The General Administration of Financial Supervision voiced its support for real estate! The plate rose more than 3%, and Pudong Jinqiao 4 was connected to the board.

On January 26th, the real estate sector opened higher, with Pudong Jinqiao (600639)(600639.SH), China Enterprise (600675)(600675.SH) as four boards, Everbright Jiabao (600622)(600622.SH) and Waigaoqiao (600648).

In the news, since 2024, relevant policies on financial support for the reasonable financing needs of the real estate market have been intensively introduced. On January 12, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the General Administration of Financial Supervision jointly issued the Notice on Establishing a Coordination Mechanism for Urban Real Estate Financing; On January 24th, the Central Bank and the General Administration of Financial Supervision jointly issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Management of Operating Property Loans.

Ensure the smooth operation of the real estate market

According to the General Administration of Financial Supervision, up to now, the balance of real estate development loans and personal housing loans in China is 12.3 trillion yuan and 38.3 trillion yuan respectively.

In 2023, Chinese banks issued 3 trillion yuan of development loans and 6.4 trillion yuan of housing mortgage loans respectively, which add up to nearly 10 trillion yuan.

In addition, last year, banks also provided real estate enterprises with M&A loans and stock extension loans, which added up to more than 1 trillion yuan.

As for Baojiaolou, by the end of 2023, most of the 350 billion yuan special loan for Baojiaolou has been put into the project, and commercial banks have also provided corresponding commercial supporting financing to ensure the smooth completion of the task of Baojiaolou.

Continue to provide financial support.

Next, the state will continue to provide financial support for the real estate market.

The General Administration of Financial Supervision said that in the future, the coordination mechanism of urban real estate financing will be accelerated and effective. Under the lead coordination of the government, push the list of real estate projects that can be given financing support to financial institutions in the region.

At the same time, guide financial institutions to further implement the management requirements of operating property loans. For real estate development enterprises with standardized operation and good development prospects, banks are allowed to issue operating property loans to them, which can be used to repay the stock loans of housing enterprises and the open market bonds they issue before the end of 2024.

In addition, we should continue to do a good job in personal housing loan financial services, support local governments to make policies according to the city, further optimize personal housing loan policies such as down payment ratio and loan interest rate, and urge banks to better serve the financing needs of people’s rigid and improved housing.

Guide banks and other financial institutions to continue to vigorously support the construction of "three major projects" such as "emergency and emergency" major infrastructure and urban village reconstruction, and form a physical workload as soon as possible.

Multi-share daily limit of real estate sector

Thanks to favorable policies, the real estate sector has also shown signs of stabilizing, and brokers are generally optimistic about the allocation opportunities of the real estate sector.

Open source securities said that the fundamentals, valuation level, allocation ratio and market expectation of the current real estate sector are at a low level, and the policy window period is worthy of attention. Follow-up can pay more attention to strong credit housing enterprises with excellent layout, high investment intensity and marketization mechanism.

Founder Securities believes that the valuation of the real estate sector is in a historically low range, the industry has a good policy environment for stabilization, and the resilience of the sector rebound is sufficient. In addition, the fundamentals of the whole sector have structural support, and the real estate sector is expected to continue to rebound under the catalysis of favorable policies. You can focus on the theme of Pudong reform, second-hand housing track, high dividends and so on.

From the perspective of disk performance, the performance of individual stocks superimposed with the concept of Shanghai Free Trade Zone is more eye-catching. Among them, Pudong Jinqiao, Chinese enterprises, etc. have gone out of the fourth board, and Everbright Jiabao, Waigaoqiao and other stocks have also won the third board.

As of noon on January 26th, the real estate service sector rose by 3.79%, and the real estate development sector rose by 3.32%.


Tianjin: Deploy the target in stages and promote the construction of financial innovation operation demonstration zone.

  According to 21st century business herald, the reporter noted that the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government issued the "Proposal on Further Promoting the Construction of Financial Innovation Operation Demonstration Zone" on January 8. The plan points out the overall goal of the future in three time periods: in the next three years, it will continue to maintain the leading position in the financial leasing and commercial factoring industries in China, and at the same time create a number of financial agglomeration symbol areas with themes and characteristics. In the next five years, the added value of the financial industry will account for about 15% of the regional GDP, and the overall asset scale of leasing will reach 2.7 trillion yuan. The scale of leasing and disposal of aircraft, international shipping vessels and offshore platforms will remain above 80% in the whole country, and the total assets and factoring financing balance of the commercial factoring industry will remain the first in the country. In 2035, a world-class national leasing innovation demonstration zone and a national commercial factoring capital will be built in an all-round way, which will provide a practical sample for China’s characteristic financial development.

Good place for New Year’s Day! Chongqing, a traditional scenic area, will be transformed into a "snow world"

During the New Year’s Day holiday, you can also enjoy a "Welcome Snow" in the main city. On December 30, the reporter learned from Chongqing Eighteen Ladders that during the New Year’s Day, the Eighteen Ladders will be lit with "New Year!" As the theme, we will create a series of activities with various forms and rich contents, including a large-scale snow-making ceremony, so that citizens and tourists can immerse themselves in the charm of urban blocks.
The person in charge of the Eighteen Ladders Project said that the snow-floating ceremony on the evening of December 31 was set at the Eighteen Ladders Shuijing Square, the martial arts health care in Area D, etc. Snow-floating in winter night would be the perfect integration of traditional architecture and romantic snowy night. This snow scene will last until the bell of Jie Fangbei rings, so that everyone can go to the romantic snowy night of the New Year’s Eve in winter. In the blending of the New Year’s Eve bell and the sound of nature, we will March towards a brand-new year with hope and courage.
At that time, nine night economic brands, such as Tangyao Bar, Xiaoyuan Folk Song and Hidden Dew Tavern, will also be unveiled, and they will party with citizens and tourists all night. On the countdown to the New Year’s Eve, there are also wonderful performances such as "Xianglong Ruiqi Jia Nian Exhibition Grand Plan" and "Symbiosis with Music Symphony Rhapsody". During the New Year’s Day, the Eighteen Ladders "Live Column for Young People on TV" and "Chinese Medicine’ Invasion’ Health Market" will be launched continuously to enrich the cultural and entertainment consumption experience of tourists and citizens during the New Year’s Day holiday.

Green zero-carbon development forum of film production industrialization: exploring the road of "green film"

Original title: Green zero-carbon development forum for film production industrialization: exploring the road of "green film"

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New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net December 19 news (Reporter Fu Caiyun) The film industry and green and low carbon, two concepts that seem to be far apart, will have a huge spark when they collide. On the 19th, the 5th Hainan Island International Film Festival-Green Zero-carbon Development Forum of Film Production Industrialization was held, and film creators, film and television base managers and new energy technology companies were invited to gather together to discuss the inefficiency, waste and serious pollution of traditional film production, and try to provide new solutions to the problems.

Green zero-carbon development forum for film production industrialization was held. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

The film industry is a "spotlight industry" that attracts public attention. In fact, the carbon emission in the film production process can not be ignored. According to a report of the British Film Association in 2020, each blockbuster in the world can produce 2840 tons of carbon dioxide during filming, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 3709 acres of forest in a year.

"It is of great significance for the film industry to participate in green and zero-carbon development." Zhang Chi, director of the Creative Guidance Department of the China Film Association and secretary-general of the Literature and Creative Committee of the China Film Association, said that while developing the scale of the film industry and improving the level of film industrialization, we should always be conscious and pursue low-carbon environmental protection. It is gratifying to see that domestic film and television bases and film production teams have made vivid practices of green and low carbon, such as Hengdian building a green studio and using photovoltaic technology to realize "shooting in the shed and generating electricity on the roof". Hainan Island International Film Festival builds a cooperation platform for environmental protection development, which plays a great role in promoting the green and low-carbon development of the film and television industry and improving the green technology level of employees.

Keynote speech session. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

Hainan has a unique advantage in practicing the concept of green development. It is understood that since March this year, the proportion of new energy vehicles in Hainan has exceeded 50%. Song Zhaohuan, Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group, shared the theme of "New Energy Commercial Vehicle Helps Green and Low Carbon Development of Film and Television Industry" and introduced the application of new energy commercial vehicle in film and television industry. Promoting green and low-carbon development with green technological innovation, he said that methanol, a green, clean and sustainable renewable energy source, is being promoted, and the green new energy path with’ alcohol hydrogen+electricity’ as the core is being developed to develop rich power forms to meet the full-scene application of the film and television industry.

In October this year, Hainan’s first new energy special vehicle base landed, helping Hainan to build a low-carbon "new IP for film and television+tourism". "In the future, all special vehicles will be customized in Hainan and sent to all parts of the world." Song zhaohuan said.

Roundtable forum. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

This forum is based on green environmental protection and forward-looking vision, giving filmmakers a lot of inspiration, creating with the concept of green "zero carbon" and taking the road of sustainable and high-quality development. During the round-table forum, the guests shared their first-line knowledge, and how to "reduce costs and increase efficiency" through scientific and technological innovation was their concern.

Oriental Film Capital is not only a witness of China’s film industrialization, but also an industrialized "production workshop". Sun Hengqin, president of Oriental Film Capital Industry Holding Group, said, "We don’t simply expand the scale or produce large films, but we need to be able to complete good ideas more effectively at a lower cost. This is a particularly big demand." He believes that "the development of science and technology will play an important role in realizing the green and zero-carbon development goal of film production industrialization."

The proposal for green and zero-carbon development of film production industrialization was released. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

Ma Ping, deputy general manager of China Film Digital Production Base and vice president of China Film Photographers Association (CNSC), said that with the development of the times, China’s scientific and technological innovations have benefited all walks of life. In the film and television industry, new energy vehicles can better serve the crew and fulfill the requirements and expectations of filmmakers for creation at a lower cost, and the future can be expected.

Strategic cooperation signing link. Reporter Fu Caiyun photo

At the scene, Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group and Hainan Jidi Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation contract on the development of film and television new energy vehicles and other related fields. At the same time, the forum launched an initiative to the national film industry, calling on everyone to take action, practice low-carbon and environmentally-friendly film creation, widely apply clean energy, cooperate with manufacturing industry and scientific research and development institutions for win-win results, constantly promote green and zero-carbon development, and lead China films to a new era of world-class industrial system. (Fu Caiyun)