Analysis on the problem of "avoiding the misunderstanding of modern industrial system construction" ⑤: Never build a car behind closed doors.

  For China, which is committed to building a powerful socialist modernization country, accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system is no longer a "multiple choice" but a "compulsory course". If we want to pass this "required course" with high marks, we must proceed from the basic national conditions of China, adhere to open cooperation and guard against "behind closed doors".

  Openness is an important feature of modern industrial system.

  To speed up the construction of a modern industrial system supported by the real economy, why should we emphasize "adhering to open cooperation and not building cars behind closed doors"?

  — — This is a realistic choice to look forward to the future road on the basis of historical experience.

  Reform and opening up is a strong driving force for China’s development and progress for more than 40 years, and it is also a source of vitality for its future development and progress. Building a modern industrial system is also inseparable from this important magic weapon.

  "Open cooperation is an important driving force for sustainable economic development. To build a modern industrial system supported by the real economy, it is necessary to realize the interactive integration of industrial chain, supply chain and innovation chain in open cooperation. " Liu Qunyan, director of the Intellectual Property Operation Service Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, said.

  "The modern industrial system of a powerful country must be international and global. Constantly shaping the new competitive advantages of China’s manufacturing industry in the complex and ever-changing global economic system is the cornerstone for achieving the goal of building a strong country. " Ma Tao, dean of the Business School of Harbin Institute of Technology, said that from "poor and white" to "running with", "running together" and even "leading", China’s manufacturing industry has always been the key content. China’s super-large-scale labor force has entered the global factor market and formed a "world factory". The global resource allocation capacity of China’s manufacturing enterprises has been greatly developed, which also provides an efficient market matrix for the growth of global advantageous enterprises such as new energy vehicles and ICT products.

  — — This is a realistic choice to seize future opportunities on the basis of historical achievements.

  China has the most complete industrial system and the largest potential domestic demand market in the world. These two advantages are the results of years of active participation in international division of labor and global competition, which provide strong support for building a new development pattern and become a solid foundation for further promoting the open development of modern industrial system.

  Modernization and internationalization are closely related, and openness and competitiveness complement each other. Whether we can build an open and cooperative modern industrial system is related to whether we can win the strategic initiative in international competition and future development. Only by connecting with the international industrial system can we participate in the global industrial division and cooperation more deeply, allocate resources on a global scale, and maintain the innovative vitality of continuous progress in fully participating in international competition.

  — — This is a realistic choice for planning future development on the basis of historical laws.

  To develop a country and revitalize a nation, we must follow the logic of historical progress and conform to the development trend of the times. Today, China is approaching the center of the world stage as never before and interacting closely with the world; Looking around the world, the world is experiencing a new round of great development, great changes and great adjustments. We should follow the trend and take advantage of the situation to promote the high-quality economic development of China under more open conditions.

  "The modern industrial system faces the world and the international market. Openness is its proper meaning. It is necessary to obtain high-end demand information and release the energy of system development in the deep interaction with the global factor market, product and service market. Facing the future, the modern industrial system needs extensive exchanges on a global scale, deepening cooperation among innovation chain, industrial chain and supply chain, creating incremental markets and benefiting the community of human destiny. " Professor school of economics and management of Tongji University and Chen Qiang, executive director of Shanghai Industrial Innovation Ecosystem Research Center, said.

  The construction of modern industrial system is related to the overall national security and high-quality development. Only by creating an open and innovative ecology with international competitiveness can we enhance the adsorption of high-grade innovation factors and production factors, enhance our control over innovation chain and key links in the industrial chain, and realize the leap from "Made in China" to "Created in China".

  "Building a car behind closed doors" can’t build a modern industrial system

  No country or nation in the world can achieve its own development and revitalization by following the footsteps of others, and no country can achieve modernization in the process of closing its doors and building cars behind closed doors. In the construction of China’s modern industrial system, why do some places appear behind closed doors?

  Chen Qiang believes that this has something to do with the objective environment and subjective mentality. First, it is caused by objective environment. At present, a few countries are "building a wall and setting up a base" and "decoupling and breaking the chain" in the cooperation of science and technology and industry, trying to make China’s high-tech industry fall into a situation of "sitting alone in a corner". Second, it is related to subjective mentality. Or it is manifested as "only burying one’s head in pulling a cart, regardless of looking up at the road", lacking the initiative to know and understand the development frontier of science and technology industry and the changes in international market demand; Or blind self-confidence, thinking that the bottleneck problem that restricts the development of modern industrial system can achieve a rapid breakthrough in a relatively short time; Or it is manifested as one-sided pursuit of safety and emphasis on "localization", which leads to self-isolation and isolation in power organization, resource allocation and factor flow.

  "To tackle key core technologies, we should not only devote ourselves to deep cultivation and work hard for a long time, but also look at the world and gather global talents to work together to achieve a larger and higher level breakthrough." Chen Qiang said that "localization" is not the purpose of building a modern industrial system. What is important is to ensure the resilience and safety of the industrial chain and supply chain under the complicated international situation. Although globalization is constantly encountering new challenges, the construction of modern industrial system should adhere to the "international song" and consolidate the material and technological foundation of the Chinese modernization road.

  Some people understand independent innovation as going it alone and opposing it with open cooperation, which is obviously wrong. Independent innovation is not to build a car behind closed doors and fight alone, but to gather the spirit of the four seas and borrow the power of all parties. Many high-tech industries in China have developed and grown in the sound of "Internationale". Many industries developed earlier abroad, and there are many places worth learning from in technology, equipment and regulations.

  Take the biopharmaceutical industry as an example. China’s biopharmaceutical industry started 20 to 30 years later than the developed countries in Europe and America. Because the development and iteration of products take time, some R&D and production equipment and reagents still need to be imported. However, China biopharmaceutical enterprises insist on open cooperation, constantly explore the international market, and set sail in various forms such as investment and merger, patent authorization and product transfer, so as to gradually shorten the gap with overseas mature markets.

  According to the data of the General Administration of Customs, the total import and export volume of biological products in China increased from 58.77 billion yuan to 293.35 billion yuan from 2017 to 2021. Among them, the first four years showed a steady growth trend, and the export value was significantly lower than the import value. In 2020, it was only 35.73 billion yuan. In 2021, the export value of biological products increased significantly to 187.2 billion yuan, an increase of more than 400%, and achieved the first trade surplus in the past five years.

  "Building a car behind closed doors means being backward and eliminated. We should learn from foreign advanced experience. While absorbing foreign advanced technology, we must strengthen the innovation system and the capacity building of independent innovation to keep up with or even surpass the world advanced level." Dr. Chen Bingliang, the chief scientist of Cinda Biopharmaceutical Group, said that since its establishment in 2011, the company has been persisting in opening up and innovation, taking the road of globalization, and has reached a number of international cooperation with internationally renowned enterprises. Its R&D and production standards have passed the examination of international quality standards, and it has also formed independent intellectual property rights, which has become a typical case for foreigners to buy intellectual property rights in China in the field of people’s livelihood.

  For some time, economic globalization has encountered "headwind and countercurrent". Some countries try to "decouple and break the chain" and build a "small courtyard and high wall", hoping to exclude China from the global value chain division system. The most effective strategy to break the "high wall of small courtyard" is not to return to closure, but to promote a higher level of scientific and technological self-reliance and expand a higher level of opening up. It is necessary to show the world China’s confidence and determination to participate in the global economy and promote more inclusive, inclusive and resilient global development.

  The door to China’s opening will only grow wider and wider.

  This year marks the 45th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up, which has developed China and influenced the world. China’s economy is a sea, and all the oceans in the world are connected. China will only open wider and wider, and we will always stand on the right side of history and will never be hindered by headwinds and turning waves.

  — — Adhere to open cooperation and build an institutional mechanism that is more in line with the law of innovation.

  "The modern industrial system is a system of technological innovation, and we must respect the laws of technological innovation." Mi Lei, the founding partner of Zhongke Chuangxing Technology Investment Co., Ltd., said that he has been doing the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, but it is difficult for real frontier projects of science and technology to get financing at an early stage. On the one hand, many private enterprises that started from traditional industries are unfamiliar with and do not understand high technology, and dare not invest their money in the future; On the other hand, many powerful state-owned enterprises and central enterprises make relatively conservative investment decisions.

  Take controlled nuclear fusion technology as an example, it is a revolutionary new energy technology that can change the world, and China’s scientific research work in this field is also in the international leading phalanx. In recent years, global commercial capital is pouring into controlled nuclear fusion. According to incomplete statistics, by 2020, there are 23 private companies in controlled nuclear fusion, while there are few private companies in controlled nuclear fusion, China.

  "We have a big gap with the United States in the field of future-oriented venture capital. Innovation means uncertainty, trial and error, and letting a hundred flowers blossom. It needs tolerance to encourage innovation. " Mi Lei believes that we should further improve the mechanism of encouraging innovation and increase investment in hard science and technology fields such as quantum, photonic chips and controlled nuclear fusion, which require long-term investment. Building a modern industrial system means that from talent selection to capital investment, from evaluation mechanism to reward and punishment mechanism, it must be built around the law of innovation.

  — — Encourage participation in competition and attract higher quality global resources.

  In 2022, the actual use of foreign capital in China was 1,232.68 billion yuan, up 6.3% year-on-year according to comparable caliber, equivalent to 189.13 billion US dollars, up 8% year-on-year. This data shows that the vast majority of foreign-funded enterprises are still optimistic about the development prospects in China, and China is still a global investment highland.

  Under the current global situation, we should make more efforts in "bringing in" at a high level and "going out" at a high quality. Ma Tao said that in 2021, foreign applicants obtained more than 110,000 invention patents in China. By the end of 2022, among the more than 1,300 technical committees in China, the participation rate of foreign-funded enterprises exceeded 60%. At the same time, however, foreign R&D institutions in China focus on local market development, emphasizing domestic demand in medical and pharmaceutical industries, advanced manufacturing and other industries, with few core R&D tasks for global external demand and few forward-looking basic research.

  To achieve high-level "introduction", we should encourage multinational companies to set up R&D centers in China, or cooperate with local institutions to form international R&D alliances and joint R&D institutions, encourage foreign-funded enterprises to participate in the pre-research and drafting of Chinese standards, and support the innovative development of foreign-funded R&D institutions in China; It is necessary to give play to the traction role of national key and major foreign-funded projects, and guide global resources to actively participate in the construction of national new industrialized industrial demonstration bases and advanced manufacturing clusters; It is necessary to support Chinese enterprises to lay out overseas open innovation systems, encourage all kinds of innovative subjects in China to establish overseas R&D institutions, overseas scientific and technological innovation centers and overseas entrepreneurial bases, support Chinese enterprises to actively carry out shared innovation cooperation with domestic and foreign partners and users, and build an innovation consortium by creating new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models; Encourage and support Chinese enterprises to promote the transnational transfer and transformation of appropriate technologies and achievements and promote two-way technical cooperation.

  — — Strengthen synergy and break down local protection and regional barriers.

  Adhere to open cooperation, not only externally, but also internally. Compared with opening to the outside world, opening to the outside world faces many problems and challenges. To build a modern industrial system in which the real economy, scientific and technological innovation, modern finance and human resources cooperate with each other, it is necessary to speed up the establishment of national unified market system rules, break local protection and market segmentation, open up key blocking points that restrict the economic cycle, and promote the smooth flow of commodity factor resources in a wider range.

  Liu Qunyan suggested deepening the reform of the system and mechanism of factor resource allocation. Strengthen the market-oriented allocation reform of land, labor, talents, technology, capital, data and other essential resources to reduce excessive dependence on land and labor resources; Cultivate and introduce innovative talents and high technology, and use the financing capacity of the capital market to promote the development and progress of the real economy.

  Globalization is the general trend of world economic development, and openness is an important feature of modern industrial system. In the process of building a modern industrial system, China will firmly pursue an open strategy of mutual benefit and win-win, deeply integrate into the global industrial chain supply chain, participate in international circulation at a high level, and constantly provide new opportunities for the world with the new development of China.

  (Member of Economic Daily Research Group: Economic Daily reporter Qi Dong Gu Yang Niu Jin She Huimin Huang Xin Ouyang You wrote: She Huimin)

The police helped save the day, and the elderly and children returned home safely.

■ Our reporter Lu Zengan correspondent Le Xue 

The little boy almost got lost when riding in the community garden. Fortunately, after being discovered by enthusiastic citizens, he asked the patrolman for help in time to find his family. One of the two old people fell and was injured, and the other was lost for three days. With the help of the police, they were safely reunited with their families … On February 23, several accidents occurred in Liangqing area, which were saved by the timely and proper disposal of Liangqing police.
  The little boy rode away while his family was not looking.
"Thank you! Help me find my grandson, and we will take good care of the children in the future … "On February 23rd, the auxiliary police of Jinxiang Police Station, the special patrol brigade of Liangqing Public Security Bureau, helped a lost child to go home safely, and the family members thanked him again and again. It turned out that at about 11 o’clock that day, Lin Linfu and Chris Huang, the auxiliary police officers of the Golden Elephant Police Station, carried out patrol prevention and control work in the area under their jurisdiction. When they patrolled to the vicinity of Wuxiang Automobile Life Square on Dongfeng Road in the area under their jurisdiction, they received help from the masses, saying that a little boy was playing alone, without an adult around him, and he was suspected of being lost.
After receiving the report, Lin Linfu and Huang Qiang Hua immediately came forward to understand the situation and found the little boy. It was cold and drizzling, and the little boy sat nervously in the security booth near the square. Seeing this situation, Lin Linfu squatted down and took the little boy’s hand to calm his emotions, patiently communicated with him, and asked his parents for contact information. Because of his young age, the little boy can only answer the names of himself and his grandfather, and other information can’t be provided. In order to help the little boy find his parents quickly, Lin Linfu decided to take the little boy back to the police station first.
Soon, the police successfully contacted the little boy’s grandfather, Yu Mousun, and informed the child about the situation. Twenty minutes later, Yu Mousun hurried to the police station to pick up the little boy. It was learned that the little boy was originally riding in the garden of the community, leaving the community by bike while adults were not paying attention. Fortunately, with the help of enthusiastic people and the police, there was no danger.
  An 80-year-old man fell to the side of the road and suffered a head injury.
Coincidentally, at 10 o’clock in the morning, Tan Jiangang, a policeman from Wuxiang Police Station of the Special Patrol Brigade of Liangqing Public Security Bureau, led the team members to conduct normal patrols in the jurisdiction and found an 80-year-old man falling on the side of the road. Tan Jiangang went forward to check the situation and found that the old man had a head injury and blood oozing out because his head was facing down when he fell. The situation was urgent. Tan Jiangang quickly sent the old man to a nearby hospital for treatment with a police car.
In the hospital, Tan Jiangang accompanied the old man for examination and patiently communicated with the medical staff until his family arrived. After preliminary examination, the old man’s body is not serious. Before leaving, Tan Jiangang patiently handed over the precautions to the elderly family members, and reminded them to accompany their families as much as possible to prevent accidents.
   The old man went out shopping alone for 3 days and didn’t return.
"Please rest assured that we will send the elderly home safely." Recently, Nanxiao Police Station of Nanning Public Security Bureau received an alarm saying that a lost old man was found in Taima Village of Nanxiao Town, and he was unwilling to talk to the villagers. After receiving the police, Chen Xi immediately drove to Taima Village to find the old man.
When the old man saw the police, he gradually relaxed his vigilance and accepted the bread and water handed by the police. It is understood that the old man went out from home to go shopping in the town alone, and somehow he went to Taima Village in Nanxiao Town. When the police asked him about his home address and children’s names, the old man’s language was vague and could not tell the specific situation. After many efforts, I finally got in touch with the family of the old man.
It is understood that the old man has been away from home for three days, and his family is very anxious and looking around. When the police brought the old man back safely, the family’s hanging heart finally relaxed, and a happy smile appeared on their faces, and they thanked the police for their help.

Olympic observation China women’s volleyball team aims to defend its title. "We have waited for five years, and we are ready!"

Volleyball officially became an Olympic event at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964. China women’s volleyball team won gold medals at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984, the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 and the Rio Olympic Games in 2016. It is the only Olympic champion team in China’s "three big balls" event. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is about to open. As the defending champion, head coach Lang Ping will lead China women’s volleyball team to attack the Olympic champion again!

Lineup: Lang Ping hopes that these 12 people are the best choice.

The 12 players of China women’s volleyball team in Tokyo Olympic Games are: Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Li Yingying and Liu Xiaotong as main attackers, Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni and Wang Yuanyuan as auxiliary attackers, Ding Xia and Yao Di as second setters, Gong Xiangyu, Liu Yanhan and Wang Mengjie as free men.

On July 19th, China women’s volleyball team went to Tokyo Olympic Games. Image source: China Women’s Volleyball Team Official Micro

Among them, the oldest is Yan Ni, 34, and the youngest is Li Yingying, 21, born after 00. Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Liu Xiaotong, Yuan Xinyue, Yan Ni, Ding Xia and Gong Xiangyu are the champions of Rio Olympic Games, while Li Yingying, Wang Yuanyuan, Yao Di, Liu Yanhan and Wang Mengjie participated in the Olympic Games for the first time. Judging from the list, all the main core players in the women’s queue are selected, but in the selection of the substitute lineup, Lang Ping is still stable.

Regarding the formation of the list of 12 players, Lang Ping said: "This list has been brewing for a long time, and the whole coaching team is discussing what kind of suitable and complementary lineup should be used to appear in the Tokyo Olympic Games. I also hope that this list is our best choice, and I hope that these 12 athletes can represent all the athletes participating in the training and play their best level. "

Prepare for war: encourage each other to survive the hardest days.

In the 2019 Women’s Volleyball World Cup, Lang Ping led the team to successfully defend its title with an unbeaten record of 11 consecutive victories. This is the tenth championship won by China women’s volleyball team in the three world competitions (Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cup), and it also laid a solid foundation for the upcoming Olympic defending tour.

However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Tokyo Olympic Games was forced to postpone, the FIVB also suspended all international competitions, and the China women’s volleyball team conducted training for seven months without an international competition. "In the most difficult days, we were completely enclosed, relying on each other’s support and companionship." Lang Ping said with emotion, "Thank you for your persistence and hard work. In the days when there was no competition at all and only boring training was left, we still encouraged each other and practiced every day as much as possible, helping our team gain valuable experience in a special period."

On May 1st, 2021, China defeated Japan 3-0 in the women’s volleyball competition on the first day of the Tokyo Olympic Volleyball Test. The picture shows China player Zhu Ting (right) spiking in the game. Xinhua News Agency reporter Du Yiyi photo

In May this year, the volleyball test match of Tokyo Olympic Games was restarted. As the only invited team, China women’s volleyball team played a test match with Japanese women’s volleyball team in Youming Gymnasium, the venue of Tokyo Olympic Games. In the end, China beat its opponent 3-0. This test match is of great value to China women’s volleyball team, which not only adapts to the Olympic venue in advance, but also makes the players who have not participated in international competitions for more than a year find their feelings on the field.

At the end of May, the 2021 World Women’s Volleyball League was held in Rimini, Italy in the form of "safety bubble". China women’s volleyball team sent a substitute team to participate in the first stage of the competition. Although the team only achieved 4 wins and 5 losses, more substitute players got the opportunity to play, which also made the coaching staff have a greater grasp of the choice of the Olympic list. After 9 matches, the six main players of China women’s volleyball team returned to the team. In the following 6 matches, the China team won a total victory even against Italian, Russian and American teams. Zhu Ting, Yuan Xinyue, Gong Xiangyu, Ding Xia and other main players are in a stable state, which also makes fans have more expectations for the upcoming Olympic journey of China women’s volleyball team.

Playing: After waiting for five years, we are ready.

According to the rules, the 12 women’s volleyball teams participating in the Tokyo Olympic Games were divided into two groups, with 6 teams in each group playing 5 round robin matches. The top four teams in the group entered the quarterfinals, and finally decided the champion by eliminating the competition system.

In the latest world ranking of women’s volleyball, the United States tops the list, followed by China and Brazil. The fourth to tenth places are Turkey, Japan, Dominica, Russia, Netherlands, Italy and Belgium. At the Tokyo Olympics, China was in Group B with the United States, Russia, Italy, Argentina and Turkey.

On July 25th, China will make its debut at the Tokyo Olympic Games, against the Turkish team. As a European team with rapid rising momentum in recent years, the Turkish team has considerable strength. At the World Women’s Volleyball League which ended last month, China sent a substitute team to play and lost 3-0 to the Turkish team. At the Tokyo Olympic Games, it was not a big problem for the China team to get off to a good start.

On June 20th, 2021, in the preliminaries of the 2021 World Women’s Volleyball League held in Rimini, Italy, China beat the United States 3-0. The picture shows China player Yan Ni (first from left) blocking the ball in the game. Xinhua news agency

For China, the first real test of this Olympic Games is the game against the United States on July 27th. Since the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, China women’s volleyball team has lost to its opponents in three consecutive Olympic Games. This American team in Tokyo Olympic Games has many excellent players, such as Larson, Bucky, Robinson, Akinradewo and Poulter, and its strength is good. This year’s World Women’s Volleyball League,The United States defeated Brazil 3-1 in the final to win three consecutive championships. Although it lost 3-0 to China in the last game of the preliminary round, the United States, which won 14 consecutive victories at that time, had ensured the qualification, so it did not send its main force to play. In the group competition of Tokyo Olympic Games, it was China who defeated the American team.teamThe first important goal.

China will play Russian, Italian and Argentine teams in the next three group matches. In recent years, the main players of the Italian women’s volleyball team have gradually matured, especially Egnu, who has strong strength, strong explosive force and extremely lethal re-buckle. How to restrain Egnu’s play is a problem that China women’s volleyball team must solve. Russia sent a number of young players to the Olympic Games this time. The absence of famous players such as Kosheleva, Parubetz and Romanova greatly reduced the strength of the team. In the last two games of the group stage, it was believed that China women’s volleyball team would achieve satisfactory results against Russia and Argentina, which ranked 16th in the world.

In addition to the opponents in the group stage, Serbian women’s volleyball team may pose a threat to China women’s volleyball team in the knockout stage. In the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, China women’s volleyball team defeated its opponent in the final, and reached the Olympic champion podium after a lapse of 12 years. During the Tokyo Olympic cycle, the main lineup of Serbian team has not changed much. Boskovich, Ogennovic, mikhailovich, Lasic and S Popovich will all play in the Tokyo Olympic Games. At the same time, Kosic, lazovic and Caric, who have performed well in this year’s World Women’s Volleyball League, have also been successfully selected. As the champion of the 2018 World Championships, Serbian women’s volleyball team will be one of the strong opponents of China women’s volleyball team.

On July 19th, China women’s volleyball team successfully arrived in Tokyo. "I am very excited to come to Tokyo this time. We are ready, because we have waited for five years, and the time is quite long. Finally, we have the opportunity to embark on the journey of the Olympic Games, and the team is in good shape. Our goal is to attack medals and fight one by one. The Olympic Games is different from the usual leagues. Every game is very difficult. We will go all out and hope to play the best level and win glory for our country. " As Lang Ping said, the defending champion China women’s volleyball team is ready!

The women’s volleyball schedule of Tokyo Olympic Games (Beijing time);

At 15:25 on July 25th, China VS Turkey.

At 10:05 on July 27th, China VS USA.

China VS Russian at 15:25 on July 29th.

China VS Italian at 20:45 on July 31st.

August 2, 15:25 China VS Argentina.

August 4th quarter-finals

August 6 semi-final

August 8 final

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The strongest team of Olympic observers will go to China table tennis team in Tokyo with a firm goal.

Olympic observation of China Hercules or creating a new history

Olympic observers dare to fight and fight for the national feather and shoulder the heavy responsibility of rushing for gold.

Olympic observation: China diving "dream team" made a strong expedition to veteran rising star with 8 gold medals.

Olympic observation, China women’s basketball team’s ninth Olympic campaign, expecting the "hard core" to reappear.

Olympic observation: China women’s football team fights every game with old and new strength.

The new lineup of Olympic observers went to China, Tokyo to shoot the first gold medal.

What is the thing that women are most afraid of in their sexual life?

# Headline article development plan #


Is the most common and popular at present.

A contraceptive method with high contraceptive rate.

But any kind of contraception

Are difficult to achieve.100% contraceptive rate

Condoms are no exception.

Today we are going to talk about

It’s just a girl’s sex life

What I am most afraid of-

Condom breakage


Don’t think

this is aMinimal probability event

In 2015

Researchers in related fields

A survey was conducted.

On the cause of unintended pregnancy

"The condom is damaged or falls off"

Accounted for 28%

And "no contraceptive measures"

Accounted for only 15%

Although this survey is one-sided.

But this data

It can explain to some extent.

"condom breakage" is not a small probability event.

Try to avoid it in daily use.

In order to better ensure safety.

Condom breakage

What are the causes?

The condom was accidentally damaged.

There are two main possible factors

First kind

The quality of the condom itself is not good

Condoms produced by regular manufacturers

It will pass before leaving the factory.

Electrode test, air explosion test

Pinhole water leakage test, dermatological testetc

The purpose is to ensure the quality up to standard.

Avoid breakage during use.

And some inferior condoms

The production process is not up to standard.

Pre-factory inspection

It is even more likely to be omitted directly.

This leads to the fact that during use

It is very likely that "breakage" will occur.

Want to avoid this situation

The way is actually very simple.

Through formal channels

Buy regular brand condoms.

Condoms are such things.

After all, the use site is special.

Those "three no condoms"

Presumably, everyone dare not use it easily.

So this point will not be discussed.

the second type

The wrong way to use it

Why did you use a regular brand condom?

It’s broken, too

That must be in the way of use.

There was an error.

Specific mistakes

Can be divided into three categories.

I bought it wrong.


Condoms are also dividedLarge, medium and small.of

Judging from the general data of men in the whole country

Usually, medium and large sizes will be more "fit"

But …

When many gentlemen buy condoms,

Don’t care about size at all

What number to buy is completely random.

There are also some gentlemen.

In order to "experience better"

Deliberately buy a condom that doesn’t fit.

The condom is too big, too small, too loose and too tight.

May lead to the use of.

Accidental breakage occurs.

Wear it wrong.

Some gentlemen wear it.

In order to achieve a safer contraceptive effect

Will choose "Wear two layers"

Two-layer condom not only can not improve safety

Instead, due to mutual friction.

Increased in the process of intense exercise

Damage probability


There are also some wrong ways to wear them

Like putting it firstThe condom is fully deployed.

Then wear it.

Another exampleWear it too hard.

There is no space left at the top.

All these may cause

The condom is damaged during use.

Wrong use.

It’s not over yet

When it comes to formal use

There are still many pits you may step on.

For example, some gentlemen are more excited.

The action may be involuntary

Become rude

Although the surface of the condom

There is a protective lubricant.

butToo violent a movement.

It is still possible to cause damage.

There are people who are pursuing

Different stimuli

Select someHave sex in a special place

Like the bathroom.

High temperature, hot water, bath products

It is possible to destroy the structural stability of the sleeve.

Plus the environment like the bathroom.

Will make private parts dry.

This will greatly increase the risk of condom breakage.

in short

In order to "avoid winning the prize"

The mistakes mentioned above

Gentlemen must pay attention.

Don’t step on the pit.

Doctor, for a minute, the posture keeps rising.

-End of this period-

Shanghai Pudong’s "Investment Promotion · Bright City" — Don’t read it wrong -don’t look at it -come in and see

Line 9 Gu Tang Road Metro Station is pure new. Pudong Caolu Merchants Bright City Exhibition Hall has been opened. It is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Jinzhao Road, Gu Tang Road. It is expected to enter the market in the second quarter.

The project first launched 348 suite land

The main push construction surface is about 105-135 square meters 3-4 room

Hardcover, rough delivery

The linked price of the house is 45,000/㎡!

In the capital verification, the first set of 2 million, two 4 million.

The average residential price is expected to be 57,000/㎡

According to the plan, a total of 6 high-rise houses are built with a product of 105-135 square meters. Among them, 7#is self -sustaining for developers, 1#, 2#, 3#, 5#are all 105㎡ units (1#3#hardcover 2#5#blank), and 6#are all 135㎡ units.

A total of 416 suites, 204 units of 105㎡ units, 144 rough blank, and 68 units of 135㎡ apartment.

Open 1#, 2#, 3#, 5#105㎡ units.

Sales Hotline?: 400-8123-224

Empower the city upgrade, China Merchants Shekou’s bright new voice

As China’s leading cities and park operation service providers, China Merchants Shekou has deeply cultivated Shanghai, constantly helping urban development with high -quality works, and is committed to becoming a bearer of a better life.

In 2022, China Merchants Shekou Shanghai’s company was ingenious, and its strength layout was diversified, creating more good possibilities for cities. The new "6D" TOD work created by China Merchants Shekou United Midea at Gu Tang Road Station, Pudong Line 9-China Merchants · Bright CityEssence

Bright City as China Merchants Shekou new exploration TOD complex worksReterable to the relationship between people and cities, people and life, stand on the development of Pudong, and create a new model of TOD life for cities more convenient and comfortable.


The planning and renderings of the land are currently exposed!

The renderings are as follows: (for reference only, eventually the developer announced)

Sales Hotline?: 400-8123-224

According to the housing price linked hint, the Housing link price of the PDP0-0307 unit D1B-6 plot and the D1E-11 plot in Caolu Central Town, Pudong New District is 45,000/㎡, which is far lower than the average price of the surrounding second-hand housing.


PDP0-0307 unit D1B-6 plot in Caolu Central Town, Pudong New Area, D1E-11 plot is located in Caolu Town, Pudong New District, east to Huagu Road, south to Qinjiagang Road, west to Gu Tang Road, north to north to north to north. Jin Zhaolu.

"Bright City" is a comprehensive plot of commercial and residential office

The lower limit of the residential set is 476 sets

Line 9 Gu Tang Road Station

Residential & Complexing price is 45,000 yuan/㎡

People and cities

New demonstration zone in Pudong, meet the future

Pudong has never lack of miracles. Pudong itself is a miracle. From Lujiazui in the 1990s, to the front beach planned by the 12th Five -Year Plan, and then to the Golden Bridge City Sub -center and Zhangjiang City Sub -center, Pudong’s speed represents Shanghai speed.

In 2019, Pudong New Area was given municipal economic management authority. In 2021, the "Decision on the Formation of the Pudong New District Regulations of the Shanghai People’s Congress and its Standing Committee" was adopted in 2021. By 2035, the socialist modern international University with world influence will be basically established. Urban cities.

Bright cities, Luzi World Pudong, Tangzhen-Cao Lu-Heqing City Town Cross Town Cao Lu, in the south of Zhangjiang Gao Technology Park, Biyun International Community in the west, and Gaqiao Free Trade Zone in the north. Only one outer ring line is separated from the Pudong 2035 plan. The time of the two songs can reach 2.18 million square meters of Jinqiao’s "9 palace", which has superior geographical and traffic advantages.

Project area map

Bright cities, compound development of commercial, office buildings, residential and other formats, and integrate public travel, office, entertainment, shopping and other functions one stop. At the same time, the value of surrounding land is greatly increased, and the development of the entire sector will be driven, and the future will become the core business center of the "Cao Hetang" region.


People and life

"6D" tod, a new era of life mode

As the new generation of TOD products of China Merchants Shekou, the bright city comes with about 90,000 square meters of business -China Merchants Garden City, only 416 houses, 6 office buildings, etc., to create a three -dimensional lifestyle with the new "6D" TOD model.

At this point, home, shopping malls, office buildings, and subways have no underground pass within about 400 meters, and enjoy all supporting facilities. Easily realize the efficient and high -quality experience of work, life, social, and travel. With more comfortable travel standards, richer business scenarios, greener urban environments, more vibrant living forms, and more free living space, create a new urban model of "man -made".


The construction surface of the "China Merchants · Bright City" residential product is about 105-135㎡, with a total of 416 units. It is expected that the first phase of the residential house will be pushed 105㎡Essence The apartment diagram is as follows:

Peripheral facilities:

【Business Resources】

There are commercial facilities such as Shanghai Jinqin Square, Baolong City Plaza, Yue Tian Di and other commercial facilities around the plot.

Baolong City Plaza

【Ecological Resources】

There are also Jinhai Wetland Park in the ecology.

Jinhai Wetland Park

The "Bright City" is about 1 kilometer of Perma Hills (real estate transformed by the dormitory). The apartment is about 41-108 square meters of 1-4 rooms, with a total price of about 2.88 million.

Peima hill sand table

The west side of the plot is the riverside urban garden project. It was completed in 2006. The current average listing price of second -hand housing is 61,000/㎡.

Riverside city garden

Everyone who loves life has a better idea for the city! As a rare subway disk in Pudong, the project has attracted much attention from the start of the land. On the day of the release of the case, many customers have been looking forward to it.

Officially released by the project,China Merchants Shekou "6D" TOD -The bright city exhibition hall is grandly opened on January 27,,The exhibition hall is located in the northeast corner of the intersection of Jinzhao Road, Gu Tang Road, about 200 meters south of McDonald’sEssence Please enter the registration channel for consultation and appointment!