Can Hua Xizi, the center of the storm, leave Li Jiaqi?

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After the speech in the live broadcast angered the "migrant workers", Li Jiaqi wanted to save the hearts of "all girls".

On the evening of September 11th, Li Jiaqi cried and apologized to the netizens in the live broadcast room, and promised to stay in the best condition to accompany everyone, accept criticism sincerely and serve all consumers with heart.

On September 10th, when Li Jiaqi introduced a 79 yuan Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil in the live broadcast room, she was questioned by consumers as "more and more expensive". Li Jiaqi, who saw the message, was a little excited and immediately replied to the netizen, "Domestic brands are very difficult. Sometimes, look for your own reasons. After so many years, wages have not risen. Have you worked hard? " This remark aroused extensive discussion among netizens.

Time Finance noticed that netizens’ dissatisfaction mainly comes from two aspects: one is the accusation of "migrant workers" in Li Jiaqi’s speech, and the other is the pricing problem of domestic beauty brand Huaxizi products.

At 1 am on September 11th, Li Jiaqi issued an apology in Weibo, saying that "Li Jiaqi has let everyone down … I am a makeup counter salesman, and I know that everyone’s work is hard and not easy … As an anchor, I should always bring you positive energy and learn to control your emotions."

But this incident continues to ferment. On September 11th, several terms such as "Li Jiaqi apologizes for the live broadcast", "Hua Xizi", "How expensive is Hua Xizi", "Do you accept Li Jiaqi’s apology", "Hua Xizi’s eyebrow pencil costs more than 980 grams and can buy two grams of gold" and "Li Jiaqi said that he can’t find his previous state" rushed to Weibo for hot search. Since the incident, Li Jiaqi’s personal Weibo has lost nearly one million fans, and the number of fans has dropped from nearly 30.5 million to 29.55 million. However, there are also consumers who support Li Jiaqi, saying, "Let’s buy high and low tonight.".

Time Finance contacted Hua Xizi on this matter, but as of press time, the other party has not responded.

Bundled with Li Jiaqi, the annual sales once exceeded 5 billion

As a domestic brand "famous" by Li Jiaqi, its relationship with Hua Xizi has also been concerned.

Hua Xizi, founded in 2017, was still in the initial stage of brand creation before meeting Li Jiaqi. Fei Man, co-founder of Hua Xizi, told the media that Hua Xizi first came into contact with Li Jiaqi in May 2018, but the two sides did not cooperate immediately.

In the second half of 2018, Li Jiaqi’s popularity soared because he completed the Guinness World Record challenge of "the largest number of people wearing lipstick in 30 seconds" and promoted to sell lipstick with Jack Ma on the same stage in the "Double Eleven". During this period, Hua Xizi’s core product "Air Honey Powder" first appeared in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi.

Li Jiaqi’s ability to carry goods is obvious to all. According to the research report of Guoyuan Securities, this new product became the first in the sales volume of "double 11" stores that year after it was first launched in the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi, and sold over 20,000 pieces.

I tasted the sweetness of live broadcast with goods. Since 2019, Hua Xizi has started intensive cooperation with Li Jiaqi, focusing on single products such as air honey powder and carved lipstick. According to the market intelligence data of Magic Mirror, a kind of "Flower Xizi Micro-carved Star Dome Carved Lipstick" launched in April 2019, after being promoted by multiple platforms in Li Jiaqi the following month, the sales volume increased by 165% from the previous month to 5.948 million yuan, and by November of that year, the monthly sales volume of this lipstick further increased to 23.952 million yuan.

In September 2019, Li Jiaqi also became the chief recommender of Hua Xizi. During the "double 11" period, Huaxizi’s "Air Honey Powder" sold over 700,000 boxes, ranking seventh in the category of Tmall beauty cosmetics, and the monthly sales of brand flagship stores exceeded 250 million yuan.

Since then, Hua Xizi has been more "reliant" on Li Jiaqi. According to the statistics of Guoyuan Securities, in 2020, Huaxizi brand entered the live broadcast room in Li Jiaqi for 71 times, with an average monthly cooperation of over 5 times. Among them, in May, 2020, Huaxizi cooperated with Li Jiaqi in live broadcast and delivery for as many as 10 times. Li Jiaqi also participated in the co-creation of Huaxi’s "Miao Impression" and "Dai Impression" series products.

During the cooperation between Hua Xizi and Li Jiaqi, the sales of the brand achieved rapid growth. The Western Securities Research Report pointed out that in 2021, Huaxizi achieved sales of 5.4 billion yuan, which was more than 100 times higher than the sales of about 40 million yuan in 2018. According to the Shanghai Securities Research Report, the market share of Huaxizi increased from 0.30% to 6.80% from 2017 to 2021.

Fei Man, co-founder of Hua Xizi, also admitted in an interview that the sales growth of Hua Xizi is inseparable from the cooperation with Li Jiaqi. "There was a certain sales base before, but it was not as high as the follow-up."

Don’t want to fall into low-price competition, Hua Xizi takes the high-end road.

Obviously, the strategy of deep binding with Li Jiaqi has brought a backlash to Hua Xizi after this public opinion fermentation. Many consumers threatened to boycott Huaxizi products because of Li Jiaqi’s inappropriate remarks. At the same time, the high gram price of products has also become the target of public criticism.

Some netizens listed the comparison of the price per gram of Hua Xizi eyebrow pencil and other brands. Take Hua Xizi’s Shouwu Eyebrow Pencil as an example. The content of Hua Xizi’s 69 yuan Eyebrow Pencil is 0.07 g, and the price per gram is as high as 985.71 yuan. What can be compared is that Shu Uemura’s classic machete eyebrow pencil is only 58.82 yuan per gram.

However, in the eyes of the industry, there is no problem with Hua Xizi’s pricing strategy, and high prices are not the original sin. "In the best period, we focused on the price band of consumption upgrading, and the pricing of products was chosen according to consumer psychology. It’s just that there is a problem in the communication between the brand and consumers, so let everyone go to this detail. "

Source: Pixabay

In fact, Hua Xizi’s initial positioning is different from many domestic brands, and it is not a low-end and cheap brand. Hua Mantian, the founder of Hua Xizi, once mentioned in Weibo that "a person’s circle determines his position, and a brand’s 4P determines its positioning." The 4Ps are products, prices, channels and publicity.

In an interview as early as 2021, Fei Man, co-founder of Hua Xizi, said that Hua Xizi had to escape from low-price competition if he wanted to produce products with high creativity, high technology and high investment. "Why can China brands only sell at cheap prices? We want to break the price ceiling. Low prices will only block the brand at the level of low technology, low creativity and low research and development capabilities. "

Time Finance found that the high pricing of Huaxizi was also related to its internationalization ambition. In overseas markets, the price of Huaxizi lipstick is about 50 dollars (about 364 yuan), and the price of eye shadow tray is about 60 dollars (about 437 yuan). At the end of August this year, Hua Xizi opened a counter in Isetan, Shinjuku, Japan, adjacent to the international brand Chanel.

Reduced dependence on Li Jiaqi, but never left Li Jiaqi

In the initial stage of the brand, Li Jiaqi Live Room is undoubtedly a high-quality sales channel. But now, Li Jiaqi’s role in Huaxi is changing.

Since 2020, Hua Xizi has established self-broadcasting channels on multiple platforms. In March 2022, Hua Xizi’s chief product, Guan Shanglu, also told the media that Li Jiaqi’s share of the company’s total business volume was not higher than 5%. "We rely more on Li Jiaqi’s concept of creating products with us."

According to the observation of a senior strategist who has served many beauty brands, Hua Xizi tried to gradually weaken the relationship with Li Jiaqi and the sales ratio of live broadcast rooms in Li Jiaqi, but the live broadcast channel was still important, and Hua Xizi never left Li Jiaqi for the first launch of her new products.

In fact, Hua Xizi’s "Li Jiaqi dependence" is more reflected in brand communication.

For a long time in the past, for a large number of domestic brands that rely on network traffic to rise, the KOL group headed by Li Jiaqi has become an important bridge between brands and consumers.

Earlier, when Fei Man was interviewed by the media, he also revealed that Li Jiaqi’s voice advantage in the cooperation with Hua Xizi, "Li Jiaqi deeply participated in the co-creation of many products of Hua Xizi. In the process of co-creating products, many ideas and contents of products have been formed in his mind, and even some ideas were put forward by him. The more time and energy he spends, the more content he can tell users. If you know Li Jiaqi, you will know that no one can write a script for him in Jiaqi’s live room. "

With the increasing attention of Huaxizi brand, Li Jiaqi’s excessive right to speak in brand communication has also laid a thunder for today’s storm.

In the latest video, Li Jiaqi, as a "co-creator", ignored the absolute information gap with consumers. In the face of high-priced doubts, he should have conveyed the little-known high-end positioning of Hua Xizi, product research and development process and other explanatory information that consumers are not easy to reach, but he never thought of a blurted accusation, which led to intensified contradictions.

In an interview, L ‘Oré al China executives pointed out the problem of brand communication, "Twenty years ago, through newspapers, magazines and TV advertisements. Consumers listen to what the brand says, but today the brand passes the content to 100 kols, and Copy must be out of shape. "

Today, with Hua Xizi’s high-profile going abroad, it is not uncommon to see Hua Xizi’s cheap domestic product label in the communication content of domestic social platform KOL, and consumers have already formed an inherent cognition. Hua Xizi is also hard to blame for this dislocation between actual positioning and consumer cognition.

It is worth mentioning that the lack of communication between Hua Xizi and consumers is also reflected in the layout of online stores. It was not until December 2022 that the first offline flagship store of Huaxizi officially landed in West Lake, Hangzhou. At present, there is no news about the layout of more stores.

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The gym is closed without warning, and the new card will be wasted?

  Before the festival, there was still a crazy promotion, and suddenly after the festival, the door closed.

  The gym closed without warning.

  The new card will be wasted?

  It is said that every festival is three pounds fat, and after the National Day, various gyms are busy. Recently, Xiao T from Yuhang, Hangzhou, was going to burn fat in a gym near his home, but it was empty — — Before the festival, the door of the gym that was still selling cards was locked, which was suspected of "running the road".

  "During the National Day, the store posted a notice saying that it was going to take a few days off. When they were open, they were always closed." Xiao T immediately contacted the clerk who had helped her with the card. The other party said that she left her job before the "Eleventh", and the specific situation in the store was unclear.

  "The card I just opened in mid-September hit Shui Piao, and the store closed without warning."

  Little T has joined a rights protection group. At present, there are more than 30 people in this group. Some people have just got an annual card, and some people have bought private education classes. The balance in the card is as low as 20,000 yuan and as much as 40,000 yuan.

  Why did the store that was still selling discount cards before it closed suddenly fall down? Is there any hope of reopening the gym?

  After receiving help, on October 31, the reporter visited this Landi Fitness Center on Haoyun Street.

  Not only consumers but also shopping malls defend their rights.

  At 10 o’clock in the morning, the reporter followed Xiao T to Landy Fitness, located on the 3rd floor of Millennium Boat Home Plaza in Haoyun Street.

  Looking through the glass door, all kinds of fitness equipment are still there.

  There are two locks on the main entrance, and there is a holiday notice posted on September 28: it will be closed from September 29 to October 6, and will resume business on October 7.

  "Everyone thought it was a normal holiday, and they didn’t open it until the second time, only to find that it was wrong."

  What makes Xiao T angry is that the store staff are still actively promoting the sale of cards in September. "I am a fitness white, and I will try to get a card in mid-September. At that time, the clerk said that the discount was very strong, and the annual card could save a lot of money than usual. You see, there are still publicity banners hanging in the store. " Following the direction of her finger, the reporter saw the anniversary poster hanging above the front desk of the store, "Buy for half a year and send for half a year". Fortunately for Xiao T, he resisted the temptation at that time and insisted on spending only 300 yuan on a monthly card, "otherwise the loss will be even greater."

  Another member told reporters that he is an old customer of this store. "After practicing for three or four years, I never thought this would happen." According to the description of this member, there are hundreds of members in this store, and many members have renewed their cards in this promotion.

  "I still have twenty or thirty private lessons to finish, and the balance of my card is more than 10 thousand yuan." Another female member said that she had been in contact with Manager Yang, and the other party did not communicate in advance before the business was suspended. "My personal belongings are still in the gym. Now Manager Yang only said that he left his job and returned to his hometown. He asked him how to solve it later. He will never reply to the message again."

  There is also a "notice of termination of contract" at the door.

  In the notice, Hangzhou Juyi Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., the leaser of Home Plaza, said that the lease contract was terminated on October 24, 2023 because Hangzhou Laimeng Sports Development Co., Ltd. (the registered party of Landi Fitness Haoyun Street Store) defaulted on rent, property fee and water fee for more than 20 days.

  The staff revealed that two days ago, the store also sent people to try to move things in the store, which was stopped after being discovered by security guards. "So now they have a lock on the door, and we have added a lock."

  The phone number of the store has become empty, and the legal person was changed a few days before the closure.

  The reporter tried to call the store phone of Lundy Fitness, and it was displayed as an empty number. Later, I called the legal person phone number of Hangzhou Laimeng Sports Development Co., Ltd., one of which directly denied and hung up after being connected, and the other was never answered.

  According to the company registration information, the legal person changed on September 25, just a few days before the closure.

  It is understood that the issue of prepaid card consumption in gymnasiums is the responsibility of the competent department of industry, that is, the sports department, that is, Yuhang District Cultural Tourism and Sports Bureau.

  Prior to this, members of the rights protection group also carried out independent rights protection. "After the situation was fed back, after a few days, the Cultural Tourism Sports Bureau called back and said that it had been seen on the spot, but it was impossible to contact the legal person. It is recommended to take legal channels."

  Xiao T told reporters that there is also a Landy Fitness on the 4th floor of Shenlan Mansion, Boyuan Road, Yuhang District, and some members in the rights protection group have changed stores.

  The staff at the front desk of Landy Fitness said that at present, members of Haoyun Street Store can accept it, but the prepaid fee cannot be refunded. "We are not the same boss. Our boss’s surname is Feng. We used to cooperate with Haoyun Street Store, but their stores are independent."

  The staff revealed that Lundy Fitness in Haoyun Street had just changed its boss in September. I heard that the major shareholder of the original store quit, and Manager Yang was a minor shareholder and resigned and returned to his hometown. "At that time, I said that I would continue to renovate, but it is hard to say whether it will be opened again."

  In response to this matter, the reporter also contacted lawyer Shao Bin, an expert of Chao News and Law Popularization Think Tank and honorary director of Shanghai Bohe Hanshang (Hangzhou) Law Firm.

  Shao Bin told reporters that the sudden closure of the gym caused the contract to be unable to continue, which constituted a breach of contract. If there are many members involved or the amount is huge, you can also go to the industrial and commercial department to make a collective complaint.

  "In view of the refusal to refund the fee, the registered company of this gym can be prosecuted." However, Shao Bin also said that an independent company like this will have no executable property in the end, and it will be difficult to implement it.

  In view of the current situation, Shao Bin suggested that consumers should be more cautious and rational when spending in advance. (qianjiang evening news reporter Teng Yizhen)

Beginning of winter today! When the cold wave strikes, tell these things about winter to your children | Pay special attention.

The north wind sneaked into silence.

It’s beginning of winter before autumn.

According to the Astronomical Calendar of China in 2021,
At 12: 59 on November 7, Beijing time,
Will usher in"beginning of winter"Solar terms
"Standing" is the beginning and "Winter" is the end.
This is the first solar term in winter.
When the ground begins to freeze, water begins to freeze.
The leaves are half green and yellow, and everything is collected.
Nature will usher in a new round of glory.
Beginning of winter Sanhou
The ancients set three times for beginning of winter.
Ice begins when water waits.
The water surface condenses in early winter.
But ice has not yet formed.
Thin ice reflects the golden light of the sun.
Spread out in the water
Freeze in two waiting places
Wait until it gets colder.
Even the land is covered with frost.

When the pheasant enters the flood, it becomes a stork.

The ancients believed that

After beginning of winter, the pheasant became a giant clam.

This is due to the fact that the coat color of a child is similar to the shell color of a clam.

The rich imagination of the Chinese nation.


Beginning of winter’s poems
Since ancient times
People are interested in the arrival of beginning of winter solar terms.
There are different thoughts

A frozen pen is lazy to write new poems, and a cold stove is warm when drinking wine.

Drunk to see the ink flowers and the moon white, suddenly suspected that the snow was full of the former village.

-(Tang) beginning of winter by Li Bai


many people
Fear the bitter cold of winter.
But the four seasons and the bright moon
But they are all good friends of the poet
A romantic person
Winter in the eyes
It’s not just a blockbuster with white snow.
There is also a family.Cold furnace temperature wine

The garden swept away the west wind, but the yellow flowers did not bear the autumn.

-(Song) Qian Shi’s "beginning of winter’s Frost on Chrysanthemum the Day Before"


The moon has foul weather and fair, waxing and waning

Man has grief and joy, parting and reunion

But when the flowery years fade away
I will still be by your side.

The room is small and rich, and the wall is only shoulder-low.

It’s only after the month of giving clothes, and it’s the first day.

An inch of charcoal accumulates in the furnace, and baht is called cloth quilt cotton.

I have been a teacher all my life, and I am happy everywhere.

-(Song) Lu You’s Winter Work


I am a humble room, but I am virtuous.

A person’s living space can be small.
But heart and ambition
But it can be infinite
Face winter with joy
Is to love life
Beginning of winter diet
After beginning of winter.
Ushered in a good time for tonic.
And people work hard for a year until after the autumn harvest.
It’s time to reward yourself with delicious food.
Beginning of winter and beginning of spring, long summer and beginning of autumn.
Collectively known as "four stands"
It was an important festival in ancient times.
There is a custom of "welcoming winter" and "supplementing winter"
During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it entered the October of the lunar calendar.
Every household in the capital will "add fire"
Similar to the heating in the north now
In recent years, many places in the south have also begun to try central heating.
"Keeping warm by shaking" is becoming a thing of the past.
If you are warm, you have to solve the problem of satiety.
As the saying goes, "beginning of winter fills the mouth."
People have leisure at the end of the year after hard work.
It’s time to reward yourself with delicious food.
Beginning of winter is the turn of autumn and winter.
Homophonic "jiaozi"Chinese dumplingCan’t help eating
Southerners preferHot repair
Resist the cold wave with full heat
Beginning of winter’s dining table is full of chickens, ducks, cattle and sheep.
Make another pot of hot tea.
Gather around, weddings.
Have a lively meal"Welcome to Winter Banquet"
It’s freezing outside.
The whole body is warm as spring.
Beginning of winter health
Beginning of Winter
In ancient times, it was an important health-preserving solar term among the 24 solar terms.
Because after officially entering the winter,
Plants and trees wither and insects lurk.
Everything is saving its strength for the coming spring attack.
Beginning of winter season
Pay attention to keep your feet warm.
You can soak your feet in hot water before going to bed.
In daily life, I lie down early and get up late.
Ensure adequate sleep and be healthier.

Proper exercise has many benefits.

Suggest jogging, climbing stairs,

Tai Ji Chuan and other sports.

Do not sweat too much.

Timely hydration

In mental recuperation
To control emotional activities
Avoid worry
Try to keep a cheerful mood.
Beginning of WinterObserve phenology
When talking about the twenty-four solar terms

You can always hear the word seventy-two waiting.

Many people will ask:

What’s the seventy-two syndrome?

What does it have to do with solar terms?

Seventy-two phases were used in ancient China.

Calendar supplement to guide agricultural activities

According to the geography and climate of the Yellow River basin

And animals and plants in nature

Some scenes were compiled.

Take five days as the waiting time, and three days as the gas.

Six qi is the time, and four is the age.

There are 72 solar terms in a year.

The picture is selected from the picture book "This is the Twenty-four Solar Terms"

Each climate corresponds to a phenological phenomenon.

Call it "waiting"

Among them, plants "wait" for plants.

Sprouting, flowering, fruiting, etc.

Animals "wait" for animals.

First vibration, first song, mating, migration, etc.

Abiotic "waiting"

There are initial freezing, thawing and thunder.

The sequential change of "waiting" in seventy-two periods

Reflects the fact that during the year,

General situation of phenology and climate change

We call these phenomena "phenology"

The picture is selected from My Natural Phenology Calendar 2022.

In ancient times without meteorology

Ancestors used this easy to observe and record

And widely spread.

Will be true and beautiful, concise and easy to remember

The phenological signs are combed and summarized.

Guide people’s production and life more scientifically.

Since it came into being

Has been playing an active role.


China has a vast territory and diverse climate.

Seventy-two syndrome laws summarized by the ancients

It can’t be put all over the country.

It is necessary to carry out the research based on solar terms phenology

Research on "Care in Place"

Through the study of local phenology

Observe, record, sort out and summarize

Highly concise and localized phenological description

Complete the compilation of "local natural calendar"

In this way, local climate change can be predicted more accurately.

And guide local daily production and life.

The picture is selected from My Natural Phenology Calendar 2022.


Phenological description of the 24 solar terms

It is "to be continued"

People who need to be in different places

Observe and record separately.

Natural phenology in the locality

In this way, we can really do it.

"Live with the local solar terms"

How to better observe and record?

China Education News and Dolphin Publishing House

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My natural phenological calendar 2022

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Characteristic calendar of phenological phenomena throughout the year

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Covering the sun, moon, stars, flowers, birds and insects.

Such as natural themes,

From meteorology, hydrology, animals and plants, astronomy

Explore natural phenomena from multiple angles,

Answer questions in your daily life.

Call on readers at the same time

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The book also set up "appreciation of famous sentences"

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If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

In this season of collecting everything.

Accumulate energy and take root firmly.

Just for the next bloom

Article source | Xinhua News Agency, People’s Daily
Editor | Zhao Li

Satellite vision 2023: El Nino stirs up the global climate.

In April 2023, the Copernicus Climate Change Service of the European Union indicated that the global average temperature may reach a new high in 2023 or 2024 due to the influence of climate change and the expected return of El Ni? o weather phenomenon. In July, the World Meteorological Organization announced the formation of El Ni? o conditions in the tropical Pacific for the first time in seven years. On November 30th, the World Meteorological Organization announced that 2023 was the hottest year in human history on record.
Under the background of global warming, the stronger the intensity of El Nino, the more obvious the increase of global average temperature. High temperature weather has caused many mountain fires and droughts around the world.
This satellite image shows a mountain fire in British Columbia, Canada. 2023 is the longest wildfire season on record in Canada. The wildfire lasted for more than five months, and the accumulated area of fire exceeded 180,000 square kilometers, breaking the record of 73,000 square kilometers in 1989.
This satellite image animation shows the changes brought by the drought in 2023 to Brazilian Amazon. The Amazon rainforest, known as the "lung of the earth", suffered a rare drought in a hundred years this year. Many local fish died and the water level dropped, which not only made some lakes in the Amazon basin almost dry up, but also made some local villages face the risk of becoming "islands".
↑ This satellite image shows the changes brought by drought to the Paso severino Reservoir in the Uruguayan province of Florida. Paso severino Reservoir is about 70 kilometers away from Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, and it is an important source of drinking water in the capital region.
The rise of ocean surface temperature caused by global warming makes typhoons and tropical cyclones develop more rapidly, and therefore poses a greater threat to coastal areas. El Nino is often the "behind-the-scenes pusher" of heavy rains and floods.
Hurricane Otis was originally a tropical storm, which was upgraded to a catastrophic category 5 hurricane in more than ten hours. It landed from the Pacific coast of southern Mexico in the early morning of October 25, 2023, with a maximum wind speed of 266 kilometers per hour. The Mexican federal government issued a communique on November 2, announcing that 47 cities in Guerrero state in southern Mexico were listed as disaster areas due to the impact of Hurricane Otis.
↑ This satellite image shows the rio grande do sul in southern Brazil being hit by floods at the end of November 2023. According to the local civil defense department, as of November 22, the flood has caused at least five deaths and about 28,000 people have been displaced.
This satellite image shows the Death Valley National Park in California, USA, which was flooded by tropical storm Hillary. It is reported that the roads in the park were damaged by floods, and some expressways were seriously damaged. Facilities in the park were also damaged by floods. According to the National Weather Service, the last time a tropical storm landed in this area was in 1939.
According to the World Meteorological Organization’s Annual Report on Climate Service in 2023, the death rate caused by extreme high temperature is the highest among all extreme weather, and the death rate related to high temperature may be 30 times higher than that currently recorded. The heat wave will further aggravate air pollution. In addition, problems such as extreme drought caused by climate change have also aggravated the risk of food insecurity and the spread of many climate-sensitive infectious diseases, such as vector-borne diseases such as dengue fever and malaria, and diseases transmitted by food and water.
This is a withered crop photographed in the suburb of Sana ‘a, Yemen on August 25th, 2023.
↑ In August 2023, high temperature weather killed tens of thousands of chickens in Israel. Since this summer, Israel has experienced several rounds of high temperature weather, and the temperature in some cities has exceeded 40 degrees Celsius. Kahnert, an Israeli agricultural natural risk insurance fund, said on August 14th that according to a preliminary assessment, the losses caused by the current high temperature weather to the country’s agriculture are about 20 million new shekels (US$ 5.3 million).
In June, 2023, smoke from Canadian wildfires drifted to New York, USA, and the streets of new york were in a dim state. According to the data of Copernicus Climate Change Service, the European Union’s climate monitoring agency, the carbon emissions caused by wildfires in Canada have reached an unprecedented level this year, reaching 473 million tons, more than three times the previous year’s highest record.
On September 18, 2023, patients with dengue fever were treated in a hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This year, the worst dengue fever outbreak in Bangladesh was recorded in the country. According to the data released by the General Administration of Health Services on November 19th, the cumulative number of confirmed cases has exceeded 300,000 this year.
It is urgent to deal with El Nino, control the global climate and reduce emissions. China is an activist in promoting global climate governance. It not only has the largest clean power generation network in the world, but also tries its best to provide relevant support and help to other developing countries.
In recent years, the output value of energy conservation and environmental protection industry in China has increased by more than 10% annually, and the installed capacity of hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic power generation ranks first in the world. China’s installed capacity of non-fossil energy increased to 50.9%, supplying 50% of the world’s wind power and 80% of photovoltaic equipment; The intensity of carbon dioxide emission in China in 2022 decreased by 51% compared with 2005; China ranks first in the world in the production and sales of new energy vehicles, with more than 18 million vehicles.
↑ This is a panoramic view of the coal-fired power station in Kassem Port, Pakistan (photo taken on November 28, 2017). Kassem Power Station project is a large-scale energy project implemented in China-China Economic Corridor. It adopts supercritical units independently designed and manufactured by and limestone-gypsum wet desulfurization process, and uses seawater secondary circulation cooling and seawater desalination to replenish water, thus retaining blue sky and clear water for the local area.
↑ This is the Schuback Wind Power Station in Jordan, which was shot on June 15th, 2023. Jordan is short of energy and mineral resources and has long relied on imports. The wind power and photovoltaic project of China Three Gorges International in Jordan is expected to provide Jordan with 440 million kWh of green electricity every year, which is one of the largest clean energy projects in the country.
↑ This is the largest factory roof photovoltaic power generation project in chonburi province, Thailand, which was filmed on November 7, 2023. The project is jointly built by China enterprise Pulin Chengshan and Thailand WHA MUGUR PETRU CIUBANCAN Infrastructure and Power Volkswagen Co., Ltd. The second phase of the project is expected to be completed next year. After being connected to the grid, the annual power generation will be more than 30 million kWh, which will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 30,000 tons and save 15,000 tons of standard coal every year.
As an active advocate and pragmatic practitioner of South-South cooperation on climate change, China’s performance was highly praised by relevant United Nations agencies and developing countries at the 28th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28).
On December 3, 2023, at the car ferry stop of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Dubai, people got off the Hagrid electric bus of Suzhou Jinlong Company in China. Since the opening of the Dubai Conference on United Nations Climate Change, China brand electric vehicles such as Hagrid and BYD have provided shuttle bus service for this conference, and about 50 battery cars from Guangdong Lutong have provided shuttle service in the "Green Zone" of the conference, which together constitute a beautiful landscape of the conference.
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Wang Fang was reused, Xiaoding sent blessings, qi zhou finally appeared, women’s basketball team Long Hudou, Liaoning’s glorious history.

Recently, the news of China Basketball Association has been continuous. The National Team Construction Committee was set up by the Basketball Association, and Yao Ming served as the director of the Committee. Xiaoding blessed the men’s basketball team, but it was ridiculed by the fans. qi zhou was afraid of missing the preliminaries because many opponents infected COVID-19. WCBA had just carried out six rounds, but it had already come to an end. Guangdong’s 11 crowns were enviable, and Liaoning fans basked in the team’s 12 crowns.

On September 26th, Beijing time, the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced that it would set up the National Construction Committee in the near future, with Yao Ming as its director and Wang Fang as its executive director. Perhaps it was because of the poor performance of China football men’s national team in the top 12 that chinese basketball association made this decision quickly. This move by the Basketball Association is intended to promote the construction of the men’s national team, improve the overall strength of the national team and strengthen the players’ awareness of winning glory for the country. In fact, this is also related to the fact that China men’s basketball team missed the Olympic Games for the first time after 17 years.

Wang Fang was the leader of Liaoning Sports Bureau before, but now he is appointed as the executive director, which shows that chinese basketball association values Wang Fang highly. Wang Fang is the mother of Liaoning team player Zhang Zhenlin. As the superior leader of Liaoning team in last season’s playoffs, Wang Fang also accompanied the team throughout the playoffs. He witnessed the growth of the players. In this year’s National Games, Wang Fang also witnessed the Liaoning National Men’s Basketball Team defending this National Games gold medal, which shows that his support for basketball is real.

Ding Yan Yuhang, a Shandong player who hasn’t updated his personal social dynamics for a long time, recently updated his personal social media. He took a big photo of the China men’s basketball team participating in this World Cup qualifier, and gave his best wishes to his friends. Originally, this was a perfectly normal dynamic, but some fans thought that Ding Yanyuhang was rubbing against the popularity of China men’s basketball team. In fact, it was a bit unfair to Ding Yanyuhang. After all, Xiaoding’s wishes for the national team and friends were sincere, and fans should not be mixed with too much personal feelings.

For Ding Yan Yuhang, some fans also very much hope that he can return to the national team. It is also a great encouragement for Ding Yan Yuhang to see that Abdul Salamu, who has suffered serious injuries like him, has already returned to the national team. Du Feng has also given all players a chance. After all, it is the greatest honor for a player to play for the national team, and it is also a very confidence-boosting thing to have the opportunity to enter the national team after a serious injury.

Recently, there are a lot of news about China men’s basketball team, one of which makes the fans very worried. That is, when qi zhou participated in nbl preseason, many of their opponents were found to have COVID-19. qi zhou, as a close contact, is likely to be isolated and missed. However, recently, some media broke the news that qi zhou appeared in China men’s basketball team’s training abroad, which broke the previous rumor that qi zhou would miss the preliminaries. China men’s basketball team has been sent to the strongest team in the world, hoping that they can break into the final with all their might.

The second phase of the cba is about to start, and wcba has already gone through six rounds. Compared with the attention of CBA in China, there are few fans in wcba. Up to now, three teams in WCBA have maintained an unbeaten record this season, namely the defending champion Inner Mongolia team, Sichuan team and Shandong team. In the first six rounds, Inner Mongolia team beat their opponents by a big score, and their biggest competitor this season is Sichuan team, which is temporarily ranked third.

In fact, after seeing the lineups of the two teams, the fans were not surprised why the two teams competed for the championship. Together, the two teams gathered a total of 17 national players. The Inner Mongolia team gathered 9 national players including Li Yueru, Yang Liwei, Huang Sijing, Zhao Shuang, Zhang Ru, Pan Zhenqi, Ma Xueya, Wei Wei and Li Yifan, while the Sichuan team had Han Xu, Wu Di, Shao Ting, Li Meng, Sun Mengran, Li Shanshan and so on.

In today’s cba league, Guangdong men’s basketball team and Liaoning men’s basketball team are still the two strongest teams. Compared with the 11th championship of Guangdong men’s basketball team, Liaoning men’s basketball team has won the championship of cba league only once, but the runner-up has won many times, which has also been criticized by many fans. Liaoning fans who are very unconvinced listed the past record of Liaoning team, and the time goes back to the national basketball championship in 1985. As we all know, cba league only has a history of more than twenty years. Here

According to the statistics of the fans, since 1985, Liaoning men’s basketball team has won 12 championships in many competitions, such as the National Basketball Championship, the National Basketball League, the National North-South Championship, the National Games, the Asian Club Cup, cba, Extraordinary 12, etc. From this figure, it has indeed surpassed Guangdong’s 11 championships. In fact, just from the data point of view, it can’t explain too many problems. After all, the glory created by our predecessors has become.

Meituan takeaway "Quality Big Big Big Carnival" is launched in Shanghai to go online with multiple discounts to eat all over the city.

Recently, in order to promote the rapid recovery of Shanghai’s economy and provide consumers with higher quality takeaway services, Meituan takeaway and 500 high -quality supply brands, including 300 must -list the city’s must -order brands, and jointly linked by multi -category and multi -business formats In the form of a quality meal carnival in Shanghai. During the event, each person can receive a maximum of 1,000 yuan consumer coupons per day, allowing consumers to enjoy a affordable, delicious and rich quality meal.

Multi -category consumer coupons, catering brands are online, open high -quality carnival feast

From June 18th to July 3rd, users log in to the "Meituan Takeaway" or "Meituan" APP, search for "takeaway consumer coupons" to enter the event page. In the "Coupon Receive Zone", users can receive three quality food consumer coupons of "over 60 yuan minus 10 yuan", "over 80 yuan minus 15 yuan", "over 100 yuan minus 20 yuan"; in addition, users can still use the same page, which can also Receive different types of consumer vouchers such as category coupons, brand coupons, and quality daily life coupons, which can receive a maximum of 1,000 yuan per day. Among them, the popular coffee milk tea consumer coupons, "less than 25 yuan minus 7 yuan", "less than 40 yuan minus 20 yuan", "less than 99 yuan minus 30 yuan", the number is limited, first come first served.

It should be noted that the same user ID is limited to the same value consumption coupon. The coupons cannot be used, but it can be superimposed with other preferential activities of the platform or merchant.

In addition to the rich and diverse quality consumer coupons, Meituan takeaway also links Cai Lan’s snacks, Xiao Yang Shengzheng, Lao Shengchang, Red Armor, KFC, Starbucks, TIMS, Manner, Ruixing Coffee, Hi Tea and other high -quality brands. Bring a rich quality meal. The hot air’s raw fried buns, the delicious soup, the delicious flavor, the spicy and delicious crayfish, etc., can be sent to the user through the takeaway, with a variety of fancy milk tea and coffee, so that many Shanghai citizens who have been in home for a long time to live in their homes tolerate the forbearance I ca n’t hold the index finger, and I place an order to buy.

"Since I received a 80-15 consumer coupon on Meituan, I have been thinking about how to use it. As a result, the child said that I want to eat soup bags. Of course, the first choice for Lao Shengchang," Ms. Wu, who lives in Minhang District, Shanghai, opened Mei The group takeaway said, "Fresh meat soup bag, crab powder soup bag, shiitake mushroom snow bamboo shoot noodles, green onion grilled rows of egg noodles, plus refreshing small dishes, almost a family’s dinner is enough, very affordable"

The city’s must -order brand has joined, so you can enjoy high -quality takeaway without leaving the house

It is worth mentioning that 300 must -list brands in the city also participated in this quality meal carnival. This gang, Cantonese cuisine, Beijing cuisine, French cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Brazilian cuisine and other domestic and foreign cuisine are available. Pujianghui and Jingxihui and other high -end catering are also among them. These high -quality brands are launched by the "Single Meal" of "Small Little Persons" characteristics of takeaway, allowing users to enjoy high -quality food products at more cost -effective prices, setting off a new climax of the upgrading of catering experience.

It is understood that Meituan takeaway in Shanghai’s first nationwide "city must -order list", according to the consumer takeaway dining experience, taste, evaluation, quality and other comprehensive dimensions, set up a batch of restaurants, and then well -known old chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, and chefs, chefs, and chefs, and chefs. Cooking cuisine master, gourmet enthusiasts and other local experts composed of local experts composed of compulsory list review committees. They are anonymous to try as an ordinary consumer. From the perspective of dishes taste, takeaway services, etc. The evaluation, eventually selected the most quality TOP300 catering brands in the local area.

Not only that, the "Cast City Must -Point List" has also greatly expanded the service scope and depth of quality meal and carnival through the design of "visibility" and the farthest city distribution service, which helps more users. You can enjoy high -quality cuisine throughout the city without leaving home.

With the introduction of the "Shanghai Municipality Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalizing Action Plan", the resumed market has become the top priority of the current stage of the catering industry. Jin Peihua, deputy secretary -general of the Shanghai Catering Culinary Industry Association, said that in the environment of Shanghai’s economic recovery and boost, Meituan takeaway launching a quality meal carnival will effectively boost the consumption confidence in Shanghai’s catering industry, drive and form new consumption hotspots, and form a new consumption hotspot. While stimulating the enthusiasm for consumption of Shanghai citizens, it has promoted the high -quality development of the Shanghai takeaway industry.