baowo was cancelled, which can also be regarded as "making room" for Xiaomi Automobile.

According to Order No.22 of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Regulations on Investment Management of Automobile Industry, the new qualification of new energy vehicles needs to consider whether the newly-built provinces meet a series of requirements such as whether the utilization rate of automobile production capacity in the province exceeds the national average level, whether the new projects have reached the outline, what types of new projects are, and project shareholders, project products, project research and development capabilities, etc.

From this point of view, the cancellation of Beiqi Baowo’s production qualification is really helpful to indirectly improve the utilization rate of Beijing’s automobile production capacity, thus paving the way for Xiaomi’s production qualification. As for other relevant access conditions, Xiaomi Automobile has the backing of the whole Xiaomi Group and is fully capable of coping with it.

However, what needs to be mentioned here is that the original Decree No.22 has delegated power to the provinces, and the provincial development and reform commissions can approve new projects. However, the market has changed, and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has taken back its power. Therefore, it finally evolved into that it is still necessary to obtain the approval of the NDRC before it is possible to build a new energy vehicle qualification.

Of course, it is worth noting that the automobile production qualification of the National Development and Reform Commission is only the first step. Later, it needs to go through the factory access of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the new product access, in order to truly obtain the automobile announcement qualification and realize the sale of cars. As for the lessons from the past, the self-guided traveler who fell before dawn probably lost this step in the audit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

So, will Xiaomi be an exception?

You know, Xiaomi’s car factory in Beijing is nearing completion, and the cost is not generally large. The huge capital investment implies that this huge gamble belonging to Lei Jun must have more hidden weights. As for the production qualification problem that everyone has been talking about, Xiaomi can’t be trapped. Because, the words of netizens have explained everything-

"Beijing Special Approval".

Public opinion kidnapped Lei Jun.

Since production qualification is not a problem, what is? The actual situation shows that the value concept kidnapped by public opinion is the most difficult place to trap Xiaomi’s hands and feet. After all, Lei Jun, who has come all the way, is most particular about "following the trend".

Not long ago, a "busybody" netizen asked Xiao Ai, "How much is the price of Xiaomi car?" , so I got this reply:

1. The price of the standard version of Xiaomi Automobile is 149,900 yuan, and the rear drive single motor configuration, WLTC battery life is 800 kilometers;

2. pro version of Xiaomi car is priced at 179,900 yuan, equipped with four-wheel drive dual motors, and WLTC has a battery life of about 700 kilometers.

As soon as the news came out, netizens rushed in. Based on Xiaomi’s consistent "cost-effective" style of play, coupled with the poor power configuration, endurance, price, etc., relevant public opinion quickly fermented, even to the point where Xiaomi officials had to personally dismiss rumors.

Then the question is coming. Why did Xiaomi official suddenly become so sensitive to this public opinion? The reason is very simple. To some extent, the price of a car is equivalent to the positioning of the brand.

When everyone was shouting 99,900 yuan for Xiaomi car, people’s expectations for Xiaomi car were pulled into this price range. When the expectations given to consumers are higher and the prices are lower, then when it comes to mass production and listing, it is likely that the disappointment will be greater.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that Xiaomi automobile was "killed" at this time.

Looking back, when Xiaomi Automobile was exposed for sale for 260,000 yuan, it also triggered a wide discussion in the market. At that time, the cost of power batteries was high, and all kinds of uncertainties came to the fore. Therefore, it is not surprising that the price of 260,000 was linked with Xiaomi Automobile’s idea of taking a high-end route.

But the problem is that the voting data collected by Lei Jun personally before, the Xiaomi car "within 100,000", is what everyone expects.

When consumers think that Xiaomi cars should only be sold within 100,000 yuan; Because it is millet, it should be able to do a good job in the supply chain, reduce costs and increase efficiency; Xiaomi car, certainly can’t do high-end … Such prejudice is the real mountain.

To take a step back, "user-centered" is not empty talk, but is Xiaomi really going to be led by public opinion? In fact, there are not many roads left for Xiaomi in the huge new energy vehicle market, which are nothing more than three:

First, a road to black, adhere to their own high-end route, regardless of market public opinion; Second, bow to market public opinion, product configuration is reduced and then reduced, and a car of 99,900 yuan is made as much as possible; Third, give consideration to both, adopt the strategy of "having more children and fighting", lay out two routes of high cost performance and high end, and launch two products with large separation at the same time.

In January of this year, Lei Jun wrote in a letter to all employees of the Group: 2023 is a year for Xiaomi to start a new development cycle, and when a series of profound changes enter the deep water area, the Group is on the threshold of a brand-new hall and the starting line of a brand-new stage.

At this moment, it is already halfway through 2023, but Xiaomi Automobile is being "kidnapped" by public opinion.

It is also necessary to discuss whether Xiaomi car is late to enter the market. Or consider what involution market Xiaomi car depends on? The question that must be considered here is: In such a biased public opinion field, does Xiaomi Automobile still have a chance to break through? Do Xiaomi cars that have been kidnapped still need to follow the trend? How can Xiaomi Automobile change its inherent image and reshape its value?

Maybe the market will give the answer eventually, but time is running out.

Zhang Zhidong

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[Commemorating the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth] Revisit Marx and Engels’ United Front Thought!

  The United front is a basic strategic and tactical issue of Marxism.On the basis of summing up the experience of proletarian revolutionary struggle scientifically, Marx and Engels solved the problem of proletarian self-unity and fighting for allies, and created the proletarian United front thought.On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth, let’s review Marx and Engels’ thoughts on the United front.

  The proletariat must strengthen its unity.

  The unity of the proletariat itself is one of the basic problems of the proletarian United front. In order to accomplish the historical mission entrusted by history, the proletariat must first unite its own strength.Marx and Engels have always placed this issue in a very important position throughout their revolutionary careers. In 1864, International Working Men’s Association (later called "First International"), founded by Marx and Engels, was a joint organization of workers from all countries and an organization of workers’ united front. Participants in the First International include communists, Proudhon, trade unionists, co-operatives, bakunin, and so on. In the "Common Articles of Association" drafted for International Working Men’s Association, Marx fully considered the acceptance level of workers of all factions. On the one hand, he adhered to the principle of scientific socialism in content, and on the other hand, he was flexible and gentle in wording, making it a common program for workers of all countries and factions to embody the internal United front of the working class. He pointed out that one of the reasons for the founding of International Working Men’s Association was that "the liberation of the working class should be won by the working class itself", and the reason why the previous proletarian revolutionary movement "failed to receive results was because the workers in different labor departments in each country were not United enough, and because the working classes in various countries lacked close alliance with each other". "The success of the workers’ movement in every country can only be guaranteed by the strength of unity and union." Engels said: "Since the situation of workers in all countries is the same, since their interests are the same and they have the same enemies,Then they should fight together, and they should fight against the bourgeois brotherhood of all ethnic groups with the workers’ brotherhood of all ethnic groups. "The above discussion and practical activities not only illustrate the necessity and importance of unity and unity within the proletariat, but also prove the possibility of realizing this unity.

  The unity and unity of the proletariat includes two aspects: on the one hand, the unity and unity of the proletariat itself within a country, and on the other hand, the international unity among the proletariat of all countries in the world.Marx and Engels carefully investigated and analyzed the characteristics of capitalism in Europe and America in the middle and lower 19th century, which was due to the development of large-scale capitalist industry, which broke the regional division and closed-door state of natural economy in the Middle Ages and formed a unified world market. Capitalist production is no longer a national production, and capitalists exploit not only domestic workers. Proletarians all over the world have the same social status. They are all wage laborers, do not possess any means of production, and are exploited and oppressed by capitalists. In the struggle for their own liberation, they face a common class enemy — — International bourgeoisie. Based on common interests, the bourgeoisie of all countries are consistent and mutually supportive in opposing the proletariat. If a proletarian revolution occurs in a country, they will take joint action to suppress it. Therefore, the proletariat of all countries must also unite. For this reason, Marx and Engels put forward in the communist party Declaration that "proletarians all over the world, unite!" Slogan, and devoted his life to promoting the practice of international proletarian unity. For example, they reorganized the League of the Rightists into the League of Communists in 1847, guided the proletariat of all countries to take correct actions in the European Revolution in 1848, acted in the first international, and Engels acted as a consultant to the second international after Marx’s death, all of which were their practice of devoting themselves to international proletarian unity.

  On the issue of the unity and unity of the proletariat itself, Marx and Engels also expounded the relationship between ordinary proletarians and the people of communist party, as well as the unity among the workers’ political parties. They pointed out: communist party people are not special political parties opposed to other workers’ political parties, and they have no interests different from those of the proletariat as a whole. "The differences between communist party people and other proletarian political parties are as follows: on the one hand, in the struggle of proletarians in various countries, communist party people emphasize and adhere to the common interests of the entire proletariat regardless of nationality; On the other hand, communist party people have always represented the interests of the whole movement at all stages of development experienced by the struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie. " In September 1871, at the First International London Delegate Conference, Marx and Engels also pointed out that the Paris Commune was "an alliance of all organizations and factions in the working class against the bourgeoisie" based on the experience of the Paris Commune. It shows that the working class can only act as a class if it is organized as an independent party opposed to all the old political parties established by the bourgeoisie in its struggle against the joint power of the bourgeoisie. That is to say, if communist party does not unite with other workers’ parties, it will affect the extensiveness of the internal unity of the proletariat, so if there is no independent proletarian party, it is impossible to truly realize the unity and unity of the proletariat itself.

  In the process of revolution, the proletariat should strive to form alliances with other classes, political parties and social forces that can participate in the revolution.

  In order to realize its historical mission, eliminate class and class differences and finally realize communism, the proletariat should not only realize its own unity and unity, but also unite the vast number of allies.

  The proletariat must unite with the peasants.Marx and Engels pointed out that in the struggle against capitalism and all exploitation systems, the proletariat must first unite with the peasants. "The exploitation of farmers and the exploitation of the industrial proletariat are just different in form. The exploiters are the same: capital. " Similar economic status and common political requirements are the solid foundation of the workers-peasants alliance; It is the common interest of the workers and peasants to get rid of the exploitation and oppression of capital. Whether the proletariat can form an alliance with the broad masses of peasants is always the key to the success or failure of the revolution. The important reason for the failure of the European Revolution in 1848 and the Paris Commune in 1871 was the failure to solve the problem of the workers-peasants alliance. When summing up the experience of the revolution in 1848, Marx pointed out: Before the revolution made the peasants and petty bourgeoisie "recognize the proletariat as their vanguard and move closer to it, the French workers could not move forward and touch the bourgeois system at all." On the contrary, if the peasants support it, "the proletarian revolution will get a chorus. Without this chorus, its solo in all peasant countries will inevitably become a lonely and mournful." Only by winning over the broad masses of peasants, "can we win a lasting victory", and they also pointed out that when the proletariat rises to the ruling class, it should also adhere to the alliance with peasants.

  The proletariat must unite with the urban petty bourgeoisie.In the works of Marx and Engels, the urban petty bourgeoisie is usually regarded as "petty bourgeois democrat" or "democratic petty bourgeoisie". In the second half of 19th century after the establishment of scientific socialism, petty-bourgeois democrats have always been an important political force active in the political arena of some major capitalist countries in Europe and America. It not only has a deep foundation among urban residents, but also many farmers, including the rural proletariat, which has not been supported by the urban proletariat, have followed it for a long time. Therefore, if the proletariat wants to effectively fight against capitalism and all exploitation systems, it must pay attention to uniting these forces. Marx and Engels believed that the revolutionary workers’ party should adopt the following attitude towards the petty-bourgeois democrats: "Go together with the petty-bourgeois democrats to oppose the factions that the workers’ party wants to overthrow;" When the petty-bourgeois Democrats want to consolidate their position for personal gain, they must oppose it. "

  The proletariat must unite with the bourgeoisie in the struggle against feudalism.In the modern history of the world, when the European proletariat took the lead as an independent political force on the historical stage, the bourgeois democratic revolution against feudalism in most European countries has not yet been completed. In this way, in a feudal monarchy country, the enemy faced by the proletariat is, first of all, the reactionary feudal class, which is behind the bourgeoisie. According to the social class situation at that time, Marx and Engels believed that the bourgeois revolution was the direct prelude to the proletarian revolution, and it would be impossible to realize the proletarian revolution without first completing the bourgeois democratic revolution and overthrowing the feudal system. Therefore, they declared to the proletariat all over the world: "communist party people everywhere support all revolutionary movements against the existing social and political systems." It is argued that the proletariat will not hesitate to support the bourgeois struggle against feudalism. As they pointed out when talking about the situation in their hometown of Germany: "As long as the bourgeoisie takes revolutionary action, communist party will join it in opposing absolute monarchy, feudal land ownership and the reactiveness of ordinary citizens."

  In the era of Marx and Engels, the proletarian revolution was intertwined with the bourgeois national democratic revolution. The above-mentioned views of Marx and Engels on the proletariat uniting with the petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie have actually included the idea of the proletariat uniting with the petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeois democratic parties. The communist party Declaration pointed out: "communist party people are striving for unity and agreement among democratic political parties all over the world." According to this principle and the situation in Europe at that time, Marx and Engels also elaborated the policy that communist party people should adopt towards democratic political parties in different countries and under different conditions. For example, in France at that time, communist party people should unite with the socialist democratic party of the petty bourgeoisie to oppose the bourgeoisie; In Switzerland, communist party people should support radical bourgeois parties to oppose monks and nobles and carry out democratic reforms; In Poland, the people of communist party should support the revolutionary democratic party that launched the Krakow Uprising in 1846 and its struggle for national independence and agrarian revolution.

  Marx and Engels put forward the strategic and tactical principles of the United front, which not only provided powerful ideological weapons for the proletariat, but also they themselves were outstanding practitioners of these principles.During the German Revolution in 1848, they participated in the editing of New Vegetable Newspaper as Democrats, and successfully cooperated with bourgeois and petty-bourgeois Democrats during the running of the newspaper. Later, when Engels talked about the importance of this alliance, he pointed out that if we didn’t do it at that time, "then we would have to publicize communism in a tabloid in a remote place and have to create a small Sect instead of a huge action party."

  Proletarian political parties must maintain their independence when uniting with other classes and political parties.

  Proletarian political parties maintain their independence when forming alliances with other classes and political parties, including ideological and political independence and organizational independence, which is the embodiment of the advanced nature of the proletariat and the inevitable requirement of its advanced nature.When talking about this advanced nature, Marx and Engels pointed out: "In practice, communist party people are the most determined part of the workers’ political parties in various countries and always push the movement forward; Theoretically, their superiority over the rest of the proletariat lies in their understanding of the conditions, process and general results of the proletarian movement. " This advanced nature of the proletarian political party determines that it always represents the future of the movement even when it unites with other classes and political parties to fight for the recent goals and interests of the working class. Therefore, when communist party people unite with the revolutionary petty bourgeoisie to oppose the bourgeoisie, "it does not give up the right to take a critical attitude towards those empty talks and fantasies that have emerged from the revolutionary tradition"; When communist party people unite with the bourgeoisie to oppose the feudal system, "they don’t neglect to educate workers as clearly as possible to realize the hostile opposition between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat"; Proletarian political parties, when acting jointly with political parties of other classes, "must be based on the premise that the proletarian nature of the party will not cause problems."

  Marx and Engels’ thought of maintaining the independence of proletarian political parties also contains the leadership of the United front.When the proletariat and its political parties form alliances with other classes and political parties for certain political purposes, they are faced with the question of whether you lead the allies or the allies lead you. This is related to the fundamental direction and road of the United front, that is, to the leadership of the United front. Proletarian political parties must maintain their independence, that is, independent thoughts, theories, policies and programs, independent organizations and actions, and maintain the right to criticize their allies. If we lose this independence, we will lose the leadership of the United front. This is self-evident to Marx and Engels. Moreover, they believe that there are conditions for the proletariat and its political parties to unite with other classes, political parties, groups and forces, and once these conditions are destroyed, the alliance will be dissolved immediately. Marx and Engels resolutely opposed the kind of alliance that might damage the independence of the proletariat and lose its principles.

  Marx and Engels were the founders of the proletarian United front, and they laid the theoretical and strategic foundation for the proletarian United front, thus providing theoretical guidance for the international communist movement that flourished in the second half of the 19th century.As a valuable spiritual heritage of the world proletariat, its basic ideas and principles were inherited and developed by Lenin in the late 19th century and 20th century, and further developed in China’s revolution and construction.

Olympic observation China women’s volleyball team aims to defend its title. "We have waited for five years, and we are ready!"

Volleyball officially became an Olympic event at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. China women’s volleyball team won gold medals at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 and the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. It is the only Olympic champion team in China’s "three big balls" event. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is about to open. As the defending champion, head coach Lang Ping will lead China women’s volleyball team to attack the Olympic champion again!

Lineup: Lang Ping hopes that these 12 people are the best choice.

The 12 players of China women’s volleyball team in Tokyo Olympic Games are: Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying and Liu Xiaotong as main attackers, Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni and Wang Yuanyuan as auxiliary attackers, Ding Xia and Yao Di as second setters, Gong Xiangyu, Liu Yanhan and Wang Mengjie as free men.

On July 19th, China women’s volleyball team went to Tokyo Olympic Games. Image source: China Women’s Volleyball Team Official Micro

Among them, the oldest is Yan Ni, 34, and the youngest is Li Yingying, 21, born after 00. Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong, Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni, Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu are the champions of Rio Olympic Games, while Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan, Yao Di, Liu Yanhan and Wang Mengjie participated in the Olympic Games for the first time. Judging from the list, all the main core players in the women’s queue are selected, but in the selection of the substitute lineup, Lang Ping is still stable.

Regarding the formation of the list of 12 players, Lang Ping said: "This list has been brewing for a long time, and the whole coaching team is discussing what kind of suitable and complementary lineup should be used to appear in the Tokyo Olympic Games. I also hope that this list is our best choice, and I hope that these 12 athletes can represent all the athletes participating in the training and play their best level. "

Prepare for war: encourage each other to survive the hardest days.

In the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, Lang Ping led the team to successfully defend its title with an unbeaten record of 11 consecutive victories. This is the tenth championship won by China women’s volleyball team in the three world competitions (Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup), and it also laid a solid foundation for the upcoming Olympic defending tour.

However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Tokyo Olympic Games was forced to postpone, the FIVB also suspended all international competitions, and the China women’s volleyball team conducted training for seven months without an international competition. "In the most difficult days, we were completely enclosed, relying on each other’s support and companionship." Lang Ping said with emotion, "Thank you for your persistence and hard work. In the days when there was no competition at all and only boring training was left, we still encouraged each other and practiced every day as much as possible, helping our team gain valuable experience in a special period."

On May 1st, 2021, China defeated Japan 3-0 in the women’s volleyball competition on the first day of the Tokyo Olympic Volleyball Test. The picture shows China player Zhu Ting (right) spiking in the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Du Yiyi photo

In May this year, the volleyball test match of Tokyo Olympic Games was restarted. As the only invited team, China women’s volleyball team played a test match with Japanese women’s volleyball team in Youming Gymnasium, the venue of Tokyo Olympic Games. In the end, China beat its opponent 3-0. This test match is of great value to China women’s volleyball team, which not only adapts to the Olympic venue in advance, but also makes the players who have not participated in international competitions for more than a year find their feelings on the field.

At the end of May, the 2021 World Women’s Volleyball League was held in Rimini, Italy in the form of "safety bubble". China women’s volleyball team sent a substitute team to participate in the first stage of the competition. Although the team only achieved 4 wins and 5 losses, more substitute players got the opportunity to play, which also made the coaching staff have a greater grasp of the choice of the Olympic list. After 9 matches, the six main players of China women’s volleyball team returned to the team. In the following 6 matches, the China team won a total victory even against Italian, Russian and American teams. Zhu Ting, Yuan Xinyue, Gong Xiangyu, Ding Xia and other main players are in a stable state, which also makes fans have more expectations for the upcoming Olympic journey of China women’s volleyball team.

Playing: After waiting for five years, we are ready.

According to the rules, the 12 women’s volleyball teams participating in the Tokyo Olympic Games were divided into two groups, with 6 teams in each group playing 5 round robin matches. The top four teams in the group entered the quarterfinals, and finally decided the champion by eliminating the competition system.

In the latest world ranking of women’s volleyball, the United States tops the list, followed by China and Brazil. The fourth to tenth places are Turkey, Japan, Dominica, Russia, Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. At the Tokyo Olympics, China was in Group B with the United States, Russia, Italy, Argentina and Turkey.

On July 25th, China will make its debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games, against the Turkish team. As a European team with rapid rising momentum in recent years, the Turkish team has considerable strength. At the World Women’s Volleyball League which ended last month, China sent a substitute team to play and lost 3-0 to the Turkish team. At the Tokyo Olympic Games, it was not a big problem for the China team to get off to a good start.

On June 20th, 2021, in the preliminaries of the 2021 World Women’s Volleyball League held in Rimini, Italy, China beat the United States 3-0. The picture shows China player Yan Ni (first from left) blocking the ball in the game. Xinhua news agency

For China, the first real test of this Olympic Games is the game against the United States on July 27th. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China women’s volleyball team has lost to its opponents in three consecutive Olympic Games. This American team in Tokyo Olympic Games has many excellent players, such as Larson, Bucky, Robinson, Akinradewo and Poulter, and its strength is good. This year’s World Women’s Volleyball League,The United States defeated Brazil 3-1 in the final to win three consecutive championships. Although it lost 3-0 to China in the last game of the preliminary round, the United States, which won 14 consecutive victories at that time, had ensured the qualification, so it did not send its main force to play. In the group competition of Tokyo Olympic Games, it was China who defeated the American team.teamThe first important goal.

China will play Russian, Italian and Argentine teams in the next three group matches. In recent years, the main players of the Italian women’s volleyball team have gradually matured, especially Egnu, who has strong strength, strong explosive force and extremely lethal re-buckle. How to restrain Egnu’s play is a problem that China women’s volleyball team must solve. Russia sent a number of young players to the Olympic Games this time. The absence of famous players such as Kosheleva, Parubetz and Romanova greatly reduced the strength of the team. In the last two games of the group stage, it was believed that China women’s volleyball team would achieve satisfactory results against Russia and Argentina, which ranked 16th in the world.

In addition to the opponents in the group stage, Serbian women’s volleyball team may pose a threat to China women’s volleyball team in the knockout stage. In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, China women’s volleyball team defeated its opponent in the final, and reached the Olympic champion podium after a lapse of 12 years. During the Tokyo Olympic cycle, the main lineup of Serbian team has not changed much. Boskovich, Ogennovic, mikhailovich, Lasic and S Popovich will all play in the Tokyo Olympic Games. At the same time, Kosic, lazovic and Caric, who have performed well in this year’s World Women’s Volleyball League, have also been successfully selected. As the champion of the 2018 World Championships, Serbian women’s volleyball team will be one of the strong opponents of China women’s volleyball team.

On July 19th, China women’s volleyball team successfully arrived in Tokyo. "I am very excited to come to Tokyo this time. We are ready, because we have waited for five years, and the time is quite long. Finally, we have the opportunity to embark on the journey of the Olympic Games, and the team is in good shape. Our goal is to attack medals and fight one by one. The Olympic Games is different from the usual leagues. Every game is very difficult. We will go all out and hope to play the best level and win glory for our country. " As Lang Ping said, the defending champion China women’s volleyball team is ready!

The women’s volleyball schedule of Tokyo Olympic Games (Beijing time);

At 15:25 on July 25th, China VS Turkey.

At 10:05 on July 27th, China VS USA.

China VS Russian at 15:25 on July 29th.

China VS Italian at 20:45 on July 31st.

August 2, 15:25 China VS Argentina.

August 4th quarter-finals

August 6 semi-final

August 8 final

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The strongest team of Olympic observers will go to China table tennis team in Tokyo with a firm goal.

Olympic observation of China Hercules or creating a new history

Olympic observers dare to fight and fight for the national feather and shoulder the heavy responsibility of rushing for gold.

Olympic observation: China diving "dream team" made a strong expedition to veteran rising star with 8 gold medals.

Olympic observation, China women’s basketball team’s ninth Olympic campaign, expecting the "hard core" to reappear.

Olympic observation: China women’s football team fights every game with old and new strength.

The new lineup of Olympic observers went to China, Tokyo to shoot the first gold medal.

Premier League

At 23: 30 pm Beijing time on October 29th, the 10th round of the 2023-24 Premier League ushered in the first Manchester City Derby of this season, and Manchester United played against Manchester City at Old Trafford Stadium. In the first half, Hoyle pulled Rodley down and sent a penalty, and Harland took the penalty and hit it; In the second half, Harland scored twice with another goal, and before the end, he assisted Foton to seal the victory. Onana made many dives in the audience. In the end, Manchester City beat Manchester United 3-0 away.

This game is the 191st Manchester City Derby in history. Before the game, a series of activities were held at Old Trafford Stadium to commemorate the legendary Sir Bobby Charlton.

In the second minute, Manchester United stole the ball in midfield, and McTominay took the ball to the front of the penalty area and shot it with his left foot. The ball was not strong enough for Edersen. In the 8th minute, Rodley in the frontcourt hoisted the ball into the right side of the penalty area, Walker put it in front of the baseline and knocked the ball across the middle. Foden’s header was saved by Onana.

In the 12th minute, Grali took the ball to the left side of the penalty area, but he passed it back to his opponent in an inverted triangle. Hoyle took the ball and pushed it forward. Unfortunately, his teammates responded too slowly, and the fast break turned into a sports war. In the 15th minute, Foton sent a straight plug from the midfield, and Onana rushed out of the penalty area to clear the ball before Harland did.

In the 20th minute, Manchester City kicked the left tactical corner, Grali grabbed the ball from the right side of the restricted area and shot the far corner, and Onana saved the ball.In the 26th minute, Manchester City won a free kick in the frontcourt, and the ball was hoisted into the penalty area. Rodley, who was fighting for the landing point, was pulled down by Hoyle, and the referee awarded a penalty after watching VAR.

The penalty was taken by Harland, who shot his left foot low in the lower right corner of the goal and tricked Onana into scoring the ball. Manchester City led Manchester United 1-0.

In the 31st minute, Manchester City made a mistake in the frontcourt return, and Hoyle got the ball and got a half-single-handed chance. After he passed the goalkeeper, he didn’t have an angle to shoot, and then he crossed the middle. Unfortunately, B shot high from a small angle.

In the 36th minute, Manchester City made a cross from the right in the frontcourt. Maguire’s header in the penalty area was on Dallot, and he was almost attacked by Grali. In the 37th minute, Manchester City got a free kick from the left outside the penalty area, and Alvarez shot directly, and Onana saved the ball.

In the 45th minute, Manchester United made a long pass from the right side of the midfield. At the top of the arc, McTominay stopped the ball and turned to volley. Edersen saved the ball with one hand. In the 45th+4th minute, Seat B made a forward pass on the left baseline of the restricted area, and Harland headed Taishan in the small restricted area, and Onana flew to dedicate himself. At the end of the first half, Manchester City temporarily took the lead.

In the second half, Yi Bian fought again. In the 48th minute, B Fei received a tactical corner kick in front of the penalty area and made a long shot. Edersen saved the ball. In the 56th minute, Grali took the ball to the far corner from the left side of the restricted area, and Onana saved the ball sideways.In the 50th minute, the B-seat caught the ball and came to the bottom line on the left side of the penalty area. Harland in the middle headed the goal. This time, Onana had no choice. Manchester City led Manchester United 2-0.

In the 58th minute, Alvarez directly blocked the left side of the restricted area at the top of the arc, and Grali made a small-angle volley, and the ball missed the far post. In the 66th minute, Seat B shot with his left foot in front of the penalty area, and Onana hugged the ball. In the 69th minute, Rachford moved forward into the restricted area, and after receiving a long pass from the midfield, he shot low from a far corner at a small angle, and the ball missed slightly.

In the 71st minute, Grali sent a straight plug in the frontcourt, and Harland caught the ball to form a single knife. His volley on the left side of the restricted area was blocked by the attacking Onana. A minute later, Lindelov and Onana’s continuous mistakes almost gave Manchester City a goal.

In the 80th minute, Rodley took the ball and made a long-range shot in front of the restricted area. Onana saved the ball sideways, Harland got the ball on the left side of the restricted area and then passed it horizontally. Foden in the middle of the road easily shoveled the empty net and Manchester City led Manchester United 3-0.

In the 82nd minute, Manchester City made a cross from the left side of the penalty area. Before the penalty spot, Foden turned his back and hit the door, and the ball only missed a little.

In the end, the whole game ended and Manchester City beat Manchester United 3-0.

Foreign tourists came to Shanghai to play, and after seeing the "financial center", DRAM: This design is strange

The old man Qiu continued to send, and Shanghai will welcome the most popular starting day! We all know that Shanghai is a very prosperous city. There are also many beautiful scenery in Shanghai. When the holiday is here, many people will go to Shanghai.

In addition to domestic tourists, Shanghai also ushered in many foreign tourists. Some foreign tourists arrive in Shanghai to play and see ShanghaiAfter the financial center, I was surprised. The design of this building is really strange.

This building surprises many foreign tourists in Shanghai Global Financial Center. I know this name knows that the building is higher. Shanghai’s global financial center is very high. Looking at many places in Shanghai, you can see the figures of this structure.

This building is high492.Instrument, all104.The floor has three floors underground. The location of this building is Pudong Century Avenue. The reason why this building surprised everyone is mainly because of its shape, especially, the roof part looks like a bottle cap with a beer.

If the distance is far away, the Shanghai Global Financial Center seems to be relatively small. At that time, I felt that I was a bottle of beer.

Because this building looks different, it is easy to notice this, so this building has also become a local iconic building. Although some people seem to understand, the building has also received various awards. It can also be seen that although the building looks a bit incredible. But there are their own unique.

This building looks like a beer bottle bottle. This design is surprised and will feel bright. This building is very good. Around the prosperity of the business, there are still many people who stand through the windows through the window. You can see that the Huangpu River is not far away. Some people think that this building is novel and shows us the charm of the building. Some people think that if the building can repair our common commercial buildings, the building area is more.

The strange shape of this architecture left a deep impression of many people. Maybe people will take photos of the Shanghai Global Financial Center after Shanghai Global Financial Center. Because this is nearby500.The rice high building is really easy to find. When you look up, I can see it. Now this building is very famous, so there are many people taking pictures as the background.

Shanghai is a very good tourist city. It is more suitable for bad tourism. This strange architectural style is only one of the many beautiful landscapes in Shanghai. The reason why Shanghai is suitable for poor tourism is because there are many attractions here that can be released to everyone freely. The quality of the scenic area is very good.