The official statement of the death of a captain of Tibet Airlines after landing on a mission did not disclose the specific cause.

CCTV News:The reporter learned from Tibet Airlines that on December 21st, Tibet Airlines TV9820 (Nanjing — Chengdu) A captain of the flight felt unwell during the flight mission, and the flight carried out a follow-up flight mission with another captain of the crew. This flight landed safely at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport at 00:25 on December 22nd. Subsequently, the captain was taken to the hospital for treatment, and died unfortunately after being rescued, at the age of 39. Tibet Airlines did not disclose the specific cause of the captain or the detailed process of more incidents.

From the statement of Tibet Airlines, we noticed that the flight was operated by two pilots. At present, the flights running at the high plateau airport in China will be equipped with "double captains". High Plateau Airport refers to an airport with an altitude of 2,438 meters or above. A flight crew operating the high plateau airport should be equipped with at least three pilots, including a senior co-pilot with at least corresponding qualifications and a cruise captain who works instead of the captain during the cruise phase.

What is the "intentional guardianship" for the octogenarian to leave 3 million properties to the fruit stall owner? What are the benefits?

An octogenarian in Shanghai, his wife died, and his only son suffering from mental illness died suddenly. The son’s funeral was accompanied by the stall owner who was doing fruit business downstairs, and no relatives were present. Three years ago, the old man took the stall owner to find a notary Li Chenyang to do guardianship notarization, and also gave 3 million properties to this unrelated stall owner. This incident was recently reported by the media and sparked heated discussions.
What is "intentional guardianship"?
Li Chenyang is a notary in Shanghai Putuo Notary Office. In an interview, he said that the old man and the stall owner knew each other several years ago. The old man ran to the fruit stall when he was fine, waiting for the children to go to school and chat with the stall owner. He also said that it is a comfort to an old man who lives alone at home and has no one to talk to him. It is a comfort to him to have such a place to accept him and to get what he calls family happiness.
Li Chenyang: For example, he said that my wife was gone and my son was gone. When I was helpless in my later years, there was no one to raise me. What should I do? I found someone first. I am not related to him. I am in a hurry.
The old man was anxious to find Li Chenyang, just to let the stall owner be his guardian while his consciousness was still clear. This is legally called "intentional guardianship", which is formally established in the General Principles of Civil Law and clearly stipulated in the Civil Code. It is still a new thing.
Li Chenyang said that like this old man, the scene of seeking legal help from the notary office happens every day because of an accident in his family. The old man seeks a sense of stability, and he needs a judicial department to help him solve the problem of his lack of identity.
Just like the old man, he took a fancy to a person, and this person is also willing. He needs to establish and form an identity connection between them through the way of "intentional guardianship", which is legally called the formation of judicial order.
What are the benefits of "intentional guardianship"?
As one of the earliest notaries of "intentional guardianship", Li Chenyang once handled the first effective case of intentional guardianship in China. In the notary office where he works, 80% of the cases are elderly groups like this old man who live alone, or who are widowed or widowed, and most of them are unrelated cases.
Once, the old man fell into a coma at home, which was discovered by the guardian stall owner and sent to the hospital. Without the care of relatives, the stall owner will go to the hospital after buying the goods in the morning and go home at night, day after day. Since then, the old man invited the stall owner and his wife who lived in the simple shed and their three children to live in their own house and form a special family.
Li Chenyang said that "intentional guardianship" will play an important role in some cases to avoid such a scene, and someone can help them solve it.
See a doctor: Doctors often ask the elderly, "Is the family here?" "Do you have a guardian?"
Apply for social welfare: The elderly have various social benefits, but when he goes to various departments to apply, others will also question his identity. Such an old man is not afraid of death, and he is most afraid of the painful death process. He must finish this life with dignity. "Intentional guardianship" is superior to legal guardianship, which is the glory and core point of the legal system. The purpose is the principle of autonomy, and the law guarantees the priority realization of your right to self-determination.
Daily care, serious illness treatment, hospice care, etc., "intentional guardianship" provides the bottom guarantee for widowed and lonely people seeking guardianship caused by force majeure, and it also goes beyond the possible emotional kidnapping of blood relatives, and respects the wishes of the elderly to the maximum extent.
"Intentional guardianship" needs the supervision of the third party.
However, when the old man sought custody, he gave up the property together, which surprised Li Chenyang and his colleagues. Because the distribution of inheritance is generally not linked with intentional guardianship, it is to avoid the bad intentions of guardians and accelerate the death of the elderly, which is also one of the controversial points in this case.
The work of the notary department is actually to rule out whether the elderly are deceived or coerced in the "intentional guardianship".
Li Chenyang: Non-close relatives like this may let them run many times, and consciously go may "torture" them, and (worry about the elderly) be confused, brainwashed and cheated. We professionals first understand his social circle and close relatives circle from clues or from his narrative communication, and then determine why the old man does not appoint his close relatives but a non-close relatives.
This "strange affection" between the old man and the stall owner is legalized, and it is investigated and verified beforehand, and the guardian’s behavior should be further supervised afterwards. This also means that "intentional guardianship" needs the supervision of an unrelated third party. However, the elderly feel that it is very valuable to find a guardian like the stall owner. Based on trust, he does not seek supervision measures like most elderly people, and cases like this account for about 90%.
Li Chenyang did not dare to treat this lightly. "The supervisor is similar to the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee. Sometimes, we will’ visit strangers’ and quietly enter his community without informing the elderly, and go with his neighbors, neighborhood committees or suddenly to his home to see this old man. I also often go to nursing homes, intensive care units, crematoriums, etc., because these places and scenes are what guardians need to appear, and they are also his due duties. "
Li Chenyang also said that when he visited the old man, he was radiant, and the smiling face when he saw the child was heartfelt and enjoyable.
This week, because the stall owner was selected as the guardian to deliver 3 million properties at the same time, the elderly frequently received interviews from various media, which was unbearable for relatives and friends; The guardian stall owner is also under pressure from public opinion because of the combination of real estate and guardianship.
Li Chenyang: Sometimes, I go to the ground and say that his family members are not good. I think this is unfair because they didn’t appear in the media and didn’t give them a chance to speak. As a young couple, the old man gave him such a big burden, and they were also surprised. The old man found me. Do we think this can be entrusted? Can you do it? What should I do if his family comes to me? In fact, the guardian’s worries are more complicated, including economic, physical, spiritual, and especially social censure. I think the comments on this case should be objective.
In February, the "Report" issued by the Office for Ageing showed that this year, China’s aging level will reach 17.17%. Among them, the elderly who can’t take care of themselves, such as disability and dementia, loneliness and disability, account for a certain proportion. How to make the elderly feel secure, independent and not lonely, the society needs more exploration and deep cultivation of the rule of law like intentional guardianship. Li Chenyang said, "We hope that they can live with dignity, live according to his wishes, and have trusted people to help him when he is powerless. Not only the elderly, but also myself, an ideal state for everyone. "
Bai Yansong:
The story I just finished reading is not just a problem related to the elderly. In 2019, the population aged 60 and over in China has accounted for 18.1% of the total population, and in a few years, the population aged 60 and over in China will exceed 300 million. Therefore, dealing with aging is a problem in all aspects, and one of the key points is to legislate first and complete the law, otherwise there will be many troubles in the future.
(Source: CCTV News Client)

All anxious, all chaotic, China football to the dog eat dog bone moment.

As a commentator, Mr. Huang appeared on XXTV-5 in the early 1990s, and Huang and Liu and Zhang Sanjianke created the column of World Football, which made us look forward to every Monday when we were studying in Beijing. My last impression was that I co-hosted the 2002 Japan-Korea World Cup with Shen Bing in 2002.

Later, it is said that he joined the media and became the online celebrity of football. With his football level, he should be able to dominate one side, and entertainment football can flourish off the court. Should be blessed, although the age difference is not big, but after all, watching his program has a beard.

Another master’s corner, I really don’t know. I know it by chance because of a technical term of "protective response" That is, online celebrity, who wears sunglasses and bobs his head to catch and scold anyone on the Internet, is said to know the way and know the king better than the beautiful country and Sichuan.

Because of the big sunglasses, I knew that I had a football teenager. Frankly speaking, we are not football professionals. Although big sunglasses preached everywhere that he was engaged in youth training, we always felt that it was at best a football training class and an off-campus training class.

It seems that the relationship between the two is not bad, and they have been entertaining to death, and they are also connected to each other live. I don’t know about it recently, maybe Mr. Huang has seen through the scam; Perhaps the head of the new Football Association named the big sunglasses, and Mr. Huang wanted to raise his arms and shout for the sake of his inner conscience.

Mr. Huang finally decided that junior football is a performance class in online celebrity. Zhan Yan, it’s worse than us, and we also evaluate it as teaching and training.

Big sunglasses know the king, how can you stop? Come on, bully me, no way. Although we are not studying literature, we are studying inorganic materials. We’re not subtle. What do you think you came from? Leave that station, you’re nothing, and you’re a bitch.

Football in China, what is this situation? In a rural phrase, that is: dogs eat dog bones.

China football, when can you get clean and let a certain line really "do it"?

This time, I am optimistic about Mr. Huang, just because I follow my heart and my heart.

The Japanese team defeated the American team and won the world baseball classic championship.

(Observer News) According to Kyodo News, the world baseball classic (WBC) final was held in Miami, Florida, USA on the 21st local time. Japan defeated the last champion, the United States, 3-2 to win the championship for the third time. The last time Japan won the championship was the second WBC in 2009.

Japan won the championship. Figure from Kyodo News

Headline: How to read children? President of National Famous Teachers: Life is Education, and Environment is Curriculum.

Southern Metropolis Daily, November 28th, Edition B01, 08, Education and Health Reader

From November 24th to 25th, the "Guangzhou 2023 Moral Education Forum for Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens" was held in Guangzhou Middle School (Phoenix Campus), with the theme of "Understanding Children and Caring for Growth".

Under the guidance of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, the forum was hosted by Guangzhou Education Bureau, and undertaken by Tianhe Education Bureau and Southern Metropolis Daily.

[Kindergarten Component Forum]

Children’s mental health education should permeate the activities.

On the morning of 25th, at the kindergarten component forum, front-line teachers from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places shared practical cases, paying attention to the development characteristics and laws of children’s cognition, behavior, emotion and ability …

Encourage children to dare to express their emotions.

"Clap your hands if you feel happy …" In a cheerful clapping song, Li Liming, a teacher of Qinghe Kindergarten in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, brought the lesson of "I Make Friends with Happiness" to share, and 16 children skipped to the stage to share their happy records under the guidance of the teacher.

Li Liming introduced that the teaching object of this activity is middle-class children, who are characterized by rapid development of self-awareness and unstable emotional performance, and will still cry and lose their temper when they are not satisfied. "I don’t know how to express emotions, and I don’t know how to resolve them." Based on students’ psychological characteristics and personality differences, the solution of curriculum design is to create a pleasant atmosphere, such as talking in circles, listening to each other, sharing, etc., to guide children to experience happiness and encourage children to dare to express their emotions.

In the theme sharing session, Li Yarong, director of the kindergarten business of Southern Medical University, brought the sharing of mental health courses. Since 2012, the kindergarten has been exploring children’s sexual health education and deeply cultivating mental health education courses. "Children’s mental health education should permeate various activities and all aspects of activities. For example, environmental creation can be turned into a part of curriculum construction, and quiet areas, secret gardens, private huts, my mood diaries, etc. can be opened at class meetings, so that children can face and deal with their emotions. "

Longing to be seen, felt and understood.

"Changing the perspective of observation and seeing children will have different gains." Niu Ling, the head teacher of Chenkang Kindergarten in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, shared her process of guiding, communicating and understanding Lele’s heart from the perspective of Lele, a "problem child" who likes to swagger and deliberately collide with her peers when walking. "In the thank-you session of the class meeting, when Lele is the star of this week, let other children tell the bright spots of Lele and bring Lele warmth with encouragement from peers." Niu Ling believes that children’s social skills can only be developed if their needs are seen, felt and understood.

Liu Xiancheng, director of Xuri Yayuan Kindergarten in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, has been engaged in early childhood education for more than 20 years. He believes that the only way to truly understand children is to "love you, understand you and accompany you". The kindergarten regularly holds "four-type" parent-teacher conferences to let parents know about their children’s situation in the park, and provide parents with a list of punching cards in streets, districts and cities in combination with the theme of the course, and advocate parents to "see the world" with their children.

"Every year on Children’s Day, let the children bring their parents to the kindergarten to go shopping." "In the game, learn to build your own Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge …" Lin Yongyu, director of the kindergarten affiliated to Guangzhou Kindergarten Normal School, believes that the premise of understanding children is companionship, and the high-quality companionship of teachers, parents and companions is an important force to promote children’s development. Teacher’s companionship is not empty, but should be based on the curriculum implementation process under the corresponding children’s view, which runs through one-day activities in kindergarten, such as military courses and life games.

"Life is education and environment is curriculum"

"Under the big banyan tree, children are laughing, playing with water guns and climbing trees in the rain. We hope that children here can feel their potential through their own exploration." Zhao Jinxia, director of Nantou Ancient City Kindergarten in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, introduced that the kindergarten adheres to the concept of "life is education and environment is curriculum" in the kindergarten-based curriculum construction, and puts the learning task in a real environment, and actively explores and discusses it around the real problem situation with the help of teachers and peers.

Also concerned about the environment of the park is Haibei Kindergarten in Fengxian District, Shanghai. Song Chaoyue, secretary of the Party branch and director of the park, introduced that when the kindergarten was built, it put forward the rules of environmental creation, such as transforming the mountain cement based on experience, effectively connecting the sand pool and the pool, so that children can play the game of sand cement safely and independently; Children and teachers were invited to jointly launch the atrium renovation plan. Under the whimsy of children, a sensory path integrating tiles, tiles and wood blocks was successfully built.

Lv Yan, secretary and director of Zhangjiagang Experimental Kindergarten, believes that "understanding children" is not only a basic skill of teachers, but also an important foundation for establishing a good relationship between teachers and children. "Intention" is the premise and key to understanding children. In August 2018, the kindergarten cooperated with East China Normal University to set up Professor Hua Aihua’s Studio, carried out the practical exploration of "regional game research project", created "let go game" and supported children’s active learning in the game.

In the comment session, Zhang Qiong, director of the Preschool and Comprehensive Education Research Office of the Institute of Basic Education of Guangzhou Education Research Institute, commented on the four major directions of children’s education: the goal, status, field and ecology, and the integration of knowledge and practice. "I have observed that moral education does not occupy an important position in the past curriculum design, which is related to the curriculum form and work characteristics of early childhood education, because it is usually permeated in the dribs and drabs of one-day curriculum, but in fact, moral education is very important because it is the starting point of our whole curriculum."

[Primary School Component Forum]

To be a good teacher is to think about what students are thinking.

In the primary school component forum, school administrators and teachers from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhangjiagang and other places took turns to take the stage to share good methods of moral education in primary schools and explore new ways to care for children’s growth.

In the lesson observation session, Wen Yingying, a teacher from Sihai Primary School in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, held a class meeting with the theme of "Reading Your Hearts and Friendly Communication". Students vividly interpret the verbal friction between classmates in the form of sitcoms. After that, Wen Yingying guides students to think and reflect on the influence of language injury on themselves, classmates and classes. Wen Yingying pointed out that the key to resolving conflicts is to find the unsatisfied basic needs in the heart; Stop the injury and start with mutual understanding.

In the theme sharing session, Zhang Yan ‘en, Party Secretary of Tieyi Primary School in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, focused on the practical model of "Happiness Micro-moral Education" developed by the school. The school creates a "happiness micro-field" through activities such as "well" graffiti and "box" dressing, making happiness "visible"; Carry out "happiness literacy" micro-classroom, "driving school mobile" micro-school, etc., and do a good job of "happiness micro-course" to make happiness "easy to understand"; Expand the campus "micro-space", pair up with "micro-space" and build a "happy micro-position" so that happiness can be "displayed". "Happiness micro-moral education awakens the positive power in children’s hearts, promotes the healthy growth of children and promotes the all-round development of schools."

The best education is to awaken children’s inner seeds.

"The best education is to awaken the seeds of children’s hearts." Li Ruixiu, head teacher and Chinese teacher of Tianhe No.1 Primary School, pointed out that it is necessary to respect children’s nature, conform to the law of children’s growth and promote children’s health. At the same time, create a good class environment, infiltrate positive education into daily class management, and awaken students’ sense of responsibility for active participation.

Zhang Xiangli, secretary and principal of Haiming School of Sports East Road Primary School in Tianhe District, introduced the construction of a "three-level education system for children", which is to build a school that can "read children, teachers and parents", cultivate a group of teachers who can "read children and parents" and lead a group of parents who can "read children".

"Only by understanding children can we guide children on the basis of better connections." Ouyang Qi, secretary of the Party branch and principal of Tianfu Road Primary School in Tianhe District, said that the school helps children broaden their horizons and participate in practice with reading and courses, and inserts the wings of flying with multi-platform practice as their dream. At the same time, starting from students’ growth confusion, the school develops and designs large class meetings in three periods, which are designed by the host team of the school moral education studio and provided to the class teacher.

He Chunxiu, the principal of the primary school affiliated to Fengxian Middle School in Shanghai, said that to understand children, we must first listen to their thoughts and feelings. To this end, the school implements a full tutor system, and teachers and students match in a two-way ratio of 1: 15, so that tutors can understand children more accurately and provide study and life support.

Teachers should respect children and learn six habits.

Li Wei, the head school of Shenzhen Cuibei Education Group, said that teachers should respect children and learn six habits, namely, listening well, talking well, doing small things well, passing on good books, smiling, trust and hope. "If I were asked to rank the basic skills of teachers, I would definitely give priority to listening to children."

"Children come to school not only to study, but also to live." Liu Hui, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhangjiagang Experimental Primary School, said that since 2018, the school has put forward a new education declaration, "be a bright person and live a normal and active educational life"; Over the years, the school has been committed to building four systems of values, language, aesthetics and intelligence to provide children with better educational content and build an ecological environment and childhood order with higher comfort, freedom and growth.

In the expert review session, Liu Lianghua, a professor at the Institute of Curriculum and Teaching of East China Normal University and the president of Guangzhou Haizhu Second Experimental Primary School Education Group, pointed out that the theme class meeting is a very important starting point for moral education. He was deeply impressed by the forum activities of the day, such as non-violent communication and awakening. He agreed with the views of "the integration of moral education and aesthetic education" and "to be a good teacher is to think about what students are thinking".

[Middle School Component Forum]

Education is more than just teaching exam-taking skills.

More important is the ability of the church to cope with the future.

At the forum of middle school groups, principals and teachers from Guangzhou, Foshan and Shanghai shared the school’s moral education ideas and practices around "finding love", and experts from Guangdong Primary and Secondary School Moral Education Research and Guidance Center made detailed comments on the sharing.

"Going back to childhood, what is your favorite extracurricular activity?" At the beginning of the group forum of middle schools, Xin Wang, a Chinese teacher of Grade One in Guangzhou Middle School, brought a class lesson "Love to Light up Life". Xin Wang used the experience of Zhang Chenliang in Natural History Magazine to guide the students to think: When the love of life confronts the reality and you are in a dilemma, do you still want to stick to your love? How to choose? At the end of the class, the students wrote down their love on paper and ended the class with the expectation of making love take root.

The education that touches the heart is the real education.

"No’ heart’, no education. Education that touches the heart is the real education. " Cheng Huiyun, executive principal of the Middle Bay School affiliated to Tsinghua University, said that cardiac education makes children learn well. "Heart Education" is an educational action aimed at students’ academic development and physical and mental health. Schools in the Bay Area Attached to the Middle School of Tsinghua University improve the education environment from the aspects of campus environment, curriculum system, management system and teachers’ team, and promote teachers to understand students from their daily teaching actions by understanding the relationship between teachers and students. And create space for students and encourage them to develop their strengths according to their needs.

How does the growth tutorial system help children grow and become talents? Yang Xiaoting, a teacher of Tianhe Foreign Language School, said that since its establishment in 2012, Guangzhou Tianhe Foreign Language School has implemented the growth tutorial system, which helps children find their own love and realize personalized growth by holding double-election meetings between teachers and students, establishing student growth files and implementing the heart-to-heart report system.

How to empower special education through positive education? Autistic children also need special education teachers to understand them. Zeng Jiexin, a special education teacher at Qihui School in Tianhe District, shared her story of promoting students’ understanding of rules through structured teaching and peer learning, and guiding autistic children to cultivate exercise habits and establish peer relationships, helping these children to improve their concentration and execution, while awakening their inner positive strength.

Teach students the ability to cope with the future.

Li Qiang, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Guangzhou Middle School, said that education is not only about teaching exam-taking skills, but more importantly, teaching students the ability to cope with the future. Guangzhou Middle School always insists that every life is illuminated and every voice is listened to. By carrying out the "two sessions" of students, we will listen to students’ opinions on curriculum and teaching management, let students talk about the harvest, difficulties and challenges of each semester, understand their thoughts and give them corresponding guidance and help.

Guangzhou Middle School is also committed to let every child find his own stage and sky. The school helps students to know themselves, find their interests, define their goals and discover more possibilities of life through the implementation of curriculum frameworks such as expanding courses, career planning, academic planning and psychological counseling. "The career system developed by the school can guide students to explore their own hearts and understand their popular ideal careers and ideal universities. Guangzhou Middle School also held a Career Festival’ Career Lecture Hall’ to invite senior professionals from 15 industries including medicine, law, education, finance, culture and art to share their career experiences and professional experiences. "

"The script of high school life is not bitter. How can the same high school be more exciting for three years?" Ding Qikang, Party Secretary and President of Dali Senior High School in Nanhai District, Foshan City, introduced that the school has set up a variety of sports, literature and art, and national defense education activities, attached importance to the parallel development of many characteristics, encouraged all students to actively participate, and let students discover their talents and love in wonderful activities and give play to their personal talents.

Hu Fei, a junior high school Chinese teacher at Chiwan School, the Second Foreign Language School (Group) in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, shared that based on the psychological characteristics of junior high school students and the specific situation of class individuals, courses and activities were built from the two levels of collective education and individual education, combined with the cultural resources of mountains and seas around the school, to help students find their own love.

Love is the best teacher.

Xia Jingjing, deputy secretary of the General Party Branch and president of Hongwen School in Fengxian District, Shanghai, mentioned in the sharing that the school has developed school-based courses, and encouraged students to explore themselves and develop their individuality through project-based learning, comprehensive subject practice activities and student career counseling courses, so that every student can fly like Kun Peng and still dare to pursue dreams under pressure and difficulties.

"Love is the key word of today’s middle school component forum, and love is also the best teacher." At the end of the forum, Zhou Feng, executive director of Guangdong Moral Education Research and Guidance Center for Primary and Secondary Schools, commented on the sharing of moral education practice among schools. He said that a class meeting class and seven special topics sharing in the middle school group closely revolved around the key words, which brought high-quality sharing.

"Reading children is an important starting point to change the phenomenon of attaching importance to wisdom and neglecting morality in education." Zhou Feng emphasized in his comments that the high-quality development of education is not equal to the pursuit of high scores, but is reflected in the overall improvement of students’ literacy. "This requires students to have a strong thirst for knowledge, willpower, a wide range of hobbies, and stimulate students’ learning motivation, cultivate good study habits, and correct their learning mentality. Moral education is the only way to achieve these goals and improve learning efficiency, and it will also serve students’ lifelong happiness. "

Planning: Li Yang

Coordinator: Yin Lai Liang Yanyan Ye Keke You Manni

Written by Southern Reporter Yang Xiaotong Sun Xiaopeng Cheng An Liang Yanyan Ye Siming

Photography: Ma Qiang Technology: Mai Yuxuan

Intern: Ma Yunling Li Hongzhe Design: Zhang Xujun He Xin

Peninsula Sports Ligue 1: Manchester United is Kane’s only real option, and Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal are all indispensable.

He added that Liverpool hope to play in the Europa League for most of this season, not the Champions League. But his team arrived at Anfield on Saturday, winning seven games in a row and entering the top four.

"We haven’t been good enough for too long," the German coach said in summing up this season. "I think we made it very exciting. Seven weeks ago, I thought it was impossible. The boys behaved very well in that period.

"I think people like it, too. You can see that they are not angry with us today. They are looking forward to the new Premier League season and the European League season. Me too.

Tell you quietly, one more lead can become so powerful, wild fishing is invincible

During the usual fishing, lead pendants are on the sub -line and eight -character ring, that is, the position of the leading leather seat of the pendant fishing. However, the water love is different, and the method of fishing for fishing must be changed. The reason why the master caught more than you is actually not much secret. The key is a "change" word. What fishing method never uses, nor is it obsessed with single lead or double lead, or some magical bait. For example, in order to increase the fishing nature of fish, we will move the lead, increase the length of the sub -line in disguise, and make the sub -line swinging the amplitude larger. Have time to eat bait.

Good people will have a heart of Barna Haichuan, can tolerate, tolerate, allow it, and help. Good people will have good thoughts. When they see others in trouble, they will reach out to help; when they see the weak are bullied, they will come forward. Good people always think too much for others. If you encounter something, you will think about it. I would rather lose myself, be aggrieved, and do not go to win or lose with others. Kind people, because they are not afraid of suffering, they will not suffer. There will be cause and effect in the world. Good and evil God will judge that you will pay back you will double you in the future. Good people, we, we must learn to understand the change of red dust, to understand calmness all the way; we, we must learn to forgive the imperfections of life, cherish, treat them well

In addition, in order to prevent the small fish from making a nest or a large flow of water, lead pendants are usually increased, and the space beans with fixed lead pendants are opened, which is what we often call fishing and running. Let the bait to the end quickly and use the stability of the large lead to reduce the effect of water flow on float. Through the above two examples, we will find a very interesting thing: it seems that there can be fishing anywhere in the online group, the position of the lead pendant is different, and the effect is different.

This is only the usage of single -lead pendants. In fact, in actual fishing, double -lead or even more lead fishing methods will be used many times. For example, when we fishing and running lead, although the weight of the lead pendant is greater than the buoyant of the float, the lead pendant itself has the entire buoyancy of the float. state. At this time, we must not only bear the buoyancy of the float, but also overcome the rubbing of the lead and the friction of the line group and the lead. The fishing is too blunt.

But at this time, if a double lead pendant, that is, two lead pendants are installed on the main line. First, use the lead pendant above to drift normally, such as adjusting 3 meters. Then use the lead pendant to run for lead. At this time, the lead pendant can only be exposed with a burden, which can be ignored, so the lead pendant will lie flat at the bottom of the water, but it is similar to the anchor -like fixation. effect. The line group can also slide easily in the lead leather seat, and the fish can swallow the bait into the mouth with only smaller strength, which will be much more sensitive than a single large lead pendant fishing and running lead.

In addition, if there is a sauce layer at the bottom of the water, we usually raise the fishing low. In order to prevent the bait from getting into the mud, we will also adjust the proportion of the bait very lightly. However, there will be a problem at this time, and there is no way to push the floats into the water when the double -hook bait hangs. For example, if we adjust the 6 meters, we will be exposed to the water surface after hanging the double bait. But at this time, what should I do if I want to get a bait suspended and the bottom of the bait? It is very simple. You can install a bite on the lower hook. This lead pendant does not need to consider the weight at all. The purpose is to let the lower hook bottom. However, at this time, the hook is still suspended. In this case, there is no need to consider the problem of drift. Fishing 1 or 2 mesh, the state of the bait in the bottom of the water must be a hook suspended and the bottom.

Even if you fish normally in the static waters, you can use double lead. For example, put a small lead pendant under the floating feet, so that the float can be quickly turned over. Make floating drift easier to find signals and positioning fishing points. However, when using a multi -lead pendant, you must consider the leading weight when bleaching, and you cannot interfere with the role of other lead pendants. The general principle is that whether it is a single lead or a double -lead pendant, it is adjusted according to the water and fish feelings. Don’t think that the double lead is tall, and the single lead will be out of date, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

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