Still like to play mobile phones in the dark? Be careful to shake out acute glaucoma!

  During the days when you were at home, besides eating and sleeping, did you stay up all night to paint Tik Tok, play the king and follow the drama? The original law of life was disrupted, and the life of night owls who couldn’t afford it during the day and were not sleepy at night was opened. Even if the light is turned off, I can’t bear to put down my mobile phone, and I can brush it under the covers for half an hour when I’m still unfinished. As everyone knows, playing mobile phone in the dark, acute glaucoma is quietly approaching you.

  Playing with your mobile phone without turning on the light can really blind you.

  This is by no means alarmist. Using the eyes in dim light will cause the pupils to dilate for a long time, block the circulation of liquid in the eyes, lead to the increase of intraocular pressure and the acute attack of glaucoma. Persistent high intraocular pressure can also damage the tissues and visual function of various parts of the eyeball, resulting in decreased vision, optic nerve damage and narrowed vision, and may even lead to blindness if not treated in time.

  Of course, playing mobile phones in the dark is only an incentive, and the most important thing is that individuals themselves belong to the "glaucoma quality." "Glaucoma quality" mainly refers to glaucoma patients with high myopia, hyperopia and family history. Once there is an inducement, the intraocular pressure will increase, which will lead to glaucoma. Even if you belong to the "glaucoma quality", don’t be afraid. As long as you control the incentives, the chances of forming glaucoma will be much smaller.

  In addition, playing mobile phones in the dark can easily lead to myopia, dry eye, macular degeneration and other diseases, and "mobile phone family" should take it as a warning. Playing mobile phones in the dark is especially harmful to teenagers’ eyes. Watching the screen at close range in the dark will make them blink less, which will easily lead to visual fatigue. Teenagers’ eyesight is still developing, and in the long run, it will easily aggravate refractive problems such as myopia and astigmatism.

  Four types of people with high risk are more likely to be "stared at" by glaucoma.

  People with grumpy temper Some people are often grumpy. Emotional instability will lead to unstable intraocular pressure, and long-term high intraocular pressure will induce the formation of glaucoma.

  Women over the age of 40 gradually enter menopause, so their emotions are changeable, which are all manifestations of "glaucoma quality". The range of emotional changes is too large, which may easily lead to a sharp increase in intraocular pressure and induce acute glaucoma.

  The eyes of those who overuse their eyes need rest every day just like the brain. However, facing the computer at work and playing mobile phone after work, this habit of using eyes will lead to excessive eye fatigue, which will lead to glaucoma coming to the door.

  Patients with high myopia, high myopia, due to the enlargement of myopic eyeball and the extension of optic papilla, leads to the thinning of the cribriform plate and the sclera near the optic papilla, and the high intraocular pressure compresses the optic nerve, which leads to the gradual atrophy of the optic nerve and the gradual loss of visual field, which leads to blindness.

  How far are you from glaucoma?

  During their stay at home, some people experienced eye pain. For some people, this may be normal, and taking a rest will be fine. But for people with high risk factors of glaucoma, if it is caused by increased intraocular pressure, it may be a sign of glaucoma.

  How to simply judge whether eye pain is caused by increased intraocular pressure? Here is a small method to teach you: "finger measurement" — — With two fingers, it takes only two steps to test whether our intraocular pressure is too high.

  Close your eyes, gently touch the eyeball with your index finger and feel the fluctuation of the eyeball: 1. If it is as soft as your lips, then the intraocular pressure is normal; 2. If it is as hard as the tip of the nose, then the intraocular pressure has increased slightly to moderately; If it feels as hard as the forehead, then the intraocular pressure is already very high. Through this small method of self-test, we can roughly judge whether the intraocular pressure is normal or not. Of course, if you feel obviously uncomfortable, you still need to see a doctor. It should also be reminded that people’s intraocular pressure is not a constant value. Different times of the day are not exactly the same. It is not possible to judge the condition or confirm the diagnosis only by a single intraocular pressure measurement.

  In addition, in addition to eye pain and elevated intraocular pressure, glaucoma has the following symptoms:

  Nausea and vomiting, eye pain and eye swelling When the intraocular pressure rises sharply, it can reflexively cause the excitement of vagus nerve and vomiting nerve center, resulting in severe nausea and vomiting. Trigeminal nerve endings are stimulated, which reflexively causes pain in the distribution area of trigeminal nerve. Patients often feel migraine and eye pain.

  When the visual field narrows and the visual acuity decreases due to the gradual increase of intraocular pressure, the optic nerve is damaged. In the early stage, visual acuity decreases and fog appears at night and disappears the next morning. In the late stage, the visual field is narrowed, which is also the main symptom of glaucoma.

  When the rainbow looks at the light, there are seven colored circles or halos around it, similar to the rainbow in the sky after the rain clears in summer, which is called rainbow in medicine.

  Home "Eye Protection Method" for Glaucoma Patients

  Glaucoma is a lifelong disease. During the period of staying at home, it is easy to have acute glaucoma if you keep a good attitude and stable mood, have a lot of mental stress, think too much, sulk or lose your temper.

  Don’t overuse your eyes, and avoid overusing your eyes to see a bright spot in the dark. When watching a mobile phone, it is best to adjust the contrast of the screen to make the brightness and color as soft as possible. If possible, turn on a low-brightness background light in the room to ease the brightness gap between the screen and the background environment. And keep looking at the mobile phone for no more than 20 minutes, blink consciously and pay attention to "reducing the burden" on your eyes;

  Avoid drinking a lot of water at one time, drink a small amount of water in several times, and try to reduce the amount of drinking water at night to prevent glaucoma;

  For acute glaucoma, sudden eye swelling, eye pain, headache, accompanied by decreased vision, in the case of good self-protection, it is necessary to go to the ophthalmology department in time to reduce intraocular pressure to prevent visual function damage;

  For the primary open-angle glaucoma that has been clearly diagnosed, patients need to take medicine on time, and they can consult online during the epidemic and go to the hospital on an optional basis;

  COVID-19 virus can infect conjunctiva of eyes, which may cause lung infection. Patients with glaucoma, especially those who need to use drugs for a long time, need to pay strict attention to hand hygiene.

  Text/Wang Xia Liu Liwei (Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital)

Saudi air strikes in Yemen have killed many people. The United Nations: Reopen the "lifeline of rescue" as soon as possible.

  Cctv newsOn the evening of the 7th local time, the multinational coalition forces headed by Saudi Arabia attacked a place in Hajj province, about 150km northwest of Sana ‘a, the capital of Yemen, and fired 16 missiles at the same place.

  Saba news agency, controlled by Houthi armed forces, reported that at least 60 people were killed in the air strikes, and all the casualties were civilians — — However, according to unconfirmed news from local media, a number of senior Houthi armed officials, including Saleh Ali Samad, chairman of the Yemeni Supreme Political Committee, were holding secret meetings at the attack site, and the air strikes were probably aimed at them.

  However, the Houthi armed forces said that Samad was "not affected by air strikes".

  In addition to Hajj province, Saudi Arabia-led Coalition forces also attacked the airport in the northern part of Sana ‘a city and several surrounding targets on the evening of the 7 th.

  The United Nations calls for reopening the "lifeline" as soon as possible.

  On the 4th, the Houthi armed forces in Yemen fired a ballistic missile in the direction of the international airport in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, which was intercepted and destroyed by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia believes that this ballistic missile is made in Iran. In order to prevent Iran from transporting missiles and other arms to Houthi armed forces, Saudi Arabia closed Yemen’s land, sea and air passages to the outside.

  On the 7th, the United Nations called on the multinational coalition led by Saudi Arabia to reopen the lifeline of humanitarian relief to transport food and medicine to Yemen. At present, more than 7 million people in Yemen are suffering from famine and are in urgent need of food aid. Yemen’s population in urgent need of relief ranks first in the world. The United Nations believes that the closure of the passage will aggravate the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

  On the evening of the 5th, the multinational coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia announced that in order to prevent Iran from transporting missiles and other arms to the Houthi armed forces in Yemen, the land, sea and air passages leading to the outside of Yemen will be closed from now on, while the entry and exit of international rescuers and humanitarian aid materials will be unrestricted. However, on the 6th, two United Nations humanitarian rescue planes scheduled to fly in and out of Yemen on the same day were not released by the multinational coalition forces.

  On the same day, the World Health Organization also called for allowing medical assistance to enter Yemen to fight the local cholera epidemic. According to WHO officials, since the outbreak of cholera in Yemen in April this year, the epidemic has not been effectively controlled. At present, 2,194 people have died, and there are more than 900,000 cholera patients in Yemen.

  Affected by the blockade, the oil price in Yemen jumped. On the 7 th, there were long queues at various gas stations in Sana’ a, the capital of Yemen. Not only that, the prices of cooking oil and liquefied natural gas have also risen sharply, which many local people think is "unfair" and that the Coalition forces have committed crimes against humanity in Yemen.

The high temperature weather in Jiangnan and South China continues, and there are thunderstorms in Inner Mongolia and Jilin.

  Beijing, July 24 (Xinhua) According to the website of the Central Meteorological Observatory, in the next 10 days, the high temperature range in the southern region will be large and last for a long time; Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, South China and other places continue to have hot weather, with the highest temperature in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places reaching above 40℃. From 24th to 25th, there were thunderstorms in eastern Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi, Hebei and other places. In some areas, there were moderate to heavy rains, local heavy rains accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation, and local strong convective weather such as thunderstorms, strong winds or hail.

  Jiangnan South China and other placesHigh temperature weatherlast

  In the next 10 days, the high temperature range in the southern region will be large and last for a long time; Jianghan, Jianghuai, Jiangnan, South China and other places continue to have high temperature weather, with the highest temperature in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu and other places reaching above 40 C; Staged high temperature weather will also occur in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi and Sichuan Basin.

  Central Meteorological Observatory at 06: 00 on July 24Continue to issue high-temperature orange warning. It is estimated that there will be high temperature of 35℃ and above in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, eastern Guizhou, Shanghai, western Inner Mongolia, southern Xinjiang basin, western Gansu, southern Beijing and central and southern Hebei during the daytime on July 24th, among which the highest temperature in central and southern Zhejiang, Fujian, most of Jiangxi, most of Hunan, central and eastern Guangdong, northwestern Guangxi and southern Xinjiang basin is 37℃.

  National Forecast Map of High Temperature Falling Area (July 24, 08: 00 -20: 00)

  There are thunderstorms in Inner Mongolia, Jilin and Liaoning.

  From 24th to 25th, there were thunderstorms in eastern Inner Mongolia, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi, Hebei and other places. In some areas, there were moderate to heavy rains, local heavy rains accompanied by short-term heavy precipitation, and local strong convective weather such as thunderstorms, strong winds or hail.

  From 26th to 28th, there will be a moderate rain in the eastern part of Northwest China, North China, Huanghuai, Northeast China, Sichuan Basin, western Hubei and Guizhou, with heavy rain and local rainstorm in some areas.

  Specific forecast for the next three days

  From 08: 00 on July 24th to 08: 00 on July 25th,Xinjiang has moderate to moderate rain in some areas along the Tianshan Mountains, eastern Gansu, north-central Shaanxi, eastern Inner Mongolia, northern Liaoning, Jilin, central and eastern Heilongjiang, western Shanxi, northern Hebei, southern Hubei, southern Anhui, northern Zhejiang, southern Sichuan, central and southern Chongqing, most of Yunnan and southern Tibet, and heavy rain in some areas in eastern Jilin and western Yunnan. There are 4-5 winds in parts of central Inner Mongolia and other places.

  National Precipitation Forecast Chart (08: 00 on July 24th to 08: 00 on July 25th)

  From 08: 00 on July 25th to 08: 00 on July 26th,There are small to moderate rains in parts of central and eastern Inner Mongolia, north-central Liaoning, most of Jilin, southern Heilongjiang, Shanxi, central and western Hebei, Beijing, Henan, western and northern Hubei, western Anhui, Shanghai, Zhejiang, eastern and western Sichuan, central and western Yunnan, southern and eastern Tibet and Taiwan Province Island, among which there is heavy rain (25-40mm) in parts of southern Henan. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of central and western Inner Mongolia and eastern Xinjiang.

  National Precipitation Forecast Chart (08: 00 on July 25th to 08: 00 on July 26th)

  From 08: 00 on July 26th to 08: 00 on July 27th,There are moderate to heavy rains in parts of central Gansu, south-central Shaanxi, central and eastern Inner Mongolia, northern North China, southern Huanghuai, eastern Jianghuai, eastern Sichuan and western Chongqing, among which there are heavy rains (50-70 mm) in southern Huanghuai and other places. There are 4 ~ 6 winds in parts of central and western Inner Mongolia.

  National Precipitation Forecast Chart (08: 00 on July 26th to 08: 00 on July 27th)

Running and swimming are not as good as it! The best sports ranking, the first place you will never guess.

It is said that exercise is good for health. Do you know what the best exercise is?

An authoritative medical magazine once published a study on sports, and the best sport is swing ball games! ! !

In this study involving 1.2 million people, 75 kinds of sports were identified. For the convenience of statistics, they divided these sports into eight categories: team sports, cycling, aerobic or gymnastics, running or jogging, recreational sports or others, winter sports or swimming pools, walking and others. This paper analyzes the influence of different sports on mental and physical health and draws this conclusion.

Not only found the best exercise, but also paid attention to the time of each exercise. The longer the exercise time, the better. The best duration is-between 45-60 minutes!

In terms of the length of time, the optimal duration of each exercise is between 45 and 60 minutes. Less than 45 minutes will weaken the effect, while more than 60 minutes will not only have no higher benefits, but also easily produce negative effects.

In terms of frequency, 3-5 days a week, once a day has the highest income. Of all sports, only the frequency of walking can be slightly higher, up to 6 times a week.

Why swing is the best exercise?

Swing can stimulate the shoulder muscles and the biceps brachii and triceps brachii, effectively enhancing the strength of the shoulder and arm muscles. In the process of fast moving, the whole body muscles need to be coordinated, especially the leg muscles will be effectively exercised.

At the same time, it promotes the brain to think quickly and nervously, and has the function of strengthening the brain; It can also make the eyes adjust their movements and promote the blood supply and metabolism of eyeball tissue.

Including badminton, tennis and other swing sports, it reduces all-cause mortality by 47% (referring to the mortality rate of all causes of death), all-cause mortality by 28% by swimming in the second place, and all-cause mortality by 27% by aerobic exercise in the third place.

Therefore, the swing ball game is the one that benefits both mentally and physically.

The golden sport of every age.

In fact, exercise is a kind of "prescription", there is the best exercise, and different age groups also have the most suitable way for them.

1-7 years old


Children of this age are in a period of rapid development. Swimming can not only regulate the cardiopulmonary function, but also exercise physical coordination and lay a good physical foundation for children.

8-25 years old

ball games

At this age, ball games can improve reaction speed, cardiopulmonary endurance and contribute to muscle and bone development.

Children around the age of 10 can practice table tennis, badminton and other small ball sports to exercise their physical flexibility; When you are a little older, you can participate in competitive sports such as basketball and volleyball.

26-45 years old

Mountain climbing and jogging

At this stage, people are in the critical period of life and career climbing, and they are under great pressure, which is easy to induce chronic diseases. Mountain climbing and jogging can not only improve cardiopulmonary endurance, accelerate metabolism, but also relieve stress.

However, obese people and people with poor joints are not recommended to climb mountains often.

46-65 years old

Walking briskly and exercising strength.

The physical strength and muscle mass of people in this age group begin to decline, and exercise should be safe, simple and stable. Walking briskly can improve blood circulation and reduce body fat rate; Strength exercises such as squatting and lifting dumbbells can enhance muscle strength.

After the age of 65

Lunge exercise

This age group is in a period of physical decline, with accelerated muscle degeneration and easy to fall when walking. It is recommended to do more stability exercises, such as supine leg lifts and lunges. This movement should start with less intensity and proceed step by step.

Exercise prescription for special people

For special people, physical condition should be taken as a reference standard for choosing exercise, and people with chronic diseases may wish to choose exercise in this way.



Patients with hypertension should choose a small amount and moderate amount of aerobic exercise, which may lead to a slight increase in blood pressure in the early stage, but after long-term persistence, the capillaries in the muscles expand and can also lower blood pressure by improving mood.

Recommended sports: Walking, jogging, Tai Ji Chuan, Qigong, swimming, cycling, fitness dancing, etc.



Diabetes combined with flexibility, aerobic exercise and strength training can better control blood sugar. When exercising, you might as well do stretching exercises first, stretching your legs and twisting your hips, which can not only increase the flexibility of your whole body, but also prepare for a greater amount of exercise later.

Recommended exercise: walking, Tai Ji Chuan, self-made gymnastics aerobic exercise, consume excess fat in the body; Finally, you can do local strength exercises, such as lifting dumbbells.


heart disease

Generally speaking, the most suitable exercise for patients with heart disease is walking. It is best to walk on a flat road instead of climbing stairs. I started to exercise five days a week, twice a day, and gradually increased to exercise every day.

Whether the exercise intensity is appropriate can be estimated by heart rate during exercise. Generally speaking, the heart rate of young people after exercise reaches 150 times for 1 minute, and that of the elderly reaches 120 times for 1 minute, which can achieve safe and effective exercise intensity.

Headline: How to read children? President of National Famous Teachers: Life is Education, and Environment is Curriculum.

Southern Metropolis Daily, November 28th, Edition B01, 08, Education and Health Reader

From November 24th to 25th, the "Guangzhou 2023 Moral Education Forum for Primary and Secondary Schools and Kindergartens" was held in Guangzhou Middle School (Phoenix Campus), with the theme of "Understanding Children and Caring for Growth".

Under the guidance of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education, the forum was hosted by Guangzhou Education Bureau, and undertaken by Tianhe Education Bureau and Southern Metropolis Daily.

[Kindergarten Component Forum]

Children’s mental health education should permeate the activities.

On the morning of 25th, at the kindergarten component forum, front-line teachers from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places shared practical cases, paying attention to the development characteristics and laws of children’s cognition, behavior, emotion and ability …

Encourage children to dare to express their emotions.

"Clap your hands if you feel happy …" In a cheerful clapping song, Li Liming, a teacher of Qinghe Kindergarten in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, brought the lesson of "I Make Friends with Happiness" to share, and 16 children skipped to the stage to share their happy records under the guidance of the teacher.

Li Liming introduced that the teaching object of this activity is middle-class children, who are characterized by rapid development of self-awareness and unstable emotional performance, and will still cry and lose their temper when they are not satisfied. "I don’t know how to express emotions, and I don’t know how to resolve them." Based on students’ psychological characteristics and personality differences, the solution of curriculum design is to create a pleasant atmosphere, such as talking in circles, listening to each other, sharing, etc., to guide children to experience happiness and encourage children to dare to express their emotions.

In the theme sharing session, Li Yarong, director of the kindergarten business of Southern Medical University, brought the sharing of mental health courses. Since 2012, the kindergarten has been exploring children’s sexual health education and deeply cultivating mental health education courses. "Children’s mental health education should permeate various activities and all aspects of activities. For example, environmental creation can be turned into a part of curriculum construction, and quiet areas, secret gardens, private huts, my mood diaries, etc. can be opened at class meetings, so that children can face and deal with their emotions. "

Longing to be seen, felt and understood.

"Changing the perspective of observation and seeing children will have different gains." Niu Ling, the head teacher of Chenkang Kindergarten in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, shared her process of guiding, communicating and understanding Lele’s heart from the perspective of Lele, a "problem child" who likes to swagger and deliberately collide with her peers when walking. "In the thank-you session of the class meeting, when Lele is the star of this week, let other children tell the bright spots of Lele and bring Lele warmth with encouragement from peers." Niu Ling believes that children’s social skills can only be developed if their needs are seen, felt and understood.

Liu Xiancheng, director of Xuri Yayuan Kindergarten in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, has been engaged in early childhood education for more than 20 years. He believes that the only way to truly understand children is to "love you, understand you and accompany you". The kindergarten regularly holds "four-type" parent-teacher conferences to let parents know about their children’s situation in the park, and provide parents with a list of punching cards in streets, districts and cities in combination with the theme of the course, and advocate parents to "see the world" with their children.

"Every year on Children’s Day, let the children bring their parents to the kindergarten to go shopping." "In the game, learn to build your own Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge …" Lin Yongyu, director of the kindergarten affiliated to Guangzhou Kindergarten Normal School, believes that the premise of understanding children is companionship, and the high-quality companionship of teachers, parents and companions is an important force to promote children’s development. Teacher’s companionship is not empty, but should be based on the curriculum implementation process under the corresponding children’s view, which runs through one-day activities in kindergarten, such as military courses and life games.

"Life is education and environment is curriculum"

"Under the big banyan tree, children are laughing, playing with water guns and climbing trees in the rain. We hope that children here can feel their potential through their own exploration." Zhao Jinxia, director of Nantou Ancient City Kindergarten in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, introduced that the kindergarten adheres to the concept of "life is education and environment is curriculum" in the kindergarten-based curriculum construction, and puts the learning task in a real environment, and actively explores and discusses it around the real problem situation with the help of teachers and peers.

Also concerned about the environment of the park is Haibei Kindergarten in Fengxian District, Shanghai. Song Chaoyue, secretary of the Party branch and director of the park, introduced that when the kindergarten was built, it put forward the rules of environmental creation, such as transforming the mountain cement based on experience, effectively connecting the sand pool and the pool, so that children can play the game of sand cement safely and independently; Children and teachers were invited to jointly launch the atrium renovation plan. Under the whimsy of children, a sensory path integrating tiles, tiles and wood blocks was successfully built.

Lv Yan, secretary and director of Zhangjiagang Experimental Kindergarten, believes that "understanding children" is not only a basic skill of teachers, but also an important foundation for establishing a good relationship between teachers and children. "Intention" is the premise and key to understanding children. In August 2018, the kindergarten cooperated with East China Normal University to set up Professor Hua Aihua’s Studio, carried out the practical exploration of "regional game research project", created "let go game" and supported children’s active learning in the game.

In the comment session, Zhang Qiong, director of the Preschool and Comprehensive Education Research Office of the Institute of Basic Education of Guangzhou Education Research Institute, commented on the four major directions of children’s education: the goal, status, field and ecology, and the integration of knowledge and practice. "I have observed that moral education does not occupy an important position in the past curriculum design, which is related to the curriculum form and work characteristics of early childhood education, because it is usually permeated in the dribs and drabs of one-day curriculum, but in fact, moral education is very important because it is the starting point of our whole curriculum."

[Primary School Component Forum]

To be a good teacher is to think about what students are thinking.

In the primary school component forum, school administrators and teachers from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhangjiagang and other places took turns to take the stage to share good methods of moral education in primary schools and explore new ways to care for children’s growth.

In the lesson observation session, Wen Yingying, a teacher from Sihai Primary School in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, held a class meeting with the theme of "Reading Your Hearts and Friendly Communication". Students vividly interpret the verbal friction between classmates in the form of sitcoms. After that, Wen Yingying guides students to think and reflect on the influence of language injury on themselves, classmates and classes. Wen Yingying pointed out that the key to resolving conflicts is to find the unsatisfied basic needs in the heart; Stop the injury and start with mutual understanding.

In the theme sharing session, Zhang Yan ‘en, Party Secretary of Tieyi Primary School in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, focused on the practical model of "Happiness Micro-moral Education" developed by the school. The school creates a "happiness micro-field" through activities such as "well" graffiti and "box" dressing, making happiness "visible"; Carry out "happiness literacy" micro-classroom, "driving school mobile" micro-school, etc., and do a good job of "happiness micro-course" to make happiness "easy to understand"; Expand the campus "micro-space", pair up with "micro-space" and build a "happy micro-position" so that happiness can be "displayed". "Happiness micro-moral education awakens the positive power in children’s hearts, promotes the healthy growth of children and promotes the all-round development of schools."

The best education is to awaken children’s inner seeds.

"The best education is to awaken the seeds of children’s hearts." Li Ruixiu, head teacher and Chinese teacher of Tianhe No.1 Primary School, pointed out that it is necessary to respect children’s nature, conform to the law of children’s growth and promote children’s health. At the same time, create a good class environment, infiltrate positive education into daily class management, and awaken students’ sense of responsibility for active participation.

Zhang Xiangli, secretary and principal of Haiming School of Sports East Road Primary School in Tianhe District, introduced the construction of a "three-level education system for children", which is to build a school that can "read children, teachers and parents", cultivate a group of teachers who can "read children and parents" and lead a group of parents who can "read children".

"Only by understanding children can we guide children on the basis of better connections." Ouyang Qi, secretary of the Party branch and principal of Tianfu Road Primary School in Tianhe District, said that the school helps children broaden their horizons and participate in practice with reading and courses, and inserts the wings of flying with multi-platform practice as their dream. At the same time, starting from students’ growth confusion, the school develops and designs large class meetings in three periods, which are designed by the host team of the school moral education studio and provided to the class teacher.

He Chunxiu, the principal of the primary school affiliated to Fengxian Middle School in Shanghai, said that to understand children, we must first listen to their thoughts and feelings. To this end, the school implements a full tutor system, and teachers and students match in a two-way ratio of 1: 15, so that tutors can understand children more accurately and provide study and life support.

Teachers should respect children and learn six habits.

Li Wei, the head school of Shenzhen Cuibei Education Group, said that teachers should respect children and learn six habits, namely, listening well, talking well, doing small things well, passing on good books, smiling, trust and hope. "If I were asked to rank the basic skills of teachers, I would definitely give priority to listening to children."

"Children come to school not only to study, but also to live." Liu Hui, secretary of the Party Committee of Zhangjiagang Experimental Primary School, said that since 2018, the school has put forward a new education declaration, "be a bright person and live a normal and active educational life"; Over the years, the school has been committed to building four systems of values, language, aesthetics and intelligence to provide children with better educational content and build an ecological environment and childhood order with higher comfort, freedom and growth.

In the expert review session, Liu Lianghua, a professor at the Institute of Curriculum and Teaching of East China Normal University and the president of Guangzhou Haizhu Second Experimental Primary School Education Group, pointed out that the theme class meeting is a very important starting point for moral education. He was deeply impressed by the forum activities of the day, such as non-violent communication and awakening. He agreed with the views of "the integration of moral education and aesthetic education" and "to be a good teacher is to think about what students are thinking".

[Middle School Component Forum]

Education is more than just teaching exam-taking skills.

More important is the ability of the church to cope with the future.

At the forum of middle school groups, principals and teachers from Guangzhou, Foshan and Shanghai shared the school’s moral education ideas and practices around "finding love", and experts from Guangdong Primary and Secondary School Moral Education Research and Guidance Center made detailed comments on the sharing.

"Going back to childhood, what is your favorite extracurricular activity?" At the beginning of the group forum of middle schools, Xin Wang, a Chinese teacher of Grade One in Guangzhou Middle School, brought a class lesson "Love to Light up Life". Xin Wang used the experience of Zhang Chenliang in Natural History Magazine to guide the students to think: When the love of life confronts the reality and you are in a dilemma, do you still want to stick to your love? How to choose? At the end of the class, the students wrote down their love on paper and ended the class with the expectation of making love take root.

The education that touches the heart is the real education.

"No’ heart’, no education. Education that touches the heart is the real education. " Cheng Huiyun, executive principal of the Middle Bay School affiliated to Tsinghua University, said that cardiac education makes children learn well. "Heart Education" is an educational action aimed at students’ academic development and physical and mental health. Schools in the Bay Area Attached to the Middle School of Tsinghua University improve the education environment from the aspects of campus environment, curriculum system, management system and teachers’ team, and promote teachers to understand students from their daily teaching actions by understanding the relationship between teachers and students. And create space for students and encourage them to develop their strengths according to their needs.

How does the growth tutorial system help children grow and become talents? Yang Xiaoting, a teacher of Tianhe Foreign Language School, said that since its establishment in 2012, Guangzhou Tianhe Foreign Language School has implemented the growth tutorial system, which helps children find their own love and realize personalized growth by holding double-election meetings between teachers and students, establishing student growth files and implementing the heart-to-heart report system.

How to empower special education through positive education? Autistic children also need special education teachers to understand them. Zeng Jiexin, a special education teacher at Qihui School in Tianhe District, shared her story of promoting students’ understanding of rules through structured teaching and peer learning, and guiding autistic children to cultivate exercise habits and establish peer relationships, helping these children to improve their concentration and execution, while awakening their inner positive strength.

Teach students the ability to cope with the future.

Li Qiang, secretary of the Party Committee and president of Guangzhou Middle School, said that education is not only about teaching exam-taking skills, but more importantly, teaching students the ability to cope with the future. Guangzhou Middle School always insists that every life is illuminated and every voice is listened to. By carrying out the "two sessions" of students, we will listen to students’ opinions on curriculum and teaching management, let students talk about the harvest, difficulties and challenges of each semester, understand their thoughts and give them corresponding guidance and help.

Guangzhou Middle School is also committed to let every child find his own stage and sky. The school helps students to know themselves, find their interests, define their goals and discover more possibilities of life through the implementation of curriculum frameworks such as expanding courses, career planning, academic planning and psychological counseling. "The career system developed by the school can guide students to explore their own hearts and understand their popular ideal careers and ideal universities. Guangzhou Middle School also held a Career Festival’ Career Lecture Hall’ to invite senior professionals from 15 industries including medicine, law, education, finance, culture and art to share their career experiences and professional experiences. "

"The script of high school life is not bitter. How can the same high school be more exciting for three years?" Ding Qikang, Party Secretary and President of Dali Senior High School in Nanhai District, Foshan City, introduced that the school has set up a variety of sports, literature and art, and national defense education activities, attached importance to the parallel development of many characteristics, encouraged all students to actively participate, and let students discover their talents and love in wonderful activities and give play to their personal talents.

Hu Fei, a junior high school Chinese teacher at Chiwan School, the Second Foreign Language School (Group) in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, shared that based on the psychological characteristics of junior high school students and the specific situation of class individuals, courses and activities were built from the two levels of collective education and individual education, combined with the cultural resources of mountains and seas around the school, to help students find their own love.

Love is the best teacher.

Xia Jingjing, deputy secretary of the General Party Branch and president of Hongwen School in Fengxian District, Shanghai, mentioned in the sharing that the school has developed school-based courses, and encouraged students to explore themselves and develop their individuality through project-based learning, comprehensive subject practice activities and student career counseling courses, so that every student can fly like Kun Peng and still dare to pursue dreams under pressure and difficulties.

"Love is the key word of today’s middle school component forum, and love is also the best teacher." At the end of the forum, Zhou Feng, executive director of Guangdong Moral Education Research and Guidance Center for Primary and Secondary Schools, commented on the sharing of moral education practice among schools. He said that a class meeting class and seven special topics sharing in the middle school group closely revolved around the key words, which brought high-quality sharing.

"Reading children is an important starting point to change the phenomenon of attaching importance to wisdom and neglecting morality in education." Zhou Feng emphasized in his comments that the high-quality development of education is not equal to the pursuit of high scores, but is reflected in the overall improvement of students’ literacy. "This requires students to have a strong thirst for knowledge, willpower, a wide range of hobbies, and stimulate students’ learning motivation, cultivate good study habits, and correct their learning mentality. Moral education is the only way to achieve these goals and improve learning efficiency, and it will also serve students’ lifelong happiness. "

Planning: Li Yang

Coordinator: Yin Lai Liang Yanyan Ye Keke You Manni

Written by Southern Reporter Yang Xiaotong Sun Xiaopeng Cheng An Liang Yanyan Ye Siming

Photography: Ma Qiang Technology: Mai Yuxuan

Intern: Ma Yunling Li Hongzhe Design: Zhang Xujun He Xin

MUSA’s hardware and software are upgraded in an all-round way, and Moore Thread releases a new multifunctional GPU Chunxiao.

On November 3, 2022, Beijing-Moore Thread 2022 Autumn Conference was successfully held today in Zhongguancun National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, Beijing. At the press conference, Moore Thread launched the new multifunctional GPU chip "Chunxiao", the industry’s first national tide graphics card MTT S80 based on MUSA architecture, MTT S3000 for server applications, and the meta-computing integrated machine MCCX. This is another leap in the iterative innovation of Moore Thread’s multifunctional GPU products after a lapse of 7 months.

Not only hardware, Moore Thread also released a series of GPU software stacks and application tools around MUSA, including MUSA Developer Suite, cloud native sGPU technology and Metauniverse platform MTVERSE, etc., aiming at building an overall solution from the bottom chip to the upper development and application, and realizing the comprehensive upgrade of Moore Thread’s innovative mode of multi-functional GPU software and hardware integration.

At the conference site, Moore Thread also demonstrated more than 40 rich applications based on its multi-functional GPU, covering PC games, AI, digital people, digital twins, physical simulation, 8K multimedia display, cloud games, cloud desktop, digital office and other scenes. Partners such as AOC, Dell, Philips, Gujia, Tsinghua Tongfang, Inspur, Great Wall and Haier provided equipment support for application display, fully demonstrating Moore Thread’s powerful product applications.

GPU is a systematic project, involving hardware architecture, driver development, software ecology, sales and application, etc., with high R&D barriers and long industrial chain. The current GPU ecosystem, after decades of changes, has become huge and complex. If a GPU is to complete the commercial application from R&D to market, it can’t do without the continuous investment in hardware and software, and it can’t do without the strong support of ecology.

In March this year, Moore Thread officially released the first multifunctional GPU chip "Su Causeway", which has been recognized by many markets and ecology. The number of partners of Thread PES Perfect Experience System Alliance is increasing, covering CPU, operating system, OEM, software service provider, cloud service provider and system software developer. Based on the "Su Causeway" chip, Moore Thread and OEM partners have successfully launched a number of personal computers, workstations and data center server products, which are applied in business scenarios such as daily office, digital twinning, artificial intelligence training and reasoning; At the same time, we have joined hands with cloud service vendors to provide GPU cloud computing capabilities for users in different industries, paving the way for the application of Moore Thread GPU in many industries. China Mobile Cloud Capability Center has signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with Moore Thread to carry out extensive cooperation in the fields of cloud computing, cloud applications and accelerated computing; China Telecom Research Institute and Moore Thread will jointly explore the new infrastructure and local ecology of Metauniverse around intelligent computing, scientific research and development, application scenarios, etc., and promote the application of Metauniverse technology in key business scenarios.

Zhang Jianzhong, founder and CEO of Moore, expressed his gratitude to all partners and users on the spot, and further said: "GPU entrepreneurship is a long-term undertaking, full of challenges, and we know the importance of ecology. Based on the advanced MUSA architecture, Moore Multi-functional GPU continuously builds a complete software stack and application ecosystem, aiming at creating friendly support and experience for the open ecosystem. Only when we get together with eco-partners and industry users can we really exert the computing power of Moore Thread and provide the core power for the meta-universe and digital economy. "

Keeping the pace of the speed of light, Moore Thread officially released the second multifunctional GPU chip "Chunxiao", which integrates 22 billion transistors, has built-in MUSA architecture general-purpose computing core and tensor computing core, and can support FP32, FP16 and INT8 computing precision. Compared with the previously released "Su Causeway" chip, the four built-in computing engines of "Chunxiao" have been fully upgraded, which has brought about significant performance improvement: the graphics rendering capability has increased by 3 times on average; The coding ability is increased by 4 times, and the decoding ability is increased by 2 times; ; On average, the acceleration of AI is increased by 4 times, and the performance of physical simulation is increased by 2.5 times. At the same time, new technology is introduced to support narrow-band HD, saving bandwidth by more than 30%.

The newly released Moore thread MTT S80 is based on "Chunxiao" GPU chip, and it is also the first national tide graphics card for gamers. With 4096 programmable MUSA cores, it can provide 14.4TFLOPS single-precision floating-point computing power at 1.8GHz. At the same time, MTT S80 is also the first graphics card product equipped with PCIe Gen5 interface in the industry. With 16GB GDDR6 large-capacity high-speed video memory, supplemented by 8K ultra-high definition and 1080P 360Hz high refresh rate display output capability, it can bring the ultimate game vision and operation experience to gamers.

The successful launch of MTT S80 makes Moore Thread the first GPU company in China to support Windows environment and DirectX graphic interface. Its powerful 3D graphics rendering capability will be able to bring users a smooth operation experience in 4K resolution in Windows DirectX games. At present, the Windows driver of MTT S80 has built-in MUSA DirectX Driver module, and has been adapted to dozens of mainstream games such as diablo 3, League of Legends and Crossing the Firewire.

At the press conference, Moore Thread demonstrated the smooth game running effect brought by MTT S80. At present, Moore Thread is cooperating with game engine developers such as Unreal and Unity, as well as top domestic game developers such as tencent games, Netease Games, Xishanju, Perfect World, and 360 Games (in no particular order), so as to provide better and faster support for game engines and game products, and enable players to get a continuously updated 3A-level game experience. In the future, Moore Thread will continue to update Windows drivers and MUSA DirectX versions to achieve more game compatibility and performance optimization.

Moore Thread announced on the spot that MTT S80 graphics card has completed the first batch of production and stocking, and will start limited sales in JD.COM e-commerce platform on November 11th, 2022.

The newly released MTT S3000 is based on Moore Thread MUSA architecture, and it is also the first multifunctional server GPU product based on Chunxiao. The diverse computing power of Moore MTT S3000 can provide universal intelligent computing power support for AI reasoning and training, cloud games, cloud rendering, video cloud, digital twinning, digital content creation and other scenes with the help of the complete MUSA software stack covering graphics rendering, video processing and deep learning. It aims to build a solid computing power foundation for the construction of data centers, intelligent computing centers and meta-computing centers, and help the innovation and landing of diverse applications in the meta-universe.

Mts3000 contains 4096 MUSA stream processing cores and 128 dedicated tensor computing cores, with a transistor scale of 22 billion, an operating frequency of 1.9GHz and a memory bit width of 256bit;. With 32GB GDDR6 video memory, the bandwidth is 448gb/s; It supports FP32, FP16, INT8 and other kinds of calculation accuracy, among which the calculation power of FP32 can reach 15.2TFLOPS

Thread MTT S3000 and its supporting software and hardware products can cover the whole process from algorithm model to application deployment, and can provide friendly and rich package solutions for AI users. With the blessing of MUSA computing platform, MTT S3000 has multi-dimensional advantages such as ease of use, scalability and compatibility in deep learning training. In the aspect of deep learning reasoning, MTT S3000 supports mainstream AI models in many fields, such as vision, speech, natural speech comprehension and multimodal. At the same time, with the help of CUDA ON MUSA compatibility scheme developed by Moore Thread, users can seamlessly migrate the code developed on CUDA to MTT S3000. Moore also deeply optimized the performance of MUSA software stack and launched TensorX, a self-developed AI reasoning engine.

Ecology is crucial to the promotion of AI applications. At present, MTT S3000 is compatible with many mainstream deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, PaddlePaddle, Jittor, etc., and has accelerated dozens of AI models such as Transformer, CNN and RNN. Moore Thread also announced strategic cooperation with Baidu PaddlePaddle, Luchen Technology, Jittor, OpenMMLab and Zhiyuan Research Institute (in no particular order) to jointly prosper the AI ecosystem.

Software ecology is the key to promote the popularization of GPU computing. With MUSA architecture as the core, Moore Thread released a complete MUSA software stack to serve the vast number of developers and end users. MUSA software stack includes functional modules such as graphics rendering, multimedia, artificial intelligence, physical simulation, general computing, etc. It will cover from the bottom driver to GPU acceleration library, and then to application development kits customized for different industries. It is dedicated to meeting the application development needs in various industry scenarios.

MUSA development kit:Including MUSA general computing driver, MUSA compiler, AI operator library, general computing library, performance analysis tools, etc. Through the MUSA development kit, the majority of MUSA developers can develop, optimize and deploy various applications on desktop PCs, workstations, enterprise data centers, cloud platforms and distributed computer clusters based on Moore Thread multifunctional GPU.

CUDA ON MUSA:Moore Thread has developed a set of CUDA ON MUSA compatibility scheme for users who use CUDA language. Through two steps of compilation and running, CUDA source code can be run on Moore Thread MUSA architecture GPU.

MUSA user software:For the vast number of users, it provides multi-level series of software, including: drivers of different system platforms, PES and other platform software series; MUSA-based adaptive and deeply optimized AI framework, AI operator library, general computing library, optimization tools, containerized deployment runtime library, flexible split scheduling, etc. And cloud computing and application software series such as Digital Man, MT OCR and MT Smart Stream.

In order to make it easier for developers to obtain Moore Thread series software stacks, application solutions and technical support, Moore Thread Developer Website ( is officially launched. This website will be the MUSA software product release and download site, and also the MUSA technology exchange community. Moore Thread will build an open application and developer ecosystem around MUSA platform, and promote the prosperity and development of GPU ecology.

GPU is the key computing power needed by the current data center, and the application of cloud native technology in cloud computing, cloud desktop, cloud games and other fields is becoming more and more common. Therefore, Moore Thread released a series of GPU cloud native solutions based on Moore Thread’s innovative MT Mesh 2.0.

MT Mesh 2.0 can automatically allocate GPU computing and memory resources according to the cloud center application load, and realize the flexible expansion of GPU computing power. It can not only divide a GPU into multiple containers or virtual machines at will, but also support one container or virtual machine to schedule multiple GPUs.

Flexible containerized GPU (sGPU): Based on Kubernetes ecology, MT Mesh 2.0 is used to flexibly and effectively allocate containerized GPU resources.

Virtual GPU(vGPU): Using MT Mesh 2.0, it pioneered the resource elastic segmentation technology in the industry, which can dynamically allocate and modify GPU virtualization resources without restarting, and realize the on-demand call, dynamic expansion and release of computing power. The new "time-space split" feature is introduced, which supports hardware virtualization (SR-IOV), secure physical partitioning, up to 32-way virtualization, Windows cloud desktop GPU virtualization, and GPU pass-through of Unified Communications and Kirin operating systems.

Android container cloud acceleration technology ACX: Using GPU Android container transparent transmission technology and rendering coding integration technology can accelerate Android cloud mobile phone solution, reduce application delay and increase the number of concurrent channels. By natively supporting OpenGL ES, OpenGL rendering framework, and hardware acceleration of Android game material compression algorithms such as ETC/ETC2, better rendering effect and compatibility of Android cloud games can be provided.

Cloud and cloud games are important application scenarios of GPU in the cloud. Moore Thread has cooperated with many cloud desktop eco-partners to provide cost-effective cloud desktop solutions, serving the vast number of users in education, office, finance, geographic information and other industries. In the field of cloud games, Moore Thread and Tencent Pioneer have jointly created a leading cloud game solution for Android, and jointly created an excellent cloud game solution for PC with C-TREK Times, and are committed to bringing high-quality and smooth cloud game experience to the majority of game lovers.

At this conference, Moore Thread also released the MTVERSE Metauniverse platform and many software and hardware products specially built for Metauniverse applications, including the MCCX Metacomputing All-in-One Machine based on MTT S3000.

Based on Moor Thread MUSA GPU cluster, MTVERSE provides users with computing infrastructure services, including big data, AI training and reasoning, graphics rendering and physical simulation. It provides full-stack solutions from hardware cluster, software infrastructure to SDK tool chain, covering many core elements such as people, scenes and content in meta-universe. On the other hand, the massive SDK tools on the upper layer can help developers and applications conveniently call these capabilities, and realize a series of functions such as digital people, document understanding, speech recognition, visual recognition, natural semantic understanding, dialogue interaction, physical simulation, AIGC content generation, etc., further simplifying the development cycle and difficulty of applications and solutions.

Upgrade of AlphaCore physical simulation engine:Two new physical simulation products are added, including Flood Dynamics, a liquid interactive simulation tool, and Storm System;, a meteorological and cloud dynamics simulation tool; The effect and efficiency of gas and fluid simulation tool CatalystFX and cloth hair making tool VeraFiber have been comprehensively improved. Moore announced the deep integration with RaysEngine, the cloud native rendering engine, to realize digital twin real-time 3D rendering and physical simulation, and to make more realistic digital scenes.

DIGITALME digital person solution upgrade:Build a complete production line of digital people, including Nuwa’s digital life maker, Painted Skin’s expression driving engine, Suiying’s digital people’s action driving engine, and on-demand digital people’s dialogue system.

AIGC content generator ma Liang:It supports bilingual graphic generation and editing in Chinese and English, provides users with a zero threshold AIGC creation platform, and helps the integration of science and technology and humanities. Moore also cooperated with Yunnan Arts University to provide end-to-end "computing power and algorithm" solutions for artists, jointly set up "AI Art Creation Laboratory of Design Institute", and set up Maliang course to train design students and help artistic creation.

MCCX all-in-one computing machine:The purpose is to provide powerful and easy-to-use meta-computing power. For the meta-computing power application scenarios such as AI, rendering, coding and decoding, MCCX has designed a reasonable system architecture and resource ratio to provide users with cost-effective meta-computing power hardware solutions; By means of integrated delivery of software and hardware, a complete basic software stack, development environment, AI and rendering framework are preset, which supports one-click application deployment and upgrade, and realizes out-of-the-box meta-computing computing power.