The uncommon name group behind the popularity of "Duck" surname: there are not a few names that cannot be entered by computer.

  Names will accompany people through life. Before the arrival of a newborn, every parent will rack their brains to give their child a name with special meaning.

  However, when we step into the network age, some groups of uncommon names are facing special difficulties. Because some surnames or first names are rare, they can’t be entered into the computer system, which causes inconvenience to their work and life, and finally they can only choose to change their names and surnames. There are also some surnames who choose to change their surnames because of the problem of modern pronunciation and fear of being laughed at.

  Some ethnic culture researchers said that many uncommon names have their unique historical and cultural background, and should not be treated from a modern perspective, and they should be over-entertained. I hope that with the continuous progress of technology, uncommon words can be passed down and people with these special surnames and names have a sense of belonging and identity.


  The original surname of the duck surname nià (Source: Network)

  The bird clan changed their surname to duck because they could not enter "nià" on the computer.

  Recently, a news that "the whole village collectively changed its surname to duck because the surname was too rare" blocked the hot search on the Internet, and many netizens tried to understand the story behind this special surname.

  It is understood that these villagers are all Lisu people, who come from a village deep in the mountains of Yongsheng County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province. Originally, the villagers’ surnames were "nià". This transliterated Chinese character consists of two parts, the upper part is missing a horizontal "bird" and the lower part is "A". For hundreds of years, people have been using the surname "nià" and passed it down by writing. But later, with the advent of the network information age, due to the inability to input and display the text in the computer system, villagers faced many inconveniences in applying for permits and traveling, so they had no choice but to change their surnames to "Duck".


  Household registration information of villagers surnamed Ya (Source: Grain Rain Laboratory)

  Under the influence of family culture, Li Zhufan, a Lisu nationality, has developed a strong interest in her own national culture since she was a child. Today, he is not only a national musician, but also a researcher of Lisu culture. He told Jimu journalists that Lisu people pay attention to clan culture and worship everything in nature, which is different from the hundred surnames of Han people. Among them, there are tiger clans and bear clans who believe in animals, and there are valley clans who believe in plants, and people with the surname "nià" are descendants of the bird clan, who worship flying birds. Because there is no word "nià" in the computer font, the villagers use "duck" instead of "nià" to meet the needs of modern life. According to Zhu Lifan’s understanding, the descendants of the bird clan, some of whom changed their surnames into finches or eagles, all continued their respect for birds.

  "After the name nià was changed to a duck, it was really convenient in life, but it was a helpless move." Zhu Lifan said that many duck surnames still hope to change back to nià surnames, on the one hand, it can avoid the embarrassment of duck surnames pronunciation, on the other hand, it is also the inheritance of bird clan culture.

  It is reported that in recent years, there are still many cases of being forced to change their surnames due to computer system reasons. According to public reports, there are hundreds of people in Gaozhuang Village, Heze, Shandong Province, whose surnames are "San (Shang) and (Xia)" (with the same pronunciation as "Shaanxi"). Because of the uncommon surnames, computer input methods can’t be typed, and some villagers have no choice but to take near-phonetic characters and change their surnames to "Xian" or "Xian".

  Those who have "Gou" surnames are worried that their children will be laughed at and change their surnames.

  It’s not just people with "nià" surnames who are troubled by uncommon surnames.

  Jing Fang, a 33-year-old from Chongqing, was originally named Jing (pronounced gòu), but later, with the passage of time, she became a "Mi". When she was young, because the household registration system at that time could not recognize "Guo", she used "Gou" instead of "Guo", which was called "Gou Fang".


  Genealogy of Jingfang Family (Source: Respondents)

  However, this "Gou" also has a historical origin. Jingfang’s family tree clearly mentioned that due to historical reasons, the family name was "Jing". The anti-text beside "Gou" should be added, and only the sound of Gou should be removed. If you don’t add anti-text, you can only read the sound of Gou, don’t read gǒu, and don’t read J ǒ ng. Although it is pointed out in the genealogy that "Gou" should be the fourth sound when it is used as a surname, most people around Jingfang still pronounce it as G ǒ u. Because of the pronunciation of surnames, jìngfang naturally encountered a lot of embarrassment in her study and life. Later, slowly, when she introduced herself to the outside world, her name was no longer "Gou Fang" but "Jing Fang".

  The trouble caused by the pronunciation of Gou surname is mainly reflected in the work. Jingfang now runs a cultural media company. In the company, the surname "Gou" also brings inconvenience to internal communication. Jingfang found that when employees have something to communicate with her, they are always afraid to call her "Gou boss". What worries Jing Fang even more is that she is afraid that when her young son introduces her surname to her classmates, she will be ridiculed and discriminated by her classmates, which will affect her physical and mental health. "I originally thought about giving my child my surname, but then I thought about it."


  ID card before and after Jingfang changed her surname (Source: Respondent)

  In June 2022, Jing Fang made up her mind to go to the local household registration department and apply for changing the surname of Gou to that of Jing. "The process of changing the surname is very smooth. The genealogy and the certificate issued by the hometown village will be done in a day or two." Jing Fang said that after she really changed her surname to Jing, she no longer explained too much that this surname should have been pronounced as gòu, but was called Ji ? ng.

  There is also a surname of "chicken" because of pronunciation. According to China’s Complete Collection of Surnames and other documents, the surname of chicken is one of the four indigenous surnames in Foshan (namely, chicken, Tian, Bu and Lao), and it is also distributed in Shanghai and Yunnan. But the most concentrated place should be dongxing city, with more than 1,000 people surnamed Ji. As for the origin of the surname of chicken, most of the opinions agree that it evolved from the surname of Xi.

  In 2017, the South China Morning Post reported that there are fewer and fewer people surnamed chicken. Dongxing city changed his surname from Ji to Xi, accounting for about one third of the whole family. The main reason is that he felt his surname was indecent after going out to study and working. As early as more than 10 years ago, this sense of crisis appeared in Guangdong — — Known as one of the "four indigenous surnames in Foshan", the chicken surname is rare in the local area.

  The uncommon name group hopes that everyone will not misinterpret the original intention.

  Some people change their surnames, and some people can’t enter them in the computer system because their names contain uncommon words, so they finally have no choice but to change their names.

  An Cheng (a pseudonym) has a word chén in his original name, which consists of two parts, the left is "Cen" and the right is "Bird". This is the name his father chose after carefully reading the dictionary for a few days. Although full of his father’s ardent expectations, this uncommon word has caused him a lot of trouble.


  Remote word chén (Source: Network)

  "When I was a child, my ability to accept was slower than that of other children. The word" chén "was so complicated that I couldn’t write it for a long time. Students can’t read either. They only know the word bird, so they often make jokes. " In an cheng’s view, classmates and teachers can’t read it, so just correct it. However, when I print and post my name in the school score ranking, I am embarrassed. "Because the computer can’t type the word chén, it can only be divided into ‘ Cen ’ And ‘ Bird ’ Sometimes you don’t call your full name at all, just leave your last name. "

  After entering high school in 2010, my father took An Cheng to the police station to change his name because he was worried that uncommon words would bring unnecessary trouble to the college entrance examination or future work. Since then, An Cheng has breathed a deep sigh of relief, and he no longer has to explain the pronunciation and origin of this uncommon word to strangers.

  "Although more than ten years have passed, it is not easy to type this word in the computer. Many input methods still cannot be input, and only the public security household registration system can type it." An Cheng said that many rare words have their special meanings and cultures. I hope that strangers can understand them more after seeing them, and don’t misinterpret their original intention. "Of course, I also hope that the font library in the future will continue to expand, so as to avoid causing troubles and troubles to the people with rare words in their study and life."

  As for Jing Fang, who has become a mother, she can’t get over the fact that adults call her original surname "gǒu". She said that her father in the countryside has never changed his surname, because the villagers don’t care and always call his father’s nickname. But now that I am going to the city, my name has a strong social attribute. If it is still pronounced as "gǒu", it will have a great influence. "Gou’s surname is no different from Zhao’s and wang xing’s. The reason why the former has become a joke for others is that the society has given this surname other meaning, which is a discrimination in people’s hearts."

  Zhu Lifan, the above-mentioned researcher of Lisu culture, also believes that many uncommon names have their unique historical and cultural background, and should not be treated from a modern perspective and be over-entertained, but should learn more about the origin of their surnames. The cultures of ethnic minorities are all part of the Chinese culture. "I hope that the font in the future can accommodate more uncommon surnames, so that this culture can be passed down and people with these surnames can have a sense of belonging and identity."

Community competition stimulates "her energy"

Women have always been important participants in community sports meetings. Recently, many community sports meetings have been organized all over the country to celebrate the March 8th International Women’s Day, showing women’s healthy and energetic mental outlook.

Happy sports show "her vitality"

In order to better enrich the spare-time life of female workers in the community and enhance the emotional communication among female workers, Xiao jiepai Community of Jinhe Office, Zhumadian Development Zone, Henan Province carefully organized the "March 8" International Women’s Day Fun Games, which attracted the active participation of community workers, representatives of retired female workers in enterprises and institutions under its jurisdiction and residents. Female compatriots released their vitality in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, enjoyed the fun of games and the charm of sports, and played "vigor" and "youthfulness" in the activities.

Female compatriots who participated in the activities expressed their hope that more meaningful and interesting activities of this kind can be held in the future, so that everyone can gain health and happiness in sports. The relevant person in charge of the organizer said that this fun sports meeting not only provided a stage for community women to show themselves, so that they could experience happiness and enhance their self-confidence, but also enhanced their communication and cooperation ability through team cooperation projects, which fully demonstrated the enterprising and vigorous spirit of the majority of women in the jurisdiction, showed a healthy and progressive new lifestyle, and also strengthened the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in community activities, rallying women’s strength for the high-quality development of the community.

Zhujiashan Community, Shamao Street, Economic Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, launched a fun sports meeting of "Striving for a New Journey with the Party and Building a New Era". There are seven group events in this activity, such as walking, tug-of-war, "Long Xing Thousand Miles", "Upward with One Heart" and "Hammer to the End". The atmosphere at the event was warm, and the cheers and shouts continued one after another. It was not only a contest of strength, but also a contest of wisdom. It was not only a demonstration of sports level, but also a test of teamwork. Every team member actively participated in it, and the cooperation was full of tacit understanding.

The person in charge of Zhujiashan Community said that in the next step, the community will continue to base itself on social concerns, women’s needs and the functions of the Women’s Federation, grasp the pulse of the times with more full enthusiasm and persistent pursuit, unite and lead the majority of women to strive for progress, strive to be a model of women’s cause, work style construction and family virtues, and contribute to the development of the community.

Enjoy life and compete for "her strength"

With the change of music, the female members of the square dance team show the strength and courage of women with graceful dancing. On the day of "March 8" International Women’s Day, Longquan Li Community in Jinchuan District, Jinchang City, Gansu Province and Longgang Li Community jointly organized a fun sports meeting to celebrate "March 8". Events such as "grab a stool", "jump a rope" and "dance together" were set up at the event site. Each event highlights the word "music", and the interesting competition makes the contestants enjoy it. In the competition, everyone cheered each other and shared the joy of victory. Everyone adhered to the principle of friendship first and competition second, and cooperated with each other to fully show the elegance of contemporary women.

In Shijing Community, Yangmiao Town, Changfeng County, Hefei City, Anhui Province, the fun sports meeting of "Hot and Pleasant" is also in full swing. As the drums sounded, the contestants stood up one after another. A "flower" was like an uninsured bomb passing quickly between hands. The "drums" slowed down for a while, and the contestants were in a hurry, which made people laugh. In order to show the elegant demeanour of women, the female compatriots in the community gathered together to form a happy team, a dream blue team, a certain winning team and a United team in the form of team competitions, and carefully designed the slogan for the competition. In the four competitions of pass the parcel, Ping-pong Relay, Multi-player Ping-pong and Fixed-point Shooting, all teams worked together and went all out to show their spirit and momentum.

The relevant person in charge of the community said that by hosting this fun sports meeting, it not only expressed respect and support for female compatriots, but also injected positive energy into the community residents and laid a solid foundation for a better life in the community. (From March 11th, China Sports Daily, 05 edition)

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It is difficult for residents in Daxing, Beijing to go to work: four modes of travel are inconvenient, and residents call for this kind of car.

In 2016, Mr. Zhang lived in Mantingchun Community, Caiyu Town, Daxing. Since then, he has to take the government commuter bus to work in the city every day, with a one-way distance of about 45 kilometers. In recent years, with the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, the permanent population of Caiyu Town has soared, and the travel needs of residents have seriously exceeded the carrying capacity of commuter cars.
There is a long queue at the starting station of picking and breeding in the city.
None of the four modes of travel is convenient.
The commuter car in Mr. Zhang’s mouth was opened by the Caiyu Town Government around 2014. Commuters use regular long-distance buses, and each bus is limited to 55 passengers. Every morning from 6: 00 to 8: 30, there are 10 buses from Caiyu Central Primary School to the city, passing through the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, and directly reaching the vicinity of Shilihe subway station. According to Mr. Zhang, if there are no unexpected situations such as traffic jams, this journey only takes 40 minutes.
But in fact, the capacity of commuter bus in the morning is far from meeting the needs of residents in Caiyu Town. According to Mr. Zhang’s statistics, at present, the number of people who commute to work in Caiyu Town every day is about 2,000, but ten shuttle buses can only transport 550 people. Getting on the government shuttle bus on time every day has become the greatest wish of the breeder every day.
At the Caiyu Central Primary School at the bus departure station, Mr. Zhang told the reporter: "In order to get on the bus at 7: 00 in the morning, I started waiting for the bus half an hour in advance, but the queue number has exceeded 100." Mr. Zhang said while showing photos to reporters.
When the reporter visited the site, he found that although the commuter bus has several stations in Caiyu Town, each station radiates to crowded areas such as schools and communities, most people will choose to queue up at the departure station. If the commuter bus is full at the starting station, it is even more difficult to get on the bus from the next few stations. "Now, not only Caiyu Town, but also people in other areas are convenient. Driving to the starting station in the morning to grab a car with us will make our pressure even greater."
Many people queue up hopelessly, give up commuting cars and look for carpooling opportunities.
Mr. Ma, who works in the West Fourth Ring Road, has the same feeling. In order to catch the government bus on time every day, he usually arrives at the bus departure station before 7 o’clock. Even so, it takes an hour to get on the bus. Mr. Ma used to drive himself to work, but the fuel consumption cost of going back and forth for more than 70 kilometers a day was too high. "If you can’t sit at the starting station of the shuttle bus after 7: 30, you can only choose to carpool or take a black car to the city." The reporter learned that carpooling is very common in picking and breeding. There are five carpooling groups in Mr. Ma’s WeChat, each with 500 people. "Even carpooling is very difficult, and people are full as soon as the car stops at the roadside."
If you can’t catch up with the bus and carpooling, and the cost of driving to work is too high, then there is only one last way to go to work from Caiyu: customized buses such as "catching the bus". Mr. Zhang remembers that he took the "catching the bus" to work, and the bus was stopped by the traffic police twice on the way.
Always ask when you see the bus coming.
In addition to the morning rush hour, the evening rush hour is not easy. At the rush hour last weekend, the reporter went to the starting station of Jinsong to check the situation. Compared with a few years ago, there was still no sign on the commuter car for picking and breeding on the path in front of the Fulton apartment. Passengers routinely lined up here, and the team was very messy. And some unidentified buses are also attracting customers.
At about 6 pm, the number of people waiting in line exceeded 60. Many people can tell from the length of the queue whether they can get on the next bus. The passengers showed the reporter a departure schedule. The departure interval ranged from 15 minutes to half an hour, but it happened that the departure interval was widened during the rush hour. For example, after 6: 50 pm, the next departure time was 7: 30 pm, with an interval of 40 minutes.
Worried about the long interval between commuter trains, there are alternatives, but they are not formal. In the queue of carpooling, some people are handing out leaflets and enthusiastically introducing other modes of riding. The reporter saw at the scene that some irregular buses would appear in people’s sight from time to time. In the passenger’s words, as long as it is a bus to collect and cultivate, everyone wants to take it, and the fare of some cars is lower than that of the government commuter bus.
According to the driver of the government commuter bus, the commuter bus has been in a state of "losing money". They also know that passengers have a desire to add a car, but it is difficult at present, because there is no commuter car parking lot near Jinsong, and it is impossible to start in the opposite direction. As for whether the departure time can be adjusted, "it needs to be decided by Caiyu Town".
Residents look forward to commuting by bus.
The starting station returning from the urban area to collect and cultivate is overcrowded.
The reporter learned that there are three bus lines passing through Caiyu Town, but the set route is not convenient for office workers. The first is Xing 32, which passes through Yizhuang subway station, which is convenient for Caiyu residents to transfer to the subway process. However, it takes about 2 hours to get from Caiyu to Yizhuang, followed by 940, which starts from Caiyu all the way west, passes through Daxing Huangcun subway station, and finally passes through Jiugong subway station. Although both trains pass through the subway, they do not take the high speed. For passengers, it takes time to take the bus.
Many residents told reporters that the permanent population of Caiyu Town has surged in the past two years, but the number of commuter buses has never increased, and other modes of travel are inconvenient, so the problem of difficult travel needs to be solved urgently.
The reporter was informed that as early as 2016, it was reported that the government’s commuter bus was going to be reformed, which means that the commuter bus can not only run all day, but also the departure interval is greatly shortened, which is undoubtedly good news. However, in response to a reporter recently, the Caiyu Town Government said that the related issues of commuting bus are still in the discussion stage. Although residents often ask about this matter, the specific time is still uncertain.
Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Zhang Qunzhen Jing Yiming Intern Li Xinyu and photo

At the end of the 6th Chinese billiards World Championships, the first stage of the competition was for the defending champion, and many favourites were eliminated early.

Qilu. com Lightning News December 12 thChina Jiangxi Shangrao Yushan The 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship ended the first stage of the competition last night. Zheng Yubo and Chen Siming, the last champions, advanced to the second stage, while three former world champions, including Shi Hanqing, Dove and Han Yu, Zheng Xiaohuai, Zhang Taiyi and Kong Dejing, as well as james wattana, the "king of Thailand" who played across the border, were eliminated.
As the Chinese billiards tournament with the highest total prize in the world, the 6th CBSA Chinese billiards World Championship attracted 496 players from 41 countries and regions to participate in Yushan, including 128 men’s competitions and 32 women’s competitions.
The World Championship is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the domestic men’s team, the international men’s team, the domestic women’s team and the international women’s team were defeated, resulting in the top 32 men’s teams and the top 16 women’s teams.
The competition in the domestic men’s team is fierce. Zheng Yubo, who aims to win three consecutive World Championships, john young, the champion in 2017, Chu Bingjie, Zhang Jianpeng, Dai Yong, Yu Haitao and other famous players have lost in succession, but they all narrowly missed the top 32. Shi Hanqing, winner of the 2016 tournament, Zheng Xiaohuai, winner of this year’s International Open, Kong Dejing, winner of the International Classic, and Zhang Taiyi, runner-up of the International Grand Prix, were eliminated in poor condition. Zhao Ruliang, the last runner-up, and Cui Mingjun, a teenager born after 00, won three games in a row and qualified.
In the international men’s team, Eipl Dun, the champion of the 2015 tournament, Yang Shaojie, the "king of Myanmar", and Temujin Enkebao, the Mongolian expert, all advanced smoothly. Wattana, the "king of Thailand", only won one game in three games, so it’s a pity to bid farewell to this tournament.
In the domestic women’s team, all four former champions made their debut, and Chen Siming won two games in a row. In 2017, Fu Xiaofang, the champion of the tournament, broke through successfully, and Dove and Han Yu were both defeated. In addition, Shi Tianqi, Tang Chunxiao, Wang Xiaotong and other domestic first-line players got through.
In the international women’s group, Thailand’s famous snooker player Varatanu Sukri Tanes won the competition, and Indian 15-year-old Natasha Chetan advanced to the second stage with outstanding performance, becoming a dark horse in this competition.
On December 12th, the 6th CBSA Chinese Billiards World Championship started the second stage of the race, and the competition entered a more brutal single defeat elimination. According to the schedule, the women’s team will decide on the 15th and the men’s team will win on the 16th.
Lightning journalist Wang Zhiqin reports from Yushan.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: EU countervailing investigation will seriously disrupt the global automobile industry chain

  China news agency, Beijing, November 14 (Reporter Liu Yuying) The European Union launched a countervailing investigation on electric vehicles in China in October. The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China expressed strong dissatisfaction with this, and said that "this will seriously disrupt and distort the global automobile industry chain supply chain, including the European Union, and harm the interests of European consumers".

  In the first three quarters of this year, China exported 825,000 new energy vehicles, up 1.1 times year-on-year, which greatly enriched the global consumers’ choice of car purchase, and boosted urban transportation to accelerate the green and low-carbon transformation.

  According to the person in charge, as of the first half of the year, China automobile enterprises have invested and set up factories in more than 10 countries and regions around the world, and power battery enterprises and key materials enterprises are also accelerating the overseas cooperation layout, which has injected strong impetus into the development of global new energy automobile industry. China is deeply involved in international standards cooperation. Up to now, 35 new energy vehicle standards in China have been adopted by many countries and regions.

  Automobile industry is a typical global industry, which can not be separated from the division of labor and efficient cooperation of enterprises in various countries. The person in charge said recently that the rapid development of China’s new energy automobile industry benefited from the global cooperation of technological innovation and the international cooperation of industrial chain and supply chain, and also injected a strong impetus into the green and low-carbon transformation of the global automobile industry.

  "China-EU automobile industry cooperation has a long history, and they have formed extensive common interests with each other. All major European car companies have factories in China, and China has become the largest overseas market for many European car companies. The implementation of countervailing investigations by the European Union is neither in line with the international trade rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) nor supported by sufficient evidence. Fair trade ’ The fact that a famous bank protects its own industry will seriously disrupt and distort the supply chain of the global automobile industry chain, including the European Union, and harm the interests of European consumers. " The person in charge said.

  China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology suggested that the EU should listen to the voices of the industry extensively, support the industries of both sides to jointly maintain the stability of the supply chain of the automobile industry chain and better work together to meet the challenges of global climate change. China will support the breakthrough of technological innovation, promote the coordination of standards and regulations, strengthen the guarantee of factor resources, promote the interconnection of infrastructure, and promote the stronger, greener and healthier global development of the automobile industry. (End)

In 1904, the British invaded Tibet, and 500 Tibetans jumped into the river to die, making it difficult for the invaders to die.

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Text | Little Love Song

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The development of dynasties in the past dynasties has its ups and downs. China has a history of 5,000 years, and it has experienced too many special periods. The turmoil and painful experiences in modern history are particularly unforgettable.

During the Qing Dynasty, China entered a closed-door state.When the country was really opened, it became a piece of fat meat to be carved up in the eyes of western countries.

(British troops enslave Tibetan people)

All kinds of reparations, aggression and expansion to western countries, as well as the evil deeds committed in our country, have caused us to lose a large area of land. In recent years, Tibet is famous for its many natural beauty.But what you don’t know is that there are still heroic deeds here.

In 1904, the British invaded Tibet again, and the weapons and equipment of the Tibetan army were very different from them. Although they tried their best to confront them, they eventually failed. This is the famous Battle of Gyangze.

In order not to be persecuted by the British army, the last 500 Tibetans who survived chose to jump into the river and die together. What happened at that time?

Throughout the history of western countries, you will find that what they like most is aggression and the development of more colonies. In their view, it is the main way to make themselves strong, and they have committed many unforgivable evils in the process.

(red river valley stills)

If you look into it carefully,British troops invaded Tibet twice. After Queen Victoria came to power, she put forward a plan to defend India’s security.At that time, India had become a British colony.

Tibet is an important strategic area in the area she divided, trying to turn it into a British colony.At that time, the Qing government was faced with domestic troubles and foreign invasion, and signed the Yantai Treaty with Britain to reduce the pressure.

In 1880, the British army assembled troops on the Tibetan-Indian border and launched an attack on Longtu Mountain. Because of the poor equipment of the Tibetan army, it finally fell, so Tibet lost a large area of land.

(film and television stills)

The second invasion was in 1904. In 1903, the British major Rong Hepeng led his troops into the scallops in Tibet.We all know that the living environment in Tibet is relatively harsh, and the air is thin. British soldiers who came there for the first time have contracted pneumonia.

Under the influence of these multiple factors, the British army also became worried.So they thought of a plan, that is, pretending to talk.

The Tibetan army also chose to recognize the peace talks proposed by the British army. After all, no one likes war, but things have not developed in a good direction.The Tibetan army is very simple, but I didn’t expect it was actually a smoke bomb given by the British army.

(Peace talks between the two sides)

When there was a false negotiation in front, the British troops in the rear gathered their forces and seized the top of the Tibetan army.After the battle, the British army concentrated all the bodies of the Tibetan army on the edge of the mountain spring. The blood flowing from hundreds of bodies melted the glacier and formed a blood river with the spring water.

A well-prepared banquet at the Hongmen Gate is undoubtedly an inhuman massacre.The British attack on the ground resulted in the death of more than 1,400 Tibetan troops, and only 380 survived.

Then the British army killed the defenseless Tibetans,In just a few minutes, the blood flowed into the river. After occupying Ji Gu, the large forces began to March to the Gyangze area again.

(red river valley stills)

Along the way, the British army was defeated by six generals, and finally arrived at the gates of Gyangze. In order to preserve their strength, the people in the city and the Tibetan army chose to evacuate.

After entering the city,The British army started another massacre, plundered the grain and gunpowder in the city, and burned the buildings and temples in the city.After the British army swept through, almost no life in the city could survive.

The Tibetan army launched a counterattack while the British army was lax, but the strength of the two armies was very different. The number of Tibetan troops was many times higher than that of the British army, and the defeat was due to poor weapons and equipment.After several rounds of fighting, the British army finally forced the Tibetan army to the last stronghold of the government.

(The two armies are at war)

The Zongguan government has a relatively dangerous terrain, and it is in a high place, and it is protected by towering and solid walls. Why can it win the goal?The British army built several gun towers in a short time, and the castle was blown to pieces under the fierce artillery attack.

In addition, the British army cut off all the rear supplies of the Tibetan army, with no food, no water and no weapons support.The commander-in-chief of the Tibetan army knows that he will die if he drags on.


So one evening, he made a night attack plan with several subordinates, and a dozen Tibetan soldiers launched the final charge, but all of them died tragically in the end.

Seeing this scene, the Tibetan army can no longer tolerate it. Like the commander in chief,Several small forces launched a breakthrough in many directions, and finally only 500 people escaped from a path.

These people have also become the last targets of the British army. They are exhausted and injured to varying degrees.In order not to be captured and persecuted by the British army, all 500 people were killed in the river.

(Tibetan troops against the enemy)

According to statistics after the war, Tibetan soldiers suffered heavy casualties, the number was probably in the thousands, and the British recorded that their death toll was only 37.The huge difference in numbers also reflects the bravery of the Tibetan army.

As a general who led the army to invade Tibet, Rong Hepeng’s evil deeds are countless.He once wrote in his diary that Tibetans were like lambs to be slaughtered, and Tibetan bodies were everywhere under the fire of the British army.

(Rong Hepeng)

Tibetans defended Gyangze County for more than 100 days, and finally they were defeated by the fierce attack of the British army. The British army occupied Lhasa, and Rong Hepeng signed the Lhasa Treaty.

The victory of this war made Rong Hepeng honored. He returned to China with a lot of wealth, cultural relics and documents from temples.

The executioner was regarded as a hero in China and died of illness at the age of 79.It is reported that there was a golden Buddha hanging on his chest before his death, which he robbed when he invaded Tibet.

His purpose is to let the golden Buddha bless him to heaven.Because he also knows that he is evil and his hands are covered with the blood of the Tibetan people, his death has exposed his inner fear.

Repentance after death can’t make up for sins before death, and the Buddha will only cross over those who have great love.Rong Hepeng must have spent his later years in nightmares.Otherwise, how can a westerner who believes in God hold the golden Buddha for burial? Only the eastern gods can suppress the souls of Tibetans.

Although the Tibetan army was defeated in the battle of Gyangze, people have to admire their determination and perseverance,After the domestic situation was settled, the relevant departments set up a hero monument in front of Zongshan Mountain in Gyangze.

We have experienced too many similar battles in modern history, and the courage of the Tibetan people to defend their homeland to the death is really admirable.Their perseverance and spirit have made countless future generations proud and paid tribute to the heroes.

Abu. "The Battle of Gyangze." Literary Life, Episode 2(2018):1.

Peter Fleming (English). The bayonet points to Lhasa [M]. Tibet People’s Publishing House. 1997-01.

Three practical beauty secrets hidden by star makeup artists to enhance your makeup exquisiteness.

Bono Zhang A-line star stylist

Designated stylist at Cannes Film Festival

As the host of "Pretty Woman" and other programs, specially invited beauty consultant.

Hello, I’m Bono Zhang, the star stylist.

I have been engaged in the fashion and beauty industry for more than ten years, and the stars I have worked with areAmanda, Chris Lee, Alyssa ChiaHe has served as the designated stylist at Cannes Film Festival, the host of "Pretty Woman" and other programs, and the special beauty consultant, and has long created classic beauty styles for major fashion magazines.

Compared with the stars shining on the stage, we ordinary people can be beautiful and exquisite in life.

Dating, working, shopping, partying, celebrating the holidays ….. As long as you put some effort into beautiful makeup, you will feel refreshed and full of energy.

Image source: the idea of the worm

In order to practice makeup skills, many girls who love beauty follow beauty bloggers and learn all kinds of makeup conscientiously.Autumn leaf elf makeup, tipsy rose makeup, mixed-race European and American makeup. ……The names are very nice, but I always find that the paintings on my face are not so amazing.

In fact, instead of imitating the glamorous beauty of star bloggers, we might as well spend our time first to improve the small details of our daily makeup.

I’ve seen a lot of makeup novices,The makeup is floating, the eyebrows are stiff, and the eye shadow is not clean.….. and these can often affect the freshness of the whole face.If you can’t do small details well, even if you put on makeup, your beauty will be greatly reduced..

Image source: the idea of the worm

Today, I will tell you three tips to improve the exquisiteness of daily makeup, so that you can be beautiful at every moment.

The weather is dry and easy to float powder. How to make the makeup more docile?

A docile base makeup is the foundation of a perfect makeup face.. Float powder and card powder are stumbling blocks to becoming a fairy.

A little trick, stumbling block always say goodbye:

Soak the beauty eggs and squeeze them dry, then dip in the foundation and pat the face.Then pat and press with the side without foundation to take away the remaining powder.This way, the makeup will be more delicate and docile, clear and beautiful.

Image source: the idea of the worm

? Eyebrows are always unnatural, how to break them?

When many beginners thrush, the first stroke often falls on their brows.

You know, the first one is the heaviest,The eyebrows are stiff, most likely because the eyebrows are too heavy..

Novice thrush, you can start from the eyebrow peak, and then slowly transition to the eyebrows and eyebrows.

After painting,Remember to sweep your eyebrows with a small brush to weaken the sense of boundary.To create a natural and smart eyebrow.

Image source: the idea of the worm

? Always can’t draw the inner eyeliner well, just give up?

Eyeliner is a hurdle for many people. Usually, when you lie down and play with your mobile phone, your hands are very steady. When you pick up the eyeliner, your hands shake.

Draw inner eyeliner in sections to save you:

Starting from the middle of the eyes, stick to the eyelash root and draw eyeliner in sections., and then fill the entire eyeliner from the middle to the head and tail of the eye.

Image source: the idea of the worm

Of course,Make-up is not only a skill, but also an aesthetic..

Everyone’s face and temperament are different, and the suitable makeup is also different. It is necessary to learn to judge, and it is definitely not possible to copy the gourd and copy it mechanically.

It’s crucial to know what you are suitable for:

How can I quickly change into a "small face" with different face shapes?

How to find the eyebrow shape that suits you best?

How does the defective skin turn into a clear and concealer makeup?

How can a single eyelid draw beautiful eye makeup?

As long as you find the makeup method that best matches you, not only the beauty will be up, but also the makeup speed will be accelerated.

In order to help everyone solve all kinds of makeup problems, Lilac Mother found me and built this door together.A crash course in exquisite beauty. My more than ten years of experience and skills are all deposited here.

Good news!The course group won a big discount for everyone in the New Year. Take advantage of the discount to buy these days, take time to practice hard, just in time for a beautiful New Year!

A crash course in exquisite beauty

New year’s beauty promotion

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From basic makeup techniques to high-end makeup artist, dry goods are full.

Slide the picture below to view the course outline.

Including base makeup, eye makeup, lip makeup, concealer, cosmetic, blush, etc.Full set of makeup artist explanations, moreThree-minute makeup teaching for office workersLet you go out quickly without losing your exquisiteness.

360-degree analysis of makeup points,Teach you to find your own characteristics and draw a makeup that highlights your personal advantages.

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true manDemonstration, rave reviews

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The video of the course is demonstrated by real people, and the teacher personally gets started.Teaching makeup details and demonstrating makeup techniques is intuitive and easy to learn, and you can easily grasp the main points after reading it once.

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Easy to understand and practical, make-up white is also applicable:

Whether it’s a little white with zero foundation or a little fairy who wants to improve her makeup skills,You can find a makeup method that suits you in the course and learn how to judge what makeup you are more suitable for.

Take the eyebrow shape for example,The direction of the lines under the eyebrows can change the visual effect of the face.You can draw your own unique and beautiful eyebrow shape according to your own conditions.

The lower edge is flat, and the long face will become shorter visually.

The lower edge is inclined upward, and the short face shape will have a lengthening effect visually.

Image source: course content

Less than a cheap lipstick.

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Get the magic of making a knife beautiful without moving it

Can’t you catch tickets for global studios? You can also come here to interact with other "top flow"!

Already worried


Rainbow base

Video details


The 2021 China International Services Trade Fair ("Service Association") is about to be launched. Beijing Global Studio, Beijing Global Studio, will be unveiled in the Beijing sub -center.

According to reports, after the official launch, Kung Fu Panda, the "top flow" of the global studio, and so on. It will also come to the scene and the audience in advance.

Beijing Universal Studios is located in Tongzhou District, Beijing. In the 20 years of construction, 7 years of construction, this year, after the opening, "double", today, I finally started trial. It will be officially opened on September 20.

As the world’s largest global studio, what is mysterious here? Shanghai Securities Journalists take you to explore.

Harry Potter, Xiaoyang and other top traffic collection

VR dazzling technology immersion experience

A reporter from Shanghai Securities and Magazine came to Beijing Global Resort in Tongzhou District, Beijing, early.

It is very convenient to take the subway. Both Beijing Metro Batong and Line 7 are global resorts. The volume of the station is equivalent to three times the total railway station. There are 4 safety entrances 82.

From the subway, the west side of the station is the urban avenue, restaurant and theme store of the global resort, about 700 meters again. You can reach the resort.

Global studios have the magic world of Harry Potter, Kung Fu Panda Glass, Xiaoyang Paradise, Transformers, Jurassic World Nubra Island, Hollywood Avenue, Future Water World, and so on. 7.

In the park, first of all, this is a milestone building in Hollywood. On Hollywood Avenue, you can play a monster, Maryline Monroe, and take a group with them. In a film -specific product factory, you can experience the effect of photoelectric mixed. Experience the entire movie production process.

Hollywood Avenue is not far from the right. It is currently the largest little yellow garden in the world. Visitors can enter Super Mengle Island on a huge pier. Experience the stimulus of the roller coaster, or sit at a bird’s -eye view of the Menci Rose Vortex 360 ° Island.

In Nubra, Jurassic World, experience the "Jurassic World Adventure", adopt a complete terrain luxury automatic system (Atlas) into the wilderness of Nubra Island and meet dinosaurs.

"Global resort is full of technology. Many projects are real scenes and 3D virtual scenes. Visual art enjoyment is very good." Tourists told reporters.

In the "Future Water World" theme scenic spots, the feeling of immersion continues various details. Even a hair dryer can be heard in the bathroom. It is shocking to accelerate the technology of water gasoline, accelerate, and bullets. Until the plane crashed & hellip; & hellip; various stunt performances made tourists scream again, it seemed to be in a wonderful "water war".

The largest and most exciting roller coaster in the park- "DABA Tiger Roller Trolley", 4. Within 5 seconds, it can be accelerated from a static state to 104 kilometers.

Except for playing, I can’t eat, drink, drink and various products! There are 80 restaurants and 30 retail stores. Ice cream from Xiaohuang people and other themes, butter beer to signature & hellip; & hellip; various novels diet, of course, the price is also "unforgettable"!

The fare has not yet been announced

Beijing or enter the Mid -Autumn Festival domestic tourism is the hottest

Beijing Global Studio fare? The recent testing and test operation tests have been fired thousands of yuan. But the official fare has not been announced.

Compared with Shanghai Disneyland, before, he had just issued a ticket adjustment plan: starting from January 9th, 2022, the conventional daily ticket adjustment was 435 yuan, the special agreement was 545 yuan, the peak day was 659 yuan, and the special peak day was 769 yuan.

After the official opening on September 20, the theme park of Beijing Global Studio needs to enter the ticket. In Beijing Global City Avenue, tourists can go to the case without buying tickets. Adjustment.

The time to open the global resort is a coincidence in the Mid -Autumn Festival. Where to analyze the main data research institute, the Mid -Autumn Festival has always been the off -season of long -distance travel. Especially in Beijing, in the Mid -Autumn Festival, there is usually a scene of "going out" instead of "entering Beijing". As the Global Resort was officially announced in the Mid -Autumn Festival, Beijing is expected to be the most popular destination of the Mid -Autumn Festival.

How to promote the Beijing economy?

It is reported that Universal Studios Beijing covers an area of ??120 hectares, plus 280 hectares of resorts. After completion, it will become the world’s largest global vast city. This is 2 times that of Osaka Global Studio, 5 times of Singapore Global Studio, and 4 times in Shanghai Disney.

The existing section of the global resort includes the theme park of Beijing Global Studio, Beijing Global City Avenue and two resorts. The second phase of planning construction includes the theme park of Chinese elements, which introduces IPS such as Chinese culture and Sun Wukong; the three -phase plan construction water park, with a total investment of more than $ 50 billion.

CITIC Jianota predicts that Universal Studios Beijing receives about 15 million to 20 million people, and the price of guests is expected to exceed 1,500 yuan. After maturity, the annual turnover is about 25 billion yuan to 30 billion yuan.

Pacific Securities believes that the global resort will directly drive Beijing’s tourism revenue by 4 % -5 %, and the annual growth rate of the industry around the tourism industry will increase by more than 100 billion yuan. the value of.

Many listed companies participate in the global studio industry chain

As an investor, the capital story behind Beijing Global Studio is more concerned about.

From the official disclosure information, Beijing Global Resort has Beijing International Resort Hotel Beijing International Resort Hotel, which is a joint venture with Beijing Ryan Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. and Kangcaster NBC Global Commercial Position And resort.

Beijing Handbiao Cultural Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. is the Beijing Municipal Government that mainly supports investment, development, operation and Beijing Global Resort. It is usually used by five Beijing state -owned enterprises. Including one of China’s largest tourism companies -Beijing Chiefs Group.

As the largest shareholder of the global studio, the first travel hotel of the first group, Wangfujing, Quanjude, the first commercial stock, and so on. This is the closest and benefited from this industrial chain.

At present, there are only two hotels in NOVOLI in the Universal Studios -Universal Studios Hotel and Resort. The number of rooms is about 1200. These two hotels are management of 50 % of the International Cay and First Tourism Group. And before December 31st, he has been committed to injecting a girl hotel, 2022. In June of this year, the hotel’s discipline announced a $ 3 billion plan. Global Studios near the theme hotel, in order to seize market opportunities.

In addition to the first time, many listed companies have recently responded to investors in Shanghai and Shenzhen. It appeared in the case of cooperation with Beijing Universal Studios.

Wangfujing said that the company produced by Wangfujing Shopping Center produced by the company is expected to be opened with the global studio scenic spot. However, in order to deal with the market tax, the company revealed that there is no specific plan to open global studio.

All the rally and delivered a speech thatthe Quanjihuzhuang is located on the city avenue of Universal Studios. The project covers an area of ??more than 15,000 square meters. The form of snacks, dinner, takeaway, terrace bar, etc. Organic combination. The store will be tested at the same time as global studios on September 1.

There is also an investor’s "adapter". Beijing Culture Group, Beijing Culture Group, Holding Bank, is one of the investors of Beijing Global Studio.

CITIC Tourism, China Youth Travel, and so on. It is a formal authorized partner of the Beijing Global Resort Tourism Channel.

Also, many listed companies have participated in the project construction of global studios. For example, Jintu Group is one of the main suppliers of Beijing Global Studio Green New Building Materials; time and space technology participation in the construction of Beijing Global Studio theme park support construction (first stage) urban avenue flood lighting project construction; Yuanwang valley and valley and Beijing International Resort has signed a franchise agreement for many years.

Shanghai Securities News

"Shanghai Securities Journal" on July 1, 1991, with the establishment of the New China Securities Market, it is the first national financial daily daily that my country provides authoritative financial securities. "Shanghai Securities News" is a key newspaper, Xinhua News Agency, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission designated information disclosure newspapers.

3277 original content

Official account

Edit: Chen Qiqi

Video production: Yang Shengwu Guan Tie (Internship)

Shanghai’s tragic accident caused 1 death and 1 injury case details announcement

Cao Moumou, a male, male, born in 1995 ** 被 被 被, citizenship number: 4290041995 **********, Han nationality, junior high school culture, before the incident, online car driver, household registration in Hubei Group of Xian Tao City ** Village, temporarily lived in Room **, ** Road ** Road ** of Yangpu District, Shanghai. On March 31, 2021, the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau was criminally detained in accordance with the law for suspected traffic accidents.

The case was ended by the investigation of the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and was transferred to the court on January 17, 2022 to the court for review and prosecution by the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou. After the acceptance of this court, the next day, it was informed that the non -prosecutor had the right to entrust the defender and the legal consequences that the penalty could be caused. The close relatives of the victim had the right to entrust the lawsuit to the lawsuit, and questioned the non -prosecutor in accordance with the law and listened to it. The opinions of the victim’s family reviewed all case materials.

After review by law:

At 5:35 on March 31, 2021, the brand that was not leased by Cao Moumou was Shanghai AF **** small sedan.时,因其驾驶机动车未靠道路右侧通行且违反文明驾驶规定而分别与对方向在道路东侧由南向北被害人沈某甲骑驶的号牌为上海67****电动自行车及The victim Huang Moumou’s number plate was a collision of Shanghai 38 **** electric bicycles, causing damage to the vehicle, Huang Moumou’s injury, Shen Moujia died on the spot. After determining the accident of the traffic police detachment of the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, Cao Moumou’s total responsibility for the accident, Shen Moujia and Huang Moumou did not bear the responsibility of the accident.

After the accident, Cao Moumou’s initiative to report to the police, waiting for the scene and actively rescued the wounded. After the case, the above -mentioned criminal facts were truthfully confessed. A few days ago, the victim Huang Moumou had received Cao Moumou’s compensation RMB 55,000 (the following currencies are RMB); 38.6668 million yuan and Cao Moumou compensated 49,000 yuan (the remaining 60,000 yuan has been negotiated with Cao Moumou and the victim Shen Moujia’s family membership payment). Cao Moumou has been understood in writing by the above -mentioned victims and family members of the victims.

The evidence of identifying the above facts is as follows:

1. The one -click search for super search information, ID card copy, and criminal suspect’s illegal crime information verification form from the Shanghai Public Security Bureau confirmed that the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou had reached legal and completely criminal responsibility age when he committed the crime. Identity information and no prevalence.

2. The Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s case (event) issued by the public security organs receiving a report, the registration form, the case of the case, the 110 incident registration form, and the call for details. A traffic accident occurred near the Panlong Highway and the intersection of the construction of the North Road and the electric bicycle. Cao Moumou, who was not prosecuted, took the initiative to call the police, waited for the scene and truthfully confessed the above criminal facts.

3. The results of the test form of the drug driving (urine test) and the exhalation alcohol tester confirmed that Cao Moumou was not toxic and drunk driving.

4. Driving license information, motor vehicle driving license, photocopy of driver’s license, vehicle detailed information, motor vehicle traffic accident liability for compulsory insurance policy, commercial insurance policy, Shanghai taxi operating license confirmed, Cao Moumou’s driving license and rental car Related conditions such as the driving card is complete.

5. Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s population business inquiry management system information, ID card copy, a copy of the temporary resident ID card, and basic information of the vehicle have confirmed that the victim Shen Moujia, Huang Moumou’s identity information and two electric bicycles are related.

6. The first aid case, the medical certificate of the resident death, the guarantee, the cremation of the remains, the thermalization certificate of the body of the residents, and the thermalization of the body, and the Judicial Appraisal Opinions of the Judicial Appraisal Center of the Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University confirmed that on March 31, 2021, the victim Shen Moujia was on the spot due to a traffic accident on the spot. Death, the cause of death is in line with road traffic accidents, causing injuries to the whole body. In addition, ethanol composition was found in the blood.

7. Notice of injury testing and the outpatient medical records of the Chongming Branch of Xinhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine confirmed that the victim Huang Moumou had eyeballs due to the accident.

8. Household registration copy, copy of ID cards, civil judgments, civil jets, civil mediation letters, receipt, understanding, and Didi company transfer vouchers confirmed that Cao Moumou has conducted with the victim Shen Moujia’s family on the economic compensation of the accident. Civil litigation and later reached a mediation agreement. A few days ago, the victim Shen Moujia had received a compensation of 1.182 million yuan in insurance companies, 386.668 million yuan paid by Didi Company and 49,000 yuan for Cao Moumou. Payment). The family members of the victims have been understood by Cao Moumou.

9. Transportation accident understanding, people’s mediation agreement, and road traffic accident economic compensation voucher confirmed that it has been compensated by the victim Huang Moumou for the victim of the victim, and was written in writing.

10. The "Road Traffic Accident Confix" issued by the Transportation Police Detachment of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau and the situation of Shen Moujia’s electric bicycle after being drunk, which is confirmed by the situation of the responsibility of the accident. Cao Moumou’s responsibility for the accident; Shen Moujia drunk riding electric bicycles does not work on traffic accidents and the consequences of damage. The two victims had no fault in the accident. Responsibility for the accident.

11. Shanghai Fenglin Judicial Appraisal Co., Ltd.’s judicial appraisal opinions confirmed that the safety technical status of the car involved in the case is in line with the relevant provisions of GB7258-2017 "Technical Conditions for Motor Vehicle Operation Safety"; the safety technical status of the two electric bicycles involved in the case meets GB17761-2018 " The requirements of the Safety Technical Specifications of Electric Bicycles; at the time of the accident, the license plate is "Shanghai 67 ****" electric bicycle carried by people to carry people’s traffic behavior. A collision of electric bicycles can be established.

12. On -site pictures of road traffic accidents, surveys of road traffic accidents, photos, photos, CD -ROM confirmations, car accidents and other related situations.

13. The statement of the victim Huang Moumou confirmed that at 5:35 on March 31, 2021, when the electric bicycle was driving along the east side of the Pinglong Highway from south to north to the south side of the south side of the river bridge, about 200 meters, It was suitable for a sedan to drive quickly from the middle to southeast along the middle road to the southeast, and it avoided it westward. Later, it felt like a electric bicycle or a car colliding.

14. Witnesses Shen Mou’s testimony confirmed that it was the son of Shen Moujia. On March 31, 2021, Shen Moujia drove an electric bicycle and collided with a small sedan on the way along the Pinglong Highway. His mother said that Shen Moujia went to the construction site from his home when he was at the time of the incident.

15. The confirmation of the confession of the non -prosecutor Cao Moumou was confirmed that at 5:35 on March 31, 2021, the driving number was Shanghai AF **** small sedan, and it was driving north to south along the Dragon Highway in this area to the south to the shoulder. The road milestone hit two electric bicycles at 6.7 kilometers, resulting in related facts such as one death and one injury.

The court believes that Cao Moumou, who was not prosecuted, implemented the behavior stipulated in Article 133 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, but the circumstances of the crime were mild. And its close relatives made financial compensation and obtained written understanding, according to the provisions of Article 67, paragraph 1 and 37 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China, can be exempted from criminal punishment. According to the provisions of Article 177 of the Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China, it was decided not to prosecute Cao Moumou.

Three seized CD -ROM returned to the Chongming Branch of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

If the non -prosecutor’s decision, if he does not accept the decision, he can appeal to the court within seven days after receiving the decision.

If the victim’s close relatives do not accept the decision, they can appeal to the Second Branch of the Shanghai People’s Procuratorate within seven days after receiving this decision, and ask for a public prosecution; they can also filed a self -prosecution directly to the Shanghai Chongming District People’s Court of Shanghai.