"The Ninth Widow" Zhejiang TV Conference Michelle Ye shows love for Ethan from a distance.

  The father and son soldiers, the wind shadow, which will be broadcast on June 13th, and the ninth widow, which will be broadcast alone in China on June 24th, constitute the golden matrix of Zhejiang Satellite TV’s war+emotion TV series that spans the whole June, which we call the "bonfire month".

  The war drama "Wind Shadow" starring Li Zhuolin, a young idol actor who appeared in Snow Leopard, reproduces the heroes of the war in the past with the life legend of "Whampoa Brothers" and pays tribute to their parents.

  The Ninth Widow, a famous writer Yan Geling’s transformation work, is also her most optimistic work on the screen. The story tells the story of Wang Putao, a legendary widow in the Central Plains, and the men around her, who showed unyielding national vitality in the face of war, natural disasters and man-made disasters. Wang Putao’s love with Sun Huaiqing’s fathers and daughters, his childhood sweetheart Sun Shaoyong, and his sisterhood with Li Xiumei and Taomier’s widow constitute the life of this legendary widow.

  Yesterday (June 7th) afternoon, Michelle Ye (producer), Liu Peiqi and Ren Quan, the leading actors of The Ninth Widow, came to Hangzhou to be a guest at the press conference of Zhejiang Satellite TV, taking the lead in revealing the highlights and behind-the-scenes highlights of the drama.

  At the scene, Michelle Ye was also forced by the media entertainers to confess to Ethan, who pretended to be true in the play and was secretly in love. This girl in Hangzhou generously admitted that she could not extricate herself from falling in love with Ethan.

  The play will land in China Blue Theater of Zhejiang Satellite TV on June 24, and the first round will be broadcast on the star alone. Letv will synchronize with Zhejiang Satellite TV for exclusive network premiere.

Highlight 1: Yan Geling’s masterpiece The Ninth Widow is revolutionary.

  "This is a revolutionary TV series, born out of teacher Yan Geling’s masterpiece, which revolutionizes traditional consciousness, and we are the first to eat crabs."

  As soon as Liu Peiqi opened his mouth, such words surprised the audience. This old play bone has created countless vivid images on the screen of film and television dramas, and his evaluation of The Ninth Widow is so high. In this regard, he made an analogy: "Mei Lanfang’s singing is not necessarily the best, but he smashed the old ideas with his own performance."

  "The Ninth Widow" tells a lot of words about Wang Putao’s indomitable, resourceful and wise spirit in the face of war, natural disasters and man-made disasters. This work skillfully combines grand historical narrative with personal legendary experience, and its profound feelings of saving the world and rich life breath complement each other, writing a female legend in troubled times. As a woman, the status and influence in the 1940s can be imagined, and Wang Putao, who was vigorous and generous in personality and propped up the whole "home" by virtue of her strong independence, completely reshaped the examination of women, and Wang Putao, who was "a woman without a man", became an epic representative in the legendary history.

  From The Little Girl Fishing, The Iron Pear Flower to The Ninth Widow, Yan Geling focuses on women’s perspective, and shows women’s tenacity and tenacity through various social background elements. Wang Putao is a combination of the advantages and disadvantages of all the women in Yan Geling’s works, and accomplished an "impossible task" in a special era.

  The play also implanted film elements into TV series. According to Michelle Ye, "Although the story took place in the rural areas with the anti-Japanese background, we all joined the film academy award-winning creative team in photography, costume modeling, makeup and art, and made the rich local flavor magnificent in respecting the original creation."

Highlight 2: Michelle Ye turned from an actor to a producer.

  The Ninth Widow was produced by Bohai Film, Qiangshi Media, Bona Film, Ren Quan Studio, Century Friends, and several other companies. As the actress of the Academy Award, Michelle Ye turned into the producer of the play for the first time. For this most optimistic work of Yan Geling, Michelle Ye also painstakingly created it, from the script to the director, from the actors to the costumes, every detail is improving. Michelle Ye, who is a producer for the first time, shows great concern for his "first child". He not only invited Liu Peiqi, an old opera player, to play, but also invited the team of the Academy Award-winning Iron Triangle to join him.

  For Michelle Ye, Wang Putao in The Ninth Widow is a mystery that can’t be solved. As a legendary woman in Yan Geling’s original work, Wang Putao was born as an independent woman who dared to fight against the secular, didn’t play by common sense, and had a beautiful atmosphere, which made readers love and pity, and also made Michelle Ye fondle admiringly. From actor to producer, it is only a change of identity for Michelle Ye. Michelle Ye, who has a similar personality to Wang Putao written by Yan Geling, is both an actor and a producer to support the whole drama independently.

  In this regard, Michelle Ye said that he envied Ren Quan for making so many film and television works as a boss. Ren Quan praised Michelle Ye, and in just two years, he launched two TV dramas as a producer.

Highlight 3: Michelle Ye Ethan’s "Life and Death Love" fake drama really makes a generous admission of love on the spot.

  Wang Putao’s emotional line is the most disturbing and abusive thing in The Ninth Widow. A fleeing bad karma girl was freed by two bags of white flour. On her wedding night, her husband was killed, and her loving father-in-law was mistaken for a traitor "dead" under the gun. Wang Putao saved her dying father-in-law regardless of life and death and hid in the cellar for half a century. However, for her childhood sweetheart, Wang Putao was hard to be together …

  Ethan, who once played the role of "spoony man" in Empresses in the Palace, joined The Ninth Widow and staged a sad and sad "life-and-death love" with Michelle Ye. Although they clearly loved each other, they could never grow old together. This deadly "sadomasochism" made Wang Putao and Sun Shaoyong miserable. In the choice between emotion and kindness, Wang Putao chose the latter, protecting his father-in-law at all costs, turning against the man he loved deeply, and even reluctantly giving his parents and children to bandits to raise.

  Previously, it was reported on the Internet that Michelle Ye and Ethan were pretending to be true when filming The Ninth Widow, and they were secretly in love, and even two people were photographed holding hands intimately. Therefore, at the press conference, the entertainment reporters of major media changed their ways to ask the emotional problems of Michelle Ye and Ethan, and even repeatedly forced them to confess to Ethan in the play.

  And Michelle Ye is also very generous. On hearing such gossip, he is not only black-faced and unhappy, but also very happy. He has been laughing all the time when talking about this topic, and his mouth is full of joy.

  "I like him very much, from all aspects; He, I don’t know, I think he should like me, too, and he loves me in all aspects! " Michelle Ye mouth JiaoChen way. Obviously, she is enjoying the sweetness of love at the age of 33.

Highlight 4-How does the live performance of Liu Peiqi, an old opera bone, turn a blind eye?

  In the second half of The Ninth Widow, Liu Peiqi plays Gongsun Huaiqing, who lives in the cellar under the protection of Wang Putao. At last, when he is vindicated, his eyes are blind because of long-term darkness, and he becomes blind.

  For ordinary people, playing blind is an impossible task. Unexpectedly, Liu Peiqi, an old opera player, blurted out-"Very good performance".

  Then, he gave everyone a demonstration, opened his eyes wide, made his eyes blank, and said, "You see, Ni Ping is like this, and people always look at him like this …" He damaged Ni Ping and caused a burst of laughter from the audience. "In fact, don’t look directly at the camera, slightly to the side, giving the impression that you are listening with your ears. This is a blink of an eye, which is very labor-saving. "

  Blind people are much more difficult to play than blind people. Liu Peiqi rolled up his eyes and captured a blind man, because "the eyeball is always working hard".

  "Have you seen Scent of a Woman? Al pacino’s role as a blind colonel in it is a must, but there is a performance that is not in place. " Liu Peiqi became more and more energetic and began to incarnate as a professor in the performance department, giving everyone a performance class. "It was in his own home, he fumbled for the rope, opened the drawer, took out the bottle, and then poured wine for himself." Liu Peiqi said, "In fact, a blind man stays in his home all the year round, so where is something, just like bright eyes. The correct treatment is to find the bottle smoothly, and then look for the glass when pouring wine, and pour the wine very accurately. "

  The appearance of the old drama bone attracted a round of applause from the audience.

For the first time in the past decade, the national lottery sales have decreased by more than 30 billion for half a year.

  ■ In June, a total of 34.767 billion yuan of lottery tickets were sold nationwide, a decrease of 23.862 billion yuan or 40.7% over the same period of last year.

  ■ Not only did the monthly data decline, but the reporter combed the lottery sales data in the first half of the past decade and found that the lottery sales showed negative growth year-on-year for the first time in the first half of this year.

  ■ What causes the lottery market to be cold? What is the future trend of lottery market? The reporter combed and interviewed this.

  Encounter cold

  In the first half of the year, national lottery sales fell first.

  Lottery sales were cold this year. From January to June, the national lottery sales totaled 212.596 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 32.602 billion yuan or 13.3%. Among them, the sales of welfare lottery institutions was 97.757 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 12.838 billion yuan or 11.6%; The sales of sports lottery institutions reached 114.839 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 19.764 billion yuan or 14.7%.

  The reporter combed 2010 — The lottery sales data in the first half of the decade in 2019 found that this was the first time that there was a year-on-year decline.

  Judging from the monthly data, in June this year, the country sold a total of 34.767 billion yuan of lottery tickets, down 40.7% from the same period of last year. The year-on-year decline was mainly due to the large sales of quiz lottery games in the World Cup in June 2018, with a high base in the same period last year. In the first half of 2018, lottery sales increased by as much as 19.6%.

  Looking back on the lottery market in the past ten years, from 2010 to 2012, it experienced a double-digit rapid growth period, and then the growth rate gradually decreased to single digits, and negative growth occurred for the first time in the first half of 2019.

  The data shows that from 2010 to the first half of 2012, the national lottery sales maintained a rapid growth of more than 20%, which was a period of rapid growth of China’s lottery market; In 2013 and 2014, the growth rate of national lottery sales fell below 20%; From 2015 to the first half of 2017, the growth rate of national lottery sales dropped significantly, only 5.2%, 3.5% and 5.5% respectively.

  Where do people prefer to buy lottery tickets when lottery sales are relatively low? Geographically, data from the Ministry of Finance show that in June, compared with the same period of last year, lottery sales in 31 provinces all declined. However, from the cumulative data in the first half of the year, compared with the same period of last year, lottery sales in five provinces increased, namely Sichuan, Shanghai, Henan, Anhui and Beijing, with year-on-year increases of 1.681 billion yuan, 234 million yuan, 190 million yuan, 172 million yuan and 45 million yuan respectively. As far as the overall sales volume in the first half of the year is concerned, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and Henan rank among the top five in the country.


  Strengthen the supervision of high-frequency fast-opening games

  Why did lottery sales decline in the first half of this year? An expert in the lottery industry told reporters that at the beginning of this year, in order to regulate the lottery market, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and other departments strengthened the supervision of high-frequency quick-opening games and quiz games, extended the sales time of high-frequency quick-opening games and reduced the number of lottery games.

  High-frequency fast-opening games mainly complete the process from sales to lottery every few minutes or ten minutes through electronic equipment.

  The data shows that in 2017, the share of Fucai quick-opening games in the total sales of Fucai reached 40%. In that year, the total sales volume of national welfare lottery was 216.977 billion yuan, of which the sales of quick-opening games was 87.522 billion yuan.

  A lottery player told reporters: "The number of high-frequency fast-opening games is small, there are many awards, and the lottery is frequent. Many domestic lottery buyers are speculative when buying high-frequency fast-opening games, and some lottery buyers can play all day and easily lose their minds."

  The reporter noted that in January this year, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the General Administration of Sports issued a notice to adjust the rules of high-frequency fast-opening lottery games and quiz lottery games, and strengthen the supervision of the lottery market. According to the notice, in recent years, China’s lottery industry has generally shown a sustained and healthy development trend. At the same time, there are still irrational lottery buying phenomena in the lottery market, such as unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets and large bets. In particular, the market supervision of welfare lottery quick-opening games, sports lottery high-frequency games and sports lottery national online single-game quiz games needs to be strengthened. The notice is clear. From February 11th, if the sales time of high-frequency quick-start games is shorter than 20 minutes, it will be adjusted to 20 minutes.

  Since 2019, the number of contests and events for the annual quiz game shall not be higher than 70% of the number of contests and events for sale in 2018. The aforementioned experts also pointed out to reporters that the main reason is that there was a World Cup in June 2018. At that time, the sales volume of lottery was particularly large, and the sales volume of sports lottery was also particularly large. However, there were no important sports events in June this year. The sharp decline in sports lottery sales in June was an important factor in the decline in lottery sales in the first half of the year.

  Ban on sale

  Internet lottery is banned.

  The ban on internet lottery sales also has an impact on lottery sales. The reporter noted that in August 2018, the Ministry of Finance and other 12 departments jointly issued a document resolutely prohibiting the unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery tickets.

  Internet lottery had previously shown a blowout growth trend in 2014. The huge sales volume of nearly 100 billion yuan makes internet lottery purchase an important force to promote the development of lottery market.

  In 2014, Internet lottery experienced a glorious period. Major sports events, including the World Cup in Brazil, boosted the sales of Internet lottery by 102% from 42 billion yuan in 2013 to 85 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the total lottery sales. According to the Analysis Report of Internet Lottery Market in 2014, there were more than 100 million users in China who bought lottery tickets through Internet channels, and the Internet became an important betting platform and channel for users.

  Since then, since 2015, the Ministry of Finance and other departments have repeatedly issued a document to prohibit the sale of lottery tickets through Internet channels. However, during the 2018 World Cup, a large number of mobile apps illegally sold lottery tickets through the Internet.

  At that time, there were many fish that escaped from the net without being investigated. According to media reports, some apps have stopped selling lottery tickets through the search of "lottery tickets" in Android and Apple mobile phone stores, but there are still many softwares that can buy lottery tickets. In the early days of the World Cup last year, many companies launched online lottery platforms again. Finally, many online football lottery platforms such as "Winning the lottery every day" and "Everyone Winning the lottery" stopped selling on June 20 last year.


  Standardize the management of welfare lottery issuance

  The corruption case of Fucai Center exposed last year aroused social concern. On November 9, 2018, the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection published a heavy article: "Pay equal attention to reduction and suppression, treat both the symptoms and the root causes, rebuild the credibility of Fucai, and the discipline inspection and supervision team stationed in the Ministry of Civil Affairs will promote the formation of a good political ecology from typical cases", with more than 4,000 words, and released confession videos of four former leaders of China Welfare Lottery Issuance Management Center.

  Statistics show that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, at least 14 people in the civil affairs system have been held accountable for issues related to welfare lottery. Fucai’s anti-corruption has a long time span and a wide range, and has become a case of systematic corruption. In addition to the four leading characters in the confession video published on the website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, four members of the party group, including Li Liguo, former Minister of Civil Affairs, Dou Yupei, former head of the discipline inspection team in the Ministry, Qu Shuhui and Chen Chuanshu, former president of the China Aging Association, were held accountable.

  After the corruption case of Welfare Lottery, the Ministry of Civil Affairs has improved the management system of welfare lottery issuance, sales, distribution and use of public welfare funds, such as changes in the internal institutions in charge of welfare lottery management.

  According to the Regulations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on Functional Allocation, Internal Organizations and Staffing, before the reform, the management of welfare lottery was in charge of the Department of Social Welfare and Charity Promotion; After the reform, the welfare lottery management has been refined, and the planning and finance department and the newly established charity promotion and social work department are in charge.

  On July 29, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a press conference, and the relevant person in charge introduced that there are three main reform directions in regulating the issuance and management of welfare lottery tickets. First, cooperate with the Ministry of Finance, comprehensively rectify the unauthorized use of the Internet to sell welfare lottery tickets, and comprehensively conduct self-examination and inspection of national welfare lottery institutions and consignment agents. Second, vigorously adjust the rules of the quick opening game of welfare lottery to resolve the market risks of welfare lottery. The third is to improve the welfare lottery issuance management system.

Tianhe Market Supervision Office of Chaohu City, Anhui Province carried out special rectification of illegal satellite TV receiving facilities.

China Quality News Network News In order to further strengthen the management of satellite TV broadcasting ground receiving facilities and effectively crack down on the illegal sale, installation and use of satellite TV ground receiving facilities, recently, the Tianhe market supervision area in Chaohu City, Anhui Province launched a special rectification campaign for illegal satellite TV receiving facilities.

Strengthen leadership and clarify responsibilities.Set up a special rectification action leading group, headed by the director, and the market standardization management division is responsible for collecting materials and submitting reports. According to the grid area, all the staff will be subdivided, daily inspections will be carried out, the division of tasks will be defined, and the supervision of satellite TV receiving facilities will be done well.

Strengthen supervision and crack down on it.Strengthen the inspection of household appliances sales and maintenance operators in key areas such as communities with large traffic and farmers’ markets, investigate and deal with illegal satellite TV receiving facilities according to law, and use advertisements to promote illegal satellite TV receiving facilities and installation services, and severely crack down on illegal sales activities of satellite TV receiving facilities entering the market.

Strengthen publicity and create an atmosphere.At the same time, the inspection publicizes the hazards of unauthorized production, sale, installation and use of illegal satellite TV receiving facilities to business households, educates the masses from the height of safeguarding national political, cultural and information security, consciously resists illegal production, sale, installation and use, and strengthens self-discipline awareness, thus enhancing the consciousness of consumers to resist illegal sales and installation of satellite TV receiving facilities, and striving to create a good atmosphere for social care, support and participation in the management of satellite TV receiving facilities.

In this operation, Tianhe Market Supervision Office dispatched 6 law enforcement officers and 2 law enforcement vehicles, and inspected 18 electrical appliances stores and repair shops. No illegal acts have been found yet. In the next step, Tianhe Market Supervision Office will continue to maintain a high-pressure situation, crack down on illegal sales of satellite TV receiving facilities and create a good social environment. (Zhou Jiajia)

The vision of mine to restore green hills becomes beautiful.

  In March this year, employees of Shizuishan City who participated in voluntary tree planting in spring were carrying saplings. Photo courtesy of Propaganda Department of Shizuishan Municipal Committee

  In March of this year, the newly planted saplings of the coal gangue residue platform stood upright in the Dagugou treatment area. Our reporter He Yuche photo

  Ma Lian beach area in Shizuishan section of Helan Mountain after treatment (photo taken in August 2022). Photo courtesy of Propaganda Department of Shizuishan Municipal Committee

  Editor’s Note: The integrated protection and restoration project of landscape forest, field, lake, grass and sand ("landscape project") is a landmark project to practice the concept of life community of landscape forest, field, lake and grass. Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", 44 "landscape projects" have been deployed and implemented in the important ecological barrier areas of "three districts and four belts". In December, 2022, "China Landscape Project" was selected as one of the first ten flagship projects of world ecological restoration by the United Nations. From now on, this edition will publish a series of reports on "Beautiful China Landscape Project" to show the exploration and achievements of integrated protection and restoration in various places.

  "Look, there is a rock sheep on the right!" When the vehicle drove into Helan Mountain, Ge Yihong suddenly shouted. Looking up, three gray rock sheep are drinking leisurely by the stream, and in the distance, Helan Mountain is covered with a layer of green.

  This is Shitanjing Street, Dawukou District, Shizuishan City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, located in the hinterland of Helan Mountain. Ge Yihong, the 60-year-old stationmaster of street sanitation station, lives here all the year round.

  Helan Mountain is an important natural geographical dividing line and an important ecological barrier in northwest China, which is rich in coal and other resources. Since 1950s, large-scale disorderly mining has seriously damaged the mountain landform. In 2018, the pilot project of ecological protection and restoration of lake grass in the landscape forest field at the eastern foot of Helan Mountain in Ningxia was officially launched; In 2021, the comprehensive improvement of the ecological environment of Helan Mountain was jointly recommended by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the World Conservation Union as one of the 10 typical cases of ecological protection and restoration with China characteristics. Today, Ningxia has completed the comprehensive renovation of 214 points inside and outside Helanshan National Nature Reserve, with an area of over 405,000 mu.

  Mine management, shut down and quit coal and gravel enterprises.

  "In the past two years, the effectiveness of governance has gradually emerged. There have been new changes in the former Shikanjing mining area, and many animals that have lived in the mountains for a long time have gone down the mountain." Ge Yigong said, looking out from time to time. "You see, this ‘ Quack chicken ’ How beautiful! " Along the direction of the finger, I saw the stone pheasants with bright fur and round posture strolling in the grass in droves, and in the distance, the golden eagle with wide wingspan was hovering in the sky … …

  Ge Yihong was born, grew up and worked in the mining area. Different from the days when the mountains were quiet and natural and animals swarmed, the Helan Mountain used to be full of people and the sound of mining rumbled.

  Since 1950s, Helan Mountain has entered the stage of large-scale industrial mining. Mining enterprises blossom everywhere, and there are countless informal small coal mines. "At that time, it was also called Shikanjing District. At the most brilliant time, it was inhabited by more than 100,000 people. There were hospitals, shopping malls, schools and restaurants, including Helan Mountain ‘ Baili mining area ’ Known as. " Ge Yihong said.

  However, the large-scale exploitation of mineral resources has seriously damaged the mountain landscape, and some wild animals are on the verge of extinction due to the sharp compression of their habitats. There are about 50 coal enterprises scattered in the Dagugou area of the carboniferous well, including 5 large pits formed by open-pit mining and more than 10 continuous slag hills. Dust all over the sky and sewage cross-flow, which greatly destroyed the natural ecosystem of Helan Mountain.

  "In the past, there were coal washing plants everywhere. Black wastewater flowed in the ditch and the land was dyed black. Private mines cut off the whole mountain, and dug a large pit for quarrying, forming a gully with a depth of 100 meters. " Ge Yihong still remembers the scene of that year. "Red deer and rock sheep have never been seen. Wearing a shirt, it will be dyed black for a while, and residents are afraid to dry clothes outside. "

  With the progress of the central environmental protection inspector, in 2017, Ningxia began to vigorously rectify the ecological environment of Helan Mountain. Rujigou, Shitanjing and other mining areas closed all open-pit coal mines, 83 mining rights were all withdrawn, and 561 "scattered pollution" enterprises in the centralized coal processing zone at the foot of the mountain were also shut down and banned.

  After clearing the mine, cutting the slope and lowering the platform, a vigorous mine management began. "Following the Helan Mountain Clean-up and Renovation Command, everyone rushed to the slag platform piled up by abandoned coal gangue and transported it day and night." As the stationmaster of Shitanjing Street Sanitation Station, Ge Yihong participated in the whole process.

  Coal gangue was piled up into a waste platform with a height of nearly 100 meters by a mine car, and then cut into a "terraced field" in order to reduce the slope and prevent soil erosion. Subsequently, the mountain-high unclaimed slag pile was covered with loess nearly 50 cm thick, which gave the black slag mountain with a layer of "skin" that could retain green vitality. At the same time, "follow the mountain, follow the mountain, follow the mountain", restore the topography according to the shape, and reduce the safety hazards such as landslides and mudslides.

  During the treatment period, the resident population of Shitanjing decreased sharply, and Ge Yihong moved from the hinterland of Helan Mountain to Dawukou District at the foot of the mountain with the coal miners. Nowadays, standing at the top of the Dagugou governance area, new "mountains" have sprung up. "This is smoothing what was left behind ‘ Scar ’ Only by curing the mine can there be room for further greening. " Ge Yihong said.

  Planting trees, building greening projects and implementing ecological restoration.

  On both sides of the 302 provincial highway crossing Helan Mountain, drip irrigation pipes tightly wrap the towering slag platform like fishing nets. "This is to ensure the survival rate of seedlings. From spring to winter, water should be poured at least 10 times." Ge Yihong said. It was spring, and I saw that many bare land had been covered by all kinds of newly planted saplings.

  After the retreat and restoration of Helan Mountain mine, how to effectively plant trees and increase green has become the number one problem in Helan Mountain management.

  To plant trees, we should start with selecting suitable tree species. Since 2018, Shizuishan Ecological Protection Forest Farm has conducted a series of experiments in Helan Mountain through cooperation with Ningxia University and other scientific research institutes, and finally determined Caragana korshinskii, Salix psammophila, Elm, Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica and Robinia pseudoacacia as the main tree species. "Helan Mountain is a stone mountain with thin soil layer and difficult vegetation growth. Moreover, the annual rainfall here is only two or three hundred millimeters, but the evaporation is more than 10 times. Native plants that are cold-resistant, drought-resistant and salt-tolerant are the best choice. " Zhang Tingxie, director of Shizuishan Ecological Protection Forest Farm, said: "‘ Seabuckthorn, Caragana korshinskii and Prunus armeniaca on the top of the mountain wear hats, and two apricots are wrapped around the waist on the hillside ’ This is what we have summed up. "

  Although he has moved out of the mining area, he heard that there is a green restoration project. Ge Yihong returned to Shihanjing, joined the army of tree planting, and got busy in the Dagugou area with the heaviest restoration task.

  Waving steel drill and shovel, struggling to dig hard sand and gravel ground, digging out 80 cm square tree pits, and then righting, ridging, tamping and watering the seedlings. "Dig up the thin soil layer, and here is the coal gangue that can’t store water. If you want trees to survive, you have to cover them with moisture-retaining soil, nutrient soil and sealing soil, step on them layer by layer, and finally mention them slightly to make the roots of seedlings grow in the same direction. " This is known as the "three steps and one mention" trick, and Ge Yihong and the tree planters are well known. "Now, the survival rate of trees can reach 85%." Ge Yihong said.

  Planting trees in spring and autumn, watering in summer, controlling pests and diseases, and conducting fire inspections in winter, Ge Yihong "soaks" in Helan Mountain all year round. Nowadays, driving around the mountain along the ecological restoration area of Helan Mountain, you can see "green-planting people" digging holes to change soil, placing saplings and lifting water to irrigate … … "The apricot at the foot of the mountain was planted by us a few years ago. When the apricot blossoms are in full bloom, they are layered. This year, we intend to put this cinder mountain in green. " Zhang Tingxie said.

  Systematic improvement of governance results, integrated development of ecological culture and tourism.

  "Now there are less than 100 people left in Shitanjing Street. After the restoration of Helan Mountain is completed, my life will be idle." Ge Yihong, who returned to the Shitanjing, did not go down the mountain and stayed in the old mining area. However, it was not long before the days of "long years in the mountains", the Shitanjing became lively again.

  Since autumn and winter of 2021, Shizuishan City has mobilized 105 units, including party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, and units stationed in stone areas, to carry out greening activities in eight mine ecological environment management areas in Dalanggou District, Shitanjing Street, Helan Mountain along the 302 provincial highway. At present, it is the planting period, and many staff members are busy setting out, waving picks and shovels, and leveling the ground.

  "Through ‘ Green Planting in Pieces in Helan Mountain ’ Activities can plant 12,000 mu of trees a year. " Jia Zengjun, director of the Natural Resources Bureau of Shizuishan City, said: "More importantly, the task of slicing and planting has stimulated everyone’s enthusiasm and made everyone feel that the results of Helan Mountain governance are hard-won. Now the afforestation task is about to be completed. From the closure and rectification of the mining area to the ecological restoration of internal and external integration, and then to the improvement of the governance results system, Helan Mountain is being dressed in green. "

  Ecological improvement has made Helan Mountain, which once sold coal, have the possibility of diversified development.

  At 7: 35 every morning, the 7524 train leaves Yinchuan for Rujigou. This small train is called "Shitanjing Tourist", which connects in series with the former coal mining areas such as Dagugou, Baijigou and Rujigou. A 3-hour and 52-minute drive takes passengers deep into the hinterland of Helan Mountain to visit the passionate industrial years.

  "Eco-tourism+industrial film and television shooting base" is a new way explored in Shitanjing mining area. Since 2017, some old houses in Shitanjing have been repaired and old streets and alleys have been protected. After the establishment of the Shitanjing Industrial Tourism Town Exhibition Hall, Ge Yihong was hired as a commentator to receive visitors: "I didn’t expect the industrial relics left in the old mining area to become a unique advantage in developing tourism. In the past few days, I have received thousands of tourists, and many movies have come here to take pictures!"

  After several years of management, the ecological function of Helan Mountain has been steadily improved, and the goals of ecological corridor restoration and biodiversity improvement are gradually being implemented. This towering mountain range is witnessing the ecological vision of "green water and green mountains" becoming a beautiful life within reach.

Panda said Winter Olympics ⑦ | More and more popular skiing, do you understand? (I)

Editor’s Note: Which project is called "Poetry of Movement" because of its breathtaking and beautiful? Which sport has "disappeared" in the Winter Olympics several times because of its danger? Which sport developed from summer sports and is called snow surfing?
The opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics is just around the corner. Lock in the animation series of "Pandas Say Winter Olympics" of Xinhuanet and take you to unlock the ice and snow sports in advance.
Episode 7: Skiing (I)
Skiing, as a traditional ice and snow sport, contains many different sub-items, such as alpine skiing, which combines speed and skill organically and is very ornamental; Cross-country skiing, one of the oldest sports in the history of world sports; Ski jumping in the air; The youngest and most fashionable snowboarding in the Winter Olympics; Freestyle skiing, which focuses on freedom and excitement.
alpine skiing
Alpine skiing originated in the Alps of Europe, so it is also called alpine skiing. Alpine skiing was gradually formed on the basis of cross-country skiing. In 1936, the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Winter Olympics in Germany was included in the official competition. The alpine skiing competition of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be held at the National Alpine Ski Center in Yanqing Division, and a total of 11 gold medals will be produced.
Alpine skiing competition depends on the time to finish skiing. Starting from the top of the mountain, athletes combine speed and skill perfectly to show the essence and charm of skiing. The vertical height difference of the downhill competition field is usually more than 800 meters for men and 450 meters for women. The height difference of gyration, giant slalom and super giant slalom varies from 140 meters to 650 meters.
Downhill and super giant slalom are speed events, and the ranking is determined according to the result of one slide; Giant slalom and slewing belong to technical projects, and the ranking is calculated according to the total results of two taxiways. The ranking of all-around events is determined by adding the results of the first round of downhill and the second round of gyration. The team competition is a knockout.
In alpine skiing competition, athletes must cross a corresponding number of flag gates. Knocking down the flagpole is not a foul, but if you miss a flag gate, you will be sentenced to a foul without counting your grades.
freestyle skiing
Freestyle skiing began in the 1960s and developed on the basis of alpine skiing. It was included in the official competition in the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France.
Freestyle skiing is completed by double boards, including aerial skills, snow skills, U-shaped field skills, slope obstacle skills, obstacle chasing and big platform, etc. Different events have their own characteristics, showing gorgeous skills and skillful skiing techniques to the fullest.
The big platform competition of freestyle skiing in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics was held in Shougang Ski Platform in Beijing Division, and the rest events were held in Genting Ski Park in Zhangjiakou Division, resulting in 13 gold medals.
Li Nina has won three consecutive championships in the aerial acrobatics in the World Championships, and is known as the "Snow Princess". Han Xiaopeng won the gold medal in men’s aerial skills at the 20th Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006, which made a historic breakthrough for China.
Snowboarding originated in the United States in the mid-1960s, and it was related to skateboarding and surfing. In 1998, it was listed as an official event in the Nagano Winter Olympics.
Snowboarding includes big platform, parallel slalom, obstacle pursuit, slope obstacle skills and U-shaped field skills. Snowboarding is free, fashionable and thrilling, which conforms to the characteristics of the times and shows youthful vitality, and is deeply loved by young people.
The snowboarding competition in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics produced a total of 11 gold medals, among which the obstacle chasing mixed team competition is a new event in Beijing Winter Olympics.
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The retired village party secretary took in a "dumb brother", and his children and grandchildren regarded him as their family. A special reunion dinner witnessed the love between the host and the gues

Extremely popular journalist liu junhua.

Video clip liu junhua

Correspondent Hu Mengxiao Tan Xuejiao


At noon on the 26th day of the twelfth lunar month, a special reunion dinner in Gaojiadian Village, Huya Street, Xiaoting District, Yichang City added a lot of warmth and celebration to the village covered by Ruixue.

Sun Changqing and Liu Guobao, two old people sitting in the main seat, are a pair of brothers who have forged a special relationship. Twenty-one years ago, Sun Changqing invited Liu Guobao, a disabled person in the same village, to live in his home. For many years, his children and grandchildren regarded Liu Guobao as their elders, and the family respected the young and respected them happily, which became a beautiful talk in the local ten miles and eight townships.

Three generations send blessings to invite the protagonist of the reunion dinner.

In the early morning of the 26th of the twelfth lunar month, it was snowing in Gaojiadian village, and the rural fields were full of ink and wash styles. There are red lanterns hanging on the trees on the roadside in the village, and the strong flavor of the year is coming.

Sun Changqing’s three sons are posting Spring Festival couplets at their doorsteps. Sun Xiying, the eldest, is 53 years old and works in Zhijiang. The second child, Sun Yibo, is 50 years old and works in Xiaoting City. The third son, Sun Yihua, is 47 years old and works in Shenzhen. They all came back specially to celebrate the New Year with Liu Guobao, the "fourth dad", because the "fourth dad" who has lived in their home for 21 years has just got a new residence this year and no longer spends New Year’s Eve with his family as in previous years.

The wives of the three brothers are planning a reunion dinner in the kitchen. Sun Changqing greets his son, Yihua and his granddaughter to write the word "Fu" for Liu Guobao and send it to his new room for posting.

At 10: 30 in the morning, Sun Changqing walked to Liu Guobao’s new residence more than 300 meters away from their home with rice and oil. Xi Ying and Yi Bo solemnly posted the word "Fu" on Liu Guobao’s door, and Liu Guobao, who was nearby, quickly greeted him, saying "Wow, Wow" happily with his relatives. Although everyone can’t hear what Liu Guobao is saying, they all know that "Fourth Dad" misses them very much.

The family surrounded Liu Guobao and returned to the Sun family’s old house. The steaming dishes were full of tables. Sun Changqing took Liu Guobao to the main seat, and his wife, Wang Bangying, sat around with his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren. The whole family poured drinks and raised their glasses to wish each other a happy reunion.

Liu Guobao was not formal. He looked at these younger generations with a small glass of wine and a smile on his face. As an outsider for more than 20 years, he watched his family grow up day by day …

Retired old township party secretary takes back a dumb brother

Sun Changqing is 76 years old. He joined the army at the age of 17. He worked as a signal soldier in a certain unit of the People’s Liberation Army in Lanzhou for six years. He retired in 1968 and returned to his hometown. He worked as a group secretary, a battalion chief and a village party secretary in Gaojiadian Village. He retired in 1997 and transferred to Huya Street Office to engage in logistics work.

Liu Guobao is 11 years younger than Sun Changqing. He is a farmer in Gaojiadian Village. Since he was a child, he could not speak because of language barriers. His family was very poor and he never got married. He followed his old father to farm. After his father’s death, his old residence was dilapidated and gradually became uninhabitable, and life was very difficult.

In 2000, when Sun Changqing came home, he learned about Liu Guobao’s situation. He discussed with his wife and wanted to take Liu Guobao to live at home. Wang Bangying, also an old party member, used to be the village women’s director and was very supportive of her husband’s idea.

In this way, 44-year-old Liu Guobao was invited to Sun Changqing’s home and became a long-term guest in a room on the second floor. Sun Changqing has only one stove at home. Every meal is cooked by Liu Guobao on the stove first, and then Wang Bangying cooks for the whole family.

On weekdays, Liu Guobao works in his own several acres of responsibility fields and does odd jobs during the slack season. Sun Changqing found that although Liu Guobao didn’t communicate well with others, he was ingenious, able to weave baskets and baskets, and also able to repair bicycles. He was particularly diligent and economical. A plastic basin was broken and mended, and it was used for more than 10 years.

Sun Changqing gave Liu Guobao a key to the gate, and every room in the house was open to him. In addition to living in a room, Liu Guobao insisted on not taking advantage of anything else, and even Sun Changqing’s hot water would not be borrowed casually.

After getting along for a long time, Sun Changqing respected Liu Guobao more and more. Every time he went home, he would sit and chat with Liu Guobao. Although I can’t hear what he said clearly, I can understand his meaning roughly. When there is something to discuss, two people will communicate with each other with pen and paper.

Liu Guobao also trusted Sun Changqing very much, and the two men gradually became brothers.

Because Liu Guobao is the fourth in his family, Sun Changqing asked his three sons to call him "the fourth father". Although the three sons are not often at home, as long as they come back, they will bring some alcohol and tobacco to honor the "fourth father" and invite him to eat at the same table.

At that time, Sun Changqing’s three grandchildren were still young. Liu Guobao loved children very much, helped them bathe and took them to play.

Wenfeng, a 23-year-old grandson, worked as an intern in Nanjing after leaving the army. He was closest to Grandpa Four since he was a child: "When I was a child, I didn’t like to eat grandma’s cooking, but I liked to squeeze into Grandpa Four’s arms to cook a small stove."

At the reunion dinner, he and his sister raised a glass to wish grandpa four good health, and the old man held the cup happily from ear to ear.

Twenty years of friendship between gentlemen set an example of harmony and family style.

Zhao Xirong, secretary of the general branch of Gaojiadian Village, told Jimu journalists that it is not possible for everyone to invite an outsider to stay at home unconditionally. What is more difficult is to live kindly and affectionately. Therefore, the special brotherhood between Sun Changqing and Liu Guobao made the whole village pay tribute. Liu Guobao has gout, and sometimes the pain is unbearable in the middle of the night. Sun Changqing will ride a motorcycle and take him to the clinic for an injection.

At first, some people suspected that Sun Changqing took Liu Guobao in order to help him work and earn money for his work. In fact, over the years, Sun Changqing has never received Liu Guobao’s rent, utilities, and often sent him some vegetables, meat, clothes and shoes.

Sun Changqing never asked about the money saved by Liu Guobao for farming and odd jobs.

What moved Sun Changqing was that Liu Guobao himself was poor and thrifty, and when his little grandson Wenfeng joined the army, he gave 50 yuan a red envelope; On Sun Changqing’s 70th birthday, Liu Guobao gave 100 yuan a red envelope. Sun Changqing didn’t refuse too much. He cherished his brother’s friendship.

Zhao Xirong said that Xiaoting is a land of the cultures of the Three Kingdoms and has always advocated friendship. A friend of a gentleman like Sun Changqing and Liu Guobao is really admirable.

Recalling the initial intention of accepting Liu Guobao 21 years ago, Sun Changqing said: "I am a retired soldier, a Communist party member, and a village party secretary. How can I turn a blind eye to the difficulties of the villagers?"

In fact, the brotherly love between Sun Changqing and Liu Guobao is also a good example of their harmonious family style. The three generations of the Sun family are affectionate brothers, friendly sisters-in-law, and orderly, which makes the neighbors very envious.

In October last year, Liu Guobao’s younger brother rebuilt his new house and took his brother back to live with him. Considering that he is old, Sun Changqing has limited care for Liu Guobao. After consulting him, he agreed to move back to live with his younger brother.

It is precisely because of the first separation of the Chinese New Year in 21 years that this early reunion dinner was held. On the table, Sun Changqing specifically told the younger generation: "If I am a hundred years old, you should continue to take good care of my fourth father."

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Tell history

As the only country that has continued its 5,000-year civilization to this day, we have a glorious history. For thousands of years, countless sages have written magnificent historical scrolls with indomitable will and the spirit of exploration, leaving a well-known classic story. Since ancient times, there have been many legends in history. Their spirits are worth learning, and their historical stories make us memorable.

1. Eat your bread and taste your courage. It is a Chinese idiom, which originated from Historical Records of Goujian Family, King of Yue, in the Western Han Dynasty. The story of this historical figure tells the story of the defeat of the State of Yue by the State of Wu. Gou Jian, the king of Yue, was determined to take revenge. He used firewood as a sleeper and tried his gall before eating and sleeping, urging himself not to forget the humiliation and finally defeated the State of Wu after long-term preparation. This idiom was later used to describe people’s hard work and self-motivation.

2. Take care of the thatched cottage. Three Visits to the Cottage, also known as Three Visits to the Cottage, is an allusion from The History of the Three Kingdoms, Shu Zhi and Zhuge Liang Chuan. Liu Bei, who was stationed in a new field, heard from Xu Shu and Si Mahui that Zhuge Liang was very knowledgeable and talented, so he and Guan Yu and Zhang Fei took gifts to Wollongong in Longzhong to ask Zhuge Liang to come out to help him. I visited Zhuge Liang for help three times before, and then the situation of the three countries was divided. This is the classic story of "Visiting the Maolu" and the origin of this idiom.

The classic historical story of "Three Visits to Mao Lu" tells us that managers should be courteous and virtuous, know how to make good use of people, and you should put down your airs and talk calmly in the face of talents.

3. Grass boats borrow arrows. Borrowing an Arrow from a Grass Boat is a classic story of Battle of Red Cliffs in the Chinese classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and it is also one of the well-known classic historical stories. Zhou Yu deliberately proposed to borrow the arrow, but Zhuge Liang, who is witty, calmly said that "it only takes three days." Later, when the weather was right and the people were at peace, Zhuge Liang used Cao Cao’s suspicious character to lure the enemy with several straw boats and finally made great achievements by borrowing 100 thousand arrows.

The story of the Three Kingdoms tells us that if we want to fight a sure battle, we must make good preparations in advance and make good use of various conditions, so as to achieve our goals.

4. Horse racing in Tian Ji. The fable "Horse Racing in Tian Ji" must be familiar to everyone. It is a story of historical figures in China and then evolved into an idiom. During the Warring States Period, Qi Weiwang often raced with Tian Ji, the general of the State of Qi, and each of them chose three horses to race in three grades. However, Tian Ji always lost to Qi Weiwang in every race, and Tian Ji was very depressed. He told Sun Bin about the unhappiness caused by the failure of horse racing, and his friend Sun Bin gave him a trick to let Tian Ji compete with the inferior horse against the superior horse. The average horse is against the inferior horse, and as a result, it won two games in a row after the first big defeat. The horse is still the same horse, but it can turn defeat into victory by changing the order of appearance. After that, Tian Ji and Qi Weiwang told the story, and Sun Bin was appreciated by Qi Weiwang.

5. make up the number. The classic historical story "Overfill the Numbers" comes from "On Han Feizi’s Internal Storage" and was selected as a primary school Chinese textbook. It tells the story of a man in the ancient state of Qi, Mr. Nan Guo, who couldn’t play the flute, but got paid for nothing in a band that played the flute. Later, when Qi Xuanwang died, the King of Qi became a monarch and liked to listen to solo. As soon as Mr. Nan Guo heard it, he packed his bags and ran away overnight.

The enlightenment of this story is: fraud can’t stand the test of time, and it will eventually expose the clues; People who have no real skills can get away with it for a while before others know the truth, but the truth will come out one day.

6. Taoyuan became sworn. China’s famous classic historical story "Taoyuan Jieyi" is the first story in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and it is also a well-known historical story. It tells the story of three people with lofty ideals, Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, who, in order to jointly do a great cause, were congenial to each other and chose a Taoyuan after Zhangfeizhuang, where they held a toast and made a vow to heaven, sharing weal and woe, sharing weal and woe, and jointly realizing their beautiful ideals in life. This is the famous "taoyuan sworn" in the romance of the three kingdoms.

7. Wu Song killed the tiger. Everyone must be familiar with the well-known classic story "Wu Song Beats the Tiger". This historical story of China tells the story of Wu Song, a Liangshan hero, who went home to visit his brother. He passed through Jingyanggang and ignored the advice of the restaurant. He went up the mountain in a drunken mood and didn’t know there was a tiger until he saw the notice on the temple gate. He hesitated a little, but still crustily skin of head on the post.

I found a big bluestone because of the attack of alcoholism. I lay down on my back and was about to fall asleep when I saw a tiger coming. After several fights, the tiger’s prestige gradually decreased, and finally I was beaten to death by Wu Song. After this incident, Wu Song gained great fame.

8. Be loyal to the country. Loyalty to serve the country is the allusion of China historical figure Yue Fei, a national hero who resisted gold in the Southern Song Dynasty. After studying martial arts hard as a teenager, Yue Fei decided to go to the battlefield to kill the enemy and serve the country. In order to encourage her son, Yue Fei’s mother tattooed the four characters "loyal to serve the country" on her back. Yue Fei, mindful of his mother’s teachings, went to the front line of the battle against the 8 Jin Army, and repeatedly made meritorious deeds and became a general who frightened the enemy. Now loyalty to the country is used to describe meticulous loyalty, serving the motherland and sacrificing everything for the country.

9. Establish a tree as a letter. Standing a tree as a letter is an event that happened in the capital of Qin during the Warring States Period. It tells that in order to promote the reform, Shang Yang ordered a 30-foot-long wood to be erected outside the south gate of the capital, and made a promise in public: who can move this wood to the north gate will be rewarded with twelve taels. But all the people didn’t believe it. Only when the reward was raised to fifty gold did a strong man move the wood to the north gate. Shang Yang rewarded him with fifty gold as promised. Shang Yang’s move won people’s trust in Shang Yang, and Shang Yang’s next reform was soon popularized in Qin State.

10. Dig the wall for light. Digging into the wall to steal light is an idiom evolved from a fable story. It comes from Miscellanies of Xijing. It mainly tells that Kuang Heng, a young boy, is very studious. Because of his poor family, he has to work during the day, and only at night can he see it, but his poor family can’t afford the oil for lighting. So Kuang Heng dug a hole in the wall to attract the light from his neighbor, so that the light can shine on books. That’s how he studied hard. Later, he became a scholar of the Western Han Dynasty.

Moral of this idiom: Hardship is only a temporary experience, and the knowledge gained after experiencing these hardships is the precious and long-term wealth of life.

Three practical beauty secrets hidden by star makeup artists to enhance your makeup exquisiteness.

Bono Zhang A-line star stylist

Designated stylist at Cannes Film Festival

As the host of "Pretty Woman" and other programs, specially invited beauty consultant.

Hello, I’m Bono Zhang, the star stylist.

I have been engaged in the fashion and beauty industry for more than ten years, and the stars I have worked with areAmanda, Chris Lee, Alyssa ChiaHe has served as the designated stylist at Cannes Film Festival, the host of "Pretty Woman" and other programs, and the special beauty consultant, and has long created classic beauty styles for major fashion magazines.

Compared with the stars shining on the stage, we ordinary people can be beautiful and exquisite in life.

Dating, working, shopping, partying, celebrating the holidays ….. As long as you put some effort into beautiful makeup, you will feel refreshed and full of energy.

Image source: the idea of the worm

In order to practice makeup skills, many girls who love beauty follow beauty bloggers and learn all kinds of makeup conscientiously.Autumn leaf elf makeup, tipsy rose makeup, mixed-race European and American makeup. ……The names are very nice, but I always find that the paintings on my face are not so amazing.

In fact, instead of imitating the glamorous beauty of star bloggers, we might as well spend our time first to improve the small details of our daily makeup.

I’ve seen a lot of makeup novices,The makeup is floating, the eyebrows are stiff, and the eye shadow is not clean.….. and these can often affect the freshness of the whole face.If you can’t do small details well, even if you put on makeup, your beauty will be greatly reduced..

Image source: the idea of the worm

Today, I will tell you three tips to improve the exquisiteness of daily makeup, so that you can be beautiful at every moment.

The weather is dry and easy to float powder. How to make the makeup more docile?

A docile base makeup is the foundation of a perfect makeup face.. Float powder and card powder are stumbling blocks to becoming a fairy.

A little trick, stumbling block always say goodbye:

Soak the beauty eggs and squeeze them dry, then dip in the foundation and pat the face.Then pat and press with the side without foundation to take away the remaining powder.This way, the makeup will be more delicate and docile, clear and beautiful.

Image source: the idea of the worm

? Eyebrows are always unnatural, how to break them?

When many beginners thrush, the first stroke often falls on their brows.

You know, the first one is the heaviest,The eyebrows are stiff, most likely because the eyebrows are too heavy..

Novice thrush, you can start from the eyebrow peak, and then slowly transition to the eyebrows and eyebrows.

After painting,Remember to sweep your eyebrows with a small brush to weaken the sense of boundary.To create a natural and smart eyebrow.

Image source: the idea of the worm

? Always can’t draw the inner eyeliner well, just give up?

Eyeliner is a hurdle for many people. Usually, when you lie down and play with your mobile phone, your hands are very steady. When you pick up the eyeliner, your hands shake.

Draw inner eyeliner in sections to save you:

Starting from the middle of the eyes, stick to the eyelash root and draw eyeliner in sections., and then fill the entire eyeliner from the middle to the head and tail of the eye.

Image source: the idea of the worm

Of course,Make-up is not only a skill, but also an aesthetic..

Everyone’s face and temperament are different, and the suitable makeup is also different. It is necessary to learn to judge, and it is definitely not possible to copy the gourd and copy it mechanically.

It’s crucial to know what you are suitable for:

How can I quickly change into a "small face" with different face shapes?

How to find the eyebrow shape that suits you best?

How does the defective skin turn into a clear and concealer makeup?

How can a single eyelid draw beautiful eye makeup?

As long as you find the makeup method that best matches you, not only the beauty will be up, but also the makeup speed will be accelerated.

In order to help everyone solve all kinds of makeup problems, Lilac Mother found me and built this door together.A crash course in exquisite beauty. My more than ten years of experience and skills are all deposited here.

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A crash course in exquisite beauty

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Including base makeup, eye makeup, lip makeup, concealer, cosmetic, blush, etc.Full set of makeup artist explanations, moreThree-minute makeup teaching for office workersLet you go out quickly without losing your exquisiteness.

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The video of the course is demonstrated by real people, and the teacher personally gets started.Teaching makeup details and demonstrating makeup techniques is intuitive and easy to learn, and you can easily grasp the main points after reading it once.

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Whether it’s a little white with zero foundation or a little fairy who wants to improve her makeup skills,You can find a makeup method that suits you in the course and learn how to judge what makeup you are more suitable for.

Take the eyebrow shape for example,The direction of the lines under the eyebrows can change the visual effect of the face.You can draw your own unique and beautiful eyebrow shape according to your own conditions.

The lower edge is flat, and the long face will become shorter visually.

The lower edge is inclined upward, and the short face shape will have a lengthening effect visually.

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Get the magic of making a knife beautiful without moving it

The Beijing Football Association announced that Messi will set off a new work style, but the protagonist is not the national football team and Beijing Guoan.

At 8 pm on June 15th, 2023, the world cup champion Argentina men’s soccer team will come to Beijing Workers Stadium to play an international match with the Australian men’s soccer team.

Messi, the king of football, really came to Gundy! Never mind the ticket price, the new workers are going to blow up!

It is a satisfaction for fans to see the skills of the world cup champion with their own eyes. Disappointingly, the China Football Association also announced that the China men’s soccer team will participate in the Dalian International Football Invitational Tournament, while the national team’s opponents will be Myanmar and Palestine.

Messi is very depressed. I went to the national team with the most fans in the world, but they didn’t play football with me.

Why doesn’t the national football team play against Argentina? When the media organizer asked the Football Association, Du Zhaocai said, "There is no need for the national football team to compete with the Argentine national team. This is the confidence of the Football Association." National football team. "This may be to prevent being hit," he said.

On the day of the international football match in June, the second round of the Super League will be cancelled, and Beijing Guoan players will be able to watch Messi in the courtyard.

To put it bluntly, the football match between the national football team and the Argentine national team was disdained by the fans because of the low level of football in China. Or improve your league.

In this week’s Super League, there was a match between Beijing and Shanghai, and Beijing Guoan challenged Shanghai Shenhua away. Ma Ning served as the referee, and football coach jankovic inspected the players on the spot.

List of Shanghai Chongming New House in 2022

[Selected Real Estate 1] Chongming Sanxiang Forest Sea Shang

Real estate review

After smoking this cigarette

Let me briefly outline the advantages of the Sanxiang Forest Haishang: dual -track, Dong Community’s commercial facilities, the entire East community environment, and the quality of Sanxiang. And Sanxiang’s construction site is the most satisfied with what I currently see.

There are buses around for easy travel.

Old driver driving school

I have been to Chongming many times, not many corners, it is still a bit far from the future subway, but it can still be accepted

[Selected Real Estate 2] Blue Lake Bay

Real estate review


There are comprehensive shopping malls nearby. Lenovo Computer Stores, Lianhua Supermarket, Jinye Supermarket, Wenfeng Supermarket, Xiufang Supermarket, eating and buying vegetables are very convenient. There are 8 units, with 66.0-118.0 square meters in different areas of different areas of different areas. Choose, take what you need.


The greening rate of the community is good, the environment is beautiful, the eyes are full of green, and the living comfort is high.

Chongming is now more and more houses. To be honest, there are a few who work in Shanghai to buy that goes.

[Selected Real Estate II

Real estate review


1. The kitchen is L -shaped and has a large space area, which is convenient for cooking food and kitchen supplies. 2. The kitchen and toilet have windows, which are convenient for oil fume and odor, and the ventilation is better. 3. The master bedroom is the suite design. In addition to the independent bathroom, there is also a test room, which is convenient for the owner’s life. The privacy is better and the living comfort is high. ; 1. The depth is unreasonable, which will cause the part to be dim and need to turn on the light during the day.

The property fee is 2.5 yuan/square meter and month, and the price is acceptable. It depends on the quality of the service. The average price is about 26647 yuan/㎡.

Little Snail Nica

It is already the existing house. It is close to the Changxing Town Government, and the surrounding foundation is OK.