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Production qualification, can’t sleepy Xiaomi. However, the sudden public opinion has brought more trouble to Xiaomi Automobile.

Author Zhang Zhidong

Editor-in-Chief Cui Liwen

Editor Jin Penghui

The year of 2023 is undoubtedly a very noisy year for China’s new energy automobile industry. And the noise of this market will never stop.

Looking back at the beginning of this year, just as all new energy automobile brands tried to cope with the decline of state subsidies by raising prices, Tesla and BYD did the opposite and set off a vigorous price war and price reduction tide.

At the moment, the market public opinion is changing, "If you don’t cut the price, you will cut the leek", "If you sell it so expensive, you will die" and "The party will win forever", and so on. Even today, the fierce power of public opinion is always confirmed.

The market environment often affects the trend of 80% of the industry, and now, at least this year, "selling cars at a reduced price" is the mainstream of the market. The good news is that Xiaomi, the "latecomer", perfectly avoided the price war of killing and killing.

In fact, as the last venture in which Lei Jun gambled on all his reputations, the importance of Xiaomi Automobile will inevitably be no less than that of Xiaomi’s mobile phone business. It is also this well-known key that brings more constraints to Xiaomi Automobile.

Xiaomi, who knows the way of marketing, certainly understands the horror of public opinion. Therefore, last year, Lei Jun publicly stated that "no more rumors" would only be officially announced at the necessary nodes.

However, the tree wants to be quiet, but the wind does not stop. Since the beginning of this year, Xiaomi Automobile has been caught by public opinion, which is really powerful. Forced, Xiaomi Auto can only "set things right" a little bit.

It is not difficult to predict that the new energy vehicle market will be "involuted" in by going up one flight of stairs by the time Xiaomi goes on the market next year. At that time, the cards of powerful new brands such as Wei Xiaoli will emerge in an endless stream, even not only limited to ideal pure electricity, Weilai price reduction, and Tucki’s life-and-death battle …

For Xiaomi Automobile, the more difficult problem is that consumers’ brand awareness of Xiaomi Automobile has generated an inherent impression that Xiaomi Automobile can only take the road of cost performance. On this basis, coupled with the biased propaganda of the public opinion field, the "first battle" of Xiaomi Automobile has entered the level of difficulty in hell.

Production qualification, trapped millet.

Although a lot of information shows that the uncertainty of Xiaomi automobile at this time is more around the four characters of "production qualification". But what is certain is that there will be no problem with the production qualification of Xiaomi Automobile.

Even if the recent application for cancellation of Baowo Automobile’s production qualification has caused a great uproar, it is likely to promote Xiaomi Automobile to go further from the production qualification, rather than "bad".

Tracing back to the source, the reason why the cancellation of Beijing Baowo’s production qualification is related to Xiaomi Automobile is related to some previous rumors. It is rumored that Xiaomi Automobile will undertake the production qualification of Beijing Baowo through acquisition. And behind it is the Beijing government’s help, in order to clean up non-performing assets.

However, who would have thought that the expected big acquisition did not appear, so that after the cancellation of Beijing Baowo’s production qualification application, whether Xiaomi Automobile can be mass-produced on time has once again become one of the hot events in people’s spare time.

Don’t worry, in fact, this is not a bad thing.

For Xiaomi Auto, not buying Beijing Baowo means that it doesn’t have to bear the debt problem that it keeps cutting and returning chaos, which can avoid many "hidden thunder". Moreover, the production qualification of Beijing Baowo was cancelled, which can also be regarded as "making room" for Xiaomi Automobile.

According to Order No.22 of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Regulations on Investment Management of Automobile Industry, the new qualification of new energy vehicles needs to consider whether the newly-built provinces meet a series of requirements such as whether the utilization rate of automobile production capacity in the province exceeds the national average level, whether the new projects have reached the outline, what types of new projects are, and project shareholders, project products, project research and development capabilities, etc.

From this point of view, the cancellation of Beiqi Baowo’s production qualification is really helpful to indirectly improve the utilization rate of Beijing’s automobile production capacity, thus paving the way for Xiaomi’s production qualification. As for other relevant access conditions, Xiaomi Automobile has the backing of the whole Xiaomi Group and is fully capable of coping with it.

However, what needs to be mentioned here is that the original Decree No.22 has delegated power to the provinces, and the provincial development and reform commissions can approve new projects. However, the market has changed, and the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has taken back its power. Therefore, it finally evolved into that it is still necessary to obtain the approval of the NDRC before it is possible to build a new energy vehicle qualification.

Of course, it is worth noting that the automobile production qualification of the National Development and Reform Commission is only the first step. Later, it needs to go through the factory access of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the new product access, in order to truly obtain the automobile announcement qualification and realize the sale of cars. As for the lessons from the past, the self-guided traveler who fell before dawn probably lost this step in the audit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

So, will Xiaomi be an exception?

You know, Xiaomi’s car factory in Beijing is nearing completion, and the cost is not generally large. The huge capital investment implies that this huge gamble belonging to Lei Jun must have more hidden weights. As for the production qualification problem that everyone has been talking about, Xiaomi can’t be trapped. Because, the words of netizens have explained everything-

"Beijing Special Approval".

Public opinion kidnapped Lei Jun.

Since production qualification is not a problem, what is? The actual situation shows that the value concept kidnapped by public opinion is the most difficult place to trap Xiaomi’s hands and feet. After all, Lei Jun, who has come all the way, is most particular about "following the trend".

Not long ago, a "busybody" netizen asked Xiao Ai, "How much is the price of Xiaomi car?" , so I got this reply:

1. The price of the standard version of Xiaomi Automobile is 149,900 yuan, and the rear drive single motor configuration, WLTC battery life is 800 kilometers;

2. pro version of Xiaomi car is priced at 179,900 yuan, equipped with four-wheel drive dual motors, and WLTC has a battery life of about 700 kilometers.

As soon as the news came out, netizens rushed in. Based on Xiaomi’s consistent "cost-effective" style of play, coupled with the poor power configuration, endurance, price, etc., relevant public opinion quickly fermented, even to the point where Xiaomi officials had to personally dismiss rumors.

Then the question is coming. Why did Xiaomi official suddenly become so sensitive to this public opinion? The reason is very simple. To some extent, the price of a car is equivalent to the positioning of the brand.

When everyone was shouting 99,900 yuan for Xiaomi car, people’s expectations for Xiaomi car were pulled into this price range. When the expectations given to consumers are higher and the prices are lower, then when it comes to mass production and listing, it is likely that the disappointment will be greater.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that Xiaomi automobile was "killed" at this time.

Looking back, when Xiaomi Automobile was exposed for sale for 260,000 yuan, it also triggered a wide discussion in the market. At that time, the cost of power batteries was high, and all kinds of uncertainties came to the fore. Therefore, it is not surprising that the price of 260,000 was linked with Xiaomi Automobile’s idea of taking a high-end route.

But the problem is that the voting data collected by Lei Jun personally before, the Xiaomi car "within 100,000", is what everyone expects.

When consumers think that Xiaomi cars should only be sold within 100,000 yuan; Because it is millet, it should be able to do a good job in the supply chain, reduce costs and increase efficiency; Xiaomi car, certainly can’t do high-end … Such prejudice is the real mountain.

To take a step back, "user-centered" is not empty talk, but is Xiaomi really going to be led by public opinion? In fact, there are not many roads left for Xiaomi in the huge new energy vehicle market, which are nothing more than three:

First, a road to black, adhere to their own high-end route, regardless of market public opinion; Second, bow to market public opinion, product configuration is reduced and then reduced, and a car of 99,900 yuan is made as much as possible; Third, give consideration to both, adopt the strategy of "having more children and fighting", lay out two routes of high cost performance and high end, and launch two products with large separation at the same time.

In January of this year, Lei Jun wrote in a letter to all employees of the Group: 2023 is a year for Xiaomi to start a new development cycle, and when a series of profound changes enter the deep water area, the Group is on the threshold of a brand-new hall and the starting line of a brand-new stage.

At this moment, it is already halfway through 2023, but Xiaomi Automobile is being "kidnapped" by public opinion.

It is also necessary to discuss whether Xiaomi car is late to enter the market. Or consider what involution market Xiaomi car depends on? The question that must be considered here is: In such a biased public opinion field, does Xiaomi Automobile still have a chance to break through? Do Xiaomi cars that have been kidnapped still need to follow the trend? How can Xiaomi Automobile change its inherent image and reshape its value?

Maybe the market will give the answer eventually, but time is running out.

Zhang Zhidong

What a great writer,

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Sun Zhunhao’s career is over! Cyber violence by Korean netizens: If you go to China to play football, don’t be selected for the national team.

The eighth round of the Chinese Super League has started, but the news that Sun Zhuohao was detained by the police is still hotly debated. After all, he is also the first foreign player suspected of illegal activities in China football. Midfielder of Shandong Taishan Team, an active super league giant. First of all, it is certain that Sun Zhuohao’s career as a football player in China is completely over. Even if his last problem was minor and he was sentenced to several months’ detention, he would be rejected by domestic clubs and let a person play for at least five years.

Before Sun Zhuohao’s lawsuit is finally pronounced, Taishan Club will cancel the contract with him in advance and stand on the player’s side. Sun Junhao has just celebrated his 31st birthday. Although his career is usually short, it may be difficult for him to hold a steady position in Korean football, so he is basically the midfielder of Taishan team, and the outfielder might as well declare the end. My career.

You can also see Sun Junhao’s social media trends before his arrest. His social media is still public, because he has to make it public or private. Not only can many people view it, but you can also send him a message on holiday dynamics. After Sun Junhao’s accident, the latest news about his son and daughter was filled with angry messages from Korean fans. They expressed their disappointment with Sun Junhao, and angered that anyone who went to China to play football in the future would not be selected for the national team. While being bullied on the Internet, some fans are worried about his current situation and wish him an early and safe return.

Cyberbullying by Korean fans, such as "If you go to China to play football, don’t be selected for the national team", is obviously discriminatory, attacking not only Sun Junhao but also China football. It can be seen that Korean fans think that playing football in China is not only a career decline, but also influenced by the match-fixing environment in China League, but this view is obviously wrong. "Come to the domestic league, it doesn’t matter. There are still many China players who focus on football itself. Don’t blame your problems on the league."

It is worth mentioning that K-League match-fixing is rampant, more than Super League. "Korean fans can defend Sun Junhao, but they can’t blame others for their problems. Many Korean foreign AIDS have come to play in the Super League, and now Kim Min-jae, the first central defender in Asia, is also playing. " Super League, why can’t you check if there is no problem? Moreover, according to Korean fans, does this mean that Min-jae Kim will no longer need to join the national team? The essence of players is the same. No matter which country the players are in, there will always be players who seek profit first.

The Shanghai Scenic Area became popular due to the "heart black", and the ordinary bottle of water was sold for 20 yuan, and the tyrants dare not go.

The Shanghai Scenic Area became popular due to the "heart black", and the ordinary bottle of water was sold for 20 yuan, and the tyrants dare not go.

Shanghai is a modern city with a high popularity in my country. Many young people who pursue their dreams have gathered here, and many financial leaders have gathered. Therefore, it has also become a place where many people yearn for.

Therefore, many people do not work hard here, but also want to come here to see the feeling of big cities, so this year attracted countless people to travel here, but among many tourist scenic spots, there is a special one specially The existence, it became popular because of the "black heart" of the scenic area. Ordinary bottle of water was sold for 20 yuan, and local tyrants did not dare to go.

And this is the Shanghai Disneyland, which falls in Pudong New District. It officially opened on June 16, 2016. It is the first and largest amusement park in Mainland China. Fantasy park. Therefore, because of its popularity here and carrying many people’s childhood, it has always been where everyone dreams of going to.

But in such a place, not everyone can afford it. Among them, because it covers an area of ??1.16 square kilometers, it contains 7 theme plates. If tourists are playing, at least at least two days of time budget.

In addition, the problem that makes tourists feel difficult is that the price of each of each of the play projects here is particularly high, and the hotels in the scenic area are high. It is said that the off -season also requires 1,000 yuan to base for one night. Moreover, it is even more. Not to mention that during the peak season, it is difficult to find a room, so it has become a place where many people are expected.

And there are many disgusting unwritten rules, such as not to bring food and drinks, so tourists have to consume inside, but the price is high. For example Simple food also requires hundreds of budgets, coupled with hotels, tickets, fares, and other miscellaneous fees. This trip, there is no tens of thousands of budgets, I am afraid it is difficult to play happily.

However, the "black heart" place is still maintaining a scene where people come and go, and many people should be surprised! However, it is not difficult to guess that many people are actually willing to accept such a price, but the positioning of Disneyland is very high -end. In addition, the amusement facilities in it are really good, so they can attract everyone to play inside and willingly Consumption.

It’s just that ordinary people are more heartbroken! After all, I am not willing to spend so much funds on it. In the end, I did not get anything except for memories and happiness.