Gangs involved in black gangs monopolized the song and dance entertainment industry and arrested 62 people for overseas development.

  Stolen goods seized by the police. Photo in this article Photo courtesy of Shenzhen police

  Shenzhen public, Guangdong held a press conference on August 21st, reporting the detection of a triad-related case. The Paper learned from the press conference that in August 2018, Shenzhen police discovered a triad gang headed by Li Moulong according to the tip. After preliminary investigation, the gang opened a number of song and dance entertainment venues in Henggang, Shenzhen, with a large number of gangs, and carried out illegal and criminal activities such as extortion, intentional injury, and trouble-making through violent means, thus suppressing the monopoly of the local song and dance entertainment industry by the same industry, and organizing prostitution in the places it operated, grabbing huge economic benefits, supporting the black with the yellow and protecting the yellow with the black, seriously disrupting the local social security order, living order and economic order.

  According to the Shenzhen police, through further investigation, it was found that Li Moulong, the leader of the organization, even began to develop his industry to Cambodia outside the country. At the same time, in order to escape the blow, he and some major backbones of the gang stayed in Cambodia for a long time. In order to avoid scaring the snake, Shenzhen police immediately set up an overseas working group, rushed to Cambodia in advance to dock with the local police, closely controlled Li Moulong’s whereabouts, and waited for unified arrest instructions.

  After months of careful investigation, the time is ripe for arrest. At 23 o’clock on May 22, 2019, under the unified deployment of the public security organs at higher levels, the Shenzhen police and the Cambodian police launched a unified network-receiving operation at home and abroad against the underworld organization.

  Stolen goods seized by the police.

  More than 1,500 police officers from the Shenzhen Arresting Group attacked four places related to pornography, such as Royal Zunjue Nightclub, Tongxin Hotel Nightclub, Oriental Charm Nightclub and Party Base Bar, which were operated by the organization. More than 200 inspectors were brought back through screening, 17 main members of the organization were arrested, 42 people suspected of organizing, introducing and sheltering prostitutes were criminally detained, and 45 people were administratively punished. On-site seizure of cash involving RMB 2.38 million, HK$ 4.92 million and US$ 15,000; Freeze the bank funds involved in the case of 21.34 million yuan; 8 valuable vehicles involved in the case were seized; 357 small-caliber bullets and 344 loose bullets were seized; Seize a batch of computers, documents and jewelry involved.

  Stolen goods seized by the police.

  At the same time, the Cambodian arrest team successfully captured the leader of the organization, Li Moulong, and a key member of the organization. Later, with the strong support of the Ministry of Public Security and the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, on August 1, 2019, the Shenzhen police successfully repatriated and escorted them back to China.

  According to the police, the underworld organization has a large number of people, relatively stable membership, mostly fellow villagers, classmates and even relatives, an obvious hierarchical structure, a clear division of labor, fixed means of seizing illegal economic benefits, and clear channels. It uses violence threats, soft violence or other means to do evil, oppress and persecute local people, and organize illegal and criminal activities many times. At present, there are more than ten kinds of individual crimes involved in the organization, including the crime of suspected organizing leaders to participate in underworld organizations, the crime of intentional injury, the crime of picking fights, the crime of extortion, the crime of organizing prostitution, and the crime of illegal possession of guns and ammunition.

  Stolen goods seized by the police.

  At present, 62 people have been criminally detained, 53 people have been arrested and 67 people have been administratively punished in this case. The Shenzhen police have publicly offered a reward for se ven fugitives, and the case is being further processed.

  Stolen goods seized by the police. The Paper noted that on July 11th this year, the Shenzhen police publicly offered a reward for seven fugitives, whose names were Li Xinjian, Song Zhongwen, Li Weihua (female), Su Xiankun, Su Yinlong, Wang Zhihui and Wang Yu. The public security organ will reward 20,000 yuan for providing valuable clues to arrest the criminal suspect or directly arresting the criminal suspect. Shenzhen public staff confirmed that t he above-mentioned seven people on the reward list were seven fugitives from the underworld gang headed by Li Moulong. (Reporter Chen Xuhou correspondent Kevin Cheng Tao Danni)

Interview with the creator of "Looking in the Mirror": Young models wear cheongsam and eat popsicles in winter.

Three leading roles

Actor and Li

Xu Wenxuan

Interview with the film’s creator: boasting that the most scary Chinese film guarantees no jokes.   [Click to watch the Interview Atlas]

    Movie network news(Photo/Yang Nan/Theway) The film "Don’t Look in the Mirror in the Midnight", which is exclusively copyrighted by Movie Network, was released on June 14th. When the leading actor, Li, Zhang Junhan and Vicki Xu were interviewed by Movie Network, they all started to accuse the director of recalling the crimes they suffered during the filming. In the environment of minus 10 degrees, actresses need to wear cheongsam for filming, and they also need to eat popsicles to prevent them from being angry when speaking.

    The story of "Don’t Look in the Mirror in the Midnight" originated from folklore. Sitting in front of the mirror and peeling an apple at midnight, you can see the supernatural phenomenon in the mirror as long as the apple skin keeps on. The five protagonists in the film came to Witch Town because they wanted to solve the mystery in the mirror, and they met bizarre events and died tragically. In the end, only the heroine was left to solve the mystery. heroineMaggie LeeShe is a young model, first hero.Kenny Kwan W. Jr.He is also a Hong Kong actor. Both of them play husband and wife in the film, and they also suffer a lot.

"Don’t look in the mirror in the middle of the night" sexy girl poster

Director Chaoyang Niu.

"Looking in the mirror" is scary with tricks.

    Chaoyang Niu has made many MVs before. His last film was a thriller, and his reputation was quite bad. This time, he still challenged similar films. He said that he definitely learned from his experience.

    Movie Network: The director’s last work "Someone under the Bed" is a thriller. Do you have a special liking for this theme?

    Chaoyang Niu: It’s because the last film was a thriller that I want to continue filming this time to make up for some regrets. The audience made a lot of criticisms in the last film "There is someone under the bed", and I made some improvements to these criticisms, all of which were improved in this film "Don’t look in the mirror in the middle of the night".

    Movie Network: What did you mainly do?improve?

    Chaoyang Niu: Mainly in three aspects. First, the audience thinks that "There is someone under the bed" is not scary enough. This time, we are just thinking about the horror of the law. I think at least in domestic films, this play is the most scary; Second, the audience felt that there were more laughter, and there should be no laughter this time. We invited the audience to watch the film and no one would laugh. The third is that the last suspense was announced too early, and we felt bored when we saw the middle. This time, we kept the suspense until the last second, and we didn’t know the ins and outs of the story until we finished reading it.

    Movie Network: Many people think that thrillers are actually mysterious. Is this drama scary enough?

    Chaoyang Niu: At the beginning, we designed 50 scary spots, including more than 20 carefully carved ones. Moreover, within the framework of the story, there are scary places in the plot. The audience has seen many scary movies and there are all kinds of scary scenes. It is not easy to make the audience tremble.

    Movie Network: NowThe basic reputation of thrillers is not good.How did you avoid it?

    Chaoyang Niu: Yes, this is what all thriller directors should strive for. So far, mainland thrillers have not won a good reputation. I hope this play can become the first one.

    Movie Network: Let the director estimate the box office.

    Chaoyang Niu: I won’t make an estimate. Let’s leave it to the market, because there must be some high films and some low films at the box office. I believe our play will have a good box office.

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Good place for New Year’s Day! Chongqing, a traditional scenic area, will be transformed into a "snow world"

During the New Year’s Day holiday, you can also enjoy a "Welcome Snow" in the main city. On December 30, the reporter learned from Chongqing Eighteen Ladders that during the New Year’s Day, the Eighteen Ladders will be lit with "New Year!" As the theme, we will create a series of activities with various forms and rich contents, including a large-scale snow-making ceremony, so that citizens and tourists can immerse themselves in the charm of urban blocks.
The person in charge of the Eighteen Ladders Project said that the snow-floating ceremony on the evening of December 31 was set at the Eighteen Ladders Shuijing Square, the martial arts health care in Area D, etc. Snow-floating in winter night would be the perfect integration of traditional architecture and romantic snowy night. This snow scene will last until the bell of Jie Fangbei rings, so that everyone can go to the romantic snowy night of the New Year’s Eve in winter. In the blending of the New Year’s Eve bell and the sound of nature, we will March towards a brand-new year with hope and courage.
At that time, nine night economic brands, such as Tangyao Bar, Xiaoyuan Folk Song and Hidden Dew Tavern, will also be unveiled, and they will party with citizens and tourists all night. On the countdown to the New Year’s Eve, there are also wonderful performances such as "Xianglong Ruiqi Jia Nian Exhibition Grand Plan" and "Symbiosis with Music Symphony Rhapsody". During the New Year’s Day, the Eighteen Ladders "Live Column for Young People on TV" and "Chinese Medicine’ Invasion’ Health Market" will be launched continuously to enrich the cultural and entertainment consumption experience of tourists and citizens during the New Year’s Day holiday.

Wild fishing, you can’t catch big fish, do you make the same mistake?

Wild fishing, you can’t catch big fish, do you make the same mistake?

Everyone basically knows what wild fishing is. The simple understanding is that in addition to artificial cultivation ponds, we can fish in the water in the natural environment. We collectively referred to as wild fishing.

Although wild fishing is better in environmental and quality than artificial breeding. Perhaps it tastes much better in taste.

However, because of the wide area, the density of the fish is relatively poor, and the hook rate is far less than that of the pond.

Therefore, wild fishing wants to catch big fish in the rare environment of its own fish, so we must pay attention to the following points:

Share with everyone here, I hope to help fishermen.

The fish in the wild is more vigilant than the home -raising fish. After all, the alert fish with low vigilance has been fishing.

With a little movement around, the fish will be scared away, and the courage is particularly small.

So, if we want to catch big fish, we must stay away from the crowd, traffic, and find a place with less noise or no noise.

Set your phone to mute, and speak softly to speak, maintain a certain silence, and use tools when making nests, such as the nesting device.

Some fishermen are in the mood of being eager to catch fish in order to miss any wind and grass, and adjust their sensitivity high.

But knowing that you ca n’t eat hot tofu, in fact, this is a do not lose money. It is because it is too sensitive. If you just move, you will mistake you to think that there is a fish hook, which will cause frequent rods. This will definitely affect fishing. It will definitely affect fishing. Caused fish to be counterproductive, so sometimes it cannot be tuned too sensitive.

In order to make the effect of the fish attracting the fish, most fishermen will add some atomized materials to the bait.

Make the atomization more three -dimensional and highlight. In fact, there is no problem with fishing fish in this way. If it is used to catch big fish, it will have some effects.

Because the effect of atomization has increased, there are more small miscellaneous fish, and the bait is eaten by the small fish, and the big fish will not come over.

When the fish speaks, it is difficult to know. Some people with acute children will constantly change bait and want the fish to eat.

There is a problem. If you keep changing the bait, it will cause the fish to be vigilant. The fish is not stupid. If you change it, it will cause the fish to not speak, and the big fish will not be available. Try to avoid using this type. The bait.

In order to avoid this situation, we can spray a few times when we bait.

Because Qi Muyu is very rich in lure fish.

Especially in freshwater fish, many hormones, fish steroids, and multiple vitamins are added with freshwater fish. After the fish smells the taste, it will appetite and increase appetite.

Even when the fish itself is not hungry, the fish will have the desire to eat.

There is also a very good role in leaving fish. This taste will be kept in the water for a long time, and it will not disperse.

It can effectively attract big fish and improve the hit rate.

No matter what bait you use, it is more taboo to change frequently, raising the pole.

However, in terms of cost -effectiveness or quality, Qi Mu high -carbon pole fishing. Will reduce a certain loss for you.

Qi Mu’s high carbon pole is really friendly to fishing friends. Material is made of high -tonnage carbon cloth. It holds lighter in hand, has a good waist strength, and is not easy to break.

I don’t lose the brand in my hand, even if it is fishing for a day, it won’t be tired. Whether the big fish or the small fish can catch it in seconds.

Qi Mu’s high carbon pole belongs to a comprehensive rod of 28, which can adapt to a variety of venues, light texture, easy to carry, fashionable appearance, and basically cannot run after the fish hooks. It is a good fishing rod.

The above -mentioned precautions must be clearly understood. These issues will have more chances of making mistakes in novices. As for some fishermen who live in fishing ground for a long time, they can be used as a reference. After all, everyone’s habits are different. Make copy, randomly strain according to the actual situation.

Also, as a fellow fishing fellow, we should remember mistakes and change flexibly. We should do fishing for fishing.

After we get a big harvest, we can release some, instead of taking away all the brains. This will not only destroy the ecological environment, but also affect the harvest of fishing in the future.

Everyone can be able to release appropriately, so I think every harvest can be rich.

The most important point is that we must take away the garbage when we fish, because everyone is responsible for the environment.

During fishing, garbage everywhere will also affect our mood and the harvest of fishing.

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