After many twists and turns, the 14 million grand prize in the man’s lottery ticket was finally returned to its owner.

  Entrusted the owner of the lottery shop to buy lottery tickets on his behalf, but he won 14 million prizes. But when I wanted to get the lottery ticket, I found that the boss couldn’t contact me, and even the lottery shop was closed. Upon further inquiry, the winning lottery ticket went to the boss’s friend.

  The boss took the lottery and ran away? Or do you want to swallow the grand prize? Who finally won the 14 million prize?

  Yesterday, a reporter from qianjiang evening news came to this small lottery shop in Shengzhou. On November 10th, five days after closing, the lottery shop reopened. After this big prize storm, Xiao Xu, the post-90 s boss, was a little tired. He said, "If the sports lottery shop stops, I may never know for a lifetime, but I am willing to stand up and deal with this crisis."

  Won more than 14 million yuan.

  I can’t get the lottery ticket.

  Things should start from November 5.

  Mr. Sun, an old lottery player in Shengzhou, followed a group of lottery tickets for a long time, spending 218 yuan a week to follow 109 lottery tickets. Sometimes he doesn’t have time, he will entrust a nearby sports lottery station to buy it. On November 5, Mr. Sun WeChat entrusted Xiao Xu to buy tickets. Xiao Xu is 23 years old. He has just opened this sports lottery station for two months.

  On the night of the Super Lotto, two of the lottery numbers purchased by Mr. Sun won the first prize, and the bonus for each note was 7114758 yuan. In this way, Mr. Sun won more than 14 million yuan.

  Mr. Sun was so excited that he called Xiao Xu immediately. Xiao Xu also confirmed that Mr. Sun won the lottery. Who knows that after this call, Xiao Xu can’t contact and the store is closed.

  Seeing that the prize is about to be redeemed, but the lottery ticket is not available, Mr. Sun is anxious.

  There is only one lottery ticket.

  There are two winners.

  The lottery ticket that won the grand prize is in the hand of Mr. Ying, a friend of Xiao Xu. What’s going on?

  The following is Xiao Xu’s self-report:

  On the morning of November 3rd, Mr. Ying came to my shop. He only bought scratch music before, and this time he asked me how to buy the lotto. I recommend him to buy a set of numbers that Mr. Sun often calls. In the evening, we watched TV together. On November 4th, at about two o’clock in the morning, he gave me 220 yuan to buy lottery tickets. But the lottery machine was off at that time, so I told him to help him type out the lottery ticket the next day. Unfortunately, I forgot later.

  On November 5, I asked Mr. Sun on WeChat as before if he wanted to type out the lottery ticket he had been following. Mr. Sun said yes, so I typed the ticket for him.

  After the lottery that night, Mr. Sun called me, and I was very excited. But this time I remembered that I only had one set of lottery tickets.

  I’m a little flustered, because it’s more than 10 million yuan after all, and we ordinary people can’t earn so much money in our lifetime.

  Who will win the lottery? Mr. Ying told Xiao Xu that he had called and paid the money on the spot, so the lottery ticket belonged to him. So, Xiao Xu handed the lottery ticket to Mr. Ying that night.

  Who should the lottery go to?

  Shopkeepers, they asked seven lawyers.

  Xiao Xu said that he later found that there were more than 20 people around the door of the store, and he panicked, so he turned off his mobile phone and the store was closed.

  Here, Mr. Sun, who was in a hurry to get angry, consulted a lawyer, and the lawyer suggested applying to the court for property preservation.

  On November 7, when Mr. Ying took the lottery ticket to win the prize, he found that it had been frozen.

  For the ownership of the grand prize, the two began to negotiate.

  Xiao Xu also clarified to us that he has been negotiating with two lottery buyers and has not run away. "When people see me close the door, they must think I’m looking for ‘ Tuo ’ Stealing the grand prize, or I ran away with the lottery ticket. In fact, the next day, I contacted Mr. Sun with my mother’s number and told the story, which was evidenced by the call record. "

  Xiao Xu said that for this matter, he and Mr. Ying consulted different lawyers seven times. "Shengzhou consulted four and Hangzhou asked three."

  Xiao Xu is concerned about whether he is responsible for this matter. What Mr. Ying asked is whether he can win the grand prize.

  Lawyer: Let’s see whose evidence is reliable.

  Who should win the grand prize? Let’s listen to the lawyer.

  Lawyer Chen Yilai of Zhejiang Times Commercial Law Firm analyzed: Mr. Sun entrusted Xiao Xu to buy lottery tickets through WeChat, and the entrustment relationship was still established whether he paid or not. If Mr. Sun can’t get the lottery ticket, he can file a lawsuit, and the WeChat message between him and Xiao Xu can be used as electronic evidence.

  What about Mr. Ying? According to Xiao Xu, Mr. Ying paid in cash at that time, accompanied by Mr. Ying’s wife and a friend, and there was no other physical evidence. The lawyer explained that the key evidence identification mainly lies in documentary evidence, and witness testimony has only an auxiliary role, while the effectiveness of interested witness testimony needs to be verified.

  If Mr. Ying wants to get back the lottery prize, he can sue Xiao Xu and ask the other party to compensate according to the amount of the winning lottery ticket. This is a typical contract breach lawsuit. But effective and sufficient evidence must be provided.

  Outcome: Who will get 14 million yuan?

  On November 9th, the lawyers of Mr. Ying and Mr. Sun negotiated, and the lottery ticket went to Mr. Sun. After that, the lottery ticket was successfully redeemed and the sports lottery station reopened on the same day.

  Mr. Ying, who passed the grand prize, said that his mood these days is like riding a roller coaster, going back and forth from the peak to the bottom countless times. However, he and Xiao Xu have been friends for many years. If they cut off contact for lottery tickets, it would not be worth the loss, so they have no intention to sue Xiao Xu.

  Our reporter Wang Zifang Wen/photo