Zhongtan Town, Maiji District, Tianshui City: Cherry blossoms are full of spring, and greenhouses are busy with farming.

  A year’s plan starts with spring. In early spring, in the greenhouse of cherry orchard, Wangli Village, Zhongtan Town, Maiji District, cherry flowers are in full bloom, and the green branches and leaves contrast with the white stamens, which paints a vibrant picture for early spring. Workers shuttle through it, busy cleaning up weeds and carrying out artificial pollination to prepare for the bumper harvest in the new year.

  Recently, the author walked into the greenhouse in cherry orchard, Wangli Village, Zhongtan Town, and saw clusters of snow-white flowers in full bloom, which was very gratifying. The elegant fragrance of cherry flowers was overwhelming and intoxicating. While ensuring that the cherry trees can fully absorb nutrients and thrive, the workers carefully guard the beauty of the flower sea.

  It is understood that cherry orchard adopts advanced technologies such as greenhouse and artificial pollination to ensure that cherry trees can grow normally in early spring. This technology can not only resist the influence of climate instability in early spring on cherry growth, but also ensure the cherry fruit to grow sturdily in the best growth environment through artificial regulation.

  "This cherry orchard has a total of more than 150 mu of land, including nearly 70 mu of greenhouse cherries. At present, the main work in the garden is to heat up the greenhouse, as well as artificially pollinate and clean up weeds. Now it is the time when cherry flowers bloom, and the flowers in the greenhouse can bear fruit through artificial pollination. " Huaiming Li, administrator of cherry orchard, said, "Now there are more than 20 employees in the park, all of whom are villagers in villages in Zhongtan Town. It is estimated that during the period from mid-April to May Day, these cherries will be listed one after another, and the output of one mu of land is about 1,000 to 1,500 Jin. "

  "This cherry base has been built for five or six years. I have been working here. I can earn three or four thousand yuan a month. More importantly, it is close to home. It is really good to take care of my family and earn money." Cherry orchard employee Mao Guicai said.

  In recent years, Zhongtan Town has realized "accurate environmental monitoring, accurate watering and fertilization, accurate production control and quality improvement" of protected cherry by relying on modern intelligent technology. By constantly summing up new technologies and experiences, it has trained fruit tree planting experts, demonstrated and guided surrounding fruit farmers to develop protected cherry industry, and established a mechanism of helping farmers through joint agriculture and interest linkage, which has effectively promoted the accumulation of village collective economy and the continuous increase of farmers’ income, and injected new vitality into the development of rural revitalization industry. (Wang Wei Wei Biyun)

Why is fruit so expensive this spring? The reason behind the reporter’s investigation

  The price of fruit has gone up sharply this spring. According to the relevant data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs compiled by Zhuo Chuang Information, the wholesale price of fruits from January to April in 2022 was higher than the average price in the past nine years, and it showed a continuous upward trend.

  From the place of origin to the dining table, fruits have to go through the stages of fruit farmers’ picking, packaging and purchasing, loading and transportation, wholesaler sales, etc., and finally reach the fruit shop at home. Qianjiang evening news Hour reporter interviewed producers, wholesalers, logistics drivers and store operators, trying to explore the deep-seated reasons behind these links.

  Many people are concerned about when the price of fruit will come down. According to the prediction of fruit farmers and wholesalers in producing areas, with the coming of summer fruit ripening season, the wholesale price of fruit will soon fall, and the price of retail stores will naturally fall.

  Due to climatic reasons, the reduction in production and the sharp drop in imported fruits cannot fill the gap.

  Most of the fruits in this season are from Yunnan, Hainan and other places, because the reduction in production has led to an increase in wholesale prices.

  According to Hong Lianggang, the wholesaler of Hangzhou Fruit Wholesale Market, the price of wogan rose from 4 yuan to 11 yuan, honeydew melon from 12 yuan to 20 yuan, mango from 4 yuan to 10 yuan, and the most outrageous thing was watermelon. A while ago, the price of watermelon rose from 6 yuan to 20 yuan.

  Chen Ying (pseudonym), who is purchasing fruits in Hainan, explained the reason to qianjiang evening news Hour reporter: "The winter in Hainan this year is particularly long. Due to the influence of cold air, the output of lotus spray, Guifeimang and litchi here has decreased a lot."

  Mid-May is the season when a large number of lychees are listed in Hainan. In previous years, the local wholesale price was only five or six yuan a kilogram, but this year, the wholesale price of lychees rose to 14 yuan a kilogram, and the price doubled 1.5 times.

  Before the local fruits were ripe for the market, the output of foreign fruits was reduced. In the past, this situation also happened. The solution for wholesalers was to fill the gap with imported fruits.

  But this year, the number of imported fruits has also dropped sharply.

  At Hong Lianggang’s wholesale point, the sales of imported fruits accounted for 30% of the total sales in previous years, and now it has dropped sharply to 10%.

  The origin of imported fruits this season is mainly Southeast Asia. Last year, 7.5 kilograms of mangosteen with a box of 200 pieces sold 450 pieces this year; Last year, 15 kilograms of durian with an average price of about 400 yuan per box sold directly to 800 yuan this year.

  The epidemic affected the transportation time, and the freight cost generally increased by 10 times.

  The reduction of production makes the price of fruit higher, and the increase of transportation cost adds a fire to the rising price.

  According to Chen Ying’s estimation, in previous years, the freight for a car full of princess smiles was 9,000, but this year it has become 12,000. Affected by the local epidemic this year, the passage of trucks was not as smooth as in previous years, and the freight rate naturally rose.

  Liu Ben (a pseudonym), a truck driver, took a load of bananas imported into Hangzhou fruit wholesale market. His batch of bananas was shipped from the port of Ningbo. Originally, this journey only took three or four hours, but now it takes three days.

  Imported fruits need to go through customs inspection, disinfection and nucleic acid detection, and so on. Just here at the customs, it will take a day. When the goods arrived at the highway bayonet, Liu Ben had to hand over the driver’s license to the staff. "Because it is stipulated which highway intersection to get off from, you must return from which highway intersection."

  When you get to the market, people and goods need a 24-hour nucleic acid report to enter the market. Liu Ben drove the car to Hangzhou Renhe Inspection Station and tested the bananas. Liu Ben himself went to the hospital to do nucleic acid, and when the report came out, another day passed.

  Liu Ben calculated that it would take about 140 liters of oil to get from Ningbo to Hangzhou. This year, the oil price has risen, and he can only bear it himself. Together with the toll of 336, it costs 672 yuan to go back and forth. After deducting these costs, Liu Ben can only earn 500~600 yuan for one trip.

  The epidemic situation makes it impossible for goods between markets to circulate and transfer at will. "Every batch of fruit we have now has a traceability code, which can only be sent straight from the place of origin and cannot be transferred. In the past, we would look at the price. For example, if the goods in Jiaxing market are cheaper, we will adjust from Jiaxing, and now it is not allowed. " Fei Ge (a pseudonym), the wholesaler owner of Hongshi Fruit Industry, said.

  Feige is mainly engaged in the wholesale of fine fruits. Due to the difficulty of freight transportation in Shanghai, all the imported fruits were transferred to the docks in Guangzhou, which increased the transportation cost for the Hangzhou market.

  The number of imported fruits has dropped sharply this year, mainly due to the international epidemic.

  "I think many colleagues who are imported fruits are saying that the freight of imported fruits has generally increased by 10 times." Brother Fei said, "And in Southeast Asia and other countries where we mainly import fruits and fruits, almost all the automobile transportation routes are shut down, leaving only sea routes. The time for these fruits to stay on the cargo ship has increased, resulting in a decline in quality. "

  Store rent, labor cost factor, local fruit listing price will be lowered.

  The rise in wholesale prices makes the price tag of fruit shop stores change almost every day.

  "Recently, many customers have complained to us that fruit has become more expensive." Xiao Wu, a clerk of Huaxia Fruit Industry, pointed out and smiled at the concubine in front of the store. This is litchi that just came in, and the price is 51.6 yuan a kilogram.

  Most customers are still sensitive to price, so although the price of fruit has increased, the turnover has not increased, but has decreased.

  Sun Liying, the boss of Huaxia Fruit Industry, told qianjiang evening news Hours that the turnover of his three stores was only about one-third of that of the same period last year, and the passenger flow was also much less.

  Sun Liying has been a fruit store for 7 years, and now he has 3 stores in Hangzhou. The rent of the oldest No.1 shop has risen from 50,000 to 178,000 years, and the growth rate has increased by 5% year by year. The labor cost employed in the store accounts for 60% of the total expenditure. Sun Liying thinks that compared with these, the price of fruit has risen the slowest.

  In 2020, Sun Liying’s store enjoyed the government rent reduction and exemption policy, exempting the rent for three months and halving the rent for three months, which made him through the most difficult period.

  This year’s epidemic situation is complicated. Last month, two of his stores were shut down due to epidemic prevention and control, and some fruits were lost. "It’s good to live." Sun Liying said.

  However, the epidemic has also increased the sales of storable fruits such as apples, pears and bananas, and the prices of these fruits are relatively stable.

  Many people are concerned about when the price of fruit will come down.

  Hong Lianggang said that when local fruit production comes up, the wholesale price of fruit will soon fall, and the price of retail stores will naturally be lowered.

  Take watermelons as an example. In April, watermelons were scarce, and the wholesale price once rose to 18 yuan a kilogram. However, with the maturity of local sweet potatoes in May, the price of watermelons will drop to 4 yuan a kilogram.

  "I don’t know, one price a day." A stall owner who sold watermelons for 7 years in Hangzhou Fruit Wholesale Market said.

It is De Technology’s AI-driven automated test to optimize the user experience of 5G smart phones.


A new application test automation method, which can quickly evaluate the experience quality provided by the world’s popular mobile applications.

German technology company recently announced the introduction of enhanced functions for its Nemo device application test suite. The software solution adopts automation technology and artificial intelligence (AI), which gives a powerful boost to wireless service providers and application developers, and can help them quickly evaluate the real interaction between smartphone users and local mobile applications. It is German Technology that provides advanced design and verification solutions, aiming at accelerating innovation and creating a safe and interconnected world.

In the past few years, the number of users who use mobile applications to access digital content and participate in social media platforms and online games has increased significantly worldwide. Compared with the mobile web browser, the local mobile app can provide a tailor-made excellent experience; Therefore, the use of mobile applications has significantly promoted this growth.

Matti Passoja, the head of Nemo wireless solution of De Technology, said: "Service providers and mobile application developers want to know the real experience of end users when they access OTT applications with smartphones connected to cellular networks, and they need a reliable way to verify it. It is DeTech that has created an automated application testing method based on its unique software and hardware technology platform. This method uses real applications, and can accurately understand network performance even in extremely complex and changeable situations. "

It is DeTech that makes full use of artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML) and automation technology, and uses the data captured by local mobile applications (instead of the simulated data flow) to create a brand-new device testing application method. This method can evaluate the interaction between end users and their mobile applications more accurately. The new application test automation method can help wireless service providers quickly optimize the performance of 5G network, and at the same time provide better quality of experience (QoE) for smartphone users. Users can enjoy the world’s most widely used OTT services and social media applications, such as Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Snapchat, TikTok and Zoom.

The new automatic test application method is one of the three supplementary test methods provided in Nemo device application test suite of German Science and Technology. According to the type of mobile application and key performance indicators (KPIs), the test method can be used with a Nemo field test solution. Nemo test suite users can obtain comprehensive, real and flexible 5G network performance verification and end-user QoE evaluation.

It is a Nemo testing tool of German Science and Technology, which can capture real measurement data in the field and use it for real-time analysis or post-processing analysis. These test tools include Nemo Outdoor 5G NR drive test solution, Nemo Backpack Pro 5G indoor benchmark test solution and Nemo network benchmark test solution.

Music creation is not careless, Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302 is trustworthy.

For many young music creators, an easy-to-use intelligent recording pen has become the immediate need. In fact, Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302 has become the choice of many people. With its compact body and professional performance, it can be said that in the market of intelligent voice recorder, Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 brings a different experience. This year’s Double Eleven, start this Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302, and easily complete the advanced stage!

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Of course, the advantages of Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 don’t stop there. The free and permanent intelligent transcription service is also an important reason why Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 is popular in the workplace. Based on Iflytek’s leading artificial intelligence speech algorithm, Xunfei intelligent voice recorder SR302 can show brilliant performance in 10 languages and 12 dialects. Easy transcription, accurate identification, online transcription accuracy of up to 98%, it is easy to present the recorded content in the form of words in front of users. Whether it is lyrics creation or meeting minutes, with the help of Xunfei intelligent recorder SR302, the performance can always be better.

In terms of portability, which many young friends are concerned about, Xunfei Intelligent Recording Pen SR302 also performs well. Its slim body and light weight are very convenient, whether in jacket pocket or small bag!

Electromechanical Online | Women’s Basketball Game semi -final (electromechanical VS material ring)

New youth

Always accompany you all the way

At 3:40 pm on November 29, the women’s basketball competition was held in the large playground, and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering VS Materials and Environmental Engineering College.

At the beginning of the game, the basketball athletes of the Mechanical and Electrical Institute took the initiative to pass the ball with a good and skilled movement, and to force the rebound. Our team members quickly entered the state, and they were all heroic. On the court, you are fighting for me, you attacked me, and you have a skilled pitching. The pitching movements are handsome and neat. At the same time, the cheerleaders also shouted outside the court, and the atmosphere of the court was very active. In the end, the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering won the game at 25:19.


After this basketball game, it not only enriched the students ‘extra -curricular life, but also strengthened the students’ awareness of exercising and solidarity and cooperation, allowing students to relax their body and mind in the intense study life, and felt the strength and warmth of the group’s groups. Essence I hope that our women’s basketball team members will be overwhelmed all the way in the next game and break the waves to win a better ranking!