Interview with Song Haolin, the director, revealing the behind-the-scenes creation of "Five Boys Saving the Water"

Special feature of 1905 film network The director "spelled" for the film.

He broadcast live on the short video platform until late at night, and was rejected nine times with netizens. In the process, he said countless thanks and was even ridiculed. In short, Song Haolin actively "opened" for the film.


The first time I met the director was at a meeting after the film was released. Without the support of the industry, without the lens of the media, only the feedback from the amateur audience. At that time, a girl stood up very excitedly and told the director that this was her way of signing up for various viewing groups, and she brushed the movie. She was still crazy about Amway among her girlfriends. After that, he raised his mobile phone, as if he wanted to convey his Amway effect to the founders.


The director said that he had been listening to everyone’s reaction at the gate of the cinema during the screening. After hearing everyone’s laughter, he slowly calmed down and felt that he had found the audience. But he did not forget to ask the audience to go to various ticketing platforms to order a "want to see".


When we met for the second time, it was the interview announcement day, and we jokingly asked him if he was mentally prepared in case he really parachuted like a rumor. He is dull, "I hope that efforts can be seen, and I hope that everyone’s efforts will be waiting in the distance."


It was the end of July, half a month before the original film schedule. But in the end, because of the epidemic prevention and control, like other films in the same file, it chose to meet the audience at the best time.


The movie was rescheduled, and finally we met The Battle at Lake Changjin. We asked the director again, will the mentality change now? He told us that this time, he was much more calm. After this period of precipitation, looking back at the fighting propaganda before, he cherished the process of everyone’s efforts.


Everything caters to the content he conveyed on various occasions. The theme of "Five Boys Saving the Water" is "Ordinary". Besides this "ordinary", there are still flashes.


When the project "Five Boys Drowning in the Water" was handed to Song Haolin, he didn’t have an answer in his heart, just thinking about whether it was suitable or not.


In any case, he put all his requirements before the production, and if possible, everyone will continue to push forward. Unexpectedly, after the producer saw these requirements, there was a "noisy" inside. But it is precisely this that makes the team think that this project belongs to Song Haolin, "because he has a stubborn spirit, which is exactly what this project needs."


The two sides soon promoted cooperation, and Song Haolin’s adaptation space was "as long as five high school students who practiced synchronized swimming were satisfied". This also means that he can break the original, re-establish the theme of this project, and re-construct the character design of the role.


To this end, Song Haolin went to a strange city alone and made a simple retreat.

At that time, Song Haolin was at a special stage. "I am rethinking what kind of director I want to be, and even wondering if I am suitable to be a director." Many cruel problems need him to face directly. He has his own embarrassment. He is in his forties. His previous cinema film was wildly recommended by Amway. Under the heat, a lot of capital came to the door, but his enthusiasm faded, and many of them became more vain.


"I began to face up to myself that some places are quite ordinary."The creation of "Five Boys Drowning in the Water" became a process of dialogue between Song Haolin and himself. In this state of reflection, Song Haolin slowly explored the theme of the film, and then what happened during the Spring Festival made him more determined.


At noon that day, Song Haolin ordered a takeaway at home and didn’t arrive until the afternoon. After opening the door, the delivery clerk bowed to him madly and apologized. There was no other delivery clerk to deliver that day, and it was really impossible to deliver it. "After closing the door, I couldn’t calm my mood for a long time. She is an ordinary person, but she may be a very good mother or wife. "


Song Haolin suddenly realized that both himself and most people around him are actually ordinary, but everyone’s life is still very wonderful. As a result, this has become the theme of the movie "Five Boys Who Save the Water". Even the hero’s name is the most common one, and it will not be remembered in the crowd — — "Zhang Wei".



When I didn’t really see the film, everyone threw a question to the director, "How to adapt it locally?" After all, the original version of "Five Boys Who Save the Water" has scored 8.4 points so far, and at the same time, it has won the popularity of actors.

But for Song Haolin, his story is brand-new, that is, the story of five high school students, and everyone has a high school experience, not an adaptation, but a translation of life.


Five teenagers, one schoolmaster and four "school scum".


When Song Haolin was studying, he was not a good boy in the traditional sense. From time to time, he was called to the office by the teacher, but he was very outstanding in literature and art, and the teacher could do nothing about him. These stories belonging to his past have all become the inspiration for Song Haolin’s creation of Five Boys Who Drove the Water.


During the period of seclusion, he found the key to enrich the characters, and also remembered those old friends. "I just concentrated their special ones and put them all on these characters." Finally, except Chen Minghan, the other four characters all carry the shadow of Song Haolin and his classmates around them.


After the characters are established, slowly build the whole script. The whole process is very long. Until the beginning of 2020, the script as a whole was relatively mature, and the crew officially released a picture of actor recruitment. What followed was all kinds of questions.


At that time, the epidemic had just come, so all the casting work of actors had to be moved online. Because movies are mainly synchronized swimming, Song Haolin has an absolute requirement for actors — — Excellent swimming skills.


In the casting scheme, Song Haolin considered looking for a group of professional athletes to shoot like that, but after communication, many factors could not really contribute and had to give up.

At the same time, he also understands that this story is not like Leap’s, but tells the story of professional athletes. Five Boys Who Save the Water is a story of ordinary high school students learning synchronized swimming.


In the end, the team decided to choose a teenager with performance skills.


At this time, Song Haolin still has two choices, one is to choose a more famous actor, and the other is a group of new people. Everyone knows that if the actor can find someone with a topic, then the follow-up publicity of the film can save a lot of worry, but Song Haolin gave up this option.


"I am more concerned about whether the actor can devote enough time to real training and whether he can devote himself wholeheartedly. Most importantly, I especially hope that these five children will not only show a good relationship on the big screen, but will really become good friends in life. Because the true feelings between people can actually be presented in front of the big screen. "


Song Haolin, who has worked with well-known actors, knows that these requirements for actors are not absolutely unsatisfied, but in the follow-up coordination, the difficulty will be very great. "So we simply started to use new actors. Of course, we are also bearing the difficulties in publicity now." In order to choose the right actors, Song Haolin has seen more than 1000 actors.



, Feng Xiangkun, Li Xiaoqian, Wu Junting and Wang Chuan, five people made up Five Boys Who Save the Water.Of these five people, except Xin Yunlai, she participated in the performance.Sadness flows against the river, and other supporting roles in film and television works, others are completely blank.


Wu Junting was an accident of Song Haolin. In the original script, the role of the prince was a little fat man. But when Song Haolin met Wu Junting, the story changed. At first, everyone thought that Wu Junting seemed to be very suitable for the role of Gao Fei. "He is 1.88 meters tall and very idol." Later, everyone found that Wu Junting had a particularly cute temperament. "I think Xiao Wu will play the prince, and there will be something very different."


Therefore, Song Haolin set the "prince" as close as possible to Wu Junting. At the same time, the choice of the role of "Goofy" has been adjusted almost simultaneously.


Li Xiaoqian looks very quiet, even literary and artistic. This appearance temperament is bound to be inconsistent with Goofy’s arrogant state. But Song Haolin will always think of this child.


"Later, when training, he was really the kind of child who didn’t talk much, but he was very hardworking. Everyone is resting and he is still practicing. " This kind of stubbornness in his bones makes Song Haolin very sure that he is flying high.


In the end, these five boys, who are full of teenagers themselves, became the protagonists of the film. In fact, when casting, "being good at swimming" is a prerequisite. What Song Haolin didn’t expect was that when training really started, these five people were gone, and only Wang Chuan could really swim. In addition, Wu Junting even "cheated" him that he was the little prince of the reservoir.


Regardless of whether they can swim or not, the crew invited the former coach of the national synchronized swimming team to be as strict with these five teenagers as training professional athletes. The time left for them is not much, but less, three months.


In Song Haolin’s view, these five teenagers can be replaced at any time if they can’t train well. Now that you have taken some risks, you must present the best results. However, the teenagers did not give the director a chance to change, "they will not have the idea that they are not suitable."


This kind of momentum is very much like the way five boys work hard for the final flower swim competition in the movie. During the training period, five teenagers eat and live together, which is almost the routine of athletes. They train for at least six hours during the day, and then have performance classes at night, with only one day off every week.



From June to September, five teenagers handed in beautiful report cards.


But this does not mean that the shooting is very smooth. There was a scene in the Aquarium. At that time, it was winter, and the water temperature was only over 10 degrees. The actors had to go into the water, but only when they arrived at the scene did they find that the pool was particularly dirty. Usually dolphins lived in it, with a water depth of almost 5 meters, and it was full of dolphin excrement. In order to make progress, the actors had to go into the water.


In addition, during the filming process, a typhoon was encountered, and many equipments were damaged, resulting in the subsequent filming plan being completely disrupted. Difficulties abound during the filming, not to mention the injuries of actors. "They also love me dearly, and sometimes they don’t tell me."

This detail made Song Haolin warm-hearted and scared, and reached an agreement with the actors. "You must tell me if you are injured, and you must trust our judgment. If you don’t say it, you will hold on now, but it may affect the follow-up work, and the price will be big."


The transition of film shooting also brings great difficulty. Five cities, including Yangzhou, Xiamen, Quanzhou and Jinjiang, were designed for the filming of "Five Boys Drowning in the Water". However, unlike Xiamen, many cities have rich experience in actor shooting. "We had a play filmed in Quanzhou at that time, and we needed a lot of group performances. At that time, we transferred group performances from Xiamen. As a result, once, our actors were stuck on the expressway and had to find local people to participate. " However, the inexperienced people’s "slow shooting" in performance also made the shooting progress particularly difficult.


The difficulty doesn’t seem to stop at the shooting period. During the later period of the film, Song Haolin was also "uncomfortable".


Although the hero is Zhang Wei, on the whole, the film is more like a group drama, and the stories of five boys are extraordinarily three-dimensional. Group images are not easy to shoot, and they need a lot of content to support them in order to convince the audience.


The initial cut of the film is as long as three hours. Obviously, this time is not suitable for a youth movie shown in the cinema. How to cut and highlight what is a big problem before Song Haolin.


In this short video era, it is sometimes difficult for Song Haolin to calm down and appreciate some deep-seated content, and think about it. Finally, it is simply difficult to get rid of the inner scenes of the characters. "There will be a little loss, and those contents will make the spiritual things deeper."



After all kinds of events, the film finally saw the world. Douban score is currently 7 points, which is 0.1 points higher than when it was split. It is already a high score in recent remakes of youth movies.


We asked Song Haolin’s expected score, but he didn’t care. "When I care, does this movie ignite the audience?" This is the third feature film directed by Song Haolin independently, and it is the first work to really face the market.

Although the past "Summer in Itaro" has been recognized by the Golden Rooster Award, Shanghai International Film Festival and other film festivals, for him, the past creations are all more self-expression.


Did Song Haolin find the answer to "What kind of director do you want to be" after Five Boys Who Drove in the Water?


"I found it in the process, or I am still looking for it."

He gave an ambiguous answer, but he may not be in a hurry now, because he recently had a new question, "What do I care about when the work is done, or how to get into the audience’s heart?"


Perhaps the answer this time is to find that answer on his way to find an audience for Five Boys Who Save the Water.

The retired village party secretary took in a "dumb brother", and his children and grandchildren regarded him as their family. A special reunion dinner witnessed the love between the host and the gues

Extremely popular journalist liu junhua.

Video clip liu junhua

Correspondent Hu Mengxiao Tan Xuejiao


At noon on the 26th day of the twelfth lunar month, a special reunion dinner in Gaojiadian Village, Huya Street, Xiaoting District, Yichang City added a lot of warmth and celebration to the village covered by Ruixue.

Sun Changqing and Liu Guobao, two old people sitting in the main seat, are a pair of brothers who have forged a special relationship. Twenty-one years ago, Sun Changqing invited Liu Guobao, a disabled person in the same village, to live in his home. For many years, his children and grandchildren regarded Liu Guobao as their elders, and the family respected the young and respected them happily, which became a beautiful talk in the local ten miles and eight townships.

Three generations send blessings to invite the protagonist of the reunion dinner.

In the early morning of the 26th of the twelfth lunar month, it was snowing in Gaojiadian village, and the rural fields were full of ink and wash styles. There are red lanterns hanging on the trees on the roadside in the village, and the strong flavor of the year is coming.

Sun Changqing’s three sons are posting Spring Festival couplets at their doorsteps. Sun Xiying, the eldest, is 53 years old and works in Zhijiang. The second child, Sun Yibo, is 50 years old and works in Xiaoting City. The third son, Sun Yihua, is 47 years old and works in Shenzhen. They all came back specially to celebrate the New Year with Liu Guobao, the "fourth dad", because the "fourth dad" who has lived in their home for 21 years has just got a new residence this year and no longer spends New Year’s Eve with his family as in previous years.

The wives of the three brothers are planning a reunion dinner in the kitchen. Sun Changqing greets his son, Yihua and his granddaughter to write the word "Fu" for Liu Guobao and send it to his new room for posting.

At 10: 30 in the morning, Sun Changqing walked to Liu Guobao’s new residence more than 300 meters away from their home with rice and oil. Xi Ying and Yi Bo solemnly posted the word "Fu" on Liu Guobao’s door, and Liu Guobao, who was nearby, quickly greeted him, saying "Wow, Wow" happily with his relatives. Although everyone can’t hear what Liu Guobao is saying, they all know that "Fourth Dad" misses them very much.

The family surrounded Liu Guobao and returned to the Sun family’s old house. The steaming dishes were full of tables. Sun Changqing took Liu Guobao to the main seat, and his wife, Wang Bangying, sat around with his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. The whole family poured drinks and raised their glasses to wish each other a happy reunion.

Liu Guobao was not formal. He looked at these younger generations with a small glass of wine and a smile on his face. As an outsider for more than 20 years, he watched his family grow up day by day …

Retired old township party secretary takes back a dumb brother

Sun Changqing is 76 years old. He joined the army at the age of 17. He worked as a signal soldier in a certain unit of the People’s Liberation Army in Lanzhou for six years. He retired in 1968 and returned to his hometown. He worked as a group secretary, a battalion chief and a village party secretary in Gaojiadian Village. He retired in 1997 and transferred to Huya Street Office to engage in logistics work.

Liu Guobao is 11 years younger than Sun Changqing. He is a farmer in Gaojiadian Village. Since he was a child, he could not speak because of language barriers. His family was very poor and he never got married. He followed his old father to farm. After his father’s death, his old residence was dilapidated and gradually became uninhabitable, and life was very difficult.

In 2000, when Sun Changqing came home, he learned about Liu Guobao’s situation. He discussed with his wife and wanted to take Liu Guobao to live at home. Wang Bangying, also an old party member, used to be the village women’s director and was very supportive of her husband’s idea.

In this way, 44-year-old Liu Guobao was invited to Sun Changqing’s home and became a long-term guest in a room on the second floor. Sun Changqing has only one stove at home. Every meal is cooked by Liu Guobao on the stove first, and then Wang Bangying cooks for the whole family.

On weekdays, Liu Guobao works in his own several acres of responsibility fields and does odd jobs during the slack season. Sun Changqing found that although Liu Guobao didn’t communicate well with others, he was ingenious, able to weave baskets and baskets, and also able to repair bicycles. He was particularly diligent and economical. A plastic basin was broken and mended, and it was used for more than 10 years.

Sun Changqing gave Liu Guobao a key to the gate, and every room in the house was open to him. In addition to living in a room, Liu Guobao insisted on not taking advantage of anything else, and even Sun Changqing’s hot water would not be borrowed casually.

After getting along for a long time, Sun Changqing respected Liu Guobao more and more. Every time he went home, he would sit and chat with Liu Guobao. Although I can’t hear what he said clearly, I can understand his meaning roughly. When there is something to discuss, two people will communicate with each other with pen and paper.

Liu Guobao also trusted Sun Changqing very much, and the two men gradually became brothers.

Because Liu Guobao is the fourth in his family, Sun Changqing asked his three sons to call him "the fourth father". Although the three sons are not often at home, as long as they come back, they will bring some alcohol and tobacco to honor the "fourth father" and invite him to eat at the same table.

At that time, Sun Changqing’s three grandchildren were still young. Liu Guobao loved children very much, helped them bathe and took them to play.

Wenfeng, a 23-year-old grandson, worked as an intern in Nanjing after leaving the army. He was closest to Grandpa Four since he was a child: "When I was a child, I didn’t like to eat grandma’s cooking, but I liked to squeeze into Grandpa Four’s arms to cook a small stove."

At the reunion dinner, he and his sister raised a glass to wish grandpa four good health, and the old man held the cup happily from ear to ear.

Twenty years of friendship between gentlemen set an example of harmony and family style.

Zhao Xirong, secretary of the general branch of Gaojiadian Village, told Jimu journalists that it is not possible for everyone to invite an outsider to stay at home unconditionally. What is more difficult is to live kindly and affectionately. Therefore, the special brotherhood between Sun Changqing and Liu Guobao made the whole village pay tribute. Liu Guobao has gout, and sometimes the pain is unbearable in the middle of the night. Sun Changqing will ride a motorcycle and take him to the clinic for an injection.

At first, some people suspected that Sun Changqing took Liu Guobao in order to help him work and earn money for his work. In fact, over the years, Sun Changqing has never received Liu Guobao’s rent, utilities, and often sent him some vegetables, meat, clothes and shoes.

Sun Changqing never asked about the money saved by Liu Guobao for farming and odd jobs.

What moved Sun Changqing was that Liu Guobao himself was poor and thrifty, and when his little grandson Wenfeng joined the army, he gave 50 yuan a red envelope; On Sun Changqing’s 70th birthday, Liu Guobao gave 100 yuan a red envelope. Sun Changqing didn’t refuse too much. He cherished his brother’s friendship.

Zhao Xirong said that Xiaoting is a land of the cultures of the Three Kingdoms and has always advocated friendship. A friend of a gentleman like Sun Changqing and Liu Guobao is really admirable.

Recalling the initial intention of accepting Liu Guobao 21 years ago, Sun Changqing said: "I am a retired soldier, a Communist party member, and a village party secretary. How can I turn a blind eye to the difficulties of the villagers?"

In fact, the brotherly love between Sun Changqing and Liu Guobao is also a good example of their harmonious family style. The three generations of the Sun family are affectionate brothers, friendly sisters-in-law, and orderly, which makes the neighbors very envious.

In October last year, Liu Guobao’s younger brother rebuilt his new house and took his brother back to live with him. Considering that he is old, Sun Changqing has limited care for Liu Guobao. After consulting him, he agreed to move back to live with his younger brother.

It is precisely because of the first separation of the Chinese New Year in 21 years that this early reunion dinner was held. On the table, Sun Changqing specifically told the younger generation: "If I am a hundred years old, you should continue to take good care of my fourth father."

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Football Summary: Messi Gods Argentina 7

On March 29th, Beijing time, let’s take a look at the latest situation of the international competition day.

Spain 0-2 away to Scotland

In the second round of Group A of the European Cup qualifiers, McTominay made two consecutive double rings. Spain lost to Scotland 0-2 away, and gave up the top position in the group after swallowing the first defeat. This 0-2 game ended Spain’s five unbeaten games against Scotland. The last time they lost to Scotland was in the preliminaries in November 1984. It has been 39 years since then, when they lost 1-2 away.

Argentina home 7-0 Cura? ao

In the international friendly match, 35-year-old Messi wore a hat at half time, Gonzalez, Enzo, Di Maria and Montiel successively made contributions, and Argentina beat Cura? ao, a weak team in Central and North America, 7-0 at home. Messi reached the milestone of the national team’s 100 goals, and the total number of goals rose to 102. Cristiano Ronaldo, the world football national team goal record holder, still has a gap of 20 goals.

Germany home 2-3 Billytime

In the international friendly match, carrasco, Lu Kaku and De Braune each scored a goal, and Belgium beat Germany 3-2. Four days ago, Belgium just beat Sweden 3-0 in the European preliminaries. On this international competition day, Belgium won two consecutive victories and scored three goals in both games.

Japan 1-2 Colombia, South Korea 1-2 Uruguay

Japan and South Korea, the two top teams in Asia, both lost 1-2. Japan was reversed by Colombia, and South Korea was beaten by Uruguay with two goals. On this international competition day, Japan, South Korea and China were all 1 draw and 1 loss. China’s opponents in the two men’s soccer matches were both New Zealand, while Japan and South Korea were Colombian and Uruguayan.

These living habits are not changed, and more Tai Chi is not enough to make up for your self -harm

What we do every day has made us, and then you will find that excellence is not a behavior, but a habit. —— Aristotle

Everyone found that although there are many longevity old people who practice Tai Chi, some people do not live long. Why?

First of all, the real Taijiquan should be both internal and external, and many people do not practice outside the outside. We only see a stinky skin. We often see that many people are very skilled and can be insisted every day. Seriously, seemingly seriousness is nervous; some people grit their teeth and swipe their teeth, swing their feet, and do not relax at all; some people have practiced for many years and still have a lot of temper to get angry. Bone bones.

Everyone knows that the biggest feature of longevity elderly people is that the personality is optimistic and cheerful, and the influence of emotions from the internal body is far greater than the external environment. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the cold, cold, heat and irritability. The harm of these six prostitutes to human health, that is, external evil injury, is usually from the surface and inside. When it was passed to my heart, I pulled the diarrhea, and then passed the cold to the five internal organs.

However, human emotions are directly harmful to people. The so -called "seven emotions hurt people, direct internal organs", and they can vomit blood immediately. Chinese medicine says that anger hurts the liver, joy and sadness, hurt the spleen, terrify the kidneys, sadness, sadness, sadness, and sadness Sad lung. Lin Daiyu was sad and coughing. She was a typical symptom of "sad lung".

Your fist for a month is not enough for you to be angry. While we practice Tai Chi, while relaxing the body, our mentality must also be relaxed. The relaxing and peaceful mentality in turn is more favorable to the relaxation of the body. Only when the heart is quiet can Tai Chi reach the high realm.

Secondly, Tai Chi is based on Taoism’s "inaction and disappointment". Lao Tzu said, "The husband is not fighting, and the world can not fight with it." Many people who practice Tai Chi have forgotten this. Throughout the day, they think about how to be refined, anxious, and never satisfied. Or can’t stand the provocation of others saying that Tai Chi can’t fight, and gets up and fights angrily.

It is said that "killing 10,000 self -damage for three thousand". In the legendary history, there are indeed some masters of people who have suffered internal injuries because of some tongues. The high -level strength of Tai Chi Boxing Law has cleverly fascinated and excited, and often unconsciously mistakenly entered the courage.

Because of this, in the "Tai Chi Boxing theory", which was regarded as a must -read classic by Tai Chi, Wang Zongyue specifically emphasized the words of the ancestor of Sanfeng after explaining the essence of Tai Chi. Do not do the final dispute. "

With the end of the cold weapon era, today we should not practice boxing for the victory. It is impossible to bear a small bullet in the practice of Diamond. In most cases, things will only make things worse.

We should treat boxing as a kind of fun, because there is something to study, so that the process of fitness exercise has become more fun, culture and charm, pushing the strength to test the strength, winning the win -win smile, and we will never care about it.

In fact, the real Taijiquan high -level kung fu, sometimes the more Hou deliberately pursued, the less you get it. One teacher said good: "When you want to fight with others, the heart is dead, and the heart is already froze. How can I relax? How can I reach a higher level of loose air? "

In the end, I have to say that most of the non -long -lived boxers have bad habits. Some people rely on childhood training from a young age, drinking and smoking, indulgence, and the harm of the nightlife of modern people far exceeding the body. People imagine that in the past, there was no TV in the agricultural society. The oil lamps were sleeping for a while, and there were very few diseases that came out of staying up late.

And modern people are facing a lot of temptations, and there are many people who sleep at a time or two, which is very harmful to the body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Ziye Yiyang is born, and this time for people to hand over yin and yang should be sleeping in the state of sleep. The so -called natural law nature, the nature of our earth changes once every 24 hours of yin and yang. Human beings are the creation of nature. It can be found that those who go to work all the night shifts have almost no longer longevity.

Dr. Yu Juan, a younger return from Fudan University, told people not to stay up late with a 32 -year -old life. She has never slept before 12 o’clock in the past 10 years. What to stay up late? Yu Juan wrote: "Chat, Internet chat, 885 irrigation, jumping, meals, X songs, bowling, personal daze (known as thinking), fill every night without reason."

Staying up late is chronic suicide! Getting up early every day to practice Tai Chi is not only to allow our body to exercise, but also changes to our lifestyle. In order to get up early, you must go to bed early. You have more time to practice boxing. If you do not change the poor lifestyle, it is limited to the body by doing some simple physical exercise, which is not enough to make up for your self -harm.

Shanghai property market: Xujiahui is the same position of "God"? But these advantages and disadvantages are learned!

Question: Uncle Zeng, Xu Jiahui is the same position in my heart, but if you buy a house, you must be rational and cautious, and you cannot be led by feelings. So I want to ask, is it worth starting in the Xuhui Binjiang Plate?

Answer: Hello,

Can. From different perspectives, this sector is analyzed: in terms of business industries, planning to build financial cities, various large -scale business centers gather, and various office buildings are magnificent. It will also drive the housing price of the sector.

In terms of medical care, the three hospitals are Longhua Hospital, next to the inner ring line, walking can be reached. Within 3 kilometers, there are two comprehensive top three hospitals in TOP5 nationwide, namely Zhongshan Hospital 2 kilometers and Ruijin Hospital 3 kilometers away.

There are also Sixth People’s Hospital and the Ninth People’s Hospital of 3.5 kilometers. In terms of education, public education is a shortcoming of Xu Bin. Privately run Shanda Garden Primary School. The Fudan Affiliated School, which has consistently systems in the next nine years, will land.

Of course, the houses in the sector are also high -priced and high -quality top rich houses. If your funds are quite enough, it is recommended to pay attention to this sector.

Question: Hello, Uncle Zeng, I want to buy a house budget of about 800. I want to buy a Sanlin section to live in my own place.

However, in the past few months in this community, I have skyrocketed by 1 million. I have not been married. Is it worth getting on the car? I am afraid that the school district policy changes, or shake a new disk?

Answer: Hello,

The Sanlin section is good, it is very suitable for just getting on the car, and the living atmosphere is good, the school district is OK. Goldland Bay Basin is close to Sanlin Park, near the subway Sanlin East Station, which can be considered as a whole.

If you live yourself, don’t care about it for a while, and the radiation of the front beach is good, I think there is potential.

Question: Hello, Uncle Zeng! How do I choose a good house apartment?

Answer: Hello, there are the following principles for the specific selection of units:

1. To select the overall formal units to avoid choosing some irregular halls;

2. Avoid choosing some dark guard north halls;

3. Do not choose the apartment of the bedroom next to the elevator well;

4. It is not advisable to choose an unique and irregular units of the beams and columns of the hall;

5. Choose units with less practicality in the living room door. It is not advisable to choose a living room door with too many units;

6. Avoid choosing some units with too much north -directional bay window in the cold area of ??the north;

7. You can choose some units that can improve the area of ??use through later decoration transformation, such as: layer height, gallery platform, etc.;

8. It is not advisable to choose the north -line bedroom apartment;

The above points are simple inductive, specific units selection, and according to your own actual needs to determineEssence

Question: Uncle Zeng, I want to ask how to do interest -free loans? What are the conditions?

Answer: Hello, see the internal sharing for details.

Question: Uncle Zeng, hello, I work in Shanghai, I just need to buy a house to get married next year, the budget is relatively limited, but I still want to buy a house in the urban area. Where can I buy a house in Shanghai? Recently, it is relatively hot in Baoshan. How about here? Is there any recommended real estate to choose?

Answer: Hello,

Baoshan is the outskirts closer to the urban area outside Shanghai Minhang. The price is also very close to the people, and the property market in the region is also steadily rising. The cost performance is very high.

Moreover, the southern area of ??Baoshan is included in the main urban area of ??Shanghai in the 2035 plan. It is concentrated in resources, rich in supporting, and transportation and industries are developing very well. Now Baoshan is the price of the price of Shanghai. It is recommended to start.

Question: Hello, Uncle Zeng, how can I choose to buy a subway house in Shanghai?

Answer: Hello,

From a long -term perspective, the vision of buyers will become more and more. It is the first choice for buyers to reach the subway station for 15 minutes.

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